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[CENTER][SIZE=3][B]Shipwrecked [/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

[SIZE=1]?All those who are with the Hill-Crowne Firm, please load onto the yacht waiting for you to my right,? The woman used a megaphone, directing the groups to their designated boats. A small group of no more than 30 people walked up the gangplank in casual clothes.

It was a rarity that Hill-Crowne gave them a business trip, and as a result, the lawyers knew almost nothing of their co-worker?s personal lives. In a sense, they were complete strangers, vague acquaintances at best. This trip was organized to change that. It had started off well, with a golf game, followed by an outing to the beach, and various team-building activities. Next on the list of many luxurious, enjoyable events was a ten-hour yacht trip to one of Hawaii?s minor islands.

?Thank you for loading in an orderly manner. Now, Sherry will brief you on what to do in the case of an emergency,? the stewardess smiled fully, then walked under the deck to the on-board bar. Sherry stepped up to the soapbox.

?How?s everyone doing today?? She was answered with a scattered ?Good, thanks? or ?Fine.? She took it in stride, with her falsely energetic attitude. ?That?s great. Now, we have a weather advisory. It shouldn?t be a problem, and our captain will take us around any storms we may encounter, and to Molokai without any difficulty. In the event of an emergency??

Her voice slowly faded out of focus in Alexander?s mind, his thoughts on the bar and pool-table that he could enjoy during the terribly long trip. Eyeing the others, he saw that many had the same idea as him ? focusing on the free delicacies and lavish surroundings. He was used to those though, as was everyone there. They were members of a very prominent law firm, a handsomely paying place. A rich enough firm to rent the boat out for many hours to them.

?? Now that I?ve briefed you, please feel free to walk around the boat and do whatever you please. We have a sub-deck lounge featuring a pool table, bar, plasma television??

She was cut her off by many people standing up and shuffling below deck. Several people stayed on deck, leisurely walking around or looking over the edge of the boat into the crystal-clear waters. At peace they would remain, until 6 hours into their trip. A few stewardesses herded everyone below deck to inform them on their situation.

?It seems as if we are navigated towards a very serious storm,? the room broke into whispering, guesswork ? would they have to call coast guard? Were they past the point of no return? ?But,? she silenced them all again, ?Our captain is doing a terrific job of steering out of it. We expect to be in calm waters in two hours. Are there any questions?? A small, meek woman raised her hand, and was soon called upon.

?Exactly how dangerous are these waters we?re in??

?They will not be a problem, as I stated before, but for your safety we request that you all remain here until further notic??

?What do you mean ?not a problem?? Honesty is the best policy, right?? Someone cracked a joke. Something about lawyers have no room to talk about honesty, but received no recognition.

?I am being very honest with you, ma?am. We are in no danger, as far as the ship?s integrity or your well-being. You may go back to what you were doing. Thank you, and have a wonderful day!? She managed to smile even wider towards the end, and immediately walked out of the room into the staff quarters. The group dispersed once more, this time slowly, and an air of uneasiness settled over them.

Alexander sat at the bar, finishing off his Cosmopolitan, then felt the boat dip slightly to the right. The glasses on the bar slid a few feet, spilling as they went. An audible gasp of surprise was heard, and several became nervous, running to the bathroom from a bout of sea sickness.

[I]I don?t think we?re as safe as they said we were?[/I], he wondered to himself. A few minutes later, two crewmembers came bursting down below deck. Rain poured through the door for the few moments it was open, and a thunder crack was amplified. The closed the door with slight difficulty due to the wind, and in gasping breaths, alerted everyone.

?Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen!? The two wet sailors got the attention immediately, and one continued the talking. ?We ask that you not panic, and move to the life-jackets as soon as I finish talking. The ship is going to sink in what we guess to be about twenty minutes. The ship is taking water in a quarantined sector, but we?re not sure how long that will hold. Now, please move in an orderly fashion to the life jackets, then get into a life-boat. Four to a boat, please. Move right along.? As soon as the final word burst forth from his lips, everyone began an insane stampede towards the life jackets, then running out the door.

[I]Insane animals! God? I need a jacket and a boat?[/I] Alexander pushed into the crowd, seeing that the vests were going to run out shortly. He snatched up an orange vest, and put it on top of his t-shirt, and sprinted out to the deck. He pushed the door open after several others helped him shove it open. The wind had been bearing down upon it, but luckily they ran with the wind to get to the boats. Using an adrenaline rush spiked out of fear, he jumped in a life-boat with three people in it already.

?Start the sonuva ***** up, and let?s lower her in the water!? A man screamed at him over the howling wind. He would?ve shouted an affirmative back to him, but a blast of sea water filled his mouth violently. Alexander, following the man?s instruction, keyed the ignition as the other finally lowered the boat into the water. Then the fight for survival really started. Massive waves, ranging from 6 to 20 feet, threatened to throw them from the vessel. They hung onto the inflatable craft for dear life, and sped off in the same general direction as the rest of the boats. He risked a glance backwards, and saw the black yacht?s bow sliding under water, a few people screaming for a savior. They would die. They, along with most of his other co-workers would perish in the search for a landmass.

Welcome to Shipwrecked! This is my first stab at an RPG, so be forgiving. This, of course, is about a group of people who manage to make it to an uncharted island alive, and their struggles with the environment and one another. Many twists lay ahead for those who survive the swim to land? so please, sign up! Thanks to Deucalion for helping me out with the concept and fine-tuning the ideas, as well has planning many twists.

[size=2][u][b]Sign-Up Form[/b][/u][/size]

[b]Name:[/b] Something English/American, please.

[b]Age:[/b] 25 ? 40

[b]Gender:[/b] You know the drill

[b]Appearance:[/b] A picture with a brief description will suffice, but a picture is not mandatory, and the longer the better.

