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Sign Up Clandestine I: Terracotta [PG-VLS]

Solo Tremaine

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[i]For millennia, stories have been told of creatures that have dwelled in the realms of human imagination. Kraken, the Medusa, dragons, ogres, giants, vampires, werewolves, angels and demons... nobody alive can deny the knowledge of such myths and legends.[/i]

[i]Created by gods for their own purposes, each creature was given features and powers that made them more powerful than the humans which dominated the world under them. They were protectors of the gods' powers and treasures, the forerunners of their armies and the keepers of their secrets.[/i]

[i]However, when the writings of theology and mythology began to fade in favour of humanity's own teachings, the gods' powers began to diminish and their creatures faded into obscurity, becoming shadows of their former glory. But their legacies remained, and small communities of them managed to survive through the ages, even persevering through hundreds of years of oppression.[/i]

[i]Soon, new branches of myth began to appear. Those arising from other worlds, creatures created by man's own hand, and those who have lain undiscovered for thousands of years.[/i]

[i]With the world in continuous flux, very few exist today. And those that do...[/i]

[font=Book Antiqua]Welcome to Clandestine. [/font]

[font=Book Antiqua]We're happy to welcome you into our organisation, and hope that within us you will find a sense of purpose and justice, as well as a place to interact with those in similar situations to yourself.[/font]

[font=Book Antiqua]At Clandestine, we have specialised facilities catering for every being we take under our collective wings. A mere glance at an overview of our facilities should be enough to suggest we're more than a simple backyard following. Feel free to look around at your leisure once you have turned in your registration documents.[/font]

[font=Book Antiqua]You are welcome to live here as a civilian, whereby you will be asked to tend to the running of the facility itself in whichever manner suits you best. However, should you request to take participate in more active undertakings, you may request an appointment with the Director for more information.[/font]

[font=Book Antiqua]Enjoy your stay.[/font]

[font=Book Antiqua]Clandestine[/font]

[color=#503f86]As you may have gathered, this RPG's premise is very much in the style of [i]Hellboy[/i], albeit slightly diferent. It was inspired by an RPG which Manic Webb created quite some time ago, but never got to start. I liked it and have sort of adopted the idea, so he should really take credit for this >.>

Clandestine is a secret organisation/military base formed by a number of nations and based in central Australia, where it conducts most of its operations from. It has several functions:

-To monitor activities of non-human sentient beings; such as vampires, werewolves, necromancers, dragons, medusas, chimeras, spirits, driads [and anything else you could care to think of].
-Protect key mythical artifacts/beings/areas of the world.
-Locate and bring into Clandestine Ops [the base] any creatures having difficulty adjusting to human society, and/or who wish to become part of the organisation.
-Detain or eliminate any dangerous mythical creatures.
-Protect humanity from the potential dangers of these creatures.
-Keep the existence of all non-human sentients in the outside world confined to the realms of fantasy.


If you want to sign up, here are the details you'll need for your character:

[b]Race:[/b] This can be [i]anything[/i] you like, although variety and originality will be greatly appreciated. I don't want it to be entirely vampires and therianthropes (wereanimals) >.> Cyborgs/aliens/dragons* are allowed, but no angels or demons... not until Part III, anyway. Of course, humans work at Clandestine too.
[b]Origin:[/b] Where you come from and your historical lineage, if you feel like putting that in.
[b]Function:[/b] What you do as part of the Clandestine organisation. See below for further information.
[b]Equipment:[/b] [See notes below]
-Weapons (if applicable)
-Spell books/ancient spellcasting artifacts (if applicable)
-Machinery (if applicable)
[b]Appearance:[/b] For each form that your character has, you'll need a description and/or a picture. The more detailed and interesting the description, the better.
[b]Legacy:[/b] Your biography, essentially. Try and keep it as original as possible (but a few clichés are alright ^_~)
[b]Deity/Lord:[/b] Just a superficial thing, really- if you look around the internet for information on your race of choice, you can often find gods of different histories related to the races' creation (I found Latana, god of Therianthropes [wereanimals] and Vivamort, god of Vampires). It doesn't mean anything much for your character's standing in the RPG, but it's just extra information that may be useful. Cyborgs and creatures such as dragons don't have deities, and humans don't need them, either.
[b]Quote:[/b] Something your character would say that defines an aspect of themselves. No more than two quotes here, please.

There are military and non-military positions at Clandestine. you can be either, but you'll need to find a way of being involved with the story even if you aren't on active service, otherwise things get messy. There are:

[b]Field Researchers[/b]- those who go out on missions to investigate areas and creatures of interest. Most have psychic abilities (telekenesis, heightened senses and the ability to sense presences and activity through walls). All have studied various books on arcane arts and some have grasped the use of basic magic spells. They are given very little combat training, however, so more often than not, they are accompanied by

[b]Field Agents[/b], who are the main task force of Clandestine. Made up of humans and various mythical creatures who agreed to take on more active duties, they carry out most missions to do with subduing, defending, attacking and/or recovering anything they're assigned to. They're highly trained for armed and unarmed combat and are equipped with specially-developed weapons and armour to protect them. They also run shifts protecting the complex and the prisoners held inside, and while not on active duty they help run the complex, carrying out administrative jobs/menial tasks that they're best able to do. Some only take part in running the complex, and don't fight. More often than not they're called out at some point, however.

[b]Physicians, Healers[/b] deal with the biological aspects of Clandestine- not only making sure that Field Agents return to full health after battle, but they also work to find out physiological factors that affect them; determining allergies, weak points, susceptibilities/imunities to illnesses and trying to use them for a greater good. Along with the Hackers, they also carry out research on ancient artifacts.

[b]Hackers[/b] are a growing necessity at Clandestine, as more and more artifacts are being found which can't be explained through historical and mythical analysis. Hackers are experts with computers who aid everyone at Clandestine in some form or another- disabling security systems, designing weaponry, building machinery, finding information and driving vehicles. They also get a good degree of physical training in order to make them suitable for the battle field. While not as powerful as the Agents, they're one of the most versatile elements within the organisation.

[b]Agent Superior[/b] is a rank given to humans only, who supervise the carrying out of missions by the other creatures and take charge of discipline amongst the organisation. They are incredibly highly trained (usually ex-SAS/Marine corps or some equivalent) and plan out strategies for tasks that need to be undertaken.

