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RPG Heroes [M-VLS]


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[size=1][size=4][b]Issue 1: Assassins[/b][/size]
The Oval Office, The White House, Washington DC...

[/size][/i][size=1]The President sat calmly at his desk, waiting for his assistant to come back with news of his TV apearance. He went through his routine, breathing deeply in and out, looking over his papers, wringing his hands nervously, and wiping the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand.

There was a strange sound outside, and a scream rang out, followed by a loud "thud". Gunshots were fired, and the door of the Oval Office was burst open, and three of the Presiden'ts bodyguards ran in, forming a perimeter around him, their weapons drawn.

"We have a very real threat to your life, Mr President," said one of them breathlessly, "We have to get you out of here as fast as we can."

Suddenly, an arm wrapped around the President's neck, and dragged him away from the circle of bodyguards. The bodyguards turned, and saw a young girl drag the President through the wall. They stared in disbelief as he disappeared through a completely solid wall.

Another of the strange sounds rang out, and a figure appeared, crouched on the windowsill, a knife in his hand. His raven-black hair fell down to his shoulders, and his eyes were a piercing yellow colour. He was smiling menacingly.

"Well," he said in a Russian accent, "Now that my partner has taken your precious leader, it is up to me to take care of you." He leapt at them, his knife drawn, and as they fired at him, he disappeared with a strange noise, and reappeared behind them with another strange noise, slashing them across the spines, making them fall to the ground.


[/i]The girl dragged the President across the front lawn of the White House, all the way to the fence at the front of the building, where there were hundreds of screaming protesters. She dragged him right up to the fence, and pulled a gun, pointing it at his head.

"We hate what this man is doing to our country as much as you do!" she shouted to the protesters, "But the only difference is, we have the guts to do something decisive about it!" She cocked the gun, and smiled, whispering into the President's ear:

"I hope you don't have any loved ones you didn't say goodbye to." Her finger pulled the trigger, but she never let the bullet release itself. Something strange happened. She began listening to the air, as if it was talking to her, and then she let go of the President, and sank into the ground.

[i]Somewhere in New York...

[/i]"Ok, team," said Sparx, "We have an emergency. Someone almost killed the President, and we have to find them."

"Why is it our problem?" asked Flare, also known as Chris Smith.

"Because the people who just tried to kill the President have very special powers. One is a teleporter, just like our own Flash, and the other can control every molecule in her body, making her able to walk through solid objects, or to make herself as hard as steel. These are dangerous, super-powered terrorists, and this is our first assignment. Get yourselves ready, we leave in half an hour."

(OOC: Ok, here is the first post. Your first posts should be about you getting ready to go to the White House. Once everyone has posted, I will post us leaving the base to get there. The base is however you want it to be, and you all have your own rooms, as well as a kitchen, three bathrooms, a weapons room and a training room, although it is mostly open-plan. Enjoy!)
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[color=Navy]Sakura, otherwise known as Shift was frowning, people with powers had attempted to murder the President, that was an incredible risk.

They were dismissed from the meeting and Shift headed to the training room. She always had to be in a good shape to be able to morph perfectly and quickly, if she wasn't all focussed, she usually took a while longer, if she was sick, tired or anything extreme, she would sometimes be half morphed and stuck until she could gather her wits together and make a full change.

The training room was split up, there was a large open room with nothing in it for multi purposes, there was a gym type area, [/color][color=Navy]another area for acrobatics and gymnastics things[/color][color=Navy] and there was some other stuff. [b][I'll leave that to anyone else if they want to add anything.][/b] Shift spent a lot of her time in the acrobatics and gymnastics area, it was good for her flexibility training.

Shift got onto the balance beam and positioned herself with arms spread, she ran a few steps and did a flip, supporting with her hands and flicking her legs over her head and landing back onto the beam. She continued doing manuveurs until she was tired.

Shift decided that it was enough to get her prepared and headed off back to her own room. She met up with some of the others on her way, but she was in a hurry since she was tired and wanted to wipe the sweat from her body.

She entered her room and closed the door behind her, she sighed happily, it was very similar to her room back home in Tokyo. The walls were navy blue and the floor was made of polished oak floorboards. She had a large window next to her bed which she could easily climb out of if need be, which it rarely was, but sometimes she was too lazy to go out the door so exited via the window. It was always left open because she had a lot of animal visitors, there was currently a line of sparrows perched on the window sill.

Shift talked to them, giving them seed while she cleaned herself up. She wanted to have a short flight so quickly morphed into a sparrow like them and lead them out of the window, they spiralled through the sky happily, chirping excitedly. When she thought it was time, she said goodbye and returned to her room, just resting and reading until it was time to leave.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Sorry the post isn't too good, didn't really know what to do and my brain's a little fried.[/color]
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Kyle frowned as he left the meeting. [I]People like that are going to make people like [/I]us[I]look bad...[/i]. He shook his head, and decided to go to a weight room to clear his head. Kyle walked down the hall, and turned down another seeming identical hallway. About halfway down that one, he stepped into a small gymnasium, and strolled over to some weightlifting equipment.

