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okay here we go. Everyone has a name right? Everyone has a story behind how they got their names. This is just to see what kind of names we get and they can be nicknames. This is just a thread to tell the stories of how you got your name/nickname. Here is mine

my name is Alisha Michelle Greenlee
I am named after my fathers friend. My mom wanted to name me michelle but as you can tell that didnt work out at all, that is how I got my middle name. Greenlee is my fathers last name because my parernts never wedd. My last name was my mothers: Reily, but that only lasted for six hours.

My nickname is Pisha. My friend Sam gave me this name. We were sitting in World Studies sophomore year bored out of our mind and then she poppes off and says, " alisha I have the perfect name for you! Pisha! Ya take off the Al and put a P. It is so perfect cuz it has nothing to do with you." Then about a year after that a girl named Ashley Prettio thought she was orginial and called me Pisha and started to call me that and then everyone caught on to it. It was a week and everyone was calling me that, so that is how I became Pisha. :sweat:
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][COLOR=seaGreen][B]Real name :[/B] For those of you who don't already know, My name is[B] Stuart[/B]. When I asked if my name had any significance she told me "Just found it out of a baby book and liked it" So, there's nothing special behind that. Most people react "Like the mouse!", after introducing myself; It hasn't seemed to get on my nerves yet, but I still don't enjoy being refered to as Stuart Little. There isn't a single other Stuart in anywhere in my area or school, which makes me just so orginal.
Nicknames :[/B] Most people say "Stu" for short, but I get "Stuie" a majority of time by the ladies and I enjoy that. So, you could say my nicknames don't range to far off from my orginal name.
Online user names :[/B] [B]With no pulp[/B] was my first orginal AIM username. Looking around for my room for an object that could sprout up the thought of a screen, I notice the carton of orange juice on the desk and in big bold white letters it said "With no pulp".
The name [B]Hack Helba[/B] I created back in 2003 when I a .hack addict. "Hack" for .hack, and "Helba" was the great mysterious and powerful hacker from the series who rarely appeared. The name has just stuck with me, and I use it on almost everything now. Even though I'm not into .hack anything like I used to be. I've had many more internet usernames, but none I can remember.

[B]Edit :[/B]
[21:32] Casey: On OB you forgot to say that I call you Cindy.
[21:32] Casey: Lol[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Real Name: James-Alexander Kilpatrick Baillie (I like to pronounce it Bi-ee, but thats just the French-Canadian in me) I usually just got by Alexander or Alex, because James is such a common name and I hated the idea of having to first ones. I don't really think theres anything special about it, James- has always been a bit of a family tradition. My dad is James-Douglas and my grandfather was James-Peter and so on and so forth.

Nickname: My close friends call me Baillie because I feel special when people call me by my last name. I also go by Hoser or Hosehead, because I looked the Canadianism 'Hoser' on the internet and, lo and behold, I am a perfect description of a Hoser, what with the beer and the hockey and the general kicking ***. I've also been called 'Shithead' and 'Dumbass' but I'm not to fond of those nicknames...

Aliases: On CS:S I go by the name Poutine (Pronounced Putsin, I really wish people could get it right) because I'm in a clan called f00d, I like poutine, and I'm in Quebec. Made sense to me. I go by The Hoser/Hosehead on a few other forums, also I've tried out The Dark Canuck and probably a host of others I can't remember right now.

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My name is Veronica. See my dad wanted to name my older brother ron jr. but my mom wouldn't let him. So when I was born my father wanted my name to have ron in it(veRONica). My mom thought it was pritty so it ended up being my name. I have a few nicknames, some that make sence and some that dont. One is Vern but thats old know no one seems to call me that anymore. Everyone called me that after one teach was like what do you want to be called and I told her anything you want. So she called me Vern, and so did everyone else. Rocky is my other nickname, it's what my family calls me. I kind of dont know where it comes from. My brother went and called me that at school, and know everyone but teachers and people that aren't my freinds call me Rocky.
Heh, just asked my dad where Rocky comes from. He said that I loved to be rocked in a rocking chair when I was little. :D
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[quote name='Ilium][COLOR=DarkRed']Real Name: I usually just got by Alexander or Alex[/COLOR][/quote]
[SIZE=1]Well, look at that!

[b]Real Name:[/b] I'm Alexander, but I go by Alex.

