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Sign Up Apostate Redemption [M-VLS]


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[SIZE=4][FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][CENTER]Apostate Redemption[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE][CENTER][IMG]http://tinypic.com/4ryzqd[/IMG][/CENTER]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][COLOR=Teal][CENTER]? ? ?

?Hmph, what a bunch of fools? grunted Dain as he walked along a white road leading
away from a beautiful castle. Walking next to him was a young looking angel, his brother, Wyatt, ?I told you, you should?ve kept your mouth closed, now look what you?ve done.? Dain spat upon the lavished walkway. ?It doesn?t matter, I hated this place anyway, we?re better off without it.? Wyatt stopped in his tracks and spoke angrily ?Speak for yourself, I liked this place, its your fault we have to leave.? Dain turned sharply and looked at his brother ?You didn?t have to help me you know, I would?ve been just fine on my own. I told you that.? Dain sighed and closed his eyes remembering the scenes of the days past.


Angels of every size and shape whipped through the midday sky as demons trekked
across the ground chanting threats and devilish songs towards the heavenily armada. Leading the angelic fleet was a large man dressed in gleaming silver armor claimed to be forged by God himself. The man?s name was Krath, the leader of the first squadron of the Blessed Army. A long broad sword held in his right hand reflected his masculine figure as he began to descend upon the oncoming drove of demons. Leading the army of fiends was a young man dressed in a red coat, a hat shadowing the whole of his face. He raised his hand as the demonic army stood still behind him. He lowered his arm slowly as the sky began to fill with a blinding red light. The monsters laughed and chanted as smoking angels fell to the ground. Wings turned to ash in an instant as the entire Blessed Army dropped from the sky.

Every angelic warrior had been slain except Krath, who lay silent covered in burns and blood from his own army?s wreckage. He pushed himself from the ground and stumbled to his feet, his sword now covered in dirt and ash. He struggled to lift it in his own defense. The demons drew closer as Krath attempted to flap his wings and take flight. He heard bones crack and distort as he shouted in pain. It was impossible for him to escape, he realized the inevitability of the situation and took a fighting stance as the young man and his army drew close. The man stopped and identified himself as Terran, the leader of the demonic army of Satan himself. ?Y-You won?t take me without a fight? Krath muttered as he glared defiantly. Terran smiled as he unsheathed a large black sword from his hide. Krath used the little strength he lad left to swing the large sword at his opponent. Terran easily dodged and tripped Krath smiling as he fell to the ground in shame. Krath began once again pushing himself from the ground. ?Insolent bugs, just won?t seem to die? spoke Terran angrily as he walked over to Krath standing above him. He rose his sword, blade down, and struck directly through Krath?s head. He heard the skull shatter at the insertion of the sword and laughed as he ripped it from the now lifeless corpse of the Blessed Army?s greatest soldier.

?You?ll die!? shouted Dain as he flew hurriedly toward the crowd of demons. He landed with a stomp shooting dust in every direction as he regained his balance. Terran stood silent and watched as the strange looking angel drew his sword. ?You?ll die, you fool, you should?ve never come here. The Blessed Army will crush you, I will crush you!? shouted Dain as the demons watched on intently. Terran looked upon his opponent with curiosity ?Why are your wings black, you are an angel aren?t you? Or perhaps your not a pure blood? Just a mut, a mistake.? Dain screamed in fury and swung his long sword. Terran used his own as they clashed causing a thundering clatter of noise throughout the entire battlefield. Terran smirked ?Is that all you?ve got? You must be a half-breed, how stupid of you, to think you could conquer a fully-fledged demon. What a stupid boy you are.? Dain leapt in the air and dove down towards his enemy. In an instant Terran stepped aside and sliced through Dain?s left wing. He took it in his hand as Dain fell to the ground in pain. ?How disgusting, a black wing, hardly a prize of any sort? Terran gloated. Dain struggled to get to his knees, he could feel the blood squirt from his back
and soak his coat. Terran turned from the fight and faced his army. ?All of you, continue forward. I have news for our leader, I shall return later. As for this one, kill him.? He pointed to Dain and then disappeared instantly.

The demons began to crowd around him, licking their mouths and swatting their claws. Dain rose to his feet, sword in hand, and shouted angelic hymns as the beasts drew closer. He swung the sword slicing the monster closest to him. Black blood soiled the ground as the demon leapt back in pain. Dain turned quickly cutting the one approaching from behind. He twirled slashing rapidly trying to thwart attacks from every side. As he began to tire he let his guard down and was struck by a large club to the back knocking him to the ground. He just barely rolled over to get a glimpse of the sky, unsure if he?d ever be able to see it again. He watched as the clouds floated by, he wondered why such a fierce war had to happen on such a beautiful day. [I]Another testament to the irony of God[/I] he thought to himself. As he lay the demons drew closer weapons drawn and ready to rip Dain apart. As he stared up he noticed a black flash shoot by and heard numerous bodies fall to the ground. ?Wyatt...?? he mumbled quietly.

The black flash returned almost instantly spilling ebony blood upon the battlefield. The demons jumped back retreating safely from the area around Dains body. The black flash suddenly slowed down and landed next to Dain. There stood Wyatt, wiping his sword clean of the demon flesh. He looked down at his fallen brother and began to rant ?What are you doing here Dain? Are you crazy? The Counsel told everyone to stay back, it was the Blessed Army?s job to defeat them, not our?s. Father was fully capable of destroying such a small army.? Dain broke the rant with a subtle ?Stop? as he pointed to the body of Krath lying close to him on the ground. Wyatt gazed in awe of the situation, their father?s body lie battered and bloody on the ground. His face unrecognizable from the sword the was thrusted through his skull. Wyatt sighed and looked to the ground, then to his brother. ?Thats still no reason for you to have come here, you know your not strong enough to take on an entire army of demons. It was suicide.? Wyatt examined his brother and noticed his missing wing. He gasped at the sight of the bloody nub twitching where a large black wing once sat. He turned to the demons left still standing and snarled as he burst into flight towards the pack of monsters. ?You?ll pay for this, back to hell with all of you!?

? ? ?

