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I remember Dragon Warrior starting this on the second version of the Boards, and it was swept away when the Boards were cleaned out.
So here is my attempt to revive it.
Basically, there are seven (originally six, but I changed it ^-^) warriors and their dragons that were chosen to protect the Dragonial. What the Dragonial is is a mystery, but the seven can sense the day it suddenly goes..."missing".
So this is the story of the Dragonial, jump in whenever, and if you see the seven Warrior spots have already been chosen, then I'm sure we can find another chara for ya.

The plus of this all is that if this thread gets out of hand for any reason, I will feel no remorse in correcting it. :devil:

Anyhow, my chara is a 18 year old girl named Silva Peridine, with her Draaqua ("orca dragon") Shiva.
As soon as I see interest kicking in, we will begin.
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Naw, just post your stats in your first post. It's a kind of first come, first serve RPG.
And for those of you who remember the last Dragonial, this is before rich girl Silva's house--rather, mansion, was destroyed.
She had been fast asleep. It made sense, the moon was high, the night dark. Next to her, Shiva moved a little. Silva sat up in her silken sheets, and glanced at the Draaqua, Aqua Dragon, in the moonlight.
The whisper carried through the room. Shiva's left ear tuft wriggled, then laid still. One eye opened, glinting aquamarine.
"Yes child, what is it?"
"Did you...feel something?"
The Draaqua raised her head, and sniffed, as if testing the air. Her eyes roved over the richly decorated room, and looked out the window, past the water garden.
Despite the warmth of the night, Silva trembled. Something was definitely wrong.
Shiva cocked her ear tufts, then, after a long silence, shook her head.
"I don't--wait!"
Her head snapped up, her serpentine eyes wide, staring hard into the night.
"You're right, something is very wrong."
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Naw, I'd prefer that people don't have to worry about having prior knowledge to "play".
OK, let's see the Dragonial story unfold! :)

Name: Silva Peridine
Element: Water
Dragon's Name: Shiva
Dragon's Element: Ice
Weapon: bow and arrows
Age: 18
Personality: No one knows why she is rich, or why she takes up with the other Dragonials. Kind and sweet, she has a hidden temper that is explosive when exposed.
Hair: Reddish brown, wavy
Eye Color: Blue
Clothes: Simple white tunic, silver bracelets, a necklace with a tear drop crystal pendant. Elegant looking
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dw what? This isn't Dragon Warrior. It's Dragonial... yeesh.

Aight! Let's just call this Dragonial Season 2 :D
"Come back here! Theif!" yelled a chubby baker running down the road, waving a torch.

"Holy crap! He's gainin'. For a fat man, he has cut back on his twinkies." a masked man says.

"Twinkies." his loyal dragon repeats.

"Okay. Split up. We'll do the cross-over blind man ruteen."


In a flash, the two were gone and the masked theif popped out of the bushes, walking with a cane and acting as if he was blind. The baker approuched the blind theif.

"Umm... sir! Have you seen a theif and a dragon?"

"What?" asked the blind man.

"A theif and a dragon." the baker repeated.

"Some beef and a dagger, u say? Well, there is that meat shop down the-"

"No no, u silly silly man! I said THEIF AND DRAGON!"

"...road and i think there's a weapon smith near there and..."

"Argh!" The baker ran off, falling for the trick. The theif took off the blind man clothes and whistled for his dragon to reemerge.

"nice work Rooie."

"It's Ryu, for the hundredth time!"

"Oops. Wight! Sowwy!"

Ryu shakes his head at his dragon friend. His dragon suddenly perked his ears as he hears a scream. Soon enough, Ryu hears the cry also and they were off down the road to where the shout came from.

They emerged to the scene where a girl and a huge aqua-type dragon stood. the dragon guarded the girl's every move. Sitting on the roof was a man, gaped in a red cloth and black clothing beneath it. He also had a dragon. Ryu peered at it.

"Hmm... a dragon tamer... seems to be a Cale Dragon. Poison type. Fangs and venom are it's profession. Think we can take them, Ragear?"


"Ah... it's indeed."

"Wight. Let's go."

Before the aqua dragon could make a move, Ryu and Ragear jumped to the rooftop and began battle stance for combat with the red-coated man.
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here. just take off from mine.