[b]Personality:[/b] A description of how this person usually acts.

[b]Place in the Group:[/b] A description of how your character will act in relation to the group stranded on the island. Will they be a hunter? Will they be power-hungry? Do they try to help others out? Tell me.

[b]Special Skills:[/b] Since we?re all lawyers on this trip, don?t try anything like ?expert in katanas? or that you?re ?an architect on the side.? Did you take emergency medical training in college? What?s something that you can contribute to the group?

[b]Record of Events:[/b] Here, write your character?s take on the beginning of the trip (prior to the sinking, or right up to it, where I left off). This will help me gauge your writing ability.

That should be it ? if you have any questions, feel free to PM me.[/SIZE]
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[size=2][color=Navy][color=Black][b]OOC: [/b]Looks good for your first, Retri.
Let me know if anything should be changed.
I may edit some of this if I can think of anything better.
Name:[/b] Katchya "Kat" Valentine

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] Kat has dark brown, almost black hair that reaches down to her waist that has streaks of light brown mixed in it. She always carries a hair tie around her right wrist for if she ever wants to tie her hair up. Kat's eyes are a stormy, greyish blue eyes which has made many people uncomfortable after a long stare from them. Kat has slightly tanned skin because she likes the outdoors, being a sporty person, though many don't guess it since she's a lawyer. She's fit and toned, but not muscular, and she weighs 120 lbs. Usually she's seen wearing a business suit of black or navy blue, but on the trip she was wearing a white skirt that stopped about 2 inches above her knees and a baby blue top with a navy blue stripe around her breast area. She always wears a [url="http://www.johnlewis.com/jl_assets/product/230204719.jpg"]watch[/url] on her left wrist, a [url="http://img344.imageshack.us/img344/7770/1a1b4le.jpg"]bracelet[/url] on her right wrist, a [url="http://img169.imageshack.us/img169/5079/rensq0247p0101026ez.jpg"]ring[/url] on her right ring finger, and a silver [url="http://www.tajarts.co.uk/shopimages/products/normal/P829.jpg"]cross[/url] pendant.

[b]Personality:[/b] Kat's a friendly person and likes to help others. If someone doesn't like her, she'll still try her best to be civil towards them. She's sporty and fit, using those things to her advantage. She's a fast thinker and can find a quick way to get out of a problem situation, using what they have. She's always been the calm headed one around her friends, while they panic, she thinks everything through and doesn't panic. If someone annoys her enough then she'll get angry at them, especially if she's incredibly stressed. When she doesn't like someone or is annoyed at them, her eyes narrow and she shoots the person a death glare that will make practically anyone cower in fear. Kat usually likes being around people, but she likes to go off on her own sometimes for time to herself, just so she can think. She mainly enjoys places with lots of wind and also water. She's quite emotional and has mood swings pretty often. Kat is also a Christian with a strong faith, which is why she wears her cross.

[b]Place in the Group:[/b] Kat will be one to help everyone, being the doctor to aid the others and knowing what to do in situations to help them through. She also has strength so she can help in lifting etc.[/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy] She's also acrobatic, quick and flexible, able to climb trees and swing around easily, aiding her to help get and hunt food.[/color]
[/size] [size=2][color=Navy]
[b]Special Skills:[/b] Kat has lots of survival knowledge and what to do in situations. She also took a course on medical training in college so she could be a doctor if being a lawyer didn't work out.

[b]Record of Events:[/b] Katchya was sitting on the warm sand. Her legs were bent, with her hands and arms hugging her knees to her chest. She stared out at the sea, the waves tumbled gently, the tide washing up against the shore, then receding, over and over the pattern continued. Kat wiggled her toes in the sand, feeling the fine particles shift around. She looked to her right, a medium distance from her, the rest of the group was there, some were on the beach, others were in the water. She didn't really know what to think of them, after all, they never really talked to each other, other than discussing work matters.

Kat sighed and released her legs, stretching them out. The heels of her feet left valleys in the sand. She got up and brushed the sand off her skirt and walked over to the rest of the group.

After the rest of the team-work building activities, they found themselves on the yacht, going off to one of Hawaii's small islands.

When Sherry the stewardess finished her briefing, Kat went over to the railing and leaned against it. She watched the water being parted by the boat and there was a strong wind as the boat surged up and down with the waves. Kat took in a deep breath of the salty air, exhaling heavily. She stayed there for a while, seeing some marine creatures lurking beneath the surface of the water.

Finally she stopped and stepped back from the railing, deciding to go check out below deck. She looked around, most people were there. Kat shuffled across to the bar, where there weren't many people. She took a seat and ordered a glass of Gin and Tonic. As soon as the glass touched her hand, a bunch of stewardesses came in, herding a number of people that had been on deck. They were told about the storm and Kat just sipped her drink as others' panic levels started to rise. She listened to their concerns and shrugged, she was sure, even if they did get into trouble, that they would have emergency plans. The stewardesses left and everyone continued with what they were doing, but more cautiously than before.

Kat was finishing her Gin and Tonic when the boat rocked, sending the glasses sliding. The door burst open and it rained through the door. The two wet sailors shoved the door closed and told them what was going on, when he was finished talking, everyone ran to the life jackets. Kat made her way over quickly and slipped it on, then ran outside, with the help of others, getting the door open. She hopped into a life-boat with two others there, then a man jumped in with them, just coming out of the area below deck. Kat recognised him as the man that sat beside her at the bar, drinking a Cosmopolitan.

