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[IMG]http://tinypic.com/4j3i40[/IMG] [/CENTER]

[FONT=Garamond][COLOR=Teal][CENTER]? ? ? ? ? ? ?[/CENTER]

[CENTER][I]Shes so beautiful[/I] he thought to himself. A young man knelt quietly on the ground gazing up at a divine figure. The figure drew closer giving off a gentle radiance as she flew. The man gazed at the creature's exquisite face and felt an overwhelming feeling of happiness. The figure landed in front of him and reached out her hand to touch his face. Her soft skin grazed his, and in that instance Aron awoke.

He quickly got out of bed and went to the bathroom. He splashed water in his face and looked at himself in the mirror. [I]That dream again[/I] he thought to himself. He contemplated what it might mean but nothing came to mind. [I]Oh well, I'm sure its fine[/I] he thought as he began to get dressed. When he finished getting ready he glanced at his clock "Damn, I'm late again." He ran down the stairs and hopped over the banister. He jumped in his car and sped down the road. "Man, I can't be late again, she'll kill me."

When he finally arrived at his destination he saw the person who was waiting for him. A beautiful young girl sat at a table by herself outside a cafe. As Aron got out of his car the girl looked over at him and glared. When he reached the table she stood up and spoke "Your late again Aron! I can't believe you." Aron gave a nervous laugh "Heh, well, see, it wasn't my fault, I u-uhh." He thought hard to come up with a reason that would satisfy her. "Don't even try it, I'm tired of your excuses." He sighed "I'm sorry Luna." She huffed and they both sat down. Aron and Luna were old friends, the best of friends. Lately Luna often worried about him, he always seemed preoccupied and neglected everything, even his school work.

As Luna spoke Aron stared off into space. He never really cared much for her lectures. Just then the earth began to shake. A violent earthquake. Aron jumped to his feet and a crack formed in the ground below him. He grabbed the edge and held on as the ground continued to shake. Luna ran over and grabbed his arm "Aron! Hold on!" He gripped the earth tight as it shook in his palms. "I-I can't hold on any longer." Just then he lost his grip and fell into the large crevice. Luna screamed his name as he fell away into the darkness, tears streaming down her face.

Aron awoke on a soft field of grass with a young boy staring down at him. "Are you okay?" he asked as Aron sat up. "What happened? Where am I?" He looked around and saw nothing relavent to his home world. "Your on Flora, where are you from?" He looked at Aron curiously. "I'm from Earth, but I've never heard of this planet." The boy looked puzzled "Well, why don't you come with me? I live pretty close." Aron nodded and followed the boy to a large town. It looked extremely old, almost medievil. As he walked through the town he decided to go off on his own and explore. Maybe he'd find someone he knew.[/CENTER]

[CENTER]? ? ? ? ? ? ?[/CENTER][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal][CENTER]Aron has fallen into a time rip and been transported to a completely different planet and time. He searches the city of Adrae for people of his own time. You may play a character from this time, or Aron's time, whichever you choose. If your from Aron's time then you'll be looking for a way home as well. If your from Flora time then you can choose whatever ambition you like to accompany Aron on his journey to find a way home.[/CENTER]

[B]Name[/B]: (Any)
[B]Age[/B]: (Any)
[B]Appearance[/B]: (Picture or detailed description)
[B]Personality[/B]: (Your characters personality, how they interact with others, etc)
[B]Your Time[/B]: (Aron's Time, or Flora Time)
[B]Reason for Accompanying Aron[/B]: (Your reason for joining Aron in the journey to find his way home)
[B]Weapon[/B]: (No guns, the only exception)
[B]Bio[/B]: (How your character met Aron and decided to join the group)

