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RPG Final Fantasy: Memoirs [M-VLS]


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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER][B]List of Participants[/B][/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
[FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER][COLOR=Teal]x kakashi x as Aron Burrow

Sakura as Azalea Sinclaire

Kairi as Yuri Rein

Reiku as Kira Mayaoko

Anarchy as Garrek Flynt

Xy GGu as Jumo Laretime

Lyuann as Electra Raze

Meggido as Pralle Stein

Kitty as Rin Maida

Heartless Me as Chase Dingum[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][CENTER]? ? ? ? ?[/CENTER]

[CENTER]There Aron knelt once again before the beautiful angel. She floated lightly before him, her hand caressing his face. He reached out and took her hand in his. "Who are you..." he asked slowly as he observed the creature. She just stared back and said "It has begun..." With that Aron sat up suddenly in his bed. He looked around expecting to see his own room but finding himself asleep at the inn in Adrae. He sighed as he got dressed and made his way downstairs.

Waiting for him was the 8 companions he had met the day before. Some were looking for a way home as he was while others decided to join him for reasons of their own. Each person was wearing the same clothes they wore the day before and looked as if they hadn't gotten much sleep. Aron walked up and asked "Everyone sleep well?" They just looked at him and mumbled under their breath knowing he knew the answer to the question. "Well, before we leave Adrae we should probably prepare equipment and stuff, not sure how far it is to the next city." Garrek took a map from his pocket and looked it over "Depending on the route we take its about 5 miles to the city of Hunds. A small city occupied by traders and merchants mostly. We might find something there." Aron looked at him surprised, he had no idea of the several skills each of his companions had. "Well, with no horses it will take a while on foot, we should make sure to get prepared." Everyone nodded and they left the inn.

The sun beat down on Aron's face as he covered his eyes. They all stood on the main street of Adrae and looked in each direction pondering where to go. Before they could decide they were encountered by 3 men on horses. They wore heavy armor and bore a sword at their wastes. The largest of the men spoke "We, the Knights of Adrae, have been ordered to place each of you under arrest and place you in the dungeon of the Great Castle of Adrae." Aron spoke up "For what? We havn't done anything?" The large man's voice thundered "You will do as you are told and follow us now!" Aron looked at his companions and each of them nodded.

In a flash they were running down the street in the opposite direction. "After them!" the man shouted. The horses burst into a run in pursuit of Aron and his team. "We have to slow them down" Aron said as he huffed and puffed. Chase jumped from the ground throwing small daggers at the men in pursuit. Each one was deflected by the large armor and only made the men angrier. Aron quickly turned the corner followed by everyone else. They took another turn into an alley and ran to the end stopping abruptly. Aron breathed hard as he spoke "I think we lost them." Just then he heard the clicking of the horses hooves on the alley cobblestone. "You thought wrong young one." Knights of Adrae came from every direction riding slowly towards them. Aron sighed "Awe man..."[/CENTER]

[CENTER]? ? ? ? ?[/CENTER]

[CENTER]All of us have been captured by the Knights of Adrae and placed in seperate dungeons. Each of you will post your interrogation by the hands of Yuri Rein (Kairi) the Leader of the Knights of Adrae (for more in depth information on Yuri Rein check the underground thread or his post at the Adventure Inn). You will tell your story, why your here, etc. At the end of all the posts Kairi will post telling us of our fate, to leave the dungeon or not. While telling your story you may include flashbacks if you wish to liven things up a bit. Make sure to finish in one detailed post so we can get this thing started. There is no specific posting order besides Kairi being last. [B] Be sure to check out the post in the Underground[/B].[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[color=Navy]Azalea looked at the horses that the knights rode, they were beautiful but had signs of abuse and battle, scars and wounds were found along them. She glared at them as they cuffed her. She looked around, the others were too.

She was actually surprised that they caught her because she had decided to take a route along the rooftops. It seems one of them had climbed up behind her and caught her quickly, even though he wore a heavy suit of armour.

Each of them were pulled off they ended up at the same building which was obviously their prison and threw them in different cells away from each other. Azalea was pushed roughly, which she argued about since she wasn't putting up a resistance. The knights took her sword and her dagger, and left her in the cell. Azalea protested, she hated being confined, and this small cement cell was what she considered confined.

While she waited Azalea started to hum a tune that she made up in her head. Then she started to add words to it, just creating a simple song about confinement. There was a scraping sound and she looked up at the door, it was the knights again, and they hauled her out roughly, Azalea glared at them and shrugged them off harshly, walking ahead. They realised she wasn't trying to escape, so one took the lead and the other two were behind her. They lead her to a room and pushed her in, closing the door behind her with a click, she knew they'd locked it.

Azalea looked around, there was a table, a chair on either side and another door on the other side of the room. Azalea just stood and watched the other door, no doubt someone else would be entering from there. As she predicted, a man strolled through the door, it closed behind him with a click too.

He had brown hair and dark brown eyes. He didn't look like a knight but it was obvious he was by the plates on his shoulders. The man walked with power, but she didn't feel a dislike toward him like those who were arrogant and cocky. She checked her sense, she somehow felt he wasn't an enemy and relaxed herself slightly. He walked over to her, around the table until he faced her back. There was a 'chink' and she felt her hands free. Azalea pulled her hands to her front and rubbed them, the knights had used unnecessary force on her.

[b]"Please, sit." [/b]he said, walking to the other side of the table.

Azalea watched him as he sat, she followed his example.

[b]"I am General Yuri Rein, and you are?" [/b]he introduced.

[b]"Azalea. Azalea Sinclaire." [/b]she said, placing her hands on the table.

[b]"Good. Now, I know that you and some of your friends aren't from here. You look and dress differently. So I want you to tell me your story, how you came here, why you're here, etc." [/b]he said.

Azalea didn't say anything for a while, she was studying him carefully, it seemed he wasn't trying to trick her so she started.

[b]"Its true, many of us are not from around here. I don't even really know where here is. We are from the planet Earth. I don't know why I'm here, I was a normal person, living a normal life. And one day..."

[/b][i]Azalea was walking down the street, today was her day off from classes and she was enjoying it. It was beautiful out, a few wispy clouds dotted the sky and it was a fine forecast. She sang one of her self written songs quietly as she drowned out the loud sounds of the business district where people were shouting out their wares. She was going to meet her friends at a coffee shop and was taking her time since she was early. Some people walking along the streets thought she was strange because it was hot weather and she was wearing black leather pants and a navy blue long sleeve top, even though she had the sleeves pushed up above her elbows, also with her one accessory which were her goggles sitting on her hair. Her style was strange, and she knew it, but she was fine with it, it was what she was comfortable wearing.

Suddenly there were cries of panic and Azalea felt the ground tremour violently. She looked around quickly, the shop owners were holding onto their fragile objects and people were running around wildly. There was a cracking sound and a fissure appeared beside her in the ground. Azalea lifted her leg to run away but there was a violent tremour that threw her off balance, making her tumble into the crack. She let out a shriek as she fell. When she had disappeared into the depths, the crack closed itself and the tremours stopped, no one knew what had happened but were glad that they themselves were safe.

[/i][b]"Then before I knew it I woke up and I was here. Frankly I'm just glad to be alive. Well actually I wasn't [i]here [/i]here. I was in the field near the town and I walked over here for help. That's when I bumped into the others and we banded together. We're trying to get home, back to our world." [/b]Azalea finished, she adjusted her goggles slightly and looked at him.

[b]"I see. I will pass judgement on you later, for now you will return to your cell." [/b]Yuri said, walking over and cuffing her.

Azalea nodded and stood from the chair, the door behind her clicked and she walked to it. The knights were still standing there and they pushed her back to the cell she had previously been in.

[b][color=Black]EDIT: [/color][/b][color=Black]I changed most of what you asked but I can't be bothered with a new flashback. I may do one later but for now I'm too tired.

Let me know if its still wrong.
[/color][color=Black][/color] [/color]
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Pralle had tried to resist the guards as he had been taken from his cell. He hadn't seen any of the others since they had been brought to the castle. He had had his scyth taken away from him and he wasn't sure why but he almost felt naked without it. He had been talking to his other self while he had been in the cell.

[COLOR=Blue]"So you said you were a part of me right?"[/COLOR] He had asked, [COLOR=Blue]"So what should I call you?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]"Yes I am part of you. The thing is I'm not a separate part of you so I am still Pralle."[/COLOR] It had replied.

