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RPG C & C Red Alert RPG (Play)


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[color=crimson][i]Ken scrambles to his tank as he hears explosions in the distance

Sirens Ring out as all the soldiers around him scramble to defend themselves fro mthe Soviet Onslaught[/i]


[i]Ken jumps in the tank cockpit and power it up...[/i]

Ken: This is Grizzly Attack Tank 78-A4 Preparing For Depature From Base

Commander: Roger That 78-A4 Prepare for a Strong Offense From the Soviets

[i]Ken's Tank Rolls Out of The Base... The Explosions Get Closer...[/i]

Ken: I Am Picking Up Two Appocalypse Tanks... 4 Rino Heavy Tanks... Dozens Of Foot Soldiers... Sir... These Guys Heavily Out Number Us

Commander: Remember the story of the alamo?

Ken: Uh... Yes sir

Commander: Well... that's like what's happening now

Ken: But sir... all the defenders of the alamo died

Commander: SHUT UP N FIGHT 78-A4!!

Ken: Errr... Yes Sir

Commander: Stupid Smart Assed Teenagers...

[i]Ken shrugs and Targets One of the Rino Tanks.... A Battle Began...[/i]

Ken: Rino Tank Elemenated... New Target Aquired...

[i]Ken's Tank Rolls Forward a Bit As The Tank Next To Ken Explodes[/i]

Ken: Sir... Tank 45-A4 Is Gone..

Commander: Roger That...

[i]GI Troops Ran Besides Ken in a Fury Attacking the Soviets, Ken Fired Another Shell At A Rino Tank...[/i]

Ken: Damn...

[i]Suddenly, a Red Flash Started Blinking[/i]


[i]Ken Jumped Out Of His Tank As a Shell Hit It... The Tank Explodes In a Bright Red Flash...

Ken Grabs a Machine Gun of a Fallen Soldier and Begins To Attack The Soviet Troops... From Behind a Soviet Conscrpit Hits Him Across The Head With His Gun... Everything Went Black...

Ken awakens A Few Hours Later And Slowly Gets up... What Meets His Eyes is Horrifying..

Smoke Bellowed From His Base... Dead Bodies... Destroyed Tanks....... Where The American Flag was a Soviet Flag now hung...

To be continued...[/i][/color]
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Operator: "Cid, come in Cid..."

*Cid is in his home*

Cid: "Cid here..."
Operator: "Cid, it's the commander"
Cid: "Morning sir"
Commander: "Cid, we have urgent business, the soviets have over run 3 towns in Texas, and now they are going for more, they have the navy ready as well, and i have detected 11 Migs taking off from an aircraft carrier in the sea out from San Francisco"
Cid:"Those *****"
Commander: ?Your the best pilot we have, we need you"
Cid:"Im on my way!!!"

Cid runs down to his office, he punches in a code and swipes the key card in a panel on the wall, a metal door opens up revealing a metal path, Cid runs along the path and down the stairs into his custom modifies F19 Harrier.

Cid:"Computer! Initialise M418 start up program, lets get this baby off the ground"
Computer: ?Welcome Cid, Engines heated, we are ready to go"
Cid:"Ok switch to manual, lets go"

Cid tilts the engines, blast up and shoots forward to intercept the Migs...
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[color=crimson][i]Ken runs to the base and picks up a few weapons and sees one undamaged tank... it's a experimental tank... its called a mirage tank and it has the firepower of a grizzly but it cant be seen at a distance... Ken hops into the tank and rides it north... trying to get his *** out of Soviet Territory....[/i]

Ken: Damn... San Antonio... Brownsville... Damn!!!

[i]Ken slams his fists hard on the tank in rage[/i]


[i]Ken keeps going and spots some trouble... Terror Drones...[/i]

Ken: ****... ****... ****.. those things tear apart tanks like a chainsaw thru a tree...

[i]To be continued...[/i][/color]
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*Cid is in his Jet*

Computer: "4 Migs detected, 12 o'clock"
Cid:"Hmmmm.......I'll show him, operate weapon attack plan 'Beta4456'...... Now"
Computer: ?Initialising"

Four heat seeking missiles lower from the wings and arm themselves, two chain guns lower on either side, and one at the front.

