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Sign Up Heroes [M-VLS]


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[size=1]Humanity has always relied on its heroes to get through the hard times?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]The motorbike roared along the dark street, weaving in and out through the traffic, hot on the trail of a sleek, black car it was chasing. Lights streaked as the vehicle shot past. Wind rushed through the rider?s hair, and his jacket flapped behind him as he rode.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]The sunroof of the car whirred open electrically, and a powerful figure poked out of the roof. His shock of red hair flowed in the wind, and his green eyes glinted maniacally.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?So long, hero!? he shouted, stretching his hands out in front of him, fists clenched. Bright green beams of energy shot from his hands, pulverising the asphalt in front of the motorbike. Chunks of concrete flew into the air, striking the rider in the face sharply. He grunted, throwing his head back to avoid more grit.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]The next blast struck the motorcyclist square in the chest, throwing him backwards off the bike. The villain smiled and nodded, lowering himself back into the car.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Suddenly, something struck the car on the roof, causing the driver to swerve slightly.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?What the hell was that?? shouted the red-haired villain, his veins throbbing in his temples and his neck.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I?m not sure, sir,? said the driver, ?It seems like something just hit the roof, but I can?t tell what!?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Well, find out!? the villain shouted, slapping his driver sharply around the head.[/size]
[size=1]Just then, electricity began to spark and crackle all over the vehicle, electrifying the entire car. The driver was killed as a bolt of electricity struck him in the chest, stopping his heart. The villain cupped his hands, and a sphere of green energy surrounded him. The bolts of electricity bounced off the sphere, completely destroying the car. The villain went rolling off down the road, and a pair of boots landed close to his head.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]The villain flipped to his feet, to find the motorbike rider standing over him, his hands and eyes sparking with electricity, his entire body crackling with power.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?You?ve killed a lot of people today, Recoil,? said the biker, ?And that?s something some people think you deserve to die for. But I am not going to kill you. That is not the way I work.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?What are you going to do to me?? asked Recoil, the man facing the biker.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Oh, I may not kill you, but I am going to hurt you. A lot,? said the biker. He raised his hands, and sparks jumped between his fingers, making arcs of electricity zap between his hands. He turned his hands, and shot electricity at Recoil.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]But something stopped the bolts in mid-air, and rebounded into the air, bouncing away harmlessly.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Stop it, Sparx,? said a calm voice from mid-air, ?We do not work that way.? As if a cloak was lifted, a man appeared from thin air, dressed in a long, black overcoat and a wide-brimmed hat.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Come on, Cloak,? said Sparx, ?You know this guy deserves it!?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?He may deserve it, Sparx,? said a third voice, coming from a tall man in a black jumpsuit, holding his hand out, ?But we still do not work that way.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Recoil was lifted into the air by some invisible force, and pinned against a wall of a nearby building. Two large metal girders pulled themselves from a building site, and wrapped around Recoil, attaching him to the wall.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?He?s gonna come back, Psyker, and you know it! We could have stopped him for good!? shouted Sparx, his temper flaring.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Calm down, Sparx,? said Psyker, ?I?m releasing some calming pheromones into your brain. You need to calm down.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I don?t need to calm down!? shouted Sparx, ?I?m in the right, and you know it!? He stormed off, getting back onto his motorbike and riding off.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]These are true heroes. They may argue, they may have fights, but they will always stick together, and they will rid the Earth of evil.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]I?m going to need the two heroes named Psyker and Cloak, whose profiles I will be posting in the Underground thread, as well as around six original heroes to join them in their fight. I will be playing Sparx, as well as the various villains we will be facing along the way.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Here is what I need from the original characters:[/size][size=1][/size]

[b][size=1]Real Name:[/size][/b]

[size=1][b]Codename[/b]: Make it relevant to your powers[/size]

[size=1][b]Place of Birth[/b]: Anywhere in the world. You can say certain things in your own language, but mostly you will be speaking English.[/size]



[size=1][b]Appearance[/b]: No pictures here, only detailed descriptions[/size]

[size=1][b]Personality[/b]: Keep this varied from the others-I don't want a team of six loners

[size=1][b]Bio[/b]: Give details of your childhood, and make sure to mention how you joined the team[/size]

[size=1][b]Superhuman powers:[/b] Now this is the fun part. You can make this anything you want, from energy-casting powers to shape-shifting, but I want NO God-like powers with which you can destroy the city in a single energy blast. These will also evolve over the course of the RP.[/size]

[size=1][b]Weapons/gadgets[/b]: Anything that you use not related to your powers[/size]

[size=1][b]Mode of transport[/b]: Do not fill this in if one of your powers is flight.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]I will be posting my character?s profile when a few people sign up. PM me if you want to play either Cloak or Psyker, but be warned, I will only be taking experienced, serious RPers to fill these roles.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Happy Creating![/size]
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[color=blue][size=1][B]Real Name:[/B] Lillian (Lily) Watson

[B]Codename:[/B] Naiad [Pronounced: Nay-ad] <-- (Another word for "Water Nymph")

[B]Place of Birth:[/B] US

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] Lillian has long, navy blue hair that reaches down to the small of her back, and bright green eyes that change color depending on the temperature. She's rather tall, but not quite six feet. She's thin, curvy, and agile. She wears white, fingerless gloves that reach up to her elbow, and large black boots that go up not quite to her knee. She wears a tight, white shirt that shows her stomach, with a circular symbol on it, and a short teal skirt.

[B]Personality:[/B] Lillian is very calm, but has a tendancy to blow up at the nearest person when she gets frustrated or angry. She has a large grudge against those who kept her in capitivity for all those years, but keeps that anger to herself.. most of the time. Some see her as tempermental, which reflects the water she controls. She is wild and can be one mood one moment, and a totally different one the next, just like the ocean can seem calm for a bit, then break out in feriocious waves the next.

[B]Bio:[/B] "Mommy! Mommy!" a young boy cried, running through his backyard. "What is it, Andrew?" his mother asked, urgency in her voice. His sudden cries unnerved her, like they would any sensible mother. "Lily, Mikey and me was playing tag, and Mikey fell into the creek!" he explained, speaking so fast she didn't understand him for a moment.

"Wait.. He fell [i]in[/i]?! My God!"

