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Welcome to Serenity View a school made and designed especially for mutants. This school also acts as a safe haven for mutants who have been rejected by their families. It costs nothing and is supported by the government. We have a wide selection of classes as well as sports to choose from. Your child will be able to control and develop his powers as well as learn the basics such as math and literature. Your child will also be able to work on their sports here too. We have new larger dorms ready for new students who want to get away from all the teasing and be around people who are just like them. Our teachers are some of the best and are mutants as well. They will give your son or daughter the education they deserve.

Serenity View is a school made just for mutants as you have read. You will get your own schedule and choose what sport you want to do.
Pm the class you want and I will make your schedule and tell you who is in each of your classes.

Basic schedule
1. Homeroom
2. English
3. Elective
4. Something based on your skill
5. Elective
6. Math
7. Sport. (any)

Here is the registration form.
Appearance: picture or description.
Bio: Where you come from.
Power: One and nothing extreme
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Here is the registration form.
Name: Alexis Nickerson ( people call her Alex)
Age: 16
Gender: Female

Appearance: [URL=http://img1.zenhex.com/quiz5/20686/res3.jpg][Click][/URL] She looks exactly like this!! :animesmil Clothes and all!! :D
When she is not wearing a uniform, she usually wears a dark blue tank top'; return true;" onmouseout="window.status=''; return true;">tank top that said "Ice Princess" in frozen letters.A short dark blue skirt practicley like the one in the pic. except with a white belt. And knee high white socks with white sneaker's that has dark blue Niki sign's on the sides. ( Her hair stays the same inless she nedds her bow for something).

Personality: Alex is a shy girl most of the time. But once she gets to know you she's funny and nice.
She very secluded because of her past.

Bio: Alex was seven when she first discovered her powers.
She was playing in her kitchen when she suddenly felt a huge chill cross over her. She ran to her parents room while the ground beneath her froze. She hugged her parents tightly and when she looked up both her parents were frozen solid, they both died instantly.
After her parents deaths she was sent to an orphanige, where she stayed until she was thirteen. When shen she turned thirteen she ran away from the orphanige and started living on her own. (While in the orphanige she learned Ti Kwon Do. T.K.D. does alot of kicking techniques in stead of punching techniques like Karate. So she has good leg's.)
At first it was hard, but then she found a job at an ice cream'; return true;" ;">ice cream shop (For two years)until she got enough money to leave for good.
Ayear later she found out about the school and joined.

Power: Alex can make ice ( she can freeze the water in the air) and control it.
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Name: Kuken Tenge

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: see below

Personality: Kuken is very cheerful. He likes to make everyone feel happy while they are around him. He usually acts happy alot to try and hide his powers.

Bio: When he was about nine, his father abused him both mentally, and physically. Every night his father would come home and beat him until Kuken passed out from either blood loss or because of the pain.

After about two months, Kuken learned to fake passing out, so the beatings would stop. His father got angry with this and turned on Kuken's sister, who was fourteen at the time. His father was about to rape her when Kuken had enough.

His eyes began to turn bright green, his hair began to stand on end. He couldn't contol himself. He bagan to pick his father up and throw him around the room until his father was dead from the constant beatings on the walls.

His sister was terrified. She quickly put on some cloaths and ran out of the room to get some help. All Kuken could do was stare at the dead body of his father. When the police came, theysent him away to Serenity View. They are trying to make a weapon out of him, thats what he thinks.

Power: Telekinesis [the moving of th mind right?]

thats it for me. PM me for any fixes.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=RoyalBlue]
[B]My Sign up:[/B]

[B]Name:[/B]Tammy Lana



[B]Appearance:[/B]Tammy is slender and curvy. She has what appears to be a light african american skin complexion with long curly, bouncy brown hair. She has eletric blue streaks in her hair that flows like waves. She has light brown eyes with black going around her pupil. She has on a black belly shirt with long ruffle sleeves that flare out at her wrist. She wears a long blue demin jean skirt that goes to her ankles about. She has on ankle socks with sandle like sneakers. The sneakers have many iridescent designs on them with only three colors: Pink, black, and silver. She aslo wears rimless glasses but only when she's reading.

[B]Personality:[/B] She's a bit clumsy at times but really smart. When she gets ticked off she will explode. She can get really nervous around others but she tries to speak up.

