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Art Retribution VS Rising Sun [II]


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[SIZE=1]If you had been around a few months ago, Rising Sun and I had a graphics battle. Once again, the two graphic giants meet on an epic battlefield, drawing their weapons. Time for BATTLE! bwhaha. Here are the terms of the battle, Sun:

[B]Dimensions:[/B] Any, as long as it's a "banner." This means as long as it's not a splash (a relatively square image) it's fair game.

[B]Subject:[/B] Abstraction (stock optional). NO PRE-MADE BRUSHES.

[B]Deadline:[/B] Have it posted by 12, saturday night. If we're both done sooner, we'll put them up then.

As for you, voters, here's what you need to do for your vote to count:

[B]Wait for the deadline before you start posting your votes[/B]. This is essential, as your vote won't be counted if you don't abide.

[B]Post a reply/analysis of AT LEAST two paragraphs[/B]. If your post is not two paragraphs in length, your vote will be disregarded. Explain your choice thoroughly, and the flaws that turned you away from the other banner.

May the best man win, Sun. Whoever has the mosts votes by monday wins (6/13).

[B]EDIT: Here's my banner[/B]

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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Alright now that you've posted here's my entry.


Let the better Artist win..
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[color=gray][size=1]Retribution banner is really nice. The text is placed well and fits the banner right. The background is abstract 2k, looks like an abstract painting or whatever.

Sun's banner: It isn't really abstract. The background itself might have been, but there's a turtle pasted on it which takes the abstractness away. The "Rising Sun" looks nice, but the "GFX II" doesn't. I don't like the border either. You can do much better Sunny lad.

[i]Vote goes to Queen Altronidala[/i]

and yes I [i]did[/i] replace the deadline >:O[/color][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange][SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana]Damn, I'm such an Idiot... I forgot to read the "It has to be an Abstract Banner" Part... Oh well, I guess i'll get owned on this one.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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i'm not sure whether its the right time to post this but, i'm still gonna.

retri's banner is better.sun's isn't as good as his past works, partly because it isn't following the abstract theme, also because the turtle popping out of nowhere seems out of place...

so my vote goes to retribution :animesmil
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[color=indigo][font=tahoma]I'm going to describe the two before I let in on who my vote goes to.

[b]Retri-kun[/b]- The banner was amazing. I love the color scheme, purple does very well in banners for some reason. The movement within the banner is phenominal (no, it's not a .gif file, the movement of colors and lines is what I'm talking about); clearly, I look at it, and try to find what lies within the picture. I swear I can see something, but since it's abstract, I can't tell if something is present or not. To me, it looks as if someone is running and splashing in puddles of paint. It's very hyperactive and energetic.

The font, like Boo said, fits the theme (once again, being abstract, it's kind of impossible to dub a theme XD). So should I say, the tone of the banner. It's clear, it's visible, and it's legible. Crisp.

[b]Sun-san[/b]- I am digging the richness of the colors. The turtle (Michelangelo) looks very clean and clear. The oddly-shaped banner behind him gives depth, forcing him to "pop" out a bit. The shape of the banner is great, it breaks away from the norm of rectangular form. But, I will say that the banner feels "still''. When I look at it, I can't see much movement or too depth. I feel as if I'm looking at a coloring book (a very good one at that, lol).

However, the theme of being abstract does not apply to this image. Sure, the banner is, but the turtle is just too realistic to be considered a piece of abstract art. He's too tangible and detailed. The entire image looks like a poster for the cartoon, rather than an unexplanable banner. And I, from what I've been taught about abstract art, cannot agree that your image is abstract.

This was a difficult review because both of you have intense talent, and both images were satisfying. But for the rules of the contest, I will pass my vote to Retribution.

Good job, both of you. Keep going, I expect more abstract work from you, Sun-san.[/color][/font]
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[SIZE=1][QUOTE=PAche]i'm not sure whether its the right time to post this but, i'm still gonna.

retri's banner is better.sun's isn't as good as his past works, partly because it isn't following the abstract theme, also because the turtle popping out of nowhere seems out of place...

so my vote goes to retribution :animesmil[/QUOTE]
Well, I appreciate that you voted for my work, your vote does not count because of it's length. I wanted everyone voting to provide a reason as to why they feel that way, and your vote isn't going to cut it. So as of now, the current vote is:

[B]Retribution: 2
Rising Sun: 0[/B][/SIZE]
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Well first off I will start with, DAMN THESE BANNERS pWn all th0se n00b13 b4/\//\/3rs I can make :P

Ok so here I go

Retribution: Banner is simply stunning. Everything just seems to *Slow Motion* FLOW its stunning and it blends so damn well. As Goddess had said purple dose well in banners and it really looks amazing. But what really sticks out to me is that as you had told me many times "Do Not over brush" and you in fact did not over brush :P, it almost feels and my eyes seem to be able to see every stroke you took and that makes this banner very very unique and thats what makes this banner amazing.