Kyle picked up a 50 lb. barbel and raised it over his head a few times. When the bar proved too light, he added a few hundred pounds. The weights then proved far too heavy and crashed to the ground, almost ripping Kyle's arms off. 'Wunderbar." he muttered, and decided to walk back to his room.

Kyle passed a very tired and sweaty Sakura on the way back, and cast an wary eye in her direction, but otherwise saw no one. He stepped in his room, and closed the door behind him, sighing. Kyle rubbed his shoulder, and plopped down on the bed to make a mental list of what he would need. He smirked evilly to himself.[I] If those guys want to mess with the president, they mess with us. And if they mess with us, I crush them with the weight of a thousand suns![/I]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Alexander left the meeting soon after it's end, brooding over the details of the mission. He liked to think all of these things through rather then physically train, his powers didn't require it, and he was better off looking for weaknesses.

[I]Teleportation... [/I] Alexander had studied and observed, as well as faced, several Teleporters. They were deadly to be sure, even solid walls of ice can't stop them, and it's deathly hard to hit them with anything deadly. Depending on the skill of he teleporter, this could be dangerous. Worse still, Teleporters are nearly impossible to track down. Meaning they would have to wait for his next move before acting, putting them at a severe disadvantage.

Now, the girl would be more interesting. With the ability to walk through solid objects, this would again negate his ice walls and projetiles. It would not be an easy fight, but with enough perseverance she could be defeated. Her weakness, Alexander figured, was that she relied on her Molecule control. Molecules containing moisture. Moisture that, with a little persuasion, could be turned to ice. Normally, the tight latice of normal Molecules made this impossible, but if she loosened them then they could easily be frozen. Hmm...

Alexander sat up in bed. He'd been thinking about this for a long time, and he was quite sure he had everything figured out. He looked longingly out the window at his Austin-Martin, the sun dancing playfully along it's curved surface. Alexander couldn't wait until they could leave, he loved to drive her, and a trip to Washington D.C would be a refreshing road-trip.

OOC: Ok, I assumed our next move was for Washington because that's where the President was attacked... [/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1]Trace sat quietly upon a marble bench encircled by beautiful plants and flowers he had grown himself. It took some reasoning for the team to allow him to build his own garden at the compound, but he thought it necessary if he was to stay. Everyone had their own sanctuary, and this was his own. The sun beat down on his face as he gazed up towards the sky, taking in the warmth of a beautiful day. His hand was loosely gripped around a frail rose he kept with him always. It'd been in his possession for years and even now it radiated the divine scent of the first day it had become his own.

He placed the flower lightly within an inner coat pocket and stood from the bench. He began to walk through the large, lavish garden, his shoes clicking against the walkway as he strolled. When he reached the end of the path he stopped, the garden was immense and he had yet to fill it. He took a pouch of seeds from his pocket, opening it slightly and placing his hand inside. His fingers rolled over the numerous buds within the bag. He could identify each one with a simple touch and quickly drew from the bag a bright red seed. He tossed it upon the soil in front of him and closed his eyes.

His hands began to raise from their once docile state and his fingers twitched as the seed broke open, leafs and vines erupting from the dormant shell. The plant grew large augmenting and swelling in every direction. Trace stood his ground, his hands continuing their subtle dance through the air. The plant's limbs grew wider, and holes began to form mouths, sharp teeth appearing and cluttering each with deadly tools. Saliva dripped from each opening hitting the ground and sizzling as they burned against the soil below.

He opened his eyes, a massive red plant sat before him, an eyeless stare scanned Trace up and down. He had sprouted a [I][COLOR=DarkRed]scarlet plant[/COLOR][/I]. An extremely deadly shrub almost impossible to control. The large plant began to strike wildly, each branch swiping rapidly as teeth clanked against one another. Trace moved fluently from side to side evading the attacks almost effortlessly. The plant hindered, it's limbs returning to their original state. Trace continued to stare "You will obey me," he stated confidently.

The plant lowered it's appendages, a sign of defeat and a concedence of power. Trace walked up to it, taking a limb in his hand and stroking it softly. "We will fight together," and with that he closed his eyes and lowered his hands gradually. The plant began to shrink, returning to its home in the hollow shell of the seed. When it was completely departed he knelt to the ground and returned the seed to it's pouch.