Not everyone has a weapon. Hackers generally only have standard military-issue guns/knives, unless they've designed something themselves (in which case it's usually wide for everyone else to give them a wide berth in case it explodes). Field Researchers/Physicians/Healers may carry around books or wands/staves that help them in their duties. Civilians are not allowed to carry weapons unless they're on a mission, in which case they're given a single item to protect themselves with in case their defensive line is broken. Everyone has a certain amount of armour that they take wth them, though.

Field Agents are the ones with the most equipment- they can carry up to three weapons each (one of which can be a pair, e.g. handguns/daggers) and will have specially-adapted armour

[b][u]General Character Information[/u][/b]
I'm looking to accept the most interesting sign-ups to the RPG, so steering away from well-worn stereotypes would be nice. I know certain creatures lend themselves to certain archetypes (e.g. the antisocial loner vampire with a taste for everything black and lifeless), but play around with things and see what happens. It's not as if you can't change something if it doesn't work, heh ^_~ And if you can find (and describe) a creature that is rarely used anywhere that you want to use, then do so.

*Dragons/other 'creature' creatures: Bear in mind that creatures with no alternate human form aren't really capable of proper human speech, sounless they happen to be telepathic or have transformed themselves into some other form then it's unlikely they'll be able to say much. As much as this is based on fantasy, it needs a certain amount of realism.

Characters can have pets/familiars, but no more than one. And bear in mind that it has to be looked after...

There will (hopefully) be two more parts to this RPG, entitled 'Catalyst' and 'Rapture', which will have additional sign-ups for people who want to get involved with those. There's a great opportunity for character development across three RPs, heh. I'll reveal more information about Part I's storyline nearer to its start.

Have fun ^_~[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Name:[/B] Indira Gavaskar

[B]Age: [/B] 19

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race: [/B] Garuda [A garuda is a mythical creature that has the body of a man or woman, the head, wings and talons of an eagle, and is covered with feathers. They are able to speak in human tounges, only the words come out screeched, like a bird of prey or a parrot.]

[B]Origin:[/B] India.

[B]Function:[/B] Hacker

[B]Callsign:[/B] Featherdance


[I][B]-Weapons:[/B][/I] Talons and a taser are pretty much all Indira ever uses.

[I][B]-Armour [/B]:[/I] Indira refuses to wear armor as it tends to prevent her wings from functioning well.

[I][B]-Machinery[/B]:[/I] Indira has a specially made laptop; faster than the time's readily available computers, and more powerful than 80% of the less-than-easy-to-obtain computers. It's so "user-friendly" that half the time she's not sure it doesn't have a mind of its own...

[B]Appearance:[/B] Indira is five foot three and lithe, her body slender and toned. Her feathers are brown with gold under-tints that glint in the sunshine. The feathers on her head are white, contrasting nicely with her golden eyes. Her bill is sharp and viscously hooked, like a falcon's; dull yellow, as she often forgets to polish it.

Her wings are her pride and joy; as her feathers are golden brown instead of just brown; shifting to creamy-white at the very tips of her feathers. Her wingspan is twelve feet from wing-tip to wing-tip.

Indira usually wears white; she's not vain, but she does believe that it contrasts well with her feathers. Her tunics and shirts usually leave her shoulders and back bare, just so her wings aren't cramped. Her pants never reach her ankles, stopping at mid-shin like capris. She also usually wears open-toe shoes or sandles, showing off a set of [i]very[/i] sharp talons.

[B]Legacy:[/B] Indira is still very, very young for a Garuda, barely out of childhood. She was born to a small clan of Garuda in northern India. Even as a small, small child she would try and sneak into nearby human villages, facinated by their electronics and gadgets. Her clan was traditional - nothing that ran on batteries or electricity was tolerated. But Indira seemed to show a natural ease with the alien machines. The villagers didn't mind, considering it good luck to have a Garuda fledgling in their village.

Her parents, however, did mind; trying to stear their daughter clear of modernization drove both Garuda nearly to distraction. When six years of poking, prodding and general guilt trips did nothing to get their daughter away from the lure of the machines, her parents threw up their hands - and wings - in frustration, giving her full permission to fiddle as she liked.

Indira took full advantage of this situation, flinging herself into the joys of electronics with all the enthusiasm of a young Garuda; which is quite a lot. The villagers took it all in stride, especially the younger ones; who taught Indira the basics...and, unfortunatly, one young man who taught her how to do things with a computer that most authorities would frown upon...and it was those frowned-upon-things that she soon grew to excel at; her natural taste for chaos and mischeif finding its perfect outlet on the hapless Internet.

After a prank on her seventeenth birthday led to the inadvertant failure of several major power grids, Indira was approached by Clandestine. The agency had one very important request: WOULD YOU CUT THAT OUT?!?

Indira was not pleased with this request. However, she was [i]highly[/i] intrigued by the computers the Clandestine agents carried. So, half joking, she offered to stop doing it randomly if she could do it for them...

And she remains stunned to this day that they took her up on her offer.

[B]Deity/Lord:[/B] [URL=http://www.answers.com/garuda]Garuda[/URL], the massive eagle that carries Vishnu. Indira isn't very devout, although she does occasionally pray...mainly when her computer looks seconds away from meltdown.

[B]Quote:[/B] Stranger things have happened; The Hypnotized Never Lie[/COLOR]
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[B]Name: Sir Landon Brightstar[/B]

[COLOR=Red]Age: Unknown[/COLOR]

Gender: Male

[COLOR=Purple]Race: Elf[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Teal]Origin: Landon is an Elven Bladesinger who came from the past. While Clandestine was destroying one of the very dangerous Mind Flayers, a temporal rift appeared in both the medieval era and present day. Landon and his entire brigade of men were sucked through the portal, but only Landon survived. He was the only one besides his mount, a uni-pegasi (a winged horse with a horn on its forehead with intelligents to match a human's) to survive the rift. However, he is suffering memory loss of who exactly he was back then, so in hopes of regaining his memory, he applied for Clandestine.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna]Function: Field Agent[/COLOR]

WEAPONS: Landon uses two long swords, both magical. The first is The Heart of the Forest, in Elven tongue called [I]Arianalesto[/I], which properties include:
* It is an unbreakable oaken blade, as sharp as steel, with green glowing Elf Runes all alongthe blade.
* With it, Landon can call the forces of Mother Nature (ie: animals, trees, etc.) to aid him.
* Unbreakable
* Never looses its edge
* Can pierce all but the most strong substances.
* Can make it so he does not leave a trace in the forest.
The second sword is called the Scales of Justice, called in the Elven Language [I]Arithmaltos[/I]. It's properties include:
* A solid gold blade with black Elven Runes along the blade.
* Unbreakable
* Cannot be drawn against an innocent
* Never loses its edge
* Can pierce all armours, scales, anything.
* Can allow Landon to cast a Sphere of Protection over one or more innocents.
* Doubles the damage done to an enemy
Last, but not least, Landon uses an Elven Longbow. It is hard to break, and can shoot nearly as far and as fast as a gun, though it is less acurate in the hands of an untrained user. Thankfully, Landon is trained.