[COLOR=Blue]"But what should I call you?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]"I am Pralle just like you,"[/COLOR] the voice said with annoyance showing.

This had pretty much continued until the guards had come and dragged him out of the cell. His other side had taken over at this point, struggling to free himself from the guards. They had dragged him from the cell to a small room. To make sure he wouldn't escape they tied him to the chair. After a while a man strolled through the door.

"I see you caused the guards some trouble." The man said, "I'm General Yuri Rein. You are?"

At first Pralle wasn't going to say anyhting but then the voice cut in, [COLOR=Red]"It can't hurt to tell him your name."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]"I am Pralle Stein,"[/COLOR] he responded.

"Your clothes are different to those of this place, but they are also different to the other people who were brought in with you. Can you tell me why?" Yuri asked.

[COLOR=Blue]"I don't know why. Apart from my name I can't remember anything about me."[/COLOR]

"I know you are hiding something. Tell me."

[COLOR=Blue]"I said I can't remember anything," [/COLOR] Pralle said, his voice beginning to tremble slightly.

"Tell me. I will get it out of you." Yuri yelled.

Pralle's other side took over and in a deeper voice he said, [COLOR=Red]"I told you I can't remember, now leave me alone."[/COLOR]

He suddenly blacked out.
[I]He was walking through what appeared to be a forest. The path seemed to continue on for an age. The forest was beautiful. He knew he had seen it before but he couldn't recall where. It seemed familiar but also appeared foreign to him. He continued deeper into the forest, following a kind of path. AS he continued he suddenly came across a girl who appeared to be waiting for him.

He wasn't able to make out her face. It seemed to be shaded by her hair. She like the forest seemed familiar. Her hair was blonde but in the sun it appeared almost as if it were gold. Her red dress perfectly fitted her slender body.

Suddenly the ground began to tremble. He could just see her mouth which seemed to make a surprised shape. She began to run towards him. The ground began to open up beneath him. He was unsure of what to do. His hand reached out to hers as she reached the edge of the forming pit. Their fingers touched but they were unable to grab hold as he started to fall.[/I]

When he woke up, Pralle was back in the small cell.

[COLOR=Blue]"Any idea what that was or who she was?"[/COLOR] Pralle asked his other self.

[COLOR=Red]"I wouldn't have a clue sorry. I have the same memory problem as you. But maybe she could hold the answers to our past and our loss of memory."[/COLOR]

OOC: Hope that's alrite. Don't ask me where I'm going it's even a mystery to me.
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[SIZE=1]Garrek sat in his cell, curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, his head between his knees. The floor and walls of the cell were cold and dirty, and they covered his trousers in dust.

There was a loud metallic clunking noise, and Garrek looked up as the huge hard wood door was pushed open, with a considerable amount of force. A man in a large suit of armour walked in, flanked by two others in similar, but not as decorated suits of armour. The metal plates of their armour scraped against each other and their chainmail jangled as they moved.

"I am General Yuri Rein. What will I call you?" said the leader, the man in the most decorated suit of armour. Garrek looked up at him and said:

"Garrek Flynt."

"Well, Garrek Flynt, you will come with me to the interrogation room," said Rein.

"Oh yeah? Are you going to make me?" replied Garrek angrily, jumping to his feet, ready to fight, even without his swords. Rein signalled to the guards, and one of them punched Garrek in the stomach with a gauntleted hand. Garrek doubled over, and collapsed to the floor. The two guards grabbed him and carried him down the hall to a small, dark room without any windows.

He sat down in a wooden chair, and Rein sat in the chair opposite him across the table. Rein looked at him for a moment, then began to talk.

"Now, Garrek Flynt, which world are you of?" he asked.

"What are you talking about?" replied Garrek.

"From the others we have interrogated, we find some of your group are from a planet called Earth. We wish to know whether you are from Earth or if you are a citizen of Flora."

"I'm from Flora, and proud of it!" he said, puffing his chest out comically.

"Stop the comedy, we don't have time for it," said Rein exasperatedly, "Now, how did you come to join the group?"

"They were walking through the forest where I normally hunt, and they seemed like they didn't really know where they were. I asked them where they were from, because I didn't recognise the kind of clothes they were wearing. The apparent leader of them, called Aron, told me they were from Earth."

"Had you ever heard of Earth before Aron mentioned it?"

"No, that was the first time I had ever heard of it. I asked them a few questions about it. I thought it was a city, or a town, so I asked them which city it was near. They laughed and said it was a different world from this one. I didn't really understand, so I decided to accompany them to protect them, and learn more about Earth. I'm very curious about the fact that there are other worlds out there, you understand, so I wished to learn more about Earth."

"So, you decided to follow them even though you didn't know them at all?"

"Yes. Well, I decided that if they weren't from this world, then they probably wouldn't want to hurt anyone, they would just be wanting to get home. So I figured that they wouldn't hurt me at all. And anyway, if they did try to hurt me, then I can take care of myself quite well, you understand."

"Yes, a few of my men have mentioned that fact. Very well, Garrek, if that is all you know, then you may leave. Go back to your cell, and I will pass judgement on you later." He nodded to the guards, who escorted Garrek back out of the interrogation room and back to his cell, where he sat and waited.[/SIZE]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#9933ff]Kira looked around the cell unamused.

" What a way to go. If my sensei knew I was in a jail cell, he would whack me with one of his wooden swords. Geez those things hurt!"

A heavy clunk sound signalled the opening of her cell. Kira stood, her shackles clinking.

" Come on girl, to the interrogation room," the soldier said, undoing Kira's shackles.
" Hey buddy, where'd you put my swords?! If you've put one scratch on them, I will kill you! They were my mother's and father's swords. You better not have touched them!"
" Don't worry girlie. I wouldn't think of touching pitiful swords like that."

At that moment, the shackles came off and she kicked the guard in the groin. He sunk to the ground immediately, clutching where it hurt the most.

" And that's for disgracing my parents you bastard!" Kira shouted at him and strolled out of the cell. The soldier's painful groans could be heard as Kira walked in some random direction, trying to find her way out.

Suddenly someone grabbed her arm from behind and tried to restrict her by placing it high up on her back. She flipped, getting out of the restraint and landing perfectly on the stone slab floor.

" There's only one person I know who can do that," came a smooth masculine voice from the darkness. Yuri stood in the light. Kira looked at him in disbelief.

" YOU!"

" You haven't changed a bit Kira. So impolite," Yuri sighed. Kira stomped up to confront him.
" Excuse me! You weren't the one who was shackled up were you?"
" Calm down Kira. No need to go samurai on me."
" You're too smart Yuri.... too smart...."
" Perhaps."

Kira hated how Yuri always acted so superior, but then he was the leader of the Knights of Adrae.

" So how did you come to be in this group?" Yuri asked.
" Still interrogating huh?"
" Kira..."
" I heard there was some strange kids wandering around the city. I joined them to get some adventure. Looks like it's already started."
Yuri chuckled. " Perhaps."
" So why have you put us in the dungeon oh Leader of the Knights?"
" I hate your sarcasm. That and I'm not at liberaty to tell you."
" Geez. Talk about being boring."
" A samurai should be more .... how should I say this... like a samurai."
" And you're saying I'm not a samurai!"
" That's what I'm saying."

Kira shut up for once. That comment hurt a little.
" You're such a downer Yuri." With that, Kira began to walk off.

" Where do you think you're going?" Yuri asked. Kira froze.
" Out."
" Oh no you're not."

Before Kira knew it, she was back in her cell although the significant improvement of the lack of shackles. She lent her head against the bars.
" I'm gonna kick your ass Yuri."

OOC: I hope that's ok. PM if it isn't.[/COLOR][/FONT]
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Cid had leaned up against the cell wall, waiting for his interigation. He was not handcuffed like the others, because he was a well known scientist after all. Circumstance is what landed him here in the first place.

The cell door opened and a knight entered through it. "The Commander is ready to speak with you, Mr. Mlarena," he spoke. Cid pushed off the wall, uncrossed his arms, and spat out his nearly dead cigarette. "Good timin'. I need anotha' butt anyway," Cid answered as he walked out of the room and down the hallway to where the commander was. The knight followed closely by.

"Ya' know, I don' like bein' reffered to as a mister. Jus' call me Capn' if ya wish it," Cid chattered to the following soldier. "Alright, Capn' Cid."

