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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][QUOTE=The London Times, November 2nd, 1998][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Yesterday, a tragedy occured in a small town outside of Stuttgart, Germany, as respected Physician Rudolph Kass Faustus, 38, and his wife, Mallory, 36, were found murdered in their home. The Stuttgart police have investigated the home and questioned neighbours, but no evidence has been found as of yet. From coroners reports, both died of severe lascerations and witnesses upon their removal from the scene by medical personel have reported that both were extremely mutilated.

The police state that they have no suspects as of this time, but they are continuing to question colleagues of Dr. Faustus', who was apparently on the verge of a major breakthrough.

The attack as left the Faustus' two children, Wolfgang and Allyson, mainly uninjured. Wolfgang, 16, has suffered injuries to his eyes, as has Allyson, 12, but neither is life-threatening or, states Dr. Rupert Vossburg of Stuttgart General Hospital, "immediately injurious to either child's vision."

So far, the only clues the police have is some ash residue on the ground and what neighbours report as, "a lingering smell of bad eggs." Police representatives are refusing comment on these clues at this time.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=The LA Times, October 21st, 2006][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]In two days time, on October 23rd, 2006, the Nobel Prize will once again be given out for those who have achieved great things this past year. But standing above the great events is the even greater history of one recipient of an award, Dr. Wolfgang Bernard Faustus.

In the winter of 1998, Dr. Faustus lost his family at the hands of a still uncaptured killer who left his parents brutally murdered, and his younger sister and him orphaned, to be placed in the care of their grandparents, Ulrich and Grizelda Faustus. And while this tragedy would crush the spirit of some, it seems that it only inspired Dr. Faustus to great things.

Only a year after the death of his parents, Faustus entered the Berlin School of Medicine at the young age of 17. His brilliant mind propelled him through the courses and, in only 5 years times, he had recieved his Masters Degree in Biochemistry. This monumental achievement was made in spite of the gradual blindness that was developing in his left eye - a remnant of the attack that took his parents.

Now, Dr. Faustus is to recieve the Nobel Prize in Science and Medicine for his work on the AIDS virus, with help from his research team, consisting solely of his sister Alyssa Faustus, his research assistants Drs. Karl Heidelburg and Johannes Mann, and himself.

Dr. Faustus will be making his way to the stage with his eccentric sister and his prized Rottweiler, Holly.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

1. A person, especially a physician, dentist, or veterinarian, trained in the healing arts and licensed to practice.
[INDENT]a. A person who has earned the highest academic degree awarded by a college or university in a specified discipline.
b. A person awarded an honorary degree by a college or university. [/INDENT]
3. [I]Abbr.[/I] [B]Dr.[/B] Used as a title and form of address for a person holding the degree of doctor.

One who practices sorcery; a wizard.

1: one who practices magic or sorcery [syn: sorcerer, magician, wizard]
2: one who practices divination by conjuring up the dead

1. often Devil In many religions, the major personified spirit of evil, ruler of Hell, and foe of God. Used with the.
2. A subordinate evil spirit; a demon.
3. A wicked or malevolent person.

1. The prescribed order of a religious ceremony.
2. The body of ceremonies or rites used in a place of worship.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=The Tome of Verrücktarzt][SIZE=1][COLOR=SlateGray]Take up your cauldron, black as coal
Poure in thy waters of a downed man
Add the ashes of arson,
Leafes that inspire the dark lust
Stir in the bloode of a harlot, and spittle of a greate wolfe
With teethe of silver
Stir the brewe with blood-stained sword
Then, ye add the viper's venome
And the hearts of three violent men
Wing of bat, feather of a flaming birde
Obsidian powder, and black sand too
Thick oil, a baby's life, and tongue of a begger
Last, the ring of a faithless wife and forged coin, wrapped in snake's skin
With winde at your back, water at your front, cold stone beneath, and fire burn 'round
Pour it int the skull of an angel, and add last the slothful soul and eyes of a sorcerer
Drink deep, and the dark shalle rise again[/COLOR][/SIZE][/QUOTE]

These are but a few of the hand-scrawled notes, newspaper clippings, and torn pages that fill the secret folder one Dr. Faustus has hidden in his office. Only he and his "research team" are privvy to their secrets, as only they could unwravel the mysteries.

Wolfgang Bernard Faustus was but a child when he heard the tale of his ancestor, the legendary Johannes Faustus. And when the story was through, he knew that he had to know what the old man did. On his tenth birthday, Faustus summoned up the devil Mephistopheles, and a pact was made. Faustus recieved knowledge in all fields, especially black magic, in exchange for something of great value. Not his soul, no, but something even greater for the wiley demon.

He wanted the boy's eyes.

Because Mephistopheles has found the Ritual of Schwarzgott, and with the aid of the Lords of Hell, he is going to carry it out. And if he succedes, he will break the barrier between Earth and Hell, and let the Apocalypse come forth.

When Faustus was 16, the devil came calling. He wanted to collect his prize, but the boy's parents made a tantelizing offer. Their souls, for the boys life. They bought him and his sister time...but time is running out. Distasters are popping up all over the world, tied to bizarre supernatural events. And only the tortured doctor and his few believers can end it.

With his Hellhound at his side, and the secrets of black magic at hand, Faustus plans to stop Mephistopheles. But terrible things stand in his way...[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]"Now that the gloomy shadow of the earth
Longing to view Orion?s drizzling look,
Leaps from the antarctic world unto the sky,
And dims the welkin with her pitchy breath,
Faustus, begin thine incantations,
And try if devils will obey thy hest,
Seeing thou hast pray?d and sacrific?d to them.
Within this circle is Jehovah?s name,
Forward and backward anagrammatis?d,
The breviated names of holy saints,
Figures of every adjunct to the Heavens,
And characters of signs and erring 1 stars,
By which the spirits are enforc?d to rise:
Then fear not, Faustus, but be resolute,
And try the uttermost magic can perform."