Name: Ryu (Leader of Dragona)
Element: Thunder
Dragon's Name: Ragear
Dragon's Element: Fire
Weapon: Masamune
Age: 19
Personality: Humorous and brave. Tends to get nervous around pretty girls and has an odd past that he doesn?t like to share.
Hair: Green and long (spiked at the top)
Eye Color: Blue
Clothes: Red pants, Green shirt with black vest, white headband, red shoes, Dragon Symbol on shirt.

these r my stats from last Dragonial
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i'm... but i'm not evil again... i make a bad bad guy...

name: siren
dragon: tann ( t- ah- nnn)
age: 15

siren: ummm... excuse me??

the man at the bar turned...
siren: do you know where we can get lodgeing??

man: the greenacre... the best there is...

siren: thankx...

she and tann walk out side and see a fight in progress a red robed man fought a boy and his dragon
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Just post your chara's name/description, and your dragon, too.
And DW, I hope you have someone lined up for the Cale dragon duo? Else he can't really be a Dragonial Warrior, can he? ;)
"Ready Ragear?"
"'Eddy!" The red dragon grinned toothily and shot a fireball at the man. The Cale dragon smacked the sphere away with its tail, then lunged at Silva.
With the scream of a whale, Shiva slammed against the Cale dragon, dodging the venomous fangs and claws as she struck. She took to the sky, the Cale dragon just behind her.
"Boy, hey BOY!" shouted the man. "Stick your snotty nose in someone else's $%#@ business!"
"Nobody, and I mean [i]nobody[/i] gets away with calling me boy!" the younger one shouted back.
Silva watched, wide-eyed, as he tackled the older one. A large shadow hovered over her and she was terrified to see the Cale dragon streaking toward her.
[i]Shiva, where did you go?!?[/i]
In the blink of an eye, the red dragon, Ragear, bounced past her and collided with the Cale dragon, head butting him just below the jaw. Furious, the larger one snapped his tail against Ragear's back...
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-Name: Leona Mikono
-Element: Water
-Dragon's Name: Wind
-Dragon's Element: Nature (hurricanes, tornados, ETC.)
-Weapon: Kali Yuga
-Age: 19
-Personality: Friendly, compassionate, stubborn, intelligent, usually gets nervous around guys.
-Description: Shoulder length blonde hair; light blue tanktop with the Japanese writing of the word "light" on the front; short short tan shorts.
-Eye Color/Colour: blue
-Dragon's Description: Blueish scales with a faint shimmery tint of green, huge wings, piercing green eyes, huge, long tail.
-Dragon's Personality: Wise, friendly, compassionate, honest, hates to fight, is a great flyer.

Ahh.... It feels good to use Wind in a story again. :)

Anyways... Is that good for my stats?
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oh, but he's not a Dragona. I have a special spot for him. Nobody can be the red-coated guy. He's a side character. Like Impmon in digimon.
Ragear fell to the ground as the Cale dragon slammed into a rock and knocked itself clean. Ryu's eyes flashed as he made a quick jolt of his neck towards Ragear but turned back just in time to defend himself from the raging warrior that befowled him.

Ryu and the red-coated man fought, every step taken was a part of the fight. The red-coated man released a warcry and shoved Ryu near where Silva was. She helped Ryu back up but all he replied was "Get to safe ground." and he returned to combat.

"Hmf!" Silva grunted, "Terrible manners."

THe red-coated man, glared and cackled at Ryu's swordplay, "Hahaha... i've seen slothes swordfight better."

"Oh yeah... well... you fight like a cow!" The battlefield grew silent as Ryu's comeback stunk up the area.

"Riiiiiight... anyways. You shall never beat Rupert the great and magnificent and encha-" before Rupert could finish, his side was penetrated by a sharp blow from Silva's knife. Rupert was dead.

"I can't stand people that have such long names for themselves." Ryu and Ragear watch Silva walk off, jaws open.

"It's a one time thing." Ryu whispered to Ragear.

"Won time." Ragear repeated.