"Thas' more like it!"

Cid turned the hallway into the room and plopped into the chair. He kicked his feet up onto the table and peered under his hat toward the man on the other side. "It's been a while, C'mander Rein."

"It sure has, Cid," Yuri answered back. "I hope you don't mind the treatment. It is after all standard procedure. When we're done, you can go back to what you were doing."

"Ya' sure? I was beginnin' to get settled here. The room is dark an' lonely. Jus' like I prefer it to be."

"Can we get started? I need to question you now. First, what were you doing with those people? Did you know they were from another world?"

"So tha's who was makin' tha' racket! It jus' so happens tha' they were followin' me."

"Do you know why?"

"Don' have a clue. I probably said I was goin' to help 'em, or somethin' like that. Can't keep up with the nonsense these kids make up now'a days."

They chuckled at what was actually not funny at all. Cid had put his feet on the ground and pushed the chair closer to the table and pulled out a cigar and lit it. He handed another to Yuri. "Remember da' good ol' days? Bunch a kids killin' everythin' that looked at us the wrong way. An' when we rested at villages, the town brats would ask if we foun' any treasure on da' way." He took a breath of the fine brand. "What do ya' expect ya' lil' shits?! Do ya' expect money ta' drop from random creatures?!" They both laughed at how well Cid had recited one of his favorite lines.

"Your cigars are truly the best, Cid. You have to tell me the secret," Yuri asked. Cid looked at the nearby gaurds and took notice to their unkept armor. "No can do," he replied. "But I can issue a buffer for da' armor your men dons. Keep 'em clean an' shiny an' they'll last ya' longer."

"I'll accept your offer, old friend! But you will have to go back to the cell until I have decided if you are free to go or not. Policy you know."

"Tha's fine. I need some time ta' say farewell to da' slime that enhabits the walls of the urinal. We grown attached, the shit an' I." He wooted at the thought of his little comment.

Back at the cell, the first gaurd had escorted him in and begun to close the door. "Hold on a minute there," Cid waved to him. He pulled a box out and handed it to the knight. "Here ya' go. A family of the finest cigars for ya and yer fellow knights. Wouldn't want ta' lieve ya' out on the good stuff, ya' know?"

"Thank you very much, Capn'," the soldier smiled as he bowed his head, excited about the treat he had recieved. He locked the door and hurried down the hall.

"Enjoy," smiled Cid, as he went back to leaning on his wall. He chuckled to himself.

[COLOR=Sienna]O.O.C.: Hope you liked my piece de' grace! Can you tell how great my character is?! Cid is the coolest motha' around![/COLOR]
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Chase was at least in his element as he sit in his cell. He was given a room without so much as a window. The shadows surrounded him and he was comfortable. The cell was no larger than the bed and a small amount of walking space, surrounded by stone on all sides and a thin wired gate at the end. The door on the other side of the room outside the gate were guarded by two knights.

Chase: How long do i have to stay caged here like a kenneled animal?

Guard1: How long do you intend to keep asking me that question?

Chase: Until I get an answer.

Guard2: Shut up, shinobi. You will be let out when Sir Yuri has his words with you. coughmaybecough

Chase slumped on the bed lookign into the darkness wishing he still had his weapsons. Of course he could escape from the scell if he wanted by turning the steel bars to mud but then he'd have to fight a small legion of armed knights while armless. That was a risk he intended not to make. So he waited. Several hours he waited until the time had come. A tall man walked into the room and pulled up a chair to the bars just out of arms reach.

Chase: What no interrogation room with bright lights and several guys pressuring me?

The young man in elite armor, obviously the captain of the knights nearly leaned forward slightly giving a short chuckle and merely shook his head.

Yuri: First off, There is no need for that shinobi. Secondly, I heard your type are dangerous so I thought I would leave the interrogation room and come to speak to you myself instead.

Chase: Aw, I feel special. Big captain guy coming to visit lil' ole me.

Yuri: Cut it out. Tell me who you are and what your doing with these people i found you with.

Chase: Not much to tell, chief. The only one I truly know is the one I was hired to take out. But that changed after he hired me to protect him. It's a big long story...

Yuri: It's ok, I have time.

frowning Ok so it's not a long story I just didn't feel like telling it. sighing Ok, I was hired by someone, i never seen a face just a black cloak. They paid me and gave a description and a place. I went there and failed to kill him because he woke up and put me in a tight spot. I was then negotiated into helping him in his cause which he hasn't revealed to me yet. So yeah. That's about it chief.

Yuri: That's all i needed to know... The fact that you are an assassin will count against you, but to know you are helpign someone in need will work in your favor. I will return to you when I have made my decision.

With that the man stood and walked back to the corner setting down the chair. Giving a final nod to teh guards they open the door for him and he walks out. Chase frowns sitting back in the shadows waiting for judgement to be passed on him.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]"Six down...three more to go" muttered Yuri underneathe his breathe as began to take off his armor. The king continuously requested for him to wear it so that the authority of the Knights of the Adrae could be seen. With Rein being one of the higher ranking officials...he should present a certain image for the army.

Brushing his sweating hair to one side, trying to catch a breeze of air as he walked the hallways of the cells. They were underground, not by much, but enough to only have a litte amount of light shining through the walls.

[I]This Aron I'll speak too last...he seems to be the start of all this...[/I] he thought as he tossed the armor to the ground, finally sitting down in an empty cell by himself.

He didn't like doing this sort of thing anyway...having to be all strict and supreme. He was a leader...but not in that form. As much as he tried to befriend everyone...that sense of authority came a price with it, leaving him alone in solitary; people respected him only for his title without really getting to know him...Yuri knew that he was a good guy...nothing really was hidden or a mystery about him.

*sigh*..."I'm bored..." he thought to himself...he felt rusty. His abilities were incredible; unseen before...strange becoming one of the Commanders of the Knights of Adrae...only to feel held back in some way.

He had his usual sleeveless brown trench coat on with black pants and boots...the small armored plates on his shoulder bearing his family marks...his armored silver claws stretching up to his elbows were still on as he leaned his chin up against his exposed palms.

Slowly rising to his feet...Yuri focused his entire body, ever nerve and muscle pulsing as suddenly an explosion errupted within him. What seemed to be fire blazing behind glass...so did it seem with his chest. His insides looked to be on fire, and yet he was not hurt. A gentle breeze began to circle around him as the power within slowly died away.

"Time to get back to work..." shaking the tense feeling from his arms, Yuri walked out of the cell and began to make his rounds to the other prisoners before he passed judgement on what to do. [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]Rin whimpered as she fell against the wall of her cell. The past few minutes were filled with pacing, and dreading what was to come. This place seemed like a more primative time, so the thought of being beheaded shot through her mind more than once. On the verge of tears, she was startled when one of the guards called her.

"You. Come with us," he ordered, slowly opening her cell door.

She stood up slowly from the cold floor and walked over to them. She was placed in cuffs, and was told to walk inbetween the two guards. Her heart beat faster and faster as she walked down the hallway, glancing around in a panicked fashion.

[i]"I can't believe it.. I don't deserve this. I was just talking. Just talking! Now I'm going to be killed for coming here on accident!? It's absurd.. Damn it! I can't believe this! It's not my fault! I don't deserve this,"[/i] she thought angrily in her head. The closer she came to her new destination, the angrier she became. By the time she was in her chair, she could've sworn there was steam coming from her ears. The guards closed the door behind her, leaving her all alone to stare furiously at the door opposite her.

Absent mindedly, she crossed her legs and tapped her foot anxiously. She began to click her tongue, and was glancing about the room impatiently. "Why am I here?" she muttered. She quieted and returned to staring at the door.

[i]"It's not fair. I didn't do anything. I shouldn't be here. It's not fair,"[/i] she repeated silently in thought. Her quiet ranting was interrupted by the entrance of a young man, obviously very important from his armor.

"I am Commander Rein. Yuri Rein. Who are you?"


He paused, expecting her to tell him her last name, but she was too angry to cooperate. When Rin grew angry, she was the most stubborn person you could meet. Her shyness melting away, she uncrossed her legs angrily. "Why are you keeping me here in handcuffs?" she demanded through clenched teeth.

"I cannot tell you. And [i]I'm[/i] the one who's supposed to be asking the questions. So I suggest you be quiet," he sighed. He sounded sad, and this grabbed Rin's attention.