Landon wears full plate mail armour, that protects him from all but the strongest of blows. It is gold and black, with the resemblance of a uni-pegasi on the breastplate and on each gauntlet. There is no helmet, rather he wears his short, snowwhite hair around his ears.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Plum]Appearance: He wears his snow white hair short, around his ears. His armour is always in great repair, gold and black with an emerald resemblance of a uni-pegasi on the breastplate. He wears an Oaken Medallion with the elven word [I]Sratir[/I] on it, but Landon cannot remember what that means. He has a scar upon his left eye, but his vision is miraculously unaffected. He wears a black cape with the likeness of a uni-pegasi embroidered in gold on it. The inside of the cape has reverse colors. He stands about six feet tall, including his three inch long, pointy ears. He is ripped, but not brawny.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Gray]Legacy: Unknown to all characters, but will PM them to you personally.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Green]Deity/Lord: He worships the Elven God Elgoain,[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]Quote: "If I die, at least it shall be in battle."
"You can count on me to watch your back."[/COLOR]

FAMILIAR: Lightflash, a uni-pegasi, can fly at about the speed of a peregrine falcon, the fastest of birds. It is golden, with black mane and emerald horn.
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][B]Name:[/B] Sally Freeman

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Human

[B]Origin:[/B] Sally is from Perth, WA, Australia.

[B]Function:[/B] Field researcher

[B]Callsign:[/B] Imprint


She carries ancient spellcasting artifacts, like any other field researcher, as well as a spell book.
Though she hates to wear it, she wears protective black armour over a skintight bodysuit to protect her body on missions.
[I]-Special Abilities:[/I]
She is a psychometric -- that is, she can pick up psychic impressions from inanimate objects. Of course, the types of impressions she receives are fragmented, like people's memories often are. So, while her impressions can give her clues about an unknown artifact, she still needs the help of others to make sense of her impressions.

She is also able to cast spells, though that ability is limited to defensive maneuvers.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Sally is tall, with dark skin and hair. She has brown eyes, a wide nose, and an even wider smile. Her build could be described as lanky. It is as if her body never quite got all the way through puberty, leaving her extremities to seem a bit too long for the rest of her body.

*See attachment for a sketch of what Sally looks like.*

[B]Legacy:[/B] Sally was born to a middle-class Aboriginal family in a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, where she is the oldest of five children. Her father works as a police officer, and her mother sells "authentic" Aboriginal art to tourists and on eBay ("authentic" being the code word for "cheap trinkets vaguely based on actual Aboriginal art sold to people who don't know any better").

Sally grew up as normal as one could in her multicultural neighborhood. Her parents made sure she had everything she needed -- food, clothing, and shelter -- while teaching her that hard work was the way to get what she wanted out of life.

When Sally was twelve, her psychometric power began to manifest itself. When she picked up an old tire iron, she received flashes of a violent beating committed with the tire iron. After she explained to her parents what she saw, her parents felt that she should know about her heritage.

Before Australia was colonized, Sally's ancestors were part of an Aboriginal tribe noted for their incredibly close relationship with nature -- trees, rocks, plants... these things would "speak" to them, and the tribe would share their knowledge with the other tribes in the area. After Australia was colonized, however, the tribe was forced to bury their knowledge for fear of being thought of as witches.

Though they were not as open with the knowledge they gained from these objects, they still made sure their descendants knew who they were and what they were capable of -- knowledge that was passed down to Sally's mother, and now to Sally. Her father then began to secretly use Sally on assignments, using her power to try to track down criminals, helping her power to grow stronger in the process.

When Sally was 18, she received a letter asking her to join the Clandestine. Though it pained her to leave her family, she knew that it was her chance to do something really good with this gift she had been given. When she arrived, she was immediately placed as a student of the arcane arts, where she first learned spellcasting and how to handle her spellcasting artifacts. After three years of this, she finally was able to go on her first mission last year. She enjoys going on missions, even if some of the research makes her head hurt at times.

When she is not on a mission, Sally can be seen studying her little spell book, trying to strengthen her knowledge of her spells. If she is not doing that, she is writing to her family or tending to her betta fish, Phillip.

[B]Quote:[/B] "Okay, so my job is a bit... strange, to say the least. I still have to wake up, shower, and get to work on time just like every other person. Not all that different from you, really."[/COLOR]
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[color=#503f86]Mmm, some really great stuff here ^_^

There are a few things I think I need to add/elaborate on, however:

[b]Legacy:[/b] I'd intended for this just to be a personal Biography of each character- don't feel you need to put down anything historical if it's not relevant. If it's easier, it can be split into two sections- Bio and Legacy (if applicable).

[b]Weapons:[/b] Any special abilities that your character has counts as a weapon, be it transformation, the ability to use spells, psychic powers, etc...

[b]Callsign:[/b] This was something I forgot to add altogether- every Field Agent and Researcher must have a callsign by which the Agent Superiors call them. It's a military thing.

Also, I neglected to mention exactly how selective I'd be with these sign-ups. Ideally I'm looking for between eight and twelve participants, and bearing in mind there'll be further recruitment for parts II and III (probably about four extra each), if everyone stays that'll lead to a lot of people. Should be fun, hehe ^_^

[b]Name:[/b] Tristan "Trace" Arc'hanteal

[b]Age:[/b] 27

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Race:[/b] Therianthrope (werewolf)

[b]Origin:[/b] United Kingdom

[b]Function:[/b] Field Agent

[b]Callsign:[/b] Vanguard

-12-Gauge Tactical Shotgun
-Mid-range assault rifle with optional scope and grenade launcher
-Pair of bladed tonfa, custom-made. The blades are a silver/platinum alloy with diamond edges and run along the length of the shafts. Hidden within the shafts are two more extandable blades which can extend from either end of the tonfa, increasing its offensive and defensive reach.
In battle, Trace wears modified battle armour constructed from inter-sliding plates of metal that change shape with his transformations. The design's still very much in its prototype stage, however- it's prone to coming loose and the plates occasionally get stuck in position. He intends to see a Hacker about it as soon as he has time.
Special Abilities:
Trace is able to transform himself into a seven-foot werewolf at will, giving him increased physical strength, speed and stamina for short periods of time.