He turned from the scene and began his walk back to the compound. When he reached the opening he saw Lily there waiting for him. "How'd it go?" she asked eagerly. "It conceded..." Trace replied, wiping the sweat from his forehead. "Must've been a tough one," she inquired, noticing the perspiration. Trace nodded "Please take care of the plants for me, they need their water. The usual amounts." Lily cued in agreement as he began to enter the compound. "Thank you Lillian..."

She stopped abruptly "I told you not to call me that!" she shouted, the sound echoing in the hall as he continued to walk away. "I know..." was all he said as he disappeared into the darkness of the compound. Lily grunted angrily as she began watering the plants. She mumbled to herself, annoyed. "I told him not to call me that...I can't believe him...he knows I don't like that...I'll pop him one if he says it again..."[/SIZE]

OOC: Hope this is alright, any problems just PM me.
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[SIZE=1]Alice, also known as Flash, teleported outside the room the meeting was being held in. She walked down the hallway and approached a door. She opened it walked into the room and quietly closed it behind her. She looked around her room, it was very gray and un-colorful. She sat on her bed; to her side was her journal. She smiled inwardly and picked up the journal. Flash opened it up to its first page, the day the old woman gave her the journal. It was in French, she didn?t learn English until she was 16.

She heard a knock on the door, ?Come in!? she said. A young man stood in the doorway, it was Chris Smith a.k.a Flare. ?Oh hey Chris?? Alice kind of smiled at him, he seemed to hang around her a lot lately. ?What are you doing??

?Oh nothing just looking at my old journal??
?Can I see??

Flash handed him the journal. ?The fist few pages are in French, but you can look at the doodles I made in the side.? She pointed to the margins; small pig faces decorated the borders. ?Heh, I like drawing pigs?? They both laughed, Flare continued to flip the pages. ?Well I am gonna go now, get ready for the flight? He got up and walked toward the door. Flash watched as he left and took the corner down the hallway. She also left the room and headed toward the technology room.

She tapped something into the computer and a file popped up. It read, ?Molecules?, Flash was very good with math and science so she researched how the girls molecules moved about to make her move through solid objects. She smiled, she found a way to stop the girl from going through walls.

A few minutes later?

A syringe popped out from a hole. She grabbed it and quickly ran out the room to find Sparx. She found him still in the meeting room looking at a map. ?Sparx!? He turned around with a curious look on his face, ?Yes?? She smiled and took out the syringe. ?If I can get close enough to prick this in her? this liquid will stabilize her molecules, which will unable her to control them.? Sparx smiled ?Brilliant.?[/SIZE]

OOC: Sorry it sounds really bad. I have writers block...
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Flare, known as Chris, walked into Flash's room, also known as Alice. They had a quick conversation and he soon began to flipped through pages of her diary. The pigs she drew were cute and amused him. He soon left to his room and began to think about the attack on the President.

[I]Hmm...so this girl. She could walk through walls. Interesting...[/I]

He paced back and forth thinking about it and soon became bored. He sat down and started to play with fire. His hand glowed and lit up. It became and ball and Flare tossed it back and forth between his hands.

A couple minutes after, loud noises were to be heard and it startled him almost causing him to drop the fireball.

"Ahh!!!" He cried and caught it. "Whew...man, they could've made me burn this place down!"

He laughed to himself and laid back on his bed, resting.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC: Sorry...it's short![/B][/SIZE]
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[color=blue][size=1]"Jerk," Lily spat again, finishing up her watering. "I take care of his plants, and what does he do? Bug me. By doing the one thing I told him not to. Gah.. Guys."

With a few waves of her hands, the water ceased to fall, and her arms returned to her sides. Placing a hand on her hip, she sighed, and put her other hand over her eyes. She rubbed them a bit, as if just waking from a long, much needed nap.

"Oh well. Best not dwell on it," she told herself, walking out.

Lily headed towards her quarters to take a short breather before the group headed out towards Washington. All the way there, she wondered if she had irritated or angered Trace to make him act the way he had been. But the thought left her mind when she arrived at her familiar door. It made a loud "kuush" sound as it automatically opened for her. Stepping in, she was greeted with the gentle sounds of water flowing through rapids and over waterfalls. The mist from one side of her "room" made the room even more damp, and she loved it.

Lily's compound was basically a large river that went around her room in a circle, complete with rapids in the middle, a waterfall and lake at each end, and different species of fish and plants in the lake. There were small bits of sand to serve as beaches, and a few areas of tile where her bed, belongings, and bathroom were. But other than that, it was just water. A paradise for her.

"Washington.." she mumbled, stripping herself bare and diving into the cool, refreshing water that rested below the waterfall. She stayed beneath the surface for a long time, thinking about nothing in particular. When she'd figured it had been long enough, she emerged slowly. She floated in place for a moment or two before closing her eyes and making gestures with her hands, still underwater. Her breathing slowed, and she seemed to melt into the water, to become one. She began to speak softly, as if to the particles of water to make them move for her.