A man screamed at them to lower into the water. They did so quickly. Kat pulled the hair tie from her wrist quickly, tying up her long her as it flew wildly in the wind. She and the other two helped lower the boat using the pulleys and the man from the bar started the boat, they started off in the direction of the others. Kat gripped the life-boat tightly and glanced back at the ship, watching it sink slowly along with the others on the yacht that hadn't made it off in time. A tear made its way down her cheek sadly, then getting masked by the rain and water that splashed at them from the sea. Kat mumbled a prayer for those who died and prayed for their safe journey and to find somewhere to land soon.
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[LEFT][COLOR=#FFFFFE][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=1][b]Name:[/b] Annabelle Marie Louise ( "Miss Louise or Anna")

[b]Age:[/b] 28

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] Annabelle is a tall, half-french woman that stands about 5'11" and even so is mostly seen wearing red heels. She usually has her blonde hair tied in a tight bun and wearing a burgundy overcoat with white gloves. She adores rubies and anything that costs of great value or rarity as seen by her wearing many golden jewelry. She has a screwd look on her face which often disguises her actual beauty, and often appears to be unapproachable. Although her appearance isn't as friendly, she is quite the talker. She has pale skin and light smokey brown eyes. All in all, she appears very buisnesses-like and serious.

[b]Personality:[/b] Annabelle is a very complex character. She is often seen as snob of a lawyer, and is great at telling fibs and convincing people to believe in them. This manipulative behavior is what got her, her job at the law firm. She does not have many friends because of this, so it is hard for her to socialize and is use to being in charge of things. She has a very bad control issue, but when cornered with something that she did wrong, she can at times be quite fragile. For you see, she is quite the perfectionist. Although Anna's exterior appears tough, she might not be
as tough as she believes to be.

[b]Place in the Group:[/b] Annabelle is very power-hungry. She does not work well
in groups unless she is given a job in which she can lead in some sort or give orders. This makes her the perfect person for organizing what people should do and when. She could help with keeping track of their resources since she wouldn't be caught dead hunting, and creating up useful ideas for escape or for surviving on the island. She also would do well with helping organize huts for them to sleep in.

[b]Special Skills:[/b] Annabelle went to school for buisness, accounting and philosophy. She's great at making educated guesses, and despite her looks, really smart with math. She can figure out how to set up a camp simply by doing mathamatics to get it perfect. She also took a job at a local restaraunt in her lifetime and knows a bit about foods and cooking which may in the future come in handy.

[b]Record of Events:[/b] Annabelle sat in her chair with her legs and arms crossed, filing her nails. She always did this when something irratated her, and was glancing nervously to her nails and to the drunk woman who was singing Karaoke in which she thought her ears we're going to bleed. [b]"Oh come on now, Annie, you know it isn't that bad. Why not enjoy yourself while you're here?"[/b] said a woman beside her, whose name was Eliana Parkson, a co-worker from her law firm. [b]"Eliana, you very well know that I did not want to come on this stupid degrading trip. I could be in Paris right now having a manicure and the time of my life, but you had to help drag me here. And I told you to call me Anna."[/b] Annabelle scowled, her eyebrows screwed into a v-shape that would make any person cringe.

But Eliana just laughed it off and continued drinking a glass of champagne. [b]" Well I'm going to go to bed, I guess. It's dreadful boring around here, Miss Eliana. I hope to see you later." [/b] exclaimed Annabelle tactfully as she got up from her chair and paraded out of the room. A humble cry shouted out from behind her [i]"Why!? It's so early![/i] but she was gone before anything else could be said. [i]" Finally some peace to myself...and I won't have to deal with these unmannered people. What relief. [/i] thought Annabelle to herself sighing, she really was not in the mood for socializing. Before she knew it, she heard shouts from inside as she was standing on the deck and the sailors we're running out signaling to people.

[b]" Whats going on? I demand to know. "[/b] growled an angry Annabelle as she yanked one of the sailors towards her. [b]" Lifeboat. Now. " [/b] were the only words he uttered as he went to real them up. Annabelle stepped into the nearest one, assuming that this was just infact a drill and that Miss Eliana would be joining her shortly. Filing her nails, she watch in irratation, as everyone began to flutter franctacly into a lifeboat. Little did she know, that it was not a drill but in fact the ship was set to sink.
she thought. [/CENTER]

Later, she stood there bewildered as she watched the boat sink infront of her very eyes. That is when reality struck her. [/LEFT]
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Allie Renee Carter



Allie is short, at only five foot one, although she is not small proportionately. A very charming and seductive young woman, she has chocolate brown hair that goes no further than her chin, naturally corkscrewed and often clipped back from her face with a simple barrette. Her face is heart-shaped with two large, deep brown eyes, almost doe-colored, and sometimes considered childishly large. Framed with thick black lashes, they accent her rosebud mouth and small round nose, giving her a pixie-ish look.

Her frame is, although light and wiry, well-proportioned, and is one of the only reasons she isn?t often mistaken for a child. Her skin is almost mocha-colored, due to spending a lot of time in her garden when she isn?t at work. Unlike most lawyers, Allie prefers casual clothes, and thinks people feel more comfortable around someone they feel they can relate to. Although, she does own a couple suits, she tends to wear black jeans, nice boots, and a white-button up shirt under a vest. For court cases, she wears a pinstriped black and gold slacks and double-breasted suit. She always wears a tear-drop shaped locket around her neck, and a silver ring on her right index finger.

Allie has a crisp, business-like air to her most of the time, although she radiates a comfortable ease around people. In large groups, she tends to be quiet and listens more than she speaks, and when she does speak, what she says is always very intelligent and calculated, slow and deliberate. She will not speak about someone directly unless asked a question about them, and tends to express only facts, unless directly asked for her opinion. She does not assume things, and will not lie. Around friends and family, she is a warm, if shy, young woman, with a gentle kindness and sincerity.