My Character

[B]Name[/B]: Aron Burrow
[B]Age[/B]: 20
[B]Appearence[/B]: [URL=http://tinypic.com/4j3uzc]Aron Burrow[/URL]
[B]Personality[/B]: Aron is an easy going guy who just loves to relax. Hes always up for an adventure, if it interests him. Hes easy to get along with and fun to be around. He does have a serious side that is brought out in battle, or when one of his friends is in danger.
[B]Your Time[/B]: Aron's Time
[B]Reason for Accompanying Aron[/B]: To find a way home.
[B]Weapon[/B]: A short sword and his fists.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal][CENTER]This will definitely be a fun RP with lots of twists and turns. I have lots planned and you'll see the relation to Final Fantasy soon enough. Make sure to be detailed in your post and don't be afraid to have fun, this will be an RP with lots of action, but plenty of joking and comic relief. It has a little something for everyone.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Jace Shinogan
Age: 16

Appearance: 5'10", 145lbs. He wears a black martial arts outfit. He has a lean well muscled body. He has short raven black hair and black eyes. Many girls find him attractive but few like him due to the way he shuts everyone out of his world. His eyes makes everyone feel uncomfortable, often making them feel as if they had just been stripped to the soul. He holds himself erect, making him appear to be taller than he really is.

Personality: He doesn't like company. He is very headstrong and prideful. He never obeys anyones orders, always making his own decisions. He loves to fight and to be able to use his martial arts. He is always calm and never panicks or loses his head. He pushes everyone away from himself. He hates talking when it's unneccesary.

Time: Aron's time

Reason: He wants to go back home and help his parents live. They are both gravely ill.

Weapon: Double edged sword and his body

He woke up, his back soaked in water. "What the freak? Did I sweat that much?" Jace asked himself as he opened his eyes. The sun looked strange, unusually bright. "Wait a minute . . .What the heck is the sun doing in my room?" he sat up and looked around. He wasn't in his room at all. He was sitting in a large field, soaked from the morning mist.

"Wow. That's weird. I swear that I fell asleep in my bed. Where in the world am I?" Jace asked himself as he got up and began to walk. "This can't be a dream since I can feel the water that is soaking me." He rationalized as he continued striding down the field. He looked up and saw a town in the distance. "That's where I should go. Maybe they'll give me some information."

He walked to the town and saw that it wasn't like anything he had ever seen. There were no cars any where, only horses and other strange creatures. "Am I on a movie set?" He asked himself once again, reluctant to believe his eyes. He searched around the streets; the people stared at him, wondering why he was wearing such strange clothing. Jace just stared back at them, wondering who they were.

He searched for an hour, looking for any sign of his world. He began to lose hope of finding anything that would give him any clue of where he was. "What is your name stranger?" a voice asked him suddenly. Jace turned around to behold a man dressed like a regular person would on earth. "Yes," he thought to himself, "Finally, someone who looks like they are from Earth."

"My name is Jace. Are you from Earth?" he asked the strange man.

"Yes, as a matter of fact I am. You just confirmed my suspisions. My name is Aron." The stranger replied as he stuck his hand out for a handshake.

"Where are we?" Jace asked him.

"We are on the planet of Flora. Can you believe it?" Aron answered in a calm voice. "We're on another world!"
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[font=Verdana][color=Navy][b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Let me know if I have to change anything.[/color]
Name[/b]: Azalea Sinclaire

[b]Age[/b]: 19

[b]Appearance[/b]: [/color][/font][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles, she wears [/color][color=Navy]long black pants made of leathery material and a tight navy blue top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbow.

[/color][font=Verdana][color=Navy] [b]Personality[/b]: Azalea is friendly to anyone that she wants to be friendly to. She has a sense that tells her whether someone is good or bad and always makes friends on the basis of that. She can be serious at times and is always so in a battle. Azalea doesn't like to be crowded and prefers large open spaces. She hates proud and arrogant people because they think too highly of themselves, she herself is a humble soul and never enjoys bragging.

[b]Your Time[/b]: Aron's Time

[b]Reason for Accompanying Aron[/b]: To go Home

[b]Weapon[/b]: [/color][/font][color=Navy][url="http://img124.exs.cx/img124/6479/samurai3000ninja7bj.jpg"]Sword[/url] strapped across her back with the hilt peeking over her right shoulder for easy access, [url="http://www.kultofathena.com/images/horus_sil_l.jpg"]Dagger[/url] kept in a sheath that's tied to her belt and her body (she knows a wide variety of martial arts)

[/color][font=Verdana][color=Navy] [b]Bio[/b]: Azalea had been walking down the street in her town when she heard screaming and the earth started to shake. Azalea was shocked and tried to keep her balance as the entire ground quaked, then there was a fissure in the ground, Azalea was right next to it, and however hard she tried to keep balance, the rocking got worse and she fell into the crack, she let out a yell before she fell unconscious.