The woman rushed as fast as she could over to where her son had been moments before. When she arrived, she stopped suddenly, puzzled by what she saw. Lily leaned over Mikey, who was coughing and spitting up water, his hair, clothes drenched. But he didn't know how to swim. Nor did Lily or Andrew, and Andrew had rushed to get her.

"How did..?" she began.


Snapping her head around, she saw Lily and Mike's mother rushing down to the small group. "Are you alright, dear? What happened? I heard a loud splash and some shouting... Did you see anything Mary?" Looking to the other woman, she gave an inquisitive stare.

"Andrew says Michael fell in to the creek, but when I got here, well.. they were like they are now," Mary told her.

"Mikey fell in," Lily parroted, giving her mother a glance, then returning to staring at her brother. The two mothers glanced at each other. "Then what?" her mother asked after a bit of silence. "I got him out."

"How?" Mary blurted out.

"I wanted him out, so.. I got him out."

"Yes, dear. But [i]how[/i]?" her mother asked.

"The creek listened to me," Lily said calmly, as if this entire incident was just part of her every day routine. "It.. listened to you?" Lily nodded. "What does she mean?" Mary whispered. "I have no idea.."

Finally, Mikey stopped coughing. "Mikey!" Andrew and Lily shouted with glee, lunging at the elder boy and nearly suffocating him all over again. When they got off of him, Mikey blinked a bit before laughing, "Do that again!"

The two women stared at each other as the three kids went to the edge of the yard which cut off and had a good seven foot fall to the water.

"Kids!" Mary shouted instinctively, but Lily's mother held her back. "Wait a minute. We might see what she was talking about," she whispered to Mary. Mary thought it was a bad idea, but stayed back anyway.

Lily held out her hands, and closed her eyes. Suddenly, jerking her hands upwards, the water of the creek also fountained upwards, but stayed in place.

"Cool!" Andrew and Mikey shouted happily. Lily opened her eyes and smiled at her accomplishment.

Behind her, the two mothers sat, jaw-dropped, watching the young girl manipulate the water. "Did you know..?" "No," Lily's mother said sharply. Getting up, she rushed inside and got on the phone. Mary dragged Andrew home, leaving Mikey and his sister to admire her work.

Lily and Andrew were 5 at the time, and Mikey was 7.


That day, Lillian's mother called her father and told him what happened. Her father was an expert in the supernatural, and came home immediately to investigate. In the days that followed, he instructed her to "communicate" with the water for him, and she did. Then he called in his fellow experts.

For years, they studied her. They didn't experiment on her, for her father wouldn't allow it, but they constantly had her work with water. As she grew up in what they called "supervised living", but she knew was captivity, they taught her the regular things from school. When she turned 15, she was learning at a college level.

By the time they allowed her to start going into town, many people in the town knew of her ability and avoided her. Along with townsfolk, the scientific world knew of her ability, and tried to gain the rights to her. But she didn't want to be anyone's test subject. At age 16, she broke out of the lab she had been in for the past 11 years, and ran away. She kept in contact with her older brother, and even visited him from time to time. He was studying to become a oceanographer (someone who studies oceans and water in general, marine life, etc.), and taught her more about the element she could control.

At age 18, she came out of hiding and was finally discovered by a small group of people who also had strange gifts. She's been with them ever since, and has come to be one of the most well known.

[B]Superhuman powers:[/B] Lillian can control any form of water (ice, rain, river/ocean water, clouds), and breathe underwater.

[B]Weapons/gadgets:[/B] None

[B]Mode of transport:[/B] [url=http://www.zx-12r.org/Motorcycle_info/Motorcycle%20pictures/zx12rBlue2002.jpg]Click[/url] [It's a motorcycle.. like practically everyone else. xD]

I'll get the rest of it done later. ^_^;

EDIT: Fixed the personality and a few errors in my bio.

EDIT 2: Finally got the weapons and transport up. >_< Figured I'd get that done before posting in the actual RP. x3[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1][B]Real Name: [/B] Chris Smith

[B]Codename: [/B] Flare

[B]Place of Birth:[/B] US

[B]Age:[/B] 24

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance: [/B]

Face: Black hair and few strands over his eyes. Pitch black eyes and fair skin.

Body: Fair skin, height of 6'3'' a bit muscular. Wears black sneakers and blue shirt with black pants made espeacially for him.

[B]Personality:[/B] Mostly calm and mellow. He can be fun at times and cheerful. He gets sad but doesn't show it.

[B]Bio:[/B] It happened when he was 11...he was a loner and had no friends. He got bullied a lot of times and came back home with brusies and cuts. His parents weren't home and so they never saw his injuries. When his parents were home, he would wear something long so it would stay hidden.

-----11 years old-----

"Hey Chris!" One boy shouted.

Chris just kept walking.

"Chris!! I'm talking to you! Turn around!"

He continued to walk further.


Footsteps are to be heard behind him.

WHACK!! Chris fell forward.

"Yo! I'm talkin' to ya! Listen!" the boy grabbed him by the collar. "When I say stop, YOU STOP!! Now hand over all ya got.."

"...I don't...have anything.." Chris mumbled.

"What?? Say that again.." he said as he brought him closer.

"I don't have...anything," Chris said.

"You must have something..." He smirked.

Chris shook his head. "Nothing.."

"Fine. If that's the way you want it.." The boy rolled up his sleeves.

He raised a fist and POW! Right into the face and the boy kicked him constantly, non-stop.

"....st-stop" Chris coughed up blood.

"What?? You want more??" he kicked Chris right in the stomach.

"Arrrgh..." He grasped his stomach. The boy continued and Chris coughed up more blood.

[I]I won't be bullied like this no more...[/I]

"Owwww!!!" Chris felt a burn on his back. "AAAAAAARRRGGHHH!!!!"

He started to glow red and orange.

"What the heck is happening?" the boy backed away.

He was on fire!! Literally!! Chris burned the boy into ashes and left.

---Next Day---

Chris sat up on his bed sweating.

"Why'd I do that?? I killed him.." Tears began to form. "I didn't mean to."

He packed his stuff and ran away. He ran away to where no one could find him. He ended up in a city where two nice elders took him in to shelter. They hospitalized him with good care.

----10 years later----

Gun shots are to be heard outside.

"Ma (one of the elders), what's happening?" he asked.