She had a strange ability to pick out the emotions of others. She began to calm, but was still frustrated.

"Where are you from?"

"Uh.. Earth," she replied, uneasy with this question. "Aren't we still here?"

Yuri's glance changed to an inquisitive stare. "No.. You, Ms. Rin, are in Flora."

This was news to her, and her reaction was stalled a bit. "Flora.. Is that.. a new country or something? Or.. wait.. WOAH!" she shouted, standing up suddenly, accidentally knocking her chair backwards. She stumbled a bit, then found her balance and looked from the chair to her questioner.

"You alright?" he asked her.

She nodded, then picked up her chair, returning it to its former position, and sitting down in it once again.

[i]"I'm not on Earth?! I thought I was just in a different time, but.. a different [b]world[/b]? This is ridiculous.. I need to wake up now,"[/i] Rin thought to herself. She shut her eyes tight for a moment, then tried pinching her arm. But she did not wake up, and she realized that this was real.

"I would like to know how you came to Flora. Could you tell me?"

Rin was silent. She hadn't heard his question, and was staring blankly at one of the corners of the room. "Um.. Rin? Rin?" he called. He finally waved a hand in front of her face and her eyes locked on him. "Um.. How did you get here?"

"I fell through a crack in the ground," she told him. He blinked at her. She took this as an opportunity to continue. "I woke up a minute later. Well.. It felt like a minute. It could've been an hour. Or maybe a day. I don't know. All I know is that I woke up afterwards in a field of grass and ran into Aron. Now I'm here, being locked up for coming here on accident. In fact, if it was my choice, I wouldn't be here at all," she ranted at him. When she was done, Yuri stared at her for a moment or two.

"Well.. Uh.." He hadn't been prepared for a rant, but he was beginning to understand how she felt.

"So, Yuri. Or do I call you 'Commander'? What now?" she asked him.

"Um.. I must pass judgement on you later. You are free to return to your cell," he said, turning around and heading for the door. "That isn't free," Rin coughed. "Excuse me?" he spun around. "I'm not free. I'm being shipped. There is a difference," she told him. Her frustration got the better of her, and she regretted snapping at him.

But she couldn't help it.

[i]"It's not fair.. He should understand that.."[/i] Rin thought, tears beginning to fall down her flushed cheeks as she was walked back to her small cell.

OOC: Sorry that took so long. I was going to post sooner, but I kinda.. forgot. >>;;[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER]There Aron sat, on the cold ground in his cell. [I]What have I gotten myself into?[/I] he thought to himself. He looked around, contemplating escape. [I]No, even if I could get out, I can't just leave everyone here[/I] he sighed. Just then he heard the clanking of armor walking towards his cell. He stood up quickly and brushed himself off. There before him stood the very large knight that had captured him before. "You, come with me, and don't try anything funny." Aron winked at him jokingly and began to follow him down a long hallway. At the end of it was a large door which opened as soon as they reached it. Yuri sat at a desk inside, his fingers laced and in front of his face. The large man walked from the room and closed the door with a loud thud.

Aron stood silently, looking Yuri up and down. He realized Yuri wasn't just another soilder, and he was obviously smarter then the men working under him. "Sit please" he spoke to Aron in a calm voice. Aron said nothing but made his way to the chair in front of Yuri's desk and sat. "I've talked to everyone from your group, and it seems that you're the man behind all of this" Yuri spoke, still calm and collected. Aron looked at him confused "Behind all of what? We havn't done anything wrong. And by the way, I don't appreciate being treated like a common criminal and chased through the streets. And another thing..." Yuri broke off the rant "Calm down Aron, I know your not from around here." Aron stared "How do you know my name?" Yuri sighed and spoke "I don't know much, but what I've gathered is that a rip in time has been created that connects our world with yours. I've sent my men to investigate but they've found nothing. For now you'll have to stay here, everything seems a bit fishy to me, and I'm not sure quite yet if its in my best interest to let you all go. You will return to your cell and await my decision as the others have." Yuri began to walk from the room as Aron leapt up and spoke "Wait! I have questions, whats happening? You know more then your telling me." Yuri said nothing and exited the room. Aron ran to the door but it closed almost instantly. He pounded on it yelling for Yuri to come back. Just then he felt something hit him in the back of the head and he fell to the floor.

Aron woke up on the floor of his cell. He sat up and felt his head. [I]Feels like I was hit by a truck.[/I] He looked around and saw no one. [I]Guess all I can do is wait...[/I] [/CENTER] [/FONT] [/COLOR]

OOC: Kairi next. Lyuann isn't participating at the moment.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]Running his hands through his hair, Yuri slowly began to make his way back up towards the castle. Upon reaching the courtyard, walking up the steps of the underground prison, the sun suddenly beat down upon him...its bright light nearly blinding him with it being so high up in the sky.

Swiftly turning his face away, he walked to the main entrance of the castle which was surrounded on all sided by a thick wall of stone, with guards at every post.

His footsteps could be heard all the way down the hallways, magnificant paintings and sculptures of all the great kings of the past...portraits and landscapes full of vibrant colors and blends of shade. With the sunligh shining through the massive windows, this felt like walking down the hallways of heaven.

Upon entering the throne room, Yuri quickly noticed the king being surrounded by all his advisors. With his presence now being known, they all turned to face him as the king approached with arms wide open.

"Ah Yuri..." the king proclaimed as the two embraced on another as brothers. King Marcus Armond was an old man, some of his white hair covered his face as he beard covered his entire neck. He was dressed in a gold/white cloak, with his diamond septor in his right hand.

"I trust the interigations went smoothly..." Marcus added as he stepped away from the Commander. Yuri bowed in respect...

''Yes my lord...shall I give my report?"

"Of course...proceed." responded the king.

For the next hour or so, with the two of them standing there talking with one another...his advisors looking on...Yuri told each of the prisoners stories to him, explaining how that most were not of this plain...that their "world'' lay elsewhere...and were merely finding there way around. Those who were of Flora followed them to help...as well as a search for adventure.

"My advisors have informed me that these strangers were from another world...they will prove to be very usefull."

"My lord?'' questioned Yuri...[I]how did the king already know that they were not of this world...[/I]

"Ah Commadner Rein, I sense the concern in your voice. But you must understand...these people surely have knowledge beyond our own...or something that they can possibly share with us. Me and the councel have decided to keep them here for further interigation...to learn all that we can from them. And if they resist us...then they will be punished. We must truly find out whether they are our enemies or not."

"But why should we do such a thing?" protested Yuri...knowing that those peoples freedoms were now being stripped from them. "They need our help...if they aren't from this plain, surely we should help them get back to their home."

"Take it...upon faith Yuri..." encouraged the king..."don't you see...they are a gift from God to us...and they must serve some purpose for the kingdom of Adrae."

Yuri quickly held his tongue and bowed to the king in approval...looking up Yuri glared at the advisors behind the king...all were dark, deceptive, their words like poison.

"I trust you will carry out my commands without question" added the king...."

"Of course my lord...as you wish..." responded Yuri as he bowed once again and made his way out of the throne room.

***That Night***

Within Yuri's private quarters...he unlocked a cabinet and place all his alchemy potions and spells into a small, cushioned pack for each seperate vial and placed his armor on the bed...taking only his metal claws and armored shoulder plates with his families mark, the casual clothes apon him, his father's sword and a sake full of money.

Walking down the wet halls of the prison, Yuri sent away the guard outside of Captain Cid's cell and motioned for him to approach the cell bars.



"I need your help..."

In the next hour, with the moonlight shining down through the cracks of the prison walls. Yuri sent away the guards of every cell to take a break as Cid freed everyone one by one. As he lead everyone through the halls, the finally met up with Yuri standing just above the flight of stairs which led to the surface of the courtyard. The night was peaceful, not a stirring to be heard as the guards stalked the tops of the walls.

Holding two red vials in his hands...Yuri quickly stood upright and burst into a run to one of the stone walls. Throwing the vials upon them, a tremendous blast errupted, taking out the entire section of the stone wall giving a clear path to the forest. The earth seemed to rumble at the destruction as Cid motioned for everyone to follow suit. All the guards were stunned by the explosion as the group ran for the shelter of the forest. [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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"Why aren't the gaurds following us?" Aron asked, trying to keep up. He was out of breath. All of them were. Prison would do that.

