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I'm gonna use this thread to post my flash animations. Yay!
Hey, dudes and dudettes. I finished my first animation on Flash and I'm ready to show it. It's not much, but I'd like to see what you guys think. I'm gonna have to explain somethin' first, though.

[b]Ranger Jameson: Painforest[/b] is based off an inside joke I have with my friend Jameson. The joke is that everyone in the world loves him and he's all-powerful. Then I interpreted that joke into a story about him being the world's greatest forest ranger. So...

[b]Animation Plot:[/b] Ranger Jameson, the best forest ranger the world has ever known, decides to save the rain forests. But he gets a tad over-dramatic sometimes.

[b]Characters:[/b] [u]Ranger Jameson[/u]- Based off my buddy Jameson, the joke is he's all-powerful, as I said before. In the animation, you'll see a spinning head. That's the real Jameson. Booyah!

[u]Gavin[/u]- This character is based off me. Another part of the joke is that I'm always his sidekick on adventures and I tend to get the short end of the stick. So in this animation I'm an unidentifiable creature that clings to Ranger J's shoulder. I have no idea what I am...

[u]Bryce the Bear[/u]- Bryce is a friend of mine who is the size of a bear, ergo I made him a bear. He tends to talk gangsta.

[u]Mr. Steere[/u]- Mr. Steere is a teacher at my school. He teaches economics. He is always scolding Bryce, so he's thrown in here to do just the same. Only he's actually a steer. Heh. What fun.

[u]Wesley (Afroman)[/u]- Wesley is a friend of mine who studies martial arts. I made him a tribesman. He really does have an afro in real life.

[u]Hillbilly Riley[/u]- Riley is a friend of mine who lives in this hick town close to mine. So it's only fair I made him a hillbilly. Ha! And it's not that I got lazy in the end, Hilbilly Riley is just an old character that I made a while ago and he's always been a crappily-drawn stick figure :)

I think that about covers it. I hope you enjoy the animation. I thought it might be somethin' for you to do to burn up 7 minutes of your day. Enjoy :D

[center][SIZE=3][URL=http://cyberxp9.net/animations/forest.htm][b]Ranger Jameson: Painforest [PG-13] [/b][/URL][/SIZE][/center]

[size=3]Big thanks to CyberXp9 for hosting! You da man![/size]
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[color=blue][size=1]Wow.. Seven minutes is a [i]long[/i] time.. But I loved every second of it! x3

That animation is one of your best Gavin. Aside from Daily Comic, this is probably my favorite. I must assume that you're skill as an animator has improved because of your new program and all the experience you've gotten doing all those other shorts (and man, are there a lot of those). Or it could be because you've always been good, but have never been nice enough to show off your better works to us at OB! Meanie! >:^O

.. But, then again, I really doubt that's the case. <<

All in all, Ranger Jameson is a great animation. The fact that it's based off your friends shows just how creative you are. The thing as a whole illustrates how skilled you are. So I expect more animations.

And if you don't make them, I'll make my kitty eat you. :^D Sound fair? Thought so. *off to watch Family Guy*[/size][/color]
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I didn't think it was that bad for your first flash with sound, heh. Not my favorite, but good none the less. Technology wise, it's a lot better than using text and guessing how long it would take people to read it, and the animation was cool but definitely has room for improvement. I also had to watch it twice to fully understand why Ranger Jameson was in the forest in the first place. :p

I guess the first thing that I noticed about it was that you didn't really have that big of a part, which rather surprised me, haha. I mean, you were in it a lot, but just as a small.. um.. yeah. At least you would have usually made yourself sexy. XD The native part with afro-man didn't make much sense to me, either, the way they suddenly started falling over. Maybe that was the point.. but it was still confusing. <_<

As for particular things that you could improve, the spinning head was funny, but I think it would have been a lot funnier if you made it like the Batman signal with swirly colors behind it to switch scenes. I can't say that you're a newbie to animation, but continue this flash stuff and I'll be eager to check out how you've improved.

