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Sign Up Heavenly Kings [M-LVS]


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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]In Buddhism, it is said that there are four Heavenly Kings who rule over the Gods. They each guard an element, a season, and a compass point. They are the Shitenno: Jikokuten, the Blue Water King of the East; Zouchoten, the Red Fire King of the South; Koumokuten, the White Metal King of the West; and Tamonten, the Black Earth King of the North. The four are led by Tamonten, Lord of the Center, God of Thunder and War.

The Shitenno fight and destroy those that would harm the Earth and Mankind. They are ruthless in their destruction of the demons and monsters that attack humanity, and will protect their realm at all cost. In addition, they are also tied to the Ssu-Ling, or the Four Celestial Beasts. Jikokuten is tied to the Dragon, Seiryuu; Zouchoten is likened to the Phoenix, Suzaku; Koumokuten is similar to the tiger, Byakko; and Tamonten is the twin of the tortoise, Genbu.

Still, they are just Gods, just fairy tales. The Shitenno, those holy destroyers of the vile and wicked, are not real.

But the Heavenly Kings are.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]It was a time of darkness and peril for the Empire of the Setting Sun. Fierce, almost otherworldly warriors ravaged the lands and attacked the nations. They call themselves the Legendary Beast Clan, and they are assassins. Thousands have died, and far more suffered in the destruction. There seemed no hope for the people of the Empire, for the armies of the Emperor could do nothing against the terror.

However, the Emperor had a plan, a secret weapon against the monsters that he was loathe to use. Five other legendary warriors, legendary [I]assassins[/I], that had been banished to the four corners of the globe because when they were together, they were virtually indestructable. The Heavenly Kings. To the East was the mighty Dragon, master of Water; his lover, the wise Phoenix and queen of Flames, dwelled in the South; the fierce warrior and king of Metal, the Tiger, traveled to the West; and the level-headed Tortoise, silent lord of Earth, ventured to the North.

But there was a fifth Heavenly King. The most fearsome warrior of all. He did not vanish with the others when the Emporer banished them. No, he was to terrifying for the lords to dwell anywhere within the Empire. Instead, he was invited by the great Lord to dwell within the Central Palace of the Setting Sun. This Fifth King was lavished with attention and the finest things money could buy. He was offered servants, gold, the finest rooms and the most glorious possessions.

Yet the assassin desired none of this. Instead, he requested to dwell in the dungeons, chained to a wall. And that is where he has remained for the 5 years after the departure of the Heavenly Kings. The great Fifth King himself.

[I]War God Taishaku[/I].

And so, the Emperor finally made the decision to bring them together to fight the dark scourge. The Dragon, the Phoenix, the Tiger, the Turtle, and the legendary War God would stand side-by-side once again and clash with the violent Beasts. The Emperor offered them riches, wealth, and titles as the masters of great lands. Yet, these offers were all declined.

All they wanted was the fight.[/SIZE][/COLOR]


[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]The story of the Heavenly Kings begins with the arrival of an Impirial Messenger. The four shall journey across the land until they reach the Imperial City, where the four shall meet with eachother, Taishaku, and the Emperor. And, because just five characters is no way to have an RP work, there are the roles of the messengers, and the assassins can have a decipal or two if they so choose.

The Legendary Beast Clan is secretive, powerful, and devastating. They are led by the Council of Four, a dark group reminiscent of the Heavenly Kings. Some of the weaker warriors in the Clan may attack the Kings as they travel, but that is for you to decide. The Clan is made up of super-human warriors, each taking on the persona of an animal.

The world that this takes place in is similar to our world about 500 years ago. Technology is beginning to rise, with metals and explosives in high use. However, no electronics or anything. Travel is done on foot, on horseback, or via carraige. Think Feudal Era meets Mideval Europe- it's a mixture of those two. The North is a cold, barren wasteland. The East, an island-filled sea. The West is filled with hot, hellish mines and grimy, bustling metropolises. Lastly, the South is a lush and verdant jungle. The Emperor's city is clean, beautiful, and features the greatest technology and weapons.

Two Kings have been taken, and two are open. Taishaku is not being played - by me or any other. Well, at the moment, at least. The two open Kings are not first-come, first-serve; the best two sign-ups win. If someone wants to sign up as a Legendary Beast, they must [B]PM me about it.[/B]

Okay. On to the sign-up.

[B]Name:[/B] This is a primarily Eastern story, so Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. names, please.
[B]Age:[/B] The assassins are in their 20s/30s. Disciples should be younger. Messengers...eh, whatever you like, really.
[B]Gender:[/B] Simple
[B]Role:[/B] Messenger, Discpile of ____, or Dragon/Phoenix/Tiger/Tortoise
[B]Appearance:[/B] Pictures or solid description - both is even better.
[B]Weapon:[/B] No guns, energy swords, etc. Just swords, spears, axes, throwing stars, minor explosives...that kind of thing.
[B]Power:[/B] What does your person do? Water magic, fire breathing, super-human physical prowess...This does not apply to Messengers - their power is all political.
[B]Personality:[/B] How do they act, etc.
[B]Character Snippit:[/B] A few paragraphs about your person.
[B]Disciple?:[/B] For the Kings - want one?

I'll post my Sign-Up later, as the Dragon, Ginryuu. And I'll take a disciple, if anyone wants to be one.

Dragon - ULX/Disciple - Arcangel
Phoenix - Imi/Disciple - Retribution
Tiger -
Turtle - /Disciple - Hatake
Messenger (D) -
Messenger (P) -
Messenger (Tg) -
Messenger (Tt) - missrelena

Have fun, ladies and gents.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=2][color=Navy][color=Black][b]OOC:[/b] Let me know if I gotta change anything.[/color]
Name:[/b] Sakura Hiwatari

[b]Age:[/b] 25

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Role:[/b] Tiger

[b]Appearance:[/b] [url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she wears armour that looks like [url="http://heroes.ag.ru/the_gathering_storm/jpg/Harmonic_Chainmail.jpg"]this[/url](full armour not just chainmail) with legs instead of a skirt and make the sleeves longer, to her wrists.

[b]Weapon:[/b] [/color][/size][size=2][color=Navy][url="http://www.conqueronline.com/guide/images/tr.jpg"]Glaive[/url], it has a pair of little wings (like Sakura's sig. in CCS) on the green part between the red fabric strips. She also carries a [url="http://www.knifesite.com/fullsize/UC1258.jpg"]sword/katana[/url] and a whole load of [url="http://www.kasu-network.net/japon/9406213.jpg"]kunai[/url], [url="http://www.thefinerlife.com/images/knives/UC458_larg.jpg"]throwing knives[/url] and [url="http://www.shadowofleaves.com/shuriken5.jpg"]shuriken[/url] all in a pouch, each in a different sectioned-off area. No one knows why, but she always wears a [url="http://img47.imageshack.us/my.php?image=lorsaurongauntlet2fe.jpg"]clawed gauntlet[/url] on her each hand, she has great dexterity with them and can be careful, gentle and not cut anyone with the points when she wants to, often she only has the tips as points when she's fighting.

[/color][/size] [size=2][color=Navy] [b]Power:[/b] Sakura has superhuman strength and stamina, able to lift practically anything and run for a long time at a fast speed. She also knows a lot about weapons. Sakura's telekinetic and can control metal.

Sakura can bend metal to do her will, and can call metal to her, even if it only has a small trace of metal, she can affect it. [Like Magneto's power] If she needs a weapon desperately and there aren't any aroud, she sometimes searches into the ground and looks for traces of metal to form a blade of. No one else has her power as it is rare and a strong will is needed to be able to control it well.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sakura is well known in Japan, being of Japanese origin. She loves fighting and owns several dojos all over Japan that many people go to. Sakura has heard of practically every weapon that exists and knows about them. People can find Sakura easily in a crowd because she always wears armour and weapons unless she's resting at home.

