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Sign Up Battle For Haven [M-VLS]


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[/size] [left] [size=1]I remember that night in crystal clarity, as though someone was playing a movie back to me. I remember how it started, with me going into that club, and I remember how it ended, with me lying in an alley with half my blood splattered across the floor.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]My name is Jake Harlan, also known as Gabriel, and I had done something that night to mightily piss someone off. I was a member of a gang, the Angels. We had control of the entire East Side of Haven City, and we were still growing, expanding into new areas, new districts, new territory. We were filth. Assassins, cardsharps, thugs, we were all villains, with some kind of horror in our pasts. I was one of the top members, second in command to a man named Michael, and we fought our main rivals, the Devils, for control of the West Side. I had the blood of so many Devils on my hands that I could barely sleep at night, but I did.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Not any more, though.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]After Michael?s daughter was beaten, raped and killed in an alleyway somewhere on the West Side, everyone thought it was the Devils, until some sneaky son of a ***** went straight to Michael and told him it was me. I was run out of the Angels, and they came after me like dogs. I took them out, every single one of them that was sent after me, but still they sent more and more.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]I needed refuge, a place to stay, somewhere where I could be protected from the Angels, because these were dangerous people to have as my enemies. They knew all my dirty little secrets, and they could exploit each and every one of them, just to get me out of hiding. So I used my last resort. I went to The Inferno, a club owned and run by the Devils, and I tried to use the information I had about the Angels to get accepted into their ranks.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]How was I supposed to know there would be an Angel assassination squad in the club as well as the Devils? I was beaten, dragged into the alley and shot four times in the chest. Stupid bastards should have shot me in the head, or at least made sure I was dead before walking away.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Now, five years later, after I woke up from a lengthy coma, I am back, and after assembling a new crew, I am going to destroy the Angels and the Demons, from the bottom up, killing every single member if that is what it takes.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]In this RP, you can choose to be part of any of these three sides:[/size]


[size=1]Gabriel?s crew[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]I will only be accepting four members to be part of Gabriel?s crew, and these will only be the best sign-ups, so make them good. I will take as many people as I can to be in the Angels and Devils, but please will you use real angel and demon names if you are part of either gang.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Here is everything I need from you:[/size]
[size=1][b]Name[/b]: (an angel or demon name if you are part of either gang, but if you are in Gabriel?s crew you can be called whatever you want)[/size]



[size=1][b]Former Occupation[/b]: (this can be anything you want, from cocktail waitress to airline pilot)[/size]

[size=1][b]Affiliation[/b]: (either Angels, Demons or Gabriel?s Crew)[/size]

[size=1][b]Appearance[/b]: (picture or detailed description)[/size]


[size=1][b]Bio[/b]: (make this at least three or four paragraphs long, and each of those paragraphs needs to be around seven or eight sentences-tell me where you were born, how you joined whatever group you joined, and what has happened since, although if you are in Gabriel?s Crew then you will not be a part of it at the start of the RP)[/size]

[size=1][b]Weapons[/b]: (this can be anything you want, within reason. I don?t really want ten or so people running around with rocket launchers)[/size]

[size=1][b]Skills[/b]: (what are you good at? Shooting? Close combat? Although, again, keep it within reason)[/size]

[size=1][b]Character Snippet[/b]: (this is mostly what I will be judging your sign-ups on, so make sure there is plenty of detail. This snippet can be about anything you want, from your character going to the shops to your character being involved in an all-out gunfight)
[size=1][u][b]Warning[/b][/u]: This RP is probably not going to be the most pleasant you have ever participated in. I can think up some pretty sick stuff if I want to.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Also, there will be no killing of other characters unless I or the person playing them has requested it of you, and also when you are signing up, be aware that I am not very tolerant of newbies, and I will not take you if your spelling, grammar and descriptions are poor.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Haven is a city in South America, by the way, somewhere around Mexico, but I will be posting all this kind of detail in the Underground thread which I am currently creating.[/size]
[size=1]I will be posting my character?s profile when a few people have already signed up.[/size]
[size=1]Happy Creating![/size]
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[b]OOC:[/b] If I need to change anything, let me know.

[size=2][color=Navy][b]Name[/b]: Sakura Hiwatari

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Age[/b]: 25

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Gender[/b]: Female

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Former Occupation[/b]: Acrobat/Gymnast

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Affiliation[/b]: Gabriel?s Crew

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Appearance[/b]: [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles, she wears[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy] a tight black top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbows and pants made of a leathery material that covers the leg part of her almost knee high, black boots..[/color][/size]
[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Personality[/b]:[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy] Sakura is a perfectionist, having done everything perfect in her life. She's normally a kind person to be around and she likes to have friends around with her. Though if she doesn't like someone, it'll be very blatant and obvious because she won't want to hang around with them. If anyone endangers her family or friends, she gets very angry and becomes quite violent, doing anything to protect them. Sometimes Sakura has mood swings and if she does its pretty obvious so people have to watch her sometimes. Sakura enjoys acrobatics because its a way that she uses to express herself, being incredibly good at it. She isn't exactly sure where she got such a good accuracy with her guns from but she hangs onto them as a defensive and offensive weapon.[/color][/size]
[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Bio[/b]: As its pretty obvious from the name, Sakura was brought up in a Japanese family. She's an only child and likes it that way because there's no annoying sibling to interrupt her. She lived in the busy centre of Japan, Tokyo. It was amazing that everyone rushed around without having accidents. Of course there were the occasional few, but they were racing around to get to wherever they were going. Sakura eventually got used to the fast speeded and hectic lifestyle but was one of the rare people who preferred to take their time.

As Sakura went to school there, she became the top student in her class, which made many people jealous, resulting in lots of her fellow classmates to ignore her and tease her for being smart. But the comments didn't faze Sakura in the least, she brushed them off, she always told herself that she didn't need to be friends with them if they didn't like her just because she was smart.

As Sakura continued to grow, she started to become bored and asked her parents for an extra curricular activity that she could participate in. That was when they enrolled her into acrobatics and gymnastic classes. But she soon topped the class as well, though the other students weren't as bad as those in her class, since they just took it as another reason they had to get better. Sakura asked for more activities, so they put her into a variety of martial arts courses, hoping to burn out her seemingly endless supply of energy.

Sakura went through high school still continuing the extra curricular activities, even though she'd gotten to the highest rank in all of them. She didn't find the work of school a challenge and graduated with straight A's, she was one of the students that the school prided themselves in, even though she hadn't gained any knowledge from the teachers.

After graduation, her parents decided to move to allow Sakura a new surrounding. They moved to Haven which is where they still reside. Sakura entered a course at one of the special universities which perfected her acrobatic and gymnastic skills. She didn't think she needed them but she needed the credentials. The teachers were impressed with her, not finding much flaw, the only flaws they corrected her on were footing and positioning.

Sakura graduated out of there too, becoming a professional gymnast/acrobat. Her parents were proud, though unknown to them, she picked up yet another class, this one had to do with weaponry. Sakura did well, for some reason she had an excellent accuracy. As she moved on to higher levels, she bought herself her own weapons, which are the guns and knives that she carries. When she completed the course, the instructors offered her a job as a teacher, but Sakura refused it, she still wanted to keep her profession as a gymnast/acrobat.

One day she was approached by a man that went by the name of Gabriel, she didn't know how he got her details or why he wanted to talk to her. He made a good proposition that Sakura accepted for another challenge.

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Weapons[/b]: Sakura mainly carries around a variety of guns, her two main ones that are visible are the two [url="http://img209.exs.cx/img209/9176/jerichoall9ot.jpg"]guns[/url] [bottom left corner] that sit in holsters on her waist. She has two shoulder holsters, each holding a different automatic weapon. In her pockets are clips and magazines of spare bullets in case she needs them and she has a pouch full of [url="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0006GYN06.01-A20YUEE2UGU92X._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg"]throwing knives[/url] that she keeps connected to her belt, with the pouch hanging over her left hip. But even without her weapons she can fend for herself, knowing a variety of martial arts.

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Skills[/b]: Sakura's main forté is acrobatics and shooting/throwing, she has pinpoint accuracy, but she's also very good at close combat.

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy][b]Character Snippet[/b]: Sakura twirled through the air and landed in the correct landing position on the cushiony blue mats, straightening and raising her arms to the applaude of the audience. Sakura bowed with her hands to their sides and walked off the mats, dusting her hands free of the powder that helped their grip. She had just got down from the rings, she rotated her shoulders and stretched her arms after the work out, it had taken a lot of practise to get the routine perfect. Her coach came in, he was in a blue and white tracksuit with a clipboard tucked under his left arm, his hands were clapping for her and Sakura smiled happily, glad she had made him happy.

She had gotten a good score for that, a 9.7 which she and her coach were immensely proud of. There was one thing left before she could leave, hopefully with a trophy in her hands. The floor was open and set, she watched as some of the other competitors did their routine of flips across the floor. Finally it was her turn. She raised her right hand as she came out, welcoming the rounds of applause. Sakura walked over to the dish that held the talcum powder and dusted her hands with it. She walked onto the floor, stepping into the red outlined boundary. Points were deducted if you accidently put a toe out of the line.

Sakura walked into one of the corners and took a deep breath and exhaled quickly as she ran a few steps and started her series of flips, starting with a perfect cartwheel, twisting into a back hand-spring, she backflipped for a while, before curling herself and rolling, then making a smooth transition into a forward hand-spring. She stopped right before the other corner and pivoted. Sakura continued to vary her practised routines as she kept going until the buzzer sounded, signifying that time had run out. Sakura bowed and left the floor, walking to the coach who held a towel out for her. She smiled and thanked him, wiping away the sweat that clung to her body.

Sakura grasped the coach's hand as they announced the score, she got another 9.7. Now they were both holding hands and crossing their fingers as the judges announced the winner. Sakura was pronounced as the winner, she jumped up and down happily, running across the floor to where the judges were with her new trophy. She held it up triumphantly and her other hand was in the air, clasped with her coach's.

[b]"Congratulations, Sakura. You've worked so hard for it." [/b]her coach told her.

[b]"Thanks, never coulda done it without ya."

"Sure you could've, I just pushed you."[/b]

After that, Sakura changed into her usual clothes, adding her goggles on top and her holsters at her waist. She tucked the blue and white leotard into the duffle bag and put it over her shoulder. She said goodbye to the coach and recieved several congratulations from other competitors and members of the audience.

Sakura hauled her trophy home and set it on the table in her room. She stood back and admired it until she heard a scream from her street. She ran to her large window which was almost always open. She stuck her head out.