Wolfgang read the words aloud once again, quickly snapping the battered leather book closed with a squeeze. The worn volume bore fading letters on its cover, reading simply, "Faustbuch". He set it carefully onto his desk, leaning back in his plush chair and resting his eyes closed. And from memory, he recited the incantation.

"[I]Sint mihi Dei Acherontis propitii! Valeat numen triplex Jehovae! Ignei, aerii, aquatani spiritus, salvete! Orientis princeps Belzebub, inferni ardentis monarcha, et Demogorgon, propitiamus vos, ut appareat et surgat Mephistophilis. Quid tu moraris? per Jehovam, Gehennam et consecratum aquam quam nunc spargo, signumque crucis quod nunc facio, et per vota nostra, ipse nunc surgat nobis dicatus Mephistophilis[/I]."

The words flowed smoothly off his tongue, with none of the fear or stutter that it contained that night so long ago. The night he summoned Mephistopheles, and promised away his eyes.

The raspy padding, soft and quiet, heralding Holly's entrance. Faust opened his good eye and rolled it over to look at the skinny hound. His eyes smouldered in their sockets, and his long pink tongue hung as he panted slowly. A leash trailed after him.

"Did Alyssa give you a good walk, Holly?"

The dog barked a sharp reply, and just then the stomping footsteps rang out as Alyssa charged up.

"Your damned dog ran off without me again!" she yelled.

Wolfgang smiled softly. Alyssa's words were, of course, more acurate than she intended.

"Of course he's damned...he's a Hellhound, Alyssa."

Alyssa flushed and opened her mouth to say something, but paused. Wolfgang could see her face twisting in agony, and felt hot pain rush through his eyes. His blind eye felt like it was on fire, the other slightly better. He clutched his face with a gloved hound, snarling under his breath.



[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]And lo, the battle begins. Mephistopheles' arrival heralds the coming of the Apocalypse, and Faustus is going to be there, trying to stop it. And you will be there with him, I should hope.

The RP is divided in parts, for greater length, I'd hope. This is the beginning, [I]Ein Geschäft Mit Die Teufel[/I]. That's "A Deal With the Devil" for those who don't speak German. Faustus and his allies are off to face the Devil, while his minions wreak havoc across the city.

In addition to the Part System, I'm also going to impliment the Chapter System for some structure. Let's see how well I can pull this off, ne?

The major roles are, of course, Faustus and his sister/allies. However, that's not all. I need some outsiders, bystanders as it were. Some people to run and scream and let Faustus and the gang give the much needed Exposition.

Ready? Well, sign on up.

[B]Name:[/B] Faustus and his allies have their names, but feel free to choose, bystanders. This is starting in Germany, so please have it make sense.
[B]Appearance: [/B]
[B]Weapons:[/B] This is for Faustus' allies.
[B]Skills:[/B] Average, survival-based stuff. Marksmanship, tracking, etc.
[B]Character Snippit: [/B]

[B]Name:[/B] Dr. Wolfgang Bernard Faustus
[B]Age:[/B] 25
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Nationality:[/B] German

Faustus is a slender man, standing 6?0? tall, and weighing roughly 140 lbs. He has the hands of a doctor, with long, strong fingers that he usually protects with white gloves. Also, most of his weight comes from the muscle he has, and he regularly exercises to keep in shape. His features are strong and aristocratic, making him a handsome man.

His hair is dark brown, long, and fairly shaggy for a man of his profession. He has a slim moustache and a goatee, as well. His eyes, reminders of the tragic deal he made as a child, are catlike with crimson irises that flash like fire. He hides them with the dark glasses he always wears.

Though initially he gives one the impression of a rough, rebellious man still holding onto his teenage years, Faustus dispels this image with his clothing. He is well known for his simple, elegant style, usually comprised of a starched white shirt, ironed black slacks, and a black overcoat. The black-and-white continues with his always white socks, polished black shoes, and the white handkerchief that often emerges from his pocket.

Once again, he breaks the mold with his ?fetish? for jewelry. His left ear is pierced three times with silver studs, the right only once, but with a dangling silver pentagram. Around his neck he bears a sterling silver gothic cross, and on his fingers are various rings?at least, when he?s not wearing his gloves.

Faustus? sole weapon is a silver-skull topped cane, made of sleek, black varnished ash-wood. The mystical properties of ash make it an excellent tool against demons and other unholy beasts. The silver skull also has its benefits, the silver and the pentagram etched in it making it an excellent channeling device for his powers.

When Faustus made his pact with Mephistopheles, the Devil granted him great knowledge, particularly in the dark arts. Thus, Faustus has become a sorcerer, the likes of which haven?t been seen in many centuries.

Among his powers, Faustus has taken to the conjuring and controlling of demons and spirits. His greatest is the ability to call up a Hellhound, which manifests itself as a Rottweiler with blazing red eyes. He can manipulate the demon spirits, though his abilities in that are not quite yet fully realized.

Also, he can control the elements and the very human spirit, creating and manipulating them to his liking. His specialty lies in Fire, but he is quickly catching up with the other four.

Faustus is, despite what you might believe, a happy man. He's very pleasent to be around, as is usually smiling and sharing his dry wit. He's charming with men and, especially, women, garnering him a bit of a reputation as a ladie's man. His handsome features, romantic nature, and soft-spoken brilliance make for a popular one.

Still, he has a lot of pain. His inner turmoil and fear are thick and dark, but he tends to ignore it for the most part. But even if he ignores his misery for the most part, he spends many nights crying himself to sleep and is almost always waiting for the next whiff of sulfer or pang of pain in his eyes.