As she spoke and waved her hands gently, so did the water. In a spiral of rising water, she sat at the top, calmly meditating as a bit of brief practice. She would've gone to the training room, but didn't want to, knowing she'd probably run into Trace again.

She wasn't mad at him anymore, though. Whenever she got in the water, she was relaxed, and all her angers, worries, and cares melted and floated away with the ripples that spread from her diving in. No, she was more worried about angering him.

"He wouldn't be angry at me," Lily suddenly said aloud, opening her eyes and staring down at the staircase-like form of water that held her up so high. "I didn't do anything to him.. did I?"

A loud knock at her door split her concentration and her hands stopped moving. At this, the water broke apart and fell back towards the pool that it had risen from, Lily falling with it. There was a loud splash, and she sank straight to the bottom.

[i]"Some people just have the [b]worst[/b] timing,"[/i] Lily thought sarcastically as she swam upwards. Realizing she was completely naked, she was careful to breach where her body wouldn't be seen from the beach near the door.

OOC: It can be anybody. ^_^;;[/size][/color]
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Kyle knocked again, and stuck his head in the doorway. "Hello?" He asked, looking about. Seeing Lily, his eyes widened and he slapped a hand over his face. "Oops, uh. Oh, sorry! Sorry sorry, I didn't know!" Kyle exclaimed nervously. He retreated behind the half-open door. "Hey, uh. Sorry... I was just wondering what you thought about the mission. I didn't mean to disturb you!"

OOC: Sorry so short, but I want don't want to do much more without input from Kitty. EDIT: Sorry, Kitty. I was out of it. ^^;
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[size=1]Sparx saw the small phial of liquid that Alice had just handed him. He smiled, seeing that his team was finally growing into something bigger and better. He pocketed the syringe, thanking Alice, and then walked away, swinging his jacket onto his shoulders. He flicked open a pair of shades, and put them on his face.

He walked over to the Intercom system they had set up in the building, and pressed the green button, speaking into the mouthpiece. His voice echoed around the building.

"Ok, team, if you are all ready to go, then let's head to Washington. Cloak, Psyker, you with us?" he asked. A reply, saying that they were coming came through the intercom, and Sparx took the mike once again.

"Ok, suit up, get your equipment ready, and get on your vehicles. We leave in three minutes."

(OOC: Sorry to cut anyone off from what they were doing, but we are going to Washington! You can describe your journey there, but remember to have us all meet up when we get to the White House)
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[size=1][color=blue]OOC: Uh.. Grunt? My character's name is Lily. Not Kitty. ^_^;;

"It's alright. Stay out there for a second," Lily calmly replied, though her face was a beet red. She swam to her belongings and grabbed a towel. Not to dry off with, but to cover herself. She made a small motion with her right hand, then pointed at the pool she had just been floating in. All of the water that was resting on her skin immediatly drained off and back into the larger body of water.

Lily quickly grabbed and put on her uniform. She began to walk to the doorway when the announcement from Sparx leaked out of the intercom.

"Three minutes? He's rushing," Lily mumbled absent-mindedly. She reached her door and peered around to see a terribly embarrased Kyle. She let out a giggle. "You all right?" she asked, still trying to stifle more giggles.

"Yeah.. Uh.. Um.. We should, uh, get going, eh?" he stuttered, still not looking her in the face.

"Yup. Com'on!" she smiled, rushing off down the hallway to where the vehicles were stored. Kyle hesitated, but soon followed suit.

In the Garage, Lily and Kyle were the first ones there, aside from Sparx. But he was almost [i]always[/i] there, tending to the bike he was so proud of.

Kyle left her side to ready his ride, while she waited for the others to arrive. She would've busied herself going over her motorcycle, checking for anything out of the ordinary that may come back to bite her while on the job. But she'd already done an inspection this morning, and everything was fine.

What she was really worried about was who the ones at the White House were, and why they hadn't finished the job. "Why would they go through all the trouble, make a speech, then disappear? It's absurd.." She paused.

"And really stupid, too."

"What's stupid, Naiad?"

Lily's head snapped up. Very few called her Naiad while still at Headquarters. She didn't prefer being called that. Nor did she prefer being called "Lillian", but she knew chewing out Trace would be pointless. She'd already done it.. several hundred times. Taking a moment, she recognized the person before her as Sakura.

"Oh. Sakura. I was just thinking about the terrorists, and what idiots they are.."

"They probably had good reason. I mean, who would go through all the trouble to just give up when their goal was in their grasp? It must've been [i]very[/i] important. To them, anyways," Sakura reasoned.