[b]"SAKURA!!!" [/b]she heard a female voice cry.

Sakura cursed loudly, she knew that voice, it was her best friend, Gabriel. She made sure all of her guns were there, including the two at her shoulders. Then she easily vaulted out of the window and slid down the tiles smoothly from practise when she sneaked out of the house. At the gutter, Sakura pushed off from it and did and aerial flip, landing safely on the ground. She ran pulling her dual guns from her waist holsters. She took off the catch and her eyes looked like hard boulders. She sprinted quickly, seeing her friend in the clutches of a man in the dim lighting of the street and moon.

[b]"Step away from the girl before you get hurt." [/b]Sakura said coldly.

Gabriel was visibly trembling in fear, her best friend had two guns practically pointed at her, even though she was aiming at the man, and then the man pulled out his own gun, pushing against Gabriel's temple, making her even more frightened.

[b]"Put you weapons down or I pull the trigger." [/b]the man said, releasing the safety catch.

[b]"Why do you want to kill this girl? What's she to you?" [/b]Sakura questioned, her grip on her guns not wavering.

[b]"Hahaha, I'll kill her, to get to you. I knew she would be coming to see you today, I've been waiting. I was tapped into your phonelines. I know she's your best friend, Sakura." [/b]he sneered, an evil smirk was plastered on his face.

[b]"Fine, you win. I'm putting the guns down." [/b]Sakura said, putting them gently onto the asphalt and taking several steps back. Gabriel cried out.

[b]"And the other two." [/b]he demanded.

Sakura nodded and pulled the two from her shoulder holsters and threw them gently to where the other two were sitting. Sakura discretely put her hands in her pockets, palming several throwing knives. When the man wasn't paying attention she threw one at him. He realised too late, as the small metal object pierced the hand that was holding the gun to Gabriel's temple. He cried out, the pain in his hand made him let go of the gun, simulataeneously releasing his grip on Gabriel.

[b]"Gabby, run!" [/b]Sakura shouted, throwing the other knives she had in her hand at the man's chest.

She quickly rolled to her guns and slid the two shoulder holster guns back and twirled them stylishly. She walked over, the man was lying on the asphalt, the silver of the knives shone in the light as they stuck out of his chest and hand. The blood was flowing, already leaking onto the road. She stood over him.

[b]"If you live, tell whoever sent you not to mess with me, my family, or friends ever again." [/b]she said coldly, though she pulled out the knives because they had her fingerprints, she kicked the gun closer to his hand and walked away, disposing of the tainted knives in a garbage compactor.

Gabriel had called her later, she was safe and that was what counted.
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[FONT=Arial Narrow][CENTER][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]Name: Sariel Oki

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Former Occupation: Bartender

Affiliation: Gabriel?s Crew

Appearance: Attachement below

Personality: A cool and collected character with a constant pull to both the Angels and Devils. Never really stating what side she stands on or how she feels about a certian situation, sometimes its hard to trust her.

Bio: Born to a whore on the corner of some street in L.A. Sariel spent most of her young life bouncing around from foster home to foster home never feeling like she truly belonged any where. She managed to travel all over the United States finally being adopted in New York to a middle class family with four kids.

George, Maggie, Greg and Albert where the kids names. Each one of them took Sariel's arrival differently. George ignored her, Maggie tried to out do her, Albert tried to beat the snot out of her, and Albert was fasinated with her to the point that he tried to rape her. Her new adopted parents seemed to ignore her just as much as her foster parents had. April and Ron fought a great deal and were always busy with something other than the children.

That's when Sariel found the gangs through her slightly older adopted brother Albert. He dragged her from her bed one night and brought her to the gang leader. The leader's name was lost amongst the various memories in her head, but the gang brought her a world completely different from the constant struggle of normal life.

The gang trained her to be one of their best all around spy. Her cool, collective persona got her close to the Angels quickly and her helpful insight made the bigger members complete their various missions as well. But it was bound to happen and Sariel fell in love with one of the members of the Angels. A dramatic story that left her without a name, a home and a life.

She then took the name Sariel, started working at a local bar. She started training herself in various arts. Her combat skills with both her hands and handguns became her main focus, but she left nothing out. She could do simple hacking, spy work and perform every day chorse while being able to make a mean drink behind the bar. Everything changed when she met Gabriel one night at the bar she worked out. The stunning young man with a hidden past gave her a thrill for excitement, but the talk of gangs made her nervous.

Weapons: Usually held in shoulder holesters: Attachment below two
Usually strapped to hips: [URL=http://www.finearms.ca/Images/Beretta/full_size_92_series_fs.jpg ]Two[/URL]

Skills: A jack-of-all trades of sorts. Not overly skilled in any one area and always willing to learn something knew.

Character Snippet:

"Morgan!" The voice was a shreek, filled with fear.

The young girl swirled around in a frenzy of concern and anticaption of the worsest possible news of her life. The man was tall, six foot something with brillant blonde hair and the coldest blue eyes one could hope to find. Love reflected in them as he rushed towards her, but slowly the fear that was so urgent in his voice slowly became apparent again.

"Morgan, they're coming." He rushed up to her and she shoved herself into his arms. His massive arms took in her delicate structure, holding her head gently against his chest.

"I don't want to run any more, my Love." Morgan weeped.

"Let's leave this place and never come back." He whispered into her ear as he pulled her back, to stare into her dark eyes.

"How? They will find us, where ever we go!" She cried, tears slowly streaming down her delicate face.

"No tears, my Angel. No tears." The man said softly as he pulled his thumbs delicately across both her cheeks. "You are so beautiful." He attempted to smile, despite the obvious pain he was in.

"You always know how to flatter a girl." Morgan smiled lightly.

"THERE! There they are!" The rough shouts of serveral people broke the joyous moment shared between the two lovers.

"No...no this can't be." Morgan looked past the man to look at the four men rushing towards them, three shots already being fired. Morgan ducked, her lover sheilding her with his body.

"Run, Morgan. Get out of here!" The man shouted.

"I can't!" she cried, looking straight up into his eyes. Those cold, cool blue eyes.

Another few shots were fired and the shouting was getting louder.

The man grabbed a hold of Morgan's shoulders firmly, shaking her gently. "You have to go on, Morgan. Change your name. You are so young and have so much to live for. Please, for our love, run now and save yourself. I'll hold them off."

Morgan searched his face as tears ran down her face faster than she could wipe them away. She reached up and placed a gentle hand on his face. He pulled her close to kiss her one last time as he shoved her off.

She rounded into a small alley just in time to hear seven shots fired. She caught her breath and pressed her fingers to her lips. She tried desperately to keep her sobs from escaping. She snuck to the corner of the building and peered around it. The four men where looking about, trying to figure out where she had gone. Below their feet laid the man she loved, died. She shook her head as she darted out of sight.[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]
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OOC: Tell Me if I need to change anything ^^

Name: Alchemy Forté

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Former Occupation: Bomb developer

Affiliation: Gabriel?s Crew

Appearance: [COLOR=DarkRed][url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v495/azurasea/Alchemy.bmp]Here[/url] [/COLOR] Okay she has red hair instead of blond and green eyes instead of blue.

Personality: Alchemy has a dry sense of humor and laughs at people's pain most of the time. She is overly sarcastic and stubborn. She's able to strike fear into people's heart very easily if she wants to. She has a short temper and sometimes lashes out at people for being stupid. She's sometimes vain, can manipulate quite well, and is pretty vindictive.

Alchemy grew up in Paris, France, with her family. Alchemy's the oldest of the three children her parents had. Wilt, her younger brother, was born four years after her, and her younger sister, Kelsey, was born when Alchemy was eight. Her main goal was to out do her siblings in everything. You see, Alchemy liked to be the center of attention, and no one was going to stop her from receiving the spotlight. Alchemy also made sure that she could get anything from her parents. This is how the family moved from Paris to a small city in Russia. The end of phase one in her plan for success.

In Russia, Alchemy learned three languages, English, Russian, and Japanese. She then began phase two there, taking classes for gymnastics, martial arts, and stealth. Her schooling was for the best of the best, making her brain one of the greatest talents anyone could have. She held a high head and bent each teacher to her will, she had gained the teachers attention. The children in her classes never tried to talk to her because of her reputation and many were afraid to answer a teacher's question because they thought Alchemy would get mad. And Alchemy grew to a greater height in brainpower, leaving her classmates and her brother and sister in the dark.

Alchemy advanced through classes like they were candy, and finished high school around fourteen. She kept taking her gymnastics, martial arts, and stealth classes, becoming better than her two teachers and her sensei. She then decided to take classes for becoming a bomb specialist; she heard they were supposed to be the toughest courses. She worked through it all, taking only four years to complete college and graduate at eighteen. She had more eyes on her than she did before, and she glowed happily. Phase three had been a success.

When she returned to her family after college, she found a broken home. Kelsey was working at a strip club to fill herself with the attention she had lost from her parents at the hands of her older sister, who never cared for her. Alchemy's brother was a drug-dealer, who also took to the attention of money to buy him some love that had he had been deprived of. Alchemy was full of life and energy, the exact opposite of her parents. They were drained of everything that they were fourteen years previously. Alchemy had finished what she had started, her phases-to make sure her family as miserable as she possibly could-had fallen into the right places and she turned her back on her family as phase four came to a close.

Alchemy worked for plenty of government armies to create bombs, highly dangerous weapons, etc. When one day she was phoned a strange message from Gabriel. It was curious because it was the second time she had spoken to anyone by that name. In the message he asked her to move to Haven. Alchemy decided why not and packed her things the same night and flew to Haven. The next day, Gabriel approached her with information that was very interesting, she agreed to what he had to say. She was pretty sure that he had been the same Gabriel from before that called her four years ago.

Weapons: Alchemy has a pair of guns like [COLOR=DarkRed][url=http://www.alienaa.com/images/aaa/wep/uzis.GIF]these[/url][/COLOR] that are modified and are highly dangerous; she carries them in holsters on her belt. She also has a pair of [COLOR=DarkRed][url=http://www.wle.com/wholesale/media/W043.jpg]these[/url][/COLOR] daggers that are in each boot.

Skills: Has some stealth and martial arts training, she also has beautiful accuracy-even though it's not needed because of her guns, and 12 years of gymnastics that she participated in during school.

