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Underworld: The devil's wrath. [M-VL and some S]

Lady Halo

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::Crap she said in her mind as she ran down the blackened corridor. Fear raced through her. Someone more of something was chaseing her. She turned her head around and...::


::She jerked up from her sleeping bag, breathing heavily and sweat speckled her face. She wiped the sweat off of her white face and mumered to herself:: "that wasn't good not good at all" ::She sliped out off her sleeping bag, making sure her arm didn't fall out of her sling, and stood up surounding her was a vast forest. All of the sudden a rustling sound cam from a green leaf covered branch..::


::Ther stood the grim reaper.::
"NO" ::She yelled and thrusted up her arm to protect herself. Her arm was deformed it was HUGE and metallic like, the fingers were like daggers (there sharp), great for defence and offence:: ::The grim reaper rose his scyth and she closed her eyes and screamed. Th reaper had disapeared with a couple words to think on:: "Don't think I'll forget you, .........daughter"


::A little squirrel ran out from the protection of the bush and she sighed a sigh of relief. She thought to her self, I thought it was him. She sat back down and sliped back into her sleeping bag and feel fast asleep, Not knowing someone was watching her.::

Its is year 2039 and the devil is mad. The grim reaper has fallen out of dutie and mated with a human and had a daughter, so the devil ordered the grim reaper to kill his daughter and the devil is ordering his demons to take over this world that was supposed to take over years ago but some demons also strayed and mated with humans and created offspring ,half-human and half-demon. So th grom reaper's daughter, Derongjita aka Maya, travel's the world to search for these Half breeds like herself, to save this world they live in and hold so dear.
Sign up sheet:
Name: (be creative!)
Gender: (Male-Female)
Race: (Human, Half-Demon,etc.)
Appearance: (detailed description, picture, or both)
Here's my sign up sheet:

Name: Derongjita A.K.A Maya
Age: 119 (looks 18)
Gender: Female
Race: Half Grim reaper and half human
Bio: Maya was always shun all her life because of her arm so she always acts as if its broken and she would bandage it up and put it in a sling. Her father, The grim reaper, loves and hates his daughter but he is only loyal to the devil and the devil ordered him to kill her, so she fled to earth in search of help that she had heard of and she searches for it and noticed earth is changeing to as the demons invade the world turns dark and evil. So she now is searchinf for this help and trying to save the earth.
Personality: Solitary and mysterious but around people she trusts she is friendly
Weapon: Blood Lust Skull Scyth
Powers: Soul steeling (can only use once a day), hovers some over the ground, and has an evil form.
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OOC: Crap! I want a scythe...It's my signature weapon...XD I'll use one anyway! Bwhahahahahaaaaaa!!!! If you don't want me to, just send me a message and I'll change it.

Name: Blood Autumnul
Age: 117 (looks 15)
Gender: Female
Race: Half-demon/ half-human
Bio:The daughter of a third-level demon and her human lover. Blood Autumnul was raised in the human world by her human father. She grew up relatively happy. She even had a few friends here and there. Every twenty years she changes jobs and with the end of each job, she fakes her death and changes her name, but now she wants to quit the charade and either find something new, or just die.
Personality: Blood is rude, blunt, and loud. She loves to have fun, and when it doesn't come to her, she tries to make it. If she can't do this, she gets extremely bored and becomes almost like a zombie.
Weapon: Deviloak Scythe
Powers: Soul locking ( the of freezing a person/soul in time) and Soul welding (attaching a soul to a inanimate object), which she uses often together in a combo attack.
Appearance: Slightly short. Slender with a child-like body. Blood Autumnul has short black hair pulled into two thick pigtails, huge saucer-like green eyes, and rosy cheeks. She wears a too-big black wool sweater, black knee stockings, brown lace-up boots,a black ribbon around her neck, and pixieskull earings.
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Name: Ruse Atlantis (sorry first thing that came to mind)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Race: half angel, half human
Personality: Ruse is one of those nice people who have a dark hidden life that no one knows about.
Weapon: The Sai's
Powers: Flying
Appearance: Ruse is tall, Skinny, has green eyes and long, straight black hair. She is mentally strong and the same physically
Bio: Ruse was born in France and her Mother(OOC: the human) died in labor, so she grew up with her Dad. He taught her to defend herself against anything and to be athletic. So Ruse grew up in a relativly warm and nice envioment until she was 10 at that time her Father was murdered and her life fell apart.