"Heh. Apparently, I offered them a helpin' o' my special brand. Never accept a gift from yer own prisoner. You should be ashamed, Yuri. Good ol' times!" Cid stole a glance over to the former commander. "Old times indeed," he chuckled back.

"We should head to the West, I know of a town that'lll help ta make us dissapaear," Cid ordered, moving West through the trees and brush.

[COLOR=Sienna]O.O.C.: Dang it's short! But I got nothing![/COLOR]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#9933ff][b]Before the escape...[/b]

Kira leant against a wall, anger boiling inside of her.

" Yuri... you bastard..."

She looked out into the growing night. She sighed. It was a half moon tonight. She loved to look at the silver form in the sky, night after night. The night was the best time to train. So many noises, so much peace, it was beautiful.

Now looking at the cell's cold stone floor, she growled again as the image of Yuri crossed her mind. She started to remember her first encounter with the Leader of the Knights of Adrae. It was on a night much like this one - still and fresh.

[i][b]Kira walked through the forest near her sensei's dojo, her mauve hair swaying slightly side to side. The night air was still and fresh, the night only a few hours old. Her two reverse-blade katanas lay in their sheaths upon her back. She had her hands on the back of her head casually.

" What a beautiful night... a good night for training..."

She made her way to her normal place for her training session at night. A small grassy glade with a running stream trickling near it. There was two large old knarly trees at the top of the small hill. Kira hid her after training snacks in the nook of one of the trees and took off her kimono to reveal her fighting attire. She unsheathed her mother's blade. It was light and elegant and glimmered in the moonlight. A full moon hung in the sky.

A soft wind made the grass shift lightly. Kira sat down in the grass, meditating the way her sensei instructed her to. The sounds of the night echoed in her ears. The soft chirps of a cricket nearby, the hapy trickle of the stream, a cry of a hunting bird in the distance. She concentrated on becoming one with the elements. Her mauve hair shifted with the wind. Soon, her body began to imitate the sway of the long grass in the small wind.

Standing up, Kira, without opening her eyes, held her mother's blade in her hands. There were dark inscriptions on the blade. Kira didn't know what they said because they were in some sort of strange language other than the common language spoken on Flora. It was beautiful cursive writing. She knew it had something to do with becoming a samurai but no one she had met could read it. It was the same with her father's blade. The blade was heavier and more powerful than her mother's, but it had another inscription on it, as if the two were meant to be together.

Letting her favourite music fill her head, her body immediately turned into warrior mode. Swinging her sword around expertly, Kira began her training. Hour after hour, she continued her training, swapping blades constantly to get used to them. The words of her sensei echoed through her head.[/b]

" You are too rash Kira... calm your soul... be like the water, not the fire... be fluid, calm, cool... You are trying too hard to become a killer... becoming a samurai is not becoming a killer... you need to have the soul of a samurai before you can become one on the outside... maybe you are still to young to understand the burden you have, but are not aware of..."

[b]" What burden Sensei? What burden do I have?" Kira whispered.

Then she heard the rustle of feet moving through the grass. Kira stopped her training, breathed in and out deeply then opened her eyes towards the oncomer. It was a young male a few years older than her. His dark brown eyes and hair almost blended in with the inky black sky. Kira looked at him with her icy blue eyes.

" Who are you?" she asked, rather peeved that someone would interrupt her training. She was actually getting somewhere.
" So you are Kira Mayaoko..." the young man said.
" What do you want with me?"
" Your sensei has suggested to me that you needed a sparring partner."
" My Sensei? How do you know him?!?"
" Do you always ask so many questions?"
Kira growled at this young man. She didn't like his tone.

" So, my Sensei suggested you and I have a spar. Then lets get this over with. I've got more important training to do."
The young man smiled. " You shouldn't be so hasty in making assumptions about your opponent."
" Whatever. Lets just fight."
" As you wish."

The boy withdrew his sword. Kira chose her mother's katana. She'd use her father's if things started to get desperate. She charged at this young man. He simply dodged it by moving out of the way. Kira flipped and sprung off the tree. The sound of clashing metal echoed through the night. She flipped over him and faced him.

" Seemed I did underestimate you. That won't matter. My parents were great samurai. Their blood runs in mine. I'll defeat you and show my Sensei that I'm better than you."
The young man simply smiled and let her attack him. He dodged each of her attacks easily, simply moving out of the way. When each of her attacks missed, Kira grew angrier. Her movements became quicker and more accurate. Clashing metal could be heard every second through the still night.

" So, as you get angrier, your abilities become better. Your sensei said to beware of your anger. I see why..." the young man said as they were face-to-face, their swords together between their faces.
" You haven't seen anything yet. You don't even know about Ryuugan..." Kira hissed and pushed the young man backwards. Both panted, having not found another opponent as strong as them before.

They attacked each other again, pushing themselves to better the other. Soon both were at their limit. Kira's eyes started to have a strange look about them. The blue started to turn orange, red flecks appearing in them. They started to look like they were glazed windows. This was Ryuugan, Dragon Eyes. She had only touched the tip of it. Kira breathed hard, cuts all of her body from the young man's sword. The young man stood, panting as well, cuts all over his body, his clothes in tatters.

" So, we seem to be at a draw. Let's leave it as that..." the young man said.
Kira growled. " No. I have to prove that I'm stronger than you. For my Sensei."
" You have no energy left. You should leave it as it is."
" No.... I have to prove it so."

Kira attacked only to find the man's blade under her throat. She dropped to her kness, her eyes wide.
" I said you should have left it. Now you are defeated," he said before sheathing his sword. Kira kneeled there shocked as she watched the man walk away.
" What's your name!" Kira yelled at him.
He turned around. " Yuri Rein." He started walking again.

" Yuri.... I'll defeat you one day... you hear me! ONE DAY!"[/b][/i]

Kira stood, still as death, against the wall. Her eyes had those orange flecks in them.
" Yuri..."

[b]After the escape...[/b]

Kira sprinted out of the castle, following Yuri and the group. She didn't care where they were going. What she cared was that Yuri had abandoned his king. There was going to be some punishment for treason. Her eyes narrowed.

" I wanted to defeat the Leader of the Knights of Adrae when he was the Leader. Looks like I'll have to defeat him when he becomes it again..." Kira growled to herself, sprinting after the others.

[b]OOC: just a little on Yuri and Kira's history. Hee... tension already. Oh goody.[/b][/color][/font]
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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER]Aron stood next to the divine creature before a large lake. The water gleamed in the moonlight as the creature began to walk across the water. Her feet just barely dampening as she made her way. "Wait" spoke Aron reaching his arm out for her. "You can't leave me alone, p-please not alone." She continued to walk leaving him fallen to his hands and knees upon the cold wet ground. "N-No..."

Aron sat up quickly shouting "No" and franticly looking around. Everyone stared at him in confusion. "Whats wrong?" asked Yuri. Aron shook his head "Nothing, sorry." Yuri nodded "Try to rest, we're only stopping here for the night, we'll make our way to Hunds in the morning. Theres plenty of people there, merchants mostly, its always busy with the hustle and bussel of trade." Aron nodded and stood, brushing himself off, he never really liked camping much. "I'm going for a walk, I'll be back soon." Yuri watched closely "Don't go to far, you wouldn't want to get lost." Aron sighed "I know I know."

He walked through the quiet forest, the air was cold, the night sky black and cluttered with stars. He gazed up, thinking of home. [I]Wow, its beautiful. The sky was never like this at home, I've never seen so many stars before.[/I] He continued walking until he reached a lake similar to the one in his dream. He sat beside it and layed back watching the sky once again. [I]I wonder if shes ok...[/I] he thought to himself. Visions of home flashed in his mind as he quietly pondered the night sky.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]

OOC: There will be a couple more posts until we reach the city of Hunds where we'll begin the second chapter. Feel free to interact with each other or me on the way there if you like. The story is just beginning and it'll be getting good pretty soon.
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Chase was semi-sleeping, he'd always been a light sleeper as it was part of his training to be aware at all times. The loud (well to him) creak of the cell door opening. Chase opened one eye to get a glance at what was going on. unfortunately it was too dark to see anymore than a shadow of a figure. the figure reached out with a hand and Chase whipped his own out grabbing the person by the wrist. Rolling swiftly under the person they manage to jump but behind them the ninja kipups and lifts there arm up under their back in a submission hold.

Figure: ow, ow, Ow, OW! Lemme go! I'm here to help you get out of here.