Character Snippet:

Alchemy rolled to dodge the punch her sensei had thrown at her. She quickly landed on one foot, her right leg out. She spun the leg across Sensei's ankles, but it was countered. She felt her body being moved up as her sensei lifted her off the ground. Clenching her abs, Alchemy leaned up cutting her fist around Sensei's face. He released her instantly sending her back to the ground. The volume had turned back on and she heard the cheers of the crowd, louder than they had ever been.
"Nice and clean, I have taught you well. You were able to defeat this old man finally." Sensei walked over to a heavily breathing Alchemy. Alchemy stood up hurriedly, and bowed deeply to him. He returned the bow, and smiled at her softly
"I'm so proud of you, you have excelled though this so quick, like a [I]foomyurakaa[/I]." Alchemy giggled.
"Thank you, Sensei." She whispered gratefully. The referee, Koto, ran over to her grabbing her hand. He then flung it into the air.
"The winner!" Koto shouted, "she has completed each task of this martial arts school!" She blushed as he was bragging all too hard. Everyone in the audience clapped, cheered, and whistled louder. She strode off out of the gym, into the locker rooms, to change.
Her outfit was soaked thoroughly with sweat and her legs were shaking. She collapsed on the bench and smiled happily. She had won, and she had finished her college courses. She was going to be graduating college in fourteen hours. She dressed quickly to meet up with Koto.
"Hey, girl! What took you?" She glared playfully at her boyfriend.
"I had to get dressed and freshen up a bit, duh!" She slapped his cheek softly, like she was just touching it. He laughed at her, and removed the hand from his face. She smiled lightly and the two made their way down the street.
"I'm happy about this whole ordeal, Al, I hope you the best." Alchemy kissed Koto's lips softly.
"Yeah, me too." Koto kissed her back fully. It was pleasant serenity, with Koto in the sunset light. Koto held her in his arms for a few minutes.
"We should get going, your parents will be worried." Right when Koto said it, car wheels screeched as someone came speeding down the road. He was going to crash into the traffic light if he didn't slow down. Alchemy heard the person slam on the brakes, but the car didn't stop. The person kept hitting the floorboards until a resounding crash met her ears. The someone in the car went through the windshield and crumpled two feet away from the car.
Koto ran off to help the guy only a few feet away. Alchemy then heard a creaking sound and looked up to see the traffic light pole begin to slant sideways towards the car. She stared in horror as Koto and the man were completely helpless, and the pole moving ever closer to the ground. She adverted her eyes by turning around waiting for the pole to hit the road, and the crunching sounds to follow. And there it was, with a booming [I]clang![/I] the pole crashed into the ground, simultaneous was the crunches and crakes of breaking bones and bending metal.
Alchemy didn't even look at the grisly scene, she just ran, as hard and as fast as her legs would carry her. She got home after nightfall, and the phone had begun to ring. She picked it up before the second ring.
"Hello?" She asked in a quavering voice.
"This is Gabriel, I hope everything is fine, Alchemy." She was shocked, no one by that name has ever talked to her in her life!
"Do, do I know you?" She inquired.
"No, I'm just a friend from afar." Said the cool, male voice.
"Oh," she sighed deeply trying to get a grip.
"Is everything ok?"
"No, Gabriel, no. Nothing's ok."
"Tell me," and she did, crying but she still told him. He had also asked what she was going to be since she was graduating, and she told him she was going to be a bomb engineer. He had been fascinated as she described different blue prints for different bombs. She had clearly forgotten about what had happened twelve hours ago.
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[color=blue][size=1][B]Name:[/B] Katrina Cleever
[B]Age:[/B] 25
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Former Occupation:[/B] Assassin for the Devils
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Gabriel's Crew

[B]Appearance:[/B] Katrina, like any gang member, keeps in shape. While not outrageously muscular, she is still strong enough to kill many men with her bare hands. Not that she'd want to, anyway. Like most long-term residents of Haven City, Katrina carries a scar. On her upper right arm, there is a large mark where she was once cut open with a knife. But more on that later.

Katrina is about 5'9" in bare feet, and about 5'11" in her boots. She has long brown hair, with a few natural golden highlights, that she keeps tied up most of the time. She's a very voluptuous young woman, with a curvy shape, and she definitely knows how to use it. She usually wears skimpy, or tight, t-shirts with large cargo jeans and combat boots. Katrina often wears belts, not only to keep her pants up, but for a place to stash her knife.

[B]Personality:[/B] Katrina is normally cool-headed and quick witted. She's calm and quiet in most situations, and can get herself out of anything with a little bit of thinking. Independent and forceful, when she wants something, she gets it. Period. But though she seems quite peaceful, she's full of hate, and is merciless. Anything she sees as weak doesn't deserve anything more than death, in her eyes. If those she's working with aren't pleasing her, she'll kill them. Or just leave, which ever she feels like doing.

[B]Bio:[/B] Katrina was born to an upper class family, somewhere deep inside Haven City. Her father worked a nice job in a nice section of town, and her mother was a beautiful woman who stayed at home to take care of the kids, Katrina and her twin brother Joseph. They lived a wonderful life, outside of all the gang wars and corrupt politics that their city had become so famous for. Her parents seemed to get along perfectly. No arguments at home, and complete trust in one another. But her mother kept a terrible secret.

Katrina's mother, about a year before Katrina and her brother were born, had an affair with a man named Lucifer, who ran the Devils. To this day, Katrina still doesn't know why she did it. It was probably for something he had promised her that her father never could have given her. That's what she figured, anyway. But she had run away from him, for he had broken his promise short after he'd gotten what he wanted. Somehow or another, he found out about Katrina and Joseph a few years later, and thought that they were his children.

Lucifer sent out some goons to retrieve them, and when Katrina's mother and father refused to give their children up, they were killed. Katrina and Joseph, who were only three at the time, went willingly. They grew up with the Devils, and were taught everything from how to cheat at card games to torture someone by plucking their eyes out. Lucifer soon had another child, when Katrina was about 7, and the three grew up together, thinking that they were siblings. But when Joseph and Katrina turned 18, some member of the Devils figured out that they were not, in fact, Lucifer's children.

But Lucifer didn't care. He forced everyone that knew to keep silent. Whether through torture or blackmail, he managed to get them to stay quiet about it. As Joseph and Katrina continued to work for the Devils, many of the other members grew jealous that they were still being treated better than all of them, even though they weren't really Lucifer's kids. Eventually, one idiot went and blabbed it all to them, and they were unphased. They didn't care if he was their actual father or not. To them, he was the best father in the world. The one who'd told them was murdered brutally, like all idiots that cross Lucifer are, not too much later.

Katrina, who had started doing missions around age 13, was already great at them by the time she turned 19. She was the best killer Lucifer had, and she would do [i]anything[/i] for him. But the jealousy of the other members made cooperating with them the most annoying task she could think of. When forced to work with them, she ended up killing them, then being chewed out by Lucifer afterwards. But it never bothered her. Killing was what she did. Never feeling anything but the adrenaline rush a kill gave her. A bit before her 20th birthday, Lucifer's actual daughter was beaten, raped, and killed. Infuriated, he sent everyone after the bastard that did it. He had kept a suspicious eye on Katrina and Joseph, though, since a bit before her murder, he had been giving her more attention than them. But Katrina wouldn't have done it. . She wasn't the one that actually found the guy who they said was the culprit. She had been out on another job.

She had wanted to kill him, just to get back on Lucifer's good side, but, the year she turned 23, she went on a mission that would eventually make her never want to kill again. Little Maggie Lorenza watched from a closet as Katrina brutally tortured her father for not paying his debts to Lucifer. Her mother had died a while ago, and it had been hell for Brent Lorenza, her father, to pay for anything. He worked three jobs, and still couldn't take good enough care of his daughter. So, he was forced to move into a small apartment, and he went to Lucifer for money. A year later, Lucifer grew impatient and sent Katrina there. On her way out, Katrina saw little Maggie, trembling and crying from behind the closet door. The bag she had in her hands, full of jewels, expensive items and any cash laying around, was left behind. Lucifer grilled her for that too, but the entire time she kept thinking of poor crying Maggie, only seven years old.

She left not too long after that. She couldn't kill anymore. Not for the Devils, anyway. She told her Lucifer she wanted out, he wouldn't let her. She then decided she'd run away with Joseph. But when she told him, he refused to come. She hasn't talked to him since, thinking only about what a gutless coward Joseph had turned out to be. Lucifer was outraged, and decided that if she wouldn't kill for him, she wouldn't kill for anyone. She was on the run for more than a year when the idiots Lucifer had sent out to find her actually caught up. She wasn't being careful, for once, and paid the price. She was beat up, nearly to death, and thrown into an alley way to rot. The ones who had tried to kill her were amateurs, and didn't do a very good job, seeing as how she was only knocked out for a day. When she woke up, she stumbled around Haven City until she found The Inferno (on accident), and met up with a man who knew who she was. After a few minutes of conversation, he took her home. She slept with him, then killed him. She took his car and decided that revenge'd be fun. But she ran into a former Angel. His name was Gabriel.

He had flagged her down, and held her at gun point. He looked messed up, and very angry. He was ranting about finding the bastards that almost killed him. She then said, very calmly, "Put the gun down and hop in. We have a lot to talk about." When he told her who he was, she was surprised, but didn't care much anymore. She thought, 'To hell with Lucifer. And his slut of a daughter.' She followed Gabriel around, promised an opportunity to kill the ones who'd tried to kill her, along with Lucifer and her brother.

[B]Weapons:[/B] Katrina stashes a knife in her belt, and another in hidden pockets in her boots. She carries a small pistol in her other boot, but usually sticks to beating the **** out of everyone with her bare hands. Or breaking their necks with a quick twist of the wrist.

[B]Skills:[/B] Give her anything, and Katrina can kill. She's adaptable to almost everything you can think of. But stealth and close combat are what she's best at. Guns aren't her favorite, but, as stated before, she knows how to use one.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B] My head hurt. A lot. I couldn't remember anything. I tried my best, but nothing came to me. "Where am I?" I paused. "[i]Who[/i] am I?"

My own name had escaped my memory. "Damnit," I murmured, sitting up slowly. My legs were numb. Not from being unconscious, but from hitting my head so hard. I was worried that I might not be able to walk. But, fortunately, I managed to stand. I took a few steps and leaned against a brick wall. I squinted my eyes as I examined my surroundings. Brick walls, dumpsters, a fire escape, a wooden fence towards the back, and what looked like a sidewalk up ahead.

"Yup.. An alley."

I took another step towards the bright light coming from the street. I paused, and vomited. I wiped the edges of my mouth after a few more moments of the violent eruption from my stomach. "Lovely," I coughed, spitting into the pile of what looked like yesterday's breakfast. I walked forwards, clutching my stomach now, afraid that the smell might trigger my gag reflex again.