Dain and Wyatt were concieved by the divine angel, Krath, leader of the Blessed Army and Lucia, the daughter of the Lord of Darkness himself. Krath was misled by Lucia and was unaware of her devilish heritage. Krath was the strongest warrior the Heavens had, and she was determined to bring him down. However, she could never succeed, sending monster after monster to do him in but never achieving her goal. She decided, if she couldn?t kill him, that she?d cause him an angel?s greatest shame, the conception of a demon and the birth of an unholy child. She decieved him into the sexual act and gave birth to not one, but two half-breed children. Fraternal twins embodied with the spirits of both Heaven and Hell.

Each child expressed qualities of both their mother and father. Dain was tall and had aquired a large, strong physique over the years, resembling that of his father. Wyatt had aquired a smaller, quicker physique. Each child was cursed with wings of soot black, the mark of their cursed mother. The Counsel of Heaven, a group of demi-gods elected to rule over the Heavens, decided to let Krath remain a member of their society, considering the circumstances. Both Dain and Wyatt were accepted to live among the angels, taught the way of divinity, and expected to choose the holier path of life.

After defying the Counsel by joining battle, both Dain and Wyatt have been exiled from Heaven and any placed deemed divine. They?ve been sentenced to live in Limbo, a world not of Heaven or Hell, complete neutrality reigns supreme among the lands of Limbo. Both angels and demons are sent there after defying their higher power, whoever it may be. Limbo is was made to decieve those who are sent there. It seems lush and beautiful, the grass is green and the mountains dark and white at the tip. However, this place, it's secenry, and the geography of Limbo, is always the same. It is meant to be this way to become tedious and drive its occupants insane. Those sent there are heretics, rebels, people needing the change of everyday to stay alive and well. The repetativeness and overall bore of Limbo gets to them more each day. Voices invade their heads, showing them visions of the past, making them lament and suffer, wishing for what they had, but knowing they'll never achieve what they'll always strive for. Dain and Wyatt quickly realized Limbo was a place they would not be able to live in for long. They conflicted on the reason to leave the place, but agreed that staying here, was not an option.

? ? ?

Each of you is to choose a character currently residing in Limbo. You may be a demon or an angel who chooses to align with Dain and Wyatt to escape from Limbo. I?m looking for an equal, or almost equal amount of demons and angels to join the party. If theres to many of one sort, then I?ll choose the best characters and they?ll participate in the RP, hopefully we?ll have a good amount of people to help us along. When you post your character I?ll be looking for the following...

[LEFT][B]Name[/B]: (Any)
[B]Affiliation[/B]: (Demon or Angel)
[B]Age[/B]: (Numbered years may very, however old your character is, appearence still stays the same as it was when they were placed in Limbo)
[B]Appearence[/B]: (Preferably a picture, but a detailed description will be accepted as well)
[B]Personality[/B]: (How your character interacts with others. Their overall personality, sociable, anti-social, whatever. Be specific, its much easier for characters to interact with each other when everyone knows how certain characters will act)
[B]Weapon[/B]: (Your weapon of choice, you may use up to three but be sure to take this into consideration while posting an appearance. A small girl won?t be carrying a large broad sword, a bow, and a katana, just doesn?t work that way. No guns, there will be no need for these kinds of weapons as the story progresses)
[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo[/B]: (Pretty self-explanitory, why you were sentenced to a life in Limbo)
[B]The Meet[/B]: (Wyatt and Dain set off in different directions when they reached Limbo in search of people to help them break free and return to the real world. If you?re a demon, then you will be recruited by Dain. If you?re an angel, then you will be recruited by Wyatt. Simply post how you met up with either brother and how you joined the party)[/LEFT]

? ? ?

This will definitely be a fun RP. I?ll be playing Dain and Kairi will be playing
Wyatt. I?ll post Dain?s profile after speaking with Kairi about it and then he?ll post his. As the story progresses it will intensify into one of the largest battles between Heaven and Hell you?ve ever seen. An RP to be forever remembered by those of Otaku.[/CENTER][/COLOR][/FONT]
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[font=Verdana][color=Navy][b]Name[/b]: Sakura Sinclaire

[b]Affiliation[/b]: Angel

[b]Age[/b]: 20 in human years [May be subject to changes]

[b]Appearance[/b]: [url="http://img213.echo.cx/img213/9813/angelazalea1mu.jpg"]Here[/url], just add a wing on the left.

[b]Personality[/b]: Sakura is quite social, she hasn't found love again since her Demon lover was killed. She's hated the other angel that killed him but is open to others. She likes to talk to others but sometimes enjoys her time alone, just flying around without anyone else around her.

[b]Weapon[/b]: [url="http://www.conqueronline.com/guide/images/tr.jpg"]Glaive[/url], add a small wing made of metal just below the blade and bundles of [url="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0006GYN06.01-A20YUEE2UGU92X._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg"]Throwing Knives[/url] along with a [url="http://www.kultofathena.com/images/horus_sil_l.jpg"]Dagger[/url].

[b]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo[/b]: Fell in love with a Demon who was killed by a jealous Angel that loved her.

[b]The Meet[/b]: Sakura hadn't been in Limbo for long, the place was completely boring and she was depressed, she was used to seeing the beautiful sights of above. She sighed as she sat around, hoping she would encounter someone as she waited. Soon Sakura realised that sitting around wouldn't help, so she decided to take to the air, since it was much better than walking around the empty place.

Sakura soared over the emptiness when she came across an angel looking person, but she could see some demonic qualities. She flew slowly and followed him as he walked around. Finally Sakura decided to land and introduced herself. He introduced himself as Wyatt, and he seemed friendly and smart.