[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23677&stc=1"]Human Form[/url]
[url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=23676&stc=1"]Animal Form[/url]

When a human, Trace stands at six foot two.

[b]Legacy:[/b] The names 'Trace' and 'Arc'hanteal' were names Tristan gave himself when he joined Clandestine at the age of 19 in order to try and fit in with the people around him. His real surname's Hill, but he keeps that solely to himself. He was born in a small village in West Sussex, but was never taken to a hospital. The circumstances surrounding his birth have never been made clear to him, but it's never made much of a difference. He was never registered as being born, so ironically he disn't exist as a legal entity until he arrived at Clandestine.

He was raised by his mother and stepfather, who were both incredibly supportive of him despite everything he put them though while going through puberty (teenage werewolves don't tend to be the most co-operative beings). It was rare that he was able to go outside and play with other children, but his stepfather kept him company for most of his childhood. When he was eighteen, his family received a letter from Clandestine asking if he wished to be part of the organisation. After much thought (and the birth of his half-sister Jessica), he decided it would be best for him to live somewhere he could actually exist and do something practical with his life.

He took to physical training with great enthusiasm, and embarked on his first mission as a Field Agent when he was 21... almost completely ruining it. Had it not been for the experience and expertise of an older Agent that was with him, there could have been serious trouble. Thankfully, he's learnt from his mistakes.

In battle, Trace is next to fearless. His close-combat fighting skills are incredibly adept (one of his most proud moments was when an Agent Superior called him 'exemplary') with most weapons, although he favours his custom-made tonfa, his prized posession. He has a strong sense of right and wrong, and has no qualms about killing people if he needs to.

When not on a mission, Trace spends most of his time assisting with building work- the facility is almost always undergoing underground extensions. As a result, he often looks dirty and unwashed. He writes regularly to his family, and is eager to get time away to visit his sister.

[b]Deity/Lord:[/b] Latana, Greek Goddess of therianthropes. Not that he worships, mind you...

[b]Quote:[/b] "People get what they deserve. I kill people who don't deserve to live, and if someone kills me... then I'll have no regrets."[/color]
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[color=Navy][b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Let me know if there's anything I should change.[/color][b]

Name: [/b]Sakura Kelayl'a

[/color][color=Navy] [b]Age: [/b]20 in human years

[b]Gender: [/b]Female

[b]Race:[/b] Fairy/Faerie
Origin:[/b] Japan
Function:[/b] Hacker

[b]Callsign: [/b]Fae (Pronounced as Faye)
-[i]Weapons:[/i] Sakura carries two [/color][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img209.exs.cx/img209/9176/jerichoall9ot.jpg"]guns[/url] [bottom left corner][/color][/size][color=Navy] that are always in holsters on her waist and [/color][size=2][color=Navy]she has a pouch full of [url="http://images.amazon.com/images/P/B0006GYN06.01-A20YUEE2UGU92X._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg"]throwing knives[/url] that she keeps connected to her belt, with the pouch hanging over her left hip.[/color][/size][color=Navy]
[b]-[/b][i]Armour: [/i]None, Sakura doesn't like trapping her wings under armour.
-[i]Machinery: [/i]Sakura carries a custom made [url="http://www.computer-and-printer-reviews.com/images/laptop%20usa.jpg"]laptop[/url] [kinda like the pic] with her in case she ever needs to do something quickly and there's no computers around. She's sure its better than most of the computers in the building, perhaps only rivalled by Indira's laptop.
Appearance:[/b] [/color][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://img91.exs.cx/img91/4927/ai9yl.jpg"]Here[/url], keep the goggles, she wears[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy] a tight black top with long sleeves that she keeps pushed up just above her elbows and pants made of a leathery material that covers the leg part of her almost knee high, black boots. Her wings stick out of her back, they look like the ones in this [url="http://www.bumpinthenightproductions.com/newline2004/flywings.jpg"]pic[/url], just doubled and they take up about the length of her back.[/color][/size]
[color=Navy] [b]
Legacy:[/b] Sakura was born in Japan, her parents were both fairies so she was a pure blood, which was rare in modern context. They had hidden their abnormalty from the world by always having their wings covered.

When Sakura was born, they decided that she should be able to be proud of who and what she was, so they didn't make her hide her wings, since she had pretty wings, a mix between both of her parents.
Sakura went to school as any other child was, though she was branded a freak because of her fairy heritage. As she continued to go through school, it got worse because she had next to no friends because she was so different. Everyone would stare at her strangely and Sakura became withdrawn.

Instead of being like a normal child after school, hanging around with friends. Sakura always went straight home and up to her room where she would spend hours on end on her computer. She was extremely electronically literate and it was her way to get away from herself.

Sakura soon taught herself how to hack into hard systems and was constantly on the computer which worried her parents greatly. Sakura just told them not to worry and brushed it off.

One day she recieved an email from a group called Clandenstine, inviting her to join their organisation. They had discovered her through her hacking and said that they were in dire need of hackers. Sakura decided to accept since she wasn't doing anything, no one wanted to take in a person with wings, they'd scare off the customers.

Sakura left sometime after and she found a true home in Clandenstine, where other races and humans could interact without freaking out or being afraid. She was asked to demonstrate her skills, which she complied happily. They were satisfied with her work and finalised her as a real member of the organisation.
Deity/Lord:[/b] Aibell [There are several but I think she may be the main one]
"Memories are just that, memories. They can only go so far."
"Never lose sight of the light, no matter how dark it gets. In every heart, there is a shadow, don't be afraid."
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Katz

[B]Age[/B]: Unknown, looks to be around 28

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Race[/B]: Alien

[B]Origin[/B]: Katz is from the planet Lok. Although he is an abnormal lifeform, he grew up on Earth due to the destruction of his planet.

