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Sign Up Digimon: 011002 [PG-13 V,l, S if you want it]


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[size=1]:Log Entry 001:[/size]
[size=1]I have successfully fused up to three of these digital creatures, without any side effects. I assume Binary Code may have something to do with the fusion. I will continue research for further results.[/size]

[size=1]:Log Entry 013:[/size]
[size=1]My assumption was correct. The creatures Binary Coding, determines fusion compatibility. I will continue research, for a more accurate finding.[/size]
[size=1]:Log Entry 047:[/size]
[size=1]I have found the answer to fusion! The first number of a creatures Binary Coding, determines compatibility. The numbers must be either 0 and 0, or 0 and 1. The fusion of a 1 and 1 creates a Binary 2, thus leading to bugs, and eventually a virus.[/size]
[size=1]:Log Entry 125:[/size]
[size=1]Something has gone terribly wrong! I followed the rules, but the fusion of four creatures just doesn?t seem possible! I have created something so strong, that not even our vaccines can destroy it! Oh no! Get away from me, I am warning yo- *Log Entry Terminated*[/size]

[size=1]-America, Hot Springs, Arkansas-[/size]

[size=1]BUZZZ!!! BUZZZ!!! Click.[/size]
[size=1]?Ungh. Darn it. Damn school, ******* up my sleep rotation.? A teenage boy said as he woke up. He got, and stretched. He stood roughly six feet, and looked fairly underweight. He rubbed his eyes, and went to go take his morning shower.[/size]
[size=1]As he opened the door, he saw his sister just barely getting her bra on.[/size]
[size=1]?DAMN IT RYAN! DON?T YOU EVER KNOCK!? Ryan?s sister yelled.[/size]
[size=1]?Well, maybe if you didn?t take so long of a shower, I wouldn?t have to knock.? Ryan protested as he closed the door.[/size]
[size=1]?Argh!? His yelled from inside the bathroom.[/size]
[size=1]?Can?t hear you sister dear, what was that?? Ryan joked.[/size]
[size=1]?Be nice to your sister Ryan!? his mom yelled from down stares. After a while, he was ready, and eating a piece of toast as he walked to his bus stop.[/size]

[size=1]Their be the back story, now heres what I need for your characters.[/size]

[size=1]Bio: (Optional, but may help)[/size]

[size=1]Forms: From Fresh, to Mega.[/size]
[size=1]Binary Coding: Just the first [b][i][u]2[/u][/i][/b] numbers. Like 01 for example. Do this for all forms, just incase you want it to be different.[/size]
[size=1]Appearnce: For each form, Preferably pic for made-ups.[/size]
[size=1]Name: Ryan Abitt[/size]


[size=1]Gender: Male[/size]

[size=1]Appearance: Ryan stands 6?4?, and weighs 106lbs. He has short black hair, with brown eyes. He normally wears a black hoody, over a black t-shirt, with black zip-off pants. He also has a scar over his face from were his sister scratched him, after he saw her accidentally saw her naked once.[/size]

[size=1]Personality: Sarcastic, Clown, Rude, and Jealous. Your average immature teenager.[/size]

[size=1]Name: Dorumon[/size]
[size=1]Gender: Male[/size]
[size=1]Forms: [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/Dodomon.html"]Dodomon[/url], [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/Dorimon.html"]Dorimon[/url], [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/Dorumon.html"]Dorumon[/url], [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DeaxDorugamon.html"]DeaxDorgamon [/url]or [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DoruGamon.html"]DoruGamon[/url], [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DeaxDorugremon.html"]DeaxDorugremon[/url] or [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DoruGremon.html"]Dorugremon[/url], and [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DeaxDorugoramon.html"]DeaxDorugoramon[/url] or [url="http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-d/DoruGoramon.html"]Dorugoramon[/url][/size]
[size=1]Binary Coding: 00, 01, 11, 10 or 01, 10 or 01, 10 or 01 from Fresh, to Mega.[/size]
[size=1]Appearance: Click the names.[/size]

[size=1]Edit: Also, you may only use Tamers, or Spirit Warriors for this, and Frankie has a spot saved for the Earth, or Wind Spirit, she can't remember which.[/size]

[size=1]Available Spirits[/size]
[size=1]Wood-Taken, Frankie (Sorry about that Frankie, Didn't catch that...)[/size]
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[SIZE=1]Oh! Digimon! x3 But uh.. What's with all the smilies? o_O;;

>> _[B]Human[/B]
[I]Name:[/I] Michelle "Mickey" Berret
[I]Age:[/I] 16
[I]Gender:[/I] Female

[I]Appearance:[/I] [[url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v332/PicKitty/IU.jpg]Click[/url]]

[I]Personality:[/I] Mickey is a quiet girl, and enjoys spending most of her time reading, or writing and drawing in her small notebook. Though she's shy, she has a lot of friends, some of whom came up with calling her Mickey as a joke, but the name stuck. She tends to have trouble being decisive, and she gets even more timid when those around her are arguing. Though she almost always has something helpful or calming to say, she can rarely bring herself to say it.