[b]Nicknames:[/b] Heh. Not telling you. I guess technically, Alex is a nickname.

[b]Online Aliases:[/b] Online I'm known as Retribution, Retri, Altron, and AltronWing. I'm most referred to as Retri and Altron, perhaps because people ([i]death glares all around lol[/i]) are too lazy to type out Retribution, and Altron just sounds cooler than AltronWing.

As for explanations, Altron[Wing] came about back in 2000 when Gundam Wing was airing State-side. And guess what? I picked my two favorite Gundams. I still love tha tshow.

Retribution came into existence when my friend thoroughly back-stabbed me. Nuff said.[/SIZE]
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[font=trebuchet ms][size=1][b]Real Name:[/b] Kevin Douglas McCarty

My mom somehow "knew" that I would be a boy, and she had a named picked out for me even before she was pregnant with me. 'Twas Kevin, go figure.

Douglas is my dad's name. He wanted me to be Doug Jr., but luckily, mom won out.

[b]Nicknames:[/b] I have a circle of close friends who call me ShowKid. This is because this friend of mine named James met me at a show before he met me in school, so he called me ShowKid because he couldn't remember my name. He introduced me to all of his friends, who are now my friends, as ShowKid. I remind them of my name, but it doesn't seem to matter.

[b]Online Aliases:[/b] Well, some of you might know me as Cloud Strife00, my n00b name. I was obssessed with Final Fantasy, so all of my screen names had something to do with Cloud or Lionheart in them.

I later changed my OB name to Axel--Ignition. Axel was a character I was making in a comic book and an RPG. I left after only a year of using the name.

After middle school, I joined a StarCraft clan known by it's full name: The Devils, but shortened to 666 for screen names. My screen name that stuck for a while was Deathgazer666. I used it on a few different things outside of SC, like my LiveJournal blog.

I re-joined OB as Kill All Trends and left again after half a month. I was still sick of this place.

I later rejoined again as well... RiflesAtRecess, because my usual RiflesAtRecessNC didn't fit, from what I remember. I didn't post for almost a year, but then I was really bored at the beginning of the summer break, and I needed something to do. So... I'm back![/font][/size]
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[FONT=Georgia][COLOR=Plum][SIZE=1][B]Real Name:[/B] Casey Lynn Marquette
My mom wanted to name me Cassidy, but my dad didn't like that, luckily for me. So they agreed on Casey. Lynn is the closest thing to my mom's maden name (Lyndes, pronounced lines..) and it went better with Marquette than Lyndes did.
[B]Nicknames:[/B] People call me Casey.. or Case because we're too lazy to add they 'ee' sound at the end.
[B]Online Aliases:[/B] Just a few sn's of mine.. Raw0potato, Gender_confused_elf, herman_sarkis2001, soda_addicted_fetus, and partiallyxeroded. (There are more, but they're too stupid to post.)[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT] :animesigh
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[b]Real Name:[/b] Kevin Deshun Webb
I don't know [i]where[/i] my mother got the name Deshun from, but she says she picked it because she wanted me to have a French name. I got the name Kevin because my father (Ken) wanted all of his kids to have names that start with a 'K'. My other two siblings (not counting my step-brother, of course) have K-names.

[b]Nicknames:[/b] Kev, Kevo, Kevi-Kevi, Webster, Kevster, Sisqo
I hate being called Kevo and Kevi-Kev, but I'm only called those by my older relatives and my mom's ex-boyfriend. My closest friends just call me Kev, and my classmates throughout high school and college made a habit of calling me Webster.
One day in high school, when the drama teacher was demonstrating how to use make-up to make someone look old, I somehow found myself with grey/silver hair for a full day. Since then, this one guy started calling me Sisqo-- like the R&B singer who dyes his hair silver.
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[B]Real name :[/B] Everyone was expecting me to be a boy so when i came out as a girl they did not know how to name me. My uncle does not like children and he was teasing my parents "where is our little gazelle?" So thanks to him my name is Hazal meaning gazelle. Also my middle name is Saadet (Bliss) which was given after a dear friend of my parents who had died only a couple of days before i was born while giving birth to her own child.