She gets extremely excited at the chance to battle and will accept any challenge, no matter how outrageous it sounds, despite the odds. To everyone's amazement, she hasn't lost a single battle in her time, even when she faced a group of strong men with only herself.

Whenever Sakura's not messing around with weapons or metal, she enjoys playing the shakuhachi, she's very good and likes to lay about and play some soft, soothing melodies.

[b]Character Snippit:[/b] Sakura lounged between the boughes of the cherry blossom tree outside her house, she had her shakuhachi at her lips and was playing a light melody, she shifted her position and cringed, hearing the scrape of metal as her armour scraped against the wood. She heard the fast paced slapping of footsteps as someone ran over. She looked beneath her and recognised one of the students at the dojo, panting and banging on her door, calling her name. Sakura called out to him and he whirled around, looking about before looking up into the trees where he spotted her, seeing the shininess of her armour in the afternoon sun.

[b]"Douka shita no?" [/b]Sakura asked, he was breathing hard from running so it must have been urgent or important.

[b]"Hiwatari-sensei, there's a challenger for you at Central Dojo. He demands a fight with you immediately." [/b]he panted.

Sakura leapt from the tree as soon as she heard the word 'challenger'. She ran into her house and picked up her weapons from just inside the door, tying them onto her usual places, the pouch of projectiles on her right hip, the katana on her left hip and her glaive in her right hand. She ran outside again and told the student to rest, he whined because he wanted to see the battle, but she forced him to rest.

Sakura ran off in the direction of Central Dojo, she had many dojos, North, East, South, West and Central, each in their very positions of the large town indicated. Her breath was even as she sped along, she had a grin on her face because she would be fighting someone that hopefully had lots of experience and would give her a good challenge. She saw the dojo up ahead and ran faster.

She entered the dojo and saw that all of the people were waiting against one side of the room, all staring at the door anxiously. When Sakura entered, everyone grinned and started whispering quietly amongst themselves. She caught money being exchanged from hands of people and knew they had begun placing bets. Sakura walked forward and thumped the butt of the glaive against the wooden floors heavily, bringing silence. She looked around quickly, and spotted a large, muscled man who was loaded up with weapons. Sakura didn't recognise him so guessed that he was the challenger. She warily came over to him and looked him up and down carefully, trying to find weak points before the fight started.

[b]"So, I'm guessing you are the one who challenged me?" [/b]she asked.

[b]"Hai, it was I. I challenge you to a battle on poles. Assuming you have a pole pit since this is the most famous of all your dojos, Hiwatari-san."[/b] he said.

[b]"Indeed, prepare the pit!" [/b]she called to some of the helpers that stood against the wall with everyone else. They nodded, bowed and ran off. [b]"I see you know my name, what is yours?" [/b]she questioned, moving over to a bench and taking off her heavy boots, revealing dainty feet and toes.

[b]"Boku wa, Kobayashi Takeru desu." [/b]he bowed in the traditional way.

[b]"To do this formally. Watashi wa, Hiwatari Sakura desu. Welcome to Central Dojo, the finest of the five." [/b]she bowed after standing.

[b]"Hiwatari-sensei, the pit is ready." [/b]a helper said.

[b]"Arigatou. Kobayashi-san, if you would like to follow me." [/b]Sakura lead the group out of the room and through some hallways before they approached a door.

They entered and everyone saw the large pit with many poles sticking up from the ground. Sakura walked up to the edge and crouched before leaping high into the air, doing a somersault and landing with two feet on a pole in the centre of the pit.

[b]"Welcome to our pole pit, Kobayashi-san. There are benches over there so you may remove your footwear." [/b]she indicated to a wall with a bench lined against it.

He quickly took off his shoes and tentatively stepped onto the pole, testing its weight before putting his other foot on the pole beside it.

[b]"I will give you five minutes to stretch, prepare yourself, and get accustomed to my pit, then the battle will begin, whether you're ready or not. The rules are that if you fall from the poles, are in a death situation or give up, you lose the battle." [/b]Sakura announced, pulling up one leg and holding it against her bottom, stretching the muscles out.

Sakura carefully stretched out each muscle, watching her opponent tentatively move from pole to pole. She smirked, she loved when her opponents challenged her to a pole fight, she was the best at pole battles, easily moving quickly from poles. She counted the end of five minutes and charged forward quickly and silently, hopping.

Kobayashi was unaware and wavered before getting his balance. He swiftly drew his katana in a smooth motion and blocked the downward strike of her glaive. Sakura pushed down on him, pressing down and backwards, trying to push him off balance. Kobayashi shoved his strength upwards, tensing the muscles in his legs.

Sakura waited until the shift in strength, when he shifted all of his weight and strength into the up press. She pulled her glaive away smoothly and sliced him across the middle, cutting through his shirt and slicing the skin. Blood seeped out slowly and Sakura escaped, running across the poles. He glared across at her and swiped the blood away.

Sakura changed the blunt ends of her gauntlet into claws with a single thought and prepared herself for an attack. As she had thought, he started to charge in an attack, she noted that his footwork was weak and he struggled to keep his balance as he tried to run across. When he got close, she dodged his slash and swipe kicked his unstable ankle. He windmilled his arms wildly and fell backwards, falling into the pit. He grabbed the top of the pole weakly, dropping his katana to the bottom of the pit. Sakura hopped over to his pole and stepped on his hands strongly. She brought her katana down and pressed it against his throat.

[b]"Drop or give." [/b]she announced.

[b]"Drop. I need to get my katana anyways." [/b]he sighed.

[b]"There's a ladder on the wall that's closest to the side we came from." [/b]Sakura nodded, stepping off his hands. Before he fell he saw her flip away and the crowd roared at another of her victories.

[b]Disciple?:[/b] I don't mind having one ^_^
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[COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=1]OOC: I think it's about time, I join up on a RP again.
It's about 5 A.M. so please excuse me if things do not make sense.

[b]Name:[/b] Hado, Kyung-Sung ( Japanese/Korean )
[b]Nickename:[/b] Kyung or Sung or Kyu
[b]Age:[/b] Nineteen
[b]Gender:[/b] Male
[b]Role:[/b] Disciple of Tortise. ( Hope you don't mind whoever chooses to play thee. )

[b]Appearance:[/b] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/Hataki/Misc/7c40722c.jpg]Click-eth[/URL]
Kyung-Sung stands to be about 5'8'' - 6'0''. He has brown messy hair, which sometimes covers his light hazel eyes. On one ear he wears earcuffs made of silver.
On his fingers he wears bandaged rings to reduce any damage to his finger during battle, while his gloves protect his hands. On his left side, there hangs his Haidong Jingum. On his right side lays the hara kiri tanto. Which means alot to him for some reason.

[URL=http://www.kultofathena.com/images%5CHK8825_l.jpg]Hara Kiri Tanto[/URL]
[URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v144/Hataki/Misc/e15a421c.jpg]Haidong Jingum[/URL]

Still under the trainning of the Tortise, he has not yet learned to much.
Though the basics have been caught down. Being able to break up rocks and soil, and turn them into a weapon. Causing earthquakes at the stomp of his foot, along with seals. Strong winds caused by the movement of his hands.
With this kind of power and techniques he can be as chaotic as his master.

