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RPG Star Wars: Sith Invasion (play)


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It is one millenia before the birth of Anakin Skywalker. There are many Jedi........ and many Sith. They have both been battling for many a century. The Jedi, who dedicate their lives to the protection of the galaxy, and the Sith, who are the virus that destroys the galaxy. The Imperial empire is newly formed. The Rebel Alliance is much older, but is also weaker. The first Death Star is under construction. The rebel alliance struggle to get the plans of the death star, to find a weakness, but it is near impossible with the increasing number of Sith warriors. Their only hope to the compromisation of the plans, are the Jedi.
An Imperial Shuttle heads from the peaceful planet of Sullist. It is travelling towards the newly formed Death Star, the first of it's kind, and a weapon of incredible power. In the shuttle, a Sith of great importance stands. All that can be seen of him is his cloak, which covers his body, and the hood that shadows his face.

Pilot: Lord Ice, we are nearing the Death Star, The Emperor is awaiting your arrival.

Darth Ice: Good, I'm sure the Emperor will be very pleased at the information I have.

Suddenly, a guard walks into the cockpit.

Guard: Lord Ice, Lord Terra wishes to speakto you, he's on the visual link.

Darth Ice: Of course.

Darth Ice walks into a large room at the back of the shuttle, where a flickering picture or his fellow Sith warrior, Darth Terra stands.

Darth Terra: Lord Ice, have you accomplished the task?

Darth Ice: I will tell you and the Emperor in due time my friend. I will arrive shortly, so please be patient.

Darth Terra: Very well.

The visual link dissapears, and Darth Ice enters the cockpit, where he sees the Death Star in all it's glory, right in front of them.

Pilot: Control, this is the Royal Shuttle XR-384, requesting docking clearence. Over....

Control: Clearence conformed, welcome back Lord Ice. Please proceed to Docking bay 3, landing port 25. Over........

Pilot: Roger, Over and out.........

The shuttle turns left slightly, and the wings of the shuttle wings turn up, and he shuttle legs come out. It goes into the Death Star, and lands smoothly. The 6th fleet of Imperial Droids is outside, awaiting. The doors open, and the platform lowers down to the ground, as Darth Ice steps out. All the droids bow.
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[color=crimson][i]Over the planet Bespin 3 Star Destroyers Sit Escorting Cargo Containers..... The containers Contain Materials needed By the Empire for Ship Building...

Not that Far Away From the Star Destroyers 1 Mon Calameri Cruiser Sits with 2 Neublon B Frigates.....[/i]

???: All Pilots Report To Briefing Room For Briefing... I Repeat..

[i]Ken stands at the Head of The Briefing Room As the Pilots Walk Into The Room...[/i]

Ken: Alright Alpha, Beta and Green Squadrons.... This is a Destroy Mission...

[i]Ken Briefs the 18 Pilots on the Mission... Destroy The Cargo Containers, And the Star Destroyers.... [/i]

Pilot: Can we pull this off?

Ken: Remember the time on Tatooine with the AT-AT's?

Pilot: Eheh... yea...

Ken: If we pulled that off we can pull this off....

Pilot: Guess so...

Ken: Ok i Lead the X-Wing Flight Squad Who will Intercept the Fighters, A-Wings Will Escort the Y-Wings, Y-Wings Attack the Containers, The Capital Ships Will Take Care Of the Star Destroyers. Got it?

All: got it!

Ken: We leave in 30 minutes... Prepare yourselfs for a hard mission...[/color]
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The Emperor stands at thr front of the ship. Darth Ice approaches him, and bows.

Emperor: Rise my friend.

The two start walking towards the cargo door, and upto the Emperors royal quarters.

Darth Ice: Master, Sullist presented my with some vital information.

Emperor: What is it Lord Ice?

Darth Ice: As you foresaw, there is indeed a rebel base on Alderan. Several Jedi knights have travelled there incase of Sith interference. Also, the Mon Calamari cargo transports could be compromised. A small rebel force is about to ambush them. I ordered 2 fleets of Tie Interceptors to help. They are much faster than any rebal ship.

Emperor: Well done my friend. So, the Jedi fear that the Sith may interfere..... how man have gone there?

Darth Ice: Only four my master.