"I guess," Lily muttered. The two said nothing more, and Sakura went off to prepare for departure. Staring at her feet, she still didn't feel satisfied.

[i]"What could be so important? To stop what you planned to do moments before you pull the trigger.. When the thing you desired was right there. So close.. In the palm of your own hand.. They're nothing but mindless idiots in some cult, I'll bet,"[/i] Lily thought silently.[/color][/size]
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OOC: Sorry I wasn't here when it started. But i am here now I will try not to do that often.

IC: Ellie didn't really do anything within the few minuets they had to prepare. She had simply went to her room, which wasn't much but a plain room. When she was there, she practiced with her powers over light and dark energy. She made a ball of light infront of her and moved it around. after she was satsified with that, she tried changing it to dark energy. She had never been able to fully complete the conversion, but she always tryied.

When Trace made the annoucment, Ellie simply left her rrom and went to the garage. Anyone who wasn't used to the place would have gotten lost, but this was normal for her. When she got thier she was surprised to find that others were their before her. Normally she was their before anyone, but she figured she had walked a little bit slower than normal.

She checked her car as she normally did when she got in. But unlike the other who had bikes, her's wasn't as easy to check. Therfore, she had a computer that did all the checks for her. All she did was read a screen. Nothing appeared to be wrong so she popped her head out.

"I'm all ready, just waiting for you guys." Ellie said. She normally waited until atleast four people left before she followed. She wasn't much of a leader; she liked to be a follower, to be lead to something rather than to find something.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]After hearing the announcement, Flare began to grab his jacket and walked to the garage. He doesn't have a car, which is pretty sad for him despite his age but he usually doesn't travel as much.

He took a look around and spotted a girl named Ellie. He went towards her car and smiled.

"Hey mind if I join? I don't got a car, " he said looking a bit embarassed. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]

[SIZE=1]OOC: Take it from here, Amon. [/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"Sweet!" Alexander shouted, draining the last of his Coke and pulling his leather jacket over his shoulders. "Road Trip!" He dropped the can onto the floor and took off out the door; he loved any excuse to get in his Austin-Martin, even if he was heading into danger.

He entered the garage with an insane-looking grin on his face, an even more deranged look in his eyes. The sprawling car park was not exactly packed, only a few people had arived, but he wasn't overly interested. Sparx was tending to his bike, as he usually was. It was a nice bike, it deserved attention. But Alexander's attention was near-soley on his beloved Austin-Martin.
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"Heh... yeah go ahead. Just try not to mess anything up. I value my car." Ellie replied to Flare.

She pressed a button on her door, but instead of unlocking the door, it opened it. Lukily, noone or thing, was in the way. Flare got in like anyone would. Ellie didn't really seem to mind though. She was really just joking around about the car. She was willing to make a scratch if she had to.
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[color=Navy]Sakura walked away from Lily and returned to her room. She had gone out of her room to find Sparx and ask him when they were leaving, but then he answered on the intercom. Of course she could have used the intercom in her room, but she didn't know where he was and didn't want to blare it around the building.

Sakura was already ready, dressed in her usual clothes. She checked herself in the full length mirror and climbed out of her window again. She took a deep breath and concentrated.

She started her morph, it started with her skin, she felt the prickles as the feathers protruded from her skin. Soon her skin couldn't be seen because her body was covered in black and white feathers. Sakura felt herself shrink and her arms and hands became wings. Her face changed, her nose and mouth merged, forming a sharp, hooked beak. Sakura's feet changed into sharp talons. Sakura now stood there in the garden as a [url="http://www.fws.gov/species/graphics/peregrin.gif"]peregrine falcon[/url].

She beat her powerful wings and soared into the sky. She screeched and wheeled gracefully. She flapped up higher and waited for the others. They slowly came out on their different vehicles. Sakura flew quickly, soaring on the wind currents. At some parts, when the air was stale, she flapped.

Sakura stayed at the front of the group since she was a fast flier. She did a few rolls since she was bored but kept up with the others, doing aerial tricks every now and then to keep herself entertained.
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[SIZE=1]Trace walked slowly through the placid hallway. He could hear the noise of spinning tires from the hanger where all the vehicles were kept and smell the burning the burning rubber as docile cars were started once again. He finally reached the large garage and as he approached his motorcycle a vine shot from his sleeve, grabbing his helmet and placing it upon his head. His hair formed to the circular shape as he flipped the dark black shade over the opening of his eyes. With a quick turn of his key the bike erupted from the hanger, smoke flowing from it's wheels.

Soon enough he caught up with the rest of the group, somewhat of a convoy moving down the road. A convoy of misfits, Trace smiled as he road. Although they were misfits, he was glad to finally be a part of something he was proud of. He passed a car and road close to Sparx. They each glanced back at one another and nodded in agreement. With that fire burst from the back of each bike, the men gripping tightly as they were brought to maximum speed.