Kyung-Sung is a quiet boy. He likes to keep his opinion to himself, trying to avoid certain conflicts. If you would like to spark up a conversation with you, you must be the one to carry it on. Just because one doesn't talk much, it doesn't mean he doesn't like you. Infact, he may just care about you.

He cares for his (master/mistress) much, he will not fight back against his (master/mistress). He will follow his every word. Devoted. Is one word that can describe Kyung-Sung.
He's not much of a everybody person, so he won't come to your side if you really don't need it.

He's not one for battle. Although he will go up and compete if needed. He's sort of an independent character. But he will accept help if he thinks it's needed. During battle he does things a little strategically, like most battle taticians.

He is proud to be under one of the Heavenly Kings for years.
As long as he dies for his (master/mistress), he will die peacefully and happily...

[b]Character Snippit:[/b]

A breeze combed through Kyung's hair. The ship continued sailing north. Up to the land of where Tamonten had settled down.
As the shipped docked Kyung skimmed through the crowd of gathered up people. And noticed a calm cool man, sitting down on a bench. Acting as if the crowd was nothing.

[b]"That must be him... Kiyoshi Kozue."[/b] He thought to himself. He jumped off the ship and landed on one knee infront of the stranger.
[b]"It is an honor, Kozue-sama..."[/b] He said as he bowed his head.
The man smiled, looked at Kyung and nodded.

[b]"Shall we start trainning then?"[/b] Kozue had said as he stood.

[b]"Postively Sensei. Show me your mystical ways.[/b]

Kozue wasn't even all that old. Kyung was expecting an old grouchy man with bags under his eyes from the lack of sleep. Kozue seemed only to be a couple years older than him.

Kyung followed Kozue up to a somewhat isolated area from the rest. He looked around seeing mounds of dirt, scattered rocks, and ruined soil. This was indeed the work of his master.

[b]"Now, start trainning."[/b]

His mind stopped at the moment, he got confused. What was he suppose to do...? Without no specific direction he'd end up learning nothing at all.

[b]"Do what Kozue-Sama..."[/b]

[b]"But of course, controlling your earth elements... Become one, with the wind."[/b]

Kozue grunted as he sent a strong gust at Kyung with only the movement of his hands. How exactly was he able to do that, a strong gust made by the swift movement of his hands. It seemed impossible.

[b]"Kozue-sama. Please, help me find... Find the things I have not yet found..."[/b] Kyung got on his knees and bowed his head.

[b]"What's that...?"[/b]

[b]"My faith, and inner strength. Without these two things... I don't think I can do anything...[/b] Kozue let out a little chuckle then nodded.
[b][i]"It's a start..."[/i][/b]
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[COLOR=#F84E20][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Ibashin'en Shakaku (Surname, forename)
[B]Age:[/B] 24
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Role: [/B] Phoenix

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://www.dreamworldstudio.net/manga/transcendence/transcendence_tassia.html]Shakaku[/URL]
Usually seen in those very bright and elaborate clothes, Shakaku was deeply angered when she was banished to the Southern lands, her glorious clothing taken from her to be replaced by a brown and drab dress. She had to cover her hair and make herself seem normal in the humid temperatures of the jungle lifestyle. Now, the young woman is making every effort to stand out as much as she possibly can, with golden bangles and earrings hanging from her tan skin.

Her expression is usually one of seriousness or anger, her deep blue pupils taking on a much darker hue as her rage builds up. When in battle, her eyes blaze red with an angry fire and her skin flushes with the heat of her attacks. Shakaku has always had naturally rosy lips and for this reason she finds no reason to wear any kind of make-up, no matter how simple, to enhance her exotic features.

A proud and strong woman, Shakau always has excellent posture and walks with her shoulders squared and chest forward, a confident show if there ever was one. From her skill with her weapon and her agile movements, Shakaku has a well toned but full-figured build and walks with a natural sway in her step. Many people think she is a dancer because of her graceful movement.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Shakaku uses a complicated weapon, applying the ball and chain idea. She developed the weapon herself and had it made by an excellent Japanese blacksmith when she was still training at the age of 14. The weapon came from the idea of a Mace, with the ball attached to a chain. This weapon instead has a centre bar for Shakaku to hold with two extendable chains coming out of either side. On the end of each chain is a small but dense lead ball, about five centimetres in diameter. The weapon isn't heavy to lift, but extremely hard to control once it picks up momentum. With the speed Shakaku is able to wield the weapon, each ball carries immense force and could easily crush a skull or snap a bone. The weapon takes a lot of effort and Shakaku becomes tired if she has to use it for too long, usually swapping between using it and her Pyrokenisis powers. The chains are able to go back into the centre bar so that the weapon can be belted to Shakaku's side when it isn't being used. She is currently trying to discover a material that will be able to sustain heat so she can charge her power through it.

[B]Power:[/B] Pyrokenisis--Shakaku can manifest fire in the palms of her hands, throwing these fire-balls a great distance. If they are heated enough, the balls of fire will explode on contact or cause the very earth to melt with the intense heat. She is also able to encase her whole body in flames, acting as a shield against most attacks. She is resistant to fire and thrives in heat.

[B]Personality:[/B] While a serious person on the outside, Shakaku is by no means cold or horrible. She warms to people quickly, sometimes in more ways than one, but has a hard time expressing how she feels towards them unless she knows them very well. She is, however, an excellent judge when it comes to people's character and knows when and when not to trust someone. She still doesn't quite understand how she ended up with Ginryuu.

Shakaku doesn't share many secrets and has become known as a mysterious woman in the area she now resides, annoying the women and enticing the men without even trying. She only travels into the village when she needs supplies, now, as she hasn't been welcomed very warmly.

Shakaku hasn't grasped the art of humour all that well and is one of those people who is funny without trying to be, usually gaining laughs from her disciple when she makes a sarcastic remark or comes back with a short and fiery reply to something a villager shouts to her. She is, on the whole, a proud, confident and determined woman with a fiery spirit. She will never go down without a fight and will die for those who she holds dear, even if she won't ever admit it.

[B]Character Snippet:[/B]
[B]"Come now, Keiji! We must make haste if we wish to make it to the village before night fall! Kami-sama knows I'm not staying there for the night..." [/B] Shakaku halted her horse and turned to see just where her disciple had gotten himself into. She hadn't heard his horse for a while now but assumed that he had dropped behind as he was daydreaming. Now she saw him, reaching up into a tree to try and grab an apple.

The redheaded woman rolled her eyes and trotted over to Keiji, arm still outstretched for the enticing fruit.[B] "You'll strain yourself." [/B] she said flatly, almost frightening the teen from his steed's back.

[B]"Shakaku-sama!"[/B] he gasped, clutching his horse?s reins with both hands. [B]"I'm sorry, but I was hungry..." [/B] he looked down with the look of a young child who had been caught stealing from the cookie-jar. Shakaku sighed again and let her horse carry on it's way to the village, Keiji falling into step behind her.

Eventually the pair reached the village, Shakaku having already lifted her hood up despite the awful humidity in the dank and heavy evening air. Keiji always thought it was a shame that Shakaku had to hide her brilliant hair; it wasn't fair that the village women went out of their way to drive her away every time they came into town. It was a wonder she even came today, but they needed a lot of supplies and one horse wouldn't have been enough.

So bravely on they went, Keiji entering a shop to order the supplies while Shakaku minded the horses, keeping her face and hair out of sight. She looked down at the pendant Ginryuu had given her not so long ago and sighed deeply, her need for him seeming to grow deeper every day.