Rising Sun: I really dig this banner in truth if it were not for the theme I might, keyword is might pick your banner. Your other work is so amazing that I really cannot seem to judge you well on this(its far better than I can do) but as somone had said it almost had a stillness like the banner just STOPS and it dose not move that is what takes away from this banner I cannot put a finger on it but oh well. The border seems a little out of place for my taste like it dose not fit the banner that it holds.

I really cannot say anthing bad about either of these banners since I would put either one of these in my signature anyday.

Sorry but I must give my vote to Retribution because of the "Theme"

One last thing Rising Sun did you get your name from The Rolling Stones - House of the Rising Sun :P Great song.

Retribution you must teach me how to make brushes as well as you make yours :animesmil
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[SIZE=1] Actually, I think Rising Sun has more of a sentimental meaning to his name *looks at a certain flag* I may be wrong though...

Your banner is awesome. Absolutely and utterly awesome. I think it's got a real painty affect, I can imagine an artist gone crazy and just slapped on all those colours, then put it in a wind chamber! Seriously, that's what it reminds me of. But it looks great, the colours, the text and everything else is just wonderful. Once again you own my skillz. One crit. though, the text underneath "ChampagneSupernova" is very, very hard to read. I had to squint in order to see what it said.

?[B]Rising Sun[/B]
You didn't make an abstract banner, you silly boy =P I do adore this banner and if this was a free for all match without any boundaries I would have voted for yours because I just adore the style, the stock and the way you used for simple colours and lighting to give an awesome effect. The text rocks, too. But since it isn't abstract, I can't really vote for you. Shame. *sad*

For this match, Retribution gets my vote.[/SIZE]
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[font=franklin gothic medium][color=#332E1D]Hm, I'm a bit late, but I'll post my thoughts. Graphics battles are fun. ~_^

[b]Retribution:[/b] It's hard to know where to start when discussing your banner. With an abstract piece, I think colour probably comes into the fray a bit more, because we aren't really talking about defined shapes. Not to say that shape should be ignored, because your banner could be broken down into groups of shapes, but I think the colour is most prevalent.

I think the colour is what works the best here. The combination of blues, reds and whites works well. I'm not sure whether you used brushes to achieve that effect, or whether you layered stock images, but either way, I think it works quite nicely. Although it's seemingly random, it gives the effect of defined plumes of colour. Red in the center, blue on either side and white toward the bottom. So there's an apparent order to the chaos, which makes it an "easy" image to view (ie: it doesn't confuse the eye despite being complex).

Your use of typography is interesting. In this case you haven't really used it to deliver a particular message, in my view. Because of the way it's been put together, it's difficult to actually follow/read. [i]However[/i], it seems to be used more as a graphic/visual element than a piece of informative information. In that sense, I think it works. The fact that it's been placed on the bottom right is interesting - I'm not sure if you were deliberately thinking about line of sight or heirarchy, but your placement of the text tends to keep the eye centered in that area. It works well though, because the eye generally moves from top left to bottom right, so you have emphasized the "end" of a viewer's eye movements, if that makes sense.

My only negative comment would be that the sheer brightness of the text perhaps takes emphasis away from the meticulously layered background. However, you have white radiating out from the text itself, which leads the eye into the other colours. So I don't view that as a huge concern.

[b]Rising Sun:[/b] Aha, well, you know that reading the instructions is always so important. ~_^

But anyway, there are a few things about this banner that strike me immediately. First of all, you were creative with the shape - big bonus points there. Rather than sticking to a rectangular shape, you've created your own unique boundaries. Therefore, you've emphasized the overall shape and you've created a very unique image. I always applaud people who break those "rules", if you know what I mean. I think it's successfully done here.

Your use of Michaelangelo is really good as well. You've chosen an appropriate stance/expression and the cropping looks to be quite fine/precise, which is always a positive sign (sloppy cropping is always jarring). You seem to have softened the edges a bit, which is mostly okay, but I think a crisper/cleaner edging would be more suitable. Still, it works, particularly on the weapon.

I like the use of type, it's very simple but it works. It's clean and the colours are appropriate.

Then there's the background, which I also like. The layering is very nice and the colouring is again very suitable. Simple, but stylish. There's a lot to be said for such an approach.

Anyway, I'd have to give my vote to Retribution, if only because his banner "followed the rules". Had Rising Sun followed the specifications, it'd have been tougher to make a choice. Both are very good and both are also very different. You can tell that each artist has a distinctly different style and approach. Both work very well, but in this case I personally think that Retribution's banner is a nose in front. ^_^[/color][/font]
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[SIZE=1]A big thanks to everyone who voted. While this battle wasn't has heated as our first, it was still a learning experience for both of us.

As the voting closed last night, I believe I won. *shakes Sun's hand*

Oh, and join the Graphics Club to battle other members! [/promotion][/SIZE]
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