Trace swirved in and out of cars, tilting in almost perfect harmony with his bike. He loved to ride, and he loved the thrill of speed and how it made him feel. Sparx was close by, his massive hands contorting the throttle with all his strength. Just ahead was a truck with a low ramp and Sparx used it to jump from the the ground through the air as he landed with a loud thud far down the road. Trace noticed a fork in the road, however, the left road was out. It was a quicker way to get where he was going, but at what cost?

He shook his head [I]who cares?[/I] he thought to himself as he pulled up, jumping over the low orange barriers. He drove to the edge of the bridge with no plans of stopping. As soon as his front wheel left the pavement a bridge of vines began to grow. Water shot from his tires, the plants giving way to the heavy metal. However, he continued to drive, the bridge growing larger by the second. In no time he was on his way to the White House. [I]I wonder where Sparx is?[/I] he inquired, looking back as a large clap of thunder echoed through his helmet.[/SIZE]

OOC: Thought I'd speed things up a bit, no pun intended lol. On to you Fallen.
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[size=1](OOC: It looks like we have a chase on our hands, Kamuro)

Sparx's bike smacked down onto the road, his tyres almost bursting under the pressure, and he roared off, his tyres squealing as they went across the concrete. Trace was behind him, far behind him, his bike groaning under the pressure of the hard acceleration. Sparx laughed, and as he did, a clap of thunder echoed down the freeway. He had forgotten his powers related to his emotions. He should probably be careful.

He was far out ahead of the others though. Psyker and Cloak travelled together, Psyker flying alongside Cloak's hover-disc, and the others were so far behind him he couldn't even see them. He laughed again, thunder resounded again, and he made a mental note not to laugh again. He drove his bike on harder than ever before, but then he saw Trace come powering across the dusty ground. Sneaky kid had taken a short-cut. Sparx needed to lose him again, so he weaved in and out of the traffic, trying to lose his team-mate in amongst the traffic.

He tried the same old trick again, and drove up the back of a truck, using it as a ramp, and he flew through the air, landing hard on the concrete. But Trace was one step ahead of him this time. He had dodged underneath Sparx's bike, and as Sparx landed, he held his hand out, wrapping his vehicle up in vines which shot out of the ground. Sparx swore loudly as he was almost thrown from the bike. Trace rode off, laughing. Sparx pointed a finger at Trace, and shot a tiny bolt of electricity up his backside. Trace almost jumped right off his seat with the shock. He looked back at Sparx, who flicked the visor on his helmet and winked. Trace clicked his fingers, and the vines lashed back into the ground. They rode on.

Soon, they got to the gates of the White House, and Trace and Sparx were left waiting for everyone else to arrive...
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Alexander was at the head of what remained of the convoy, but he didn't plan to stay like that for long. It's not that he didn't like the people in the group, in fact he found most of them amusing and decent people, he just liked to drive alone. So he cranked up his radio, and turned off at the nearest exit, his Trooper album blaring at an alarming level.

Alexander stuck his arm out the window, chilling the air as it passed his hand. He always felt refreshed in the cold, he loved the feeling of the air as it rushed into the hot interior of his car.

Alexander had decided to take the backroads to Washington, the place he felt most at home. Especially considering the Canadian boarder was mere hours from the road he was on, but he would have to wait for another mission to return there. Untiln then, he needed to get the Washington, to help protect the life of another brainless puppet the world could do without. Meh, it's a living... With that he sighed, and pushed his car to it's limits.

When he arrived at DC, he headed to the randevouz area, gazing with a mix of bordem and contempt at the monuments to leaders of the past, thinking to himself [I]The White House couldn't hold a candle to the Parliment buildings...[/I]

When he arrived, only Sparx and Trace had arrived, the bikes may not have been as pretty as his Austin-Martin, but they could sure move.[/COLOR]
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[color=blue][size=1]"Men," Lily sighed, having seen both Trace and Sparx race off, and Alexander speed off on the backroads. "They like their speedy cars, don't they?"

She also enjoyed the speed of her bike, but wasn't about to carelessly zoom through traffic. She changed lanes a few times before spotting a large lake alongside the high way.

[i]"Damn.. I wish I could go for a swim.."[/i] she thought, enjoying the sight of the glistening water that seemed to stretch as far as the high way itself. Then, an idea perked into her head. "Maybe I will," she spoke into the foam inside her helmet. She revved the engine, and sped up, navigating between trucks and cars that littered the paved road.

She lost sight of her friends, but she knew they'd meet up back at Washington.

Lily looked around, and seeing that all the cars were more than 20 yards behind her or ahead of her, closed her eyes and attempted to summon a ramp of water without moving her hands about.