Emperor: Well then, how would you and Lord Terra like to do a little fly swatting?

Darth Ice: It would be a pleasure, my master.

They arrive at the Emperors quarters.

Emperor: Meet Darth Terra in the hanger, take your Star Destroyer, and have a small fleet accompany you.

Darth Ice: Yes.

Darth Ice bows to the Emperor, and walks off towards the hanger. Darth Terra awaits his arrival. They bow to each other, and walk towards a large star destroyer.

Darth Ice: Guard....

Guard: Yes my lord?

Darth Ice: Have the deflector shield increase strength. I sense an attack may soon be imminent.

Guard: Of course my lord.

The two Sith climb onto the star destroyer.

Darth Ice: Set a course for Alderan.

Pilot: Yes my lord.

Darth Terra: How many Jedi are there?

Darth Ice: Four

Darth Terra: Very well.

Suddenly, a malfunctioning droid stroms around the corner, shooting wildly. Darth Ice raises his hand, and the blaster flies out of the droids hand and into Darth Ice's. He shoots the droid square in the head, it falls to the floor.

Darth Terra: I say we shoudn't allow droids to do a mans job.

Darth Ice: Indeed, but wasn't it a man who built this droid? And so is it not the mans fault?

Darth Terra: I suppose so, but men are not as weak as droids, they are only as strong as the engineer makes them, but men have limitless power.

Darth Ice: Indeed.

Suddenly, the Star Destroyer jumps into light speed. Darth Ice throws the blaster to the floor, and the two Sith walk off.
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[i] A place far away [/i]

Forte: Jino.... Its time, the Assault... Assemble the troops!

Jino: Yes sir!

[i] Jino runs off [/i]

[i] The alarm sounds [/i]

Forte on PA: This is not a drill. Its time my friends, victory!


Forte: Now to your X wings, A wings, Y wings, and The other machine stuff....

Jino: Always a sense of humor...

Forte: hehe, its a bad one thou...

Jino: Sir the troops are ready...

Forte: Lets go...

[i] Forte jumps out into space and he enlarges [/i]

Forte: Robo Strech!

[i] Forte becomes HUGE [/i]

Forte: Lets go, stealth mode...

[i] The entire armada dissapears [/i]

[i] They creep up [/i]

Forte to himself in his head: With my well trained 200 million warriors from across the galaxy... This will be it! VICTORY!!!!!!!

[i] They fly off [/i]
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Pilot: My lord, we'll be arriving on Alderan within the hour.

Darth Ice: Good, arrange a shuttle to take us down to the planet.

Pilot: Shall I order some Tie escorts?

Darth Ice: That won't be necessary. But I would advise you to raise your shields, as they are likely to attack this ship.

Pilot: Of course my lord.

Darth Ice walk out of the huge cockpit, and goes into his chamber. He raises his hand, and a chair slides across the floor towards him. He sits down, and waits for his departure to the shuttle.

General: Captain, begin landing the troops, we don't want Lord Ice and Lord Terra be greeted by a fleet of Rebel soldiers when they arrive.

Captain: Yes General.

The captain gives the signal, and many droid carriers and tie fighters, interceptors, and bombers enter the Alderan system. Darth Ice sees them out of the window in his quarters.

Darth Ice: I didn't know the Emperor had an invasion planned. Does he want us to see it through? I wonder...........

Then, the General enters Darth Ice's room.

General: Lord Ice, you shuttle is ready.

Darth Ice: Of course

Darth Ice follows the General to his shuttle, and he boards. Darth Terra follows him on.
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*as Juno walk a massager run up to him*

Juno: Yes what is it.

Massager: The council would like to speak to you sir. It's very importance.
*without answering he walk off to see the council*
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[color=crimson][i]Ken locks his S-foils into attack postion, all the other X-wings did the same[/i]

Ken: All Groups report in.

Alpha1: Alpha One Reporting All Systems normal.

Alpha2: Alpha 2, All Things Are Coo...

Alpha3: No probs in Alpha3 Sir.....

Alpha4: All Systems Norm... Alpha4...

[i]All the ships continue to report all things normal...[/i]

Ken: Ok.... Beta Leader How is your group?

Beta Leader: All Ships Normal in My Group Ken

Ken: Aight..... Green Leader?