The moment my left foot touched the sidewalk, I nearly got run over by a cyclist. "Watch it," they shouted. They said more, but I can't remember now. I flipped them off, then continued on my stumbling walk down Memory Lane. Ironically enough, that particular street was in fact, Memory Lane.

I walked for a while. Twenty-five minutes, an hour tops. But it took forever. The throbbing of my head, and the urge to vomit every few blocks drove me insane. I finally stopped at a bar that, at the time, I didn't know the name of. My eyesight was blurry, and the sign above the doorway read something with a bunch of numbers mixed in with letters. Now, I know the name as "The Inferno". The damned club where I spent so much of the past five years.

I dragged my feet inside, and ended up knocking over a waitress or two on my way to the bartender.

"Missy, I don' think you'd be wise to be stayin' 'ere," someone next to me whispered as I took a seat. I gave him a glare, though I couldn't see much other than the oval that was his head, and the black that was his greasy hair. Either he really cared, or he was just being a sexist prick, but he continued to try and persuade me out the door. "Really, lady. You best be leavin'. No [i]woman[/i] has ever been treated 'well' 'n 'ere. If you get what I mean."

I rubbed my eyes after ordering a large mug from the bartender. He hesitated, but went on to serve me the drink. Nothing gets rid of guilt and worry more than the idea of being paid. Every single bastard in the club was staring at me, and I realized it after I rubbed my eyes a bit, and I could focus again.

Blinking a few more times, I stared back at the man beside me.

"You worried 'bout me?"

He stared back blankly, though I saw him glance down at my chest more than once in those few moments of silence.

"Listen, dickface," I growled, wrapping my arm around his throat and bringing a knife between his eyes, "I can take damn good care of myself, without [i]you[/i] worrying about me. Now.. If you'd be so kind as to leave, I'll get back to my drink without having to have killed another man."

I would've added "today", but I didn't know what day it was.. or how long I'd been out cold in that alley. All I remembered was that throbbing pain in my skull, and the horrible stench of vomit that I knew too damn well from so many years on the job.

But my firm grip around his neck and my knife in his face didn't seem to bother him. He was used to this, and was well prepared, too.

"Don't touch me, you stupid whore," he grunted, grabbing my wrist and flipping me over him with what seemed like no effort at all. I fell flat on the ground, feeling a dull poking sensation on my back, but nothing that matched the pain in my head. "Ahh.." I moaned for a moment, clutching my head as I stood back up.

[i]"I'm out of practice.. Or just out of it, in general. I can't have been out for longer than a day or two. Think.. Think.."[/i]

Suddenly, images of a group of men standing above me played through my head as I stood silent before the large man who had just thrown me about like I was a light jacket that he had been carrying over his shoulder and got tired of holding. They were holding large melee weapons, but no guns. I would've noticed a gunshot wound, anyhow. It was cloudy. Small drops of rain were beginning to fall.

"Well? Pay attention, Missy," came the angry voice of the man from the bar. Before I had time to react, I was slapped hard across the face, and sent into a nearby table. The men were smoking and drinking beers over what looked like a game of cards. They seemed unalarmed by my sudden crashing into their table. Like it was normal.

Again, the blow unlocked more memories. So fast they flew by, but I recognized each one.

My name was Katrina Cleever. I had been a member of the Devils for five years of my life, and had no regrets for what I had done. I had tortured, scarred, butchered, and murdered every single one of my targets, and had enjoyed each one. I did feel sorry for one little girl who's father I sliced up with his own kitchen tools because he hadn't paid Lucifer back for too long. She was so innocent. She reminded me of myself as a child.

But that innocence I had seen in her, was destroyed that day. I had ripped it from her. That expression on her face she had as I walked by the closet she had been in, watching as I tore him apart, piece by piece, slowly so that he would feel it. The blood loss.. the very ripping apart of his organs.. That expression has haunted me, and always will. What I did was no worse than if one of my former comrades had gone in there, raped her, then burned her alive. What I did was so cruel.. And I had no regrets.


That sudden memory ate up all the pain. That one memory was worse than the agonizing pain in my skull, the retching of my stomach, and the most recent bruises I had just gotten from my pounding. Nothing could match it. I didn't regret then, but hell, do I regret now.

Her name was Maggie. Maggie Lorenzini, or something like that. When I went to kill him, I was supposed to take everything that might be worth something to pay for the debt. I didn't. I had collected it. All of it in a bag by the door. But I left it there, for her. A small note on it said, "Sell this, feed yourself. Meet me at this house ten years from now."

I hadn't planned on going back, but now I do. But it's only been five years. Five long, [i]long[/i] years.

The large man from the bar became my focus again. I pushed myself off the table and glared at him, a bit of blood trickling down from my mouth. It felt like my jaw was out of place, but that wasn't important.

"Listen, *****--"

I killed him. That was it. I had pulled out the gun from my boot (right or left, I forget) on my way up. He was going to try and insult me, but it wouldn't have bothered me. Not many things from drunk, horny men do.

The fat mass that was the man who'd just tried to pummel me fell backwards onto the floor. I took my seat back at the bar and emptied my glass in one large chug. [i]"Damn, do I miss drinking."[/i] I had quit. Four months ago. There were stares from all around the tavern. I paid them no mind. I put the gun back in my boot-holster.

"Those idiots.." I mumbled. "Forgot to disarm me. Bunch of amateurs."

I had been on the Devils' hit list since I decided to leave. I was one of Lucifer's best. Executing every order with no hesitation. I was a killing machine. Even the other Devils feared me. No task was too gruesome for me to complete. No job was too unmoral for me to complete. And what do they do? They send a group of kids to kill me.

I felt insulted more than anything.

"Missy.. You look like you need to wash up. The bathroom's over there," the bartender smiled. He sounded nice, but I knew better. Over the years, I'd come to this bar. More often than not, [i]somebody[/i] tried to take me to bed or act nice and come to my rescue. They either ended up dead, or badly beaten. This guy was no exception.

But I did admit. I needed a bit of a washing. I entered the bathroom and stared at the reflection in the mirror. I was dirty. Very dirty. Dried blood, mud, and vomit. All of it, smeared and crusted on my normally smoothed face. I scrubbed for a long while before I could look up and actually see the pink of my skin. I examined my reflection more, and discovered that I had a large gash on my head. It looked new, but old enough to have dried and sealed up just a bit.

But damn did it hurt.

I touched it, for only a second, and instantly recoiled. "****!" I shouted, shaking my hand as if I'd just touched a hot stove. "Better not do that again," I sighed sarcastically after a few minutes of panting and waiting for the pain to dull a bit.

By the time I had cleaned up enough to look as if I hadn't just been attacked and nearly beaten to death, most of the people in the bar had switched out. It was all new faces, with the exception of a man in the back and the bartender. The man got up when our eyes met, but I quickly turned my head and walked back to the bar.

I asked for another drink, and was given one. I guzzled it down. The moment I placed my glass down on the surface, the man from the back sat down beside me. I glanced at him, but stared at my own hand, twisting the glass back and forth in place.

"I saw you kill him. Not bad."

[i]"Flattery.. Hmph,"[/i] I snorted to myself. He raised an eyebrow, but didn't question me.

"I heard about a Devil member that got killed yesterday. Nobody found her body. They said she was gorgeous.. She was a difficult catch, too. She'd eluded them for, what, almost a year? Impressive, isn't it?"

I continued to stare at my hand, spinning the mug on the table, but my thoughts were frantic. How had [i]he[/i] heard? Was I [i]that[/i] big of a deal? And to think. I'd been hiding for so long.. It was weird. Now that everyone thought I was dead. I could get a new identity, and finally be free. I'd just have to get out of Haven City. But this man. He knew too much. I'd have to kill him before he spilled.

"Weird," I mumbled awkwardly. I hadn't tried my hand at seducing a man in quite a while. But I was always good at it, and I was positive I hadn't lost my touch.

"That's so.. freaky.. Can you imagine?" I gawked, my eyes moving from my own hand to his face. He was handsome. I'll admit it. But other than that, I felt nothing. No sympathy, no pity, no lust, and no regret. I had wanted to escape my killing habits, but it looked like I'd never be able to. It was just so damn easy to get what I wanted..

OOC: Hope that's okay. ^_^; It's really long.. But oh well. >_<

EDIT: Got the bio up! (It's really long, too. o.O;; ) Hope I got a spot on the crew! x3

EDIT 2: Fixed the Lucifer/Michael thing. Sorry, but somehow I thought Michael was the Devil leader.. Dunno how.. But it's all better now![/size][/color]
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Name: Abbadon

Age: 24

Former Occupation: Assassin/ Gun for hire

Gender: Male

Affiliation: Demons

Appearance: 5'11, blue-gray eyes, short black hair, a black cloak attached to the shoulders with hidden pockets, one on the left and one on the right, a long sleeve shirt made of light material, pants made of the same material, and underneath is incomplete body armor for the fists, fore arms, chest, and shin, and boots with two spikes on the bottom each, one at the front of the shoe, one at the heel.

Personality: Cold, dark and dry sense of humor, believes firmly that the weak and foolish deserve no mercy if they get in his way, and that the strongest are meant to survive.

Bio: Abbadon was born in Kansas, though he was not born into that name. The name he was born with was Jacob Weiss, son of German immigrants trying to fit into the new American lifestyle by giving him an American name. His parents had moved to America when he was 5, never knowing why. He also never why one night he was awoken by the sound of gunfire (though he didn't know it at the time) and his parents screaming. He went to see what was going on, and found to his horror that people with guns were firing at his at his mother, his father lying on the floor with blood staining his chest. The gun pointed at his mother fired, and she slumped to the floor, a red stain blossoming in her stomach. "Search the house! Make sure there are no witnesses!" Although he couldn't understand what the man who had shot his parents had said, somehow he new he was in danger. Turning to flee, he ran to his closet, closed the door, and dived into some sheets. No sooner had he completely obscured himself within them then a man with a gun, though not the one who had spoken, had entered the room. Quickly glancing, the man didn't see the disturbed sheets, and left to check out the rest of the house.
Jacob didn't know how long he had spent under the sheets, but the sky had started turning gray in the east when he first ventured out. Sluggishly, he went to where his parents lay, not understanding that they were dead. He implored them to wake up, he yelled, screamed, made promises that he wouldn't disobey them ever, but it was to no avail.
Ever since he was old enough afterward to realize what had happened, he swore to take revenge. Early on, he started taking martial arts lessons in a run-down "dojo", doing odd jobs like an errand boy to support him By the time he was 10, he had saved enough money to purchase a small handgun and a few rounds. Since he was not old enough to buy guns legally, he purchased one from the very gang that had killed his parents, smiling at the thought that they would be taken out by their own weapon. After that, he practiced his marksmanship until he could outshoot almost anyone.
But he knew that the gang members weren't just anyone. So he decided to give himself an advantage. Now old enough to have a part time job (he was 15) he paid for a handcrafted outfit that he drew the sketches for, making it so he could conceal weapons and armor in it.
After exacting revenge, he departed, leaving behind his past and name, taking instead the name of a demon in his Bible, one of the few things he had after the attack. Eventually he wandered south and found himself in Haven City, where he got a job as a mercenary for an upstart gang, which called themselves the Demons. Having nowhere else to go he decided finally to become a full time member of the Demons at 20 and has been helping them in their battle against the Angels

Weapons: One large modified handgun, with interchangeable parts for long range and short, as well as one short sword, used as a last resort. Finally, the gauntlets he uses for protection of his hands can inflict serious injury.