When angered, Faustus becomes more hateful than the demons he controls and destroys. He will stop at nothing short of death to tear evil asunder. Those who cross him will taste the fury of his powers, and with the new strength brimming just under the surface, he will soon become an even greater threat to demon-kind.

[B]Character Snippit:[/B] Well...see above.

Well, ready for the fight to begin? Then gather your strength, your crucifixes, and your valor. Because hell is on the horizon, and our greatest hero will need their strength to win.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] David Christianus IX

[B]Age:[/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Nationality:[/B] German

[B]Appearance:[/B] David is a tall, lanky fellow with long muscles and large hands and feet, which seem nearly disporportionate to his body. His skin is light and fair, common amongst his nation, his hair is a straight, dirty mixture of blonde and brown worn messily around his face. His eyes are hazel brown and clear, and always worn with a relaxed look. His jaw his thin and long, as is his entire face. He stands at an akward 6'1" and weights 150 lbs, exactly. He is usually seen wearing a dissheveled pin striped suit of black with an opened jacket and untucked under shirt with half the buttons undone. On his feet, he wears a simple pair of cloggy black shoes.

[B][U]Weapons: [/U][/B]

[B]Vormandwolf the Homunculus:[/B] David's bodyguard, created by the original David Christianus, an 18th century alchemist known for his homunculus creations. Vormandwolf is a humanoid wolf, often mistaken for a werewolf, he has the head of a grey-haired wolf, as his the rest of his body covered in similar hair. His hands are riddled with black claws in place of fingernails. His legs are human down to the knee, which under are legs of a wolf, which allows him to stand like a human, but run like a wolf, he wears a pair of long green pants to cover his unusual legs. To add to his intimidating appearance, Vormandwolf's eyes are a bloody red. Vormandwolf stands at a stocky 4'10", his body is thick with visible muscles, which contains his other-wordly strenght and speed. Aswell as possessing this, he is also a very intelligent being, possessing the mind of a human, and the fury of a beast.

[B]The Tome of Christianus:[/B] An ancient book containing the personal notes of David's alchemist ancestor. Contains spells, incantations, and necromantic curses, all of which are cliff-noted for quick reference by David for his combat with demons. Each page contains the proper ingredients that David requires to perform any particular spells, which he has to constantly reload after each battle. David can, at a moment's notice, open the book, and unleash any spell from within it's pages due to his years of practice.

[B]Skills:[/B] With the help of Vormandwolf, David is a valuable tracker and navigator. He is also blessed with a muscular body and has taken the time away from learning the teachings of his ancestor to learn martial arts fighting techniques, particularly Tae Kwon Do. He does this so he can further protect himself if all other attempts before hand fail.

[B]Personality:[/B] Laid back, calm, and noticably arrogant, David is a youthful man with little doubts about his own abilites. Coupled with his self-confidence, David never shows his true emotions, always hiding it under an easy smile, when truly, underneath, he is calculating his movements and understanding his surroundings.

Vormandwolf is furious in battle, and will do all it takes to protect David, but he is also a form of parental figure to David. He is always acting against his youthful mistakes and picking up the mess he leaves behind, Vormandwolf is a dedicated servant to David, and will always make sure his tasks are completed.

[B]Character Snippit:[/B]

David sat quietly in the library of his family's home, infront of a large table, stacked with books and papers, all of which appeared aged. David's home was a large and lonely place occupied only by him and Vormandwolf, whom David had inherited from his dead father's will. Life had been very harsh and lonely to David, whom found that the only support he would ever receive would be from himself, he had very much fallen into his studies, searching through book, tome, text, etc. to gain the knowledge from his ancestor's, who had left behind countless gifts of knowledge to him. David himself, wished to leave behind a tome of knowledge himself to his descendant, if he were to ever have one.

A solitary knock came to the library's large wooden door. It was Vormandwolf, as to be expected. "Enter..." David uttered to him with a tired voice.

Vormandwolf entered slowly. "Master Faustus would like to speak with you, sir.", the stocky wolf-man said in a placid tone.

"That wash out? *Sigh*... Tell him I'm busy." David said, still peering into one of his books.

"You don't look very busy to me." Spoke a voice all too familiar to David.

David sighed again, and looked up to see Dr. Faustus standing behind Vormandwolf. "I don't remember saying you could enter." David said with a cocky smile at Faustus.


I hope that is correct. Inform me if I need any changes.
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[b]OOC: [/b]I'm very interested in this. I hope I can get in.
[b]EDIT: [/b]I finally finished the Character Snippet, sorry if it took a long time. I couldn't think of much either so it isn't too great.
[b]EDIT2: [/b]I changed my weapons and adjusted some other info accordingly.

[color=Navy][size=1][b]Name:[/b] Sakura Adolpha

[b]Age:[/b] 18

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Nationality:[/b] Japanese/German [Mixed]

[b]Appearance: [/b]Sakura stands at a height of 5'6" and weighs a light 100lbs. She is evenly proportioned all 'round and nothing looks too big or out of place. Her hair is a shiny blonde colour that reaches down to her waist, and she has thoughtful, hazel brown eyes. Sakura always wears a pair of brown gloves that reach up to above her elbow, where it meets her long sleeved, black top which she keeps pushed up above the elbow. Her pants are made of a leathery type material and cover the leg part of her black, knee high boots.

[b]Weapons:[/b] Sakura herself is a weapon, with only one other thing to help her. She's been trained by the best martial arts teachers from around the world and has mastered all of them. But she also, [/size][/color][size=1][color=Navy]Sakura carries two [url="http://img209.exs.cx/img209/9176/jerichoall9ot.jpg"]guns[/url] [top left corner] in holsters that use pure silver bullets.[/color][/size]
[b]Skills:[/b] Sakura's main skill is strength and endurance, she can continue to fight or run for hours on end and she has the strength to do so and she has pin point accuracy with her guns, always striking her target.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sakura is a quiet person and prefers to do things silently. Like when doing research, she sits and reads, making notes, without saying a word, the only sound able to be heard being the sound of her pen or pencil writing and her soft breathing.