[b]Place in the Group:[/b]
Allie is the peacemaker. Always seating herself between those who crave power and those who loathe it, she settles matters with a precise and firm hand. She is also the one who makes decisions, and nudges people along. Although she is the most likely of all of them to be a leader in a chaotic situation, she doesn?t show it outright. She persuades on compromises, and then she goes out and does things. She is the power behind the throne.

[b]Special Skills:[/b]
Allie was trained from a young age to be a teacher. Although she did not end up teaching at a school, she still teaches younger lawyers how to act around those that are bossy and rude. Allie?s only other obvious skill is that she knows plants. Just by the shape of the leaf and the color of the berry, Allie knows if it?s safe to eat or not.

[b]Record of Events:[/b]
Sitting quietly on deck in a lounge chair, book in one hand, iced tea in the other, Allie lay back silently with her eyes closed, soaking up as much sun as she could. As a light rain began to patter against her face, she sighed pleasantly, a childish look of happiness crossing her face. The light droplets felt deliciously cool on her face compared to the sun. She lay there for a while until the droplets became hard and sharp, and she eased out of her chair and headed below deck.

A lurch of the boat sent her flying against the stairwell wall, and she clutched at the handrail, shaking. She made it below-deck, and was caught up under the arms by a sailor. He helped her to stay standing, and then get into a life-jacket. Faster than anyone there, she laced it up, and then headed after the lifeboats. She struggled against a wave of water as the door to the deck was opened, and felt the same strong arms lift her up onto his shoulder.

It was times like this Allie loathed her small stature. Smiling confidently at the sailor, she allowed herself to be carried to a lifeboat. She was, however, tossed unceremoniously into a lifeboat, and was joined by a few sailors. As the boat was released from the larger yacht, Allie watched sadly. A hard gust of wind, and she clutched the sides of the violently rocking boat. All she could wish for was that she survived?

Egads! Sorry I finished so close to deadline. -_- First free afternoon I've had in a week. Hope this works![/center]
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[SIZE=1]OOC: I'm very pleased with the sign-ups so far! I'm also happy that my first RPG is doing well. Thanks to everyone who's signed-up thus far.

[B]Name:[/B] Alexander Koyle

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=7&pos=19][link][/url]
The man on the left side of the image is my character. Alexander stands at 5?11?, and has a muscularly toned frame. After spending much of his time outdoors, Alex has gotten what seems to be a permanent tan. He was wearing a gray t-shirt and khaki shorts with cargo pockets, and a pair of Adidas Sambas when the ship sank.

[B]Personality:[/B] Alexander is a team-player, and seems to have the tendency of pulling everyone together, and calling them to action. It was only fitting that he be a senior associate at the law firm. Alex is very approachable, and tries to help everyone as best he can. Never does he shut someone's opinion out, and tries to listen to everyone, so he can make informed decisions later. He can usually be seen doing something productive and useful. In short, Alexander tries his best to rise above politics, and wants to get off the island with everyone alive. With hard work ethic and trying to bond firmly with everyone, he provides a comfortable hub for everyone to operate off of.

[B]Place in the Group:[/B] Alexander does not crave power, but always seems to get it. His magnetic personality and willingness to help others put him in a favorable position most of the time, and even his enemies are afraid of directly attacking Alexander. They know that mudslinging would only get them dirty, and that his 'followers' would defend him. Thusly, he makes an effective leader, and strives to do whatever he can to make things succeed.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] After spending much of his free time outdoors, he knows how land is shaped, how wildlife interacts with it, and has a keen eye. He has great perseverance, and can deal with physical discomfort. While he has never tried, he would probably make a good hunter, or a scout for the land.

[B]Record of Events:[/B] (I already typed this ? see my first post ^_~)[/SIZE]
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Name: Zachary Anderson

Age: 38

Appearance: Zachary is thin and reasonably tall, only a few inches short of six feet. His dark brown eyes have a habit of staring intensely, sizing up his adversaries in the courtroom. His goatee and longish hair are black, yet streaked with the first of his gray hairs. He has pale skin from spending most of his life indoors, and wears a dark business suit wherever he goes.

Personality: Zachary is an ambitious, greedy lawyer who has a reputation of undermining his opponents' positions by any means necessary, without the constaints of ethics, only expendiency. He always seeks to dominate any social group he is in and consistently catalogues and researches his opponents' mistakes and flaws for future exploitation. He is a close student of the legal arts, and often comes away the real victor in his cases, bringing ruinous charges upon his clients through loopholes in his own contracts. He has no empathy or caring for anyone else, save perhaps his close friends and a few family members that he likes (although his hesitation in sacrificing their well-being for his own would still be decidedly short).

Place in the Group: While Zachary will intuitively seek leadership by any means necessary, he also possesses a quick and adaptive mind. Having no know-how in anything beyond lawyering and an interest in politics (go figure), he has a great deal of common sense and a sharp intellect, although he will only use it for the group's benefit when he will benefit most. Having no combat or weapons training, his aptitude for assassination of his rivals is low; but where he is going, there is plenty of opportunity, and he wouldn't flinch at it if the situation requires it ...

Special Skills: None really, except for a knack at organization (with himself as the organizer), manipulative social skills, and a keen intellect.

Record of Events: When the storm began, Zachary knew that he should keep an eye out for his safety, regardless of any assurances by the crew. When the boat began to rock more violently he cautiously gathered his most indispensible luggage (his legal papers and a book he had brought with him) and made his way to to a life boat. He cursed inwardly as he saw that the one he was moving toward had been claimed by a pair of overweight lawyers in suits.

