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RPG X-men RPG (play)


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In the X-men mantion, many mutants seek refuge. The most elite of the mutants form a squad known as the X-men. Their leader, Nightcrawler, or Craig, trains in the danger room.

Nightcrawler: Initiate Craig programme 5.

Some fast mutants appear. They fly at Nightcrawler, but he dodges each one by teleporting.

Nightcrawler: Whoa, these things are fast.

Suddenly, Xaviers voice can be heard.

Xavier: All X-men report to the briefing room.

Nightcrawler: Halt programme!

Nightcrawler walks out and heads towards the briefing room.
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Nightcrawler teleports by Ken, and then teleports to the briefing room with Ken. They await the arrival of the others.

Nightcrawler: I hear that Juggernauts on the loose!

Cyclops: Juggernaut, we can't beat him!!!

Nightcrawler: We will, we will find a way.

Nightcrawler and Cyclops await the others.
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*Silent Nobility walks into the breifing room*

Silent Nobility:Okay! The sophmore class's best is here! So what are we doing?

Nightcrawler:Took you long enough, who are you?

Silent Nobility:Sorry! You'd think by my second year I'd know how to get here, my bad! Anyways, I'm Alisu, I'm from Beverly Hills, You can call me Silent Nobility though, wait, strike that, you better call me Silent Nobility

Nightcrawler:Figures, snitty lil rich girl, should have known you'd pick a long name like silent Nobility. But I like your lingo, I'll call you Stryker

Silent Nobility:Whatever floats your boat blue boy, now what are we doing?

*Leans against wall twirling hair while waiting*
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[COLOR=royalblue][i]Eyeing Stryker icily, Moon watches her with a vengeful gleam in her eyes.[/i]

Matt: You don't like her do you?

Moon: Presicely. Sean! Stop pacing, you're gonna wear a hole in the carpet.

Sean: Sorry. I'm just nervous.

Moon: Don't be. ;)

Sean: :) Thanks.

Stryker: Hey, what's your name?

Moon: Moon Chaser.

Stryker: No, what's your real name?

Moon: That is my real name. :demon:

Stryker: Weird name.

Moon: I could say the same thing about you. :naughty:

Sean/Matt: Oo...chick fight![/COLOR]
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*chuckles at the chick fight but remember that this is his first mission and so begins to pace again*


Sean: oh sorry....*begins to move his hands around in nervousness and then begins to pace again....*

Everyone: STOP:flaming:

Sean:meep :eek: *leans against the wall vibrating one leg and wondering what the mission will be like*
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[COLOR=royalblue]Moon: *glares for a second, then turns away* I won't even bother.

Stryker: Ya saying I'm a weakling?

Moon: ....No, I just don't want to kill you accidentaly.

Stryker: Thanks alot.

Moon: Pleasure. *closes eyes and leans against the wall*

Matt: It would've been funnier if you two started duking it out.

Moon: I'd accidentally absorb her powers, and then I'd be blabbing all over the place.

Sean: Hah, that'd be funny too.

Moon: I won't make her suffer like that, as much as I'm starting to dislike her.

Sean: Darn. *starts taping his foot*

Moon: *reaches down and snatches his foot* Stop moving.

Sean: Ow...Lemmego!

Moon: *drops his foot*[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=royalblue]Moon: We're fighting Juggernaut, and speaking of which...

Xaiver: We should move out.

Nightcrawler: Right. Everyone, come on.

Moon: Are we going as one, or in teams?

Nightcrawler: ...um...

Shadow: I'll work with Matt.

Matt: ...That's fine.

Moon: I'll...work with Sean.

Sean: But shouldn't we all be in bigger teams?

Nightcrawler: Good point.[/COLOR]
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*looks over kinda scared at moon:nervous: *

Sean(thought):me and my big mouth......

Sean: so what the teams Night Crawler?

Nightcrawler: umm.... Moon Sean Stryker and ME, Matt Shadow Ken

Moon/Stryker: No way i am working with her!!!

Night Crawler: Deal with it, Lets move out
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[COLOR=royalblue]Moon: Ugh...alright.

Stryker: Wonderful.....just peachy, I'm going to work with a freak...

Moon: Take a look in the mirror sometime if you wanna see a freak.