[I]'Not long now, love'[/I] she thought, [I]'Just please be patient enough to wait.'[/I]

[B]Disciple?:[/B] If anyone feels up to it. ^_~

The rest will be completed later.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[color=#000099][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Reijin Tetsuya (Surname, Given Name)
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Role:[/B] Disciple of Dragon

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/Reizou/enix02.jpg]Tetsuya[/URL]
Tetsuya stands at 6' and is muscular. His hair is spiked and is quite long, seeing as he rarely cuts it on the island, and it is silver. His eyes are an aquatic blue, though his hair usually covers them. He wears a pair of [URL=http://www.people.virginia.edu/~ty2a/archive/Bleach-01-01-50.png]dark blue robes[/URL] with the sleeves ripped off at his shoulders. He also wears a dark blue bandanna that he covers his left eye.

[I]Gauntlets-[/i] Tetsuya wears a pair of gauntlets that were specially crafted by Jikokuten. The gauntlets are thinner than most, and look more like metal gloves with claws. The metal these gauntlets are made from is amazingly light, but remarkably strong and powerful. There is also a shard of glass in the palm of each gauntlet which Tetsuya can manipulate into a weapon.

[I]Explosives/Shuirkens/Throwing Knives-[/I] At his side he has two pouches. One for minor explosives, and one for ninja stars and throwing knives.

[I]Enhanced Strength-[/I] Tetsuya is remarkably powerful, and could put most men to shame in a fist fight. His strength is helpful for doing chores around the island.

[I]Water Elemental Magic-[/I] Tetsuya can control and manipulate water efficiently, and can even create rune symbols using water. His only are that needs perfecting is the creation of water. He's slowly grasping the concept, so it's become less strenuous, but it stills takes a toll on his body.

[B]Personality:[/B] Tetsuya is a born warrior. He loves the thrill of battle, the thrill of meeting a worthy adversary, and the thrill of two blades colliding. He is by no means bloodthirsty, and feels no bloodlust. He doesn't enter many fights with intentions of ending his opponent's life, but merely to enjoy the battle. Only when Jikokuten orders him to assassinate someone as part of his training does he enter without his normal state of mind.

Though he doesn't come across as anything but a battle junkie, he's actually a very kind, protective person. He cares deeply for his master, and is greatly appreciative that he has allowed him to come underneath his wing and learn to become almost as powerful as him. He is a protector of those less powerful on the island, for he cannot allow wrong deeds to go unpunished. He'll quickly come to the aid of those who need assistance.

But he isn't a blind fool who will run to the aid of everyone. He knows when the characters he's dealing with are flaky, and he isn't easily fooled or manipulated. He has a very strong will and doesn't take orders from anyone, save Jikokuten. Tetsuya does have a weak spot though. Women. He can't say no to a pretty face. Luckily, it hasn?t gotten him into much trouble, but it probably will.

[B]Character Snippit:[/B] [B]"No damn it! You're doing it wrong!"[/B]

Tetsuya collapsed onto the ground, panting, and breathing heavily. He felt a sharp kick to his side from Jikokuten. His master was obviously growing impatient. They had started their daily training, and today's area was the creation of water. Tetsuya was grasping the concept, but still failed to do so. Jikokuten sighed and helped his disciple up.

[B]"You're still thinking of this the wrong way. You understand that you must summon it from within you, but I still see you flexing your muscles. This in no way has anything to do with physical strength! You're putting stress on yourself for no reason. Now! Try again."[/B] Tetsuya grimaced and looked at his master.

[B]"Can't we do this some other time, Jikokuten-sa~ama? I'm exhausted..."[/B] Jikokuten kicked his disciple in the leg.

[B]"Don't try to sweet talk me, fool. If you're to incompetent to master this I'll find another disciple..."[/B] Tetsuya grumbled under his breath and held his leg. [I]I've heard that one a couple million times...but it always works.[/I] He straightened himself out and then held his hands in front of his chest, about a foot apart. Jikokuten nodded.

[B]"Now, concentrate. Exactly as I told you."[/B] Tetsuya focused. Images fled into him mind. He could see the vast, beautiful ocean that surrounded the island, the waterfall that was located right by their house. He loved it all, and was completely in tune with them. He could almost feel the water flow from the ocean and the waterfall into him. He smiled.

Suddenly there was only barren land. A wasteland if you will, devoid of aquatic life. The land was burning, dying. Tetsuya grimaced again. How horrid... He could still feel the ocean inside of him, though. But he needed to get it out, out where it was needed. He concentrated on allowing the water to flow free. He then heard a laugh from before him. Jikokuten's voice filled his ears.

[B]"You did it!"[/B] Tetsuya opened his eyes and grinned. There was an orb of water floating between his palms. He laughed happily and did a little jig. He then began manipulating the water, transforming it into the shape of a sword, an axe, a spear, and then back o an orb. Jikokuten put his hand on Tetsuya?s shoulder.

[B]"You've done well. But you're training for today has only started. Now, you must fight me."[/B] Tetsuya's jaw dropped.


[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] Grr...I'm frustrated. I had it all typed up and then it switched to another page. When I went back all of it was gone, so I had to start again from scratch. I hope everything's in order, ULX.
[B]EDIT:[/B] I changed Tetsuya's main weapon and age.[/SIZE]
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Name: Yen Xi Li

Age: 21

Gender: Girl!

Role: Messenger to the Turtle

Appearance: Picture below - the girl silly. She is petite, only 5'1" tall, but cruvy in all the right places. She has long, straight, blue-black hair and unusual blue eyes. She is lythe and slim and moves very quickly. She usually wears the elaboratly layered formal attire while in court, but simplifies things while traveling in her capacity as an Impirial Messenger.

Weapon: Bamboo staff

Power: politics, politics, politics.

Personality: It is very unusual for the Emperor to entrust a mission such as this to a woman, but Xi Li is used to being an exception to the rule where that is concerned. She is the only child of the general of the Impirial Forces. Her mother died giving birth to her, and since her father had no use for a girl she was raised as if she were male.

She is strong minded and strong willed -- not afraid to voice her opinion when it is asked for. She does not condone falsehoods of any kind, not even the polite white lies that most seem to find imperative when dealing with the royal court. The Emperor finds her honestly refreshing.

She is not, however, unaware of womanly arts. She would have been eaten alive in court if she had been. She will walk softly and speak only when spoken to when the need for such manners is great. She can cook, clean and embroider decently, but that is not where her heart truly lay. She rides like the wind, fights like lion, and defies anyone who treats her differently because she's a girl. She's loyal and dependable and loves a challenge.

Character Snippit:

"General Yen, bring your daughter before me." the emperor commanded.

"Yes, your imperial magesty." the general responded. "She is here." Stepping aside, he revealed his daughter, small in stature with her eyes cast demurly downward. She bowed deeply and remained bent over as her emperor looked over her.

"Child, I know you chafe at such restraints. Rise and look upon me." The emperor smirked at the muttering that flowed and rippled like a river through his court at the permission he had just granted a mere woman. It did them good to be shocked every so often.

"You honor me." Xi Li whispered and raised her eyes obediently.

"I will honor you more. I have a mission for you, whom I trust." he continued. "Our great realm is in need of saviors. Your father's men are truely great warriors. But they are just men, and with such foes as have been barking at our gates, we have need of something more than mortal men.

Those whom we seek have been scattered and must be found. I have already dispatched others. You are the last. Return home and pack the things you will need for a long and fast journey. A letter and your instructions will find you there. You shall be my legs and mouth. Do not fail me in your search."