The announcement of the impending doom of the ship galvanized Zach. He donned his life preserver and proceeded to the boat. If the two fat men took it, there would be little room for him. He slipped on the wet deck, and paused to regain his balance; while he did so, another man emerged from belowdecks and caught sight of the boat.

"Thank God!" He said. "All the others are taken!" Seeing Zach, he smiled in relief. "I hope we can all fit."

Zach nodded distractedly. The two men unfastening the boat hadn't heard the newcomer. Zach waited until the other had drawn even with him, then faked a stumble into him.

The other man cursed under his breath, falling over and sliding into the railing. "Sorry," Zach said, extending his hand. The other man took it. "That's ok," He said, grasping Zach's hand and rising. "Come on, this thing is sinking faster!"

Zachary nodded, then, with all of his strength, struck the man in the back of his head. He slumped once more. Zachary quickly hefted his nerveless form and hurled him overboard. He then walked up to the lifeboat and exchanged greetings with the occupants, sparing a passing smirking thought to his unfortunate victim's lack of a life jacket.
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[SIZE=1]Lovely characters, to everyone! So far everyone's in.

[B]I'm starting the RPG on wednesday night (8/3)[/B], so keep an eye open for it in the Arena. Sign-ups will close that day as well, so please try to get them in as soon as you can. The RPG will be operated in Chapter Format, so as to give me better control over where Shipwrecked is headed.

Here's a heads up though -- we're going to arrive on the uncharted island without the life rafts. Guess how we're going to get there? ^_~ You guessed it. And without any provisions except the clothes on your back. Fun!

Keep the sign-ups coming, everyone. I reserve the right to reject anyone's sign-up due to poor quality.[/SIZE]
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[b]Name:[/b] Richard Lennington (Rick to most)

[b]Age:[/b] 26

[b]Gender:[/b] Male

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url=http://img286.imageshack.us/img286/8461/gg174th5yy.png]Lose the kusari gama.[/url] Richard's a tall, and muscular man. Most wonder why he's in the legal field, when he looks like he could be a champion prizefighter. He stands about 6'1, and carries his 155 lb body with grace. His long hair and style of clothes always make people question, again, [i]why[/i] he was in the legal fields. Rick's blue eyes have hints of amber, giving him a kind look to his grinning face.

[b]Personality:[/b] Rick's kind of strange. He's always wearing a grin no matter what, but if you ask about his father while he's in a courtroom, that smile is wiped off of his face. Keen to help out those in need, he offers a helping hand and a word of advice on what they might do next time to avoid that. Rick's answer to any question regarding other jobs, like boxing or anything, his reply is simple. [b]"Do I look like a kind of guy that'd beat ya to a pulp for some money? Nah, fightin' don't interest me."[/b] He is a strange man indeed.

[b]Place in the Group:[/b] Rick's the "Hunter." He's the one to scavange supplies from the boat, what he can reach anyway. He also hunts and gathers food for the group at times.

[b]Special Skills:[/b] Rick was always a brilliant writer, and wanted to do that before his father forced him into the legal field.

[b]Record of Events:[/b] A crash of water, the spill of random obejcts and people, and the screeching sounds of metal alerted Rick to what was happening. He looked around, remembering the annoucement about the storm. What dumbass managed to chart them all the way into the middle of a [b][i]storm?[/i][/b]

As the ship careened to one side, as the water lashed at the metal like a rough whip on the back of a slave fed up with his life, Rick just barely had enough time to grab the bar hanging overhead, to avoid falling. It kept rocking, as the metal screamed in torment, like some sort of specter crying for a death that had already came and passed.

People screamed. Objects fell. Water pressing in at the sides, panic ran rampant through the general crowd, as people ran for the lifeboats, the foolhearty trying to grab their possesions, most of which would be floaters in the sea. As he ran for the lifeboats, grabbing only his pocketknife to open the lifejacket container, Rick pited them, so attached to what they owned. He'd rather live and buy them back some day, then die like an ***.

Rick jammed the blade into the lock, and twisted hard, as it clicked open, he grabbed the 5 lifejackets, throwing one on. There were a few people in one boat, and he threw one to each of them, not knowing all but him and the guy named Zachary would survive. A waste of supplies, but a good waste.

The lifeboat floated out, and Rick felt safe, at least for the moment. Until a lurch capsized the small lifeboat, and it flipped him out, along with everyone else. Only he and Zach managed to make it back in. Alive, that is. The small boat was headed away from the now sinking cruse yhat.

The skyline was getting ready to sink below the sealine, as the lifeboat lurched onshore.
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[COLOR=indigo][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Graham Coles

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Graham towers over most of his colleagues at 6'2" and is easily the skinniest man who is perfectly healthy most people have ever had the fortune to meet. His hair is short, whispy, and is a golden shade of blond that complements his expressive gray eyes perfectly. Graham's skin is stuck permanently in a tone between pale and very slightly tan. Graham tends to dress in stylish outfits, and was wearing a white turtle neck underneath an unbuttoned suit jacket with black pants when the boat sank.

[B]Personality:[/B] Graham is generally shy and quiet at the start, but he does tend to be the first one to strike up a conversation with strangers. He is quite the comedian and usually never takes things seriously until he can understand the real problem he's in. This strange naivety he possesses is much like a child's, and it started showing itself once Graham revealed himself and came out of the closet. He is very open about his homosexuality, which can obviously get him into trouble at times.

[B]Place in the Group:[/B] Graham doesn't necessarily stand in the back, but during meetings he often will stay quiet and contribute just a few bright ideas.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] In his free time, Graham is a fan of dangerous sports, like hang gliding and such, and his favorite is mountain climbing, which he is rather skilled at. Saying this, he can also climb easier things like trees without difficulty.