"Oh dear child, a war is happening...you should go here." she took his hand and lend him down the basement where a secret passage was hidden.

"Ma! I don't wanna leave you!" He grabbed her hand.

"I'm sorry. I don't want to either but you must live.."

"But I still have to pay you back for everything!!"

"Don't worry. Pa and I wanted a child like you so that was granted. Now don't go out. When the guns stop firing then you leave out of here."

"WHAT!! No!"

"Yes, you must. For your Pa and me." She gently pushed him to the passage.

"No!! I won't!" Chris began to cry.

"Please...it's for the best." She began to cry as well.
She pushed him in and shut the door quick. Several minutes later, he heard a scream and gun firing.

"Noooo!!! Let me out!!" He cried.

The gun firing stopped and Chris finally managed to get out. He saw his Ma and Pa.

"Ma?!?! Pa?!?!?!" He cried.

"Dear..." his Ma raised her hand. Chris grasped it in his palms.

"Go to the city 1000 miles from here...and you will...meet people just like.................you." She smiled.

"Like me?? Like me??? What are you saying, Ma??"

"Your.....ugh." She stopped.

"MAAA!!! Please don't! Tell me!!" Chris dropped her hand and cried.

----1 year later----

"This must be the place..." Chris sighed as he walked through the city.

He wandered around. Something caught his eye. A water sprouted out of a girl's hand.

"Woah..." He stared and did something.

His hand glowed and fire sprung out.

[I]People like me.....[/I]

[B]Superhuman powers:[/B] Ability to control fire elements...(Lava, fire, heat, etc.)

[B]Weapons/gadgets:[/B] Sliver Revolver gun.

[B]Mode of transport:[/B] None [/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
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Name: Trent Tanaka

Codename: Schwartz

Place of birth: Germany

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Appearance: stands about 5'10'', he has stark blond hair that spikes up on his head, and red eyes. He normally wears a solid black t-shirt, thats tight on his biuld. His pants are normally black as well, with a pair of black shoes. He has a scar that goes from his forehead, past his nose to his right cheek.

Personality: Opposite from his apperance, he is a very ind guy. He cares more about his fellow heros than himslef.

Bio: when he was 10, he went hiking in the woods,like he always did, the ones that were behind his house. On multiple occasions he was warned to never go into the woods alone because of wild animals. Like always, this never stopped him.

While walking through one day he heard the howl of a doglike creature about half a mile away. Normally to far to even be worried about, but about 5 minutes later, the same animal howled agian, thistime closer, much closer. Trent began to run. Not sure which way he was going, just knew that he was going in the direction the creature was not.

"Why now of all times? Oh God I dont wanna die! Somebody please help me!" He turned around once and heard the panting of a lone wolf. Even by itself, it could kill him.

It howled agian, this time right on Trent's heels. About thirty yards away.

"Please, i need help!" Trent stopped right before hitting in a stone cliff. He looked all areound him, only seeing stone, and brush. He was just about to start heading in another direction when the wolf slowly walked out of the brush, with Trent in its sights. Trent could feel the fear rising in his body as another feeling started to come over the fear. A warmth that he had never felt before.

He fell to his knees then hunched over, holding his sides, because they felt like they were about to exploud. His back began to arch, then fur started to spread over his body. His legs began to get longer, as did his arms. Everything began to grow muscle. Fangs began to grow in his mouth, as his jawline began to grow. Aboiut four seconds later he was pantinh hard.

He let out a roar that made the wolf tower in fear. Trent began to walk over to the wolf, but it turned around and ran off with its tail between its legs.


Ten years later, at age 20, he was still learning about his strange power to change inot any animal he has ever seen. He has gotten alot stronger in his transformations, so they dont take as long.

One day another person with special powers came to him and began to question him, asking what he was capable of. Soon after tghat conversation, he got a letter in the mail telling him to go to a certianbuilding. When he got there he met many other people with special powers.From then on out, he has lived with them and became part of their team.

Special powers: He is able to shape shift into any animal that he has ever seen

Weapons: A sword that is strapped to his back

Mode of transportation: A solid black corvette
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[COLOR=Olive][SIZE=1][B]Real Name[/B]: Trace Gilfer

[B]Codename[/B]: Stalk

[B]Place of Birth[/B]: US, California

[B]Age[/B]: 20

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Appearance[/B]: Trace is of medium stature. His height is around 5'6 and his body is slim and naturally proportionate. His hair is a lighter shade of green, teal if you will, reaching to his mid neck area from the back and over his eyes from the front. He prefers to wear his own, customary clothing. Blue jeans, black gloves cut off at the joints in his fingers, a white shirt, and black vest to cover his chest. He's always scruffy and dirty looking, however women seem to enjoy his serene scent.

[B]Personality[/B]: Trace is often bothered by a plethora of emotion. He seems a pandora's box to most. In his early years he was thought to be bipolar, however he has learned to control the emotions that once burdened him as a child. He's often quiet and he likes to listen rather then speak. Many think of him as strange, with all the emotions floating around in his head, you wouldn't think he'd have such a lackluster exterior.

[B]Bio[/B]: "Ha! What a loser!" one boy shouted, running around Trace and laughing happily. Another followed screaming "weirdo" as he ran and pointing in his direction. Trace just walked, his face pointing towards the ground, his hands in his pockets. He clenched his teeth, finding the familiar feeling of tears about to role down his cheek. A girl watched on as the boys teased and tormented him, however, she was quiet, and said nothing. One boy picked up a large stone and through it at Trace, knocking him to the ground. While the other ran over and began to kick him.

However, the attack was haulted by the scream of the nearby girl "Stop! Your hurting him!" she shouted, interrupting Trace's beating. The boys turned to her, then to each other and smiled. They ran over to her and pushed her to the ground, one boy smacking her face. She yelped in pain as their skin met and her face burned from the pressure. Trace jumped to his feet, the yelp igniting something inside of him. The boys noticed they had struck a chord and continued to beat the girl, laughing as Trace grew angrier with every breath he took.

Soon enough he let out a fierce cry, vines shooting from the ground and making their way up the boys' bodies. They slithered wildly up each limb and to the boys' throats where they wrapped tightly, voice boxes constricted from the pressure. Both boys gasped for air falling to the ground, convulsing from the strain to inhale. Soon enough their bodies feel limp, the vines growing and encasing their bodies in a rough green exterior. Trace moved to the girl, reaching out his hand to help her from the ground. However, all she did was cry, "Stay away from me!" she shouted, running away, tears streaming from her face.