Sakura can sometimes be paranoid and she always has her clawed gloves with her in case she runs into trouble. She nevers acts irrationally, thinking everything through before acting. During battles, Sakura is calm and collected, never being put off by the taunts of an enemy. Sakura hates to fail at anything and is incredibly determined and stubborn.

But underneath the cold outer surface, she's a kind person and will act friendly to someone she knows well, becoming the opposite of what someone would see on a first impression.

[/size][/color][color=Navy][size=1]In Sakura's free time, she enjoys practising her martial arts skills and she often goes for long, leisurely runs, its just a time where she can get away from the books and everything else.[/size][/color]
[b]Character Snippit: [/b]
Sakura sat silently at a table, the table was covered in papers and books, with a lined notepad and pen sitting on top of it all. She frowned and picked up a thick book with tattered pages and a worn cover, she ran her glove covered fingers along the symbols which were on the page, comparing them to another book on the table, the translation wasn't making sense. She tore off the current page on the notepad and picked up the pen, writing transferring the symbols to letters in English.

She did that very quickly until she came to the spot when it went wrong. Sakura picked up a magnifying glass and looked at the particular symbol that was causing her so much trouble, she examined it carefully and checked each of the symbols on the translation book.

Sakura's eyes hurt after looking for so long and finding nothing, she pushed her blonde hair over her shoulders and looked around the room, it was very quiet, it was her personal library with shelves full of books that reached the roof. Her parents had been rich and Sakura inherited it all.

She picked up her holsters that carried her two guns from the table and put them on, around her waist, pushing the chair back. It was getting dark and she had been working on the translation for the entire day. Sakura walked out of the library, her black boots clicked against the marble floor.

The large house that she owned was quiet, there were some far off sounds of the servants and maids doing work, but they knew Sakura liked silence so they tried to do it as quietly as they could. She walked through the familiar halls, coming to a set of spiral stairs. They were also made of marble, like the rest of the floors, and the hand rail was made of oak with gold trimmings. Sakura climbed, resting her hands on the smooth wood.

Sakura reached the upper floor and continued walking until she reached large double doors that she pushed open gently. Inside was her suite, it had practically everything anyone would need. She walked over to her large bed and sat down, she was tired and her eyes hurt, yet she would be going out later.
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[size=1][b]Name:[/b] Deirdre Kearney

[b]Age:[/b] 24

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Nationality:[/b] Irish

[b]Appearance:[/b] Of an average height and an athletic build, Deirdre?s Irish heritage comes out in her brilliant green eyes, deep red-brown hair, and an almost superfluous amount of freckles. She?s got a wide, easy grin and is as quick with that as she is with a knife. Tattooed on her lower back are the words [i]aut vincere aut mori[/i], which in latin means ?either conquer or die.?

Deirdre is a very casual dresser and it?s rare that you would ever see her in anything other than jeans. Occasionally she?ll rock out the pants suit and a pair of stilettos but vanity is still a sin and considering her line of work, she doesn?t want to stretch things.

[b]Weapons:[/b] She?s got a pair of gauntlets that stretch up her forearm, the knuckles of which are plated with silver and are very well used. A four-inch dagger, also silver, finds its home in the left gauntlet. One might discover a bit too late that numerous other knives decorate her person and the speed at which she can pull them and throw is remarkable. All the blades are inscribed with a cross, just above the hilt.

[b]Skills:[/b] She has excellent aim, and likes to brag that she never misses her mark (it?s mostly true). Deirdre is incredibly strong for a woman and she?s got the right hook to prove it. Her fighting skills are next to none, and she enjoys street boxing when she?s not kicking demonic ***. She's had nightmares about demons all her life that double as visions. Though they cost her sleep, sometimes they contain valuable information about current uprisings and dealings with demons and black magic in general.

[b]Personality:[/b] Fun-loving and very fond of liquor, Deirdre has the tendency to be a little rowdy. She?s not the most subtle woman in the world, and though she always means well, there are times when she does or says rather inappropriate things. Interestingly enough, she is devout in her beliefs. She was raised very traditionally in that regard, but it?s been a while since Catholic school and Deirdre has seen and heard things that no human should ever have to. Her dealings with demons and other various forms of evil have, of course, helped to shape her personal system of beliefs.

[b]Character Snippit:[/b] It was definitely not the first time in her life that Deirdre found herself a long way from home. She would be lying if she said she didn?t miss the sisters. But Germany was prime stomping ground for demons these days and the women had been adamant that she make the trip east. There were important people to meet here, important events that would take place, and Deirdre would need to be a part of them. ?Wonderfully cryptic, as always,? she muttered under her breath, but the quick smile was proof of her love for the sisters and their cause.

They had been the ones to take her in and give her shelter when no one else would help a dirty, runaway brat. They taught her and encouraged her and showed her the love of God when she needed it most. And when it became obvious that the little nobody was a little more than that, they trained her. Through their connections she found her place among those like her. She still had her nightmares, but at least now she knew what they really were, how to put them to use.

Those nightmares were what brought her to Germany now. Things were stirring to an apex. That much she could feel, but the bigger details were still entirely too vague and the sisters weren?t talking. She respected them, loved and trusted in them and in God, but she was not the kind of woman who had a lot of patience when it came to being led around blindly. She would need some answers soon, and Germany was the place for it.

But first, before meeting any of these mysterious people she was supposed to meet, Deirdre needed to make a very urgent, important stop.