[B]Bio:[/B] She was born in New York, New York to her mother, Anna and her father, Mark. When she was born she didn't really have any special powers that anyone knew of. When she was about 3 years old she 'accidently' burnt the house down. Her mother and father just thought that one of them left the stove on and it caught on fire. Her mother never suspect that her father was a mutant and that he's genes were brought out in Tammy. A few years later the goverment arrested Mark for robbing a store with some lightning powers he has. Anna was schocked and couldn't believe that this had happen. Now her and Tammy were moneyless and homeless. She found little work her and there and home schooled Tammy until she was 15 going on 16. Soon her mother discover about this school and sent her to this school to try and control her powers and she didn't want to have her anymore. There have been many accidents since Tammy about 6, and Anna was tried of cleaning up her mess.

[B]Power:[/B] She can control fire and makes weapons out of them.

Ooc: Okay, I finally finished it. PM me if there are any problems and I think there might be 'cause I just made all this up off the top of my head. :animeswea Yeah, I'm that creative. :catgirl: [/COLOR][/FONT]
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There have been changes to the schedule so there are times when everyone has the same class.

Name: Loki Girit
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: He stands at 6'1" with a musclar build. Wears black denim jeans with black boots. A semi tight red shirt and a chain on the left side of his pants. He has a tatto of three wolves on his back.
Personality: Nice, outgoing, supportive and flirty. He loves to talk to girls
Bio: Loki grew up in a nice neighborhood in Colorado. His parents were mutants as well and helped him control his powers and hide them as well. Loki read about the school and wanted to go. His parents gave him enough money to live off of there.
Power: Can channel his energy into objects or poeple and can manipluate people's fear to either make him stronger or scare them so bad to where they can't fight anymore

Class Schedule:
1. Homeroom
2. English
3. Martial Arts
4. Channeling
5. History
6. Math
7. Football
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Name: Duonai Algren (goes by Duo)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Apperance: [URL=http://images.quizilla.com/S/SuicidaLRaGe/1059400904_sAngelGirl.jpg]Duo [/URL](take off the halo) She wears baggy jeans and a dark burgandy tank top, with a cut off jacket the goes to her heels. Wears a leather band on her right wrist and a siver watch in her left. Black boots and a silver cros around her neck. She wears a silver ring on her right middle finger that her foster mother gave her, in the shape of a rose, a simple silver band on her left middle finger. Sometime is seen wearing a black hat.
Personality: Out going and freidnly she loves to have fun. Flirts with everyone she meets which sometimes gives of the wrong impresion. Laid back she just like to have a good time and live life tot eh fullest.
Bio: Duonai was born into a rich family and was supposed to have a happy life, she never got it, born with two small white wings. She was abandoned on the steps of an orphanage and taken in there, she met alot of friends and began to see it as her family but she was adopted at the age of 7. She went to the home willingly becasue the women accepted her for her abnormalty but her foster mother never told her about her foster father. Her new mother was sweet and kind, loving the way a parent should be in everyway...but him...he was crule and mean, he seemed possesed by something, by a demon. It was 10 years later when Duo learned of her powers, she got into a fight with her Foster father while washing the dishes, he pushed her to far and her barrier on her powers let go. She learned she could control water by drowning him...but she was never charged, no one was...the was no evidance of it...she had froced the water into his lungs.
Power: Contorls water and all it's atrobutes (rain, snow ect.)

Hope this is okay. If not lemme know and I'll change it.
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[FONT=Palatino Linotype]