[I]Years later...[/I]

Trace ran wildly, his feet stamping upon the cold wet ground. Lights streamed over the area around him, wind blowing wildly from the twirling blade of the helicopter hovering above. He breathed heavily, the air escaping his lungs as he leapt over a large tree trunk. He heard men yelling as he ran, muffled cries encouraging him to give up, to stop running. He even heard dogs in the distance, their claws scraping against tree branches and ripping through wet grass. However, he couldn't give up. He'd finally escaped from that hell hole, and he wasn't going back.

[I]Soon after...[/I]

"Show it to me" Sparx instrcuted, his hands on his hips awaiting Trace's demonstrationg. He sighed slightly, raising his hands as vines began to erupt from the ground. Trees as well, grew from nothing as his hands rose, fingers tingling slightly. "Interesting..." Sparx inquired, watching as Trace manipulated the vegetation. "You're in" he spoke quietly.

[B]Superhuman powers[/B]: Trace is able to manipulate the earth in the form of vegetation and foilage. He can create trees, vines, flowers, from nothing.

[B]Weapons/Gadgets[/B]: Nothing

[B]Mode of Transport[/B]: A sleek, black motorcycle with vines and roses tatooed up each side.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

OOC: Hope this is alright Fallen.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Real Name: Alexander Launch

Codename: Iced Over

Place of Birth: Canada, Ontario, Bobcaygeon

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://www.chumlimited.com/data/2/8/1/Gord%20Downie.jpg]IcedOver[/URL]
Personality: IcedOver (Dispite what one would expect from somone named like that) is an all-round good guy. He is usually a nice guy to be around, although he can get a bit serious on the fields of combat. He enjoys talking about politics, music, and any odd thing that pops into his head.


In the dead of the Canadian winter, the trees looming as they often do above my head, I walked alone in the woods that had become my second home. Little more to my life was their, at the time, I didn't want nor need anymore, and I was overall happy this time of year. I always was, when the temperatures reached -25 and I could walk alone, undisturbed, to take in natures glory. Somthing told me this hobby will finally do me in. And tonight, as it would happen, was the night it would come close.

As I made my way into one of the previously uncharted areas of the forest, I began to notice changes in the weather. Another of my many talents is that I can always tell when things are going to get snowy. That night was one such night, but it was a stranger feeling than most. The clouds had closed in over my head.
walked under it innocently, it sure seemed like a giant BC red-wood.

The snow came almost out of nowhere. But that didn't bother me, I loved to get lost in Blizzards. The trees surrounding me didn't feel quiet the same. Due to the heavy ice-storms that had recently hit the area, several trees had fallen over. And even more were willing to.

With a groan, a crack, and a sound I will never froget, several things happened. First, a large branch connected with my skull. Second, yet another branch landed on my legs. Finally, the tree itself collapsed. It broke halfway up it's length, twisting so tthat it threatend to impale me like a spear. But it never reached me.

As I gazed up from a half-alive state, I saw the very snow that had nearly killed me surround the tree. It bonded to the tree, forming a solid wall in the front. With some unknown ability, I willed for the tree to stop... and it did. With a grinding halt, the now-snow-white tree halted but meters from my open chest.

I will never froget that night.


At the time, I wrote off that night as a dream. But, by the age of 26, I had already learned what I was. Sort of. At the time, all I knew was that I could control the snow, ice, and detect weather shifts. It completely perplexed me as to the cause, but it wasn't a problem, it helped me in my day-to-day living, and as long as no one knew I was in the green.

But somone did know. That is to say, [I]somones[/I] knew. When I made my way through yet another usless, cul-de-sac of a job, I was approached by a rather reserved and overall interesting group of people. They had no name, had no presence, too most they did not exist. But they did exist to me.

They said I had potential, said that others like me were around. That they could help me control my powers, use them for the good of the planet, and so I did. I never once looked back (Though I long to return to my homeland and return to the enviroment I'm most accustumed too)

Super-human Powers: Alexander has the abillity to bend the cold to his will. He can freeze the moisture in the air to create snow, and use that snow as projectile weapons, walls, anything that solid snow can be used for. Less importantly, Alexander has a precognition for weather changes, drastic or otherwise. He can sense the change in moisture, and can predict exactly when the weather will change to his advantage or not.

Weapons/Gadgets: N/A

Mode of Transportation: [URL=http://www.roadandtrack.com/assets/image/11292004134010.jpg]Austin-Martin DB9[/URL]
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[color=Navy][b][size=1][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/size][/b][size=1][color=Black]Since this doesn't appear to be a first come first serve, I'm also choosing the same power as someone else has. Though if you want me to change it or anything else, just contact me.[/color][/size][b][size=1]

Real Name: [/size][/b][size=1]Sakura[/size][/color][color=Navy][size=1] Kuroichi[/size]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Codename[/b]: Shift[/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Place of Birth[/b]: Tokyo, Japan[/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Age[/b]: 20[/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Gender[/b]: Female[/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Appearance[/b]: Sakura has short chestnut brown hair that only reaches to about the nape of her neck. She has soft, chocolate brown eyes but they turn cold and hard like a boulder if she's angry or feeling mean. Sakura stands at an average 5'6" and weighs a light 100 lbs. She's evenly proportioned all 'round so that nothing looks too big or out of place. Sakura usually wears tight clothes so its easier for when she morphs. Most often she's found wearing a tight black or navy blue top with long sleeves, though she keeps them pushed up to above her elbow and she wears black leather pants that cover most of the black, knee high boots she wears. [/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Personality[/b]: Sakura is normally a kind person to be around and she likes to have friends around with her. Though if she doesn't like someone, it'll be very blatant and obvious because she won't want to hang around with them. Sometimes Sakura has mood swings and if she does its pretty obvious so people have to watch her sometimes. Sakura enjoys morphing animals because of the freedom, you can also explore the abilities of that particular creature. The whole seeing what life is like as another creature is incredibly exhilarating for her and she enjoys every minute of it. She's an optimistic person, always looking on the bright side. She thinks of her supernatural power as a blessing, while some people may think its a curse.
[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Bio[/b]: Sakura was still a baby when she was first introduced to the wide world of animals. Her mother was a veterinarian, while her father was a zoologist, both occupations to do with animals. She loved animals and her parents always showed her pictures and photos, telling her their names, characteristics, behaviours, and all that stuff. As Sakura grew older, she loved animals even more, wanting to follow after her parents and take up a job with animals.