The pub was dimly lit and smelled of beer and smoke and, interestingly enough, citrus. She assumed the citrus was there in an attempt to cover up the beer and smoke, but it wasn?t working all that well. She sat at the bar, setting her bag on the seat next to her. She was not worried about pickpockets or thieves. If they knew what kind of toys she had hidden on herself, they?d be the ones worried.

?Evening, darling. What?ll you be having??

Deirdre smiled, and sighed pleasantly. ?Oh, the choices.?[/size]
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[color=#141416][font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Name[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]- Vedette Fitzgerald [/font]
[font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Age[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]- 23[/font]
[font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Gender[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]- Female[/font][font=monotype corsiva][size=4]
[b]Nationality[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]- Austrian [/font]

[font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Appearance[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]-

5?6?, what heavier women would consider ?unhealthily thin--almost anorexic-looking?, and milky skin. Vedette, despite how voluptuous her name sounds, is anything but. Her striking facial features take on an androgynous charm. Her chest lacks a woman?s characteristic. Because of these factors, Vedette is often mistaken as a [feminine] male. Out of her brothers and sisters, Vedette is the lightest. In fact, she is so pale, her parents feared she had an illness. But alas, Vedette is in perfectly good physical health. Her long, lightly curled pale hair hangs like spider webs just below her buttocks. Vedette?s hair is a natural color, but unnatural. An ?extremely faded blonde?, as her friends would describe, ?almost as if she were completely gray-headed?. Her face is graced with the family trademark of light golden eyes. They shimmer mysteriously, almost drowning you within her exquisite, exotic mystique; especially when she?s excited or aroused.

Playful with the idea of androgyny, Vedette is usually seen in men?s wardrobe. However, she loves being a woman and pays most attention to style and appearance. She usually wears crimsons and black, and loves soft vinyl and leather. Her favorite outfit is a pair of deep crimson, soft vinyl pants, a satin, long-sleeved blouse that zips up to her neck, and a black velvet over coat that flows to her knees. On her feet, Vedette usually wears a pair of black, lace-up boots that buckle every so often.

(For an image of what Vedette would look like, see the attachment at the end of this post.)

[/font][font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Weapons-[/b][/font][/size]

[font=tahoma] Superstitious, Vedette had a silver chain crafted from a melted crucifix from her country?s most prestigious cathedral. She wears it as an outfit accessory invariably, and pins it onto the family crest medallion. The chain Vedette keeps close is not just a fashion accessory, it is also what Vedette uses to slay/expel demons and evil spirits.

The medallion, in of itself is a locket containing a deadly poisonous powder. If mixed with food or drink, or if inhaled, the poison works swiftly and silently. The victim slips into a peaceful sleep, and never wakes up. There is no known antidote for this poison.

And just for good measure, Vedette favors her knives. Butterfly knives are her favorite, and she uses them the most. The knives were blessed by the priest of the cathedral her chain was crafted.[/font]

[font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Skills[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]-

Swift and sneaky, agile and fluid, Vedette uses a style of tranquility in both killing and prayer. Ah, prayer. Even though she is against her religion, Vedette is married to it by force of curiosity and fascination. Her family priest (who soley agreed to helping her as to help rid the world of evil) taught her all she knows about religion. And he also taught her many prayers that can be used against evil spirits. Some of the prayers are just as dark as the spirits, and are as powerful. Vedette is limited to certain prayer on the fact that the meditation is so strenuous. Those prayers are reserved for times where she can study her enemy, and has the luxury of attacking at her own time. [/font]

[font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Personality[/b][/font][/size][font=tahoma]-

Vedette is quite different from other girls. Mysterious, dark, and sometimes cold, but charismatic and people-loving. Her favorite past time is to watch people and figure out their lifestyle and personalities. As quiet as she is, she has a meticulous perception of people and adores spending time with them. Her family can tell you that Vedette rarely ever gets angry, but when she does, you had better believe in God.[/font]

[font=monotype corsiva][size=4][b]Character Snippit[/b][/font][/size]-

[font=tahoma]?You?ve got to be kidding me, Vedette,? her brother joked, ?You want to be a member of the clergy of St. Peter?s Cathedral??

?I do,? Vedette grinned mischievously.

Her brother shook his head in surprise and disbelief. He sat back in his brown leather high-back chair. He folded his arms tightly over his chest. Thick, black material wrinkled over his arms, making his chest look twice as big. His neck mimicked the material as the white collar wrapped around it snuggly. His office smelt of incense; so strong, Vedette?s eyes watered.

?It?s impossible. For one, you are a woman. Secondly,? he stood up and walked over to his sister, ?you don?t believe in God. You believe in dark magic. And you sin profusely, and quite knowingly, unceremoniously.?

?Yes, but isn?t God supposed to forgive me of my sins if I am to change my ways?? Vedette giggled and played lightly with her chain. It was funny to her; her brother was right, but she had a strange fascination with religion. He ignored her remark and continued.

?And,? he pointed at the tattoo on her stomach, ?you?ve branded yourself a witch.?

?Hm, that could pose a problem with Him, eh?? Vedette looked at her freshly polished fingernails.

?I risk my life to see you, Vedette. I wish you would appreciate that,? he sighed and pulled at his collar.

?I know you do, Ernest. And I do appreciate your kindness. No one else would do what you do for me,? Vedette squeezed her brother?s hand, ?Thank you, my dear brother. I promise, I won?t be bothering you any more.?

?I didn?t mean to disappear, Vedette,? Ernest took her hand.

?I?m not going to make you worry about being excommunicated. You love being a priest, you love God, and you have faithful members. I don?t want to see you lose your life?s work because of me,? Vedette curled her hand and pulled away, ?Besides, I?m going to help you, in a strange way.?

?How?s that?? Ernest turned around to pick up a book from his desk. Vedette assumed it to be the Bible, seeing as how he was supposed to be getting ready for a eulogy. Their father?s eulogy. This is the reason for her visit, and only Ernest would allow her to be at the funeral.

