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If you could have any anime characters in your family who would it be?

Guest ShonenSamuraiMugen

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Guest ShonenSamuraiMugen
Who would be in your family if you were in an anime? It can be any character from any show...

For me:
Dad:Mei Hughes(FMA)
Siblings:Mugen(samurai champloo), Beast boy and Jing(king of bandits)
Girlfriend:I can't choose...but she'd be from Vandread
pet:Fruits basket cat and Cowboy Bebop dog

That was an example, to show you basically what i'm saying.
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Here it goes
Dad: Roy Mustang (FMA)
Reason: because he kicks ***. Even though he's only a few years older then me, it'd still be cool.
Mom: I don't know, mothers haven't really been a big role in most animes I've seen. The mothers I have seen in animes have either died or are just not someone I'd want for a mother.
Siblings: Kazuma (scryed) Hikaru (Hikaru no go.)
Reasons: Kazuma would just be plain awesome. If I got into trouble he'd bail me out.
Hikaru, well, having an ancient ghost follow you around is pretty cool.
Uncles: Vicious and Spike (Cowboy Bebop).
Reason: No family reunions, because those two would kill each other.
Girlfriend: Cagali (gundam Seed)
Reason: She'll kick your *** and she's kinda hot.
Pet: Ein (Cowboy Bebop)
Reason: The dogs frickien SWEET!
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[color=#6699cc]As it stands, I'm very wary about this thread.

In your posts, be sure to explain [b]why[/b] you would those characters as your family members. It would also be nice if you'd space things out so that they're legible.

[quote=example][color=#6699cc][b]Dad[/b]: Prof. Kusokabe from [i]My Neighbor Totoro[/i]. He's the perfect father to Satsuki and Mei. He's kinda, laughs easily, keeps his head in a crisis, and really loves his daughters.

[b]Big sisters[/b]: Sumika from [i]Haibane Renmei[/i]. (She's the woman who works with Nemu in the library.) She seems very lighthearted and friendly, but also caring. I can imagine calling her up for advice on dating or help with my homework. Plus, I'd love to go over to her house and spend time playing with her baby.

Lin from [i]Spirited Away[/i]. She's sassy and spirited. She doesn't let on right away, either, but she does care about Sen. I think she's the perfect mix of sarcastic exterior and kind heart. If she were a candy, she'd be a sweettart, heh. I think she plays a great big sis figure to Chihiro.

[b]Boyfriend[/b]: Seiji from [i]If you listen closely (Whisper of the heart)[/i]. If you've seen that movie, you know just what I mean. He's the perfect childhood sweetheart. Teasing but repentant, secretly sweet... a very "best friend goes boyfriend" kind of character.[/color][/quote][/color]
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ok this is going to be fun...................

Dad: InuYasha ( from InuYasha)
Mom: Yukina (YuYu Hakusho) Or Kanna
Siblings: Kurama (YuYu Hakusho) Hiei (YuYu Hakusho) and Goku (Sayuki)
Pet(s): Kirara (InuYasha) and Jeep (Sayuki)

[color=#6699cc]You obviously missed my post. It is [i]imperative[/i] that you read our [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?]rules[/url] and get a feel for what level of post quality is accepted here. As your post stands, it should be deleted. Please feel free to use the 'edit' button at the bottom of the post to add information. -Lore[/color]
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My family would be.

Mom- Gagscogne Reinghau(vandread)

reason: She is cool and calm and always takes care of everyone.

Siblings- Hibiki Tokai(Vandread), Washu(Tenchi Muyo)

reasons- Hibiki is a blast and he gets annoyed easily so I'll have the perfect role of little sister. Washu because she is so cool.

Dad- Hughes (FMA)

reason: Who else, he loves family so he cares and is loyal and the whole deal.

Pets- The cute cat from Banner of Stars and Alexander from (fma)

Boyfriend- Goh from Pretear.He is cute, heart-warming and a bit of a clutz
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if i had to have an anime family my mom dad would probably be Spike Spegal (cb)
my mom would be Dita (vandread)
siblings would be Kagome (inuyasha) and Hibiki (vandread)
my pets would be Kirara (inuyasha) and the black cat from trigun
Boyfriend would be inuyasha (inuyasha)

[color=#6699cc]You obviously missed both my original post [i]and[/i] my subsequent warning in Kurama + Hiei's post. This is unfortunate.