When she was 10, her father took her to one of the zoos he was going to. Sakura was so excited and couldn't wait. When they got there the first place they went to was the wolf exhibition. This was the first time Sakura had seen an animal up close, and she was so excited, especially since wolves were her favourite animals. Her father sat her on top of the high fence and held her by the waist. He talked to one of his colleagues and soon forgot about Sakura. She easily wiggled from his grip and slid into the wolf enclosure. Her father wasn't paying attention to her so she quickly walked further in. Someone noticed and shouted out. Her father then realised and cursed. The wolves came out and they started to growl. Sakura just smiled and continued to walk to them. Her father climbed over the fence and ran toward Sakura. The wolves approached her and sniffed her. She smiled at them and stroked their fur. They nodded and licked her. Her father and everyone else was shocked, the wolves were never friendly to anyone, not even the zookeepers, and here was this little girl who was patting them like pet dogs. Her father snapped out of it and snatched her away, quickly exiting the enclosure.

At each of the different enclosures, the animals always came over and did something kind with her while she smiled and patted them. Her father and the zookeepers were all scared by the time she left, she had even made friends with the grizzly bears that hated everyone.

Sakura always visited the zoo, at least 3 times per year, and as she grew up, she was allowed into the enclosures, as long as at least three other zookeepers accompanied her. Sakura loves spending time with the animals, she secretly talks to them, though the zookeepers think she's crazy since she talks to them, not knowing that they understand each other.

When Sakura was 15, she experienced her first change, she had sneaked into the wolf enclosure without any supervisors and when she was discovered she was told off severly, and her father had been called to the zoo. Sakura had already been emotional, which was why she seeked comfort with the wolves. She got incredibly angry and snarled at them. The wolves already knew of her emotional state and were beside her, baring their teeth angrily. Her father was angry because he was so worried and he yelled at her, lecturing her about being careful. Sakura fell onto her hands and knees as she was yelled at, her head had hurt and she experienced a change. Fur sprouted over her body, the bottom of her spinal cord extended into a tail and her features changed to that of a wolf. Sakura as a wolf slinked into the pack and snarled with sharp teeth bared. The obvious alpha wolf at the head of the pack barked in a way of speech, Sakura barked back though the humans didn't know. The alpha wolf said to take the head of pack. Sakura came to the front and advanced, growling loudly. The zookeepers and her father exited the enclosure and the wolves with Sakura escaped into the cave that was there. It was several hours before Sakura emerged as a human. She ignored her father the entire trip home and he was still slightly afraid of her.

As Sakura developed, she learned the extent of her powers and slowly learned to control them, she still hasn't quite gotten the hold of morphing mythical creatures, but she does wolves especially well. Her and her father patched things up quickly and they still go to the zoo frequently.

Sakura one day got a letter from some other superhuman people who had found out about her and wanted to meet her. Sakura flew over to where she was told to go and met up with a man named Sparx and some of his companions. He told her that the main point of the meeting was to see her powers, so she demonstrated by morphing a variety of things, a wolf, to peregrine falcon, to horse, to lion/lioness, to gyphon with a little trouble and back to human. They wanted Sakura as part of the group, she accepted but went back to Japan, saying goodbye to all of her animal friends and her parents, then she felt ready and became part of the team.
[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Superhuman powers:[/b] Sakura has the ability to morph into any animal she can think of, even mythical creatures (though I won't push those limits too far). She can also talk to them, even if she's in her human form.[/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Weapons/gadgets[/b]: Sakura mainly only carries a pouch full of useful things eg. medicines, potions, strong twine etc. and throwing projectiles ie. kunai, shuriken, throwing knives.[/color][/size][color=Navy]

[/color] [size=1][color=Navy][b]Mode of transport[/b]: Sakura will usually just morph into an animal that's good for that particular length.[/color][/size][size=1][color=Navy][/color][/size][color=Navy]
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[size=1]Ok, here we go with possibly the hardest part of my job as creator of this RP.[/size]

[size=1]Lilian (Lily) Watson/Naiad-Kitty[/size]
[size=1]Chris Smith/Flare-Who Am I?[/size]
[size=1]Trace Gilfer/Stalk-Kamuro[/size]
[size=1]Alexander Launch/Iced Over-SadBlue[/size]
[size=1]Sakura Kuroichi/Shift-Sakura[/size]
[size=1]Damon Hinders/Shadow-silverwolf_fang: I like your character, but remember this is an RP about people with super powers, not a group of people who have loads of weapons. Maybe if you tone the weaponry down a touch then I will accept you.[/size]
[size=1]Trent Tanaka/Schwarz-Raze_3103: I'm trying to decide whether I'm happy having two people with the same powers, and Sakura gets it first, because I've RPed with her before, and she is very good, but if I decide I can have two people with the same powers then you will be in.[/size]
[size=1]I still need people to play Cloak and Psyker, as well as some more original characters, so sign-ups are still way open. Isadora should hopefully be signing up sometime soon, so that will be one more, but we are still gonna need a couple more.[/size]
[size=1]I will hopefully post my sign-up in the next couple of days, if I can get my damn computer to work properly.[/size]
[size=1]Catch ya later![/size]
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Real Name: Ellie Abitt

Codename: Lunasol

Place of birth: Plant City, Florida

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ellie is about 5'2" and weighs about 96lbs. She has blonde hair that goes down to her chest and black eyes alomst to the point of looking like onyx. She wears a hoody with a fire design all over it. Underneath that she wears just a normal red t-shirt. She also wears black zip-off pants, with your normal black tennis shoes.

Personality: Ellie is a strange person, with mood swings almost every hour. Her two main moods are super happy, and depressed. She likes to be around people when shes depressed for some odd reason, and not to be around people when she's happy. If she doesn't like someone she won't show it. She deals with things because she understands that some people just can't help it. If she "likes" someone it will take her a while before she goes to tell them, because of her low self confidence.