Xi Li bowed deeply again. "I am greatly honored by your trust. I will not let such honor fall to failure." Sedately she walked backwards across the chamber, never turning her back on the emperor. Once she was out of the room, however, she wheeled around and sprinted for the palace's front door, a huge smile spread wide across her face. She was going on her first true adventure! She didn't care where it took her, as long as she could be herself -- completely free for the first time in her life.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Miyamoto Keiji (last, first)

[B]Age:[/B] 17

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Role:[/B] Disciple of Phoenix (hope you don?t mind, Imi)

[B]Appearance:[/B] [url=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=7&pos=19][link][/url] (Man on the left side of the picture)

Keiji is average height, but relatively light for his stature. However, his toned body makes up for the lack in body mass, producing swift swings, sure steps, and curiously high endurance. His eyes are dark brown, several shades heavier than his lightly tanned skin. Keiji emits a noticeable aura several degrees higher than body temperature, but can only be felt when coming in close quarters with him, and can be mistaken for a fever.

[B]Weapon:[/B] [url=http://www.angelsword.com/photos/oriental/bm113-717c.jpg][link][/url]
Keiji wields a [I]katana[/I] in his right hand and [I]kodachi[/I] in his left hand (The hilt shown in the picture is identical for the both blades). It is a style that promotes the parry speed of the dual-wielder, and aims to quickly penetrate ones defenses. Keiji's weapons are unique, with a high density and conductivity to allow small amounts of his energy to go down his blade. Consequentially, his blades are also very strong and near impossible to break.

[B]Power:[/B] Keiji?s power has developed differently than his mistress? distance throwing capabilities, and instead has been fonder of closer-range arts. Like his mistress, he has the power of pyrokinesis, and summons forth fire through his palms. However, he discharges slightly larger, hotter balls of fire that a shorter distance than his mistress?. He can deflect short blasts of even water, by generating a short-lived heat shield that vaporizes the liquid into a gaseous state. All of his efforts fatigue him to a degree more noticeable than his mistress, but tireless training and full-fledged efforts have been slowly closing the gap.

[B]Personality:[/B] Sharply contrasting with his elemental ability, Keiji?s head is undeniably cool, and his actions well thought out. Even under stressed situations, Keiji remains calm, reasoning, planning, strategizing ever step of the way. He is dedicated to whatever he sets his mind to, and works tirelessly to improve and hear the words ?Good job.?

Off the field of battle, Keiji does not like to take risks, and tries is utmost to cater to his mistress. She had once explained to him that if she were displeased with him, she could send him away, his training incomplete, and that warning was all he needed. He rarely leaves her side, and always tries to think if his actions would make her proud.

[B]Character Snippit:[/B] (I got into this... sorry if it's too long.)

Sweat ran down his face, soaking his cloak?s neckline. He spared no instant to wipe his brow, for that was all the time it took to lose a battle. His eyes were dead-set on his mistress? soft face and relaxed features. The wind gently shook the trees, stirring the stagnant silence hanging over the pair.

And in a blink of an eye, she was upon him in full flow. A massive orb of fire rocketed towards him, nearly impossible to block with his current skill. He flipped to the right, focusing fire into his fist as he did so. He had no time to think ? one, three, five blows to Keiji?s exposed chest sent him spinning across the dirt ground, kicking up slight clouds of dust in his wake. He gasped for a breath as he hurtled his fireball towards his oncoming mistress. It was only enough to singe her left shoulder, the main blow was deflected from a shield she had cast forth in mere instants.


[B]?You?ll figure it out,?[/B] striking her disciple violently in the face on her last word. He drew at lightening speed, lopping off the fist that had landed a blow, with his kodachi. Or he thought he had cleaved her fist off. She was behind him, and a fireball?s heat was gnawing at his back. He flipped backwards, unleashing a fury of flares towards her. She blocked most, but one landed a direct hit on her right shin. He landed behind her, immediately stabbing at her back. The initial pain of his fire had nearly been enough to delay her the second it would?ve taken for him to win the duel. She flipped forwards, away from Keiji and fired a blast behind her to keep him at bay. It was a clear miss.

Keiji was already to the side of it, and threw his kodachi at Shakaku?s neck. It approached her quickly, cutting a red line across the nape of her neck. Immediately it began to burn uncontrollably. She twitched in pain, and spun to face Keiji. Gone again. She had taught him well.

[b]?AHHHHRRRG?[/b] He mustered all his strength, firing a fireball that encased all his power, all his reserves, all his will to rise again. The vocal noise provided enough warning for Shakaku to block her entire body with a shield of fire. The two entities clashed, sending sparks flying and huge plumes of smoke into all directions. He heard a scream of pain, followed by the sound of a fierce fire being blown out, and wondered if it was his soul. He shut his eyes, letting darkness encompass his fatigued body and spent energy. He awoke on a rough cot, his wounds properly bandaged and his mistress mending his kodachi.

[b]?Keiji, you nearly ruined your kodachi with that queen?s gambit of yours. What were you thinking??[/b] She sounded irritated, speaking over the sound of metal grinding.

[b]?I was thinking that? it was my only way to even have a chance. It was reckless, but without that distraction, I wouldn?t have had the chance to square off with your fire shield. My apologies, Ms. Ibashin'en.?[/b] He was downcast, and felt a new wave of pain and soreness wash over him to greet the new disappointment of failing his mistress. Again.

[b]?But it was a grandly calculated risk?oh, don?t try to stand!?[/b] Keiji was shaking off the covers, but quickly followed the orders issued to him. [b]?Like I was saying, it paid off well, and I?m glad you realize you had to sacrifice something to have even the remote chance of beating me. Unfortunately, you only ended up causing me pain.?[/b]

[b]?I'm very sorry.?[/b]

[b]?You are forgiven.?[/b] The grinding began again, filling the hot room with overwhelming sound.

[b]?May I go? back? and train again? I want to be better, and somehow I only have scars to show my failure. I want some to show triumph.?[/b] He pulled off a few bandages, and saw burn marks that would?ve permanently disfigured a regular person?s skin. He gritted his teeth as he put on comfortable clothes, being careful not to arouse too much pain from his wounds.

[b]?No. You heal now ? you?re not learning anything involving muscles today. Today takes your brain.?[/b] He nodded eagerly, relieved to have something to remove his discouragement. She stopped sharpening his kodachi, and pulled out Go. She had explained to him many a time that the movements and strategies within the game mimicked that of swordplay. Intently, he stared as the pieces clattered onto the wooden board.[/SIZE]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1][B]Name: [/B] Ginryuu Jikokuten (Surname, Given Name), goes by Ginryuu, though.
[B]Age:[/B] 25
[B]Gender:[/B] Male
[B]Role:[/B] Dragon

Ginryu stands at a fairly impressive 5'11", with a leanly muscular physique that leaves him strong, but very fast and agile at the same time. His build is well suited for his focus on movement and fluidity, without much mass to get in the way. His long hair is a soft silver color, and reaches down to about his shoulders. However, he usually keeps it tied back in a ponytail so it stays out of his brilliant green eyes. Numerous scars trace his body, but none cross his handsome face. A blue dragon, much like his nickname, lays coiled along his spine.

[URL=http://hyung-taekim.org/displayimage.php?album=15&pos=7]Ginryuu's Outfit[/URL]
However, Ginryuu's clothes are more of a dark, royal blue than black, and the fur ruff is absent, being instead a simple collar. However, his most notable item of clothing is the necklace that he wears at all times. Resembling a silver dragon coiled around a blue-green heart, it is forged of a rare gem and is highly valuable. Ginryuu wears it at all times, though, not because of its monetary worth, but instead because it was given to him by Shakaku. He gave her a similar one, being a red bird clutching a ruby heart in its wings.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Ginryuu's favored weapon is his katana, which he forged himself. The blade is imbued with unnatural durability and sharpness, and has taken on a blue-green color. The blade is slightly waved for an increased bite. The hilt resembles a snake-like dragon slithering away from the blade, then bending around to bite itself, forming the guard from its own maw. The loop created by the silver dragon forms an even greater grip than normal.