Let me reiterate. It is imperative that you read our rules and get a feel for what level of post quality is accepted here. As your post stands, it should be deleted. Please feel free to use the 'edit' button at the bottom of the post to add information. -Lore[/color]
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well after giving much thinking to it this would be my desision

Dad: Train Heartnet (black cat)

reason: Well first of all Train is the one kind of guy that if you were to meet him in a dark alley, the only thing he would do is smile at you until you almost wouldent be able to take it anymore. After seeing his kind of character and how he is around children, i would love to have him as a farther.

Mother: Inoue Orihime (bleach)

Reason: After seeing Inoue even after she is in the heat of a battle. she absolutly despises seeing anyone get hurt even if it is the enemy. She is a great person when she is arounf kids. Her kind anf yet at times, punishing attitude would make a perfect mother. Finally, she is one the most caring people that i have seen in an anime.

Brother : Inzuka Kiba (naruto)

Reason: Out of all the characters that i have seen in an anime, Kiba is my one most favorite character. Our personalities are almost alike in a sense, making us to be able to get along together almost perfectly. Also, he is the kind of person who would rather let himself die first before anyone would ever get close to his family. And finally, we would almost be unsepratable as brother to start with.

Sister: Winry (sp?) Rockbell (full Metal Alchimist)

Reason: Winry is a full tomboy when it comes to girls. For me, having a sister that is also a mechanic would be a double plus for me. SHe if fun loving, caring, and my most favorite, she has an ecplosive attitude that can be like a fuse at times. Which for me is a very good trait to have.

pet: Ein (Cowboy Bebop)

Reason: Words cannot explain how much i would want Ein as a pet. Ever time i see him in an episode makes me want to have him more. If what i herd about ein having an I.Q that is higher than a normal dog, only wants me to want him more. he is very smart witted and is even comfortable when he is floating around in space. That is the one kind of dog that i would really want to have!
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This is kinda a hard question but here goes:

Dad: Kenshin Himura (Rouroni Kenshin)
Reason: It would be sick to be the son of the worlds best swordsman, And if you ever needed help with somebody messin with youold paps would help u out

Mom: Kauru (Rouroni Kenshin)
Reason: There are only two people Kenshin is happy with and she's the cooler one of them.

Siblings: Kyo (Samurai Deeper Kyo) and, Vash the Stampede (Trigun
Reasons: Kyo is pretty funny and is awesome when he goes into demon form. Vash is really funny and is the best shot ever.

Pet: Kirara (Inuyasha)
Reason: ThIs really explains itself. It's a frickin flying cat demon you can ride.

I think thats about right.
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[quote name='Little Slugger']Who would be in your family if you were in an anime? It can be any character from any show...[/quote]

[COLOR=Navy]This is actually a very cool thread. I like it.

As for family members:

[B]Dad: Kenzo Tenma (Monster)[/B]

Occupation: Neurosurgeon

Reason: He is a lifesaver. Whether it's a gunshot wound to the head or a minor cut on the leg, he will be ther to save you. Life is more important to him than wealth.

[B]Mom: Tsunade (Naruto)
Occupation: Fifth Hokage

Reason: She is a strong independent mom who cares dearly for her children. She is also very skilled in ancient healing techniques and is a powerful fighter to boot. No one [I]hits[/I] on my mom!

[B]Sister: Nana (Elfen Lied)[/B]

Occupation: Bodyguard

Reason: She likes to protect the people she cares for from harm's way. If someone threatens any family member, her invisible diclonius arms will come in handy. She can also help around the house.
Brother: Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)[/B]

Occupation: State Alchemist

Reason: Magic = Coooooooool. He also has great defensive & offensive tactics. Also he can be useful for everyday things or natural/un-natural diasters. If it rains, I'll just have him transmute an umbrella. Ed is perfect if you want to save money.
Girlfriend: Maya Natsume (Tenjho Tenge)[/B]

Occupation: Martial arts club leader

Reason: It would just be cool to have Chibi Maya sit on your shoulder and have the regular Maya for a relationship or a sparring partner.

My family sounds like its prepared for war but that's a good thing. LOL.[/COLOR] :D
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Dad: Kenshin Himura. (Rurouni Kenshin) He's nice, funny, and just all in all pwns ^^

Mother: Reki (Haibane Renmei) Provided, it wasn't Kaoru. Reki is kind and caring.

Brothers: Momiji (Fruits Basket) and Chuei (Fushigi Yuugi) Momiji because he's so happy/nice and Chuei because... well, just because :p

Boyfriend: Amiboshi (Fushigi Yuugi) Why? Two words. MAGIC FLUTE.