Bio: When Ellie was about five years old, her mom and dad got into a big argument. Her parents had always had arguements before, but this one would change her life. The arguement eventually escallated to fighting, and it scared Ellie to see her mom and dad fighting like that. Ellie screamed and ran into her room to escape what she had seen. Yet even in her room, she couldn't escape what she heard.

Her mom screamed at every hit and her dad continued to yell out obcenities at every strike. Eventually Ellie couldn't take it, and she ran itno the room full of tears and began to hit her dad. At this her dad just pushed her away, not really wanting to hurt her. Ellie got back up and continued to it her dad. He just pushed her away again. This continued for about a good ten minutes before Ellie didn't get back up. She wept and stayed thier losing all hope of helping he rmom.

Then something not Ellie could explain happened. She looked up at her dad with anger and rage in her eyes. She stood up, and continued the glare that would scare even the strongest of men. Then, a dark aura surounded her and she raised her hand up at her dad.

"... Daddy ...please don't hurt mommy." Ellie said, but it wasn't her voice that spoke. It was something dark, with evil in it's tone.

"Go back to your room Ellie!" Her dad replied obviously not paying attention to his daughter. Ellie simply cupped her hand and formed a ball of shadowy energy.

"Let mommy go. I won't hurt you if you let mommy go." She continued to try to pursuade her dad.

"GO TO YOUR ROOM ELLI...arrrgh." His dad replied, but not before Ellie shot him with the energy. The energy weaving it's way thruogh his body as if it was searching for something. Then it found it's target, his heart.

Ellie's dad was taken to a hospital along with with her mom. The hospital couldn't find what had killed Ellie's dad, so they finally came to the conclusion taht he had died of a heart attack. Ellie and her mom moved away after that and removed it from their memories as best they could.

Ten years later, Ellie now 15, they are living peacefully in the city. But Ellie's mom, has developed a cancer. By the time they found it, it was to late. The cancer had already spread to her brain. During the last few days of their lives together, they went shopping. Shopping helped them forget about the fact they weren't going to see each other after a while.

Then, the dreaded day had arrived. Her mom died in her sleep. Ellie was their when it happened. Before the docters could take her mom away however, Ellie did another strange event. Her body this time however glowed with the raidence of the sun. She held her hands over her mother and slowy pulsed in small amounts of light. The light, as with the shadows, searched threw her body. They both attacked the cancer, and restared vital organs. Eventaully, her mom was alive again.

The docters of course couldn't explain what had happened, so they left it to a miracle. Now both Ellie and her mom are living happily.

Yet, one day when Ellie was walking through the city, not knowing she was being followed, was ganed up on. She just stood thier and smiled. She sat her bags down that she had just gotten from the store.

"So... what's a fine girl like you, doin' in our part of town?" One of the men said from behind Ellie.

"Shopping. Is thier a problem with that." Ellie replied sarcastically. She had her hands cupped at this statement.

"Ooo. We got a fisty one here." Another one of the men stated. Then they all closed in ready to do something better left unmentioned, but Ellie was ready. She shot a wave of shadow into the gorund, adn it spread through all of them. Not enough to kill, just enough to not them out cold. Someone noticed this and began to walk over to Ellie as if nothing happend. SHe picked up her bags and waited for the person to reach her.

"I saw what you just did thier." The man stated.

"Yeah... so." Ellie replied.

"And I wondered if you would like to join us." The man replied; this time creating a fireball from thin air. "The names Flare by the way."

"... I would love to. I'm E... Lunasol. Nice to meet you Flare."

Superhuman powers: Ellie can creat shadow enerhy that deystroys anything given it's strong enough, light energy that heals. She cna combine these two but doesn't know that yet. When combined, it creates a sound like energy that has qualities of both energies.

Weapons/Gadets: None.

Mode of transport: A Comero, with black exteior and white leather interior.
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[SIZE=1][B]Real Name[/B]: Alice Manqué

[B]Codename[/B]: Flash

[B]Place of Birth[/B]: France

[B]Age[/B]: 20

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Appearance[/B]: Flash is a very tall slender woman. She stands about 6?0??, and also tends to tower over most people. She does not let her height bother her; she sometimes uses it to her advantages. She can reach places where others on her team cannot. This is a great advantage to Flash. But, she is a lightweight, only weighing at 124 lbs. She has been known to fly across a field quite easily with one good hit. Her ?costume? consists of a rubbery substance unknown to man, possibly made by her. It has a silvery color, which makes it shine in the light. On her feet she wears heavy metal boots, they are very bulky looking and have two lug nuts on each boot.

[B]Personality[/B]: Flash is very open about her opinions. She is not quite at all, but when it comes down to be serious you will see a whole other side to her. Flash will get her way and if she doesn?t, well she will let her sword do the talking. She also loves to fight, it?s one of her strongest areas. Although she doesn?t have super human strength she finds herself to be rather strong, despite her physical disadvantages. Strong headed, hot tempered, and ready to fight, are all ingredients to making this tough girl.


Day 1: This nice old woman gave me this journal. It was kind of weird, she just walked up to me and told me this journal will hold the key to my future. I mean c?mon, I am only 14 this journal cannot really tell me what my future is going to be. It doesn?t even make sense! I don?t understand this it is all just so confusing. But lately some weird stuff has been happening, today my hand almost disappeared?and I woke up this morning in the living room. I didn?t even sleep in the living room last night. Maybe I did, I really don?t know.

Day 2: Ok, I went back to see that old lady and she wasn?t there. I asked the people around and they said they haven?t seen any old woman around the stores. Definitely odd?I wonder if this old woman is..magical? I know it sounds childish but I mean?. Was she never actually there? Did she actually give me this journal because it was the key to my future? Can it be the answer to why I am appearing and disappearing in different places while I am asleep?

Day 5: Sorry I haven?t wrote in a while. But I am in shock right now. A new group of super heroes and all this other stuff are starting to emerge. It?s scaring me? could I have these special powers that these other people have? This is just running though my head like crazy. I have a headache so I am going to lay down now. Bye.


Day 3,900: Ok I joined this stupid super hero team, whoo hoo for me. PAH! My powers are so much better than the rest of these freaks?turning into animals? That?s so funny?why don?t you turn into a rock and stay that way. HAHAHA. I swear some of these people just make me want to laugh out loud so badly. But I stood silent, like I wanted to. I don?t want to make a bad impression on this little team so I?ll keep quiet. So you can?t tell, ok? Ciao for now.