OOC: ok I'm sorry that it took so long to fix it.
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[B]Name:[/B] Grenosh

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown (looks 24)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Full-blooded Demon
Bio:[/B] Grenosh is a rouge demon. Yes, rouge. Although he was specifically ordered to help take over the world, he stood behind the scenes and watched the 'game' of lives. Not just another mindless minion or blind fighter, Grenosh explored the world, taking in both the good and the bad. Of course, he too had caused his share of mischief and destruction. He's hand many occupations, eventually disappearing when the time was right. Now though, he is getting more involved. Whether for the greater Good or Evil, is not yet known.

[B]Personality:[/B] Grenosh LOVES to use others to his gain. Power loving like a lot of his kind, though the poetic clichéd justice of paranoia and fear has not lead to his downfall. He finds calm suggestion the TRUE ultimate power, rather than direct command. His inklings of treason or tales of wealth has started many wars. Calm and collected even under the worst conditions, he has been held as the "backbone" of the group. He isn't outgoing, but neither is Grenosh solitary. A good companion with a general wisdom, he is surprisingly friendly and sympathetic for a demon. Then again, he's a brilliant actor.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Flamisch; An onyx blade long sword rapier with a green leather handle.

[B]Powers:[/B] Telekinetic fire, and Telepathy.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Grenosh in his true form is, well, a bit reptilian. Although a humanoid shape, his skin is covered by emerald green dragon-like scales. His long, silver claws are 'razor sharp', able to cut though most substances with ease. Even concrete and metal. The pupils of his eyes are mere gold slits, with an iris of such crimson color to spark even the smallest feeling of blood lust. The good news is; he won?t drool on you through the large, sharp teeth and fangs.

But other then that, Grenosh has a more, human appearance. A so called handsome young man, he has light brown hair just long enough that he can gel it back into small spikes. Tall, mildly built (but not a great athletic shape), and not tan, he could be found walking the halls of various offices during the day. That calm stature of his proved on many occasion to be a bit mystifying, earning an eye on occasion. The most fascinating feature of the ?human? Grenosh would be his eyes. Outside the black pupil, were a more gold colored iris, with the faintest hint of crimson along the outside rim. Most people just put it off to super cool contacts though.
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Name: Ansatsu

Age: 310

Gender: Male

Race: Half-demon (father was a low level demon brute who was cast out of hell after killing many other demons for fun, and his mother was an average female.)

Bio: Shortly after his father imbued his mother with a child, he left her never to see her again, giving her nothing except some throwing knives to give to the child. After his mother died giving birth to him he was taken to a monastery to be raised by priests. A few years later they noticed his shape shifting and correctly guessed that he had demon heritage. After torturing him to an inch of his life, trying to exorcise a non-existent demon, they cast him out into the world hoping that he would die on his own. After surviving on his own for while he decided to try and track down his father and find out what happened to him. He has been wandering around ever since.

Personality: Almost seems like he has multiple personalities. Sometimes calm and collected, other times panicky and scatterbrained. His mind is like an enigma wrapped up in a riddle, tied off with a little puzzle ribbon. Has very strange habits, such as he can only sleep while strung upside-down by his ankles, and instead of eating regularly he only eats ingredients separately and raw.

Weapon: Throwing daggers that his father made from bits and pieces of other demons he killed.

Powers: Gradual shape shifting. (His appearance changes over time, however it is a slow uncontrolled process.) Also he is oddly resistant to other demons powers, causing most to either effect him partially or not at all.

Appearance: [URL=http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/katrinchen/volume3/brom_uriel.jpg]His current look.[/URL]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Sinnato Sagen A.K.A Sage

[B]Age:[/B] 237 (Looks 22)

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Race:[/B] Half-demon

[B]Bio:[/B] When Sinnato was born his mother was disgusted with what she had given birth to, a baby that had short claws and a pair of pointy ears and dark red slited eyes. Shortly after, she left him in the hospital and never came back to clam him. After about a year in hospitlization they gave him up to an orphanage where "Sage" , as he was named in the orphanage, was a tough life due to his unusual ears and hands, so most of the time he would hide in the building and just play by himself. When Sage turned 15 he had a day he would never forget. He was playing, as usual, by himself where the children slept and while he was playing around he felt a sudden warm breeze on his back. He thought it was odd since there were no windows in the childrens bedroom, so he turned around and saw a demon standing right behind him, towering over him, with long claws on his hands. Pointy ears twitching a body builded like a tank with a tail swishing back and forth, with a face that would be horrifing to a ordinary human. But Sage wasn't ordianry.