[COLOR=Navy]Hmm hmm...this sounds fun![/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Name:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo]Alatariel Aran[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Age:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo]17[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Gender:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo]Female[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Appearance:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo]Standing at 5'3", Alatariel, or Ala as she has been called, usually isn't noticed. The word best describing her is dark. Her hair, raven in color, falls just past the small of her back, and is usually set in a calamity of braids or hanging in a pony tail. Her eyes are unique, one black with a solid ring of lavender around the pupil, the other a hunter green bordering on black. She is curvy in figure, busty, thin waist, round hips. Her hands and feet are both small, but strong. Her skin is tan in colour, as if she had just rested for a ripe amount of time in the sun and not burned an inch. Just a golden brown.
She garbs herself in whatever she finds comfortable, though the color is usually black, lavender, or green. She tends to lean towards the darker colours. More often than not, she'll wear a regular tank top, or a crop top, and jeans. A skirt sometimes adorns her hips, but she finds jeans are the easiest to move in. Her shoes go just up past the ankle, almost boots, but softer and more supple. Her ears have a slight point to them, something she'd been teased for her entire life around humans, and the right had 5 peircings, the left 7. All the earrings she wore were black, and all but the bottom most one was a ring, the last being a small black gemmed stud. She usually wore a watch on her left wrist, small, but convienient, and a small black chain formed a choker around throat. More times than not, a shadow will be seen creeping around her feet, or following her.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Personality:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo]Alatariel is shy. She tends to stand on the sidelines and watch as people have fun, too nervous to make any move towards meeting new people herself. She doesn't smile often, and her eyes seem permanently to have a glint of sorrow in them. She will talk if spoken to, but won't go out of her way to speak to people unless she has to. She doesn't share anything about herself, but will listen to others as long as they talk. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Bio: [/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]Much of Alatariels past is lost to her, and the earliest remembered years clouded in pain, darkness, hate, and distrust. She doesn't remember who her parents were, or even ever having a family or someone who she cared about like one. She remembers being independent, living on her own in the city slums, scrounging for whatever food she could, finding warmth only from herself, huddled up against the elements. She recalls being dispised for what she could do, for what she was associated with, many thinking her lost to the devil or a demon from hell. Strangers threw rocks at her, kids laughed at her for her grimy looks and homelessness. A few times she barely escaped from a tight corner, where anything could have happened. And a few times, she didn't escape. Lonliness and only natural instinct brought her to make it to her 16th year, where a passerby noticed her in an ally and kindly brought her to a place where they told her about a school she could go to, take refuge at, and learn in. Alatariel has forced herself to forget as much as she could of her old life, and decided on the day she learned of Serenity View, to change as much as she could, to become accepted, and start to trust and accept others. She decided she would not let her past be her present and future too.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Indigo]Power:[/COLOR] [COLOR=Indigo]Alatariel can manipulate shadows, including creating them, and becoming them if she really desires too. Travel through the shadows is a small secret she learned she can do, and so far has told nobody.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Yay! PM me if I need to change anything...and...I don't really get this schedual thing, so If you could PM me with how I need to create that? Is it just whatever classes, or do you assign the schedual?
I know her elective would be Kendo or some sort of fighting class, and her sport would be Archery, if that counts, or Track.[/COLOR]

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Name: Antonio Libbatore
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Antonio, or Tony as he likes to be called by his mates, stands close to 6' and even with this height the majority of his 220 pounds is muscle. He wears his Dark Brown hair cut relativly short to match with his short brown goatee. His skin is fairly tanned and freckled in a few places although there is also the odd pimple. His eyes are the only thing that isn't brown about his face, being a clear blue colour. One thing to note aobut him is that he has a short scar across his Jaw from when he had to have surgery to fix up a burn.

He usually wears a dark grey Tank Top underneath a Dark Red vest which he rarely removes. His black jeans are also nearly a nesseciaty because he refuses to wear a lot of other types of pants. Last on the list of clothing that he wears is his military boots although hedoes also wear a pair of red runners if he wants. Accessory wise, he wears a silver necklace and a gold wrist watch.

Personality: Antonio is, well, Antonio. There is no way of describing him without going through an entire Paragraph so I'll keep this short. He is good natured for the most part, enjoying Bawdy humour and Sarcasm. He is coompetitive and also incredibly noisy but what are you going to do. He has been seen hanging around with Loki Grit so that must mean something. He has also been seen trying to get to know Alatariel but he has not been succesful at all.

Biography: Antonio is originally from Carlton, Australia and was a full-on athlete until he was 15 when for no particular reason his parents stopped him from entering Cross Country. A month later they left Melbourne and went to Darwin. One day when he was out on a walk after school, Antonio took a walk into the overgrown areas where he was attacked out of nowhere by an Salt Water Crocodile. Antonio knew not to do any sudden movements but he turned and sprinted, out of a seconds mind lapse.
He was actually moving faster than he ever had, even though he hadn't had a reason to run for ages, but his foot caught on a root and down he went facefirst into the mud.

The Croc moved towards his prone body and Antonio foolishly lashed out with his leg which sent it rolling. He took the few seconds time to run off out of the swamps. Once at home he realized what had happened, Being strong but not having worked out and fast without training for ages, and discovered that these may be powers. Two years later of contemplating of telling his parents about his powers his parents read about a school called Serenity View which was supposed to be prestigous so that they decided to send him there

Powers: Antonio has almost Superhuman speed and Strength although It might be because his powers haven't fully matured yet.
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I need mock schedules from The Monster, Aiyanna, Lyuann, and cheese master before you can be accepted. Aiyanna all you need to do is take the schedule from the opening and fill it out then send it to me. I'll look over it and tell you if anything is wrong, then you put it in with your signup and your in. Raze_3103 and BlackTigerGirl are both in
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[COLOR=Indigo]::curtsy's:: Thank you, Sir, for clearing that up for me. Here's the mock schedual!

