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RPG Apostate Redemption [M-VLS]


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[CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR=Teal][FONT=Book Antiqua]Apostate Redemption[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]

[COLOR=Teal][SIZE=3][B][FONT=Book Antiqua]List of Participants[/FONT][/B][/SIZE]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2][B]Half Breeds[/B]
x kakashi x as Dain Frasc

Kairi as Wyatt Frasc

Sakura as Sakura Sinclaire

Doukeshi03 as Turael

Retribution as Aelio

Progressive as Antesignanus

Swordsaint as Izzic Daiment

Anarchy as Axel

Kitty as Renee Lippin

Who Am I? as Lauren[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3][B][FONT=Book Antiqua]What I'm Asking for of You[/FONT][/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2]Everyone who has been chosen to participate in the RP is expected to stay till the end. Its vital that everyone continues to participate and is active in the thread. Its hard to complete an RP when important characters, which all of you are, leave the story. I trust everyone involved and hope Apostate Redemption will be the great RP I know its meant to be.[/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3][B]Chapter 1[/B][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][B]Escape From Limbo[/B][/SIZE][/FONT]

[FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=2]Dain and Wyatt stood facing each other, artificial wind blowing against their faces. Limbo's weather constantly changed, but as strong as the wind might be, it was never cold nor felt. "I think its time we gathered the others" Wyatt suggested. Dain nodded and they both flew off in opposite directions. The angels were gathered seperately from the demons in hopes of no conflict between the two. As Dain landed he approached the group who looked quite bored and anxious to leave Limbo.

As Dain came closer he heard the voice of Axel "Its about time you got here, what took you so long?! I'm tired of this place and I'm ready to leave." Izzic shouted in agreement from behind him. Dain stopped as he reached the group "We had to make preparations, its not everyday beings defy the will of God and escape from an eternal prison. However, we're now ready to leave, your not the only ones sick of this place you know." Axel grunted "Try living here for hundreds of years, you have no idea." Dain shrugged his shoulders and motioned the group of demons to follow him.

When they reached the place where the brothers had been staying, Wyatt was waiting for him with an assembly of angelic looking figures. Dain landed and each brother glared at the other. They walked closer and engaged in an argument. "What are you doing with that demon scum here? We don't need help from the likes of them. What are you thinking?!" Wyatt shouted. Dain yelled back in a similar tone "We need all the help we can get and demon or not they're the best I could find. If we plan on getting out of here then we need raw power as well as intellect, unless you'd like to stay here, that is?" Wyatt sighed "You know thats not an option, so it seems like we have no choice."

Aelio stepped forward interrupting the argument "Stop your bickering, we don't have all day." The two brothers went quiet and listened intently as Aelio spoke. "Usually, I would be able to open a portal to Heaven, or anywhere in between, considering I am the keeper of Limbo. However, since the placement of these two half breeds here, new restrictions have been set in place. I'll need the power of each demon and angel to aid me in the creation of the portal. Once entered it will transport us to the Gates of Heaven. I cannot transport to Hell, because I am of divine ancestry and it is out of my reach. Once we are free from Limbo each of you may do as you please. I will be free from any restrictions and will be able to send each of you where you want to go. Keep in mind that you are now an outlaw, you have defied those of great power, and must be cautious. Now, for my escape plan..."

Aelio flew high into the air, almost out of site. There he took a large staff from under his wing and threw it towards the ground with great strength. It struck the floor of Limbo and stuck in place. Aelio returned slowly to the ground chanting a hymn and moving his hands quickly in a pattern. They began to glow as he feet touched the ground and he grabbed the top of the staff. "Now, everyone must place two hands on the staff and offer it your power. Once we escape it will be returned to you, so give it everything you have!" Everyone placed both hands upon the heavenly rod and closed their eyes. Some began to convulse from the amount of energy being taken from their bodies. "Thats it!" shouted Aelio. "More! More!" And with that a beam shot from the top of staff and exploded filling the sky with a white light.

When Dain's eyes opened his hands were still on the staff, however, the surroundings had changed. He recognized this as the Gates of Heaven, they had made it. Everyone cheered as they released themselves from the large pole. Aelio took it, placing it back under his wing as it disappeared. "Now, who goes where?"

[B]? ? ? ? ?[/B]

Alright, we've escaped from Limbo (told you it'd be short didn't I?). Each of us will tell Aelio of our destination and he will transport us there. Everyone will be able to do whatever they want at this time. Take revenge on those who placed them in Limbo, meet with friends, visit people, whatever. Everyone will be seperated for this time of RP so it offers a lot of freedom and can involve lots of character development. You may discover things from your past, prepare for your future, conform to your enemies or fight against them. Everyone will remain the same affiliation for now though.

Don't be afraid to have fun with us, if you want, transport to Earth, or another planet of the living galaxy. Remember that once you're there, you may not return to Heaven or Hell, because these places are of another plain. So I suggest you finish your business there before you transport to another place. Eventually you will be returning though, so don't worry. Me and Kairi will be staying together after everyone leaves so our stories will be different then everyone elses. There will probably be a good series of posts in this chapter coming from each person. Maybe 5 or so a piece. More if needed.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Wyatt quickly found his way drifting from the group towards the gates of heaven...longing to be a part of his home once again. Everyone else surrounded Aelio...all trying to figure out where they wanted to go to get revenge or reconcil what had so wronged them...

[I]...Dain...[/I] Wyatt quickly found himself flashing back to that day...where the two of them were cast out of heaven...it wasn't took long ago that these gates were behind him, now suddenly before him. His frustration was already showing...originally starting an argument with his brother over something that wasn't even an issue to him...he was afterall part demon. He didn't care who was angel or demon anymore...not after what had happened that fateful day.

[I]I guess I just wanted some reason to fight with him...I don't think he'll ever see what I've done for him...[/I] he thought to himself.

The young boy...with his faded grey eyes looking upon the majestic gates of home...as if an innocent child had just found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...but...he wasn't able to take it. His face of course still held firm...a sweet tenderness upon his cheeks and facial expression, but inside he was hurt. Hurt for his brother and his suffering, hurt from what has happened because of his brother...hurt for the loss of his father...

Wyatt let out a sigh as he turned his back to the gates and walked to his brothers side...

"I'm sorry for becoming upset with you earlier...I was out of line...I'm happy to have the help that we now have.'' spoke Wyatt, looking up at his brothers face. In this present form...Wyatt stood up only to Dain's shoulders.

"Don't worry about it..." was all that Dain said as he continued to watch everyone prepare to leave for wherever they were going...