When Azalea awoke she saw the bright glare of the sun and there was grass under her. She sat up and looked around, she was now in a field. Azalea stood and brushed herself off, she put a hand to cover her eyes from the glaring sun and looked around, she could see a town and decided to go there to see if she could get some information about where she was.

Azalea walked there and noticed that it wasn't a normal place, with creatures and animals, only a few humans were around. She walked through the town looking around and some of the creatures would look at her and whisper to each other behind their hands. Finally Azalea bumped into a man, she said sorry because she had been looking in another direction, but when she saw he was human and had clothes that looked like they were from earth she exclaimed.

[b]"Are you from Earth?" [/b]she asked him quickly.

[b]"Yes, I'm Aron. And you are?"

"Azalea, where are we? Is this even Earth still?" [/b]Azalea asked.

[b]"Nice to meet you, no, we're in another world, the world of Flora." [/b]Aron informed.

Azalea smiled and nodded, they shook hands and went off together, looking for anyone else from Earth.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]Name: Yuri Rein
Age: 25
Gender: male
Time: Flora

Weapon: [URL=http://www.by-the-sword.com/acatalog/images/1-030.jpg]Evil's Bane[/URL]
The blade itself is 33 inches long giving a total length of 47 making it a very long weapon. Built in brace bolsters and pommel give the sword tremendous balance to its weilder, especially due to its length.

On his hands Yuri also wears metallic/silver claws which wrap around his fingers, protecting the top of his hand and stretch to just below the elbow; held in place by a leather strap on his forearm which can easily be taken on and off.

Standing at about 5'10'', Yuri isn't one of the largest soldiers, but his body certainly shows muscles tone from countless years of training with his father. With silky dark brown hair and brown eyes with almost look black, you wouldn't take him for a soldier either...always having a peaceful expression upon his face. Choosing to wear outside the usual attire of the Adrae army, Yuri wears a sleeveless brown trench coat which he wears unbottoned, exposing his chest and stomach due to the weather of the desert plains. Wearing black pants and boots, upon his shoulders he wears two silver plates of armor, signifying his position as general, and his family name. Apart from that, Yuri has a silver earring in his left ear and a silver chain rapping around his neck with his fathers blade strapped to his back.

Yuri has a very bright, intellegent mind, especially for his age. Continuing to master his skills in swordmanship and alchemy, he is very disciplined and firm in his teachings and convictions showing no signs of fear nor weakness...in battle, he is truly in his element. You will rarely see him get over emotional in a given situation...with his comrades he's more of a friend than a commander, constantly being friendly and open with them all. With the leadership qualities of his father, he's very open-minded, constantly continue to learn and gain experiance and knowledge of the world around him. Confident in himself and his abilities, he doesn't come off as cocky; but rather very independent and straightforward.

Reason for Accompaning Aron:
To protect, and figure out the strangers purpose here in Flora, and help guide them back home...by whatever means.

Bio: (how I meet Aron)
Becoming a commander in the army at a very young age...Yuri is more freelance than anything else. Holding a high respect with the rest despite his age, and recognition for his fathers death, he is a natural born leader...however, Yuri is a wandering spirit...searching for himself after his loss...craving a sense of adventure once again as like he did in years past. Walking the streets Adrae as he always did...lossing himself amongst the people; them never knowing the stature that he held for he blended in so easily amongst them...he spotted Aron and a few others walking aimlessly around...obviously in search of something.