2. English
3.Archery/Fighting Arts
4. Meditation/Control Training
6.Algebra II (Math...but Math just sounds so boring!)
7. Track

If it pleases the light, Sir, that's what I would like! I hope you don't mind I embellished on words...and double-classed a few things, cause just one study would be a boring thing all year. It seems to fit well, with semesters and all that junk...
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Hello all. I hope this is alright. (I used a table so my signup was a bit more... Easy on the eyes. Hope that's alright.) Without further ado, here's my personal signature character! (You should be proud. I only use her on special occasions.)

Advanced British Literature (English)
Latin (Language/Elective)
Martial Arts (Ability)
Astronomy (Elective)
Calculus (Math)
Soccer (Sport/After school activity)

Sakura Asuka



About like [URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v150/unmei_shinpai/sakuraimage1.png]-this-[/URL]
(Image was resized by photobucket. Apologies.)

Perfers baggy jeans and sweatshirs, and form-fitting top. Loves Baseball caps/hats. She doesn't wear much jewelry except her mother's class ring, which she wears on her left ring finger. Also, her ears look elfish.

She's got a loner's attitute... Mixed with that of someone totally bossy and controlling. Sakura thinks her way is always best. Don't get me wrong, she's not totally full of herself at all! She merely knows that (9 1/2 out of 10 times) she's right.

Her hot head and fiery beauty amazingly ballence out perfectly with her brilliant mind and over-protective nature. She looks out for younger students and keeps them out of trouble most of the time, due to that.

Sakura was (and is) brilliant at multiple forms of Martial Arts. By the age of six she had already earned a black belt in five different styles.

That wasn't the only odd thing about her, though. She tended to pick up things much faster than most children her age. She could learn an entire language in only a few months, and she had already progressed to Algebra2 by the age of seven! She had already read nearly all of Shakespearse's known plays by the age of nine! Her parents (and teachers) were appauled at both her mental and physical abilities.

Only about a year later they decided her supposed 'powers' caused for some extreme action. Her schools just couldn't teach her anymore, and she already knew more about all of her karate styles then even her instructors! This was the time for extreme measures.

A mere month later they discovered this school. A school for those with... Powers. This school was called Serenity View. They decided to enroll her strait away. Sakura didn't exactly want to go to this new school. She wanted to stay at home where she at least [I]knew[/I] people. This would mean moving to a different country away from all she loved. But her parents thought it the only way to get the help and schooling she so needed. Sakura doubted there was anyone there who could teach her either, but her parents assured her things would be different...

... They were right. Things were certainly... Different. Was this a good change? No. The school administrators did not know what to do with her at first, since she showed no extraordinary gift. They could not, however, turn her down. She wasn't picked on or riddiculed like at her old school, nor did people seem half afraid of her. They were mostly older than her, and alot bigger. She was thrown into this so fast, she didn't even know where she was the first few days when she woke up.

After a while she realized the she [I]was[/I] smarter than most of the teachers, but they allowed her special computerized translations for her level. It didn't take long before Sakura was learning more and more. They had to constantly install new programs to her specialized laptop to keep up with her! She loved how amazing this school was.

At first, though, she felt kind of awkward, as though she was recieving special attention above har peers. She soon learned that was not the case, and that all students were given certain luxuries for ease of learning with thier specific powers.

All seemed good, but here was the [I]real [/I]test... Could they find a Martial Arts teacher for her? Could he match her speed and strength? The answer... Yes! The instructer was just as gifted as her, and much stronger! It gave her something to try and achieve. The school was more wonderful than she could ever imagine!

It is six years later, and Sakura is still attending the school. There are new faces and some new teachers, but things remain basically unchanged.

Absurd physical/mental ability. (It's like she's a walking comuter on steriods... Times 10)

edit- I changed the schedule and took out the Eyes, Hair, Clothes, etc.
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Your in only if you take out anything that was not in the signup sheet and you were supposed to pm me your class shedule first and there is no class as your homeroom. Just a place where you start the day. Other then that your signup is perfect
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Here is my schedule

1. Homeroom
2. English
3. Martail Arts
4. Ice control
5. Archery
6. Math (Calculous... She's smart :animeswea )
7. Track ( Long distance races. She has good legs since she was a black belt in Tai Kwon Do when she was in the orphanige.
She can run fast for very long periouds of time.)
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