"Thank you my brother...tell me when you're ready to go..." Wyatt responded as he walked away a small distance and sat down, folding his legs crosslegged and resting his face in both of his palms pressed of his cheeks...keeping his back towards the gates...staring off into the light.......of complete nothingness. [/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[color=blue][size=1]It was wonderful. No more being trapped in Limbo where the grass looks so green and fresh, but feels so dead and dried. No more living in regret and doubt. [i]'I will get my revenge,'[/i] she grinned, a hint of evil gleaming in her eye.

"Send me to Hell," Renee demanded. "I want to pay a little visit to Lucifer."

[i]'Stick me in Limbo for three centuries, will you? Get ready, Satan. I'll take away what you treasure most. Your pride.'[/i]

"Alright," Aelio nodded. It was quick and painless. One moment she was in front of the Gates of Heaven with a small group of demons and angels. The next, she was before the firey gateway to Hell.


The word lingered on her lips, giving her a feeling she hadn't felt in ages. But she wasn't here to see her home. Her friends. Her past. No, she was here for something much more important. It would take many powerful connections, and a few favors, but she'd get it done.

She'd do what no one had tried in ten millenia. Take revenge on Satan.

"And if I can't get to him.. I'll settle for each and every other being in Hell," she growled, staring angrily at the gates. She took a step forward, then another, and another. Her pace hastened with each step, and her eagerness increased with each breath.

[i]'I'll avenge your death, Rezel. And I'll avenge my humiliation, as well.'[/i]

She stopped right before the gates, and glanced them over. She took a few deep breathes. "I'm going to do it. I'm going to defy Lucifer." And with that, Renee used every ounce of her strength to blow open the gates. Then she saw them. The stairs.

"Ah.. How I've missed you."

If she had the time, she would've walked down each and every step. Savoring it. Loving it. But she didn't. Spreading her wings, she lifted off the ground and flew down towards the very center of Hell. Where her greatest allies resided. Along with her greatest enemy.

"You bastard, Lucifer," she growled. "I'll make you pay.. I'll make you pay!" Her speed increased as she shouted. [i]'He may be the ruler of Hell, but I'm a damn angry demon with a few tricks up my sleeve,'[/i] she cackled as she thought this to herself.

[i]'He'll pay. The bastard.'[/i]

OOC: Sorry if it isn't like what you wanted, but I'm not sure what your idea of Hell is supposed to be. I'll edit if necessary. ^_^;;[/size][/color]
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[SIZE=1]Izzic shivered with excitement as his body was flooded with Heavens holy energies. It hurt! It pained him to be i this place and he relished the sensation. It was his first true sign that he'd left limbo. He turned when Aelio's hand touched onto his shoulder.
"What!?" Izzics eyes grew wide, Aelio looked like a perfect target to him right there.
"Where do you want to go?" Izzic new the answer withou thinking.
"The deepest burning pit of hell you can send me to!" [I]that way, I can rampage and keep off of Heaven's radar...[/I] his feature's contorted until his hysterical laughter broke out, drawing sideways glances from the others in the group.

He felt rather than saw the flash of light. He felt the divine presence of heaven leave his body, and felt a burning malevolent hatred, one that comforted his black soul.
"I'm back." Izzic opened his eyes, pits of lava, filled with writhing souls of the damned, were scattered acrossed the wasteland paved with the flesh of sinners. Mountains of bones rose to reach the clouds above. Gouts of fire and brimstone shot into the air, incinerating those that strayed to close. Izzic was home.
Eagerly, he hefted his giant axe, sniffing through the smells to find prey. Two Imps shuffled around a pile of skeletons, both jumped, squeking with fright when they saw Izzic. Before they had a chance to speak a word, Izzic set upon them, cleaving them both in twain with a single stroke of his mighty axe. He devoured their essence as it darted their crumbling bodies, it tasted so god damned good! He wanted, no, [I]needed[/I] more! e rushed towards the direction the came, his form shifting to that of his true form. He spied a patrol, probably the squad the imps had come from. His laughter sounded like a hollow death knell.
"Muahahaha! Tremble and know your doom! IZZIC! Disciple of slaughter has returned!" he spun, taking life and limb from three hapless demons. "And I've come home [I]hungry![/I] "

Izzic licked the blood from his axe, the mutilated forms of his victims were strewn about the brimstone road, and far in the distance he saw one of the many cities of the damned. The place was rife with the smells of despair, hatred, and malice. And none knew he was here! His uncontrollable gigling came about when he spied the tower of slaughter, not the one his former master resided, but still...it brought back memories...sweet memories of pain and battle lust!

It was good to be home...
There's Izzics start.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Axel stood outside Heaven, trying to decide where he wanted to go. There were the priests who had almost killed him all those years ago, so he could take revenge on them, or there was the one who sent him to Limbo, the great demon Beelzebub.

But Renee and Izzic had already gone to Hell, and Axel didn't like following trends. He preferred to do his own thing. So he decided to go to Earth to make a visit to the priests who had hurt him so badly. He checked his swords, made sure they were sharp. Of course they were. He had spent every waking moment in Limbo sharpening them or preparing to take his revenge.

He walked over to Aelio, and said to him:

"Take me to Earth. To the Vatican. I have a little unfinished business there." Aelio nodded, and struck Axel lightly in the chest with his staff. A bright flash of light, and Axel was in the Vatican.

The spotless stone walls disguised the demonic blood that had been spilled there for countless centuries. The only sound was a soft, slow, monotonous chanting, and the steady sound of footsteps. Axel laughed a little, knowing what must be done.

He drew his swords, and walked towards the chanting. He knew that there would be monks there, perhaps even the warrior monks that the Vatican kept so secret. This was good. Axel needed a challenge.

He turned the corner into a large prayer hall, his swords drawn, glinting in the half-light thrown around by the candles. His shadow danced on the walls as the candlelight flickered.

The monks turned towards him, and saw his cloaked figure, with his weapons drawn. A few of them broke down and fell to their knees, praying, and some found weapons around them. These must have been the warrior monks.

"Begone, spawn of Satan!" cried one of the monks in English, but with a thick Italian accent.

"I will not leave until my vengeance is done. Your kind are the ones who did this to me!" Axel pulled back his hood to reveal a face deeply scarred, with one eye completely blinded, merely a tiny red light glowing from the scarred folds of flesh. Some of the monks gasped, a couple fainted, but the warrior monks stayed calm.

