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Sign Up Resident Evil: Raccoon's Requiem (m for violence and language)

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Welcome To Raccoon City.

Population: You.

You are one of the distraught survivors of the T-virus outbreak. You've evaded infection, miraculously... or have you? You are lost in what was once a prosperous and quiet city, a typical North American suberb. Now it is a ghastly nightmarish place, from which there is no waking up......

There is several places your character can start:

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Raccoon City Zoo:[/SIZE][/COLOR] This fun and exiting zoo has been transformed into a dismal and frightening place, once harboring animals of interest, now harboring only mutated and undead monsters. The animals here no longer respond to anything, only the most basic of needs..... the need to feed. They may no longer need to eat, but they still hunger......And watch out for Oscar the Elephant....he's not so nice anymore......
[COLOR=Red]Raccoon City Junior High School:[/COLOR][/SIZE] This once prestegious school is now dirlect and abandoned, like most of the city. Though take heed, it may be abandoned, though not nessessarily uninhabited...... The dead walk here, and there is no escape when you're cornered in the halls.....

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Raccoon City Police Department:[/SIZE][/COLOR] This infamous building has been the attention of much throughout the disater unfolding at Raccoon City. Though the long arm of the law has no reach in this city anymore.

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Umbrella Corps. Raccoon City Offices:[/SIZE][/COLOR]Ah, yes, of course you could start here, where it all began, a hundred feet below this very spot.... But be forewarned, not all of the monsters spawned by Umbrella's expeiriments have escaped into the city.

[SIZE=2][COLOR=Red]East Ridge Hospital: [/COLOR] [/SIZE] This former place of healing no longer possesses that special quality that makes people prefer this hospital to the others. Not it's undead doctors are just [I]dying[/I] to meet you...... and perform their own special surgury on you.....
[COLOR=Red]Raccoon City Subway:[/COLOR][/SIZE] This noisy and often bustking place has been silenced, the darkness of some corridors hiding more than leaky pipes..... The trains have stopped running, and the silence left behind is deafening.

Raccoon City High School: Teachers here are uncommonly strict, and the dicipline heavy, but place one toe out of line now, and you just might be dinner. Uniforms are required to attend school here, as anyone would know. But now those clean halls and decorative trophy cases aren't helping anyone, unless, of course, those trophies are being used as a billy club......

[COLOR=Red][SIZE=2]Raccoon Blue Night Club:[/SIZE][/COLOR] The dancers here are beautiful, and now they're murderous...... Be careful what you touch, it might be the last feel you cop.
[COLOR=Red]Cityview Apartments[/SIZE]:[/COLOR] Start up here, it's just down from the High School. A lot of people once lived here, and all of them rich. Doesn't look like their money is helping them now......Especially when their being eaten by their neighbor.....
[COLOR=Red]As a final place to start, you can even start in your own home.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Here's the sign up:

Starting point:
Infection status: ( T-virus + or -)
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Guest tears_of_god
name: aaron
Occupation: karatia
Starting point:Raccoon City Subway
Infection status:-
Bio:6'0ft 140lb long brown hair with a scar accros the face built alot and can be very stealthy
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Name:Jake Stevens
Starting point:High school
Infection status: T Virus -
Bio: A young man of 16, he attends Racoon City High school. After school one day he noticed that there weren't a lot of people around when he was walking home yesterday. After getting to his house and turning on the TV he heard screaming on the News. Flashing across the top it said to get to the closest point you could get to...so he did. He emptied his bag and put some food in it and ran to the high school. On his way he saw his parents...but they weren't parents anymore...they were......things. His mother's head had gashes in it and there was a missing leg on his father. He ran past them and took shelter in the high school, still in his uniform. The TV said there were supposed to be policeman here...but there was no one. He had locked himself in a room and found a bat he could use to protect himself.


^Piccy :)
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Name: Vahn Yumura

Age: 18

Occupation: Raccoon City Zoo park Attendant, animal caretaker.

Starting point: Raccoon City High School

Biography: Vahn is not from this city origionally, he's from New York. As such, he boasts an unusual style. His parents died when he was little, and he's been making it on his own ever since, doing various things fir scraps of money. Now that this nightmare has been unleashed, he's more than ready to take it all on.
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Name: Spencer Jones (Codename: Specter)
Age: 18
Occupation: Ex-Umbrella Corps. Experiment
Starting point: Umbrella Corps. Raccoon City Offices: Project 13
Infection status: T-virus +
Bio: During the Nemesis Project a young man with a heart problem was taken from Racoon City's East Ridge Hospital to the Umbrella Corps. Labratories deep beneath the Racoon City Offices. They called him project 13 because he was their 13th test victim for the Nemesis Mass Production Project. When they introduced some of Nemesis' infected blood cells into Spencer he began to go out of control. So they locked in the "Freakshow Vault" with all the other rejected experiments. Now Spencer's free and he wants to kill off all those who have been infected.
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Guest Tempus321
[FONT=Palatino Linotype]Name: Vic Tempus
Age: 14
Occupation: Freshman student
Starting point: Racoon City Junior High
Infection status: -
Bio: A girl with no place to go. All of her buddies are dead. Her parents are dead. She is all alone. :animecry: [/FONT]
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Name: Jack Williams
Age: 26
Occupation: S.T.A.R.S member
Starting location: Raccoon City Police Department
Infection Status: T-Virus -
Biography: Jack is also not a Racoon City native and as a matter of fact isn't even a North American. He came to Racoon six years ago from Darwin, Australia and immediatly applied to work in the Police Department. Jack was accepted into the S.T.A.R.S Department last year for exceptional service and was the only one in the office when the outbreak began.
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Sounds like fun, been a while since the last RE thread...