They didn't dress like the normal citizens, and they seemed to be lost...not of this place. In his curiosity...not knowing their purpose there in Adrae, Yuri followed them...knowing that if they ment harm he and the other guards would be upon them in an instant. [/CENTER] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#9933ff][u][b]Name:[/b][/u] Kira Mayaoko

[u][b]Age:[/b][/u] 18

[u][b]Gender:[/b][/u] Female

[u][b]Appearance:[/b][/u] See attachments - her normal dress attire is in attachment 1

[u][b]Personality:[/b][/u] Kira is not a person you should threatened. She graduated from her sensei who was a famous samurai himself. She was his only student, so naturally, she became as good as he was. Kira doesn't take things lightly when she's threatened. Her cocky, arrogant attitude in battle usually deters the opponent from fighting, but if they continue, she would wipe the floor with them. Using a special ability she's had since birth, the Ryuugan or Dragon Eyes, she is able to see through any opponent's attack and block it, or use it to her advantage. However, the Ryuugan is uncontrollable and Kira only uses it when she is in dire need of it.

When not fighting, Kira is normally a charming character. Sometimes she acts like a blonde, and does some really ditzy things. Fun to be around, Kira usually makes the life of others around her much easier by her 'blonde' antics. She seems very innocent and sweet, although her smart mouth can sometimes get her into trouble, Kira will not hestitate if she needs to kill.

[u][b]Your Time:[/b][/u] Flora's time

[u][b]Reason for Accompanying Aron:[/b][/u] To further her skills as a samurai, and to help them get home.

[u][b]Weapon [/b][/u] Two katanas as shown in the first attachment. Only normally uses one. Only uses two when things start to get out of hand.

[u][b]Bio: (how Kira met Aron and the group)[/b][/u]

Kira had been wandering around doing various mercenary jobs since she had graduated from her sensei's teaching. She first noticed Aron's appearance when he first appeared in Flora. Something just didn't seem right about him. Rumours had been flying around the local inns where everyone could get information, that a strange boy had appeared. There were rumours that a girl like the boy had appeared somewhere else. Kira had been dying for some adventure, so she decided to investigate.

Soon she was following Aron around, and watching him gather other people left, right and centre. So, she too joined in and introduced herself.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[RIGHT][COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=3][FONT=Garamond]Name: Judd Bender

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: [IMG]http://pedantry.fistfulofeuros.net/images/bclub1.jpg[/IMG]

Personality: Judd Bender is a veteran of trouble. He is abused by his father, and a good Christmas at the old Bender residence involves nothing more than a carton of smoke. Bender finds complaining over life to be trivial. His tough-guy macho exterior is only the icing on the cake, and Judd can be rather surprisingly sensitive when he needs to be. He has recently tried to turn his life around, after falling for rich-girl Claire. However, his old ways are hard to give up!

Your Time: Aron's time.

Reason for Accompanying Aron: To get home.

Weapon :Switch Blade.

Bio: (how Judd met Aron and the group)
En route to yet another Saturday detention, Judd was confronted by a gaping crater in the center of the road. He mused over this for a moment. He was contemplating wandering down to investigate, when the earth started to shake. Judd was shocked and and thrown off balance as the crater opened into a huge hole. He let out a defiant yell as he fell head-first into the unknown . . .

Judd awoke in a daze, and was greeted by a strange, ostrich-sized bird. But this was no ostrich . . . it was yellow, and looked sort of like a giant chicken. He looked around, and saw he was in a pen, surrounded by a wooden fence, with four more of these birds.

"What the . . . " he moaned as he sat up and rubbed his aching head.

"Kweh !" the bird squalked.

Judd give the bird a funny look.

"What's going on, buddy?" he asked it.

"Kweh !" the bird answered again, jumping up and down, with apparent glee.

Judd chuckled. He had made a friend !

Examining his surrounding, Judd noted that the pen was in the centre of some sort of bustling marketplace. He stood up, and looked for somebody to help him out. BUt, ot his horror, and dismay, he noticed that he saw not one human. Pigs in pants stood by stalls, selling vegetables, strange dragon-like creatures chattered happily by a well, and some blue, horned beasts were drinking from tankards.

Judd reasoned that this was a bad dream, probably brought on by some of the stuff he had smoked earlier.