?I?m going to be a private exorcist for a German.?

?I don?t believe you! See, you lie frequently!? Ernest spun around, nearly dropping the Bible.

?I am not lying. I have been practicing the ceremony for many years, and I am proficient enough. I actually performed a ceremony for our governor?s wife; she believed she was being possessed by a lust-hungry demon. Turns out, she was just going starting menopause. I didn?t realize she was that old,? she laughed.

?Then you were unsuccessful,? Ernest bluntly spouted.

?In that case, yes. But my most recent exorcism proved to be pleasingly successful. I helped Father Almedia of the Vatican. You should remember in the news of his despair and religious torment. He was battling it for more than thirty years. He was infested with a demon that feasted on his weakness; pride. He was very prideful in his youth, and someone cursed him for it. I got rid of the demon.?

?Of course I knew that. And I don?t remember seeing your name in the papers, or hearing it on the news when they said a miracle had happened.?

?You wouldn?t hear about me, idiot. I?m me, remember,? Vedette pointed at her face.

?Why, if you are sacrilegious, do you kill demons and evil spirits??

?Because, it helps me in the long run.?[/color][/font]
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[COLOR=DimGray][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Dr. Karl Heidelburg
[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Nationality:[/B] German
Standing at 6?3?, the doctor?s height is something he holds pride in. He weighs at 145, and has lean, muscular arms that attribute to a great portion of his weight. His arms have been toned through years of extensive weight-training and brawls, as Heidelburg was prone to getting in to trouble.

His hair is a light brown, which matches his tanned skin perfectly, and he spikes it every day. He enjoys the look it gives him, and finds it to be most interesting. His eyes are hazel toned, though he often wears a pair of thin, round sunglasses over them. His eyes are constantly in motion, absorbing the world around him.

Often does Heidelburg wear suits, for he loves the look of elegance he attains while wearing one. Consisting of a white, untucked shirt, a matching black jacket and pants, and a red tie, he?s almost never seen in public not informally dressed. A pendant dangles around his neck, an heirloom of his family?s lineage.

On his right ear he has three piercings, and on his right hand five archaic rings, though those are more then just jewelry. On his left hand he wears a glove with a gothic dross on it, the trademark of those who work close with Dr. Faustus.

[U][B]Weapons: [/B] [/U]

[B]Buch von Dämon Zauberei:[/B] The ?Book of Demon Sorcery?. Given to Heidelburg by Dr. Faustus, it?s one of the many books of dark magic written by him. Many powerful spells dwell in there, and Heidelburg has practiced them many times over and can perform them with great proficiency, but not nearly as well as Faustus.

[B]Tiefes von Zauberei:[/B] The ?Rings of Sorcery?. Rings imbued with some of the elemental powers of the great Faustus. As Fasutus? abilities grow, the power of the rings grow as well. Etched into the rings are the archaic symbols of the elements.

[B]Geschütze von Licht:[/B] ?Guns of Light?. Two normal handguns, but Heidelburg coats the bullets with holy water.

Besides using sorcery to his advantage, he is quite a skilled fighter. His blows are crushing, quick, and precise. He has great endurance and durability, and is extremely agile and versatile. He?s also got great aim with guns of all types, and never misses his mark.

Though an aged adult, his eccentric, vibrant attitude gives others the misconception that he is merely a young adult. He?s very passionate about his studies and shows it easily. Dr. Faustus and Heidelburg are very good friends, and meet often for lunch, to discuss work and life in general. Heidelburg is currently dating a nice woman, same age as him, and they live happily together with her German Sheperd, Spike.

He harbors a deep sense of justice and cannot stand to watch others be wronged. It hurts Heidelburg when he hears Faustus crying the nights they work late, and often finds himself crying as well. This compassion he holds for Faustus is nothing compared to the loyalty he has for the good doctor. He?ll follow him to the end of the Earth, and beyond. Heidelburg will be right at his side, aiding Faustus in his quest to prevent the Apocalypse.

[B]Character Snippit:[/B]
Heidelburg sighed, irritated slightly, but anxious moreso. He raised up his right hand, the ring of fire blazing. He opened the [I]Buch von Dämon Zauberei[/I] and read it over quickly.

blaze with thy might.
And if I am worthy,
let your might take flight.[/I]

He smiled and recited the words aloud.

[B]"Feuer, feuer,
flamme mit dein allmacht.
Und unter Ich bin würdig,
lassen dein allmacht nehmen flucht."[/B]

A plume of flame erupted from the ring, twirled around his hand, and hovered in th air. He moved his hands apart, and the flame increased. He laughed cheerily as his long-time gilfriend, Kristan, came walking down the stairs to the basement. She found him dancing around happily, a cloud of flame hovering above his head. She giggled.

[B]"Made a breakthrough, Honey?" [/B]

Heidelburg drove the fire around the room, lighting the many candles conveniently placed there. The flame dispersed afterwards, and Heidelburg ran over to his wife, embraced her, and kissed her deeply. As he kissed her, a sharp pain spread through his side, and he collapsed. Kristan bent over to assist him, frightened.

The phone rang suddenly, giving Heidelburg a start. The only people who call him on the basement's phone were Faustus and the other assistants, and only when it was a matter of urgency. Heidelburg assured Kristan he was okay, and she kissed his cheek and walked off to go make dinner. Heidelburg picked up the phone.


[B]"Karl? It's Wolfgang."[/B] There was an air of hurridness and anger in his voice.

[B]"Gutentag...You're probably going to explain the surge of pain that jsut occured to me, eh?"[/B] A slight laugh over the phone.

[B]"Obvious, is it? Well...Mephistopheles has appeared, and you know what that means..."[/B] Heidelburg stifled a gasp, and stammered into the phone.