They talked and asked why they were stuck in the boring place, Sakura told her reason about having a Demon as a lover and he told her his. Sakura asked if he was trying to find a way out of Limbo, it turned out he was so Sakura asked if she could go along with him, she wanted to get revenge on a certain male angel named Angelos.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I may edit some things in the mean time.[/color][b][color=Black]

EDIT: [/color][/b][color=Black]I editted it like you asked, Kakashi, let me know if I should edit anything else.[/color][b][color=Black]
[/color][/b] [/color][/font]
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Name: Janel
Affiliation: Demon
Age: Appears 24
Appearence: [URL=http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/Angel/Angel-00006.jpg]Janel(imangine with black wings)[/URL] [URL=http://www.angelroms.com/anime/Anime%20Girls/Angel/Angel-00018.jpg]Janel's Clothing[/URL]
Personality: Janel is different from other demons. She's socialble and care-free. She dosen't care that the other demons just want to rip her head off. She's loyal to her codes and never fight somebody weaker. Even though demons hate her, they want her respect, which is something that she doesn't give to many demons. Shhe was upset when the Blessed Army?s greatest soldier was killed. Even though she never meet him he was one of her greatest heros. Her pride got the best of her and when she heard of what The Demon General had done, she lept and attacked him. A hour later she was pulled off and beaten by many of the demons who wanted revenge on her, the beatings also includes branding and rape. She was then cast into Limbo barely consious and badly wounded.
Weapon: Crossbow
Reason for Being Placed in Limbo: To kind-hearted and mercyful. Also noted as a traitor. Sees herself as a matyr.
The Meet: Janel was found by Dain laying almost dead on the ground of Limbo, barely breathing. She was saved by him and has followed him, not knowing of his hertiage, in a blind matter of love. She doesn't care that he is half angel either and only wants to hear three words from him. Even though she hasn't told him of her feelings, but the way she clings to him and protects him is a sign.

OOC: Tell me if I need to change anything.
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[SIZE=1]Name: Izzic Daiment
Affiliation: Demon
Age: 670 (Appears to be 29 in human form)

Appearence: In his human form, Izzic appears to be a lithe,pale, attractive young man. His violet eyes sparkle with wit, and his movements are gracefull and fluid. His light brown hair sway's and dances in the light breeze of limbo, and his melodious voice can charm the birds from their nests. Few are the humans that guessed the maniacal thoughts ofa murderer lay behind those shining eyes. At a whim his from shifts into his true form. His cream colored skin darkens into dark, blood red hue, his lithe body contorts as bands of muscle spring through his arms. flesh rips and bones break as black bat-like wings tear free in a shower of blood, and his violet eyes shine with the hate and malice of hell fire his musical voice deepens to a likeness of a rockslide. Izzic Daiment, Disciple to the demon of Slaughter appears thus.

Personality: From being trapped in limbo for a few hundred years, Izzic's personality has taken on a bit of Dementia. He's grown bored with his current surroundings and yearns for change. If he cannot find a change he makes one, by stalking and slaughtering the other inhabitants of limbo. After feeding his mind and soul the excitement they crave, he calms considerably; almost to the point of being rashional(sp?). He has a liking for the finer things in life and his "lair" is decorated with the many furnishings he's acquired over the years. Being a former disciple of slaughter, he relishes the fast paced excitement of armed combat and will go for the strongest looking opponent above all others, he disdains fighting weaker opponents, and if he's already had his fill of another's terror, will leave the weak unbothered.
Should the opportunity ever arise however, that his escape from limbo ever present itself he would take the chance, no matter what it cost to him, or to others.

Weapons: When Izzic existed in hell as a disciple of slaughter, he learned to kill with a variety of weapons. To suit his personal taste, and his eagerness to spill huge amounts of blood, he carries with him a large axe, and a magic Tanto.
Both weapons were forged in the great pit, where the hellfire burned hottest by Izzic himself. The axe is razor sharp, and over the years of service to Izzic, the axe seems to share in it's masters lust for blood, leaving wounds that run deeper than the strike should've carried, and though blood lays thick on the blade, it never rusts.

The Tanto, is as elegant and beautiful as it is deadly, holds a deadly secret that many a demon, angel, and human fell prey to. At a word from Izzic, it grows into a Katana. The blade loses none of it's sharppness, and retains the wieght of it's dagger shape Izzic actually fights better with this weapon, but he prefers his axe for the amount blood it can spill, and it's terror inspiring look.

Reason for being thrown into limbo: To put it simply, Izzic failed to murder a saint that posed a great threat to hells forces on one of the worlds in the myriad of existence. This saint was granted the ability to rally the mortal forces and bring them en masse back to the path of righteousness. Hell, obviously did not want this. Izzic was to murder the Saint on the day he was to announce to the world that god still existed, that humanity could leave the demons behind and find eternal happiness within the light. Izzic stood before the saint, and the saint's bodygaurd, a paladin of renown on the forsaken world, one of the few able to survive constant threat from the demonic forces.
Issic, feeling his lust for battle rising, bull rushed the bodygaurd. The fight was short, but the damage had been done. Issic slew the Paladin, but was injured from cross burns and a prayer meant to banish him back to the pits of hell, and by the time Izzic had killed the warrior, severl other gaurds rushed to the seen, the holy light burning feverishly in their hearts and eyes. Seeing final doom, Izzic fought his way free, being snagged by hells agents outside of the building.
He was dragged across the planes of existence into hell, and was tortured for fifty years without repreive. Finally, His mentor, the demon of slaugter himself, ripped open a dimensional gateway, and hurled Izzic into Limbo.