The huge monster kneeled down infront on him and looked him in the eyes, Sage touched its face and strated to feel the rough, dark skin of this creatuer. He then realized who this creatuer was, it was his father. His father then taught him the skills that was passed down to him over many generations of men, Ninjitsu.

After Sage had turned 18 and he was out of the orphanage his father disappered, he left his son while his son was asleep, but before he left he used his claw and shaped a sacr on his chest of a pentagram. After his father left, Sage went out into the world lost and a little confused, but figured things out after awhile and lives by his rules now. And every 20 years he had to kill himself off and make a new idenity to this day in the year 2039.

[B]Personality:[/B]Sinnato doesn't like poeple a lot, mainly because of his childhood days. He usually likes to be alone, but sometimes his human temptations would take over and he would find himself in a hotelroom with some random girl he had picked up in a bar. He is a dark being, he doesn't feel emotion.

[B]Weapon:[/B] He has his claws, which always seem to stay sharp, and his [I]Nincazmim, [/I]a katana that his father gave to him.

[B]Powers: [/B]Can suduce women and manipulate blood (only blood that comes out of the body)

[B]Appearance:[/B] He's 6'2", he wears a long, black trench with the numbers 666 on the back and a pentagram, black gloves to cover his claws, a shirt with a Demon skull on the front and the name Danzig on the back, black pants with dragons swriling around on the legs and he wears boots. He also has long, spiked black hair that comes to mid-back an ageless face and red slited eyes.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B]Name[/B]: Jubei/Kenji

[B]Age[/B]: unknown (looks early 20s)

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Race[/B]: Half-Demon, Half-Angel

[B]Bio[/B]: Not much is known about Jubei/Kenji. He has no recollection of his past and has two personalities. Spends most of his time searching for answers about himself.

[B]Personality[/B]: Has two personalities, Kenji being a kind and gentle person who will gladly put his life on the line to protect the ones close to him while Jubei is violent and constantly thrives for fighting and any situation that could cause him danger also not to caring for others. (Kenji is usually the dominate personality).

[B]Weapon[/B]: two wakizashis on his back which he draws downward from his sides. And one katana named Kitasake that is summoned when he calls it's name.

[B]Powers[/B]: is capable of changing his eyes to either blue or red depending on which personality is in control. Eyes also are capable of seeing things moving at god-like speed, although each one has a specific power. The blue ones have the power to place a battle in the realm of his mind where he controls everything (power takes a lot of energy and is lethal if used more than once. The red eyes are capable of exploiting weaknesses in attacks but requires time and concentration to use.

[B]Appearance[/B]: about 5' 10", green hair, Blue or Red eyes depending on personality, wears a long brown drenchcoat over a black shirt and black pants.
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Name: Loki

Age: unknown but he looks to be 19

Gender: Male

Race: Full-blooded demon

Bio: He came to earth to fight. He fought and fought and fought, but he always wanted more blood. He will not fight someone that is unarmed or a lady unless they want to kill him. He went around helping starting civil wars, rebellions, wars between countries, and terrorist acts. He lloves to get humans to try to kill each other over useless things.

Personality: Since he is a warrior through and through he has a warrior's outlook on everything and is extremely chivilrous something that is uncommen in most demons.

Weapon: A huge braod sword and long halbred.

Powers: psychic, soul steal, and channeling

Appearance: Stands about 7' and resembles a Siberian wolf, has whiteish blackish fur. He has a scar across his left eye and another down the side of his muzzle. He wears a sliver collar with black spikes. He wears a black chestplate with the symbol (below) in silver and a ring of silver at the neck area. His backplate is exactly the same. His shoulder plates are black as well with the symbol and three silver spikes on them, his left arm is completely covered in black armor with black spikes running down the side and claw extenders on his glove. His right arm has a sliver forearm and bicep bracer with the symbol in black. He has black greaves on the his legs along with sliver shin bracers with three silver spikes on them. He has black boots with no bottom and also has claw extenders.
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pleazse let me know if I am to late to join.

Name: Naomi

Age: Looks to be 19

Gender: Female

Race: Half Demon/ Half Human

Bio: She isnt sure about her past. She only knows that when she can remember, she lived in a home that was warm and loving, but when she is sleeping, she remembers death and blood. Even though she knows that the home memory is the better one, she feels better when she sees the death dram. It makes her feel like she is alive.

Personality: She is very chipper. You can tell when she is in a good mood and when she is ticked off.

Weapons: The sword in the pic.

Powers: She can fully controll darkness(Shaddows, any black void really), and teleportation in shaddows.

Appearance: see below
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