[I]Bio:[/I] [I'll possibly edit this later. In the meantime, I won't put anything here because I have no idea what you'd like to see.]

>> _[B]Digimon[/B]
[I]Name:[/I] Kyokyomon [He normally stays in his In-Training form]
[I]Gender:[/I] Male

[I]Forms:[/I] [url=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-f/Fufumon.html]Fufumon[/url], [url=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-k/Kyokyomon.html]Kyokyomon[/url], [URL=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-r/Ryuudamon.html]Ryuudamon[/url], [url=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-g/Ginryuumon.html]Ginryuumon[/url], [url=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-h/Hisharyuumon.html]Hisharyuumon[/url], and [url=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-o/Ouryuumon.html]Ouryuumon[/url] or [url=http://www.thedigitalfantasy.com/digitalempire/digidex/dex-g/GaiOumon.html]GaiOumon[/url].
- - [Just to note, Ouryuumon can digivolve once more, but since not many can, I figured I wouldn't put it in. If I'm allowed to, just tell me. ^_^;;]

[I]Binary Coding:[/I] 11, 10, 01, 00, 01, 11 or 10

[I]Appearance:[/I] [Click Names]

[COLOR=#003aaf]I don't know what the Spirits are for, but if [B]air[/B] isn't taken by Frankie, I'd like to have it. If she does take it, I'll settle with [B]light[/B].[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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No im taking Wood! My orginal made up beast was wind but the human spirit is more
earthy but if you look at grumblemon and his forms (earth) its more rock... so ill go more plantish which would be wood (petaldramon) So yeah. Wood. Ill get beast forms and the even higher form here soon.

Name: Nyoka
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: [will edit soon]
Personality: Smart and very outgoing. Likes pretty much everybody but has a temper too. She can be snitty sometimes but only when she is offended or one of her friends is being hurt or harrassed.

Name: Akialoamon
Gender: Female
Forms: Akialoamon {Human Spirit Of Wood}, Finneamon {Beast Spirit of Wood}
Binary Coding: Is this the same for the spirits as with regular digimon?
Attacks: Akialoamon= [b][i](Flower Petal, Earth's Cry, Wood Break), [/i][/b]Finneamon= [b][i](LeafWing Cutter, Thorny Tail, Supreme Flower Canoon)[/i][/b]

I wil;l put a decription up for now untill i can get a decent (and by decent i mean at least recognisable as snothing not scribbles) picture up. Long body like a reptile but instead of scales her body is completely made out of flexible wood. She has a norrow snout and two sharp teeth that show (they hang down). Four arms...

She has two legs that are made mroe for walking on like a human than anything else. She has four arms very thick muscles and very sharp claws at the end. Her tail splits into two long thorny whips and she has four wings. Two on each side. They are made completely out of sturdy leaves. On hor head like hair are small curly purple things (like whats on yokomon's head) and then all around her head are large pink petals. These petals can close around her head and she can almost look like a simple log.

This may be kinda hard to picture but ill draw it out. i did kinda scetch it but it needs some neatening up.
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Well, normaly I would say it's okay Kitty, but this is a bit differnent for my normal ones.

Another smal note. Only tamers can fuse with tamers, and only Spirits can fuse with spirits. The digimon created, I am still figuring out a way to fix that problem...

EDIT:The spirits are for the people who want them. If you're a Tamer,you can't have one. Tamers are jsut as powerful, thanks to their Digi-modify ability.

EDIT AGAIN: No, Blanko, the Spirit Warriors naturally fuse. If only a few join up as Spirit warriors, Then you will have acces to others, to use to get to the higer levels. For example, Takyua, needed to use The Ice, and Wind Spirits to reach his Mega-like level.
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Mind if I join?

Name: Brent
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Wears a pair of faded jeans and a black t-shirt. Generally carries a knife on his belt, and carries a butane lighter that he fiddles with when he's fidgety. A little under six feet tall, and has a runner's build to him. He has blonde hair a couple inches long and a pair of icy blue eyes.
Personality: Calm and reserved, it takes a while to tick him off. But when you do, watch out. He likes to try and plan a situation out first, but will act if there is no time to think. Also loves to make sarcastic remarks.