The Meet: Izzic met Dain on one of his "hungry" days. He spotted the black winged angel walking through the fields a few miles from his home, just coming out of one of limbo's many lush forests. "Half-breed...been a while since I've seen one of those wandering the plane of Limbo..." he chuckled maniacally to himself. " Poor little half breed...to wander by when I ache for the tormented screams of another being." He licked the razor edge of his axe, drawing a long stream of sizzleing black blood from his tounge. "oh!" he cried, "I CAN"T WAIT ANY LONGER!!!" he charged from the brush, his form quickly changing to his true self, the Half-breed whipped his head around, but instead of seeing terror, he saw a confident grin set on his face.
"A confident whelp!" his mad dash continued, his slobbering jaws barely getting the words from his fanged mouth. "That'll soon change!" He closed the distance in seconds, hefting the large axe for a powerful downward stroke. The Black wing spun drawing his sword, and drug it acrossed Izzic's belly. Blood sprayed and burned through the ground as the axe bit deep into the earth. Going with his momentum, Issic flipped over the axe, keeping his grip on the handle. He landed, ripping the axe free, spun and hurled it, chunks of sod and earth flying free. The Black wing ducked under the deadly missile, and was bowled over as the crazed demon sprinted for him, a jeweled dagger in his clawed hand. The angel kept rolling, trying to keep the foul beast underneath him. The hell spawn Izzic became pinned to the ground, furious, his legs found their way to Dain's chest and kicked like twin pistons, launching the hapless angel from him. At a word the dagger grew longer, curving shap into a Katana, and to Izzics Delight the half breed charged in.
"Oh! How long has it been?! How long since my prey had the courage to fight back!"
They both became a dancing whirlind ofsparks and blade's, neither gaining ground nor losing ground. Dain pulled a small object out from his shirt, an object minor in size, but brought great fear to Izzic as it was thrown at him. Izzic flinched as the cross touched his skin, forgetting that the angel had been exiled from heaven, and that his...god's touch wouldn't find him here. It was all the opening Dain needed, his sword was brought to Izzic's throat in an instant.
Izzic kneeled seeing his end, seeing his freedom from this cursed place. He waited, feeling the sword drive no deeper he looked to the half breed quizically. "You caught me off gaurd...kill me, the laws of combat require it!" The angel frowned at the statement, and the demon smiled knowingly. "I am a student of slaughter, combat falls in slaughter. Even in hell, some have a sense of honor." The angel's frown deepened, he stepped back keeping his sword level.
"I need help...help escaping this place." the demon roared with laughter, his blade shrank back to it's origional size as he retrieved his axe.
"There is no escape from here, non that I know of." He turned, changing back to his human form, the hellfire lingered in his eyes. "And I've existed here for three hundred years." he began giggling at the statement. Three hundred years and he couldn't find an escape, this angel...this half-breed...wanted help to try and escape, his demented giggling grew to hysterical laughter.
The angel sniffed disdainfully. "You can help or you can stay. Honestly, I'd rather do something than nothing. This place get's old fast." Izzic quieted his laughter, considering the bold words.
He looked back at the direction of his lair. "Come, we'll go back to my home." the angel began to protest, and Issic turned on him the hellfire springing back. "I have things to gather and energies to replenish. I'd rather be at full strength while I'm trapesing around with you. You are half angel."
"And your a full demon." Izzic chuckled and nodded in agreement. He might have a sense of honor, but the black wing was right. He was after all, still a demon.

Sorry, I got creative...[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Name: Axel

Affiliation: Demon

Age: 389 (looks 25)

Appearance: see attachment (sorry if its a bit blurred)

Personality: Axel is a cold-blooded killer, no more, no less. He doesn't pretend to be anything else. He has simple accepted what he is and gotten on with his life. Being trapped in Limbo, however, has driven him a little insane, and he now takes great pleasure in dishing out punishment and death. He is the quiet one, the one nobody ever expects to be a killer, but he is the most vicious person you are ever likely to meet. One thing he hates more than anything else is those of impure blood, be it angel or demon, and he will do his best to wipe these from the face of the Earth.

Weapon: A pair of beautifully crafted short swords, which he uses in perfect unison to deal out the largest amount of pain. He also carries a stiletto knife in his boot.

Reason for being placed in Limbo: He killed his commander because he thought that he wasn't doing a good enough job.

The Meet: Axel sat in a tree, eating an apple he had picked from the tree. It looked juicy and delicious, but it was in fact dull and almost tasteless. But Axel had gotten used to that sort of thing here in Limbo. He no longer expected the grass to be lush and thick, or the trees to be strong and sturdy. He now expected disappointment.

The apple went into his stomach, but it did not quell his hunger, just like all the other food here in Limbo. He threw away the core, and dropped down from the tree, his wings folding as he hit the ground. As he landed, he straightened up and spread his feathers wide, flapping them slightly. Black feathers floated gracefully to the floor, and one was stamped on by a foot. Axel looked up and saw who the foot belonged to.

"Dain," he said, "I was wondering when you would come to me. I heard you were looking for demons to recruit."

"That was a little assumptive of you, Axel. Why would I come to you? Do you believe you are a better fighter than others?" replied Dain, his tall, muscular physique overshadowing Axel's small, lithe figure.

"I know I am a better fighter than them, Dain, and I also know that you can't survive without me. I am the only one who is not only driven to kill, but who lives for it! You know I would be a powerful ally to have. And believe me, Dain, you do not want me as an enemy."

"Perhaps you are right, Axel. I suppose you will join us now?" asked Dain.

"Ask nicely, Dain, I've always told you to be more polite."

"So I can become the polite psychopath like you, Axel?"

"Being a psychopath is not all that bad, Dain. At least you get the privacy you need."

"Please will you join our cause, Axel?" asked Dain.

"That's better. I will help you, Dain, but not for you. I wish to be freed from this place. That is the only reason I will fight with you, do you understand? Do not expect constant loyalty from me, or you will be sadly disappointed."

"Understood," said Dain, holding his hand out. Axel shook it, then turned away from Dain and walked away.

(OOC: Hope this is okay, tell me if you need anything editing)

EDIT: I added the appearance[/SIZE]
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Name: Gia

Affiliation: Angel

Age: Appears to be in the early twenties or late teens.

Appearance: See attatchment. His wings are only on him when he wants them to be.

He is a cool headed person as well as stubborn. He is slow to anger. He won't listen to anyones orders and always makes his own decisions. He likes to fight. He won't let anything bad happen to anyone without attempting to prevent it. He doesn't act too much like an angel. He hasn't been in Limbo for long and therefore he hasn't lost his wits. He is a renegade angel, usually doing things that he isn't supposed to be doing. He smiles and laughs often, not afraid to show his emotions.

Weapons: See attatchment

Reason for being placed in Limbo:
He stole some forbidden martial arts scrolls, only the greatest of Heaven's warriors were entitled to them, and mastered their secrets. The guard angels found him reading the scrolls in a secret courtyard. He was taken to the Counsel which banished him to Limbo, taking the forbidden scrolls away from him. However, they didn't know that he had already mastered the scrolls. That was good because he would've been sentenced to death.

The Meeting:

"Why is everything so dull here?" Gia asked himself as he walked down a clear path. "Everything's the same. No fun."

Gia began to run down the path. He was a mere blur, the grass along side the road flattened in his wake. Fresh air filled his lungs, energizing his cool body. He carelessly ran on, his eyes closed in quiet thought.