"Oh good. I do hate it when they surrender," Axel said quietly, before launching into his assault...[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Turael sighed softly and shook his head. Lust for revenge thickened the air around him and he could sense it upon the very breath of the others. Shaking his head the angel tucked his coat tightly around himself and tread the marble pathway towards the Keeper Aelio. Doubts meandered their way across his mind and he hesitated, looking back up at the magnificent gates of heaven with a gaze tinged with regret. Prehaps if revenge was all these young ones sought then they deserved to be in a place far worse than Limbo. Recalling the despair that emanated from their prison Turael shuddered and his resolve strengthened. If the others wanted revenge than so be it, he could not be held responsible for the actions of others

Stepping forward Turael raised his hand in greeting.

"Hail Aelio, Keeper of the gates of Limbo."

Aelio blinked at him and raised his own hand in a similar gesture.

"Hail angel Turael, I am surprised to see one such as you aligning himself with this rag-tag crew." The faint repremand in Aelio's voice did nothing to phase Turael as he inclined his head in respect.

"Maybe if the Lord sees fit to treat me as a renegade, then prehaps it is time I started to act like one."

Aelio frowned and considered this for a moment, casting his gaze over the once mighty Angelic.

"Prehaps, though truly you risk worse punishment if He finds out of this insurrection." Shaking his head lightly Aelio held up his hand as Turael moved to speak. "Enough of this banter Turael, where is it that you desire to go?"

Turael had considered this as he waited for his turn with the Gate Keeper. Hell had appeal to him, he still retained much of his Heavenly sensabilities and the thoughts of cavorting with the demons and devils in those foul and forbidden depths made his skin crawl. To reneter heaven was unwise, though his soul yearned to once more rejoin his bretheren in the eternal kingdom. Earth, of course, would have changed beyond his recognition. Millenia had passed since he had last set foot there, that time had long since passed into the realms of dusty tomes and forgotten relics Prehaps it would be good to revisit his old posting and see how mankind had developed without the guiding hands of he and his fellow Grigori.

Sensing the growing impatience of the others gathered behind him Turael nodded and confirmed his decision.

"Earth Aelio, take me to the forested lands of the western hills." Aelio nodded and swept his hand before Turael. A blinding flash enveloped the angel and as his eyes cleared he saw that he was indeed upon the earth, an earth so unlike he remembered it. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]Dain looked on quietly as everyone chose the place they wanted to go. He wondered where he should go, and if Wyatt would even let him. He knew it was Wyatt's intention to return to Heaven and plead before the Counsel in hopes that the brothers would be accepted back into their society. However, Dain would not take part in this. He refused to beg to anyone for anything, and surely wouldn't kneel before the Counsel and plead for acceptance.

Even if he could, Dain always felt out of place in Heaven. Everyone was so perfect there, and he just couldn't compare. He always felt inadequate, especially contrasted with his brother. Wyatt was always a good student, and grew up to be just like their father. He believed Wyatt would follow in their father's footsteps, he was meant for Heaven. But Dain, he had other plans.

He walked over to Wyatt, who stood up as Dain approached. "Are you ready?" he asked. Dain sighed and shook his head "I won't be returning to Heaven with you."

Wyatt looked at his brother in confusion "What do you mean? It's our home."

"No brother, its your home. Heaven was never the place for me."

"Thats crazy Dain. We've lived there all our lives. They accepted us then, and they'll accept us now. Please, just come with me and we'll work it out."

Dain shook his head again "I'm sorry Wyatt. I'm not quite sure where I'll go, but it won't be Heaven..."[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Your turn Kairi. Just continue the conversation and such or however you want to play it.[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]As much as he wanted to contest his brothers' decision...Wyatt couldn't help but understand...the councel had cast them out of heaven already, there really wasn't any reason to trust them now...not since father died. Both of them never truly belonged...even though if was Wyatt who seemed to adapt far better...it was Dain's stubborness that got the best of him. But Wyatt was always loyal to his brother regardless, thus for his decision...he just hoped that one day he'd see that he was accepted....it was Dain who recieved their fathers sword from the councel after his death afterall.

"So where would you like to go brother....hell...to mother?"

The thought had come to Dain's mind...he felt connected with the other demons who he had gathered all over Limbo...."perhaps..."

"I don't know what you want Dain...I really don't. Do you want my honest opinion....I didn't want to go to heaven...that's why I turned my back to it cause I understand that now is not the best time...we're outlaws now...the Lord certainly will not take us back now"

"Certainly they will take you back brother...someone such as I doens't belong there." responded Dain, trying to encourage his brothers spirit...

"No Dain...as much as I belonged there...I broke my loyalty with them for you...do you realize that. So your fate is now mine..." Wyatt's voice was kind and calm towards Dain...he was sick of fighting.

Dain was silent for a moment..."I told you that you didn't have to do that Wyatt...that was your choice...not mine."

"As always..." Wyatt shock his head..."well...to be honest..I liked it there in Limbo...cause there...I didn't have to worry about not fitting in. We're half-breeds brother...no matter what we do we'll never truly fit in unless we clip our wings and become mortal..."

"So are you saying that you wouldn't want to go to hell then brother?" asked Dain

"No Dain...I really dont care either way...it would be nice to see mother again...but not right now...I just want peace...maybe earth would be a good start...what do you think?"[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[SIZE=1][CENTER][COLOR=Gray]Dain stood quietly, analyzing his brother and pondering the situation. Heaven was to dangerous, they had just been exiled and it wouldn't be safe to go back. However, it had been years since Dain had seen his mother and wasn't sure if she'd be very accepting either. Earth was the other option, but Dain figured it'd be just like Limbo. He wouldn't be able to do anything he wanted, he wouldn't be free.

After thinking about it for a bit longer he decided "Lets go visit mother. I know its dangerous to return to Hell after so long, but theres nowhere else for us to go now." Wyatt sighed and nodded in agreement "Its been so long, I wonder how mother is." Dain and turned and walked towards Aelio "We'll be going to Hell to Aelio, the gates will be fine." Aelio gawked in disagreement but had no choice but to send them.

Dain walked through the portal first emerging instantly on the other side. He felt the heat engulf his body and singe the tips of his coat. He breathed in and out slowly, trying to adjust to the new temperature. His eyes opened to see Wyatt doing the same next to him. It had been so long since the brothers visited the depths of Hell, and if it wasn't for their demon half, they would've been dead by now. When both brothers finally adapted Dain spoke "I hate it when that happens." Wyatt gave a quick laugh "Yeah, I remember when father tried to do it, he was always so hard-headed." The two laughed for a bit and then began their walk towards a large black gate.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]OOC: On to you Kairi[/CENTER][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DimGray]"Wait!!!" [B]Lauren called out to Dain.[/B] "Please can I come with you?"[/COLOR]

"Uhh..." Dain looked doubtful.