As a side note, my favorite part was when the Ranger found the fury animals and started slaughtering them all. hahaha

Oh God.. I'm a monster..
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Yes, well, I didn't want to do the swirly batman thing again because I've done it so much in the past I had the need to change it. Not to mention it's easier the way I did it this time around XD

As for the natives, it was the mention of Ranger Jameson's name that killed them. I was thinking that joke would be vague, but meh. Oh well. That is, after all, a part of the inside joke.

I'll do my best to improve to your standards XD
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Well I must really give you a big *Cheers* Since that was quite nice. And you said it was your first? Well I must say I really did enjoy this *Laughs* It was enjoyable to say the least and I really enjoyed all the characters. Nice write up on all of the characters and explaining them what and how you based your story off of them, really helps with understanding each character. Nice job =P

Damn that was a handful lots of characters, enjoy Haha :P And a few wells
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Yeah, I got bored one night at about 12 o'clock, so I made this short animation. It's around five minutes in length. It's about a mental patient just talking to you about nonsense. It has its moments :P

[center][size=3][URL=http://img291.echo.cx/my.php?image=jerrytheloon8hk.swf]Jerry the Loon[/URL][/size][/center]

[b]Coming Soon From Inkville Studios:[/b]
[i]Ranger Jameson: Episode 2- Die Another Earth Day (In-Production)
Captain Jameson and the Voyage to Babe Island[/i]
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[SIZE=1]Oh God, I [I]adore[/I] Jerry the Loon. I'll be making that noise for the next couple of weeks, you just wait and see. =p

I thought Ranger Jameson was done really well, especially since it was your first Flash animation. I've seen others which paled in comparison, the voices were pretty damned cool, too.

I think it would be great if you done more of Jerry the Loon, because he's just adorable. I <3 him.[/SIZE]
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[color=#9933ff]Wow. For some reason I really enjoyed Jerry the loon. I just think his monologue is so funny because, well, he's a loon! I love how at the end, he's not just a loon but someone in an insane asylum. XD Oh yeah, and I love the little *blip* noises, like the camera was turned off, and then turned on for the next thing he was going to say. (I don't know if that came out right. ~_~) But the *blip* was a very good way to break up the whole thing. ^_^

I mean, obviously the drawing of the scenery and everything is much more simplistic than Ranger Jameson (black & white stick figure), but I guess just because of who Jerry the loon [i]is[/i] it totally worked, and the sheer simplicity I think, is better than if you had done some eleborate background. Very nice job on Jerry the Loon.

Ranger Jameson? Not my favorite work of yours, DW, though it was pretty good. I have no idea why. It's just not (I'm weird). The two things I did notice, which bothered me, was that he [i]said[/i] the word chuckle. IMHO, I thought he should have just laughed. And the fact that sometimes the background color would bleed through to their faces was something I noticed a lot and really bothered me. '~' Other than that, I thought it was a good job for your first flash.

I'll admit I was quite surprised that you didn't make yourself the main character, but I think that's a good thing. You've already proven you can make a good animation with your sexy self, and it's good that you're able to branch out and create stories about someone else sexy. And stories about someone else on your first flash, too! (If it were me, I would have been totally self-centred and made [i]my[/i] first flash about myself.)

I can't wait to see another flash by DW. ^^[/color]
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You really are weird since everyone else I've talked to about Ranger jameson said the "chuckle chuckle chuckle" made the animation! They said it was the best part XD It's just so sexy :3 And fun to say. Perhaps you should avoid future Jameson cartoons?

Not sure why people like Jerry the Loon. It took two hours to make and was random crap :P
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Hahahaha.. oh man. Jerry the Loon is incredible in its simplicity, DW. I love random conversations like that, that end up going no where but are really halarious when you look at its entirety. "Oh my GO-- *beep*" You're a genious. :p
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Hey there, Gavin (Am I still allowed to call you that? ^^). BTW, I used to be Yami*Maho Keno (do you remember me?)

Man, I've really missed your animations! :angel: They were such a joy to watch in the past just as these two are a joy to me right now.

The animation's really pretty good in Ranger Jameson and since I've been gone you've improved; it shows.

I find Jerry the Loon rather adorable for some reason. ^_^

But really, my favorite part of both is the voice work! I'm truly amazed! Not everyone can do voices that sound even just a little different for several different characters. And to me you really did a fantastic job with that voice of yours ^_~ ; in getting the voices to have just the right tone and manner for each characters personality and especially Jerry the Loon's.