[B]Record of Events:[/B] Graham stepped into the bar area, rubbing his hands together anxiously. He didn't mind boats at all, but the stormy weather was rocking the boat a little harder than Graham was comfortable with. He leaned up against the counter, smiling at the bar tender automatically.

[B]"Gin and tonic, please."[/B] The man sighed slightly and walked away to get the necessaries as Graham took a seat on one of the stools. Seconds later, the boat gave a violent rock, causing Graham to grasp the counter subconsciously while casually looking around him. He recognized a few lawyers from work, but none he was extremely friendly with. Bored, he rested his chin on his hand and waited silently for his drink. He nodded in thanks when the bar tender slapped his cup down in front of him and took a tiny sip, savoring it.

He didn't get much time to do so, however, as a second later two very wet looking crew members burst into the room, demanding attention.

[B]"Ladies and gentlemen!"[/B] They called, and every one turned to them, looking frightened and confused. Graham simply took another drink from his cup and listened with his undivided attention. But by the time they had reached the part explaining the boat would likely sink in twenty minutes, Graham was just as panicked as the rest of them. [B]"Now, please move in an orderly fashion to the life jackets, then get into a life-boat. Four to a boat, please. Move right along.? [/B] Thus began the mad rush for the jackets and boats.

One particularly large man sitting next to Graham darted straight out of his chair and into his neighbor. Now, about three Graham's could have fit inside this man alone, so once the fat man collided with him, not only was he sent crashing to the floor, but the air was knocked right out of his lungs. The man kept running, leaving a winded Graham gasping for breath on the floor.

Once he managed to pull himself up, he realized with a chilly feeling he was one of the last people still not on deck, save a few old, crusty men who were convinced nothing was wrong and a family desperate to get it's child moving. Graham literally stumbled over to where the life jackets were supposed to be, groaning when he saw nothing reassuringly orange in sight. With a sympathetic look over at the struggling family, Graham tore up the steps three at a time and arrived on deck, panting.

After 2 seconds of being outside, he was already drenched to the bone and shivering cold. People were still looking frantically around for lifeboats, but luckily Graham saw one quite a ways off, filled with familiar work people. He ran as fast as he could over the slippery deck, sliding precariously more than once, until he came to a stop in front of the lifeboat in question. A queasy feeling over came him when he saw four people already in the boat.

[B]"Damn it!"[/B] He moaned, lightning and thunder almost drowning out his words. Alexander Koyle, a familiar face from the office, was getting ready to let the boat drop down when he saw Graham standing there, now searching wildly for another boat but finding none.

[B]"Graham, get in!"[/B] He shouted over the pounding waves, while the other man on the boat shook his head vigorously,

[B]"No! We'll sink! Four to a b-!"[/B]

[B]"Jesus Christ, man! He's skinny as a pole!"[/B] Alexander interrupted, angrily, and without waiting for the other man to agree or argue, he reached out a hand for Graham to grab and helped him into the lifeboat. Graham fit as easily as expected, and helped lower down the boat into the water.


OOC: Sorry for adding that part, Retribution. I couldn't really think of anything else and your character didn't seem like one who'd let another one die like that.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Rhett Showalter

[B]Age[/B]: 28

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://tinypic.com/9tmic6.jpg][I]Rhett[/I][/URL]
Rhett is a very layed-back person and although his job requires him to wear a suit, he was never very fond of it. He's often caught loosening his tie or undoing the cuffs of his shirt, trying to find any way of comfort he can. His hair is a bit longer then the average lawyer, yet he does just as well.

[B]Personality[/B]: Rhett is an easygoing guy who gets along well with others. He likes to crack jokes and is most likely found with a smile on his face. His knack for working with people landed him a great job as a businessman. Although he doesn't fit the stereotypical mold of the business, his ability to relate to the "common man," as they're called, allows him to defend his clients to the best of his ability. He doesn't have many fans among the other lawyers, his unorthodox methods and young age earned him a lackluster reputation before he even began in the business. However the higher-up's have taken a liking to him and he's yet to lose a case since being accepted into the company.

[B]Place in the Group[/B]: Rhett had no plans to be stranded on an island, but it's what happened and he has decided to make the best of it. He does various tasks, his young age coming in handy for the more physical endeavors. He resides mainly as the fishermen of the group. Rather it's collecting shells from the beach or taking a stab at fish with a makeshift spear, he does his best to provide the group with an adequate food supply and other materials of ocean orientation.

[B]Special Skills[/B]: Rhett's ability to look on the bright side is something that is easily overlooked. Whether here on the deserted island or at home in the real world. The morale of the group is just as important as the food and shelter. Without any motivation none of the other important tasks are accomplished. Other then that his physical prowess is among the best of the group. By no means does he work-out constantly, but he does like to stay fit and take care of himself adequately.

[B]Record of Events[/B]: Rhett laughed a bit to himself, taking a sip of his drink and slouching even farther into his chair. A women from the firm had decided to play along a bit to the "cruise" feel of the trip and do some karaoke. Even the tightest of black collars can loosen up a bit provided the right alcohol. Rhett simply smiled up at her as she swung her hips to the tune of the song. He was closest to the stage, and her eyes flirted with his own as she made a subtle attempt to lick her lips.

Rhett just winked back, taking another sip of beer from his bottle's neck and setting it to the table. He enjoyed watching the usually boring people liven up a bit and have some fun. A lawyer's job can be quite stressful, without a release now and then one could go crazy. Living life case by case was no way to do things. Sure, Rhett's job had provided him with great pay and a good way of life. But it was far from the most important thing to him, and stress was a burden he believed unnecessary.