He slowed down after a mile, refreshed from the short run. He looked around, studying his surroundings. It was the same everywhere, high grass that blocked his view.

"Wow," he thought to himself, "I've never been here before."

He continued walking on the path, debating on whether or not to go into the grass. He finally decided to enter the high grass, wading into it. Low growls filled the air surrounding him, coming from the blinding grass wall. Gia quickly retreated back onto the path, trying to get a better view of the agressors.

He waited as one by one, crazed demons came out of the grass, swords drawn. Their eyes were red with yearning for blood. They were numerous, Gia was outnumbered 300 to 1. He pulled out his sword, preparing to fight for his life.

"Hmm," Gia told himself, " maybe I'll get a chance to use those martial arts after all. I'm glad that I took the scrolls and mastered their secrets."

He held his blade with a loose grip, letting the hilt rest in his palm instead of grasping it tightly. The demons advanced, leering at him with hunger. They came slowly at first, then they began to run at Gia. They attacked in threes, trying to find Gia's weak spots but failing.

They fell before him like wheat before a scythe. Their mindless rage clouded their brains, making them easy kills. Gia smiled to himself, like a farmer harvesting a large crop. His sword flashed in the air, a whirlwind of steel. He killed almost all of them with one thrust, moving on to the next without pausing. Soon, a pile of decapitated demons surrounded him, growing by the second. Gia showed no signs of slowing, adreneline fueling his body. He was constantly on the attack, but never let his guard down.

Time seemed to slow down as Gia continued killing the demons. Only 10 minute had passed, 299 demons of all shapes and sizes laid dead on the ground. Gia was covered in gore, the fight was was beginning to affect him. He was now weary from his efforts to hold back the hoard. One demon still remained standing.

It was the largest, smartest, and most powerful of the demons who had attacked him. It had been watching Gia fight for the past 10 minutes, committing his techniques to memory. He thought that he knew how Gia fought, confident of his own victory. He abserved Gia as Gia panted, trying to cool himself down and catch his breath.

"So," Gia said in a weary tone, " there is still one of you ugly idiots standing? I thought that I had slaughtered you all."

"Hah!" The huge demon said to Gia. "You are the idiot here, stupid angel. You shouldn't have wandered so far from the other angels. Now you are tired also, easy kill for me. It's a pitty that I have to eat such a good looking warrior angel such as yourself. All of that fighting ability is wasted, too bad you aren't a demon."

The great demon grinned as he advanced on Gia's slumped form. His axe swung easily in his giant clawed hands. His teath flashed and glinted at their razor sharp points. Gia stood up straight and glared at the new menace, bringing his sword up for another round.

"I have no choice but to use the forbidden arts." Gia thought to himself as he took his stance.

The demon moved with blinding speed, Gia was just barely able to avoid getting cut by the whirlwind of axe head. He remained on the defensive, waiting for the right moment to strike. The demon continued attacking, getting faster and faster. Gia's sleeve was torn, the axe had finally reached him, leaving a bright red trail os blood on his forearm.

"Humph," the demon remarked, "seems like you can be hurt after all. Die!"

His attack became even more furious as he smelled the scent of blood. Gia became more and more desperate.

"If I don't do something now I'm gone for." Gia thought, "That small wound is making my arm weaker."

Gia began to glow, a pale blue light was rising from his body. The demon stopped attacking, bewildered by the strange glow. He searched through his memory, trying to figure out what kind of attack the angel was using. He finally descovered it, deep in his 10,000 years of memory.

"Damn!" The demon shouted as he began to try to counter Gia. "He's using the forbidden techniques of heaven. I have nothing that can counter that. Damn you! I'll kill you before you can attack me."

Fire surrounded the demon's huge body as he summoned all of his power for one final attack.

"You're too late." Gia said as he grabbed the demon behind the neck. "Die, fiend of hell."

The demon's glow deminished, his eyes seemed to pop out of his head as Gia's glow encircled its body. The demon's body vanished into dust as Gia floated back down and slumped onto the ground.

"Wow." Gia whispered as he stared at his hands. "I never knew that those scrolls concealed that kind of power. Killing that demon felt like squishing a tiny bug. That's why it's forbidden, it's far too powerful."

"Hey," a voice sounded behind Gia, "You're pretty good. Been a long time since I've met someone who was as strong as you."

Gia turned around to behold an angel with coal black wings. He studied the new arrival, trying to decide if the strange angel was a new enemy.

"Who are you?" Gia asked.

"I'm Wyatt. You seem new here, what's your name?" Wyatt replied.

"I'm Gia." Gia said as Wyatt walked over to him.

"How would you like to join my group? We're trying to escape this place." Wyatt asked Gia.

"Hmm . . . Sure, but don't expect me to follow orders. I work my own way. I'm only joining so that I could have a better chance at escaping." Gia replied to the sudden question.

"Follow me." Wyatt told Gia as he flew into the air. Gia's wings appeared and he accelerated into the air, quickly catching up to Wyatt.

"This is going to be interesting." He said as he continued following the stranger.

Is this okay? Tell me if I should change anything. Wanted to be a demon but there are already too many I guess. :animesmil
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Turael

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] Even he does not remember

[B]Appearence:[/B] [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23331&stc=1]Before his fall from grace[/URL]
[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23332&stc=1]And After (but with wings)[/URL]

[B]Personality:[/B] The his exile should make him bitter but still, even after his fall from grace Turael remains devoted to the Lord and his ways. He seeks to observe the virtues of his former life even to the point of exasperation to his disillusioned comrades. Wise and truthful Turael attempts to disconnect himself from the workings of the fallen and the demons who reside within Limbo. Not quite in hell he still believes that through his confession and atonement he can still return to that which was once his home.

Since cowardliness is a sin he draws great inner strength making him able to face his fears and will not back down from a challenge, particularly from the 'lower beings' he feels have betrayed their holy order. Favouring those of a scholarly nature he holds knowledge and wisdom above all other virtues, his nature is one of solemn contemplation though not of contempt. Still, he is compasionate and charitable and will not make war without good cause, whatever the treasure.