"Ah, to Hell with it, I've been on freakier trips before !" he thought out loud " I may as well go along with it !"

Then, Judd saw a small group of figures wandering through the crowds, and some of them looked human!

"Well, here goes !" Judd thought, as he climbed over the fence.
"Hey, you there, wait up !"[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR][/RIGHT]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Garrek Flynt

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Garrek wears a long-sleeved black shirt, with a black leather armour plate across his chest. His trousers are black, as are his boots, and he covers his hands with black leather gloves. His hair is jet black, with scarlet streaks running through it, and his eyes are shockingly blue, with one pupil being in the shape of a tiny lightning bolt. He wears a black travelling cloak with red lining, which is rather tattered at the hem.

Personality: Garrek is an intelligent young man, who uses his intelligence to create witty remarks and jokes. He is fun-loving, and somewhat of a daredevil, loving to live on the edge. However, when he enters battle, he becomes deadly serious, and cold-blooded in the way he kills. It is almost like he has two different personalities. This deters a lot of people from becoming attached to him, as they love the humourous side of Garrek, but they get very scared when he is in battle.

Your time: Flora's Time

Reasons for accompanying Aron: He wishes to learn more about the planet Earth and its occupants, and also he just wants to have fun.

Weapon: Two short swords

Bio: Garrek saw the new arrivals in his world from his vantage point cradled in the branches of a tree. His swords were strapped to his back, ready to draw at a moment's notice. He moved his body into a crouched position as they came closer. They were dressed like nothing he had seen before, and as they passed, he dropped from the high tree, flipping over and drawing his swords in mid-air. As he hit the ground, he crouched, lessening the impact through his feet.

He stood upright, pointing one of his swords at the group.

"Who are you?" he asked suspiciously.

"We are from Earth," said a boy, whom Garrek supposed was the leader, "We are trying to get home. Please don't hurt us."

"What is Earth? Which city is it near? I've never heard of it before."

"We think it's a different world to yours. If you join us, then you will be able to find out about Earth. Please. You look like you could handle yourself in a fight. We need people like that to travel with us."

"Alright then. I'm Garrek, and you are?"

(OOC: The writing's not brilliant, I know that, but I hope this is okay)[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Sienna]O.O.C.: Having your typical Cid character! BOOYAH! However, he was sent to that planet a long time ago.[/COLOR]

[U]Real Name:[/U] Jumo Laretime [U]Alias:[/U] Cid Mlarena

[U]Age:[/U] 32

[U]Appearance:[/U] He is 5'11 and has white hair, because of the struggle and constant hardships of this backwards world. His posture is confident and cocky. See picture below, but without the gun.

[U]Personality:[/U] Doesn't like being around people and would rather be with machines. He is short tempered, but when annoyed, he ignores you like you don't even exsist.

[U]Your Time:[/U] Aron's Time

[U]Reason for Accompanying Aron:[/U] If the portal to this world has been recently opened to allow you to enter, then maybe there is hope that the portal is still open.

[U]Weapon:[/U] He wears baige gauntlets that look like gloves, but they have magic powers. He carries a lance and a sword that are both strapped to his back. He also has a tool belt that carry tools of his own invention.

[U]Bio:[/U] At the age of fifteen, he was exiled to this planet by some mistake. Missing the technolgy and comfort of his lost home, he set out to me a mechanic and inventor. He decided to use his knowledge of his world to help the people here, despite the fact that he hates every one of them. After many years and many discoveries that he made on this planet, he had decided to experiment with the magical attributes of this planet to better his technology and work. He has grown into a well known leading expert in technology.
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Name: Electra Raze
Age: 19
Appearance: [IMG]http://people.mills.edu/dfitzgib/new%20images/sht_archer_f.png[/IMG]
Personality: She is freindly and somewhat tempramental. She is a hand to hand fighter and is flexible. Enjoys company and likes to talk.
Your Time:Flora's time
Reason for Accompanying Aron: To see if his story and the others like him are true.
Weapon: Martiel arts and throwing knives.
Bio: It was a typical day as any when she fekt the grouns shake and saw something fall from the sky, she ran towards it. Curiousity getting the better of her, and found a boy in the woods, he looked like her but wasn't dressed like her. He looked wierd. She took a good look at him and decided he was dead and left him there.