Computer: "Migs approaching, ETA......25 seconds"
Cid: "25 seconds?!? ****!! Engage defence sequence Alfa-Gamma449"
Computer: "Engaged"
Cid:"Ok ****** ****ers, lets go!!!!!!!"

Cid heads strait toward the Migs, the begin to fire machine gun but cid pulls up 90 degrees, he flies completely vertical in the air... then he suddenly performs a stall.... In a JET!! He begins falling and spinning... Cid straitens the nose and goes into a full dive. He is heading strait down on a Mig. Then he lets a missile fire and pulls round 180 degrees heading strait back up again, the missile smashes into the cockpit and explodes the plane.

Cid:"Take that!!!!!!!!!!! Now for the other three"

Cid straitens the plane, as he does two Migs pull up behind him.

Cid:"****, Computer, turn missiles"
Computer: ?Missiles......turned"
Cid:"Ok fire"

Two missiles fire backwards out of Cid?s jet as he pulls down and shoots off, both planes are destroyed...

Cid:"Ok, where's the last one?"
Computer:" It has joined the other 7 and is headed for San Francisco"
Cid:"Ok, lets go!!"

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*Cid?s Jet*

Cid:"I have to get to those planes before they are over land.."
Computer: "ETA, 1 minute"
Cid:"I think we will do this one the easy way. Computer, charge EMP Cannon"
Computer: "Charging.....All radars down temporarily"
Cid:"Ok, lets just bide our time...."
Computer: "We have been detected"
Cid:"Oh ****"

The Migs turn around and head strait towards to Cid's Jet..... Charging..... Charging..... Charging.... "FIRE!!!" A huge beam of blue light fires towards the jets, disabling them all. They all fall into the sea...

Operator: "Good job Cid, now we need you in Texas to bomb some of the ground units"
Cid:"Ok, i have to go back to my home a re-load, then... I'm on my way!"

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[color=crimson][i]Ken loads his machine gun and slowly makes his way... he runs into some Soviet Attack Dogs along with a few infantry... he eventually comes to a unhurt Grizzly Tank... he climbs in and drives it over the landscape... watching out for any Soviets...[/color][/i]
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[I]The huge Tesla tank, 'Cataclysm' storms through central Dallas, taking out the remanants of the American army fortified there with its all-feared, all-powerful Seismic-Tesla Cannon. It takes roughly 3 hours to charge, but when it does, all hell breaks loose... Firing successive Bolts of Tesla energy, the Cataclysm can cause mass destruction is short ammounts of time. Also armed with Rapid firing missiles, it's still very dangerous, even when the Tesla Cannon is charging...[/I]

Captain: Kommander, the Amerikan soldiers are retreating. Shall we deploy our MCVs here?
Flash: Yes, deploy the MCVs. And order 20 Tesla tanks and 50 Heavy Tanks to rendezvous with me in 15 minutes. We're pushink through to the Texan border. Once we have sekured the entire state, we will set up a large network of Radar Domes to keep kommunikations up.
Captain: Yes Sir.
Flash: Good..

[I]Flash gets back in his tank, and begins to head out of Dallas...[/I]
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Joe: Bryan!! BRYAN!! The have taken another town they are on the move!

Bryan: Those bastards I am gonna kick their asses!! Where are they headed??

Joe: THe force has been split up one is heading for the capitol, the other straight here! There have been reports of migs in the area also.

Bryan: Thats it they are gonna die! -jumps in his F-16 Tomcat- Bye Joe!

Joe: See ya man! Kick some soviet *** for me!

Bryan: -flys to intercept the jets- Cid, I have detected another 20 migs headed northwest from your sector, I will be arriving there shortly, hold out as long as you can!
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Bryan: The migs are in sight! -engages in a dog fight- I am in heavy fire I need back up!!

Commander: We will send 3 Tomcats to help you, they will arrive in 2 hours.

Bryan: THe hell!! Oh ****!! Here comes 5 more! You expect me to last 2 hours with these bastards? By that time, I am going to be scrap metal!! -shoots one down- Yes! I don't care who you are, you better get some back up here and quick or else I will have your ***!!!
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Bryan: Damnit!! Get some help out here!! -radios MM- Hey, I need some help over here! Can you get over here soon?? AHH!! -radio transmission ends- -shooots down another one..- I don't know how much longer I can last...