Pet: Mokona (Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles) Kawaii!

Aaaaaaand apparently metal shinji would be my brother as well *looks at post*
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lets see now

she has a great personaly an she is funny

dad:lord bowmon(.hack//sign)
he is very protective

sisters:riza(fullmeatal alchmist)
she is so cool
im sort of like her

brothers:ed(fullmetal alchmist)
he is protive
he is so funny
i just think he is so cuite

he is sooo cuite
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Well let's see:

Dad: Sessohmaru (InuYasha)

Reason: Well let's see he would be able to teach me to be strong and even though he seems cold. To me who wouldn't be because he has Rin. He seems to be the type to want me to be strong so I wouldn't have to depend on him.

Mom: Yukina (YYH)

Reason: While my dad couldn't give me love I'm sure Yukina would be all for it. She's kind and loving and would make the perfect mother.

Sibilings: Kyo (Fruits basket), Kisa (FB), Taguros ((Both(YYH))

Reason: Kyo - Because it would be fun to have someone to spar with to get better or to beat up. Kisa - So I could have a little sister to treasure and protect. Taguros - Them because it would be fun to learn how to be strong and flexible.(I'm werid for picking them but Eh)

Uncles: Spike and Vicious (Cowboy bebop)

Reason: To agree with someone else: To not have family reuinions. Be too much choas and they'd try to kill each other.

Boyfriend: Bankotsu (inuYasha) or Karasu (YYH)

Reason: Well if it was Bankotsu than i would have to say because he's hot! Dangerous and it would be fun to keep him around. If it was Karasu, Well I wouldn't be bored although he would probebly try to keep killing but it would make my life fun to be with him.

(If allowed) Friends: Kagome (InuYasha), Ed (FMA), Feye (Cowboy bebop), Jakotsu (inuyasha)

Reason: Kagome - she has a complex life and she can tolurate InuYasha and his comments. ED - Because he's short like me. Feye - She's hot and sexy and gun crazy. I could leave a few things from her. Jakotsu - his constant attration to InuYasha makes me laugh and say "Hey I ike you lets be friends"

Well there it is my whole disfuntional family, lovers, and friends.
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1]I don't have a dad now and that hasn't made any difference (except we have no money >_<)

Righto then:

Mum: Probably Ash's mum from Pokémon, she gets worried a lot, that's basically their job... AND, she give you money every time you come round to see her! Whay.

Dad: Hmm, I wouldn't have one, I don't want to know what it is like to have one.

Siblings: Yoh Asakura and Horohoro. That would be hilarious, wouldn't it? Well, they don't care about anything unless they put their mind out for something, and, I could just watch TV with them.

Pets: Animals don't really come into anime often but that lovely little dog that was in One Piece when the pet store burnt down. I don't know what it is called but it's a nice dog. It'll be loyal >_<[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Wow this is going to be hard.

*Mom-Chi Chi (DBZ)

Reason: Well she's bad***. She's such a strong women and she's kind and very caring.

*Sibilings-Goku (saiyuki)

Reason: He's so funny, and he tends to remind me of me.(lol). We would get along so well, and have lots of fun.

*Pets: Kuroneko-sama (trigun), Hakaru (saiyuki)

Reason: Kuroneko is the coolest cat ever, he just pops up everywhere. And Hakaru is so cool, he can turn into a jeep. Thats like the coolest and most convenient thing ever.

*Boyfriend- Thiers way to many guys to chose from. I cant pick one.

*Dad-Hughes (FMA)

Reason: He's caring, he's very loving. He's so very proud. He's just an over all nice guy.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][FONT=Palatino Linotype]hahaha....kool..

-Tenchi Masaki (Tenchi Muyo!)- Tenchi is very caring and loyal. He is the type of person you can trust. And he seems like a fun dad.

-Anna Kyoyama (Shaman King)- She is very strict. Anna can help anybody focus. She will able to guide me in life. Even though she's kinda mean, deep down inside her, she's very caring.

-Yoh Asakura (Shaman King)- Yoh is cool and the type of brother that you can talk to about stuff. He's the type of brother you can just hang out with. And he's a shaman, he could ghosts.
-Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing)- Everybody has to have the kool sibling. The one you can look up to. Duo is funny and cheerful. And he has a gundam, which is pretty frickin' kool.
-Nara Shikamaru (Naruto)- He has the same personality as me. Me and him will get along well. And I wouldnt mind having genius in the family to help with homework(he'd probably be to lazy to help me though... :animeswea ).
-Asuka Langley Sohryu (Evangelion)- LOL. She's the tough one. The one that will have your back in a fight. She will probably beat up bullys for you. And she pilots an EVA which(like Duo) is pretty frickin' kool. :animesmil

-Temari (Naruto)- She has a though personallity but she can be caring at times. She's the type of girl you can hang out with and do fun stuff. And she's a ninja(enough said).