Tann backed up into the alley where Siren stood watch. Ryu, Silva and their dragons weren't seen again...
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"H-h-hey!" Ryu stuttered as he jogged behind Silva. She turned on him in an instant, the stained knife still in her hand.
Ragear backed away, eyes wide. "Tharp!"
"Yeah, so if you wouldn't mind pointing that thing somewhere else...." Silva stared hard at him. "...please?"
"Shiva," the girl said, holding the dagger up. The Draaqua complied by spitting water on the dagger. In a moment, it was clean. Silva put the dagger away, then turned on the two boys.
"Is there something you wished to ask of me?"
"'url b'ave!"
Silva blinked. "Excuse me?"
"The little one," Shiva intoned, "said that you are brave."
Silva tossed her hair. "Not brave. Just smart. That's not the first idiot I've had to deal with."
"Um, we aren't idiots, are we?"
Silva looked at Ryu, as if studying him. She then beckoned to Shiva, and climbed on her back. The wingless dragon began to gain height, flying as if she were swimming.
"Hey!" Ryu called as he looked up at the retreating figures, "I'm Ryu! Nice to meet you!"
"That's nice," the girl yelled back, "but I doubt we shall meet again. Fare thee well, little creature!"
"Bye bye, pwettie 'url!"
Shiva permitted herself a small smile.
Ryu stared hard into the sky, long after they disappeared. Then he turned to Ragear. "Nice, isn't she?"
"S'ees pwettie."
"Yeah...." Ryu was lost in thought, then he blinked and scowled. "Hey! She only said good bye to you! What's up with that?! Does she not like me or something?"
"Wy not? I like 'url. And Rooie. And [i]food[/i]..."
Ryu laughed. "Ok, you little glutton, let's get back to business. Now where were we before the girl showed up....?"
"Little one, what are you thinking?"
"About that man back there--with the Cale dragon. You don't think he was one of us, do you?"
"What about the other one?"
"The boy and Ragear."
"You mean that red lizard thing is supposed to be a dragon?"
"Silva," the Draaqua's voice held a tone of a mother's reprimand, "why are you so judgmental today? Of course the small one named Ragear is a dragon."
"I'm sorry, Shiva, it's just that the call of the Dragonial has kept me up and I'm afraid I've been cranky ever since."
"Apology accepted, but the next Dragonial Warrior we meet, you will be more like yourself again, correct?"
Silva smiled. "Ok, that sounds fair."
They had totally forgotten about the other girl and her dragon. It was the farthest thing from either one's mind. Shiva just wanted to get Silva home to get her rested. And thus did they spend the rest of their night.
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Name: Matt Hunt
Age: 16
Element: Thunder
Weapon: Staff (spear)
Personality: Very quiet, Matt likes to keep to himself. He is slow to anger but if it happens then he can accomplish phenominal feats.
Description: Short reddish blond hair, spikey in the front. Small build, very quick and agile, but can pack a mean punch (or kick) if necessary.
Eye Color: green
Dragon: Kai
Dragon's Element: Water
Dragon's Description: Stands on two powerful hind legs. Has four huge wings, and relatively small forearms with curved claws. A flexible neck with outgrowing sharp body extensions (think hedgehog) covering parts of his body. A bone blade marks the tip of his tail.
This sounds cool and I'm up for any RPG with dragons in it!
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Silva and Shiva flew from the town and decided to camp for the night in case more evil DRagonial Warriors emerged again. They settled down and rested but were awakened by a loud yell.

"Heeeeeeey!!! Forget about us??"

"Oh no..." Silva mumbled as she looked up to see Ryu and Ragear.

"Pwetty 'url!"

"It's them again." Shiva said, cracking a smile.

"Come on. Were tryin' to sleep here." Silva scolded them.

"Why don't you come with us. Our place is nice and 54 is company. Or was it three?" Ryu pondered for a moment.

"Thwee." Ragear said.


"Well..." Silva thought.

Shiva nudged Silva's side and whispered, "Come on, child, it's obvious that they are good warriors and your strong enough to keep up with surprise attacks."

Silva finally decided to come with and they were at Ryu's place in a flash.
sorry. g2g. school. i'll be back in a few hours. I'll post during my lunch time. laterz
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A boy riding a four winged dragon arrive at the scene of the fight. The boy dismounts and observes clues, and notices a peice of red cloth lying on the roof. He smells the material, then holds it to the dragon's nose.

Matt: You know who this is?

Kai: Srrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Matt: Right. It seems we're catching up to him, finally. He's going to pay for our parents death, him and his dragon!

Kai: We must hurry if we are to find fresh clues, Matthew.

Matt: Just Matt, not Matthew. And you're right. Wait!

Matt notices a strange smell coming from the alley, and Kai catches on at about the same time.

Kai: There were more people here.

Matt: Yes, with dragons. Maybe they're like us. I think they went this way, yeah definately.

Kai: Then let us depart.

Matt mounts Kai and the two fly off into the night in search of the other Dragonials.
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[SIZE=1]Okay, let me try this...

Name: Ken
Element: Fire
Dragon Name: Tenshi
Dragon Element: Air (Wind)
Weapon: Cross Bow
Age: 18
Personality: Quiet, intelligent,
Description: About 6 feet tall with short red hair in spikes. He wears a black trenchcoat over his black pants and red muscle shirt.
Dragons Description: A silver dragon with shining eyes (like diamonds almost) He has two gigantic wings and a very long tail with one large spike on the end.[/SIZE]
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