The figure was trying his best to be quiet whispering sharply to the ninja. Hearing the mans response, Chase released the other man and stepped back adjusting to the dark. When he was able to make out the man he gave a slight chuckle.

Chase: I know you, you are that Cid guy...

Cid: That's Captain Cid. Now lets get out of here.

Without another word he makes his way to the top of the stairs and into the courtyard. Some already out there and a few not quite with them He waits until the rest arive then escape with them in the huge hole in the wall made by Yuri's potions. On the run Chase catches up with Yuri.

Chase: So why choose this method to set us free?

Yuri: No offense but it's personal, I'll tell everyone when the time is right.

Chase:Fine by me. Everyone has their secrets, I know that above everyone else.

Chase followed them from there... heading towards the town that Cid suggested. Taking the tail of the group watching their backs so their not ambushed.
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Pralle sat staring at the fire while others slept. For some reason he didn't feel that he needed sleep. He closed his eyes but in his mind he could see everything in front of him and exactly as it was happening. It scared him slightly, yet also seemed intriguing.

[COLOR=Blue]"Any idea why I'm not able to sleep?"[/COLOR] He asked his other self.

[COLOR=Red]"Not a clue. But it seems very strange,"[/COLOR] was the response.

He looked around. Everyone seemed to be asleep except the guy named Aron. He had seen Aron walk into the forest near by and he hadn't returned yet.

[COLOR=Blue]"Do ya think I should get to know these people?"[/COLOR] He asked sub-conciously.

[COLOR=Red]"Maybe that Aron kid, but just watch the others for a while,"[/COLOR] His other self replied.

Pralle stood up and walked into the forest. It didn't take long for him to come across Aron. He found Aron still sitting beside the lake. He walked up to him.

[COLOR=Blue]"Yo,"[/COLOR] was all he could think of saying.

"Hey...Pralle wasn't it?" Aron said.

[COLOR=Blue]"Yeah. What are you doing out here?"[/COLOR]

"Just thinking about home and people I knew. You said ya couldn't remember your past right?"

[COLOR=Blue]"Yeah. I just remember one girl except in my memory I can't see her face and her name escapes me."[/COLOR]

OOC: I can only do a short post so if ya want to continue this Kakashi go ahead.
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[COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER]Aron examined Pralle as he stood there, he always looked so conflicting. Aron new he had some sort of bipolar personality, he often noticed Pralle going back and forth in his mind discussing a decision he was about to make. He didn't exactly know why, but he could just feel another presence when he spoke with Pralle. He couldn't make out what they were saying, but he always tried to distinguish the words as they flew back and forth through Pralle's head, echoing in the darkness.

"Who do you think the girl is?" asked Aron out of curiosty. Pralle shrugged his shoulders "I'm not sure, I assume its someone from my past. But as you know, I can't remember." Aron nodded and stared at the lake for a second "Well, what does she like?" Aron asked. Pralle sighed, closing his eyes trying to remember the vision of the girl who often visited him in his dreams. "Shes beautiful, flowing brown hair, soft skin, a little nose, young, but I get the feeling she has an older soul, she wears flattering clothes, showing her incredible figure, I just wish I could see her face." Aron's eyes widened [I]He just described Luna![/I] he thought to himself. An almost perfect description of his life long friend, he didn't know what to do. He decided to keep it from Pralle for the moment, [I]I'll tell him when the time comes[/I] Aron thought. He rose to his feet and patted Pralle on the back "You'll find her, but for now, lets go get some sleep. We're in for a long day tomorrow." Pralle nodded as they turned from the lake and made their way back to camp.

[B]The next day...[/B]

Aron awoke with a large yawn and looked around as everyone sat and talked around the fire. "How does everyone always get up before me? Geez..." Yuri laughed "You sleep like a rock." Aron rubbed his head yawning once again. Cid smacked him hard on the back "C'mon Aron, we don' got all day ta wait for ya." Aron nodded and got to his feet straightening out his clothes. "Alright everyone, lets go!"[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]
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The forest's thickness began to part as they ventured on the path. The light shimmered through the trees and seemed to reflect off of particles floating in the air. The outer edge of Hunds was in sight.

"'Ere it is. Hunds," Cid announced to the rest of the party. "I'm goin' ta run a few errands, so don' wait fer me." Yuri caught up to Cid before he began to leave. "You know the routine, right?"

"Course I do."


"Did you here about the breakout at the castle? Nine escapees and they don't know who even helped them!" Word had already sprung up. And it was in a pub of all places. Cid entered through the swinging doors and casually made his way to the pub counter. "The usual, bartender," he said while slapping the wood surface of the counter. It was sticky and unkept.

"Aye, Capn Cid! Your back from the errand?" The bartender, a dwarf with scars covering his face and wearing an apron, popped out from under the counter. He held an Ether Plus and was already pouring it into a glass.

"Yeah. But it wasn' an easy'n, thas fer sure." He swiped the glass and gave a quick chug to take in the contents entirely. "I'm 'ere to pick up my gear."

"Hold your chocobos." The man dissapeared once again and the sound of boxes and bottles could be heard. He reappeared and held a belt holding odd tools and a leather case. He placed them on the counter. "You want anything for the road?"

"Nah. Gotta go see to somethin', den leave," Cid placed a few gil in the dwarf's hand and picked up the case and belt, the leather unsticking from the surface. "Be sure ta keep the place lookin' good fer when I get back."

"Anything for the Capn, Capn!" the dwarf chuckled as he dissapeared into the counter once more. Cid stepped outside and took a deep breath.

'The place may be foul, but no betta' place ta trust than Scudlas,' Cid thought to himself while buckling the tool belt on his hip and opening the leather case. He pulled out two baige-colored gloves and put each of his hands into them, stretching his fingers into the comfortable material. 'My babies 'r still as good as I left 'em.'
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[CENTER][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][B][SIZE=4]Chapter 2[/SIZE][/B]

[B]Aron's Time[/B]
"C'mon!" Luna shouted as she ran down a black paved street. She grabbed the hand of her mother and pulled her along quickly. Following close in pursuit was a large red dragon. They darted in and out of running people trying to escape the monster's wrath. The dragon spouted fire from its mouth, reducing a nearby crowd to cinders as they ran. Sweat dripped from Luna's forehead as she and her mother struggled to keep up with the crowd.

Luna's eyes scouted the area for a place to hide. She saw an open door at a nearby store and ran towards it. Just before she entered the door her mother fell to the ground. She stopped quickly turning "Mom!" she shouted as the dragon came upon them. A man in the store grabbed her "C'mon, you'll get killed!" he shouted as Luna struggled to reach her mother. "No!" she screamed as the dragon bent down and consumed her mother. It's large teeth crunched the bones loudly as blood squirted in every direction. Tears streamed down Luna's face as she witnessed the instant demise of her mother

- - - - - - -

[B]Flora Time[/B]
Aron walked the streets of Hunds alone. The group had split up, each person was to
search for information about Aron's world and the time rip that had occured. They were also expected to upgrade equipment and anything else they chose to do while here.

Aron looked around, the streets were incredibly busy. He could tell this was definitely a merchant's town as people scrambled to get items from one place to another. As he walked he found himself at a tavern. [I]It'd be nice to have a quick drink after the long walk here[/I] he thought to himself as he entered. He looked around as he walked to the counter and took a seat. "A beer" he said to the man standing behind the bar. "Coming up" the man spoke quickly and went to retrieve the drink for Aron.

Aron's eyes wandered around the bar stopping on a mysterious looking boy sitting all the way at the end. The shadows concealed his face as Aron tried to get a better look. "Heres that beer" said the bartender surprising Aron and bringing him back to reality. "Thanks" he mumbled as he took a sip. His eyes returned to their spot at the end of the bar, he was amazed to find that the boy no longer sat there. Aron looked around the tavern but saw no sign of him. [I]Thats weird[/I] he thought to himself. He shrugged his shoulders and finished his drink.

After leaving the tavern he continued to walk through the town. The glimmer of a sword caught Aron's eye as he noticed the blacksmith's shop. He walked over and watched as the man struck hot iron firmly. He entered the store and looked around, all kinds of weapons cluttered the walls. In the corner of the store stood the boy he had seen before. [I]Hey, its him[/I] he thought, and in a blink the boy was gone again. "What??" Aron spoke out loud as the other people in the store turned to him in confusion. He looked around embarrassed and quickly left the store.