-Pen Pen (Evangelion)- C'mon who wouldnt want a pet penguin? LOL. :animesmil [/FONT] [/COLOR]
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Who would i want in my family? Good question but a fun one to answer

Dad: I think Chibidee Crocket from G Gundam would be kool just cause hes rom America like me and well hes really cool, a good fighter, and the queen of hearts member of the shuffle is there any more to be said from that? I dont think so.

Mom: Hmm very interesting i really like dont no lol umm i think maybe 005 i think it was or was it 008 whichever the girl cyborg from Cyborg 009. Shes kinda kool cause she is like a mother figure in the show, plus shes got the power of intense hearing and vision which would be ok but not for sneaking out lol.

Brother: Definatly Negi from Negima i mean the kid is just to cute right? right! Hes a genius and a teacher plus a wizard and i love harry potter which is also wizarding so anything wizarding related is awsome to me. Also possibly Momiji or Hatsuharu just because i love Fruits basket.

Sister: Tohru Honda, from fruits basket the best show ever! Shes so nice and caring and well shes a good cook so even when a mom is not around she helps out. I think not only would she make a great friend but a great sister as well. Ya, plus i somewhat look like her lol so we could be sisters.

Boyfriend: Oh MY GOD! Definatly Kyo Sohma hes like totally hot and even with the bad temper when he softens up well hes just the sweetest thing. Plus i love both of his forms and even though hies a loner i would understand him good cause i am a loner too

Pet: None really except Momoji Sohma in his rabbit form hes just so cute it that form i mean how adorable is he? And he would also be like my little brother.

Uncles and Aunts: Just uncles and they would have to be Shigure and Hatori the two rock! One is sensible the other a goofball, one is a doctor the other a writer both good professions.
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Guest ShonenSamuraiMugen
[QUOTE=Otaku America]
Brother: Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)[/B]

Occupation: State Alchemist

Reason: Magic = Coooooooool. He also has great defensive & offensive tactics. Also he can be useful for everyday things or natural/un-natural diasters. If it rains, I'll just have him transmute an umbrella. Ed is perfect if you want to save money.
I totally forgot about Ed! Wait a sec...I did not hear you say Magic!!! Thats not magic, it's science! Don't say that around Ed, he'll get mad if you call it magic. L.O.L.
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Guest maichips
Father: Maes Hughes (FMA)
Reason: I want a dad who obsesses over me! Totally!

Mother: Yui Ikari (NG Evangelion)
Reason: She's a very mothering figure and with her and Hughes I'd feel very loved.

Brothers: Sha Gojyo (Saiyuki), L (Death Note)
Reason: I looove them both so much!

Sisters: Yuzuki (Chobits)
Reason: She's nice and blue. ^_^

Pets: Chi (Chobits), Pen-Pen (NG Evangelion)
Reason: They're both so loveable!!!
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Guest kagome7193
dad: miroku[inuyasha]

[FONT=Arial Black][COLOR=Navy]I LOVE INUYASHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![/COLOR][/FONT] :sleep: :animecry: :animedepr :catgirl: :animeshy: :animeswea :animeblus :animesmil :animenose :animesigh :animestun :animeknow :animeangr :( :o :D ;) :p :cool: :rolleyes: :mad:

[color=#6699cc]Holy SMILIES, Batman! Hey there, Kagome7193. I see you're new to OtakuBoards. Please [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/rules.php?]read our rules[/url] before you continue posting. I've said several times in this thread that you need to give REASONS for why you'd like certain characters in your family, and many people in this thread have provided good examples of acceptable posts. Feel free to edit this post to include more information.

And in a sisterly way, I'd like to let you know that it would be okay to cut back on the smilies, just a tad. ;)-Lore[/color]
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[B]Daddy[/B]: I think it would be so nice to have someone like kouta from elfen lied as father. He has such a gentle soul, protective and thoughtful and nice as well.

[B]Mommy:[/B] It would be fun to have someone crazy, self-determined and successful at what she does so i say faye valentine from cowboy bebop.

[B]Brother:[/B] Definately momiji from fruits basket. He is so cute, thoughtful and full of life.