Character Snippet: Age 15: Jacob stood outside of the building where the Neo-Mafia made their headquarters with contempt. They had struck your family down, he told himself. They deserve everything that?s coming to them. Not caring for stealth, he pulled out the handgun that had been so expensive and shot the window, shattering it, then leaped inside, his thick boots crunching the glass beneath him. A guard standing at the doorway was just starting to awaken from the noise, but before he could even yawn, Jacob pointed the gun at the guard's head and fired, the bullet hitting its mark. He heard noise coming from the rooms nearby, and pointed his gun at the door in the next room, firing as soon as anyone got in his path. But after a couple of deaths, they wizened up and went for their automatic guns, spraying fire everywhere. Jacob rolled out of the way, taking cover behind a door. When fire lessened, he waited, then, to test the safety, he put part of his cloak into gang members' view, only to have a hole blown in it instantly. Cursing to himself, he leapt out, rolled onto the floor, and took out the gang members in the hallway, then rolled to avoid fire again and shot down those to his right. By that time, bodies littered the floor, but Jacob could tell that there was still more of the gang left when he heard footsteps. He whirled to his left, but found to his surprise only one man standing. He was even further surprised when he vaguely recognized the face. How could he forget that face, the face that killed his parents?
But just before he could pull the trigger, a shot range out, and a huge impact hit Jacob in the chest, sending him reeling and making him drop his gun. The chest armor had saved his life, but it had been bent by the bullet, making it bend inward and hampering his breathing. His parents' killer, surprised, stood there staring, not realizing Jacob had armor, giving Jacob the opportunity to run past him, heading through the hallway, blindly turning this way and that.
It must have been fate that took him to that room. Fate, or dumb luck. He found himself in a room full of weapons, guns, daggers, poison darts, and even a short sword. But before he could choose a weapon, he could hear the footsteps of the murder coming closer. Just as he came through the door, Jacob grabbed the closest thing to him, the short sword, and stabbed him in he stomach. His parents? killer stood for a second then slumped down, dead at his Jacob's feet. Cold sweat running down him, Jacob knew that the other gang members were coming, and that he no longer needed to kill them, his vengeance satisfied. Turning, he almost discarded the sword, but, thinking better of it, took it with him, putting it in its scabbard and attaching it to his outfit. Then he left the building, left town, never to be seen or heard from again, taking with him only his weapons and a name from his parents Bible.
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[size=1]Ok, well if anyone who hasn't finished yet can finish off their sign ups ASAP. I've taken all those I want in Gabriel's crew, so anyone else who wants to sign up needs to be either an Angel or a Demon.

I will post my profile as well as a list of who is accepted in a few days, when a few more people have signed up.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Kugo

[B]Age[/B]: 28

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Former Occupation[/B]: Mercenary, Card Shark

[B]Affiliation[/B]: Gabriel's Crew

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://tinypic.com/5phraa][I][U]Kugo[/U][/I][/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: Kugo is an outgoing, loud-mouthed man with smart comments and a firey spirit. He gets along well with others who understand him, or take the time to get to know him, everyone else just doesn't matter. He looks down upon Angels, says that kindness is just another word for weakness. He is unforgiving on the battlefield and will do whatever it takes to win. He's a stern leader and will do whatever he chooses, whether it applies to his orders or not. He doesn't trust many people and he feels as though he just doesn't fit in.

[B]Bio[/B]: Kugo was born the spawn of two runaway thieves. A modern "Bonnie and Clyde" I suppose. They had commited several crimes against the angels as well as the demons and found it hard to live a normal life, especially with a child. So their solution was to leave their new born in a dumpster outside of a bar they often went to. And they did, just after he was born Kugo was left, cold and alone. The bartender found and raised him during his younger years. However, Kugo proved a difficult child, and after just a few years of living with the man he ran away.

He loved to be by himself and travel lands of his own accord. He counted on no one other then himself, and he liked it that way. He traveled from town to town, making ends meet by stealing and pilfering large markets. He finally found himself a home in a town ruled by demons. Everyone was scournful and independent, just like he was. It was the first time since he was born that he actually felt as though he belonged.

He lived in the town for years, making a living in poker, demons loved to gamble. He thought it was fun, seeing so much dependent on a simple roll of the dice or turn of a card, and he enjoyed taking money from people, in any way. However, one day a demon suffered the final nail in his coffin and aquired the information he needed to take down Kugo. Both angels and demons were alerted of his presence, and more important, his lineage. His parents had yet to atone for the crimes they committed, and he was the last one to see them. It seemed as though they'd disappeared, and Kugo was to suffer for what they had done.

He was chased out of town and the home he'd come to know and love was ripped away from him. He spent the years following moving from place to place, avoiding the constant run-in's with angels and demons. He became a mercenary, many saw him, but none really knew who he was. He lived most of his days in the wilderness, outside of any real industrialized city, alone.

[B]Weapons[/B]: Kugo uses a large broad sword kept in an even larger sheath draped across his back. He often uses his fists as well, a "man's true weapon," or so he says.

[B]Skills[/B]: Kugo enjoys melee combat more then any other. He loves to fight and refuses to use any projectile weapons. Hes learned to deal with attacks from afar and really doesn't need any other weapon then his sword.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]: I remember those days, I took them for granted now that I look back on things. It was so quiet, so peaceful. Even in the seeming depths of hell, it was home. Demons always complain of their stereotype implying lack of intelligence, well let me tell you, they're stupid. I should probably lay off, since I'm of demon blood, but c'mon. I've duped many in my day but none were easier then the few I met that night...

They walked in the bar like they owned the place, funny thing is, I doubt they'd even been there before. Both men were huge, rippling muscles erupting from their shirts. I'm sure they were strong, but that meant nothing here. Fights are prohibited in the bar area and if you caused trouble, they'd kill you on sight. I sat confidently, leaning back in my chair, taking small sips from a shot glass. "That's an angel's drink!" one shouted from across the bar, the other pointing and laughing in suit. I just smiled, shuffling my cards as I watched them drink.

As soon as they turned their attention from me I threw a card. It sliced through the air hitting the large one who made the comment. He turned around abruptly, scanning the bar for whoever threw the card. Although he was quite stupid, it didn't take long for him to notice that I was the only one in the bar with any cards. He rose from his seat and strolled towards my table, his large feet stomping against the wooden floor. He sat down, glaring at me as I continued to shuffle. "You throw that card?" he asked, nodding in the direction the card lay. I just smiled "Slipped," I said with a grin.

He looked at me, I assumed he was trying to comprehend my statement. After further thought he rose from the table "Don't let it happen again," he said, his voice low and husky. He turned from the table, however, another card struck his neck before he stepped to far away. Without any thought whatsoever he turned and ran towards me flipping the table out of the way as my glass crashed to the floor. He grabbed my collar and rose his fist. I assume he would've swung had he not heard the click of a gun from behind the bar, the bartender holding a large shotgun, locked and loaded.

"Maybe we should settle this with a game?" I inquired, still confidence behind my voice. He dropped me, "what kind of game?" he asked. Apparently he'd forgotten the whole point of the fight, my cards. "A card game," I said, reaching in my pocket and pulling out the deck of cards from before. He agreed, reluctantly, but he had no other choice. We sat at a new table and I delt us both a hand of seven. "The game is simple, poker, stud, so what you have now is what you'll use, is your luck better then mine?" I proposed, smiling again as he fixed the cards in his hand.

We stared each other down, as if we planned to fight, even if it was just another game of cards. "If I win, you leave me and this bar be, never to return, if you win, I'll let you have whatever you want," I said, a smile draped across his face. Apparently he'd been delt a good hand, luckily, mine was better. He layed three kings across the table, grinning triumphantly. I looked down, it was a good hand, however, it doesn't beat four aces. The look on his face was priceless as I layed the cards down.

His confusion soon turned to anger, and before he could think he swung across the table screaming that I cheated and some other nonsense. The bartender was prepaired and before his fist was even halfway to my face it dropped limp to the table. He was shot, in the head to be precise. His body was bloodied, and so were my cards unfortunently. His brother jumped from the table in awe, he ran from the bar, screaming threats and words I shall not mention here. Little did I know he was to become my end, and my confident smile would soon change to a look of shock as I was ran from the town.[/SIZE]

[B][SIZE=1]EDIT: Wow, sorry Fallen. I'm was kind of out of it and angels and demons were just kind of...angels and demons lol. I fixed everything well I think, and when I refer to demons and angels I mean the people, the group or whatever. I was also typing my post while you were typing your's, so I didn't see the Gabriel's Crew comment. Didn't meant to be such a bother *shakes head*[/SIZE][/B]
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[size=1]Ok, maybe I didn't make this clear before. The characters we are playing are not [i]actually [/i]Angels and Demons, those are just the names of the gangs. We are all humans.

Kamuro, your character is fine as long as you can just change a couple of things, taking away all the stuff about Hell (unless that is just a metaphor, I don't know), and change it to human places and things.

Also, I know I said four members of Gabriel's crew, but Kamuro, buddy, I just have to have you! It wouldn't be the same without you, man!
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Beta

[B]Age[/B]: 25

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Former Occupation[/B]: Secretary

[B]Affiliation[/B]: Angels

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/KawaiiLilGirl.jpg]Here[/URL]

[B]Personality[/B]: Beta is a very quiet person; she never rushes anyone and takes her time. Beta is also the one known to never speak up unless it is a dire emergency. This can sometimes help her, and sometimes ruin her. This calm personality got her the job of a secretary for a very important man, but that will be covered later. When she was little she always tried to sort out fights, being very successful all the time. As a result later on in her life she would be come to be known as ?The Healer?.