[COLOR=DimGray]"I don't know what happen. I think I have amnesia. I don't know how I got in Limbo and I don't know where to go next." [B]Lauren pleaded.[/B] "Please let me go with you. I'm lonely." [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DimGray][B]She cried. She didn't know who she was and was dying to find answers. Dain tried to find an answer. [/B] [/COLOR]

[B]OOC: Sorry, x kakashi x. I couldn't help but jump in.[/B] :animeswea
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Ant had been watching all of this with awe... She did no know here she would go or even if she had unfinished bussiness. [COLOR=Indigo]I must visit St Peter [/COLOR] she thought to herself. [COLOR=Indigo]I must find out why i came to this place.[/COLOR] She then collasped.

[I]She was at the top of a hill. A dark figure with red eyes and a sword approched her "NOOOOOOO" she screamed, she tried to fly but couldn't... She summonded cosmic energy but nothing... The figure kept advancing. She ran and th dark entity slowlt followed. [/I]

She woke up in a daze.
[COLOR=Indigo]Take me to heaven Aelio.[/COLOR]
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[CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Wyatt looked in back of him to see Lauren pleading with his brother over coming with them or not...he figured that he should leave the situation to Dain to handle since the girl was paying special attention to him.

Amused....he shook his head and walked towards the gates of hell...it wasn't too long ago that he had visited this place...even here he felt an outcast, especially after killing the army that had attacked his father, leaving that bitterness of defeat.

The young boy looked upon the gates just as he did when he looked upon those of heaven...Lauren glanced over too see Wyatt spread his angelic wing on his right side...

''Certainly an angel cannot enter through our gates....'' muttered Lauren as she looked up at Dain. He obviously accepted the fact that the demoness was now part of their company...it was uncommon for Dain and Wyatt to have a travelor along side them...

Dain looked down on her and smiled..."me and my brother are not what you think...'' as he brought his attention back to his brother...Wyatts body seemed to fade away for just a moment, only to be replaced by a much larger form. The being that now stood before the gates looked a lot older than the boy before. With silky black hair like his brothers...he was different, he now had one demonic wing on his left, and a white angel wing of his right side.

His blade materializing within his hand, Wyatt held it parellel to the ground and bowed in respect as the flames beyond the gates roared. As the noise subsided...the massive gates opened in acceptance.

[I][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Don't enter...they'll kill you![/COLOR][/I] boomed a voice within Wyatt's mind...
Nonsense...if they don't bow in honor and respect for their defeat...you can always kill them just like you did before...[/COLOR][/I] responded another just as quickly...

[I][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]The realm of hell isn't so forgiving nor accepting of such a defeat...they will turn on you at the first chance that they get...[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=DarkRed]Nonsense...shut your fucking mouth you coward...our power is supreme...how dare you doubt...[/COLOR][/I]

[I][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]I do not doubt...I only...[/COLOR][/I]

But Wyatt had enough...just as he did before..his body faded in and out...revieling the body of a young boy once again. Turning to his brother and the stranger that had followed...with his grey eyes bright and direct...

"Let's go..."

Dain and the stranger walked to the gates as Wyatt waited for them..."what's your name by the way?" Wyatt asked to the stranger...

"Lauren..." she said hesitantly, keeping a close distance to Dain...

"I'm Wyatt...Dain's twin brother...shall we..." he looked up to his brother as Dain nodded. The three of them walked through the gates and entered the realm.

Walking a short distance, Wyatt pulled on Dain's sleeve to get his attention...

"I think it would be wise for me to keep my identity hidden till we find mother ok my brother..." asked Wyatt...having a look of concern on his face, not wanting to cause any conflict.

Dain understood and nodded again to his brother...[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Argh! I didn't know it was up yet!! Sorry.

[color=Navy]Sakura felt relaxed to be free of the extremely boring realm of Limbo, she looked at the shining gates of Heaven and took a step back in shock. They looked so different to her, she didn't belong, she had been outcasted and sent to Limbo, so it felt incredibly different.

Sakura gripped her glaive with her right hand as she tucked a long piece of blonde hair behind her ear. She bit her lip as she played with the sharp metal wing that sat below the blade of the glaive, then her eyes narrowed, she had to return, no matter what the circumstances, she had to find Angelos and seek revenge, he killed the one person she had loved, Zephaniah, because he had been jealous and Zephaniah was a demon.

[b]"Aelio, please take me into the centre of Heaven." [/b]

The guardian of Limbo nodded and she disappeared, reappearing in the centre of the golden city. Sakura smiled slightly, it was good to be home and out of that terrible place, but it didn't feel.....right.

Sakura shook the thoughts away and walked along the golden streets where the curbs were made of precious stones. She was an angel on a mission, she would have her revenge.

Sakura remembered that Angelos lived quite a distance from the main square and she unfurled her beautiful wings. She flapped them gently, they hadn't been exercised lately. Sakura beat the wings heavily and she took to the air and soared toward Angelos' house, her eyes were a cold, solid gold.

Sakura landed gently and creeped to the door. She slipped out a throwing knife from her hiding places and slid the thin, flat blade into the space between the door and the door frame. She slid it down carefully and pushed at it as she reached the doorknob. Sakura put down more pressure and it jumped open. She smiled and slipped the knife away again.

Sakura closed the door behind her silently and treaded carefully, flapping her wings slightly to make her weigh less as she was slightly lifted off the ground.

The female angel peeked around the doors until she finally found the other angel in the lounge room, laying around in a chair. Sakura walked into the room, Angelos heard a noise and quickly looked up, he grinned widely when he saw it was Sakura because she had a smile on her face.

[b]"Sakura! You're back, its been so long, I've been worried about you. Come over here and take a seat, rest that weapon down too." [/b]Angelos said cheerfully.

Sakura kept up the act and walked over, sitting in the chair next to him, she didn't put down her glaive.

[b]"How've you bee-" [/b]he was cut off because Sakura swung her glaive so that the shapr blade was against his throat.

[b]"I hate you Angelos, and I will do one thing that will forever forbid me from returning to Heaven. You stupid jealous fool. What did you hope to accomplish by killing Zephaniah and telling on me? Did you expect me to come running to you?!" [/b]Sakura spat coldly, the hot tears started to prick at the corner of her eyes. [b]"Guess what, that just made me hate you even more than I already did. I know you've liked me for a long time, but you're just a sleeze. Goodbye." [/b]

As Sakura talked, Angelos was trying to talk his way out of it, but Sakura stopped it with a jerk of the staff, the blade slit his throat and the angel 'died'. Sakura watched as Angelos disappeared as what Angels did when they died. She left the house quietly and flew from the golden city, knowing that it would soon be news all over that the group from Limbo had escaped and that Angelos had died. They all new that the one person in the realms that hated Angelos the most was Sakura for what he had done.