[B]Weapon:[/B] A simple ebony spear, topped with a silver blade. A gift from the Archangel Israfel before Turael's decent. Etched with silver angelic runes the spear glows with an inner fire, exuding a warm glow to all around.

[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo:[/B] Turael was originally part of a venerable choir known to all as the Grigori, or the watchers. Unto them the task was given to watch over mankind and guide and teach them in the ways of the Lord. The Grigori, however, became enamoured with their charges and did teach unto them the ways of alchemy and science, things forbidden to mankind. Others became lustful and took on human form to copulate with the daughters of men, bearing forth hybrid offspring known as Nephilim.

The Lord was wrathful at this betrayal and send destruction down upon mankind in the form of the Great Flood to destroy the unnatural offspring. The Grigori were imprisoned within the seventh layer of heaven until the day of judgement, stripped of their wings and the gifts that God had bestowed upon them. Though, in his anger, the Lord was also merciful. To those few Grigori who had abstained from the sins of the flesh he granted respite. Turael was one such angel. They were to keep their wings and angelic gifts but remained exiled from the kingdom of heaven, forever to reside within Limbo as punishment for their misguided acts.

The Meet: Wracked by his guilt at betraying the Father, Turael remains seperated from the mass of angels and demons that populate Limbo. Observing contemplative solitude he hopes to atone for his sins and return to heaven. His whereabouts are exposed to Wyatt after he hears a group of demons talking about the lamenting angel who wanders the wastelands. At first he refuses Wyatt's offer, but knowing that maybe if he can escape Limbo there could be a chance of returning to heaven he gives in. How much more can one soul be damned?[/SIZE][/COLOR]

NOTE: All images are copyrighted to Devon Cady-Lee. All rights reserved. A most wonderful artist and I encourage you to go view his work here at [URL=http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/art/d/e/devonc/devonc.html]Elfwood.com[/URL]
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[FONT=Book Antiqua][CENTER][COLOR=Teal][B]Name[/B]: Dain Frasc

[B]Affiliation[/B]: Half-Breed

[B]Age[/B]: 25

[B]Appearence[/B]: [URL=http://tinypic.com/4ujllt]Original Form (how he looks most of the time)[/URL]
[URL=http://tinypic.com/4ujlzq]Divine Form[/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: Dain is a hard-headed, stubborn, and proud individual. Instead of regretting his own conception, he prefers to embrace it. He accepts the traits of both his father and mother gracefully. He listens to only Krath and Wyatt, while discounting other's opinions. Hes gotten in trouble countless times, defying the Counsel and doing as he chooses. Krath often became frustrated with him, hoping both his sons would follow in his footsteps and reach high rank in the Blessed Army. Dain knew he disappointed his father, but always felt it necessary to be himself, and nothing else, not even to please Krath.

[B]Weapon[/B]: Dain is equipped with two swords. The first being a sword made of crystal. It is intensely sharp and can cut through almost anything. It's also light, making it easy to weild. The other is a much longer sword given to him by his father. It holds immense power and Dain never uses it unless hes forced to.

[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo[/B]: Dain defied the Counsel by joining his father in battle and disgracing the Kingdom of Heaven.[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]
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Wyatt Frasc


Age: 25


Wyatt's Original Form

Wyatt's True Form

[URL=http://www.anime-revenge.net/gal-x07.htm]Wyatt's True Form2[/URL]

Wyatt is very smart and understanding...for an angel he has a very open mind...living a very moderate lifestyle, balancing his emotions and actions. At times he can be quiet...but he always has something on his mind...which shows the vast wisdom which he possess...something the councel has seen with some interest.

However, unlike his brother who have black angelic wings...Wyatt has gained one demonic wing, and one angel wing from his parents...which thus splits his mind once transformed into his true form. Constantly battling between the two, Wyatt has come to understand that the angelic way isn't always the best way...but this is all psychological...something he doesn't express nor show to everyone around him...he always finds a way to stay calm and firm.

As his brother gained their fathers sword...him being the oldest twin of the two by right...Wyatt's blade was given to him by the councel once he reached a certain age to weild it. (See Pictures Above)...the longswords blade is 45 inches long, with an oversized golden/purple handle.

The bracelot on his right wrist is a gift from his mother...after she had conceived Dain.

Reason for Being Placed in Limbo:
As the councel cast out Dain, Wyatt stepped in for his defense....only to be rejected himself for his actions supporting his brother. Unknown to Dain is that is not the only reason Wyatt was banished...back during the times of when the Blessed Army fell...when Terren conquered over their father...only known to Wyatt are the reason of how he destroyed and banished the armies of Hell. The councel demanded an explanation...only to be followed by silence...Wyatt felt ashamed of what had happened in those moments, with his brother lay dying in his arms...his left wing not severed from his body. There's a lot that his brother doesn't know about him...and chooses to stay silent...knowing that the most important thing now is to escape from Limbo.

The Meet:
Wyatt now is followed by the angels which he's come across...them being taken back a little by seeing this young looking teenager...only revieling the wings of an angel as they travel with one another through the lands of Limbo. Wyatt misses his home in Heaven, and with his ever growing curiosity with hell...Wyatt enjoys this atmosphere that Limbo presents....nice...simple....and inbetween both extremes of the realms. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[B]Name:[/B] [COLOR=Purple]Lauren [/COLOR]

[B]Affiliation:[/B][COLOR=Purple] Demon[/COLOR]

[B]Age:[/B] [COLOR=Purple]23[/COLOR]

[B]Appearence[/B]: [B][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/MetalWings.jpg]Click Here[/URL][/B]

[B]Personality:[/B] [COLOR=Purple]Quiet one. Doesn't speak much. Usually you could tell on how she looks, acts, or moves. Happy, caring type of person. Tends to be a curious type of person. May act childish.

When she came to Limbo, she had amnesia for no certain reason. She couldn't remember but have flashbacks of some weird things. She tends to get sad and depressed because of this.[/COLOR]

[B]Weapon:[/B] [COLOR=Purple]A sword.[/COLOR]

[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo:[/B] [COLOR=Purple]Doesn't know.[/COLOR]

[B]The Meet:[/B] [COLOR=Purple][B]Lauren wakes up to an unknown place. She looks up, down, and around her. [/B]

Where am I? [B]She thought to herself.[/B] Why am I here?