Ginryuu is known for being able to create weapons from ice, as well, so that even if he loses his favorite blade, he can still fight on with swords, shields, and shuriken.

[I]Water Elemental Magic[/I] - Ginryuu is the unrivaled master of Water, and can manipulate the element in all its forms. From fierce torrents of water, to hot jets of steam, to glittering shards of ice, to grand tsunamis, Ginryuu uses his power to its fullest. He favorite techniques focus on the rapid creation of liquid water, but he also enjoys whipping around blades of ice and forming hard, crystaline shields. Water may not seem the strongest of forces, but Ginryuu has turned it into a deadly weapon.

[I]"Dragon Boost"[/I] - Though his water magic is his greatest weapon, it is not Ginryuu's sole trick. His Dragon Boost, as he calls it, increases his physical attributes for a short time, turning him into something of a juggernaut. He gains strength comparable to three men, his skin becomes as hard as stone, and he increases in both speed and reaction time. Though this is an incredibly convinient move, it places immense stress on Ginryuu's body, so he chooses to only use it in a pinch.

[B]Personality:[/B] The legendary Blue Dragon is said to be the protector of the Emperor in China, and the guardian of all the Empire. Ginryuu is quite similar, being a warrior devoted to saving his allies from harm when the need arises. If a comrade is in danger, Ginryuu is selfless, always leaping in to take their blows and keep them from death's door.

Outside of battle, however, Ginryuu is far from steadfast and devoted. His three greatest passions are women, gambling, and music, and he persues each with equal fervor. The island upon which he now resides is fully accostomed to his skirt-chasing ways, the women either brushing off his advances in good humor, or giving in to his handsome face and charming nature. He is a natural born lady-killer, but must be careful, lest he be killed by his TRUE lady, Shakaku.

When not training or chasing women, Ginryuu is engaged in one of three activities - playing his shamisen, at which he is quite accomplished; playing in one of the islands gaming halls, and often winning; or sleeping. His gambling habits are often sated with mahjong or hanafuda, and his tendency to win a lot makes him less than well-liked by other common gamblers. His music, however, gains him much in the way of good favour, particularly with young women.

[B]Character Snippit:[/B] A cool breeze whipped through the lush green trees that dotted the island, the soft smell of flowers and sea-water mingling with the delicious scent of roasting fish. The sun was warm and bright, the sky clear and bright blue, and the wind cool and refreshing. It was a perfect day on the so-called Island of Seiryuu, and gave Ginryuu good reason to smile.

The crisp sound of his shamisen mingled with the soft whisper of rustling leaves, the slow tune whisping down into the small town, the people smiling slightly as they heard the music. When Ginryuu had appeared five years ago, they thought of him as a fierce, feral warrior. Now, they knew him for what he really was - a lazy skirt-chaser who happened to be unnaturally good with a sword.

He generally didn't do much around the village, but that was fine. He kept the young men busy by teaching them to use a sword when they weren't doing their chores, letting the adults get on with their lives a little more. In addition, his powers over water had provided numerous services, ranging from a consistent amount of fresh water, to hot springs, to a man who catches fish with his bare hands.

As he continued to pluck the strings of his instrument, Ginryuu looked up to heavens, sighing softly.

[B]"Where is that student of mine?"[/B] he murmured, voice fluid and calm. [B]"I've been waiting an hour for that kid."[/B]

[B]"Oi, Jikokuten-sa~ma!"[/B]

Ginryuu chuckled softly and turned to face the silver-haired teen who was running up the dirt path. He was slightly flushed, and Ginryuu thought he detected the slight smell of perfume. He grinned slightly, long fingers still curled around the neck of the shamisen that sat in his lap. Tetsuya stopped in front of his master, and paused to catch his breath.

[B]"I'm very sorry, Master, I was..."[/B]

[B]"...With a young woman from town, no doubt. Ah, well, I can understand. I'll just add one lap around the island instead of the usual five to your normal training."[/B]

Tetsuya's face faltered slightly, but Ginryuu was distracted, finishing the tune with a flourish. He sat for a moment, last sounds from his instrument fading in the winds before turning to his disciple, smiling slightly.

[B]"Well? Start running."[/B]

Tetsuya sighed and turned, preparing to do the first of ten laps around the island - no, eleven. It was already looking out to be a long, long day.

[B]Disciple?:[/B] But of course.

I have a disciple already...nice. All the sign-ups look good so far, especially yours, Arcangel and Retribution. I'll have to wait for Sakura and Imi to finish theirs before I can pass judgement on them, but you other four are looking pretty dang good. Now, we just need a Tortoise and a couple more messengers and we're set.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=#E3170D][B]Name-[/B] Bao Xu, he is also known as the Grim Reaper.
[B]Age-[/B] 31 years of age
[B]Gender-[/B] Male
[B]Role-[/B] Legendary Beast Clan Assassin

[B]Appearance-[/B] [URL=http://img94.imageshack.us/img94/2059/crazyset8mz.jpg]Bao Xu[/URL] appears to be a small built man who is lanky and without strength but looks can deceive when they are of the Legendary Beast Clan. Though Bao Xu may appear small and unfit for battle, he is by far one of the greatest that the Clan has and will put into battle. His demeanor may seem demure but his actions are louder than he for he believes that if one has words greater than his head, his head will be the first to fall but should one have words equal to what he does, then he may be spared.

Temperamental but also humble, one would think that Bao Xu was an aristocratic member of a royal family. He has a posture and demeanor of a noble man but with his scars, it would place a deathly scare upon those who would first meet him.

He is seen wearing an intricate outfit with a panther that replaces the dragon and orchids that replace what appears to be a bonsai tree. He also wears a black robe over his clothes at the appropriate times for it replicates the robes that the Shi-Tien Yen-Wang would wear. Albeit, Bao Xu wears clothes, he can constantly be seen with new sets of scars everyday. One does not know what Bao Xu does on his own time or in the room he excludes himself into.

[B]Weapon-[/B] Like most of the Legendary Beasts, Bao Xu uses an assortment of weapons. He is taught in the ways of tanto-jitsu, the forgotten art of knife throwing and knife defense, as well as taijutsu- hand-to-hand combat, dakentaijutsu, jutaijutsu, and several other styles of jutsu. He also uses forbidden arts of ninjutsu that was passed down from his predecessor to him.

Among his weapons, though, he uses a [URL=http://ecmas.com/Ornamental%20Weapons/1769.jpg]Twin Hook Sword[/URL] that hooks together and can be swung like a projectile. This is a weapon that can be charged with his shadow powers, making it create waves of darkness or bolts. The extent of this is undetermined but used correctly, the Twin Hook Sword can become a terrible weapon. He also uses a pouch filled [URL=http://www.hdmartialart.com/prodimages/wsweapons/doubledagger.jpg]poisoned kunai[/URL] that have a hidden compartment in the hilt used for many different things and a cross bow and a quiver filled with poisoned arrows.

For many different situations, Bao Xu has many different weapons. Though he may have many weapons, he is fonder of taijutsu for the contact with the opponent, the thrill of defeating and killing is something that excites him and fills him with adrenaline.