[i][b]'I've avenged you, Zephaniah...' [/b][/i]she thought silently, a hot tear rolled down her cheek as she left the golden gates.

They closed behind her and she looked to see that some of the others that had escaped Limbo were still there and so was Aelio. Sakura walked over to him.

[b]"You have completed what you wanted to?"

"Yes, I have." [/b]Sakura replied, she looked around.

She pondered on where to go, it wasn't an incredibly hard decision, she pretty much had only one choice. She wanted to go find out why she had been sent to Heaven anyways. Her memory of anything before seeing the golden gates for the first time were a blank.

[b]"Aelio...I want to go to Earth. I need to find out what happened to me." [/b]Sakura said.

Aelio nodded and Sakura disappeared, reappearing somewhere on Earth, she was confused about where she was, and people were looking at her strangely, that may be because she had wings and had appeared from no where. Now she had to think of where to go.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I kinda jumped ahead a little, hope you don't mind. But what do we do about mortals seeing us? Like do our wings disappear or something? PM me if you want anything changed.[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Axel ran at the first monk, who was armed with a long pole. His swords swished through the air, swinging towards his weapon. These monks were dangerous when armed, so Axel needed to disarm them as soon as possible. The pole swung towards him, and his first sword sliced through it, the flat blade of his second sword smacking into the shaft and sending it flying away. His swords then rammed through the monk's chest, his blood gushing out and spilling onto the floor. Axel saw his pain, smiled and then pulled his swords out. The monk still stood there, just managing to hold his ground, even with most of his blood now leaking onto the floor. Axel gave him a slightly strange look, and swung his swords round, slicing the monk's head off from two directions. Blood fountained out, spraying onto the walls and floor. The body fell to the floor.

The second monk rushed Axel, seeing his comrade fall, and swung at him with a long glaive-like weapon, which Axel managed to stop just before it hit his neck. The clashing of the two blades rang out through the hall, and the two warriors merely stood there for a few moments, staring at each other. Axel looked at the monk in amusement, while the monk looked back at the demon in rage and pain. Axel then used his other sword to impale the monk through the stomach. Feeling the warm blood run down the blade and onto his hand, he moved his head and clamped his jaw onto the monk's neck. The monk screamed as Axel ripped out an artery. Blood gushed into Axel's mouth and down his chin, while the monk collapsed due to blood loss.

The third and final monk jumped at Axel from his point on a high balcony, falling down to meet Axel with his own longsword. The blades clashed, and the monk swung at Axel again and again, driving the demon backwards until he was backed up against the wall. His two swords were locked across his chest, with the monk's sword pressing him towards the wall. This one was strong for a human. Axel thrust his swords out, throwing the monk backwards. He flew through the air and into the far wall, smashing through the stonework of the wall, leaving chipped pieces of stone lying on the floor around him. Axel jumped over to him, and grabbed the fallen monk's head, smashing it into the stone floor repeatedly, until it was battered, bloodied and broken. His nose was bloodied, and his eyes were black and blue. Teeth were missing, and blood spilled steadily out of his nose and mouth.

"You're not going anywhere just yet," said Axel, "I've got something special planned for you!" He picked the monk up and dragged him away, taking him to a different room. The room they left was now bloodstained, the floor a crimson river, steady drips of fresh blood making ripples in the redness. The room was filled with a strange, eery kind of calm now the battle was over...[/SIZE]
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[CENTER][SIZE=1][COLOR=Gray]Dain walked slowly through the large black gate followed by Wyatt, and Lauren following closely behind. As soon as they entered a stout man came running from the darkness and stepped in front of them "What are you doing here Dain? You were a fool to return. Your mother will be very displeased." Dain just grunted and shoved the small man to the side. He ran back persistently "I must know your business with Princess Lucia before you enter. She doesn't take kindly to unexpected visitors you know." Dain sighed "I know Ickis, she is my mother remember." Ickis huffed and puffed in anger, Dain drew his sword and ran his finger over the tip. Ickis gasped and quickly moved from the path allowing them to continue.

Lauren looked at Dain curiously "Who was that?" she asked as they returned to their walk. "That was Ickis. Hes the Gatekeeper to Lucia's castle, quite annoying if you ask me." Lauren continued her interrogation "And she's your mother? But I thought you were angels? I'm so confused..." Dain turned to her and glared "If all your going to do is ask these stupid questions then you can go back to Heaven. I'm sure they'll welcome a blatant demon with open arms." Lauren stopped immediately, looking back disdainfully.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1]OOC: A little short, but Kairi and Who Am I? can jump in[/SIZE][/CENTER]
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[color=blue][size=1]"You're a fool to have returned."

"But I'm a damn powerful fool, and I've got more than enough sense to outwit you anytime. Now shut up and tell me where Nier is," Renee spat, her temper growing fierce.

The other demon hesitated. "It's not a good idea to see him, Renee. He was very disappointed in you," he persisted. Growling now, Renee slammed her fist on the table. "Tell me, now, Khlever. Tell me [i]now[/i]," she ordered, her voice low and demanding.

Khlever let out a sigh, then stood up from the bench.

"Follow me."

Renee stood up as well and walked after him as he turned and left. They walked past many demons, devouring one another. The heat was unbearable.

Just the way she liked it.

[i]'It's wonderful to be back home,'[/i] she thought happily. The horrific screams and the disgusting creatures all amused and delighted her. She hadn't seen her home for more than three hundred years, and it was good to be back.

Renee became so caught up in her delight, that she hadn't realized Khlever had stopped. She walked right into him.

"Daydreaming? You haven't changed at all," he grinned.

"I've definately changed, Khlever. More than you'll ever know," she growled. "We're here," he gulped, "Neir and Jin are inside."

"Thank you," she smiled. Without warning, in one swift motion, she unsheathed her broad sword and brought it straight through his neck. She licked the tip as Khlever's head slid off his body and onto the ground.

"You were a fool to lead me here... A damn fool."

She grinned to herself as she resheathed her sword, and pushed through the door.

It was like a miniature tavern. A male demon and a female demon sat in the back chattering at a rounded table, while broken and splintered tables littered the rest of the room.

The male looked up for a moment, and began to turn back to his companion when he paused and looked back at Renee.