[B]She looks around trying to figure out where she was and why she got here. Her head hurt and she couldn't remember anything. Only the fact that she had been bonked on the head and her sister screaming for her...or at least she thought it was her sister. She looks around trying to find answers but she couldn't. She rested her head against the tree and put her knees close to her chest. She began to cry, she buried her hands in her face.[/B]

[COLOR=Black]"Excuse me? Are you alright?" a guy a few feet away asked her. [/COLOR]

[B]She nodded. [/B]

[COLOR=Black]"Do you want to get out of here?" He asked.[/COLOR]

[B]She didn't know who he was but she nodded. She really wanted to get out.[/B]

[COLOR=Black]"You don't talk much huh?"[/COLOR]

[B]She shook her head and the boy handed her a helping hand. She took it and followed him[/B].

[COLOR=Black]"By the way what's your name?"[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Black]"Well my name's Dain." He smiled.[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1][B]Name:[/B] Renee Lippin
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Demon
[B]Age:[/B] Appears in her early to mid twenties

[B]Appearence:[/B] Attachments [First - Normal Form : Second - Demonic Form (except with larger wings)]

[B]Personality:[/B] Renee is very hardheaded and stubborn. She rarely lets anyone else's plans become her plans, as she likes doing things her way more than any other way. Usually loud mouthed, she is rude and childish around most, though can be quite intimate and kind around others (though very few souls ever see her like this). Though she acts like a brat most of the time, other times she can be still and silent, scaring the wits out of others with her demonic glare. She is cunning, and always thinking. Fueled by anger, she becomes most dangerous when she feels anger, or worst of all, nothing.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Broad Sword

[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo:[/B] Her brother was deemed a traitor to Lucifer (Satan) for loving an angel and attempting to escape Hell for her. Renee was assigned the task of killing him, but she refused. Angered, Lucifer sentenced her to Limbo. She saw him die before leaving Hell for Limbo.

[B]The Meet:[/B] "Damn you, Lucifer.. Damn you," Renee chanted, tear-filled eyes glued to the rocky ground. She had been walking for an eternity, or so it seemed. Time didn't seem to pass as she walked endless distances along the same road. The view never changed. Not even the ground.

Others littered Limbo as well. She knew she wasn't alone. But she couldn't help feeling like she was. They wouldn't understand, nor were they important. Some were angels. [i]'Condemn them,'[/i] she'd think. [i]'Nobody cares about them.'[/i] She would chat with some of the demons, but not for long. She didn't desire their company; she desired information. News of a half-breed was circling around. His name was Dain. Recruiter of Demons.

The demons she chatted with usually were killed when she'd had her fill. No point in letting them live if they were weaker than she. Most sent to Limbo [i]were[/i] weak. But she wasn't. She was one of Lucifer's high officials. But she had weakened. Not physically, but mentally. She couldn't do it.

[i]'I couldn't do it,'[/i] she repeated.

The screams of her brother lingered in her ears, and brought more tears to her eyes. Hundreds of years of service forgotten for one stupid act. Renee pitied him, but couldn't help but feel the way she did. He was her brother. Her kin. Her blood.

"Revenge," she muttered. Every so often that word escaped her lips, merely to be regretted and tossed aside with thought.

[i]'No revenge. It's impossible. Damn Limbo. Damn Lucifer.'[/i]

The weariness of constant walking finally stopped her. She didn't feel like moving anymore. She wanted to just drop right there on the ground. Sit there for the rest of her sentence: eternity. But she couldn't do that. Something wouldn't let her. She stumbled off into the grass.

She spat in disgust.

"Bastards.." she swore at those who had created this Hell but not Hell. There, demons reigned supreme. She was honored as a warrior. She had many beasts that served her, and many that she hunted. Angels were prey. Glittery, flambouyant prey. Beings not worthy of anything. None were powerful. They gave in to mercy and sympathy.

But demons.. They were proud beings. Nothing was more important than battle. Each looked out for themself, and no one else. Those with more power than them were to be feared. Hated. Those weaker were to be ordered around.

And yet, here she was. Sentenced to this horrible place for being like those she hated most. She gave into sympathy and love. Feelings. She had tossed them aside centuries ago. Why had they returned then? Her blood. He was a pitiful excuse for a demon. She was shamed with his existance.

All of this thinking enraged her. "A warrior has no feelings!" she shouted, slamming a fist into a tree. A lucious looking tree, littered with fruit. But she knew all too well that the fruit was tasteless and dry. "Damn you, Lucifer. I damn you to Limbo!" she cried out.

"My, my. Temper, dear Renee. Watch your temper."

Renee spun around, startled by the presence of another. Her surprised look melted from her face in seconds and was replaced by a look of calm and cunning.

"Its been a while since I've seen another. Ah," she grinned, "A half-breed?"

The man's expression darkened. "Call me that, and I'll slit your throat." "Calm down, boy," she mocked, her hunger for dominance flourishing in her tone. "Tell me. What can I do for you.. Dain?"

Renee had asked, though she knew all too well what he would be asking of her.

"You are experienced, demon. I know of your position, and of your strength. You are quite the puppeteer, as well" he smirked. He had learned of her 'habit'. Possesions were a fun little time passer back in Hell. Humans were easy prey. But she never killed them. No. That was too easy.

Controlling their minds. Forcing them to kill loved ones. Now [b]that[/b] was a show. She would leave them and watch them mourn. Watch them squirm with guilt. "What a show," she thought aloud.

"Join me, Renee. We can escape this torturious prison."

"Me? Help a half-breed?" she spat, though the thought was intruiging.

Dian was angered, but watched himself carefully. He couldn't loose a single ally. No matter how badly they got on his nerve. Renee examined his reaction. He was serious. As serious as a going-mad man could be, anyway.

Her grin stayed on her face, taunting Dian. Her little games were amusing to her, but incredibly irritating to others. "Alright then," she giggled, after a long pause. She walked over and stood next to him. "Follow me, then."

"Not yet. You must promise me an apple."

"You're closer to the tree than I am. Get it yourself," Dian said dryly.