[I]Who is that boy[/I] he thought to himself as he walked the streets eventually exiting and walking along the path of a nearby forest. He sniffed and smelled the pine of the trees around him. [I]I love that smell[/I] he thought as he leaned up against a large tree pondering the events of the day. He closed his eyes and thought of Luna, however, he was interrupted by a vibrant voice say "To Tresora..." Aron hastily opened his eyes. Standing before him was the mysterious boy he saw before. "Who are you?" Aron asked quickly taking the chance to iterrogate the young man. "What your looking for, its in Tresora..." the boy spoke again. "Tresora? Where's that? What do you mean?" The boy closed his eyes and disappeared from sight leaving Aron alone in the forest.

- - - - - - -

Our next destination will be the kingdom of Tresora, however, each of you will be posting events that take place in the city for now. Everyone is looking for information on how Aron and the others got to Flora and why they're here. You may interact with each other as well as people of the town as you please. Try not to get in to much trouble though ;) . This is a time for you to explore, interact with each other, as well as begin our new upgrade system. Your upgrading options will be posted at the underground. Each city offers new upgrading options for your character. In Hunds your character is able to choose 2 upgrades from the options posted in the underground. At the beginning of your first post in Chapter 2, please state the upgrades you have chosen. For example...[/CENTER]

Magic Upgrade- (Choice)
Physical Upgrade- (Choice)
Special Technique- (Choice)

[CENTER]You will only have 2 choices in this Chapter so choose them well.[/COLOR][/FONT] [/CENTER]
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Magic Upgrade-Lightning1
Physical Upgrade-Weapon Throw

Garrek wandered around the town, weaving in and out through the crowds of people, his thin form slipping between people with ease. People moved backwards and forwards, going to and from their workplaces. This reminded him of his hometown. It was always busy, with everyone always doing something, no time to wander around calmly.

He saw a small, hunched figure in a dark brown cloak sneak out of a shop, carrying a small bundle in his hands. He ran away swiftly, quicker than his hunched form would usually allow. The shop owner, a rather obese man dressed in greasy brown overalls waddled out of the door and shouted after the cloaked figure.

"Thief!" he shouted, his voice booming across the streets, "Stop that man, he's a thief!"

Garrek leapt into action. He jumped onto the low roof of the shop, and ran across the rooftops at high speed, chasing the cloaked figure. Garrek leapt from rooftop to rooftop, flipping backwards and forwards, his feet crunching on the tiles as they splintered beneath his feet.

He was closing in on the thief, catching up to him. He made one final, massive jump from the rooftop to the floor below, and landed on his feet in front of the thief. He drew one of his swords and pointed it at the thief, the blade poking into his neck through the thick brown cloak.

"You've stolen something. I don't like thieves. Now give it to me, and you won't get hurt."

The figure unfolded its arms, revealing what it had stolen. It was a small, stale piece of bread, wrapped in a filthy rag.

"Please let me go, sir," said the figure, his hood falling away to reveal a small, wisened face, "My family starves while that shop owner lives in great wealth. All I asked for was a piece of bread, and when he didn't give me any, I had to steal it, don't you see? He doesn't even want it, he just hates me and my family! Please let me go!"

Garrek looked surprised at this tiny figure.

"Well, sure I'll let you go. That shopkeeper isn't exactly being fair. You go home to your family, and take this with you." He fished around in his pocket, and found a few spare coins. He counted it quickly, and found that he had about 5 Gil there. He extended this hand full of coins to the old figure.

"It's not much, but hopefully it will help," he said. The wisened old figure bowed slightly and took the money.

"I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for this, sir. I will repay you, I swear!" said the old figure, hobbling away. Garrek turned his back and began to walk off.

The old figure walked away and laughed slightly to himself.

"Foolish child. You see how easy it was for me to fool you?" he said to himself.

As Garrek walked back to the shop, the greasy shopkeeper waddled up to him, hitching up his trousers. He held a rolling pin in his hand, and was brandishing it rather menacingly.

"What the hell have you done? You let him get away, you idiot!" shouted the shopkeeper. He brought the rolling pin up and swung it down towards Garrek's head. In the blink of an eye, Garrek drew his sword and brought it up, catching the pin on the blade.

"Don't even try it, old man," said Garrek, flipping the rolling pin away, so it landed on the hard, dusty ground. He sheathed his sword and walked away from the shopkeeper...[/SIZE]
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[color=blue][size=1]OOC: I'm not sure if we have our weapons yet or not, so I'm going to post my character getting both a weapon [i]and[/i] her upgrades.. I'll edit if necessary. ^_^;;

Magic Upgrade: Ice1
Physical Upgrade: Speed Slash1

"Hey you," came a shady voice. Rin turned, a bit startled, and wondered if he was referring to her. "Yes you," he answered without her saying a word. "You aren't from around here, are you?"

Rin shook her head, bewildered by the old man before her. "I didn't think so. Your clothes are much different. Please, follow me," he ordered, spinning around and walking off. Rin, obediently, followed. She didn't know why she ran after the old man, but she did, nevertheless.

After a few minutes of crawling through tiny crevices, climping a few boxes and jumping a fence or two, Rin grew impatient.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see."

Rin hated that answer. It always left her mind full of questions she knew he wasn't going to answer. While she busied herself thinking, she hadn't realized her recent acquaintance had stopped, and walked right into him.

"Sorry," she huffed.

"We're here," he smiled at her. "I figured," she said dryly. He didn't seem to catch this, or maybe he did, and began to walk towards a small doorway; one you wouldn't be able to see from the main street.

"Alleys," Rin muttered, happy to leave the small crawling space and enter the larger building. Inside, there was strange music playing, with a few women walking around serving drinks. "A bar? You took me to a bar?" Rin laughed quietly to her guide.

"Yes. But we aren't here for drinks," he grinned, continuing through another set of doors. He stopped before another set of doors and began to tap his foot. The new room was like a kitchen, except there were no stoves, no cooks, and no food. It was just white tiles all around with a few tables scattered along the floor.

Rin stared around, and was startled by the sight of a chair stuck in the wall. She took another moment or two to glance over it, examining it for anything else out of the ordinary, before her eyes began to wander to the ceiling where she was, again, startled.

She jumped a bit at the sight. "W-Why are they up there?" she tapped the man's shoulder. "Hmm?" he mumbled, glancing upwards. "Oh. They tried to get out of paying."

A few bodies hung from the ceiling, but their heads weren't visible. Before she could ask anymore questions, the man held a finger to her mouth, signaling for her to be quiet. A bell rang, and he entered, Rin following closely.

[i]'What am I doing here..'[/i] she asked herself, letting out a tiny moan. She recieved a sharp whip in the arm for it. "Ow.." she muttered, rubbing it.

She turned her eyes away from her strange company, and was greeted with the sight of an attractive young man.

"Your name?"

She stared blankly at him. "Er.. Phele, are you sure you grabbed the right one?" the young man asked Rin's guide. "Yes, sir. I'm positive." "Then make her speak," he demanded in a quiet, yet angry tone. Phele, his name was, let out a small yelp, then signaled for Rin to speak.


"Rin.. You are from a different time, are you not?"

"Uh-huh," she nodded.

"There are others, correct?"

"Uh-huh," she stuttered again, nodding once more.

"Well then, I am here to help. I cannot protect you from the 'King', nor can I travel with you. But I [i]can[/i] give you something that will help. A weapon, and all the information I know," he explained. He paused, waiting for her reaction.

Stalling a bit, as she always did, after taking in what he said, Rin jumped a bit, then smiled wide. "Thank you, sir!"

"Call me Oni," the young man smiled.

"Thank you, Oni," Rin smiled.

The young man, known as Oni, seemed quite gracious. Rin was a bit confused as to why everyone else in the room quivered and shook at his every word. He didn't seem menacing, but if he was the force behind those men in the white room, Rin, too, would feel quite timid around him.

He proceeded to order around a few of the men to bring him a large weapon and to bring forth some sheets.

"Here. Take this," he said, snapping his fingers. One of his 'aids' brought forth a large sword for her. She took it from him, and wasn't surprised by how heavy it was. Yet, she managed to keep it off the ground. It took her a bit of effort, but she managed to stand it up in front of her. She admired it for a moment or two, then leaned on it, waiting for what Oni was to tell her.[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=#9933ff][i]Kira's upgrades:

Physical Upgrade: Speed Slash 1
Special Technique: Teleportation 1[/i]

Kira sighed, her hands behind her head again.