It was difficult. She had always manipulated the water by motions of her hands, up until recently. She had begun practicing using thought, but she wasn't great at it. But she'd give it a shot. Why not?

[i]"Come on.. Concentrate on the shape of a ramp.. Concentrate.."[/i]

Lily sped along, trying her best to summon up a large ramp of water. Her eyes were closed tightly, another habit of her technique. But a small drop of water on her uncovered arm piqued her interest enough to open them. And, there it was, floating in front of her, shimmering just as brightly as the lake.

"I did it!" she cheered, incredibly proud of her achievment. With a gust of strength, she pulled the bike back on one wheel, and drove ontop of the water bridge, but she turned the engine off. Soon, she was floating above the rest of the cars in a large bubble of water, bike and all. A few times, she relaxed a bit too much, and the bubble faltered, nearly dropping her onto a truck below her. But, luckily, she managed to recover.

In no time, she arrived at the White House. When she touched the ground, the bubble burst, and sprinkled the three that had arrived before her just a bit.

"Sorry," she laughed, seeing that Sparx had gotten most of the water on him. He stared at her until she sighed and retrieved the water off of him, drying him with ease. The water was absorbed into the ground, and she was left to wait for the others.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Alice was walking down the hallway. She entered the same room as earlier and put on her uniform. Alice slowly walked toward a long narrow case, she lifted up the hatches and opened the cover. There lay the sword Excalibur, her most prized possession. She stood there for a moment, looking at the sword that caused so much bloodshed in her days. But it was worth it, it is what she had to do. She picked up the sword and put the tip against the floor making a loud THUMP.

Alice walked out the room looking at it one more time. She always looked back at her room before every mission, just in case it was her last. The lights turned off as soon as she closed the door. She proceeded down the hallway until she heard a voice in her head.

?You know you aren?t doing the right thing?? The voice was rasp and made a hissing sound at the end of its sentence. The voice was familiar, for she heard it everyday there was a mission.

?Laissez-moi seul (Leave me alone)? She continued to walk down the hallway, increasing her speed. As if she was trying to get away from someone. But the voice continued.

?You kill one of your own? you are killing yourself??
?Vous parlez dans la vieille femme d'énigmes (You speak in riddles old woman)?
?Then learn to understand them you fool??

With a flash Alice appeared outside the base. Everyone was gone she was the only one left. She stood there with her head down. An old woman appeared in a cloud of dust, ?Hello?. Young one? Alice?s eyes filled with rage. She lifted her sword and went running toward the old woman. The old woman smiled and lifted her handand sand lifted from the ground, it covered Alice making her cough and bring her sword down. She teleported out of the sand storm and behind the old woman, she lifted her sword and?

About 54 seconds passed?

Flash appeared in front of the gates of the White House. She wiped a crimson liquid off her sword before facing the rest of the team. ?You?re late.? Sparx said with his arms crossed expecting an excuse. ?I had some?business to take care off.? [/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]Flare waited a while and then he had to get something back at his room.

"Hey..could ya wait awhile?"

Ellie nodded and Flare rushed to his room. He left his jacket back in his room and for unknown reasons, he began to sweat like crazy.

"Arrgh..." He was in pain.

Everywhere in his body began to heat up and Flare rushed to the restroom. He turned on the water quickly and cooled himself down. He looked at his palms. They were beat red.

"What in the world was that?"

Im the car, Ellie waited patiently in the car and when she saw him, she put the car into drive. All of the other members had left and they were next to leave. He quickly got into the passenger seat.

[COLOR=Black]"Where's your jacket?" Ellie asked.[/COLOR]

"It's okay..I don't need it. Do you mind if I turn on the radio?"


He turned on the music and the drove all the way to Washington D.C. After several minutes they arrived to the group.

"Uhh..." Flare scratched his head, "Are we late?"

He chuckled a bit. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[size=1]"Ok," said Sparx, "We are here to determine whether this was a pre-meditated attack on the President, or whether these two just wanted to make a point. Were they actually going to kill the President, or was it just an empty threat? We need to spread out to try and find any evidence either way." They split up, all going in different directions.

Psyker went around the back of the building, and Cloak walked over the front lawn to the front door of the House. Sparx looked over to him, and saw something coming out of the ground. It was a young girl, dressed all in black leather, looking kind of kinky. She smiled at Sparx, and then turned to Cloak, and, drawing a gun, she aimed carefully at Cloak.

"Look out!" shouted Sparx, but too late. She had pulled the trigger, and a bullet had streaked through the air, blasting a hole through Cloak's chest as he turned around. She fired again, another bullet going through Sparx's team-mate, and then she dropped back into the ground. Sparx ran over to his fallen friend, and held him.

"Cloak," he stammered, "Are you alright?" Although his question was answered with a wracking cough, which made Cloak's entire body shake.