Bryan: AH!! I AM HIT I AM HIT!! My left engine is out!! AH CRAP!! THere goes my right! MAYDAY MAYDAY!! I REPEAT MAYDAY!!! I am behind enemy lines! -ejects-
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Cid heads back to his house, loads up the plane with fuel, and equips the Air to Ground weapons, As well as adding the stealth generator. He then flies off towards Dallas...

*30 minutes later*

Computer: "Cid, we are approaching the target area"
Cid:"Ok, load all air to ground weapons. Mortars......Check, Fire bombs.....check, Ainti tank bombs........check, Missiles......check, Machine guns.....check"
Computer: "Enemy tanks detected..."
Cid:"****, how many?"
Computer:"50 heavy tanks, 15 tesla tanks.... and 3 command vehicles"
Cid:"What type?"
Computer: "MCV, model T-4889"
Cid:"MCV's? They?re trying to set up a base! I have to stop them!"
Computer: "ETA, 3 minutes"
Cid:"Ok lets go"

Cid's jet fires up and shoot away faster, while flying he notices 3 F-16s flank him on the right, he looks out the other window and sees 3 more on that wing.

Operator: "Cid, we got you some help, Best pilots in the force... Apart fro you of coarse"
Pilot 1:"Pleasure to be working with you captain Cid"
Cid:"Please....just Cid"
Pilot 1:"Yes sir, we are at your command"
Cid:"Ok, stay close and we will go in under stealth, we will survey the area and from there we can continue"
All Pilots: "Yes Sir!"

Cid activates his stealth generator "Radars, and weapons down". They planes approce the area and see a line of tesla tanks protected by heavy tanks and a few scattered heavy tanks through out the base.

Cid:"Ok, they are in groups and i can only see two Anit-Aircraft guns so i want you two to take them out"
Pilot 1 & 2:"Yes sir"
Cid:"You two go and loop around, the back and take out some of those heavy tanks"
Pilot 3 & 4:"Yes sir"
Cid:"And you two, your with me"
Pilot 5 & 6:"Yes sir!"
Computer: "Stealth disengage in ...3...2...1.... Now"

The stealth generator powers down and the planes are revealed, The first two break off and fire ATG missiles at the AA Guns, both AA guns are destroyed! The next two break off lift up and loop around the back of the heavy tanks while cid and the last two shoot strait for the tesla tank line..."Fire bombs ready.....Go!" $ bombs drop from each plane and fall directly onto the tesla tank line taking out most of them. "Alright, fire anti tank missiles at the heavy tanks and follow by machine guns then pull up" The three planes loop around and head for the heavy tanks, they begin to scatter.... but it is two late, the missiles have been fired and now the Jets are firing their Machine guns at the group of tanks. Just at that moment the other four planes come from the opposite direction dropping mortars, and destroying the remainder of the tanks..."Ok now for the MCV's" The six planes line up and begin to fire machine guns at the MCV's. but all the bullets bounce off.

Cid:"Damn shields! ok we have done enough damage, lets get out of here"
Pilots: "Yes sir!"

The jets boost away from the smoking remains....
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Bryan: -radio- Hey Cid! You don't know me but I need your help! Can you get a recon mission!? I am behind enemy lines about 10 miles from the base you just attacked, my plane was shot down, wait I hear something...its..its..HOLY SH!:eek: -transmission ends-
Its a freaking MAMMOTH TANK!! Woah 100 infantry, how did they get that force in here un detected? OH well here goes nothing -jumps out of hiding and starts shooting at the force-
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[I]As Flash and his team is pushing through the defenses at the Texan border, Flash get a Radio call from the fortification down in Dallas..[/I]

Captain: *on radio* Kommander, Amerikan Jets have bombed alot of our defences... It's a mirakle the MCVs survived..
Flash: I see. Tell the karrier ship 'Leningrad' to dispatch 10 transport ships, all filled with Mammoth tanks.
Captain: Affirmitive.
Flash: And also, 3 chinooks, all filled with engineers. We'll need some repairs done.
Captain: Aknowledged.
Flash: Good, set up base as soon as possible... Also, build some SAM sites, and Tesla Koils. The Mammoth tanks should be able to hold out against any attacks for awhile, but with the addition of heavy defense, there is no way those Kapitalist pigs, the Americans, will be able to pull off an attack like that again...
Captain: Right away, Kommander.
Flash: Excellent.