[B]Function[/B]: Field Agent

[B]Callsign[/B]: Ruk (the 'u' pronounced like the 'u' unicorn)

[I]Weapons [/I] - A single katana concealed under his coat. Hes not a big fan of human technology and he tries not to use it as much as he can.
[I]Armor [/I] - As stated above he refuses to use anything to advanced. He wears only normal clothes covered by a large, white coat.
[I]Spell Books[/I]/Ancient Artifacts - Katz has an original symbol carved from the rock of his home planet. It allows him to control himself in trance form.
[I]Machinery [/I] - None

[URL=http://tinypic.com/5pmsd3][I][U]Original Form / Human[/U][/I][/URL]
In this form Katz resembles an ordinary human. He wears no armor or protective devices, only clothing he has chosen for the best, most agile movement. The coat, is of his own accord, he thinks it looks "cool." He's often found smoking since he enjoys the feeling it gives him.
[URL=http://tinypic.com/5pms6h][I][U]Trance Form[/U][/I][/URL]
In this form Katz begins his escalation in power, speed, and intelligence. He enjoys this form since it brings him beyond the human level, but not beyond the point where he loses control. His pupils shrink to a smaller size and the whole of his eye becomes white. Various markings cover his face and body and his hair grows a bit longer. His muscles expand to form to his new power level.
[URL=http://tinypic.com/5pmrtc][U][I]Final Form[/I][/U][/URL]
In his final form Katz reaches his epitome of power. His hair shortens up quite a bit and spikes from his head in a gelled fashion. His muscles expand once more to suit a great increase in power and muscular strength. His hands form claws sharp to the touch. He can still control himself in this form, however, he finds it hard and sometimes he loses his head in battle.

[B]Personality[/B]: Katz was originally cold and forlorn towards humans, however he has become more open since working with the people of Clandestine. Although is still quiet, he has learned to speak his mind on most occasions. He is still oblivious to the ways of normal human living, since hes never lived in an actual city, but he hopes to someday. He enjoys to learn new things and the group loves to laugh at his thoughts on things he's never scene before. Sometimes, he just likes to be alone and finds peace and quiet in his quarters of the base. Hes a fierce competitor and in battle he loves to fight like theres no tomorrow. Sometimes he makes irrational decisions and does other then what hes told.

[B]Legacy[/B]: Katz was born on his home planet of Lok. It was similar to our own however much more advanced concerning technology and the ways of every day life. His planet suffered a surprise attack and was destroyed, but he was placed into an escape pod by his parents and sent into space. There he floated for days, a small baby, bare and alone in the vast reaches of the universe. Soon enough his pod found Earth, and gravity pulled him towards it. He landed not far off from a military base in Australia and they found him tattered and alone in a small forest just off the campsite.

He was given to scientists to study and from his early age exemplified what they called "strange" activity. They tested day after day to find out something, anything about this peculiar lifeform. He was given the name Katz after the doctor who experimented on him. Katz was tortured, not intentionally, but his years as nothing more then a test subject made him cold and unwilling towards humans. He had overheard one of the doctors mention Clandestine before, and he knew this was the only way out. Although he despised working with humans, he knew it had to be better then where he was now.

However, when he reached Clandestine, they welcomed him with open arms. He finally found respect for humans and their race. After such an epiphany it was easy for him to work well with others and he soon became one of the best field agents on the force. His brute strength came in handy when fighting large beasts and his superior intellect aided in several crime solving situations. He was known for thinking out of the box, and made quite the name for himself as an abstract thinker.

[B]Deity/Lord[/B]: None, his people have all perished.

[B]Quote[/B]: What? It's "cool."[/SIZE]

[B]EDIT: I apologize for any problems had trying to veiw my images, I've fixed everything so give them a look if you had trouble before.[/B]
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Name: Laqara Solero

Callsign: Liquid

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Race: Elemental Spirit of Water

Origin: America

Function: Feild agent

Weapons-Her weapons of choice are a pair of bladed staffs, but she'll use whatever's best for whatever her assignment is.
Powers-Laqara has pretty standard elemental abilities of water. She is able to manipulate water in any form, and can create it to an extent. She can see water in any form, wether it be a liquid, a gas, or even the water in the bodies of living things. She can shift herself into a liquid state, and also shift her appearance into something more human-looking.

Appearance: Laqara's basic form is human, but she does not look at all human. Her skin is a blue-green color, the color of water, and is significantly tougher than normal skin, functioning more as a hide. Laqara's hair and eys are a similar color to the skin, but a bit more green.

Legacy: Laqara was born human, and lived a pretty normal life until she was about 25. Her memory of the event is not quite clear, but she remembers the basics. Not how it was done, or why, but certainly what. She accidentally ran into a water spirit. This spirit fused with her for reasons she doesn't remember, and is what changed her into what she now is.

Laqara knew she couldn't return to her previous life after the change, so she lived off in the wilderness by herself. She learned to master her new form and its abilities. She was discovered by Clandestine about six months after her change, and now works as a feild agent for Clandestine. She's become a skilled fighter, and her rather... extreme interrogation techniques have prooven very effective, making her a very valuable agent.

Deity/Lord: Laqara was never a religious person, and still is not. She has no god she worships.

Quote: "Most men want only one thing from women, and they want it very badly. Threaten their ability to have it, and they'll do almost anything."

"Movies have it wrong. The first hit usually kills. The key to surviving is to always land the first hit."
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[size=1][b]Name[/b]: Xander Jaxxon
Age[/b]: he's not even entirely sure himself, somewhere around 28
Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Race[/b]: Fire Spirit
Origin[/b]: Xander was born from the heart of a volcano in Rome, but he grew up in England
Function[/b]: Field Agent

[b]Callsign[/b]: Blaze


[i]Weapons-[/i]A longsword, which he uses in his true form. However, when he is in human form, he carries two handguns, which are holstered under his arms.

[i]Armour-[/i]He simply wears a black leather armour plate over his chest, and kneepads.

[i]Spellbooks/Ancient Artifacts-[/i]He only has a small, jet-black metal pendant around his neck, which is on a sturdy chain. It is rumoured that this is the source of his power. When he has transformed into his true form, he can create and manipulate vast amounts of flame, using it to his will.


[i]Human Appearance:[/i] See first attachment, although his clothes are black instead of white, and his hair is jet-black with red streaks.

[i]True Appearance:[/i] See second attachment

[b]Legacy[/b]: Xander was born from the very heart of a volcano in Rome, which erupted with such power that it blasted him all the way to England through the upper atmosphere. He lay, like a meteor fallen from space, in the English countryside for many weeks, until he awoke, fully grown, and appeared to the local villagers. They were surprised to see that, although he looked like a normal human, he appeared to be completely on fire. He ran away from their taunts and shouts, to the woods, where he stayed for weeks, learning how to change his form to look like a human. Then he ventured out into the village. He was taken on as a helpful, friendly member of the community.