Name: Witchmon
Gender: Female
Forms: Tsukaimon(Rookie), Witchmon(Champion), Antiramon[Virus](Ultimate), Minervamon(Mega)
Appearance: [URL=http://wiki.digivice.net/images/6/6e/Tsukaimon.jpg]Tsukaimon[/URL], [URL=http://tnis.hp.infoseek.co.jp/web-digimon/bo1003.jpg]Witchmon[/URL], [URL=http://wiki.digivice.net/images/8/86/Antiramon.jpg]Antylamon[/URL], and [URL=http://wiki.digivice.net/images/c/c7/Minervamon.jpg]Minervamon[/URL]
Binary Coding:10, 01, 00, 11 from Rookie to Mega

Hope this is good enough...
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Now it's time again to take a character from my Pokemon fanfic and put her into Digimon. I even took Pokemon I created and turned them into Digimon for the purposes of this RPG!

[color=darkslateblue][u]Name:[/u] Crystal Yukimori
[u]Age:[/u] 17
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance:[/u] Crystal stands about 5'4" tall. Her hair is a light lavender and falls just above her waist, and her eyes are a light crystal blue. The shirt she wears is rather peculiar: it is violet in colour, with long sleeves that are dark blue in colour near the ends. The shirt itself is rather long as well, so that it almost looks like a short dress. Anyways, it also has a snowflake on the front. Also, Crystal wears white pants, purple shoes that match her shirt, and a necklace with a charm in the shape of a sort of spike and made of crystal (surprise surprise).
[u]Personality:[/u] Crystal can be as cold as her element most of the time. She can rarely be seen smiling, especially if the smile is one of actual glee rather than plain old amusement. Most of the time she can't really multitask, and she doesn't do that well in a close relationship. (Perhaps this is why she has no Digimon partner.) This does not mean she's a mean person though--she's just--quiet much of the time.

[b][u]Normal Spirit:[/b][/u]
[u]Name:[/u] Crystalmon (well that's original)
[u]Binary Coding:[/u] 10
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/crystalice.gif]click here[/url] (about 1.5m tall)

[b][u]Beast Spirit:[/b][/u]
[u]Name:[/u] IceGryphonmon
[u]Binary Coding:[/u] 11
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/shiny/gryphice.gif]click here[/url] (about 2.5m tall)

[b][u]Matrix(?) Spirit:[/b][/u] (I forgot what it was called--the one you get when you combine more than one Spirit)
[u]Name:[/u] Borealimon
[u]Binary Coding:[/u] 10
[u]Appearance:[/u] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/auroracle.gif]click here[/url] (about 30m long)[/color]
As you may have guessed, I'm taking the Ice element, as I'm not clear as to what element Squirr31y's taking...

Oh, and Rokas and Kitty, for some reason I can't see the pictures when I click on the Digimon picture links... I get a screen with a stagecoach and two tickets on it instead.
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Name: Aesera Laoresk

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Appearance: Aesera's often described as being 'good-looking' or 'pretty', but she's never heard anyone call her beautiful. She's a tall woman, standing well over six feet in height. She's big, too. Not fat, though. Looking at her, it's easy to tell that she works out a lot. She's in excellent physical condition, and she works hard to keep herself that way.

Personality: Aesera is a pragmatist. She does what she has to. She always evaluating any situation. She takes action only after giving the action careful thought. However, when thinking about her actions she puts practicality above all else. Things like how her actions make others feel are secondary, as is how the actiions would make Aesera herself feel. Aesera will do whatever she thinks needs to be done, no matter what. As a result, she often comes across as cold and uncaring. This isn't true; she just doesn't let feelings get in the way of actions.


Name: Hawkmon

Gender: Male

Forms (click on names for pictures): [url="http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Pururumon.jpg"]Pururumon[/url], [url="http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Poromon.gif"]Poromon[/url], [url="http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied4/images/Hawkmon.gif"]Hawkmon[/url], [url="http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied7/images/Thunderbirdmon.jpg"]Thunderbirdmon[/url], [url="http://cf.geocities.com/digi_josied/images/AeroVeedramon.jpg"]AeroVeedramon[/url], [url="http://ca.geocities.com/digi_josied6/images/Phoenixmon.jpg"]Phoenixmon[/url]

Binary Coding: 01, 01, 00, 11, 10, 11
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