[B]"M..Me...Mephistopheles! By jove...that means..."[/B] An arid laugh was heard through the phone.

[B]"Yes, Karl. The Apocalypse is upon us..."[/B]

[size=1][B]EDIT: Finished! Well, how's it look?[/B][/size]
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[size=1][color=#C82356][B]Name-[/B] Alyssa Faustus
[B]Age-[/B] 21
[B]Gender-[/B] Female
[B]Nationality-[/B] German
[B]Appearance-[/B] Alyssa is a woman of great beauty, grace, elegance, and aristocracy. Her ivory skin is accentuated by her carnation lips and pale green eyes that sparkle a bit of gold when in sunlight. Her chocolate brown hair falls past her shoulders to her elbows, giving volume and lifting her face, intensifying her eyes and adding a glow to her. To purify it even further, Alyssa possesses a flawless face that has not one scar or points of acne or anything of the like. Upon her face, she rarely wears make-up; perhaps only on a special occasion would she wear a bit of eye make-up and lip gloss.

Matching her faultless face, Alyssa maintains a curvaceous and limber body that comments her mildly built body that allows her to eat as constant as she wishes and never gaining a pound, nor does she have to work to keep her body frame and type. Her slim legs stand in elegant shoes that clip against the floors, her slender arms and piano-like hands hang beside her body as she walks. Her face gently sits atop her slightly broad shoulders and is decorated with nothing but a silver chain that keeps a silver cross in the middle of a circle, almost as if it were a bell. She also wears black men's sunglasses that she wears constantly and several rings around her colored nails. There has never been a day that Alyssa does not have a color upon her nails.

In appearance, this young woman seems to act and look older than her brother, when in fact, the real wild child lives within Alyssa Faustus. Yet, in public, Alyssa likes to give a certain order and show a sense of sophistication, and to show that, she wears women's business suits in any dark and sensuous color and in stripes or solid styles, along with that, she may, occasionally, wear cocktail dresses in, once again, dark and sensuous colors that come with either regular gloves or full gloves. If that does not suffice her, she chooses to wear silky camisoles, corsets, or any sort of blouse that catches her eye.

[B]Weapons-[/B] Being a user of dark magic, Alyssa?s only device to further her craft is through whatever she may get her hands on. If her limited use of magic isn?t enough, she tends to carry with her an Asiatic weapon, either hidden or seen, as well as other various weapons. She may be skilled and learnt well in holding a weapon, as well as martial arts along with over styles of fighting.

Should these fail, the Faustus girl relies on the uncommon and strong bond that she shares with her brother, the black hawk that follows her relentlessly, the ways of the kunoichi, and a weapon unlike any other that allows only a Faustus to hold, what is called, the Schwarz Heimgang- black death. It is ultimately more than one weapon, but disguised to look as a mere kanzashi pin.

[B]Skills-[/B] For quite some time, Alyssa has had a limit use of abilities in dark magic. She is quite skilled, even if her dark magic isn't great. She is also heightened in her senses, endurance, tolerance, stamina, strength, and speed. It is quite a spectacular sight for though she may be small, she has quite the power to make up for it. She also has extraordinary skills in stealth, tracking, marksmanship, and various other human abilities. It isn't unusual to see her holding a blade or some sort of Asian weapon in her hand, for she has taken interest in their weapons.

[B]Personality-[/B] Eccentric to the point of ultimate evil, perhaps she is, perhaps she's not. Though everyone knows that she is one who stays true to her belief and her mission, whatever it may be. Should anyone stand in her way, they shall receive a vexed woman who dislikes all who wish to do her away. Though she may be "deranged" and psychotic, as most say, she is clearly in her right mind and the sanest that she had ever been. She is filled with knowledge and wisdom, as well as loyalty and truth, but also filled with curiosity and much trouble. She has a tendency to shoot her sharp tongue filled with sarcastic words when it isn't needed, at other times, shoot her fists when it isn't needed either. Unintentionally, Alyssa usually gets into trouble and most of the time, her blunt truth and vicious ways are what put her there. It is her brother that must save her from these situations before it gets any worse.

Should anyone see themselves in a bout with Alyssa, they would fear her for anger does not have its limits in her. Emotions run astray within this child, never ceasing to stop. It is what makes Alyssa herself, almost as if it was a generator for her body and mind, as well as her soul. Most normal people would have slight dementia which would slowly erode their brain, but not Alyssa. How strange is it to see that her emotions do not control her, that she controls them, which is what she does at times, control those around her without even understanding how.

This Faustus child may look a woman, but beneath that girlish exterior is a beast waiting to escape and return to the surface, ripping apart the fascist look that conceals her. That does not mean that she has a liking of playing with men. Even though she won't dare get into bed with them, it wouldn't mean that she would make them feel as if they were loved and stomp on their heart afterwards. She saves herself for one man, though that man has not yet come forward. Albeit, Alyssa has strict morals and beliefs, she has rules she adheres to and will not break any of them for any reason, unless family is in danger.

[B]Character Snippet-[/B] [B]"Holly! Quiet down!"[/B]

In the house of Faustus lived a man, a woman, and a dog. They were not wed, nor were the engaged, but merely blood related. Their names were Wolfgang Bernard Faustus and Alyssa Faustus, two intelligent children bent on destroying the dark creature that the woman's brother had released.

It was a mild spring day where the wind breezed when there was no cloud in sight and the sun was spotted, though heat could not be felt. It was such a beautiful day for practice, except for the infernal racket that the dog was creating.

[B]"Holly! I can't concentrate."[/B] She sighed when the dog came to her side. [B]"Over there."[/B] Immediately, Holly went over and laid down in the shade underneath the tree, allowing Alyssa to concentrate on her magic.