It was not until a few years later that he was approached by a group of people from Clandestine, and offered a place at their facility, where he wouldn't have to hide his true appearance any more. He accepted, but he still prefers to wear his human form rather than his true form.

He discovered the limits of his powers as a part of Clandestine, and he learnt how to control his true form so that the flames that mostly make up his body do not burn others, so he is now capable of physical contact in his true form.

He has no true family, so his team-mates at Clandestine have become like a family to him, taking him in when no-one else would. He still mourns the fact that he has no true loved ones, so he is deep down a very sorrowful person, but hides this with a mix of intelligent comments and witty jokes.

[b]Deity/Lord[/b]: Surt, a Norse fire Giant

[b]Quote[/b]: "Death will come swiftly to those who deserve it. Death will come even swifter to those who don't."

And, more simply:

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[color=sienna][b][i][font=comic sans ms]
[u]Name:[/u] Bohwbas (pronounced bow-bus)

[u]Age:[/u] Around 500 years

[u]Gender:[/u] Male

[u]Race:[/u] Boogey-man

[u]Origin:[/u] Deep, dark woods in the norh of Norway

[u]Function:[/u] Field Researcher

[u]Callsign:[/u] FogFear

[u]Equipment:[/u] Hat and cape

[u]Abilities:[/u] In light Bohwbas is vulnerable and powerles, he is his strongest in the dark and cold places. In shadows and generaly wherever people can't make him out (like fog) he becames less material and more smoke-like. Then it is hard to phisicaly harm him, he can move very quickly and change size. He can shrink enough to fit through keyhole's (or under a child's bed) and in general he knows how to get into and out of things, even people's heads. Though not telepathic he can read peoples fears, say what they're afraid of. Has this creepy ability to pop out behind you. Sees well in the dark.

[u]Wepons:[/u] His huge claws have huge nails that leave huge holes. Somewhere under all the fur there is also (allegedly) a mouth (allegedly) for eating children. His prime wepon however is fear. He uses it as a tool to make people talk, have nightmares, go insane even have a heart attack (it can also be used as a laxative :D).

[u]Appearance:[/u] Bohwbas keep to shadows and dark places so it's hard for anyone to actualy see him. There he almost looses his phisical state. When he does come out into the light, he is a tall and skinny, covered in unkept, brown fur. His eyes and nails are big. Hat and cape is all he wears. Listening to him talk is like puting an ear to the grave and hearing the dead whisper.
Excuse the quality of the picture attached it was done by a bad artist, namely me.

[u]Legacy:[/u] Back in middle ages Bohwbas wandered through Scandinavia, scaring children, making people loose their way in the dark, guarding the places he hapened to live in. He crossed the Baltic sea by foot and continued going east. He learned a lot in those day's about the herbs, fishes, and beasts of the north. He saw how people survived in the woods on their own. Understood many languages.
After crosing siberia he setled in a fishing vilage by Chukchi sea. After seing couple generations of children grow up (with fear of him). He left the land and walked into the the ocean. It was deeper and darker than the sea he crossed before. He liked that.
After staying at the botttom of the ocean for few hundred years he accidentily wound up on Australian shore. Though technicaly the boogey man is an immortal spirit, too much sunlight can kill him. Something he did not fully realise before trying to cross the Australian outback. He was saved by Clandesteine. Being grateful for that, he began working for them. Thats when he done his hat and cape, theese are esential as they provide him with permenant shadow.
His ability to get to people made him an adequate field researcher, but he also does some healing on the side being good at herbology and reading vital signs (pulse, breathing rate, sweat, pupil dillution and muscle tension are like an open book to him as it's part of understanding fear). He's also been known to disect a person, but that was in self defence not in medical research.
He likes to keep alone in cold, dark, broken down places. Reads old texts. Not much of a conversationalists he occasionaly strikes up a story about what he's seen in the north in the old days. These stories is another reason why he often ends up being alone.
Bowbas was never seen to eat anything though some things, like some vodka, have been known to disapear around him.

[u]Lord/Deity:[/u] None

[u]Quote: [/u] "[Groan] I miss the north" [/color][/font][/b][/i]
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Name: Akwilo del Coya Riya, The Jovernic Zephyr

Age: 1300 give or takea few decades

Gender: Male

Callsign: Typhoon

Race: Jovernic Zephyr

Jovernic Zephyr is a humanoid creature with impure ancestry. Half Aire Elemental, half human, a Jovernic Zephyr is usually accepted by humans because of extremely well formed feature and an inherent grace. Aside from charisma, a JZ is usually rather intellegent and physically capable.

Origin: Deep in the jungles of South East Asia

Function: Field Agent


Spell Casting Artifacts:

Nokuzan Relic- A small golden rune embedded masterfully among a myrad of intricately patterned emeralds and sapphires. The gems' light is unnatural, and will iluminate even the darkest of places. The field is black platinum and the amulet is suspended on an unbreakable adamant chain.

The Nokuzan Relic's power lies in its wind. Proficient use of the Relic opens access to a vast array of wind magic that ranges from offense to defense to support. The Relic is powerful as artifacts go, and like all power, comes with great cost- use of the Relic slowly dulls sight, eventually making an overzealous user utterly blind.

It was crafted on the AireForge of Jeulnelune on the heights of K2 some eons ago. The materials are said to have been gathered by the Wind God himself, although Etlik Taisserand-mastersmith to the demon gods- worked the gems and platinum.

Tramontane- The Tramontane is a small reed flute enchanted by Isinglass, sorceror of Antioch. When played skillfully, its notes take a life of their own, forming illusions detailed by the thoughts of the bard. The bard can give his or her own life to make but one illusion come to reality for eternity.

The flute will evaporate after three permanent illusions have been created by its power. Two have already been used- one in 76 A. D. by Pentius the Fool who brought his wife back from the dead, and the other by Cognac de'Bergeuos in 1789. Cognac created for himself a perfect woman, failing to realize that he'd not be able to enjoy her.

A sudden, blaring E flat from the Tramontane also holds the power to blind surrounding mortals for approximately forty-five seconds. This is the same pipe that Orpheus used to tame the savage race.