"Neir? Neir? What is it?" the female asked before also turning to face Renee. Her jaw dropped when she saw who was standing at the other end of the room. "Wha- What is [i]she[/i], doing here, Nier?! She was bannished!"

"Ah. So you recognize me," she smirked, slowly making her way towards her old friends.

"I could never forget you," Nier grinned. "This is Renee, Jin. I'm sure you remember her?"

Jin hissed at the mention of her name. "Aw.. Did you two get in an arguement?" Nier taunted. Jin stayed silent, but she flashed her sharpened teeth in her fake smile.

"Yes, actually. We did, didn't we Jinny?" Renee smiled, delighted by the reaction she received from calling her Jinny. "Right.. I believe you sold my brother out and manipulated one of the higher officers to make [i]me[/i] do the execution. What a [i]whore[/i] you were," Renee growled, the word 'whore' lingering in the air.

"And I don't doubt that you're still a whore to this day."

Jin jumped out of her seat and lunged at Renee. Nier sat patiently, his grin glued to his face. Almost nothing amused him more than the fights of others. [b]Almost[/b] nothing.[/size][/color]
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ooc: sorry that I havn't posted in a while, my uncle passed away recently...

Izzic had been in the city for some time now, and the defenders could do little to stop them. His axe scythed through their ranks like ripe wheat, he feasted on their screams of agony, reveling in the slaughter around him. Soon the square was deserted, empty of demons. Issic had never forgotten how good it felt! It had been so long since he could truly reap the benefits of wholesale slaughter, and he relished every blood soaked moment.
Half his human face was spattered with red blood, a rare thing for a demon to have red blood, but it was the richest kind. It had the sharpest taste, and it burned hot with battle lust. Izzics blood was red, it had been long since any of that had spilled either. a long cut ran along the ribs of his left side, the red staining his white shirt. His grey eyes turned towards the gigantic black tower of slaughter, a place where the disciples of slaughter could train and worship.
The hellfire burst in his eyes, his shape contorting back to it's demon form. Here he had almost limitless energies. He flapped his massive bat-like wings speeding off to the highest reaches of the tower, he could see demons scrambling around on the ground beneath him. The fear! The power fear brought with it!

He landed on a balcony at the top of the tower, peeirng into the doorway, his eyes took in the ornately decorated room, saw the high priest pinning succubus down on the massive bed. Izzic grinned wickedly, he knew the high priest, Carthax, Carthax was loathsome, and vile creature, finding new ways to sate his unholy appetites beyond slaughter. Few would question this because of Carthax's rank, but Izzic al;ways came to head to head against the fiend. Izzic understood other pleasures true, but Carthax had always spent to much time on it to Izzics thinking. He hefted his axe striding confidently into the room.
The succubus hissed when he walked in, strugglin to move from beneath Carthax. Carthaxes horned head shot up, his green eyes widening in shock when he saw Izzic.
"YOU!" he scramble off the bed "You were banished to Limbo! How?!" Izzic swung his axe taking the Succubu's head off at the neck, her black blood splashed acrossed the floor. Carthax grabbed for his skull capped mace. Izzic hurled his heavy axe and sprinted after, the axe sheered through the high priests arm. He howled, his pained cries bringing in a pair of hellhounds. Both breathed gouts of flame on izzic. Izzic laughed as the fires bathed over him.
"My turn!" he summoned his own fire, swirling the chaotic energies around in his hands, he flung the fire at the hounds, the sheer intensity of the heat melted the meat off their bones, leaving only charred skeletons standing in the middle of the now burning room. Izzic turned to let his eyes take in Carthax's pitiful form. The hedonistic pig huddled in the corner whimpering and clutching his severed arm. Izzic picked up the large mace, turning it in his hands, his eyes showing true appreciation for the craftsmanship. he swung it once over his head.
"this is a good weapon..." he pulled it back, remembering how baseball players on earth swung. "To good for the likes of you!" he Carthax started to plead pitifully before Izzic swung, and cried out as the mace struck is face, smashing it beyond recognition. he dropped the bloodied mace, retrieved his axe, and set to finish the rest of the temple...
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[B]Dain glared at her and said[/B], "If all your going to do is ask these stupid questions then you can go back to Heaven. I'm sure they'll welcome a blatant demon with open arms."

[COLOR=DimGray][B]Lauren looked down,[/B] "I'm sorry. As I told you, I have no memory of what so ever. Please forgive me."

[B]The three of them walk through the doors. Lauren curiously looked around. There were tall walls surrounding them and very large statues. Lauren kept close to Dain while they walked.[/B][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]Dain stood there in the hollowed room of his mother's large castle. "Lucia, show yourself!" he shouted, the noise echoing throughout the rooms and long hallways of the castle. Instantly she appeared before them, beautiful as ever, she looked as though she hadn't aged a day since the last time he'd been there. "I don't appreciate people interr-" she immediately stopped speaking when she noticed her visitor was none other then her son, Dain. She gasped "What are you doing here? You left ages ago, and you've brought company no less? Who are they?" Dain sighed "Everything will be explained soon enough, however, I wish for privacy while we speak." Turning to Lauren "You, stay here, we'll be back." And with that Dain and Wyatt followed their mother through a large door closing loudly behind them.

Dain sat at the table accompanied by Wyatt next to him. Their mother glaring angrily "Who is he? Shouldn't he have stayed with the girl?" Dain shook his head "This is Wyatt, you do remember don't you?" She gasped, it had been so long since she'd seen Dain, but even longer since she'd layed eyes upon her other son. Wyatt was kept away from his mother, in hopes he would not become tainted by her power over Hell. "He looks scrawny, he didn't get that from me you know." Wyatt watched on intently, burdened by questions he wanted to ask, but he felt it disrespectful to interrupt the conversation.

Dain began to explain their situation, how they were exiled from Heaven and for what reasons. Their mother smiled banefully, enjoying the strife her sons had been through.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: On to you Kairi.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1]Turael treaded the tarmacked road that stretched out straight infront of him. Signposts had stated that this lead to a village and he was eager to see what had become of mankind in his absence.

As an angel he still retained most of his powers and so, after viewing several passerbys, mostly in strange mechanical vehicles or two wheeled self-propelled devices, Turael was able to conjure up a glamour to render himself unsuspicious to the normal human eye.

The land had much changed during his time in limbo, as even a cursory glance could tell. The land was not as lush and un-tamed as his brief time in the hinter-land known later as Gaul had shown him. During his trek he had only spied the minimal amount of creatures, mostly small birds and rabbits, the odd mouse or two. It seemed that the human expansion into the natural world repelled other creatures not human in appearance. Buildings soon began cropping up on alongside the road, and several smaller roads branched off into a web of yet more buildings and signposts. It appeared Turael was now in an inhabited area.