3 Days later...

In her home village she was thinking what to steal from her brothers shop when she saw a group of people walk by, in the middle was the dead boy from her woods. She fell from the roof anf followed them, coming infront she smiled.
"Who are you?"
He explained everything to her and told her their plan to get him home. She nodded.
"I'll go too, just to see if this is real or not. Yup, just to see."
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OOC: eek. I better jump in quick.
Name: Pralle Stein
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: See Attachments (yes that is a guy)
Personality: Pralle shifts between personalities. He seems to have a split personality. At times he can be open and friendly. Other times he is cold and reserved. When he is fighting his cold side will always show. Any other time it is a mystery as to which he will shift into.
Your Time: Unknown
Reason for Accompanying Aron: To find his past and his original home
Weapon: Scyth
Bio: Pralle sat in an alley. Slightly shaded by the darkness that surrounded him. He had a large scyth lying across his lap. He tried to think of how he got there. Nothing came to him. He could only remember his name. He held is head in his hand.

"Ya really think that's gonna work." A voice said in his head.

"huh, who said that?" Pralle asked.

"I'm you," The voice said.


"I'm a different side of you," The voice said now using Pralle's voice. "ya really think you are gonna remember? I'm you and I don't remember."

At that point a group seemed to walk past. One of them noticed him sitting in the alley.

"Hey guys stop," the man said.

He entered the alley.

"Hey, are you from here or from Earth?" The man asked.

Pralle thought about it. Trying to remember. He then spoke, "I'm not sure. I can't remember."

"Well I'm Aron." The man said, "What's your name?"

"Pralle," He replied slowly.

"I'm trying to get home. Do you want to come with us? Maybe you can get your memories back."

"Do it," The voice in Pralle's head said, "It can't hurt."

"Ok, I'm in," Pralle said.
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[color=blue][size=1][B]Name:[/B] Rin Maida
[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/OrangeOutfit.jpg]Clicky[/url]

[B]Personality:[/B] Rin is very kind and sweet, and can overeact to somethings. She normally keeps a cool head, though. She also tends to be very generous towards others, even strangers. She enjoys lots company, but tends to find one person who she sticks to like glue. Rin is also very clever and cunning, though you wouldn't know at first glance.

[B]Your Time:[/B] Aron's Time
[B]Reason for Accompanying Aron:[/B] To get back to Earth

[B]Weapon:[/B] Double-sided broad sword

[B]Bio:[/B] "Ow.." Rin moaned, clutching her head as she sat up. She felt cool grass beneath her left hand, and opened her eyes to see a field. Slowly rising to her feet, still clutching her throbbing head, she took a long look around.

After a few moments, she finally shouted, "WOAH!"

She stumbled backwards, struggling to keep from fainting. [i]"Where am I?! How'd I get here?! I was with.. I was with.. Wait.. Who [b]was[/b] I with?"[/i] Rin thought, her panic blocking her from thinking clearly. She was in such a state that she could not remember much before her fall.

As time passed, and she finally calmed a bit, Rin concentrated hard and could now remember what she had been doing. "I was with Tetsu.. Yeah.. We were in his front yard.. Oh.. His mother'll kill him when she sees the large crack in the ground," she laughed a bit. She stood silent for a moment, taking a second to realize what she had just said. "I fell through a crack in the ground!" she shouted, this time stumbling backwards too fast for her feet to catch up, sending her flat on the ground.


"You shouldn't panic. That just makes it harder."

"Who are you?!" she jerked upwards, nearly hitting the young man that had spoken to her. Her heart was beating so fast that it could have popped out at any moment. She stared at him, and realized he was accompanied by others.

"I'm Aron. I'm assuming from your little panic attack that you're from Earth, too?"

Rin nodded slowly, her eyes refusing to leave Aron as he helped her up.

"I'm Rin," she said blankly. After a long pause, she spoke up again. "So.. If we aren't on Earth.. Where are we?" she asked him in a calm voice, though she was still quite frightened and anxious. "Flora."