[I]Flash turns his Radio off, and pushes the tank into full gear, plowing through an American Infantry platoon... A small force of Longbow helicopters fly above him, and he lets the Heat-seekers rip... Soon, the Helicopters are reduced to nothing but scrap metal...[/I]

Flash: I love my work..
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Bryan: -interecepts a soviet transmission- THEY ARE RE-BUILDING THE BASE?! Wait how did I pick that up!? -soviet soldier comes, knocks him out- Hey I have an idea! -dresses in the soviets clothes, and turns and walks towards the base-I hope this works!
Bryan: -comes to the base-

Soviet Gaurd- Who the hell are you??

Bryan: Well I am...well...um...Oh hell -snaps the gaurds neck..there we go- -radios cid- Sir I have infiltrated the base you have attacked, they are planning on re building it and reinforcing it, so if you are gonna stage a new attack I suggest you attack quickly! I will try to disable their AA Guns! Bryan signing off -end transmission-

Bryan: -sneaks around- -sees the leader (FINAL FLASH)- I will get you someday I will I swear!! -dogs come towards him- OH SHI*!! -slowly walks away- -everntually gets to the AA Guns, and isables em-


Bryan: OH crap -runs into forest- -radio-[I]Sir, I have disabled their AA GUNS! Unfortunatly they will fix it soon! You must attack now!![/I]
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Ugh, why are you guys making the Soviets so evil? Beating mothers? Putting people in concentration camps? This is Bullsh*t, and I'm not taking it.


Captain: *on radio* Kommander, we have detected a spy.
Flash: A spy? Release the dogs.
Captain: *on radio* Affirmitive.
Flash: *checks radar* Ah, another Amerikan attack wave... *on radio* Mammoth tanks, be on guard. Prepare the Mammoth tusk missiles... now, as for that Spy...

[I]Flash jumps out of his tank, draws his Tesla Magnums, and begins to scout around Base...[/I]
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[color=crimson][i]Ken gets captured by the soviets and is being held prisoner on a Dreadnaught Warship... Ken sits in his cell... he is somewhere in the Gulf of mexico... the Warship he is on is bombarding the coast of Louisana, softening it up for a ground invasion...[/i][/color]
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Final_Flash [/i]
[B]Ugh, why are you guys making the Soviets so evil? Beating mothers? Putting people in concentration camps? This is Bullsh*t, and I'm not taking it.


Captain: *on radio* Kommander, we have detected a spy.
Flash: A spy? Release the dogs.
Captain: *on radio* Affirmitive.
Flash: *checks radar* Ah, another Amerikan attack wave... *on radio* Mammoth tanks, be on guard. Prepare the Mammoth tusk missiles... now, as for that Spy...

[I]Flash jumps out of his tank, draws his Tesla Magnums, and begins to scout around Base...[/I] [/B][/QUOTE]

Bryan: Oh shi* I better get out of here!! -starts running-

Soviet Soldier: Hault!

Bryan: Oh crap: -turns around-

Soviet Soldier: Hey Kommander I found the spy!

Bryan: Spy?? Why do you say that??

Soviet Soldier: Shut up you Amerikan scum! -punches him-

Bryan: -oof- -sees the dogs on their way- -shoots the soldier, and runs- Holy crap that guy has Telsa Magnums!!
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Kevin: Oh how nice they drop me 12 yard from a enemy base.

Soldier: Stop right there.
*kevin put his hands up slow as the soldier walk over to him*

Kevin: Isn't to day a nice day.

Soldier: Shut up!
*as the soldier is inches from him about to knock him out Kevin turn around him punch him*

Kevin: Sorry about it just my job.
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*the two soldiers start to run while the enemies start to shoot. They barely got away with their lives.*

Kevin: We can rendezvous with the others from my unit. Since you did my job from.
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Kevin: Oh me I'm Major Kevin Le. You can call me Kevin.
*looking at his map*

Kevin: It's about 2 miles east of here.

Bryan: Two miles right.

Kevin: I hope they're still alive.
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