Several small fires appeared on the tips of her fingers as she closed her eyes; they soon engulfed her hand, creating what looked like a bladed hand of fire. In a swift movement, Alyssa was able to cut through the stacks of brick in front of her with ease.

Smoke had slightly rose from the broken parts of brick, when a chuckle was heard. She looked to see who it was and saw her brother. Though Alyssa had a knack for the dark magic, she could never surpass her brother in what she practiced.

[B]"Excellent. Keep it up and soon the dark magic may compliment you, maybe even bend to your will."

"Too late for that, dear brother. The dark magic is bending just as we speak. And you? How goes the strive to obtain the other four elements?"[/B]

Without a word, Wolfgang presented to his younger sister what he had been learning. A single rose was created from the ground and given to Alyssa, then slowly deteriorating back to nothing.

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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Sorry if it's been a while. I do intend to start this soon, probably this weekend. However, I'd like everyone to finish their sign-ups first. I hope to get this in gear before you all lose interest, since I really liked this idea. I don't see anything right now that needs changing, and I'm rather pleasently surprised at all the inventive and unusual characters. Kudos.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Dr. Bethany Nesbitt
[B]Age:[/B] 26
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Nationality:[/B] English
[B]Appearance:[/B] Beth is a woman who stands tall and proud, her height reaching 5'10'' with well proportioned features and weight. She always has a small smile on her face, even if it isn't always reflected in her chocolaty eyes. She has long, thick eyelashes that make her eyes stand out on her pale face. She is a very understated woman, her hair never styled, only brushed, she also never wears make up or expensive clothes. Usually seen in a blouse and a long skirt, Beth tries hard to just blend in with everyone else despite her rather extreme line of work.

[URL=http://www.naimoka.com/image.php3?image=arts2/abe/Niea7/Arts/6.jpg]Here[/URL] is a picture to give you a better description of her.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Despite Beth's very quaint and gentle demeanour, she has trained in martial arts and archery since she was six years old. She can also handle a gun with expert skill, her father being a brilliant marksman in his time. Beth was always taught to protect herself against all the bad things that could happen in this world, hence the reason why her parents insisted she start learning karate and judo at such a young age. Now a black belt in both styles, as well as the two-years running women's archery champion in Europe, Beth is more than capable of defending herself against most manner of beings.

Beth is sceptical when it comes to the dark arts, demons and God, though she has never disbelieved in such things. She is one of those people who have to see things to believe it, which is one of the reasons why she has travelled to Germany. Her only weapon against demons would be her extensive knowledge of them as well as her sharp mind.

[B]Skills: [/B] Beth's main skill would be her expert shot. She can hit a target from 200 ft away with both a gun and an arrow. She has also been gifted with an incredibly sharp mind, bordering on a sixth sense of some sort. While she does not claim to be able to see into the future, she can certainly make exact judgments on a person and on a situation. She always knows how to handle any situation, though she puts this down to logic over anything else.

[B]Personality:[/B] Beth, like her appearance, is very understated in her mannerisms. She is a quiet person who, though she seems to speak in a whisper, is always heard because of her clear and precise voice. She has what some may call a "proper" English accent and makes sure to pronounce all her words precisely so that people know what she's talking about. She is always smiling, even if it isn't always a happy one and nine times out of ten she will be in a thoughtful, serious mood, though not necessarily angry. She takes great pride in her work and is not one to slack off if something needs to be done.

Generally a wonderful person to be around, if a little shy, Beth has a large group of adoring friends and is on good terms with all of her family. Most of them wonder why she does what she does for a living.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] The snap of plastic gloves on slender hands echoed around the large and mostly empty morgue. Dr Bethany Nesbitt, the pathologist for London's largest medical and forensics institute held her scalpel steadily as she began the Y incision on her latest subject.

The two detectives on either side of her wrinkled their noses as the doctor then asked for sheers, cutting open the ribcage with such an impassion it was almost inhuman. She began looking at the victim?s organs, pointing out certain things to the detectives as her assistant made notes. This was her life, the dead seemed to keep her company more than the living these days and it was something she would not be able to forget so easily.

She smiled sadly as the metal table was hosed down and the detectives left her with a bow of their heads, one of them looking much paler than he usually did. Beth pulled the gloves off her hands and washed the remnants of talc from her palms, sighing deeply to herself.

[B]"You okay, Beth? You seem a little down today."[/B] Murray, her assistant and possibly her closest friend spoke up, his usually happy voice marred by worry. Beth shook her head and looked up at him, [B]"I leave tomorrow, to Germany. I don't know if I've made the right decision..."[/B]

Murray sighed, his worry now gone as he walked over to Beth and rested his hands on her narrow shoulders, [B]"You've got your suspicions and damn, I think you really need to see that doctor...something isn't right there and you know it. And we all know you're hardly ever wrong..."[/B] he stopped himself quickly as Beth stiffened, the mention of what some of her friends called a 'gift' always had that effect on her.


"Don't be."[/B] she left, grabbed her things and drove home; the last time she may ever spend the night in her own house.


The plane's engines roared as it hit the runway. Beth looked out the window across the tarmac; the "Guide to Germany" in her lap slid over her skirt and fell to the floor with a thud. She rested her head back and ran a hand through messy brown hair before reaching for her things and throwing on a suede jacket, leaving the plane along with everyone else.

She was due to meet with Dr Wolfgang Faustus, a young man known throughout Europe for his genius and skill. She had other ideas about this man, especially after finding that old newspaper article about what had happened to his family. For the last five years, Beth had been studying demonology on the side and there was something about this man that she just couldn't put her finger on. Whatever it was, she didn't like it.

[B]Wow, talk about last minute sign up >.< I hope this is okay, babe, just say the word and I'll change something[/B].[/SIZE]
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