[B]Bio[/B]: Beta was born in Berlin, Germany. Not that wealthy, but not poor either. Beta was taught to mind her manners, be calm, and never get into fights. These were the last words her mother told her, before she died. This always stayed with Beta, for a very long time. She had them carved into her bracelet so she would never forget; the bracelet can be seen on her left wrist. Next to remembering her mothers words was being deeply involved in her studies. If Beta wanted to be successful in life she had to be very good in her school academics. And so she was.

Countless hours of Beta?s life were spent studying, even when the studying was not required. She always tried her best on her tests, and always passed them with flying colors. Like most students they were good at school because their parents pressured them. For Beta it was different. She pressured herself, to a point where she skipped a level due to her high performance in school. The teachers thought that Beta was their generations Einstein, but they did not want her to be in such fame they knew it would irritate her.

At school no one actually bothered Beta, except one person. Astrid Doerschel, she always had something to say about Beta. Beta just walked away most of the time but Astrid would just follow her and keep at it. One day Beta finally spoke up saying ?Lassen Sie mich ist?. Astrid who was obviously appalled that Beta spoke up left her alone and never chose to talk to her again. This was the beginning of Beta?s soft, but powerful voice.

[B]Weapons[/B]: Two Sais.

[B]Sills[/B]: Beta has made her own style of fighting called ?Energie? which means ?Power? in German. It has a combination of Tae Kwon Do, and street fighting. Odd it may seem, this calm young woman knows how to fight pretty darn good.

[B]Character Snippet[/B]: In Berlin?. About 7 years ago?

Germany wasn?t doing so well lately. East Berlin and Berlin were starting to fight; people were being killed out on the street, blood flying, as well as parts. It was so bad people were not even safe in their homes, forced to move to different countries. One of them being America, but Beta and her family did not make it to America without loosing one of their own. A price you have to pay when you choose to stay in a time of turmoil?

<"I want that one"> the woman was pointing into a glass case at a small diamond ring. The clerk behind the counter smiled, <"Good choice!"> he reached into the case and pulled out the ring, putting it into a small box. <"Thank-you"> she walked out of the store after putting some coins down on the counter. Outside a riot was brewing. <"Be careful out there!"> the clerk called out as she walked out the door.

As soon as she walked on to the street, three shots rang out. Everyone looked around, until they spotted the victim. The woman was laying on the floor, a pool of blood around her. The clerk from the shop ran out, he kneeled down next to her. <"Look what you monsters have done!"> Tears started to flow down his cheeks, one drop fell on to her nose. She did not move.

10 minutes later.....

Beta was going 150 mph toward the shop on her motorcycle. She already knew what had happened, and she wasn't going to leave it at just that. She approached the riot zooming right in to it. She jumped off the bike, which flew through the air hitting two people in the face and back. She took out two sais spinning them in the air. People began to look at one another, some were just crazy and ran toward Beta.

Taking one step backward, she started to run toward them. She held her sais out and stuck them into one man. He cried out as he dropped the stick he had in his hand, she withdrew her sais letting him fall to the ground. Another man decided to take his fate running toward her with his gun in the air. A small smile formed on her face. She kicked the gun out of his hand and turned around.

It seemed as though she was just walking away from him, the man having a stunned look on his face. But he fell to the floor, drowning in his own blood. She walked toward the spot where her mother had died about 15 minutes ago. She took out a small note and put it on the spot. It read:

"You may be gone but I know you can read this. I will love your for ever and eternity. I will fight for you, I will die for you. Just hold in there mother, for I will join you soon."[/SIZE]

OOC: Sorry it's short. I am having writers block again...oh well I hope that's good enough.
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[size=1]Ok, all the sign-ups are great so far, and Kamuro thanks for changing yours, and don't worry, you weren't a bother.

One tiny thing Kitty, you say in your Bio that Michael is the leader of the Demons. He is not. Michael is leader of the Angels, and Lucifer is leader of the Demons. If you could just change that then there should be no problem. I will be putting up an Underground thread to explain who the main members of each gang are, so there should be less confusion.

In the meantime, here is my profile for Gabriel.

[/size] [size=1]Name: Jake ?Gabriel? Harlan[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Age: 31[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Gender: Male[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Former Occupation: Member of the Angel gang[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Affiliation: Gabriel?s Crew[/size]
[size=1]Appearance: Gabriel stands at around 6?7?, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. His skin is pale, and his hair is short and black. It is cropped over the top of his head, and his eyebrows are a paler colour, more of a dark brown than a black. His eyes are a deep blue, and above his left eye is a small scar along the top of his eyebrow. He has other scars on his face as well, one just below his right eye, one over his left cheek and four on his chest where he was shot. He wears a waist-length black jacket, with black trousers and shoes, and a white shirt underneath the jacket. He has two shoulder holsters, one over each shoulder, as well as one at his hip. He sometimes wears a pair of black mirrored shades as well.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Personality: Gabriel?s attitude towards life is dull. He has a very grim outlook, and seems to hate life. He is, however, very protective towards his friends, and will do anything to protect them. There are certain friends he would even give up his own life to protect, but he would never let on that fact. He would always hide it from his friends to try and keep his hard outer shell in one piece.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Bio: Jake Harlan was only 13 when he joined the Angels. He can remember very little of his childhood, as he has mentally blocked most of it due to trauma. What little he does remember, however, is deeply traumatic. He was beaten daily by his drunken, abusive father and his mother left when he was just five to escape the abuse. He was left alone with this huge, monstrous figure who beat him just to satisfy his own horrendous needs. He was sent to a low-class public school where he was beaten to a further degree by his classmates. This school is where he learnt to fight back.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]As he grew older, he became stronger and more confident, growing each day, both physically and mentally. He became one of the top students in his school, but no-one called him a nerd or a geek, because he was also one of the toughest. He had grown up to be able to defend himself.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]One day, he went home, and found his father lying on the couch, so drunk he could barely talk. Jake found a large wooden table leg lying around from a fight the previous day, and he beat his father to death with it as he slept. He knew that he would be hunted down for this, so he fled, running out onto the streets.[/size]
[size=1]At age 17 he joined the Angels, and worked his way up the ranks until he became known as Gabriel, and he was like a brother to Michael, the leader of the Angels.[/size]
[size=1]Weapons: Gabriel carries two semi-automatic H&K USPs, as well as a pair of Glock 19 handguns with detachable silencers and two small, curved knives.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Skills: Gabriel is an amazing marksman, able to hit almost any target, stationary or moving, and he is fairly competent at close quarters combat as well.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Character Snippet: The night was cold and dark in Haven City, and the only life that was left on the streets was filth. Gang members, thugs, hookers, they all came out at night. Haven was not the safest place to be, especially at night, but still Jake Harlan walked the streets, his jacket wrapped around him to keep out the cold. His hair blew around in the wind, forming wild styles, which vanished in an instant, only to be replaced by something even more wild.[/size]
[size=1]He walked over to the club. Huge glaring neon signs signalled that this club was called ?The Inferno.? A fitting name for somewhere riddled with all the scum that could have spawned from the deepest, darkest pit of Hell itself. Gabriel pushed open one of the doors, and walked inside.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Lights flashed all over the club, glitter balls sparkled, and men were overcome by their desire to touch the women on offer. A barman stood behind the bar, cleaning a glass and looking at the rest of the crowd longingly, as though he wished he was one of them.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Gabriel walked over to the bar and ordered his usual, a double scotch, which he was given, and he promptly threw the drink down his neck before walking up the cold steel stairs, weaving in and out of the drunken couples that littered the stairway. On the balcony sat Lucifer, the head of the Demons. He was sitting on a grand armchair, made up to look like some kind of spiky, evil throne, and was surrounded by adoring women and bulky bodyguards. Gabriel stepped up to the top of the stairs, where a huge, dark-skinned man wearing sunglasses stopped him.[/size]
[size=1]?Where do you think you?re going, sir?? he asked, opening his jacket to show that he was armed.[/size]
[size=1]?I need to talk with Lucifer. I have information that could be of use to him,? replied Gabriel, his voice cold and unemotional.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?No-one talks to Lucifer without permission,? said another bodyguard, this one actually drawing his handgun.[/size]
[size=1]?Let the man through, boys!? shouted Lucifer, his English accent cutting through the noise of the club. The two bodyguards stepped aside willingly, letting Gabriel through.[/size]
[size=1]?Well, well, if it isn?t Gabriel,? he said, finishing off his drink, ?Come to tell tales on the Angels, have we?? He stroked his goatee mockingly, and laughed, dismissing the crowd of women that surrounded him.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?What is this information you have to share, Gabriel??[/size]
[size=1]?I have inside information about the activities of the Angels. I will give it to you in exchange for one thing.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?And what might that be??[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I want to join the Demons. I just need a group that I can be safe from the Angels in. Yours is the obvious choice.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?The mighty Gabriel wants to join his hated foes? Why would this be??[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?I was framed for the rape and murder of Michael?s daughter. They are trying to run me out of town, or, failing that, they wish to kill me.?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?This is an exciting twist in the tale, now, isn?t it? Do you know who did kill her??[/size]
[size=1]?No. But I hope that with your help, I can find out.?[/size]
[size=1]At that moment, something in the club changed. The music was stopped, the people stopped dancing and drinking, and instead decided to leave the club with their hands in the air.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Just below where Lucifer and Gabriel were talking, an Angel assassination squad was waiting for the opportune moment to strike. They found it was now, and they took the opportunity, jumping up from their seats and drawing their pistols. The leader fired a shot into the air, which cleared the floor quickly, and then three more of them ran up the stairs, shooting Lucifer?s bodyguards before they could attack, and grabbed Gabriel. Lucifer ran, taking his women with him.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Down on the floor, the group of five Angels circled Gabriel menacingly. Gabriel was on his knees in the middle of them.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]?So,? said the leader, ?You were going to sell us out to the Demons, were you?? He delivered a swift kick to Gabriel?s face, knocking him to the floor. The leader signalled to the others, who came towards Gabriel, wielding any type of blunt object they could find, and began to beat him. He managed to get to his feet between two blows, and used his head to knock one of them out, but then he was beaten back to the floor again.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]After twenty minutes of this physical abuse, the leader signalled to the others to stop, and knelt by Gabriel. Gabriel saw his vague, blurry outline through a haze of pain and bruised eyes. He spat out a mouthful of blood and teeth, and looked up at the leader.[/size]
[size=1]?Take him outside,? said the leader. Two of the others picked Gabriel up and dragged him outside, into the alleyway at the side of the club. He was thrown bodily from the club and into the alley, where he hit the dumpster with such force that the lid came smashing down, and it slid a few feet to the left. He felt a lot of his blood escaping his body, and knew that he was in serious trouble.[/size]
[size=1]The leader of the assassination squad came outside, drew his pistol, and began to screw a silencer onto it, talking slowly as he did.[/size]
[size=1]?No-one screws us over,? he said, ?No-one messes with the Angels, not even one of the highest of our own team. You sold out, Gabriel, and the worst thing is, we don?t even know why you did that to Michael?s daughter. She hadn?t done anything to you. Maybe you have some kind of sick fetish for children, I don?t know, but we?re all just sick about what happened.? He finished screwing the silencer onto the weapon, and aimed it at Gabriel?s chest.[/size]
[size=1]?Oh, and just for the record,? he said, ?I never liked you.? And with this final comment, he fired four shots into Gabriel?s chest. He felt the first shot, as it thudded into his chest with a sledgehammer-like power. The second was one of dull pain, and he couldn?t feel the third, he was so close to death.[/size]
[size=1]Five years later?[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]Gabriel stepped out of the hospital, his legs feeling slightly weak after being immobile for so long. He smelt the fresh air, and looked down at his clothes. They were the same ones he was wearing that fateful night, five years ago, complete with rips, tears, bloodstains and bullet-holes.[/size]
[size=1]He was awake, and ready to start fighting the Demons once again. But this time, he would be fighting the Angels as well.[/size][size=1][/size]