[B]Boyfriend:[/B] I think this is the most difficult part. If he was to be older i would choose niwa daisuke from DNAngel as despite his clumsy ways he is considerate, thoughtful, strong and so modest, but he is so young :animesigh
While he is growing up, for the time being i think i will choose sesshoumaru from inuyasha :D he is really strong, he seems not to care about anything else than his wishes but that is not true and he is really handsome

[B]Pet:[/B] Blue from wolf's rain, she is considerate and protective over her owner and besides she is half wolf :)
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[color=#6699cc][QUOTE=yuyue]father: ban(get backers)
older brother:ginji(get backers)ichigo(bleach)itachi(naruto)
younger brother:killua&gon(hunter x hunter)
older sister:rukia(bleach)[/QUOTE]You need to explain your choices. I have said that several times in this thread, and several people have set good examples. [quote name='Mikako Kazuke']Um you need to have reason as why you would pick them...[/quote]Please don't backseat mod. Let us do our job. If you see a post that needs attention, ignore it (Dagger or I will hopefully get to it soon), or use the report post button. Thanks.[/color]
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~Dad: Maes Hughs (Fullmetal Alchemist)~
Gah, this guy's hilarious. It'd be kinda funny to watch him raise a 17 year old boy though...He's cool, is in a high military command, and is friends with the legendary Full Metal Alchemist himself!

~Mom: None~

~Siblings: Vegeta (Dragonball series), Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist), Miles 'Tails' Prower (Sonic X)~
Imagine these 3 living in the same household. It'd either be a riot or a total wreck. Vegeta is just plain cool and a pretty good bodyguard, even though he's not that book smart. Ed would also be a backup, but also there to help with intelligent stuff that siblings do. And the alchemist skills would come in handy as well. Now Tails would be a perfect person to help you fix anything mechanical. And he is a cute little bugger to, despite many people writing fan fiction of him being a girl....-grabs machete and machine gun-

~Girlfriend: Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist)~
Another advantage of having a mechanic that you are friends (or in this case, more than friends) with. And, she's a tomboy who mainly is dominate. Walking around with just a bikini like top on is also a plus. ^_^

~Pets: Cat on Dr. Briefs shoulder (Dragonball series), Ein (Cowboy Bebop)~
I love animals, especially cats. And Ein is just too darn cute! It's be funny going to school with that cat on my shoulder contantly...

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  • 4 years later...
For my ideal family, I'd want older-aged characters be my siblings as they make good mentors to guide youngsters with life and manhood experiences while younger ones for siblings because they're so cute I'd want to provide comfort when they're down and play with them.

For my brothers: Kira Yamato (Gundam SEED), Kamina (Gurren Lagann), Roy Fokker (Macross), Koji Kabuto (Mazinger Z), Shippo (Inu Yasha), Yattaran (Captain Harlock), and of course Tails (Sonic).

For my sisters: Kagami Hiragi (Lucky Star), Kiyal Bachika (Gurren Lagann), Hikari (Pocket Monsters), Ranka Lee (Macross Frontier), Ururu (Bleach), Mikuru Asahina (Haruhi Suzumiya), and Amy (Sonic).

That's pretty much it.
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Wow. An anime family. What an exciting life that would be...

Mom: Zeniba from Spirited Away, because she can be very tough when she needs to be, but deep down she is very gentle and wise. I also like her house. I would want to live in that house; it's very peaceful.

Dad: Jet from Cowboy Bebop. He is a very kind and nurturing person even though he acts all tough. He really loves his dog and his bonsai, which is shown by how much time he spends with them. He is also very generous to take Spike, Faye, and Ed under his roof and give them friendship and fatherly guidance. These are the reasons I think Jet would make a great dad.

Uncle: Dr. Brief from Dragonball. He's a little old for the role, but I want him for an uncle, because that man is a genius.

Sister: Agreed from an earlier post, I believe Lin from Spirited away would be an amazing sister. I totally fell in love with her character when I first saw that movie. She reminds me of my own big sister a lot, with her attitude covering up a sweet interior.

Brothers: Kai from Blood+, because he is very protective of his younger siblings. Also, Calcifer from Howl's Moving Castle, because even though he has a curse, he manages to be silly and funny, and the work he does keeps everything together.

Nephews: Markl from Howl's Moving Castle and Jim from Outlaw Star. Both boys are
very cute, yet still very intelligent for their age.

Pet: Mao from Darker than Black, because he talks.
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