[B]Nicknames :[/B] Most of my good friends call me halfling, as i am 1.55m and i like to feel the ground under my feet (may be that is why my feet are far too big for my height :) ) and i like to dance, drink, sing with my horrid voice and i laugh a lot.
And also they call me CADI (witch), as i turn into a scary granny weatherwax whenever i get mad, people just go and hide or stay and .... :animeswea

[B]Online user names :[/B] Well, i only use gwynva. I started using it while i was reading tolkien for the first time like 10-11 years ago (of course first not on the internet but on frp, and comp. games) and never changed since.
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My real name is Harith Bashir. I used to be on these boards under the alias of Heezay. My mom picked my name- it's Arab, for those of you who think it's odd. Yeah, I'm Arab too.

Don't really have any nicknames, everyone calls me by my first name. Online, it's the same.
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[quote name='Manic Webb][b]Nicknames:[/b'] Kev, Kevo, Kevi-Kevi, Webster, Kevster, Sisqo[/quote][color=#6699cc]I shall call you Kevlar.

Actually I shan't, but it was fun to say.

My name is Sara. It must have been a very popular girls' name 20 years ago, because I know many other girls my age who share my name. (In a class of just twenty-seven, I was one of three Sara(h)s.) It sometimes makes me feel common and not very pretty (well, when I was small), especially when compared to my sister's name: Carmen. (Granted, she had problems with being called Carmen Sandiego when that show was big. But I was called Sara(h) Plain and Tall by a lot of people, too, so I think it evens out.)

I'm glad my name is spelled sans [i]h[/i], though, as I think it makes things look very simple and elegant.
My middle name is Jean, which is also a [i]very[/i] common middle name among girls my age. (Most girls in my class had their full names read off during our high school graduation ceremony, ugh. It added an extra five minutes onto the whole affair.)

My longest-lasting 'net handle is [b]cynic42[/b], some form of which has been my email address for seven-or-so years. (This is long before I got any actual email, heh.) I had a very dark sense of humor at the time (and if you ask Azurewolf, I retain it), and I thought 'cynic' fit. The 42 is a remnant from my [i]very[/i] first net handle (at all), but ultimately it comes from [i]Hitchhiker's Guide.[/i]

My current AIM handle is [b]Stendahl405[/b], which is straight out of an AWESOME short story by Ray Bradbury. It's called "Usher II," and it takes place in April 2005 of the [i]Martian Chronicles[/i]. Stendahl is the main character's name, and 405 is of course for April 2005. I fell in love with the story (it's twisted and wonderful, you'd love it) the first time I read it, and made a new AIM handle that night. So it's probably two years old. [/color]
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Aren't you not supposed to give your real name on the Internet?

Oh well. Please don't rape me.

[b]My real name[/b] is Keane Arvin Noel Quibilan.

Noel is my mother's maiden name.
I was named Keane Arvin because when I was born I had big feet. My parents rationalized that since I had big feet, I would be tall. The name they gave me, Keane Arvin, means Tall, Bright, and Handsome.

[b]Nicknames[/b] are very common among my friends. That is, except with me. I don't have as many as my friends do. Most people call me by my real name, or a mispronounciation of it. I've gone by as Keen, Kim, Ken, Keann, and Keith. A few of my friends called me Shinigami, and a Filipino guy repronounced that as Shinigang. I've been often called Big-Head. And a few younger students call me Senpai. Okay, so maybe I have a few.

[b]Online Nicknames[/b] for me are very limited. My first one ever was Keane_Arvin created by my father. I decided that it wasn't very smart to publicize my real name so widely, so I created myself R2VQ. Originally, RV was from my second name, and Q was from my last name. Unfortuantely RVQ was taken so I added the 2. ArV also comes from Arvin. It's pronounced the same as Arvin but without the N. So, it should really be Arvi or Arvie, but ArV was more stylish.

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the only nickname I go by is Stonewall. I got it 'cause I was in an accident last August and I did more damage to the truck then it did to me... the steering wheel got folded into a taco shape from hitting my chest, I knocked out the windsheild with my head, and I came out with a few little scratches.
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[B]Real Name:[/B] Jessica... And the magically story of how I got this name? My mom looked it up in a baby book -_- Actually though my family has a tradition that all the kids' names have to start with J... So I guess that's a little interesting.

[B]Nicknames:[/B] I... Have... So.. Many...