[size=1]He needed a new crew, one he could entrust his life to, so he went about forming this new crew?

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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkRed]Name: Leviathan

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: none

Affiliation: Demons

Appearance: Light brown shaggy hair, his bangs are slightly covering his bright green eyes. He's 5'11", with a medium build. He wears a brown jacket with a white stripe that goes across the shoulders, under it he wears a regular white shirt. For pants he wears slightly baggy brown pants and for shoes he wears regular sandals with one strap in the front and one behind his heel. At the bototm the shoes are padded with foam, the foam makes it silent when he walks and it allows him to turn, jump, and in general move faster.

Personality: Levi is a pretty sarcastic demon for what they are. He mgiht take this whole demon/killing thing a little more lightly than the rest, he's a bit over-confident at times but he doesn't have a reason not to. Except for his little run-in with Kugo. (Explained in bio)

Bio: (Pmed you the bio) Born in Liverpool, England. Traveled the world much and then came back.

Weapons: No guns at all. Instead, he wears brass knuckles over his hands and a belt filled with all kind of useful items such as kunais, shurikens, and two or three capsuled of ether. By his side is his faithful and swift katana, and slung across his back is his sturdy and unbreakable murasame, which, if used correctly he can use to block with.

Skills: Definately close combat, barely even knows how to use a gun. He is also a very quick fighter and can move and dodge around most attacks with his fluid movements. Not only that but Leviathan specializes in sneaky attacks, maybe a knife hidden behind another knife, or hiding in the dark corners around the room and striking without warning.

Character Snippet: )Katanas, shurikens, kunais, if you're wondering where Levi got all these Japanese-originated weapons this is where you find out.)

Levi and Kesa stepped inside the resturaunt together, they talked to a woman at a pedestal who spoke in rapid Japanese. Levi looked confused but Kesa, having lived in Japan for most of her life she responded quickly. The lady handed them two menus and led them to a table. Kesa led the way and Levi followed.
"Levi?" Kesa asked as she spun around.
"Yes?" Levi replied.
"Oh... Sorry I couldn't hear your footsteps behind me."
Levi smiled. "Don't worry, I won't leave you." He joked.
Kesa smiled, you're right, you're not getting away this time.
"I'm going to the restroom, be back in a second."
"I gotta go too honey." Levi smirked. They both knew what they were going to do in the bathroom. And it definately wasn't taking a piss. They were to prepare for the most discreet assassination they've ever attempted. Kesa, in her bathroom opened her purse and pulled out two loaded magnums and slid them between her skin and her skirt. Next, she slipped a few capsules into one of her long black gloves that came up to her elbows. At the bottom there was a hole in the palm, it was a quite clever little invention. She bent down and slid two kunai into her black boots and in her other glove she slid down two shurikens. She then looked up and pulled out a black tube. She eyed it as she smiled, opening the top she revealed the lip-stick that she applied. Straightening out her hair she shook it lightly and prepared to leave. Suddenly, the door opened and a woman with long black hair walked in.
She could definately use some make-up tips... Kesa thought.
"Hello." The woman smiled a friendly grin as she stepped up next to Kesa. Kesa smiled back. The stranger appeared to be fixing her hair. A black tube of mascara dropped and slid to the other side of Kesa.
"Oh I'm sorry honey, could you pick that up for me?"
The grin left Kesa's face. "Oh... sure..." Kesa reached to her waist and pulled out a magnum. "Right after I do this." She cocked the gun and prepared to fire.
The new woman, appearently prepared for this kicked the gun out of her hand and drew a dagger, pointing it at Kesa the wig she was wearing slipped off.

It was Levi.

"What gave it away?" Levi smirked.
"Many things, Amateur." She quickly pulled her second magnum and pointed it at Levi.
Levi flipped backwards into the air and landed in one of the several bathroom stalls, just as Kesa fired. The bullet ricocheted off of the stall he hid behind.
"First of all." Kesa began. "No one says "honey" in Japan. No one, except you, honey." She stepped up to the first stall and shot a clear hole through the door. N one there.
"Second of all..." She said as she walked to the second stall. "You were never good with make-up." Kesa shot another clear hole through the door. No one in that one either.
"Third, you barely changed clothes, all you did was reverse your jacket and put a skirt over your shorts, not to mention that's one of my skirts. Don't you dare get it bloody." She shot a hole through the third stall door. Nothing. Two stalls to go.
"Lastly, you smell fun-"
The stall door burst open, slamming Kesa against the wall. When Kesa looked up she saw the figure of Levi coming down, stabbing his dagger at her. Rolling over, she dodged the gun and layed on her stomach. She shot several more times and this time, Levi rolled back into the stall, just dodging the bullets.
"Hmmm. Well, you see, the plan was to slip this explosive into your purse, exploding after I was "out". But appears our little showdown will go-down in the woman's restroom. We didn't even make it to dinner! And I'm hungy."
"Yes well, whoever wins can take the other's money and the meal will be on them. Deal?"
"Oh really? good because I overdrew my account anyways."
"Haha... oh Levi you always were so full of it."
"A pity we didn't work out. You were pretty good in the sack."
Her eyes widened. "SHUT THE ******* UP!" She screamed in outrage. Levi was quite the instagator. She shot madly at the stall she had seen Levi roll into. She just kept shooting, not caring if he was dead or not, not noticing the shadow slipping above her on the high bathroom ceiling.
"What Kesa, you think this story was gonna have a happy ending? Well, happy endings are for stories that aren't finished. This one..."
Kesa looked up. she aimed the gun and shot.
*click* *click**click**click*
She was out.
Levi smiled a broad, illuminating grin.
"Haug-" the dagger stuck inside Kesa's throat. the blood spilling out. She fell to the floor, her cheek slapped across the cold hard floor. Her eyes reflected the sandals of Levi's walking towards her.
"I didn't get it bloody. You did." He grunted as he threw the skirt on top of her dead corpse.
It appears all the noise started a ruckus in the resturaunt, the door creaked open and an elderly Japanese woman who worked there looked in. She gasped and screamed a bone-splitting scream. There, lying on the floor, was a bloody mess.


Levi hopped into his car. Hearing the extremely shrill scream, He knew what he had to do now, go back to England. But perhaps he'd take a few weapons with him. And some food.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Name: Nagi Tomo aka:Arel



Former Occupation:street rat

Affiliation: Angels

Appearance: Nagil covers most of her body.She weres a mask over her face,this mask has no features on it,accept for a long red scar over the left eye.Her hair is flameing red an short n spicky.She is about 5'6 and 125lbs.She wears a red kemono,underneth on her arms are two arm length silver gauntlets.does not wear shoes,under her kemono she has a red ninga uniform.Her whole body is exstreamly scared an burned.

Personality:Nagi has her wits,she doesnt mind being around others but does not get to attached to people.She prefers to work alone.She doesnt talk much but if you piss her off she will give you a mouth full.Nagi likes to keep things sweet an short,she gets to the point no danceing around the fire.She is confident in her blade skills and will be glad to show them off.She can be some what cocky.She doesnt ask questions just gets the job done.

Bio: Nagil was born in Paris France.She grew up in a small cottage with her parents.Nagi became sick an very weak she laid in bed alot an couldnt move.One day her mother fell asleep while cooking an the house cought fire.Nagi was to feverish to move an her mother was burned alive.Her father did not show up in time to save Nagi from being burned badly.The flames scared her whole body,but somehow she survived.She was sent to a hospital were it took her 2 years to fully recover.By then her father abanond her not wanting to live without his wife.Nagi had no where to go,she lived on the streets barely surviveing.One night the angels an demons got into a fight by the allyway she was sleeping in.She tried to run but got cought in the fire so she picked up a gun from a fallen demon and attacked.The demons fell an the angels looked in amazment at how Nagi surevived.They took her in an gave her the name Arel because of her incounter with fire.

She grew to be a strong lady,even though she was scared there was a strange beauty about her.She was very skilled in short swords.Soon she raised in ranks an became a top assain for the angels.Her skills grew an the death count of the demons grew also.She became an important person amoung the angels an a target for the demons.

Weapons: Arel has two hidden short swords in her gauntlets,she also has throwing knives attached to her gauntlets.

Skills: Arel is a master with short swords her skills in throwing knives an not as good but she normally hits her target.Better at close range combat.She is faster then most people an very light on her feet.