The Jaws of Thirst- Two elementally charged handguns. One, the Higher Maw, fires rounds of chain lightning, and the other Inferior Maw, which blasts rounds of frozen spear heads for maximum penetration and damage. Both are sleek and black, .45 calibur and very heavy. Their ammunition is drawn from the magical power of the wielder, thus as long as the gunman has spiritual stamina, they cannot go empty.

Heavy Metal Buster- A six foot long adamant blade that is nearly two feet in width. The weapon is incredibly light and quick for its size, and its blade is vorpal sharp. The hilt and grip are wrapped tightly in black sharkskin, with the pommel adorned with a jade carved into the shape of Imola.

Hel Tak Rae- Twin adamant gauntlets, Hel Tak Rae are the fighting hands of del
Coya Riya. The protective plate aspects of the glauntlets are a special alloy of adamant and tungsten that provide excellent flexibility and strength. Each knuckle is adorned with a four inch vorpal bone-thorn.

Appearance: Tall and lithe, the handsome del Coya Riya stands out in a crowd. His eyes are blazing green, in contrast to his slightly tanned skin. Akwilo's body is lean, muscular and athletic, although not obscenely so. His face is perfectly chiseled, reminding an observer of greek statuary. Each of his hands has the Nokuzan Relic's rune symbol tattoed on the back, and he has a woman holding a gun and a lit cigar tattoed on his back.

He favors a suburbanite clothing style when infiltrating human grounds, and wears a set of black chrome armor when out against evil monsters. His jet black hair is shoulder length, tied in a rough ponytail by a string of black coral shells given to him by a human lover in 1417.

Legacy: Born into orphanism, Akwilo roamed the Malaysian jungles for many years. His power and sophistication grew, and in the dark jungles he uncovered the Nokuzan Relic and the Tramontane.

Over many years, he continued to develope his talents and knowlege, studying with humans and fighting fellow shadow-folk. He has had several human lovers, each of which broke his heart with their death. None of these women bore him sons, although he is not sure about daughters.

He joined Clandestine early in its existance, quickly becoming one of the top field agents due to his incredible fighting and other talents. He is somewhat frustrated that he cannot achieve a higher rank do to race, and is thereful malcontent currently.

Deity/Lord: Jeulnelune, Demon God of Wind

Quote: "Your life is a sacrifice I am willing to make."

FAMILIAR: Branthius, a massive black wolf-hound. Perhaps the mightiest canine on the planet, Branthius is incredibly tough and vicious, with speed enough to keep up with the blindingly fast del Coya Riya.
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Guest Sean
[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] A.L.A.N.I.S.: Artificial Lifeform Assembled for Nocturnal Infiltration and Sabotage.

[B]Age:[/B] N/A; but she looks the young age of 27.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Race:[/B] Cyborg

[B]Origin:[/B] Midnight is a cyborg, originating from Russia, she was built when the Soviet Union was a powerful force. She was built for destruction, but Clandestine, under her request, modified her parts and now she works as a healer.

[B]Function:[/b] Healer

[b]Callsign:[/b] Midnight

[I]-Weapons[/I]: Midnight carries an Automatic Standard Military Rifle. Which she only uses when the going gets tuff. She is also armed with half-a-dozen throwing knives which always hit their target because of her cyborg aiming.

[I]-Armour:[/I] Midnight has a built-in steel armour plate which covers all of her body, her arms are covered by a metal sheeting which is extremely flexible but incredibly durable.

[I]-Magic:[/I] Midnight, though mostly droid, has the ability to use magic; she learned her magic from a spell book she was deciphering. It is only minor healing spells, and a simple spell that causes the enemy to fall over or not be able to move.

[I]-Machinery:[/I] Midnight has medicine packs built into the metal of her arms; her hands can retract and turn into small syringes full of anti-biotic; she is also trained to close up cuts, clean out wounds, and any other type of healing. She has all the parts needed to make massive operations, from tranquillisers to sharp tools.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url]http://www.gamepro.com/gamepro/famitsu/games/news/images/27080-9.jpg[/url]

[B]Legacy:[/B] I was ?born? in a secret facility, everyone around me spoke in Russian, strange thing was that I actually understood what they said, as soon as I woke up, thoughts buzzed around my metal interior, telling my processor to start working; my primary language was Russian, but I never knew that was the language I ?thought? in. When my eyes opened, all I saw was silver plated walls, Russian men hovering over me talking about the project being a success, I didn?t know that I was the project at the time, I didn?t even know that I wasn?t human, I knew something was different, but not that I didn?t need eat, or sleep, ever again.

I was un-strapped from the table and lead down a small corridor into another room, I couldn?t quite take in my surroundings as much as I do now; at the time I didn?t know I had a memory bank that I could store things in as I wished, all other information was optional to stay or leave, I guess that it decided to leave. But I knew that when they handed me that rifle, I knew how to use it, how to load it, how to take it apart, how to put it together, I could shoot the cigarette out of someone?s hand sitting a mile away. I could throw a knife blind-folded and hit my target because of my increased senses.

I needed very little training, I knew all of destruction, I could speak every language in the world, even some languages not from this world because of there advanced technological resources because of alien technology. I was ready to be dispatched as an American, when the raid happened.

A mass onslaught of rebel troops infiltrated the small base located underground, the guards more than overpowered, and the people were soaking in their peers on blood. This was when I tried to escape the facility, but one of the troops grabbed me and somehow disabled me, I missed what happened during the time I was asleep, but I somehow woke up in a facility in Australia, Clandestine. There they asked me if I wanted to be set free, or reprogrammed, I was interested in what they did though, so I asked them. They were very blunt, but that was all I needed to accept the proposal of staying with them. The asked me everything that I wished to be changed, this was when I requested to become a healer, and I was programmed in the ways of medicine, and martial arts.

I know every weak on a human, and early every weak point on everything else inhuman, but enough of my little tale. I shall rest, I do hope you enjoy your stay at Clandestine.

[B]Deity/Lord:[/B] Midnight; as a cyborg; doesn?t have a deity or a lord, but was programmed to worship paganism; more specifically the gods of destruction; but that was ridded from her, she requested that she was to worship the gods of healing instead though.