"Do you think we can get back?" she whispered, tears beginning to form in her eyes.

"I don't know, Rin. I really don't."

OOC: Hope I'm not too late. ^_^;;
EDIT: Added an appearance.[/size][/color]
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Thanks to everyone for your posts. Kairi is helping me set everything up and I'll soon post the list of the people involved in the RP in here as well as at the Underground. Until then this thread is still open to anyone who is interested in signing-up, but do it soon cause it won't be long till we get started.
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Name: Chase Dingum

Age: 14

Appearance: [url]http://worldofnaruto.blogs.sapo.pt/arquivo/Naruto139.JPG[/url]

Personality: Arrogant, loudmouthed and even a hot headed at times. Not the poster child for his chosen profession.

Your Time: Flora's Time

Reason for Accompanying Aron: Because he said he would get paid.

Weapon: Kunai(small ninja throwing daggers with a small loop at the end instead of a hilt), Diai-Shuriken(large shuriken almost the size of his entire body, travels almost under the physics of a boomerang though it's form and composition make that supposedly impossible), "Magic" powers?


The wind was high and the night was cold as a smallish figure lept from roof top to roof top against the wind. Silent as a the rustling of a rose in a softly breezed night as he made his way to his target. Finally landing on top of the roof of the inn his eyes looked up at the moon reddish orbs glinting slightly under luna's all seeing gaze.

Flipping down off the top he used his control over his chakra to slow his descent until he reached the designated window. Resting on the sill he looked into the room. As it was as he was informed, the target was resting soundly in his room, alone. the young man in all black made a few hand signals and whispered a few words and shortly after the glass window melted into sand soundlessly.

Chase: Earth Shift Technique....

With and open path into the room he stepped inside and slowly stalked his way to the bed. his body moving ever so slowly and taking painful steps to stop himself from making any unnecessary noise. Only the soft breathing of his voice and the slightest graze of metal against metal as he drew a kunai from it's pouch disturbed the utter silence of the room as he approached the sleeping Aron. As he reached the bedside he raised the kunai high over his head only to find a second later that he felt a sword poking at his stomach.

Chase: What?! That's impossible! How did you know I was coming?!

Aron:with a smirk You breathe to heavy. Mind telling me who you are and why you are trying to kill me?

Chase: I was hired to.

A slightly concerned look crossed over Arons face. Chase on the other hand was nearly completely concealed in his face making it difficult to read any emotion that can't be seen in the eyes alone. The ninja made no movement, only looked down at the blade ready to run him through. Not a predicament a ninja would have himself in.

Aron: Who would want to have me killed?

Chase: I don't know, I never saw his face, it was a tall figure in a black cloak. He said you weren't to achieve your goal, that it would ruin everything then he gave me a sack of money and said i'd get the rest when you were dead.

Aron: Well how about this? You help me out instead and I'll give you double that when my goal is achieved?

Chase:eyes widening Your going to double a hundred thousand gold pieces?!

Aron:snickers knowing that even if he agreed when his goal was completed he'd be home and chase would still be in flora time. Heh, sure! After all, I am quite wealthy where i come from, i just don't carry much money on me.

Chase: Alright, two hundred thousand zenny it is. Payable when you complete your goal, whatever that is. I'll meet you outside the inn tommorow morning, you won't recognize me but i'll know you.

With that the ninja threw down a smoke bomb and was gone. He could have esacped any time but he chose not too just out of curiosity of what the man was really up to. He went and prepared for the next day.
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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER][B]List of Participants[/B][/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER][COLOR=Teal]x kakashi x as Aron Burrow

Sakura as Azalea Sinclaire

Kairi as Yuri Rein

Reiku as Kira Mayaoko

Anarchy as Garrek Flynt

Xy GGu as Jumo Laretime

Lyuann as Electra Raze

Meggido as Pralle Stein

Kitty as Rin Maida

Heartless Me as Chase Dingum[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]

[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER]Thanks to everyone who posted, your interest is appreciated.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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