I very much enjoyed both of them and can't wait to see more!
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Thanks :) [b]Ranger Jameson: Episode 2- [i]Die Another Earth Day[/i][/b] is complete, but I have nowhere to host it at the moment... besides, I kinda only want to host it on Flashplayer.com. I'll wait until Ranger Jameson: Episode 1 is accepted there before submitting Episode 2.

Right now I'm plotting my next series. I have a few ideas I'm tossing around and I'm not sure what ones to do. I'll explain my first...


"Luf" isn't the title set in stone. I'm not sure what to call the series, but it seemed appropriate to name it that after the main character, Luf.

[img]http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/1521/kritteravatar20zc.jpg[/img][b]Luffy Kritter:[/b] This is Luffy, the main character of the series. The show is basically about following him on his adventures. The deal is, Luf is pretty much retarded, to say the least. He's not very smart, but is carefree and doesn't always know what he's doing. That makes for great comic relief.

[img]http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/4174/girl20un.jpg[/img][b]Roe:[/b] Roe is the human girl that follows Luf around and makes sure he stays out of trouble. She loves the little guy like a fuzzy little pet, so she does her darndest to make sure her best friend is as happy as can be.

[img]http://img205.imageshack.us/img205/1162/smitts2kl.jpg[/img][b]Smitten Kritter:[/b] My personal favorite character is Smitten Kritter. Since he is in fact [i]evil[/i], he prefers to be called Smitts. His role in the show is simply to be the evil genius behind everything, including ruling the world and trying to destroy his twin brother, Luf. His main joke is that he never knows why he does stuff. He wants to rule the world, but he doesn't know why. He wants to rid himself of Luf, but he doesn't know why. He's obsessed with the color purple, but... you guessed it... he doesn't know why. He's also in love with Roe, which makes it difficult to completely annihilate his brother.

I believe I'll have fun with this series because it'll be more random and stupid than Ranger Jameson... and cartoony. It'll be more harder to animate, for sure, but it may just as well be worth the effort.

[b]Extra Art/PLotting Art:[/b]

[b]Animation Test:[/b]
[url="http://img205.imageshack.us/my.php?image=smitts7tj.swf"]Smitts Test (CLICK)[/url]


My other animated series I was thinking of doing is still in the early stages of plotting, so I can't really release much. I can say that it is a morbid, dark story filled with some sweet fantasy action. It'll be called [b]Pitch White.[/b]


Lastly, Ranger Jameson: Episode 3 will be out soon. [b]Captain Jameson and the Voyage to Babe Island[/b] is being postponed.
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[CENTER][SIZE=1]I watched the Rainforest. I have to hand it to you, that was the best. Both funny AND meaningless!

Jerry the loon happens to fit that description, as well... Lol. This made me laugh so hard, I watched it five times before I could stop.

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[color=#9933ff]Well, I can't wait to see luf and Ranger Jameson. ^^

From what you're shown, luf looks like it's going to be really good. The one thing I noticed is that Roe has no neck... ¬_¬; And, I know the title is only tentative, but why "luf" and not "luff"? Just curious.

By the way, I showed Ranger Jameson to a friend who has and tons of flash URLs in his bookmarks, and he loved it. He was laughing a lot. I showed it to him one time and you were on AIM, but he didn't want to IM you or anything, because he said, "Well, what would I say? - 'Oh um... yeah. I like ur flash, dude.' " So I'm telling you for him. ^^ (P.S.: I think I really am a freak - he said the "chuckle chuckle" thing was very funny. I'm messed up. :( )[/color]
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None of the characters have necks, if you hadn't noticed XD It's just not a feature I put in for my cartoons and in my opinion, it's not needed :) And the show is called "Luf" because the guy is Luf. Dur :P He isn't Luff... Luff is a gay name. Who names someone Luff? Honestly! XD

Here's a short animation of Star Wars screenshots accompanied by sound that I made for my sister. We love it when Luke drops Yoda, so here it is...

[center][URL=http://img267.imageshack.us/my.php?image=concentrate7ne.swf]CLICK FOR YODA BASHIN'[/URL][/center]

Yeah, it matches my sig banner.
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