"No. Not one of these. These aren't apples. They're pitiful immitations, designed to taunt us. I don't want one of those. No.. I want a real apple. A lucious apple. A [i]lovely[/i] apple," she breathed in his ear. She drew out the word "lovely" and let it linger in his ear, teasing him as if he was prey.

"Alright. When we escape, I shall give you an apple. A [i]lovely[/i] apple," he added. They walked off down the dreary path. The path that never seemed to change other than the occasional appearance of other demons and angels.

[i]'Damn you Lucifer. Damn you to Limbo,'[/i] Renee growled in thought, licking her lips in anticipation.

OOC: Finally got it up. ^_^;; My.. Renee's quite the freak, just so you know. I think she's already gone a little insane. Heh. Hope that's alright.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][CENTER]There ya go kakashi...I fixed my pictures...sorry that you couldn't see them before everyone...where's the love for the angels man:)... [/CENTER][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]I hope my sign-up doesn't screw around with the plot too much. If so, I'll change it.

[B]Name:[/B] Aelio
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Angel, Seraphim more specifically
[B]Age:[/B] Appears to be early twenties, but has existed ever since God created the Heavens.
[B]Appearence:[/B] [will come soon]
[B]Personality:[/B] Aelio is a very obedient Angel, studying hard, listening and faithfully following God's every word without second thought. He works tirelessly for perfection at anything -- a habit taught to him when he was created, and is therefore second nature. Aelio is also a stickler for form, and follows the rules to the letter. He is very smart, organized, and educated.
[i]Flaming Rapier[/i] burning with God's Justice, hungring to put to death heretics and abominations to God.
[i]Scroll of Purgury[/i] is a scroll, which when read aloud, painfully cleans the soul of whomever hears of it. If they are angelic, they feel no effect, but those tainted are slowly purged of their evil.
[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo:[/B] To watch those in Limbo, and make sure they don't misbehave or try to escape. He's a jailor of sorts, sent by God. Personally, he loves it.
[B]The Meet:[/B]
The sky was as beautiful as the day before, and the day before that. As far back as time spanned, he remembered flawlessly. God's creation was Good, but unfortunately, those dwelling in it were not. It was quite routine for people to instantly appear in Limbo, those being sentenced there forever. It gave him a feeling of slight sadness, but ulimate joy, knowing that those who deserved their punishment justly recieved it from the Lord Almighty.

One specific person walked over to Aelio while he was keeping track of the new arrivals in his scroll. He cleared his throat, stirring his thoughts from his appointed task. With divine happiness, he greeted the newcomer.

"Welcome to Limbo! As I'm sure you know, you in some way deserved to come here, and by the looks of that one black wing--" He was rudely cut off by the other man.

"Not always is His punishment just."

"Ahh... I can see now. Heresy?" He inquired, feeling that the angel was hiding something.

"It matters not. The only reason I'm speaking to you now, and not wallowing in perpetual insanity is this -- you hold the keys to Limbo, so you're the only way out. I've come to ask you to come with me."

"And over look my task given to me by the Almighty? I'll be slain before I Judas Him." The analogy always gave him satisfaction, knowing that someone who denied Jesus deserved to die. He was all forgiving, but once you die, your chance is over with.

"I swear I will give you a better look at Him -- one in a, shall we say, divine light?" He was testing him. It was perfect -- he'd 'escape' with them, then turn them to the Trinity once they had sinned. If, however, these wretches did manage to redeem themselves, he'd put in a good word with St. Peter.

"I will go with you. But please remember, I am the reason you can leave... not on your own power, and in a moments notice, I will pray to those On High for delieverance." He felt at peace with his decision. His action was justified, as he was one of God's highest attendants -- a Seraphim.

"Whatever. Let's go. We have no time to waste."[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]does the 'how they meet' part of the sign up actually have to be in RP format rather than just general details? I assumed that the meeting would take place within the actual RP.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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to answer Doukeshi, we won't be staying in Limbo for long, so the meets are the actual recruitment onto the team, however, I don't require it to be in RP form. However you decide to do it is fine with me, if you'd like a detailed intricate meeting, by all means do so. If you'd like a simple "I'd like to join meeting" then do it, as long it conforms to your character and whichever brother you met with. The story is much more intricate after we leave Limbo, you'll see. If you need any information on this just ask and I'll send it via PM.

As for the Angel to Demon ratio, it'll be fixed. It really only matters during the final battle, and it'll be taken care of by then. You'll all see what I mean.
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[B]Name:[/B] Antesignanus abs abomino (Ant)

[B]Affiliation:[/B] Angel

[B]Age:[/B] 456 Looks in her twenty's.

[B]Appearence:[/B] See Attachments

[B]Personality: [/B] Bubbly and happy, like a mother to all and because of this everybody tends to underestimate her power. Is a constant busy body

[B]Weapon:[/B] Cosmic energy

[B]Reason for Being Placed in Limbo:[/B] Does not know but has violent flash backs and vivid dreams and is piecing it together bit by bit.

[B]The Meet: [/B] When she saw Wyatt she saw he was in great pain and asked if she could tag along. to sort of look after him... Not that he needs looking afer.
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Alright, heres the deal. The thread will be up a bit longer at the inn and is still open to those who are interested. If you posted in the thread and neglected to finish your post do it now or you won't be able to participate. Everything is basically ready, I'm just working out some of the kinks and such before we start. If anyone has any questions feel free to PM me or post them here. The only thing I can ask of you now is to think of what your character will be doing once we escape Limbo, cause the team will be seperating for a bit. Just give it some thought. Thanks

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[CENTER][COLOR=Teal][SIZE=3][B][FONT=Book Antiqua]List of Participants[/FONT][/B][/SIZE]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2][B]Half Breeds[/B]
x kakashi x as Dain Frasc

Kairi as Wyatt Frasc

Sakura as Sakura Sinclaire

Doukeshi03 as Turael

Retribution as Aelio

Progressive as Antesignanus

Swordsaint as Izzic Daiment

Anarchy as Axel

Kitty as Renee Lippin

Who Am I? as Lauren[/SIZE][/FONT][/CENTER][/COLOR]

OOC: Thanks to everyone who applied. For those of you that aren't participating, don't worry, theres always next time.
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