[B]Power-[/B] Ultimately, Bao Xu is the greatest weapon that mankind has yet to see. He has the strength ten-folded by a thousand mass, an agility that outruns even the fastest creature, a mind so ravenous that it can devour any information given unto him, and his stealth is like that of a chameleon, always adapting to its environment, never seen, heard, or known. He also takes on the certain attributes of a cat, the claws and quick reflexes, as well as their impeccable enhanced senses.

His knowledge gains new information and holds it well and in essence, he is able to calculate a man?s mass, speed, and amount of power he is able to output within a matter of seconds, albeit, he cannot calculate a man?s attacks. Yet, Bao Xu is able to wield any weapon comfortably and use it to his own advantage, for he is a master of weaponry and his hands are made to wield any weapon or object that he picks up.

Other than the fact that Bao Xu is a super human prowess that surpasses almost any thing ?normal?, he is surely a force to be reckoned but he also has powers that are quite abnormal and unusual. He possesses powers that all coincide with each other but sometimes differ.

The first of his powers is the power of telepathy, where Bao Xu is able to create illusions of one?s fear and desire, manifesting them to life. Along with that, he is able to read one?s mind as well as hypnotize them, almost ?forcing? them to do as he pleases to a certain degree. The more general effect of his telepathy gives him the ability to remember nearly everything that he has seen or heard and even use telepathic ?probing? if you will. It permits Bao Xu so listen or view one?s thoughts, but he can only hold it for such a time. This power is one of his weakest and can wear him out easily if he channels too much.

Bao Xu?s strongest power is the element of shadow. With this element, he is known as the lord of darkness, using and bending the element to his own will. Creating weapons from the shadows to walking in the shadows, these are not the only tricks that Bao Xu has up his sleeves. He is able to manipulate the shadow and create portals, weapons, objects; almost devise anything from the shadow just to fit his needs. Whether it be a defensive move or an offensive attack, Bao Xu?s shadow control has become dangerous and lethal, a power that is filled with such violence.

[B]Personality-[/B] Bao Xu is a man who is slightly psychotic, twisted if you may. He is a sadistic, quick-witted, and abnormal masochist who derives from the pleasure of pain and torment. He despises many things and favors very little, though if something appealing came across him, he would find every detailed fault or flaw in that person, place, or thing. Often is he depicted to be cutting himself or torturing his own body either for the pleasure or one does not know why he does such a thing.

One of the very few things that Bao Xu is fond of is fighting. It is something that he lives for and loves fighting until death. He does not believe that fighting determines one?s strength or courage but merely their strategies and how quick they react to their environment and their opponent. It is merely a mind game as well as a body game that one must learn to understand and desire a will to win. That would be his other fond thing, a desire. There are many things that man does just for the desire of something. He may give off all of his money just to win a single game of cards or even give away his wife for a new one. Even so, it is desire that intrigues him so and it is desire that feeds him the power to do what he must in a world filled with weak souls and minds that cannot take on the full extent of a desire.

Bao Xu may be vicious man that most would never cross path with but he cannot be mistaken for the work that he has done. Unlike most people, he is well respected but also feared, and even more, he is treated as a leader not a follower. Though he may be slightly insane, Bao Xu still has half of a right mind that thinks clearer than most and has eyes that can see into the souls of others, judging them for who they really are. He may not seem passable but his actions speak louder than words and in spite of all that is about him, one cannot judge too quickly.

The panther, a great and vigorous creature that isolates itself from a pride or pack of other creatures is the animal that Bao Xu takes on the persona of. It is a rogue that teaches itself the hardships of survival and life through learning from their mistakes. The panther, to him, says many a great deal but in few words or less. It is associated with strength and honor, as well as pride and dignity. It is also associated with enigma and esoteric ways that most cannot comprehend. The panther is creature than can meander but never falters its path though it may be detoured. It has the ability to understand many aspects and even then is it still a mysterious creature in the end.

[B]Character Snippet-[/B] With the eyes of a maniacal man, Bao Xu stayed hidden in the brush. He watched the Emperor?s soldiers rest their feet and the horses, knowing that they had to move forward soon, if they did not want to be caught in a bout with any unfortunate people on the road. The soldiers had an unwary movement about them. They were more or less concerned with the heat than they were with other people. The horses, on the other hand, sensed someone around them but the soldiers didn?t listen to their pounding feet or their trembling bodies.

??Tis time to depart from our resting point. I believe the horses are rested as are we. Come, let us leave this place.?

?Leave, you shall not.? Bao Xu?s voice sounded but his figure was nowhere to be seen. The soldiers unsheathed their swords and readied themselves for any attack that should come. ?Let?s play. I?ve become tired of cutting away at a poor and unfortunate passerby?s.?

?Who are you?! I command you to show yourself!? When Bao Xu didn?t appear himself before the soldiers, the commanding officer grew impatient yet wary. ?I said come out!?

?Should I come out, your life will end in one quick moment. But... if that is your ?command?, then show myself, I shall.?

With a menacing laugh, Bao Xu covered the area in which the soldiers occupied with what appeared to be darkness. The soldiers? feet scurried in their place but what they couldn?t see was the scarred man standing before them with eyes of a maniacal man filled with desire to torture and to find pleasure in pain. They couldn?t see Bao Xu, the notorious Grim Reaper, who was known to either slowly kill his victims or let them find their own death.

Feeling bored, Bao Xu moved with the shadow and with his twin hook swords, he slashed the soldier, causing them to cry out in pain, panicking the others into finding Bao Xu or trying to find a way out of the darkness. This caused a bit of liking to Bao Xu and encouraged him more to gather the soldiers together and slash away at their bodies, bloodying the ground they stood upon, and listening to their screaming cries.

When the cries silenced and the darkness cleared, all that could be seen were the soldiers? heads the branches that protruded from the trees around with blood dripping from their severed heads. Their bodies laid around in pieces with a blood stained ground as their resting place. In the middle of the crimson blood and dusty road was a sign with the words, ?Death is a gift that one should be careful to watch for, for death comes to those who the Grim Reaper seeks.?

[B]EDIT:[/B] If there's anything that needs to be clarified, please feel free to ask.[/size][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Arial Narrow][CENTER]Name: Kiyoshi Kozue
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Role: Tortoise
[URL=http://www.game-loader.de/psycko-manga/grafix/gallery/guy5/set5.jpg]Kiyoshi[/URL](minus the wings)
Kiyoshi stands at an amazing 6' 3" with a well defined body. Not overly muscled, and his light weight makes it easy for him to seemingly fly around his opponent during battle. He can perform arrial manovers with spins, flips and various other stunts with little effort. With the talent to manipulate the Earth's surface, one would find Kiyoshi to be a bird instead of a stead-fast tree.

Usually found in Earthy-tones of green, brown, gold, bronze, or black. Rarely ever seen in white or vibrant colors, though he adores his brightly colored flowers.
Weapon: [URL=http://www.weaponmasters.com/?ID=WEAPONS&FDX=&FMAX=&SORT=&ITEM=KR-6&LOCATION=PHOTOS]Kumi[/URL]
The Earth has an energy that runs through its many veins and heart; a power never truly seen for what it is. The simple beauty of bringing a strak red rose to life again or intwinning an enemy within the darkest green vines one had ever seen. The simple notion of one moving the massive rocks and soil apart to create holes that trap its victim in an eternal grave. But the greatest trick of them all is to become like a camelleon of sorts, blending in with one's surroundings, becoming one's surroundings. Swaying with the breeze and russling one's leaves. A tree, a bush, a shrub or a simple dirt path is all one needs to become as one with the Earth.
A quiet, reserved man, Kiyoshi seems to be cold or stoned face at times, but he truly has a heart of gold. He was said to have loved his fellow assassin's lover, Shakaku, and would send her the most beautiful roses every evening, adding an additional flower every full moon. But once the Dragon took her as his lover, Kiyoshi hid his undying love for the Phoenix and stopped creating his delicate roses.