Green Leader: Everything is cool with my group... preparing to bombard the containers...

Ken: Let's Do this... Engaging Hyper Drive.... Alpha and Beta Hyper First to clear the area of Tie's, Green you follow in 10 minutes to clear the area of containers... our capital ships will drop in 12 minutes after the mission starts... got it?

All: Yes Sir.

Ken: Aight... Engaging Hyper Drive... Target: Bespin System.... R-2 34 Cordinates set?

[i]The droid beeps a yes[/i]

Ken: K good... Let's Kick *** the Rebellion Way...

[i]Alpha and Beta Squadrons enter hyperspace...[/i][/color]
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[color=crimson][i]6 X-wings and 6 A-wings exit hyperspace... their veiw ports show 3 star destroyers surronding cargo containers...[/i]

Ken: Ok Boys... My Sensors Detect 15 Tie Fighters... 10 Tie Interceptors... and 5 Tie Bombers So far... We ready?

All: Ready Sir!

Ken: Ok.... Fire When Ready...

[i]Ken puts his shields at full forward preparing for the LAser Bombardment he is expecting[/i]

[i]Ken turns on his targeter...[/i]

Ken: Ok Boys... TF Alpha 1 is mine.... split up and kick ***... that's it for now...

[i]Ken flys left following his target.... he gets a clear shot and destroys it... and with that explosion "The Battle Of Bespin" Began...[/i][/color]
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Walk into te Council's office

Yoda: Jin, I sense something is wrong.
Jin: No sir, but I wish to ask you a question.
Mace: Ask away.
Jin: You know I have been with my master for somtimenow. I wish to seperate from my master so We can accept our own responsibilties and start training.
Yoda: You wish to fight Sit, no?
Jin: Yes, Master Yoda. I want to return to my own way so I will not burden my master and his training with his new appentice.
Mace: OK. We will allow you. Now Go. Queen Amidala requests your presents.

Jin leaves and heads for Queen Amidala's ship.
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[color=crimson][i]12 Minutes, 13 Tie Fighters, 5 Tie Bombers, 10 Tie Interceptors, and 18 containers later......[/i]

Ken: Ok.... Now the Capital Ship Fight.... All Groups Prepare to Assist.... wait... what is that...

[i]Ken looks on his sensors, a siren goes off a red light flashes[/i]

Ken: Capital Ships are dropping out of Hyperspace I repeat Capital Ships are-

[i]5 Other Star Destroyers Pop Out of Hyper Space along with 2 Nebleon B Frigates[/i]

[b][i]A trap....[/b][/i]




[i]Suddenly 8-10 CalimariCruiser Popped Out of Hyperspace Along with 7 Frigates[/i]

Ken: Wha-?

Admiral: Ken Lead Our Fighters To Victory While We Take Care of The Capital Ships...

Ken: Roger, All Fighters Cancel That Retreat.... Spread Out, Avoid the Fire fro mthe Capital Ships and Destroy The Fighters...

[i]Ken followed by 100 other Rebel Ships engage in one of the largest battles ever....[/i][/color]
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*Treme stands quietly in the council rom with the other Council members looking on at him*

Yodu: Treme you have long trained in anticapation for this day.

Treme: Yes

Yodu: Today we will appoint a Jedi Knight for you to appentice with and to begin on the path of becoming a Jedi Knight.

Treme: Thank you master Yodu

*Juno walks into the room of the Jedi Council*
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[color=crimson][i]Lasers Fly across the Battle, Capital Ships and Fighters Alike are Fighting... Fierce DogFights Break Out Among the fighters... Finally the first CApital Ship Explodes... it is a Star Destroyer.... All the Rebel Pilots Cheer and then get back to their Dog Fights....[/i][/color]
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Dath Ice, and Darth Terra walk along, when 4 Jedi walk out of an alley. They are not surprised to see the Sith.

Jedi 1: Do not worry my friends, they are both young

Darth Ice suddenly removes his cloak.

Jedi 2: Darth Ice...... what is he doing here?

Darth Terra does the same.

Jedi 4: Why....... would the Emperor send these two........

Jedi 1: Don't lose focus.