Name: Bobby Atkins
Age: 29
Occupation: Bartender
Starting point: Racoon Blue Night Club
Infection status: -
Bio: Bobby isn't origionally from Racoon City, he moved here only 6 months ago from Seattle washington lookin to start his life over from being a small time criminal. He thought it was all going so well, he moved to a quiet little town, found a decent apartment for good rent, and hey, even got a good job at a popular club. Yeah wouldn't ya know it, seemed like life was going good for bobby. Few months roll on by he gets himself settled in, gets familiar with the place, gets to know a number of the locals, then bam! **** hits the fan. Murder's all over the city, sprawling acrossed paper headlines, some kinda freak cannible attacks. **** just keeps gettin worse too...cops couldn't stop it from happening, spread from the woods into the outskirts of the city. Before you know it, city's in an uproar, people running, rioting, killing, pillaging. **** just got turned upside down.
Bobby went to work during before the worst of it hit, boss wanted to keep things running business as usual best as he could, everyone did, wanted to take their minds off of what was going on, try to mak eit go away. Bad move. Large numbers of people drew large number of...well, of the zombies. killed most everyone, bobby got out it by hidin in the freezer for a while, even rememered to the gun hidden under the counter, and the freezer jacket. He hid in there for three days, only opening the door a bit every now and then to let the air change out, had plenty off food to eat, even if it was frozen, and the jacket kept him warm enough since the freezer was on a low temp. anyways.
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Name: Gado
Age: 27
Occupation: Bouncer at Raccoon Blue Night Club
Starting Point: Night Club
Infection status: -
Bio: As Gado was walking to work he had seen a few bullies attack a kid. He went over and stopped them. Thats when he noticed that they werent trying to beat the younger kid up, they were trying to eat him! Then the two bullies tried to attack him, but he wouldnt let them. He gave them a few decks into the jaw and saw their heads go flying off into another direction. Thets when he got really freaked out. He began to run to the club, but when he got there, there was noone in sight.

pic is below.....
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Name: Akina Kishu

Age: 17

Occupation: Student

Starting Point: Racoon City Highschool

Infection Status: -

Bio:Akina was born and raised in Japan, she is currently here in the United States as a transfer student at Racoon City High. Shes a giddy highschool student that makes friends with everyone she speaks to. Little did she know when she came to america that she would live an experience that seems it came from one of her homeland horror games.
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Name: Rayne (pronounce Rain) O'Conner
Age: 23
Occupation: Crime Photographer
Starting point: Raccoon City Police Department
Infection status: T-virus -
Bio:Rayne is originally from Ireland. She came to the states, first as an Exchange Sutudent, but has now immigrated to find work in photography. She settled in Raccoon City because she found a job there as a Crime Scene Photographer. She's only been here a year, and at first every thing was daisies. The worst thing she had to take pictures of was a breaking and entering where the perp had slashed himself on the window he had broken. Now, after all the death and carnage, she's not sure she ever wants to look through a lens again. After all she's seen, she's build up a tough-talking facade, but she's ready to shatter inside.

Appearance: Yeah, yeah. . . it's Rinoa. Get over it.
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Name: Frank N. Furter

Age: 32

Occupation: Scientist

Starting point: Raccoon City Zoo

Infection status: T-Virus -

Bio:Secretive, he is one of Umbrella's scientists, so his past is unknown.

by the way, this is inufandom helping out a freind with his sign up.......
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hope i can still join!

name: icezer maximov


occupation: rookie officer

starting point: RCPD

infection status: -

bio: born and raised in raccoon city. none living family members, except his step-brother who he really hates, and joined the police force mainly in dreams of arresting him one day. works the graveyard shift in the dept., he just finished taking a shower in the locker rooms, when...the madness started.
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Guest Erriku
[B][COLOR=DimGray]Name: Erriku
Age: 11
occupation: student/Visitor
Starting point:Racoon City High School
Infection status: Negative
BIO: A day off school, ahh... The experience AHH...
An 11 year old coming to visit an older brother at th High school, when his brother ditched him... :( ...he looked in the wrong closet...[/B][/COLOR]
[B][COLOR=DimGray]Apperarence: Farly tall 5.3' Brown with blonde highlighted hair. Wears a 8 or 8 1/2 shoe. He needs his hair cut slightly. Weighs about 112LB, very broad body. has great agility and Crisp brownish eyes. a little under tan toned skin. Tall for his age.[/COLOR][/B]
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