The mere size of the place surprised Turael. For, even though he knew this was not the largest of villages, the very number and state of the closely packed buildings rose up around the individual. Unlike the wooden huts of the early dwellings, these were crafted from stone and metal. Materials he had never laid his immortal eyes upon surrounded him as hundreds of people passed him by, intent on their daily lives. Contraptions for everything and nothing, everything was so loud even to him.

Walking along the pavement engrossed in what he saw, Turael was suddenly pulled from his reverie by a dark shadow streaking across his path. Turning sharply he stared back after the thing as it shot into a darkened space between two of the stone buildings.

[i]He will not be pleased....[/i]

The whispering voice made Turaels blood run cold. Turning he sprinted down the alleyway, intent on seeking the make of the voice.

[i]The gateway lies open. He will not be pleased...[/i]

Turael looked about himself wildly seek the shadow whom he knew was the barer of those words. The voice was taunting, almost lyrical, surrounding him in the shadows. Breathing hard Turael struck his fist upon the wall.

"Reveal yourself demon, show thy cursed visage to me!" His bellow echoed through the stone-walled alley. A startled cat leapt from its hiding place beneath a dumpster, to quickley make its exit over the chain-linked fence at the other end. Glaring after the cat, Turael whirled sharply as he felt an ice cold touch upon his cheek. Peering into the darkness of the shadows Turael growled as a figure began to manifest itself. The lithe, so obviously female form stepped out from the shadows that concealed it. Long ebony hair framed pointed features and the simple outfit of jeans and a black, open-necked blouse did nothing to conceal the dark, evil aura coming from her in waves.

Raising an eyebrow the demon stalked forward, eye to eye with Turael she laughed in depreciation.

"Strong words angelic, but I think you will find it is you who are cursed, not I." Her soft voice was quiet, like a whisper and yet roared through Turaels ears like that of a lion. Turael shot out his hand and wrapped his fingers around the throat of the demon in one deft moment, a look of disgust plain on his features.

"Do not forget your place she-demon. I may be out of favour with the Almighty but [i]you[/i] are even lower than that." His words spat venom as he released her with a shove, but his actions only caused her to laugh more.

"Prehaps, then again prehaps not. Even the Almighty does not forgive so lightly the second time round..." The demon sunk once more in the all consuming darkness, leaving Turael alone to ponder her words, words he surely knew not to be true... [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]"Who would have thought that the Vatican, holiest of holy places, would have an underground torture chamber under all that stone?" Axel said, looking at the monk strapped to the wall. The monk was in a bad way. His face was battered, blood dibbling out of his nose and mouth. One of his eyes was so scarred it was impossible to tell whether it was still in there or not, and the other was almost hanging out of its socket. One of his arms was missing, all that was left a bleeding stump. You could barely recognise him for the blood and scarring.

Axel stood by the fire, the orange flames lighting up his face, casting shadows onto the walls. He held a poker in the flames, waiting until the end was red hot. He pulled the poker from the fire and walked over to the monk, holding the hot end against his stomach. He screamed in pain, blood splattering from his mouth onto the floor.

"What do you say? Are you ready to die? Or can you stand more punishment?" asked Axel, rage burning in his eyes. The monk grunted.

"I'll take that to mean 'Yes Axel, I am ready to die now!'" he cried, drawing his sword and stabbing it into the monk's stomach. He died almost instantly, due to the prior blood loss. Axel laughed and withdrew his blade, wiping the blood off it with the monk's robe.

"And now for the final act," said Axel to no-one but himself, "The destruction of the one who almost killed me. My revenge against Gregory the Eighteenth. Tonight the world will mourn for the loss of the Pope!"[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1]Izzic bellowed triumphantly as another fell to his axe. His roar shook the very foundations of the tower! The armies of would feel this, the loss of a full tower's disciples. The bretheren of slaughter ranked among hells greatest soldiers, the elite shock troops, and Izzic had slain a full tower.
His eyes gazed almost euphorically on the slaughter around him, dismemberd, cloven bodies lay strewn about haphazardly, many in pieces. Blood ran thick and in great waves, like a river, cascading down the ebony steps like a waterfall.
Izzic sank to his knees, grabbing handfulls of demon flesh, and feast, letting the warm blood run down his chin and drip on his bared chest. He was in his demon form still, his excitement raging, his powers nearly running full. The fear, the terror, the mayhem! It fed him, sated his voracious appetite. Another troop of demons came bounding up the stairs, hooting, calling for Izzics blood. He drew his dirk, the demons laughed at the pitifull weapon, not understanding it's true deadliness.
Izzic waited for them to close the distance before he uttered a single word to himself. He swung, the blade extending a full three feet. The elegant, deadly blade sliced through armor and flesh alike, like a hot knife through butter. The front ranks fell , blood spraying like rain from the wounds, drenching Izzic even further. He launched into the scattering figures, giggling like a madman, no longer truly seeing. His insanity had fully gripped him.

He whirled about, becoming a living whirlwing of of bladed, firey death. When he stopped he took no notice of the corpses around him, his tounge hung out of his mouth like a rabid dogs. He burst forward, going full out for the base of the tower, slaughter the few that remained. The great bronze doors stood before him, drawing close almost instantly. Izzic crashed headlong into them.
The doors shuddered from the weight of the impact, but moved no more. Izzic charged again and again, the dent becoming wider and deeper with each hit. Outside, demons and damned souls alike scrambled to reinfofrce the failing doors, fearing the wrath that would come with the crazed demons realese.

Izzic hit the doors harder, smelling his prey, catching the scent of their fear. They finaly broke upon from his relentless assault. He met a volley of arrows, the swung his sword about cutting several fromt he air, but many still won through. Several demons cried out, seeing their threat become a living pincushion before their eyes.
Izzic paid the arrows no head, to the horror of all around him, He rushed ahead sword arcing around him, taking life and limb from those unfortunate to be on the front line.
Izzic truly was enjoying himself...There was no keeping of any radar now...[/SIZE]
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[color=blue][size=1]Jin landed on the floor beside Renee, who had stepped to the side just moments before. She let out a few 'tsks', then grinned.

"My, my. You should know better than that. Manners, dear Jin. Manners," she taunted. The angry demon's temper grew worse and worse with each passing moment, disgusted by her opponent's taunting. Without a word, she spun around and, on her back, launched a kick at Renee.