Superhuman powers: Teleportation can?t believe no one chose this yet? it makes a 'flash' everytime she uses the power. That's why she is called Flash.

[B]Weapons/gadgets[/B]: A simple sword called Excalibur

[B]Mode of transport[/B]: none, she has teleportation. [/SIZE]

EDIT: Sorry it's a peice of crap. I have a MAJOR headache right now, I'll finish it later. Sorry again.
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Real Name: Kyle Adams

Codename: Void

Place of Birth: Frankfurt, Germany

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Kyle, at first glance, is of generic male stature. He weighs in at about 165lbs., and is 5'11". Long, brown hair hangs down past his brow and into his eyes, persistantly annoying him. He is thin and lean, with wiry limbs; his almost indiscernable muscles belie his strength. His quick, liquid movements give you the illusion that he hardly moves at all... sort of like he just *is* from place to place.

As far as clothing, Kyle tends towards his loose, ragged, forest green jacket. Any plain shirt and blue jeans will do nicely for everything else.

Personality: Kyle is, at best, a schizophrenic. Depending on some unknown whim, he can be playful and energetic as a puppy, or as serious and volatile as an evil overlord. He is kind and loyal to his friends, no matter what his mood, but shows no mercy to evil and unruly enemies.

The sky switched places with the ground, and Kyle hit the ground, hard, the air whooshing from his lungs. Grimacing in pain, he rose shakily to his feet, and remounted the bycycle. Determined to complete the jump that he and his friends had erected, Kyle pedaled back up the hill. After a reassuring glance to one of his cheering comrades, he pushed off once again.

The bike soared off the ramp, and feet into the air. Kyle's expression changed from exitement to terror, as the ground rushed up to meet him. Kyle closed his eyes and braced for an impact that never came. A startled gasp found its way to his ears, and Kyle looked about. Instead of mangling himself against the gravelly ground, he was floating about a meter above it!

[i] Years later... [/i]

"Hey kid!"

Kyle turned about in time to see a baseball soaring through the air to meet his face. He added a few hundred pounds to the flying sphere, and it snapped into the ground.

"Good." said Chris, "You're coming with us."

Superhuman powers: Can use gravitational powers to attract and repel things, or create voids.

Weapons/gadgets: Nothing.

Mode of transport: He controls gravity! What do ya think?

((Sorry so short! Will edit if necessary!!))
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[size=1]Ok, here is my profile, as well as the final list of characters.[/size]

[size=1]Real Name: Alexander Trelawney[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Codename: Sparx[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Place of Birth: London, England[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Age: 21[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Gender: Male[/size]
[size=1]Appearance: Sparx stands at around 6?, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. His skin is slightly tanned, and his face is round and pleasing to the eye. His eyes are shockingly blue, and he has black spiky hair, with red highlights throughout. The back of his hair is completely red, and spiked up. He has a small scar over his left eye, from causes unknown. He wears a black muscle shirt, with a leather armour plate over the chest, with a black, knee-length leather jacket covering it. His trousers are black as well, with electric-blue lining down the outside of both legs, and his boots are heavy black leather boots, with cushioned soles, meaning he can land jumps almost silently. His entire costume is made from a lightweight, weaved polymer, which is extremely light, but also extremely resilient to damage.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Personality: Normally, Sparx is very good-humoured, with a great sense of humour, and can lighten up any situation with a witty comment. He loves his job, and takes great pride in fighting super-powered criminals. However, when he thinks he is in the right, and someone argues with him, his temper flares, and he becomes very aggressive and hostile, taking his anger out on his friends as well as his enemies. He has no problem with torturing enemies, but when it comes to killing them, that is something he stands against firmly.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Bio: The kid was brutal. He had a hold on Alex with one hand, and a large wooden pole in the other. Alex?s face was black and blue with bruises, and blood ran from his nose and mouth. He spat a mouthful of blood out onto the pavement.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?You?re gonna pay for what you did to my friend, you freak!? shouted the kid, smacking Alex again and again with the pole. Blood began to soak into the wood of the end of the pole, and Alex felt his entire body go numb.[/size]