As the women finished her song she stumbled a bit, taking a step down from the stage. It was a small ledge, but it must've looked much larger to her, as she lost her balance and fell to the floor. Rhett caught her just in time, dropping to his knees and allowing the women's limp body to find it's place in his arms. She simply laughed, turning over and looking up at him. "Thanks honey," she said, batting her eyes playfully. It was hard for Rhett to deny such an opportunity, and resist those beautiful rosey red cheeks, but it just wouldn't be right. "Try to be more careful next time," he said, helping her to her feet. A frown crossed her face as he placed his hands in his pockets, smiling and nodding towards her as he walked off.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=#F84E20][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Elizabeth 'Beth' Archer

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=6&pos=46]Beth[/URL]
Beth, not your usual 'lawyer type', has always had an obsession with shocking people, especially her parents. When she was 15 she came home with her naturally brown hair dyed cerise pink, a piercing through her eyebrow and the musty smell of liquor hanging on her breath and clothes. She threw up shortly after in her mothers lap.

When in work, Beth wears her [URL=http://www.donkihote.com/images15000000/8484345.jpg]glasses[/URL] for reading, though she doesn't need them every day. She has a penchant for bright clothing, but manages to reign in her love for startling colours when she dresses for the court room, usually wearing a black suit which is tailored to fit her curves, making it a little more feminine.

Beth has a well toned and slim build, though not the most feminine curves. She has not developed in her younger years (her mother insists it's due to the boys she played with) so when she can she will wear clothes that try to enhance what little she has. Usually seen in hipster jeans that are extremely baggy from the waist down and stomach showing tank tops that fit tight enough to show her chest, Beth looks more like a scruffy teen than a well respected and successful lawyer. She wears this [URL=http://www.ethicalwares.com/images/bean.jpg]beanie hat[/URL] almost constantly and her clothes are usually very bright colours, though not in bad taste, as they suit her perfectly.

[B]Personality:[/B] Like her clothing style, Beth is bright, colourful and 'in your face'. She is confident and proud, but not cocky, and likes to get out there and make friends with someone who is looking a little out of place. Whenever she tells someone she's a lawyer, they always assume it to be for families, then she has to go through the gruelling task of explaining that she is, in fact, a criminal prosecutor. England's very own Beth Archer moved to the States when she was at the young and rebellious age of thirteen.

Beth has, in actual fact, grown from her rebellious teen ways and is a very well respected person due to the fact that she is extremely polite and very funny. She likes to help people, but is also a very good judge of character and she isn't one to throw her trust around wildly. While she may seem gullible at first, Beth is no such thing; she is a very clever woman who likes to listen before speaking.

[B]Place in the Group:[/B] As mentioned, Beth lives to please and loves it when someone can thank her for a small thing she has done to help them. She has never once accepted money for doing something a little extra nor does she expect people to 'owe her one' if she ever needs help. She's one of those kinds of people who can't sit back and watch if someone needs help, she has a guilty conscience so does all she can when she can. Because of this she'd probably try to do four different things at once if it means she can help out on the island.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] It comes in handy when you have a mother trying to drive her girl away from boys and make her a proper young lady. Beth studied a course in cooking for four years and even when she was studying Law visited the evening classes on the odd occasion. She is a superb cook and can make a meal out of nothing. If someone tells her it's edible, then Beth will cook it. She has the knack that household cooks don't when it comes to whipping up a dish and she knows from just the smell of something whether or not it would be good for a certain dish. Also, her slim and toned body means she's fit enough to help with more manual things.

[B]Record of Events:[/B] Beth hummed to herself as she leant on the railings, over looking the beautiful and crystal clear ocean being churned up in the boats engines. She smiled as the sea breeze ruffled her hair gently and lifted a slim fingered hand to tuck some blond locks behind her ear.

The sky was clear behind the boat and the sun was shining strongly, a promising sign for a beautiful break in Hawaii. Sure, she could afford the trip if she chose to go, but it was finding the time to actually get herself away form the city that was a problem. Her mind drifted momentarily to her days in England, the family had been happier then and the drastic move to America caused Beth to become rowdy and rebellious. She regretted it now; she'd hurt both her mother and father because of her own selfish needs. Still, past was past and now she was on a gorgeous boat on her way to Hawaii. Certainly a good way to spend the afternoon.

After the wind began to pick up Beth decided that it was time to go in, but as she turned around she felt a shiver go up her spine. The sky ahead was practically black with the heavy clouds and the air seemed to be getting denser and more humid. The blonde gulped and made her way inside to the lower deck where she ordered a shot of Bailey's and sat herself down at the bar.

Others were seated there, some she recognised, and some she didn't. She had even been in court with some, the ones who supported criminals instead of putting them in jail. She scowled at a familiar face and was given and equally cold glance in return. It wouldn't be any fun if it were all laughs and smiling faces, after all.

Beth downed her shot and rubbed her temples. That's when she felt it, the sudden lurch in the water as the boat was battered by a wave. She gasped and looked up as the door came banging open and two sailors came splashing in, spluttering and gasping form the hot air and violent rainfall. A summer storm, one of the worse kinds. Beth shot up immediately and didn't waste time in getting to the life jackets. The sailors didn't need to tell her twice and as soon as she had pulled away form the stores everyone else was on their feet, grabbing for a jacket.

She pushed her way through the crowd and pulled on her jacket, noticing someone she had met briefly, Alexander, trying to open the door to get to the lifeboats. She rushed over to help him wrench the door open and both of them was covered in the harsh seawater currently flooding the upper deck. Soon they were joined by others and the race to get the life boats filled, dropped and started was on. In a whirl of what must have been ten minutes Beth found herself sitting on a bobbing lifeboat, the yacht behind sinking slowly into the tossing depths of the ocean. She drew a shuddering breath and then pushed her face into her hands, quaking form the effort of holding in her tears.