Grabbing her around the ankle, Renee twisted it nearly all the way around with a sickening crack. Howling in pain, Jin clawed at the floor, trying to pull herself away.

"Does that hurt?" Renee asked with a fake look of surprise on her face. She turned Jin's ankle a bit to make it less painful. "How about now?" She couldn't hold it in now. Her grin returned to her face, malice glinting in her eyes.

[i]'How fun this is! I've waited for a long time, Jin. A looong time.'[/i]

"You.. bitch.." Jin grunted through her painful squeals. "Aw. Name calling isn't very polite, Jin. What did I say about manners?" Renee giggled, returning her ankle further back. Jin screamed in pain while Renee squealed in delight.

Jin, still in pain, attempted to escape Renee's grasp. She expanded her wings, even though they were beneath her, so that they stretched from one wall to the other. Beginning to flap rapidly, Jin's body began to lift from the messy floor. But to her dismay, Renee kept a tight grip on her ankle.

The higher she got, the worse it was. Soon, Renee grew tired of her screams. "Oh, shut up," she ordered, pulling out her sword again. But before she could bring it down upon her prey, it yelped.

"No! Mercy! I beg of you!" Jin cried, tears beginning to stream down her face. Renee paused, holding her sword in striking position. Her eyes were wide, and her smile gone. Jin's screaming was replaced with her whimpering and heavy breathing.

".. Mercy?"

Jin's tears started up again, and she began to moan. "Please, Renee. I beg of you.." she persisted.

"You expect.. mercy? From [i]me[/i]?" Renee gaped, staring at Jin with her wide eyes.

"Please.." she whimpered again. "Please.. You've done enough.."


"No? B-But-! You can't! Yo-You've already--"

"Quiet," Renee snapped, spinning her ankle all the way around, then slicing it off. The screams returned. "You don't deserve mercy. [i]Whore[/i]," she snarled before sending her sword through Jin.

The screaming stopped, and the blood filled the floor, but Renee didn't care. She turned to Nier.

"She is your mate?"

"Well.. She was," he laughed, as if he hadn't just seen her die. Renee dropped the bloody foot ontop of the dead demon's body, and tugged her sword out. She walked over to Nier and sat beside him.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=Gray][SIZE=1]When Dain finished the explanation he looked over at his mother, who sat quietly before them. "So, you havn't said why you've come here? You were exiled from Heaven, I don't care. What do you want with me?" their mother asked, full of scourn towards her very own sons. Dain grunted "We merely need a place to stay and plot our next move. However, if you wish us to leave I would gladly oblige and abandon this rotting pit you call a home." Lucia laughed and rose from the table "You may stay as long as you like, but watch yourself. Another comment like that and you'll find yourself dead upon the bed you've asked to sleep in." And with that she walked from the room, the door closing behind her.

Dain sighed and looked to his brother, who sat quietly in a chair adjacent to his own. "Mother was never much of a people person" Dain voiced, laughing hesitantly. Wyatt, however, did not laugh, nor did he express any emotion whatsoever. They sat quiet for a moment, Wyatt finally breaking the silence "Is that really our mother? How could father be seduced by a creature such as that? She's so, evil, and corrupt. It pains me to know her blood flows through my veins." Dain sighed "I know brother, but look at yourself. You've become great, and it's not just father that made you that way. We are part angel, and part demon. Those soot black wings adorning your back, those are your mother's." Wyatt nodded, finally coming to terms with his mother was hard. He'd never really met her, and it was almost impossible for them to relate.

Dain rose from the table "C'mon brother, lets get some rest. It's been a long day." Wyatt did the same, smiling at his brother "Thanks" he spoke quietly. Although the brothers seldomly talked about it, they had an unspoken bond, and a deep love and understanding for each other. Dain walked to his room and swung open the door. It was dark and he walked around the room lighting candles helping to illuminate the surroundings. He checked for traps or things seeming out of order, he never really trusted his mother and wouldn't be taken by surprise by any of her tricks. He took off his shirt and layed down his arms behind his head. His eyes closed slightly as he began to drift off to sleep.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Kairi is busy with personal things at the moment so he'll be posting less and I'll be working with his character a bit more. Everyone is doing really well, keep it up[/SIZE]
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[b]OOC: [/b]Sorry its been a while. Meant to post sooner.

[color=Navy]Sakura walked through the streets, she didn't even know where she was, the surroundings were unfamilair. She approached people to try to ask for directions but they fled from her. She guessed it was because she had wings and carried weapons on her body.

She sighed sadly and went into a store. The people inside trembled with fear as she walked in. Sakura just looked at them and went to a stand that sold maps. It told her that she was in a place called Japan. And the name of the country triggered something in her memory and she saw an image of a house, a distinctive house if she saw it.

Sakura smiled brightly, she had a first clue of where to find who she really was. She walked out of the shop and unfurled her large white wings. Sakura pushed off and took to the skies, she hovered in midair, looking around. It was a beautiful place. She flew off and looked down below her, taking in the scenes and looking for the house at the same time.

Sakura flew for hours before finding the house. She landed as softly as she could and rested her aching wings. She looked at the building and compared it to the mental image she had gotten. She swallowed and knocked on the door.

After several moments the door opened and the person jumped back in fright.

[b]"Please, don't be afraid. I'm just looking for something." [/b]Sakura pleaded.

The woman was trembling visibly but let her in anyway, probably scared of Sakura using the glaive on her, though she wouldn't do such a thing.

As soon as Sakura stepped through the threshold she got another image of the inside of a room.

[b]"Do you mind if I search around a little?" [/b]Sakura asked kindly, resting her glaive against the door so the woman would hopefully relax.

She did and nodded to her. Sakura thanked her and walked around the house, opening all the doors. It was visible that the woman had a husband, when Sakura found the right room, it was obvious she also had a daughter.

She got another image of a brick with the mortar around it cut away. Sakura looked around the room, all the walls were covered with posters. She felt each of the posters, trying to feel the material of a brick.

[b]"Was there a brick in this room that no matter what, couldn't be painted over?" [/b]Sakura asked.

[b]"Yes...Behind that large poster." [/b]the woman said quickly.

Sakura pulled away the poster carefully and pried the loose brick out, inside was a shoebox that she also took out, then she replaced the brick and poster. Another image told her to go to a park with sakura trees that she had seen on the way over. Sakura thanked the woman and left her house, flying over to the park where she sat in a large cherry blossom tree which was the only one in bloom, that was given to her in another mental picture.

She started to lift the lid off the shoebox, revealing what was inside.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]I decided to stop here. I'm still not sure if we have our wings or whatever.[/color]
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