" This Aron kid has no sense of interpersonal skills. He hasn't even talked to me since we got arrested. Wait a sec! He hasn't talked to me at all! Geez, what a jerk!"

She was making her way through a small bazaar in a side street. There were some interesting stalls and characters around. A dwarf selling beautifully smithed weapons. A male Elf selling Elven armour and weapons. A female Elf selling potions and magics of sorts. A Bangaa (lizard person) looking for challenges to a fight.
There was a slight crowd around the Bangaa and his challenger. Kira pushed her way through to the front, despite the angry objections of the spectators. Kneeling, she watched the Bangaa advance towards a fairly well-built human man. Both had swords in their giant hands. Kira watched closely, a smile on her lips. After this match, she was going to challenge the Bangaa after this fight, if he won.

The two fighters attacked each other furiously. The aim of the fight was to get your opponent in a submissive position where they had no chance to fight back. It was a skillful fight of about 10 minutes. However, like everyone expected, the Bangaa won. The crowd clapped in applause and dropped small amounts of gil into the Bangaa's colelcting tin.

Kira stepped forward, her two katanas on her back.
" Any challengers willing to face me for a mild fee?" the Bangaa roared, making the crowd jump backwards.
Kira's eyes had that orange glint to them. " I'll challenge you."

A loud gasp was let out of the crowd as they backed away from her. She unsheathed her father's katana and held it steady. The Bangaa looked like he was shaking with laughter. Kira's eyes sharpened.
" You shouldn't underestimate me Bangaa."
" You are just a child with a flimsy sword. You cannot win against the pure strength of a Bangaa."
" For your information, I'm not a kid and this is not a flimsy sword. However, it may be true that I can't compete with the pure strength of a Bangaa, I will defeat you nonetheless."
" Big words for such a small pest."
" See how much of a pest I am then."

And so the fight began. The Bangaa attacked Kira, but every time he attacked her, he missed due to Kira's extraordinary ability of agility. Her footwork was light but sure. She was careful to dodge the attacks but the smallest margin as not to appear too overconfident. Her mindset was becoming like that of a true samurai's. Soon the Bangaa was exhausted. He stood there panting like a dog, tonuge out. Kira stood in front of him.

" Strength is nothing unless you can hit the target, and you have enough endurance to sustain it," she said rather condescendingly. She held her katana's tip under the Bangaa's chin. " You are defeated."

The Bangaa growled unenthusically. He looked around at the crowd who stood there in disbelief.
" Very well. You may keep your fee."
" Meh. It doesn't matter about that. You can have it."
The Bangaa's eyes widened. He didn't understand. Kira sheathed her sword and parted her way through the crowd to the main square. Walking around aimlessly, she became bored.

" I wish one of the group would find me and talk to me or something!"

[b]OOC: Anyone can approach Kira. Get something happening![/b][/color][/font]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][B]Upgrades:[/B]
Physical Upgrade-Speed Slash1, Battle Cry1

[CENTER]Aron walked the streets quietly, his hands in his pockets, not quite sure of what to think of the boy he encountered. He heard the sound of cheering and looked at a distance down the street as Kira jumped through the air. She was surrounded by people who clapped and cheered as she flew. [I]Hmph, shes quite the character[/I] Aron thought to himself. He pondered whether or not to go see what was going on, but decided that Kira could take care of herself and went on his way. As he walked he glanced over and saw Azalea leaving town by herself. [I]What could she be up to?[/I] Aron wondered as he followed a bit behind. She walked along a dirt path away from the city; a half mile or so from town she stopped and sat against a tree. Aron walked up slowly "Hi" he said startling her. "What are you doing here? Did you follow me?!" Aron blushed red "H-Hah yeah, about that, sorry, I was just kind of wondering what you were doing." Azalea huffed "Ok ok, its fine, I just wanted some privacy" she spoke as she sat back down.

Aron still stood, studying her "So, what are you doing?" he asked intently. Azalea sighed and looked around "That town is so busy, people don't even take the time to notice how beautiful the scenery is around here. Where I'm from, green is just a color, but here it runs lush through fields and covers trees from bottom to top, its incredible. I figured I'd go for a walk and take in everything, I probably won't be here ever again you know?" Aron nodded "I know what you mean, it is beautiful, but you shouldn't walk around out here by yourself, this world is dangerous." Azalea nodded and hopped to her feet "Not when I have a strong guy like you to protect me" she laughed and winked at him. Aron laughed as well "Of course" he said as he struck a super hero pose, hands on his waist. Azalea giggled and nudged him. Aron looked down at her and spoke "Alright, now lets get back to town, we don't wanna miss out on anything, its like you said, we probably won't be here ever again." Azalea nodded and they began the walk back to Hunds.

About halfway there Azalea stopped "Umm, Aron?" she spoke as he turned around. "What is it?" Azalea blushed slightly "Umm, I'd like you to have this." She put her hands in her shirt and rumaged around pulling out a shiny gold necklace, a pilot's wing on the end. She walked up and put her hands around Aron, hooking it together in the back, and then stepping away. "Looks good" she said. Aron looked down and took the pendant in his hand. "Its a wing" he said in surprise. Azalea nodded "My dad gave it to me, its sort of my good luck charm y'know? But I want you to have it, like you said, once we go home, I might not ever see you again, and I wouldn't want you to forget me." Aron nodded and smiled "Thanks, I promise I'll take care of it for you." They each smiled at each other and nodded in agreement.

Before they could continue a man appeared instantly behind Azalea, a sword to her neck. She struggled violent cursing at him. Aron ran towards her "Stop right there, or she'll die" the man spoke calmly. Aron stopped in his tracks "What do you want? She hasn't done anything to you!" The man smiled and laughed "Come to think of it, she hasn't done anything to me...oh well." With that he sliced quick through her neck and through her body to the ground. "We'll meet again soon Aron" and with that he disappeared. Aron ran to Azalea's lifeless body. He turned her over, looking down at her face, blood filtered from the wound rolling down her neck. "No, please Azalea. Stay with me, please." He put his head to her chest, hearing nothing as tears began to stream from his eyes. He picked her up from the ground and walked over to a tree, laying her down he kissed her forehead, walking from the lifeless body, his head leaning down.[/COLOR][/FONT][/CENTER]

OOC: Sakura had to resign from the RP due to personal problems. I played her character into it a bit before I had to let her go. She'll always be with us though *sighs*
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[SIZE=1]"That was pretty impressive, Kira. You certainly gave that guy a run for his money," said Garrek, approaching Kira, and seeing the Bangaa hobble away, completely out of breath.

"Well, I do try," she replied.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked her. She nodded, more because she wanted the company than anything. He walked briskly to the public house, and swung the door open. The air was smoky, and there were dozens of people all of different species sitting down, smoking and drinking. Garrek saw Elves, Bangaa, Dwarves, and some species he had never even heard of before.

He weaved through the crowd, and Kira followed. He shouted above the noise to the barman, a rather meaty-looking dwarf, with an impressive beard.

"I'll have a pint, and the lady will have...?" he looked at Kira, expecting an answer.

"I'll just have a glass of water," she replied.

The dwarf waddled around, fetching the drinks, muttering under his breath:

"Bloody lightweights. Can't hold their drink." Eventually they got their drinks, and Garrek barged his way through the crowd to a vacant table. They sat down, and began to talk...

(OOC: Take it away, Reiku)[/SIZE]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Yuri chose to go off on his own for the moment as everyone scattered throughout the city...leaving him to his thoughts...sitting on a high rooftop looking over the horizon.

He was so angry at himself for what he had just done...but at the same time it was satisfying...a burden lifted from his shoulders, not bearing his seal of Commander any longer...

"I wonder what the king will do?" he muttered underneathe his voice as he breathed in the gentle breeze brushing up against him. It took a lot out of him to set everyone free like that...destroying the castle wall like he did...completely letting go all of that...a couple tears shead from his eyelids as he quickly brushed them away, taking a deep breathe.

Finally...after all his thoughts...of doubt, battling within himself due to his judgement...his mind finally fell silent. Cleansed and clear...

Leaping from the rooftop down to the streets below, Yuri casually walked in the streets...lossing himself in the crowd and everything going on around him as he searched for something to eat as he awaited for everyone to situate themselves. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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