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Okay, this is an Xmen RPG. You can make up your own char eg. name and age, but you must use the powers of one of the characters off Xmen/Xmen evolution eg. Shadowcat's power. I will know post a brief description of the char's, and their strengths, weaknesses, and powers, for anyone not sure about their char's powers.

Cyclops: Can shoots laser's out of his eyes. Well rounded char on strength and speed
Weakness: Needs special glasses to stop his lasers.

Wolverine: Enhanced healing, adumantium skeleton, adumantium claws. More strong than fast, although very agile.
Weakness: Speed is impared due to a metal skeleton.

Jean Grey: Has Telekineses, E.S.P, but is very weak physically.
Weakness: Prone to falling unconciouss after using her ability.

Gambit: Can charge small objects with explosive energy. More fast than strong.
Weakness: Relies on small objects to use his power.

Nightcrawler: Can teleport instantly, snd scale walls with claws. Very fast, but strength is slightly impared.
Weakness: Is slightly weaker than other mutants.

Shdowcat: Can pass through walls and other solid objects. Ftas, but weak.
Weakness: Is physically weak.

Rogue: Can absobr the powers of other mutants by touching them and can fly. Strong, but speed is average.
Weakness: Touching other mutants causes them to collapse. (disadvantage if it's her friends)

Storm: Can control the elements of weather and can fly, but is weak and quite fast.
Weakness: Not very good at pshysical fighting.

Beast: Enhanced abilities, and can scale walls.
Weakness: Big and blue.

Iceman: Can turn into ice and shoot beams of ice. Is fast but quite weak.
Weakness: ..................

If you want to be any other mutant or villain (except Magneto and Juggernaut), just say so, and post their strengths and weaknesses. Any former Xmen are allowed eg, arkangel. Do the profile as follows:

Mutant power:
Xmen or villain:
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Name: Craig Kensindan/Nightcralwer
Age: 14
Mutant power: Nightcrawlers
Xmen or Villain: Leader of the Xmen.
Bio: New leader of the Xmen, Craig is young, but very intelligent.
Description: Looks just like Nihtcrawler on Xmen: Evolution.
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[COLOR=royalblue]Okay, cool. I claim Rogue's power.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=teal]Name: Moon Chaser.

Age: 15

Mutant power: Rogue

Bio: Very quiet and distant, Moon prefers to use stealth before attacking.

Description: Tall and slim, she looks something like Storm, but with pale skin and thick brown hair. She wears black leather gloves so she dosn't accidentally hurt anyone and black jeans and a gold colored tank top.[/COLOR]
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Name: Andrew
Age: 16
Mutant power: Iceman

Bio: A talented mutant who has almost mastered his power, tends to cause more trouble than he's worth

Description: Brown spikey hair, baggy blue jeans, White vest and trainers

BTW Rogue doesn't have super strength and can't fly, thats just what they put in for X-men sereis. X-men Evolution Rocks!!
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
[B]She can fly and is strong because she touched Mizz Marvel (so we'll just pretend that heppened here) [/B][/QUOTE][COLOR=royalblue]Oh goody! I was prepared to take Rogue as the one in Xmen evolution, but flying is better. :D[/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I'll be Gambit.

Name: Reme Le Beau

Powers: The powers of Gambit

Description: Born and raised on the streets of New Orleans, Gambit was once a member of a theives guild. Now he is a member of the X-Men.[/SIZE]
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Let me know if it's too late bu no ones picked wolverine yet!

Name: Matt
Mutant Power: Wolverine
Age: 16
Bio: Like the comic character, Matt is quick to anger and even quicker to act. Armed with an adamantium skeleton, claws, the ability to heal, and extensive martial arts training, Matt is a formidable opponent indeed.
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Name: Sean Star
Muntant Power:Storm
Bio:a young and new addition to the X-men he recenntly took refuge in Xaviers((sp)) mansion.He is very serious on the battlefield but is very carefree when not.Wears a black t-shirt with a dragon spewing lighting and jeans when relaxing.Other wise wears his x-man uniform which is a black body suit with a lighting bolt streaking across it.
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[B]Name:[/B]Arisu (Ah-lee-sue) Tamano
[B]Age:[/B] 16
[B]Grade Level:[/B] Sophmore
[B]Powers:[/B] Storm's
[B]Weakness:[/B] okay, here's where I change it, It won't be me being physically weak, it'll be that when I call a BIG BIG storm, I may get dizzy and faint
[B]Bio:[/B] Okay, She/I will have white hair w/ blue streaks down to my back, straight. Blue eyes with purple flecks. She's pretty much a rich girl who didn't like being pampered 24/7. So she left. As is ther fact that she has storm's power, she flew away. She couldn't stand it anymore and so she took a small amount of money, enough to support herself on, and left. Now she has joined the X-Men to show that not all rich girls are prissy snots. Has a bit of a 'tude.
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-Name: Leona Mikono
-Age: 16
-Gender: Female
-Powers: Nightcrawler
-Description: shoulder length blonde hair, black tanktop, short black shorts, black finger gloves, occasionally wears sunglasses.
-Info: Leona looks nothing at all like night crawler. She is NOT blue. She looks like a normal human, but she can teleport, like nightcrawler.
-Personality: Stubborn, intelligent, seclusive, can be friendly, loves to fight.
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