[size=1]?But I didn?t mean to do it,? said Alex weakly, through a mouthful of broken teeth and blood, ?I don?t even know what I did!?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?You killed him, that?s all I know!? said the kid, and he continued beating Alex with the pole. Alex saw the kid?s friend out of the corner of his eye. He lay on the pavement, burnt and smoking, but still barely breathing.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?He?s not dead!? shouted Alex, ?He?s still breathing!?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I don?t care! You hurt my friend, and you deserve to die!? shouted the kid.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Stop it!? shouted Alex. Bolts of electricity began to spark between his fingers, and his eyes turned electric blue.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Hell no! You?re doing it again!? shouted the kid, backing away. Alex floated to his feet, and, with a simple glance at the kid, thousands of volts of electricity flew from his hands into the kid?s body, throwing him backwards with tremendous force. The kid was dead before he hit the ground.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Alex ran, and didn?t stop running for six years?[/size]
[size=1]Age 21:[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]The thug grabbed the young lady in the dark alleyway, slamming her against the wall, holding a knife to her throat. He grabbed her shirt roughly and ripped it open, revealing her red underwear. She gasped as he clamped a hand over her mouth, and tried to strip her off further.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?You don?t wanna do that, buddy,? said a calm voice from the shadows.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Who?s there? If you call the cops, I?ll kill her!? shouted the thug.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]The figure stepped from the shadows, revealing himself. He was little more than a street thug himself, dressed in torn jeans and a hooded sweatshirt with the sleeves ripped off. His fingers flexed through his fingerless gloves.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I?m gonna tell you one time, mister. Step away from the lady,? said the figure.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?No way,? said the thug, turning back to his ?prize.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Fine. I tried,? said the figure. He threw his hand out, and bolts of electricity shot from it, crashing into the thug?s body, throwing him backwards to the floor, where he lay, unconscious.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I warned you, didn?t I?? he asked the unconscious body. The woman walked up to him, thanking him, and began rummaging through her purse.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Let me thank you somehow,? she said.[/size]
[size=1]?Oh, don?t worry,? he said, ?I don?t need paying for that. That?s all in a day?s work for me.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I was going to give you my phone number,? she said, looking a little embarrassed. He flushed as well.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Well, that?s good too!? he said, taking a slip of paper with a telephone number written on it from her.[/size]
[size=1]As she left the alley, two men walked up behind him, and one of them put his hand lightly on the man?s shoulder.[/size]
[size=1]?You look like you could be a valuable member of our group,? said one of them. The man turned around, and saw two men in ridiculous costumes standing in front of him. He resisted the urge to laugh.[/size]
[size=1]?Join you? And look like as much of an idiot as you two do? No thanks,? he said, ?The only way I would join you is if you seriously thought your wardrobes out.?[/size]
[size=1]The two looked at each other.[/size]
[size=1]?Fine,? they said, ?We could use a change of costume, anyway.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?Well, I guess you?ve got me there,? he said.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I?m Psyker, and the guy in the cloak is called Cloak,? said one of the men.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?That makes sense.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?What can we call you??[/size]
[size=1]?Well, I?m Alexander Trelawney, but you can call me Sparx,? he said, holding out his hand for one of them to shake. Psyker took it, and got a slight static shock from Sparx. Sparx burst into laughter, and Psyker looked disdainfully at Cloak.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I guess we?re going to have to put up with this from now on, right?? he asked.[/size]
[size=1]?Oh yes.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]They went on to recruit many new members, with powers like their own, coming to regard them as family.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Superhuman Powers: Sparx can generate and manipulate the force of electricity. This can go from releasing a single volt up to an impressive 500,000 volts of electricity. He can also take electricity form an outside source, such as a power line, and channel it through his body, aiming it directly at his enemies. However, excessive use of his powers can leave him extremely drained, upon which he must recharge.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Weapons/gadgets: Sparx has a grapple gun, which fires a high-tension steel cord with a small hook on the end, meaning he can swing from place to place. He does not need weapons, however, as he is extremely proficient in many forms of unarmed combat.[/size]
[size=1]Mode of Transport: Sparx rides a souped-up Kawasaki[/size] [size=1]motorcycle, with turbo engines and a few special surprises.[/size]

[size=1]And now the final list:


[size=1]Lilian (Lily) Watson/Naiad-Kitty[/size]

[size=1]Chris Smith/Flare-Who Am I?[/size]

[size=1]Trace Gilfer/Stalk-Kamuro[/size]

[size=1]Alexander Launch/Iced Over-SadBlue[/size]

[size=1]Sakura Kuroichi/Shift-Sakura

Ellie Abitt/Lunasol-Amon

Alice Manque/Flash-Isadora

Kyle Adams/Void-Grunt Salesman

I am sorry to silverwolf_fang and Raze_3103, but I couldn't accept you, not from the standard I was expecting. silverwolf, I just couldn't get into your character's powers, they were a bit too weird for my liking, and Raze, I decided not to have two people with the same powers in the RP, so Sakura got it first.

This RP should be starting tomorrow, hopefully.
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[b]Sorry I am so late, but I have gotten it cleared with Fallen, and I am officialy part of the team.[/b]

[size=2]Real Name: Zach Deuter

Codename: Colossus[/size]
Place of Birth: New York City

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Colossus is seven feet tall, very muscular, and wears a black muscle shirt with torn up blue jeans. He has spikey white hair that barely brushes his ears. He wears a black pair of shades with reflective lenses that he hates getting broken. (although puches in the face from super-powered megalomaniacs usually does)

Personality: He is a good guy to get along with. He likes almost everybody. One way to call him when he is around his friends is a "gentle giant". He likes pizza, soda, and other junk food. However, his enemies meet a very different person. He is violent, reckless, and hate-filled.

BIO: AGE 12- Medical Research Facility, NYC
It was a normal field trip. For the past ten years the seventh graders of Cass Middle School took a trip to this facility. Why was this one different? Zach looked around. Everyone was screaming. Mr. Norton lay dead on the ground, a bullet lodged into his brain. Zach was scared. He should have listened to his mom when she told him not to come on this trip. Why did he forge his mother's signature on the permission form? BLAM! BLAM! Two more scientist fell dead, their heads blown straight off by the shotgun. Then the man, the man who had killed all these people said," Alright, little kiddies, listen up! You will not cry for your mammas, or whoever, or I will do the same to you! I want all of you to get into a single file line, that's right, and march out of here into the black bus outside. If you don't, I will be forced to shoot you, too. And I don't want to do it. So please don't make me."

"LEAVE US ALONE!" A large seventh grader had gotten up, and was running at the man, his face contorted in fear and anger. [i]BLAM[/i]! The kid fell, a large hole in his chest, his face now contorted in pain.

"Alright, I lied about not wanting to shoot you little pansies. Start marching, NOW!" The seventh graders marched, afraid for their lives, but not wanting to upset this mysterious, violent man.

The constant bleeping of the machine annoyed Zach. It was repetitive, constant, and he had been listening to it for years. However, now, after all those nuclear tests, he had the power to make those ***holes pay. The solid steel bars that "held" him started straining under his phenomonal strength. They broke like pencils. He grabbed the nearest man in the white labcoat around the kneck.
"Where are the others?" He asked, afraid for the answer.
"You are the last," the man gargled out, unable to say any more, for the hand around his kneck squeezed until his head literally "popped" off. The last he saw was the face of utter hatred.

Zach ran throughout the facility, in nought but a loincloth. Alarms were blaring all over the place. He nearly made it out by himself. Nearly. Then, at the exit door, stood five lizard-like people, the gaurds of the facility. Unable yet to use his powers on command, besides of course his physical abilities, Zach was getting his butt whooped by these giant creatures. He was nearly dead when a loud sound, like thunder, echoed, and then all five creatures exploded. Behind the wreckage stood three men. All Zach could see before he passed out was the one in the middle, who was wearing what looked like all black, with blue lightning bolts on his clothes. All he could hear was: "We are here to help you..."

Superhuman powers: Super-super-strength (Like Hulk strong), super-consititution (means he can take a lot of damage, and he doesn't get fatigued very easily, and can he jump really far/ high[/size]
Mode of transport: He climbs buildings and jumps a long ways from building to building. He can do this at about forty MPH. For road trips he tries to catch a ride with someone.[/size]
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