Character Snippet:Nagi awoke to the sounds of gunfire,bullets zoomed by her small hideing place.She became frightend an tried to run.Bullets zoomed around her head grazeing her left bicept.Dicideing that she couldnt run from this fight nagi ducks for cover.Looking around she spots a corps holding a pistol.She quickly sprints for the gun an rolls behind some crates.Not careing who she fired at she peeked out an fired at anybody moveing in her direction,sadly it was the deamons who were running in her direction.She shot one in the leg an he fell to the ground,aming for his head she fires but misses an hits another in the chest.Not paying attention Nagi gets grased again on the side of the head,she points the gun at the one who fired at her an hits him straight on.Gunfire comes from behind her an she ducks.Hearing the gunfire stop Nagi peeks out.Dead bodys lay everywere.She slowly stands up an steps away from the crates.She looks at the gun in her hand an at the bodys.Feeling aware of eyes staring Nagi turns around.Four cloaked people stare at her.She stares back.Slowly she raises her gun."I will kill you if you wont leave me alone."she says through shakeing teeth.On of the men laugh."My dear that was quite a fight you put up....whats your name?"he calls back."My name is Nagi Tomo..an who are you?"she askes."Nagi ,that is no name for a future angel my dear! I shall call you Arel for you scars show that you have ment with fire an won."the cloaked man said.Desideing she had no other place to go Arel willing gave herself to the angels.Throwing down her gun she bowed.The cloaked man smiled.
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Name: Alucard VanDean

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Former Occupation: Janitorial Staffer at Wellspring High School

Affiliation: Demons

Description/Bio: Standing at a somewhat average height of 6'2", I look as if I am a fairly frail man. I guess that the fact I am also an albino does not help me give off a very powerful aura, yet, I am a very sly deceiver. Since my first breathe in this world, I have caused nothing but madness, chaos, and tragedy to those near me. On that lovely Christmas morning, when the first snow fall had covered Haven city with a light dusting, many people were home opening gifts, exchanging heartfelt words, and engaging in utter happiness. Yet, my parents were rushing to the maternity ward to receive their gift. They say that it?s what?s on the inside that counts, but it seems that they were wrong. My parents never quiet grasped that philosophy.

The moment the nurse wheeled me off to the ICU, my parents knew that they would never see me again. After the two weeks I spent in the ICU, I was then transferred to an orphanage by the name of Wish House. Through the years at this orphanage, I grew a tough skin to people?s comments, always turning the other cheek and biting my tongue. Every time someone was to come to choose one of us to escape this prison, Madame Parker would send me away from our guests. I resented her then, but now I wish to thank her for her involvement in my life. Eventually, I grew up. It's amazing that without a parent, children mature much faster than expected.

After roaming the streets for some time, I eventually made my way into a janitorial position at Wellspring High. Receiving the job at the age of 18 was somewhat strange, realizing that I was the one cleaning up after my peers. With time, I received the name of Pastey from the students. Resent builds within a trapped soul. One night, on my walk home, I happened upon a man whose name shall not be spoken. He told me, that for the right amount of effort, I could come across two things I have always longed for in life: family and money. He asked me to engage in a friendly conversation with a local tenet within my apartment complex. He gave me a number, and said,? Clean up the place for me." I casually strolled up to the door without any question. Tapping on the door, a lady greets me, asking me to come in and have some tea with her. As my foot stepped on her floor, I realized that this lady was my old friend, Madame Parker. I sat in the chair, and as she brought out the teat with biscuits, I looked over the paper with her number on it. Flipping it over, I read the letters slowly, K-I-L-L.

A grin overcame me. When I asked if she would like to discuss what our matters were while I buttered our biscuits, she kindly accepted. Now, the remarkable thing is that she didn?t kindly except the knife I shoved into her neck. With this act, a sense of exhilaration came over me. Oh what a rush I feel every time. The moment I opened the door, that same man stood there clapping his hands. He embraced me with a hug stating, ?Welcome to the family my friend. You did quiet well with this fine specimen. A little on the bloody side, but we can work out those kinks. Violence is in your nature my boy, and we are gonna love it. Come with me."

Following the man, I realized what I have become. I am not a killer, and definitely not an assassin. I am a simple man whose acts are just misunderstood. I finally found a place in this world where I truly belong. I am the deliverer of judgment.

Weapons: My dear friends, I am an old fashioned guy. The medieval times were great times of judgment. Nothing can exhilarate a man more than the feeling of sinew and flesh being torn by pure silver. No gunpowder, no bombs. All I use in my exhibitions are three knives, shaped as six's at which the handle grip is within the circle. I wear them along my belt, hidden by my trench coat. My messengers of judgment are that of the name Deliverer.

Skills: I am a self taught man. I follow no one style. I am unique, and that is how The Judgment is delivered. If you must know, very swift. I wear all black. My white hair, face, and "Deliverer's" are all that show. I only commit my acts at night, in which I use the shadow for cover. I hate the ideology of ranged combat, therefore I keep my opponent up close, on his/her toes.

Character snippet:
Defendant: Mr. John Doe
Charge: Theft, Avoiding Payment
Persecutor: Alucard VanDean

Target leaves bar at 12:31 am.
Following target on opposite side of street.
Target makes way down dark alley.
Find fire-escape-ladder and work way to roof.
Follow target from roof.
Move in for final kill.
Two cars pull out from left and right, blocking me in the alley, considering that I have made my way down to ground level. I rush target, slitting throat.
Target: Annihilated
Main Objective: Survival
Hide between two dumpsters in which I am sprayed upon with heavy gunfire. Push dumpsters towards center of alley. I launch both dumpsters towards the Target's guards. Follow right behind dumpster on bound for left side of alley. Men move, causing the dumpster to run into car. I take third knife, flinging it towards single man on right of left entrance. Charge four men on right of left entrance. Remove first man's right arm, followed by a quick uppercut to the jugular with left Deliverer. Launch myself in the air towards next three men. Arms fully extended, Cut throats of two men, landing on top of third, in which I use a cross cutting motion, beheading the man in one swift move. Run behind dumpster to retrieve third Deliverer. Head to top of building through actual apartment staircase. Regain trench coat. Return to streets walking away slowly as the lovely sounds of sirens go off in the background. The night is young, and its only 12:45.
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[size=1]Ok, I wasn't really expecting that many people to sign up after it has already started, so here goes:

Sapphire Flare as Leviathan: You're in. But, before you start, please PM Kamuro with the details of your little grudge against his character, just so he knows what's going on.

Nagi Tomo and Lostcause, I am afraid to say I can't accept you. Your sign-ups just weren't of the quality I have been expecting from those who would participate in this RP. I am sorry, but it's something I have to do.

Ok, now that I have a Demon, this sign-up is officially [b]CLOSED.[/b]
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[QUOTE=Fallen][size=1]Ok, I wasn't really expecting that many people to sign up after it has already started, so here goes:

Sapphire Flare as Leviathan: You're in. But, before you start, please PM Kamuro with the details of your little grudge against his character, just so he knows what's going on.

Nagi Tomo and Lostcause, I am afraid to say I can't accept you. Your sign-ups just weren't of the quality I have been expecting from those who would participate in this RP. I am sorry, but it's something I have to do.

Ok, now that I have a Demon, this sign-up is officially [b]CLOSED.[/b]

Hey man, no hard feelings. It was my first anyway. Good luck with this RP. Hope you all have alot of fun. It seems like its going to be fun with a capital f.
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[SIZE=1]This is with permission from Fallen - sorry I didn't post this up earlier.

[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER][B]Name:[/B] Michael
[B]Age:[/B] 34
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Former Occupation:[/B] Unknown
[B]Affiliation:[/B] Angels
[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment; all credit to artist[/CENTER]
[B]Personality:[/B] If one word were to describe Michael, it would be ?magnetic.? Despite the obvious darkness and cruelty needed in a man to control this brutal group, people are still drawn to Michael by an unseen force. He remains always realistic, and above all values honesty and loyalty. Despicable and violent scenes do not faze him, but neither does he take enjoyment from them as some do. He is efficient, effective, and solitary, and yet maintains a sort of god-like status among the Angels. There is a deep respect for him, even by his enemies, and Michael acknowledges this accordingly. Things are never done in half-measures with Michael ? he will devote himself to the task he has chosen until it has reached its finish.

[B]Bio:[/B] The details of Michael?s childhood are unknown, and no birth records can be found. The man that leads the Angels has always been known as Michael, with no other clues to his identity. However, at some point in his past he had relations, the product being his only kin: twin daughters. The mother is unknown; Michael raised both girls himself, slowly introducing them to the gang environment. The Angels, having had a part in the raising of the girls, are extremely protective of both, very attached and fond as well. The two girls were also trained, and taking after Michael, were both very skilled and comfortable in weaponry and combat. Indeed, they also undertook some of the more dire missions. However, recently Hadrienne was found brutally raped and killed on the West Side, and Michael has put out the hunt for Gabriel, his once trusted second in command. Now only his other daughter, Aubine, remains.

[B]Weapons:[/B] He is adept at all kinds of weaponry, and has no preference. However, Michael will usually carry at least one handgun (with silencer), as well as a deadly obsidian blade.

[B]Skills:[/B] To be the leader of this organization, Michael has acquired a wide range of skills that he is always adding and building to. He is a master in almost every known type of combat, and is comfortable with almost any weapon. The real extent of his skills is unknown, except to himself.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]

The funeral was in the morning, in the earliest hour, just as dawn was turning into something more ? a flower blooming in the heavens? a flower for her. She, who would always wake in the dark, waiting and watching for the assurance of the coming day.

[I]My dear Hadrienne?my youngest.[/I]

He loved both of his daughters ? there was no question about that. But he knew from his own experience that there was always something lingering about the youngest child. And although they were only a few minutes apart, his two children had always been so vastly different. Different and?inseparable.

Their births?had been a miracle. Never had Michael imagined being a father. No, he had been so sure that he never wanted children, had been so angry when he found out about the pregnancy. And yet, for some reason he had still gone to the hospital that day. He had seen his fair share of blood, a scarlet signature of death. It was familiar to him, and yet, Michael had felt such awe when he had seen those tiny beings that came forth, covered in beautiful, crimson, life-giving blood. It changed him. It changed everything.

Aubin he had recognized as his. She had his coloring: fair hair, icy eyes, an angular build. She was truly his child in every way. Michael had called her Aubin, in honor of her light coloring. But Hadrienne? She had been so?different. There she was, with delicate figure and skin, a cloud of dark hair, and deep eyes that intrigued him. Hadrienne had been akin to the night, in which all truth lay. And she had brought out the truth in Michael? He had learned what love truly was.

They were both blessings ? blessed miracles of his.

?But all good things must come to an end. Oh Hadrienne?? he whispered.

The others waited in silence for him, all in black garb. It seemed out of place in the rays of light that flitted in the morning. Michael turned, and led the way back. A fresh grave, covered in blossoms, waited for the assurance of the day.

But there was no day for Michael.
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