The Jedi split up into groups of two, and face the Sith. Darth Ice reveals his lightsabre, and starts both blades. A black bolt of electricity flickers around it. The two Jedi he is facing do the same.
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[color=crimson][i]It seemed to go in slow motion.... the battle around the young pilot.... Laser Blasts.... Missles.... Capital Ships Exploding... it was almost too much for Ken.... Suddenly...[/i]

Alpha2: Ken I'm Hit!


Alpha2: Cant shake... Cant Shake Em....

[i]Two tie interceptors fly behind Alpha2 and get 8 direct laser hits[/i]

Ken: ALPHA2?!

Alpha2: AHHH!!!

[i]The X-Wing Explodes in a White Flash and Ken sits there for a second... in disbelief...[/i]

Ken: This is a dream... this has to be a dream...

[i]The Death and Destruction was all around him.... he couldnt take it anymore.... he yelled out in fury and he felt something within him awaken....[/i]


[i]Ken put his X-Wing on full speed and put his deflector shields full forward flying at a Star Destroyer full of hate, rage and sorrow... He suddenly saw a vision of a Tie Fighter Behind him ready to fire, He quickly pulled up and laser fire went below him[/i]

Ken: how did i see that...?

[i]A A-Wing Flew Under Him and He Heard a TF Explosion... He Turned His Attention To The Star Destroyer...[/i]

Ken: 3000 Meters and closing.... 2500...

[i]His targeter was targeting the shield generator....

[b]Turn off your targeter.... follow your feelings....[/b][/i]

Ken: Huh? Someone Say something?

All Ships: No Sir.

Ken: ?!

[i]Ken heards the voice again and turned off his targeter.... he closed in on the generator and fired his Torpedos hit the bulls eye and the shield generators exploded in a red flash.....

To be continued...[/i][/color]
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Hito watches the two two-man jedi teams fighting the siths and contemplates their actions watching closely for any weak points while also sent the young jedi advice psychicly but soon one team are dispatched and Hito decides it's time to teach these sith a lesson

Hito *Drops form the roof* ahh you two must be darths Terra and Ice it will be my pleasure to dispatch both of you sith scum

*Powers up lightsaber* and fires a bin at one of the siths

Hito: Darth Ice i hear you claim to be one of the Emperors close friends i shall give him your head as a present

Hito: also you darth terra don't interfere in our fight as it will show both you sith are weak
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[color=crimson][i]Ken fly back as the shield generators blew up and the Y-Wings fired their Space Bombs into the star destroyer, within a few minutes the star destroyer blew up... suddenly Ken got hit and his hyperdrive went crazy[/i]


[i]THe HyperDrive Kicked in and Blasted Ken to Alderan... he crashed into alderan... he climbed out of his Destroyed X-Wing and took his lightsaber out... he walked slowly tward a rea where sith and jedi's where fighting

Ken armed his lightsaber, the red blade glowed bright

He stepped on the jedi's side with his lightsaber drawn...

To be continued...[/i][/color]
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*drake follows ken*

drake: trouble seems to follow this guy.*watches as the fight continues*

drake: (thinking) I could kill anyone of those guys with two blows.

*pulls his light katana*

drake: I think I'll jump in.

*in a blaze of yellow light, drake enters the fray*

(which side will he help?)
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*as he walk into the room he notice a boy know he knows way he was here*
Juno: *gave a bow* Master.

Yoda: Master Juno how feel you today?

Juno: I'am fine master.

Yoda: Do you know why you are here?

Juno: Yes master.

Yoda: Then you know who this is.

Juno: Yes I know if him. Treme is a skilled but he have much to learn.

Yoda: Then I need to say no more.

Juno: Are you ready Treme?
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Forte: ATTACK!

[i] Forte armada of millions come out of no where and start to destory Ken's army [/i]

Forte: Element of Surprise.....

[i] Forte joins the battle and destorys ships [/i]

Forte: No holds bar guys!!!

[i] The battle intesifies.[/i]
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(don't worry, i signed up for this...)

Lucius pilots his craft twords a nearby planet.

Lucius:Computer, what is that planet?

Computer:It is one of Corellias moons.

Lucius:Any traces of Jedi power?

Computer:Yes, one very faint one.....

Lucius:Right, I'm, going in....(pilots his ship towrds the moon)
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