Sean: *snicker*

Moon: :demon:

Sean: :wigout:

Stryker: I'll bet you aren't even strong.

Moon: I could take your life force in a heartbeat. But I'm not that cruel, so I'm not gonna.

Stryker: Ugh, I'm teamed with a power stealing b*tch.

Nightcrawler: SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!!!

Moon: *is silent*

Stryker: I didn't even start anything, she's the one being all *tchy and mean.

Moon: *risists rising urge to smash her face in*[/COLOR]
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Matt: Here's the way I see it. He's got very few openings in that armor of his, but the front of his face is exposed. Cyclops can beam him, rogue can beam him, we just need to get him now and not kill ourselves before we even fight!!

Everyone: :eek: *silence*

Matt: Let's move out! Oh sorry Nightcrawler, that's your line.
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Silent Nobility:Okay, the name isn't Stryker you all! *evil glares*

Everyone xcept Moon:EEP!

Moon:Stryker fits better

Silent Nobility:Oh your just jealous you couldn't come up with something as thought arousing as mine Moon Face

Moon:Shut up! Moon Chaser is sooooo way better than Silent Nobility!

Silent Nobility:I'm not even going there

Matt:Gawd Moon! Your acting like a 7 year old! At least Stryker, I mean Silent Nobility had the maturity to stop at name comparisons! Grow up! Your in high school!

Silent Nobility:OOh thank you Matt!! *huggles Matt's arm*

Matt:Um.. uh *sweatdrop* *embarressed blushes and smiles*

*Silent Nobility:*Sticks out tounge at Moon* phhhhhhh!

Moon: :flaming: :demon: :flaming: :demon: :mad: she... did.. not ... go.. there...

Nightcrawler:Oh god, fine! Stryker, uh Silent Nobility, uh whatever your name is..

Silent Nobility:Matt liked Stryker better right? *bats eyelashes at Matt*

Matt:Um, I uh, sure,, uh,, uh-huh

Moon: :flaming:

Nightcrawler:Fine, Stryker, your with Matt, now can we go?

Stryker:*still holding Matt's arm* Works for me, let's go *saunters out of room giving Moon the LOSER sign behind Matt's back*

Moon: WHy.. I aughta!!

Sean:Whoa whoa whoa! no.. no.. no.. let's not do that.. um, come on we gotta go

Stryker:Loser, *walks away with Ken, Shadow, and Matt, still huggling his arm*
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The X-men get nto the black bird when Andrew steams on.

Nightcrawler: Hurryup Iceman.

Andrew: Sorry.

The blackbird flies off.

Nightcrawler: Okay, it's best that I tell you now. You cannot absorb Juggernauts mutant power, because of the basic fact that he isn't a mutant. He has limited mutant power, but his main power comes from some jewel. He is impervious to physical damage, and psychic attacks won't hurt because of his helmet.

Matt: So how do we fight him?

Nightcrawler: Well, I guess we just pummel him AS A TEAM, then take it from there.

Sean: Okay.

Moon: So, what are the teams?

Nightcrawler: Here they are. I want no complaining or argueing about the teams.
Nightcrawler (Craig) and Iceman (Andrew)
Rogue (Moon) and Cyclops (Ken)
Gambit (Reme) and Shadow (Ryu)
Wolverine (Matt), Storm (Sean) and Storm (Strider)
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by SS Trunks [/i]
Moon: So, what are the teams? [/B][/QUOTE]



Stryker:I called you a simpleton.. didn't you hear Nightcrawler? I'M WITH MATT!!

Ken & Shadow:*clear their throats*

Stryker:A-heh-heh-heh, oh yeah, them too, I'm with MATT!!, Shadow, MATT!!, Ken, and oh yeah, MATT!!

Matt:Why am I sensing there is some tension here over me?
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Nightcrawler: Here they are. I want no complaining or argueing about the teams.
Nightcrawler (Craig) and Iceman (Andrew)
Rogue (Moon) and Cyclops (Ken)
Gambit (Reme) and Shadow (Ryu)
Wolverine (Matt), Storm (Sean) and Storm (Strider)
Okay guys, everyone will be known by their own name, but their mutant names will be the same as the chars. EXCE£PT that one of the storms will have to make up another name.
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