**Jess (shortened version of my name)
**Jessie - same as above, only a few people call me this ^^;
**Jisu - this is a shortened version of what we believe is my Japanese name (Jisushika). Only my oldest friend calls me this.
**Kupo - my friend, whom I relcently got into Kingdom Hearts, is obsessed with the Moogles, so she calls me Kupo ^^
**Mavi - a shorter form of my most recent internet nickname... Anyone is free to call me this ^^ Some of my non-online friends call me this too ^^;
**Maccy (pronounced Maw-key, like from BGCT 2040) - a shorter, more cute way of saying my last name.
**Jolly Jess - this was a play off "Jolly Rancher" because when I was in grade 8 I had green hair... So they called me a jolly rancher ^^;

Plus some others that I don't care to describe :animeshy:
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Guest yukigurl:p
my name is Krystal my mom got it out of a card that my aunt sent her when she was in the hospital with me

my nickname is chika it means girl my dad gave me that when i was born but he really wanted to name me that good thing my mom talked him out of that but that is still my nick name to this vary day
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[QUOTE=r2vq]Aren't you not supposed to give your real name on the Internet?

Oh well. Please don't rape me.


Haha, I forgot all about that! Whatever!

[B]Real name: [/B] Charlene Josephine Boddie. I like my name because it's fun to write and it ends in 'e.' My mom named me 'Charlene' from a pastor she used to always watch named 'Charles.' And I think she got 'Josephine' from a dream and her grandfather died two weeks before I was born. She wanted to go to the funeral (I just noticed funeral has 'fun' in it...) but, they said she was too far along to go on the plane.


Char- This is usually used by my friends. I guess they're too lazy to say the second syllable. But, I like being called Char
Char Char- I have no idea where this came from, but my friend that I knew from kindergarden still calls me this.
Chaly- My dad calls me this and drops off the 'r' from my name because of his accent. I like his accent.
Charls- My mom calls me this. I think it's cute except when she yelling at me from a different room to get something.
Charlenie- People I knew from middle school call me this, because they made it up and I guess it just stuck.

[B]Online names: [/B] I only have a two. The first one is celestialcharm, I found celestial in the dictionary when I was making my website, and charm in the dictionary too. It means 'out of the sky trinket' or on that line. My second online name (I like everything in twos because that's my favorite number) is 'DigiChar.' I read the manga 'Digi Charat' and thought that I could nickname myself 'DigiChar' because of the Char in it. I thought that was so cool! It still is in my books :cool:
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[color=crimson][b]Real Name[/b]: Kenneth Andrew Howell. Apparently what happened was that my grandmother and my mother poured through baby books to find a name that sounded 'good' when said out loud. I believe Kenneth was also the name of a good friend of my mother, so she was privy to it. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the name, although I still feel like it sounds somewhat regal for a person such as myself.

[b]Nicknames[/b]- People usually shorten Kenneth down into either Kenny or Ken. Unfortunately for myself the nickname Kenny came into being right around the time South Park turned into a fanatical craze-and thus began the "Oh my god, you killed Kenny!" lines that will probably not end for some time to come. I've had a few other nicknames- the ones that still linger are Nek and Fluffy. Nek is simply Ken backwards and Fluffy is. Well, I'm not really sure where that came from to be honest. Oh well.

[b]Online name[/b]- I have alot of online names I seem to use and most of them are rather ******. The one I use here is a type of fantasy character- a fallen Knight or Paladin, an anti-Paladin in some games. At the time I joined OB I was playing a MMORPG called Lineage which had a Death Knight as a major boss creature, so I just used it as a screenname. I have nothing to change it to so it is here to stay.[/color]
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[B]Real Name[/B]- My real name is Kisha, which is probably not pronounced like you're saying it ^^;; It's like the word wish or fish with an uh sound at the end. Anyways, dad was watching Family Feud and saw a girl with that name and lo, there you have it. Isn't that a nice story? It WAS going to be Sara Lee...as in "Nobody does it quite like Sara Lee!" I like Kisha better.

[B]Nicknames[/B]- These I don't really have, at all. Some people will shorten my name down to Kish. That's about it >_< That's so boring lol

[B]Online Name[/B]- Sage Kaley comes from when I first got Zelda for the N64 and fell into my Zelda!Love phase. Sage from the sages, Saria is my favorite by the way, and Kaley being the name I used to want. Kids use to tease me and no one ever got my name right so when I was little I hated it and wanted a normal name like Kaley. So ta-da.