Kiyoshi has few words to say to any human companion he may keep, which for the past five years has only been his disciple. Kiyoshi has been seen cooing to the planets that he usually surrounds himself with, talking to them as old friends or a lover. His words falling so passionately from his fine lips.

But Kiyoshi holds a secret that only his commrades in battle have seen. A dark side, full of rage and unbridled burtallity. Once he has lost himself in his vicious, blood thirsty mind-set it is almost impossible to pull him back out until he fullfills his lust.
Character Snippit:
"Are you sure you're alright?" A fair haired woman walked up to a knelt boy, his sandy colored hair hanging over his eyes.

The boy only nodded as he ran his finger tips across the very tops of the blades of grass that lay before him. They seem to reach out to him, thirst for his touch as he played with their delicate leafy structure. The woman watched him curiously, but said nothing as she bent down and grabbed a hold of his right arm.

At first, the boy did not move, but stayed in his knelt postion. The woman tugged on his arm again before he reluctantly stood, still keeping his eyes hidden. The woman checked him over quickly before taking a deep sigh of relief.

"You seemed unharmed," she smiled sweetly.

"The grass broke my fall." The flat, almost stone like mannerisms of the boy's voice was almost frightening at first, but as he continued to talk of the planets that seemed so insignifigent the woman could do nothing but smile.

"You seem to have a great fondness for the planets." She slowly reached forward and locked her fingers under the boy's chin. She pushed slowly up until his eyes were able to stare into her's clearly.

"I do love them so." He smiled ever so brightly at her.
*lowers head softly* it shall be an honor.[/CENTER][/FONT][/COLOR]

[FONT=Arial Narrow] If I am able to join this RPG, I must warn you that my post will be less frequent then the other players, but I promise to make up for that in quailty.[/FONT]
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Hanshi Shoujo



Tiger Disciple


A single long sword shown in the picture above. Despite the plain sheath, the sword itself gleams with unmentionable luster. The blade, never having truly been cleaned, retains it's glimmer even after the bloodiest of battles.

Ichigin allows for wind manipulation while using the sword. Shoujo has miner power over metal, and is hoping to learn more from his master.

Shoujo is a very estute, logical thinker. He rarely acts on impulse and for the most part controls his emotions adequately. He is loyal to the master of the Tiger Arts and only them. He has no intention of making friends and plans to devote his life solely to the arts and fighting mastery. He hopes to become an esteemed warrior and have his name known all throughout the nations. With the help of the Tiger Master he intends to add to his arsenal of magical abilities as well as his physical ones. Although he dislikes taking orders he obeys the master with utmost respect and allegiance.

[B]Character Snippit[/B]:
Shoujo sat quietly in a room containing only himself and various metals. This was the room he used for training and the best place he could find for the utmost concentration. Since aquiring Ichigin he had been able to manipulate wind and advance his abilities in the surrounding areas. He hadn't yet mastered the sword but was quite good with it and was close to learning the final technique. Aside from that he was attempting to learn metal manipulation. The Tiger had showed him simple tricks and things to practice, but he found it hard to do even the smallest of tasks. Power over wind had come naturally to him but this power was new and somewhat of a mystery.

When using Ichigin he could feel the power flow through him and was able to use his mind to access and control it. The metal power was not only mental, but also took a great deal of physical strength to master. Your mind was responsible for the completed vision but your body and it's essence was responsible for the actual change in the metal itself. He trained endlessly, with and without the material to increase his strength in any way he could. But no matter what he did his power always paled in comparison to his master's. He wasn't sure if he'd ever be able to use the ability, let alone master it.

Even in such a quiet room all these thoughts cluttered his insides and he found it hard to concentrate. But he had to try. And so he closed his eyes and cleared his mind of everything that was bothering him. In his hands was an old sword, the blade untempered and scarred from years of fighting. As he closed his eyes he could feel the cold steel at his fingertips, his hands closing tightly around the blade. The edge began to dig into his palms, blood seeping from their creases and falling to the floor. He could feel it, but he knew he was close.

His body tensed as his grip tightened on the blade. Soon he could feel the distortion within his moistened grasp, it was changing. As he opened his eyes he looked down and saw a new sword, the blade completely transformed and looked just as if it was made. Covered in blood he dropped it to the floor, smiling slightly. He had finally done it, his first real manipulation of metal. And as he laughed quietly to himself he fell to the floor, fainting from fatigue.

[B]OOC: Hope this alright ULX.[/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]
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This sounds like fun! Messenger it is!

Name: Shu Lien


Gender: I'm a girl!

Role: Messenger to the Tiger I hope!

Appearence: Pictures below! I know you can't see her outfit very well, but you guys get the jist of it right?

Weapon: Bamboo Spear

Power: Well... does the abiliyt to memorize anything told count, cause she can do that. When her lord gives her a mile long scrolls worth of information, she remebers it all by heart. This is what makes her an excellent messenger.

Personlity: Shes not arrogant but she does have pride, and shes not afriad to show off when challenged. She wears a slight smile at all times, no matter what the situation is. When she shows true emotions is when people begin to worry. She makes makes friends easy enough, and treats them with the utmost loyalty. Shes generally kind, except when someone needs to be told off, she goes ahead and lets them have it.

Snippet: Shu Lien held her spear perfectly still as the men circled around her and rain fell from all around them. Her heart beat at a very calm rate, she didn't fear the challenge of 4 to 1, in fact she almost welcomed it as a smile spread across her lips. One of the men glanced over hesitantly to the one that seemed to be the leader.

"Don't be afraid... shes bluffing. Shes absolutely terrified in truth look at those eyes they give her away." He struggled to restain his voice from shaking. Her eyes were as cold and stern as a tigers waiting to strike. Each man carried his own weapon, the leader carried a spear similar to Shu Lien's, another held his staff eagerly, and the other two each held a sword.

Then without a moments notice the man with the staff stepped forward to attack, bringing his weapon down to strike. Shu Lien stepped aside and thrust her spear forward peircing her opponents shoulder. He cried out dropping his staff and stumling backwards.

"That was just a lucky shot, theres no way she can do that again." The leader shouted waving spear. The other two men leapt forward in unison from two different directions, both thrusting their weapons forward. Shu Lien twisted out of the way of one blade then preformed a graceful back hand spring landing softly in a crouched position. The two men hesitated, Shu Lien's smile maintained its current position. The leader grew impatient with anger and lunged forward himself between the two swordsmen. Shu Lien moved slightly to the side then slid down the side of his spear, meeting him face to face.

"Give up now, and I'll let you go." Her voice was as cheerful as her smile. Beads of sweat ran down the mans face as his eyes met with Shu Lien's. His heart was beating frantically and his nerves were just about to give way. She was just a messenger, thats all nothing more, but why did he find her so un-nerving.

"I'll take your silence as my answer." She replied moving away from him and walking past between the two swordsman, still gawking at her skill. "Have a nice day gentlemen." She stated as she walked away waving. The four watched as she never turned back, not even a glance.
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[COLOR=SlateGray][SIZE=1]Well, I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know that I have every intention of getting this baby going by tonight. Which, for me, gives me about 10 hours...but let's hope it doesn't take that long, ne? And, being as there were no duplicate roles, I have to cuts to make, which makes everything easier.

Watch for the beginning. Sign-ups are still open for the two remaining messengers, and...anything else that I'm forgetting. All the Kings are full, though.

Right. See you all, soon...[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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