[b]Quote:[/B] ?You shall be alright; I swear on my non-existent soul??[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#503F86]I've decided on a date to close sign-ups and make a final decision on who's in: this coming Sunday (the 12th). I'd originally planned on Monday but I didn't want to keep everyone waiting that extra day, heh ^_^; There's still time for more, and for changes to be done if needs be.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Tahoma][b]Name: [/b] Adéle Palou (she's English speaking)

[b]Age: [/b] 23

[b]Gender: [/b] Female

[b]Race: [/b] Human

[b]Origin: [/b] Another dimension, undisclosed thus far (because of memory loss on her part and impossibility to trace her origin), but she dwelled in Canada from the age of 14 to 18 before being transferred to Clandestine.

[b]Function: [/b] Healer

[b]Call sign: [/b] Mirage

[b]Equipment: [/b]


A black cap (given to her by the organization) that is clad with a special alloy to help her subdue her powers. Though, even when wearing the cap, she?s still very sensitive to how people talk/move and worries she'll misunderstand someone or misjudge a situation.


The pendant, carved out of a pink shard, was a gift from her mentor and on his death bed he pointed to it and whispered his last words ?[i]She's waiting for you; don't be afraid[/i]?. It didn?t make any sense to her at the time but shortly after that she noticed a surge in strange dreams and sensory memories (they were most intense just after arriving to Canada but subdued over the years), presumably from her past, that she struggles to understand.

[b]Special abilities:[/b] Adéle prefers to call herself an Analyst rather than a Telepath since the range of her power rarely forces her to specifically read a persons thoughts; more often than not she?ll settle with observing the behaviour and sense the state of mind they?re in, drawing a conclusion from the clues or ?vibes? she gets. When asked about it she refers to her power as intuition, sometimes she jokes it?s ?mind mathematics?, to avoid the reaction that [i]Telepath [/i]evokes in most people: recoiling in fear of having one?s mind prodded without permission and going to silly degrees of avoidance to keep any ?invaders? out of their head.

She can also create a ?force field? of sorts (it?s more like a barrier), for shorter periods of time, though it takes a toll on her mentally. Because of her memory loss she isn?t able to fully control this power but experts within Clandestine are confident there is more to this. They also believe that once her memory is restored she shouldn't have any problems manipulating it.


At 5?7, Adéle isn?t very strong physically but she?s got endurance from years of rigorous and strict mental training. When she puts her mind into it she?s been recorded to run fast and hard for 10 minutes straight, hold onto a bar for 1 hour and be completely motionless close to 24 hours. These instances were all in direct connection to dangerous situations, though; otherwise she hasn?t been very committed to work on her physical stamina.

[b]Legacy: [/b] 9 years ago, on a stormy night in Fort Hope in northern Canada, Adéle?s lifeless body was found by Bartholomew Palou (a retired Agent Superior, who began his career in Clandestine as a Physician). She was wearing a medieval looking dress that was tattered with blood from cuts on her body, presumably from a sword. Thinking she had escaped a strange cult Bartholomew took her in and treated her back to health. When she was physically mended from whatever ordeal she?d been through, he tried to find out more about the past of the young girl. But Adéle was unable to shed any light on the life she?d led up till the point when Bartholomew had found her in the woods. The new surroundings, strange and foreign to her mind, made it hard work to gently break open the walls she put up around her so he decided to settle with helping Adéle get accustomed to a new life in Fort Hope.

It was easy work since she quickly absorbed everything he had to say, and sometimes didn?t finish saying. As time went on, her reclusiveness lessening, it became clear that Adéle was no ordinary girl. She knew to do things before being asked, approached new situations with an uncanny foresight and during fresh conversations he felt as if she?d been given a script and simple repeated what her lines was. But at such a crucial stage, where most people would freak out and tear down the progress she?d made, Bartholomew approached her about this with a delicacy that came from many years of guiding humans to embrace and develop their mystical powers. In doing so he continued to gain her trust and the abilities manifested themselves clearer over the next couple of years, convincing Bartholomew to bring his protégé for training at Clandestine.

There she became aware of her shaky capability to produce a force field/barrier, though no matter how hard she tried to develop this skill she couldn?t seem to tap into the part of her that controlled it. The young girl retreated often to her quarters, where she spent hours gazing vacantly into the full-length mirror, disheartened by failure. Due to Adéle?s careful nature, which most people mistake for fragility/weakness, she was put into training as a Healer and although she made progress in her education very rapidly it hasn?t reflected much onto her assertive personality.

When Adéle was 20 years old, Bartholomew?s health started to deteriorate. He suffered a stroke that put him back to the state of a 5-year old, but true to the military pride in him he refused to accept being diagnosed an invalid. With Adéle?s help he worked hard to return to his former glory. Unfortunately he never made a full recovery, dying shortly after a heart attack almost 2 years ago.

After her mentor died Adéle wanted to try and honor his memory by following in his footsteps. So far that?s surmounted to her tentatively contemplating asking to be transferred to Field Researcher. The fact that she?s not able to make much use of her secondary power is just one thing that?s holding her back. Suddenly it feels like she doesn?t know who she is and it torments her even more now that she didn't try harder to make sense of the dreams, instead of pushing them away to construct a new existence for herself.

Bereft of memories from a life she once had, knowing that they?re a key to unlock the suffering that hinders her to blossom into the woman she could be, Adéle mourns every night in front of her mirror.

[b]Deity/Lord: [/b]Not applicable.

[b]Quotes: [/b] ?[I]This is a battle, a war, and the casualties could be your hearts and souls.[/I]?

?[I]Even in the most dark and empty of eyes there lies a soul in hiding, waiting for someone to set it free.[/I]?[/FONT]
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[COLOR=#503F86]I owe everyone a huge apology for not being able to get the information to you when I said I would. Thanks for being so patient. Things have just been so busy here that I've barely had time to moderate, let alone look at the Adventure Inn.

Anyway, the cast is as follows:

[b]Ozymandius Jones:[/b] Indira Gavaskar
[b]Clone Trooper:[/b] Sir Landon Brightstar
[b]snarktastic:[/b] Saly Freeman
[b]Solo Tremaine:[/b] Trace Arc'hantael
[b]Sakura:[/b] Sakura Kelay'la
[b]Kamuro:[/b] Katz
[b]Takuya:[/b] Laquara Solero
[b]Fallen:[/b] Xander Jaxxon
[b]Mimminx:[/b] Adéle Palou

I'm sorry I wasn't able to accept everyone. If you want feedback in relation to anything I'll be glad to answer, and you're more then welcome to try for Parts II and III as well if you want to.

I'll get the Underground and Arena threads up as soon as possible.

Thank you ^_^[/COLOR]
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