[B]I meant to sign up for this two days ago. Why didn't you badger me, Alex, why?! T-T[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Sign-ups are now closed![/B] If you have not contacted me earlier about sign-ups, then you cannot join. Thank you to all who signed up for my RPG. Everyone, please make sure your information is complete; I see a few sign-ups that are not complete, but do not worry -- just edit them soon.

Please look to the Square for the main RPG thread. I will create an Underground thread when I think it necessary. If you have any questions, feel free to get into contact (PM/IM) so I can answer you as soon as possible.

Have fun![/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Jamie said it was okay for me enter, Retri, so I hope it is. I promise I won't disappoint. Just let me know if anything needs changing, or if she fibbed.

[B]Name:[/B] Donovan Black (But don't call him Donny...)

[B]Age:[/B] 30

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B] Donovan stands an impressive 5'10", and weighs about 160, giving him a healthy build for hanging out in the wild, cultivated by weekly trips to a Judo class. His dark brown hair is fairly shaggy and reaches down a little past his shoulders, but he usually keeps it in a ponytail so it stays out of his way. His eyes seem to change color from blue to gray to green, but are usually a blue-gray. He has a fairly handsome face with narrow eyes, long thick eyelashes, and full lips. All his limbs are well preportioned, if a little long.

During business hours, he usually dresses in a mildly formal style, and has no qualms about wearing a suit from time to time, though he absolutely refuses to wear a tie. His non-work clothes tend to be far more casual, generally worn in jeans and a t-shirt with his favorite leather jacket. He's somewhat notorious for wearing more jewlery than most men, including a silver cross necklace, several silver rings, a battered old bead bracelet, and a cross-shaped earing in his left ear. Few have seen it, but he has a tribal-style tattoo located just above the hem-line of his jeans.

[B]Personality:[/B] Donovan is not a very memorable man. Fairly handsome, nondescript, and rather quiet, he has a tendency to slip from a persons memory in most instances. He doesn't talk much, and even when he does, his soft, deep voice often keeps him from being heard. He's generally quite laid-back, avoiding stress at all costs, and just doing his best to keep everybody happy - most of the time. When someone crosses Donovan, they usually meet his in-court personality,

In court, Donovan's personality goes up a notch. Anyone who's seen him work a case knows how clever, persuasive, and powerful he can be. He is known for having an unusually high winning rate, and the ability to throw people off with his stern, detached arguing. His logical assertions, almost preternatural ability to cut off people's arguments before they make them, and intricate knowledge of any case he's involved in makes him extremely skillful.

[B]Place in the Group:[/B] Donovan is a quiet man, so he's usually content to hang back and take orders, doing what's needed when no one else will. Thanks to numerous forays into the wilderness in the past, he has a good knowledge of camping and such, so he usually has advice or data that he can give out. He's a planner, and a helper, and is quite willing to stand back and let others lead - as long as he thinks they deserve it.

[B]Special Skills:[/B] Since childhood, Donovan has camped, hiked, and otherwise been involved in outdoors activities. He's collected a high amount of knowledge about the natural world, and is pretty much a font for data and information, some of it useful, some of it trivial. In addition, he's a fairly good cook, and is experienced in cutting wood and cleaning meat.

[B]Record of Events:[/B] Donovan said languidly on a bar stool, swirling the brandy in his hand. He took a slow sip, gazing slowly around the bar. A few familiar faces met him, but he couldn't be sure if any of them treated him as familiar. He was content in the quiet solitude, the gentle rocking of the waves and cries of the seagulls his only needed companions.

The sun was high and the weather was hot, prompting Donovan to discard his jacket and simply let the warm light beat down on his broad shoulders. It was a warm, comfortable day and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves, despite the unfamiliarity they all shared and were trying to change. Donovan had played a few quiet games of pool, but had spent most of the trips as alone as usual. He didn't really mind, though he felt a bit bemused by the whole thing.

Downing the last of his brandy he rose from his seat and walked out of the bar at a leisurely gait, stepping out onto the deck. The salty spray curled up around the edge and he leaned over the railing, a cool breeze whipping through his hair, causing his hair to curl around his face. The nice feeling of the air on his face and his restless energy were the only things currently keeping him from the book he had stashed in his book, a fascinating study of serial killers, a topic that had become something of a specialty.

Suddenly, the ground lurched under his feet, causing his hand to slip on the railing. His head swung forward, colliding with the cold metal of the railing, and stars exploded in front of his eyes. He staggered back and looked around, searching for the cause of the sudden crash. He looked up and suddenly noticed the dark clouds overhead, having been distracted by his own ruminations. Just as he noticed the slate gray blotches, they began to break, water starting to pour down. The winds whipped up, and Donovan made his way back to the bar.

Soon after, two crewmen ran inside, followed by a downpour and a fierce crack of thunder. Donovan looked up from another glass of brandy, stunned. They began talking about sinking, storms, life jackets, and Donovan felt the color drain from his already pale face. The ship was going down. As another peel of thunder echoed, the crowd began to charge out onto the deck, scrambling for life jackets and jumping into lifeboats. Donovan was one of the last to leave, knowing that nothing good could come from such a rush.

He grabbed the best-fitting life jacket he could find and climbed into a partially empty boat. The rain pelted down on his head, causing his fringe to cling to his face. Through the wind, rain, and hair he managed to reach the lowering mechanism, dropping the boat into the water. The ship gave another great, sickening lurch behind them as someone started up the lifeboat. Donovan could only give one, quiet prayer to the gods before the yacht began to sink away, their life boat pulling away as quickly as it could.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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