My messenger names come from .hack, the ending song to the Liminality series. It was called Tasogare no Umi and I loved it. So there you go. I did have a user name called BlueMoonDestiny long ago but that was only for one FF7 forum...
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Real Name: Jacqueline Gloria Francesca (insert last name here)
My dad picked my first name, and my mom still doesn't know where he got it.
My middle name is after my grandmother who died before I was born. Father's side.
My "confirmation" name is take from my great grandmother who was 100 years old when I got "confirmed"

Just the usual stuff - Jac, Jackie, "hey you!", NatJack (that's what my mom calls me when she forgets she's talking to me instead of my sister).
Mejorpie - what my boyfriend sometimes calls me. Just from "me" meaning "my" in our strange "love language" and "jorpie" being a strange-o form of "jackie".

Screen names:
Annieacid - got this when I was trying to name a character in an RPG. Looked at an antacid bottle, and just reformed the name. Was originally a Nosferatu in a V:tM campaign.
MommySkullFish - my son made a "fish tank" out of construction paper at school and told his father that the yellow one was a "Mommy Skull Fish". Who knows where he gets this stuff!!
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

[B]Real Name: [/B] My Christian name is Gavin, and simply enough it game out of a boys baby name book that my parents were looking through before I was born. In the beginning I really hated my name because I was the only person I knew, but eventually I got accustomed to it and grew to like it. My middle name is Gerard, after my father, who was named after his uncle, who was named after another relative up along the lines, a trait which is very common in my family. My Confirmation name, which all Catholics take upon their Confirmation is Patrick, taken for my maternal grandfather and the Irish Patron Saint, simple as that.

[b]Nicknames:[/b] Plenty to choose from, Van and Gav are simply taken from my own first name and shortened down. Professor Frink or Frinky was taken because I wear glasses and bore a resemblance to him at one stage, after a nasty haircut. Big Mac was a name that really came out of nowhere, though I suspect it had something to do with the release of the Young Indiana Jones "movies" on video. Gav seems to be the only nickname that people continue to use, though that's down to people being lazy and not bothering to finish off my name.

[b]Online Names:[/b] More than a few of these to use from, I'm not even going to try and remember my earliest handles because there's way to many to try and recall. Starting off on OB back in September 2001 I went with the username Majin Gogeta, after a month I signed up again as Shadowed Demise and then in December again as Red XIII. I continued using the Red XIII username until changing it to Outcast, then to Lynx, then on to Kane and then finally stopping with Gavin which I intend to stick with.

I didn't get AIM until 2003/2004 as I recall, far longer than most people had it, before than I'd been using MSN and moved on to AIM because more people used it. The only handles I can recall were Mangus Supreme and my current one of Zeitgeist Glee, though again my bad memory is something most people are now accustomed to. Most people wonder why Zeitgeist Glee means and simply it means the Joy [Glee] of the Spirit of a Generation [Zeitgeist]. Thought certain people know more about where the Glee part comes from.[/SIZE]
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[B]Real Name:[/B] Natasha Rae Cashi

My mother found my first name most probably in a baby book. It means Christmas child, and since my birthday is darn well close enough to it, she decided to name me that. My middle name comes from my dad. I got my dad's middle name and my sister got my mom's. My last name came from my dad, so nothing unusual there. Though I have a heck of a time getting people to even pronounce it the "Californian" way. The Californian way to pronounce it would be Cash-y. And yes I get tease for that constantly so you are allowed to giggle a bit. The real pronounciation, which is a sort of canadian/french way, would be Kosh-shah. Kosh would be like Osh Kosh. Yeah that one is even funnier I know.

[B]Nicknames:[/B] Humm I have accumulated many bizarre nicknames from friends and family, a few would be: Tasha, Tashia, Tashina, T-bell, bullit ( I had a habit of bouncing off the walls when I was little so my uncle named me this), Taco, Tashy, and my grandma's wonderfully orginal Kid.

[B]Screen names:[/B] Hummmm... I mostly stuck with Ganymede since I've become a computer addict. I got Ganymede first from my science class, since it is one Jupiter's major moons, and then back in Junior high I got into those Everworld books by some one with the last name Applegate, can't remember the initials. This character had interested me and since the part of the world that this character was introduced in was based on Greek gods and such, I decided to research the name. Unfortunately I researched after I had already made the screen names, so when I found out the story I wasn't too keen on the name as much :animeblus . But it stuck so I kept it. :D
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