"Sparx, old friend, I am not long for this Earth," he said weakly, smiling at Sparx through a mouthful of blood, "I have just one last request. Take my mask off, so I can feel the air on my skin just before I die."

Smiling but at the same time crying, Sparx nodded, and opened Cloak's long coat, unwrapping the scarf that Cloak always kept around his face, and his face was open to the air. Scars and burns covered his face, which was red and almost completely skinless. He breathed in and out, feeling the air on his face as he took his last breaths.

"Thank you, Sparx," he said, and then he closed his eyes, and his breathing stopped. Sparx hunched over his team-mate, tears dripping from his eyes.

[i]Around the back of the White House...
Psyker looked around, scanning the entire area psychically for any clues as to the assassin's motives. He could find nothing, but he did feel a slight twinge in his mind at one point, but he dismissed it as nothing important.

Then, a strange sound came from behind him, and he whirled around to see the teleporter appear behind him in a cloud of smoke.

He reached out with his powers, trying to bind the teleporter with his telekinesis, but the teleporter was too quick. In a flash, he had jumped, disappeared, and reappeared behind Psyker, a knife flashing in his hand. He grabbed Psyker, and drew the knife across his throat, causing blood to spray from the wound. He had disappeared as soon as Psyker hit the ground, trying to stem the flow of blood. He writhed around in pain as more and more blood poured from the wound, and eventually he stopped, and fell still, dying alone, none of his team-mates around him...

(OOC: Ok, well Cloak and Psyker are dead, as I couldn't find anyone to fill their spots. This gives us a little more motivation to find the assassins, so try your best. Ask members of staff around the White House, and basically try to find anything on the two assassins. I will have a little surprise for you all next post)
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[color=Navy]Sakura had morphed back to her human form after arriving at the White House. She trembled as she recieved the information that Cloak and Psyker had been killed. She was nervous, they were obviously formidable opponents.

Her eyes darted around, she didn't want to be snuck up on. She ran into the White House quickly, darting past the body guards at the door. They jumped and ran to catch up to her. Sakura stopped and turned to them smiling.

[b]"Hey, what do you guys know about the assassins?" [/b]she questioned.

They told her what they knew, which didn't exactly help much since she already knew everything they said. Sakura just walked through the door and looked around the large building. She frowned and decided she go scouting. She quickly morphed into a small fly and started to watch for any suspicious movement. Sakura went into the main room where the President was surrounded by bodyguards. She buzzed over and sat herself on the table, she'd be able to protect the President if anything happened.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Sorry its short, I'm running blanks.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Alexander had been within sight of Cloak, he stared dumfoundedly at him as the first bullet struck, and by the time of the second bullet it was too late to react. Cloak was dead, then. Alexander wasn't particularily fond of Cloak, he always seemed mysterious and a bit scary to be honest, but the death of a comrade never felt good.

So, heavy harted, Alexander turned from Sparx's mournings. He had a job to do, that much he could assume, although he didn't quite know where to start. Alexander hated interrogating people, but he hated even more to interrogate people with Bodyguards shooting at you. Luckily, he wouldn't have to.

The gates opened, and a lone woman, professional and with her hair done up, exited the premisis with a hagard look on her face, her piercing blue eyes exhausted and depressed-looking.

"Oh.. Um, Miss, Miss!" Alexander shouted, waving his arm, trying to get her attention.
"Look, I don't have time for reporters." She replied coldy, drawing a ciggarette and lighting it, lightly placing it between her lips.
"Miss, I'm not a reporter. But I do have some questions for you, if you wouldn't mind."
"I mind." She said, breathing out wave of smoke with a sigh of pleasure. "I came out her for a smoke, I have a job. Now get lost."
"Please, just one question."
"If it'll get you to shut up."
"Good, then, well, were you there when the President was attacked?" Alexander said, hoping to strike a nerve.
"Yeah, why?"
"Well, anything... at all you could say about the two, anything... perculiar?" Alexander knew this probably wouldn't help much, but he had to try.
"For starters, they could walk through walls. Guessing you knew that one," Alexander nodded. "and they definatly chose an inopertune time to quit. Probably somthing to do with that voice."
"Voice?" Alexander was genuinly confused, a voice, probably a psyhic.
"Yeah, I was standing near the teleporter when he disappeared. It was faint, but whatever it said made those two wan't to leave, fast. Can I go yet? I have a job, you know."
"Yes, yes, you can go. I'm sure you have some important task to attend too."

With that, the woman turned, threw her ciggarette to the ground, and walked tiredly towards the looming building.

Alexander was pleased, he had learned somthing very valuable. Though he could not make much sense of it, Sparx should know. This could get interesting.[/COLOR]
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