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Sign Up Assassin Academy [M-Extreme violence, L]

Sir Gawain

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"Rhino! Rhino! Report your status!" a dark figure was whispering loudly into his headset. He was hidden deep in the shadows, and whatever he was wearing was doing an excellent job of concealing him.

A deep voice replied from the other end. "I'm still alive Wasp. That good enough?"
The man called Rhino seemed to be bored.

"No! It's not good enough! How about you follow procedure before one of us gets killed! Now, are you in position or not?" Wasp whispered back. He could barely keep from shouting.

"Sir! Yessir! In position, sir! Ready to move out at your command. Sir." Rhino said with fake enthusiam. A high pitched voice chuckled on the headset.

"Widow! Don't encourage him." Wasp said to the newcomer.

"Oh Wasp, you're always so uptight. Loosen up a bit. Oh, and, the target's guards are gone. Rhino can move in at any time." Widow, the female, confirmed.

Wasp sighed. "All right then. Let's move people. Mantis, grappling hook. Widow, sharp mind, sharp blade. Rhino, knock on the door. And everyone, don't get in my line of fire."

The was a rousing chorus of "Yessir!" over the frequency, then the headset went dead. No calling for backup on this mission.

Wasp rolled out his sniper rifle and waited for the tale-tell signs of battle below. He didn't have to wait long. A long burst of bullet fire erupted below, and Rhino let loose a long battle cry. [I]Finally.[/I] Wasp thought. [I]Action[/I] There was a semi alert guard in the third window from the right on the second floor. One quick shot brought the other guard into view. Piled corpses were harder to get past.

While Wasp continued firing on the guards inside the building, Rhino was holding off the guards in the main door way. Mantis was suppossed to be helping Widow get inside, and Widow was to take down the target. Today, the target was a Russian mayor in a small town. Not an important political figure, but a perfect specimen for assassin cadets.

All over the world right now, teams of assassins in training were taking down unimportant people to get ready for their real jobs. And tommorrow morning, they would all be headed back to the Hashshashin Temple in the middle east. Or rather, Assassin Academy.
- - -

I know, I know. No real closure to this story. But, if enough people want to see the rest, I'll gladly post it in the OB Anthology, completed. Just so you know, one person is enough ;) .

On to the details. You will be playing an assassin-in-training straight from the Hashshashin Temple in Pakistan (the word assassin was derived from hashshashin). You will be refered to at all times by your codename. Normally, people will be assigned to a theme group, as shown by Wasp, (Praying) Mantis, (Black) Widow, and Rhino. Of course, there will be some exceptions, such as Rhino.

As of now, there are 12 open spots, but we only need six to start. I am not included in those six. I will be playing as the mission officer at the academy. But you will be in one of the following groups: Tropical Birds, Predator Fish, and Grassland Mammal. This may be a little restricted, but is somewhat neccessary. Here are some examples (that may be used) as codenames in order: Toucan, Orca, Wildebeast.

Ask any questions you want to. More detail will be revealed later. You may ask questions without actually signing up.

Sign Up Sheet

Name: Real Name
Codename: Has to be in one of the three groups.
Group: See above paragraph.
Age: If you can give a perfect reason why a teenager would be in this RP, then your character shouldn't be less than 21.
Gender: Male or Female or Other. Just kidding. No other option.

Appearance: How your character looks without their field gear on. Casual.
Field Gear: How your character looks during a mission. Most of these will be at night, no bright colors are not advised.

Weapons: Oh yes, the weapons. Just so you know, this is set in modern day, as in right now. Only modern weapons. Also, you can, and should be, armed to the teeth! You are an assassin, ready for any situation. Just in reason.

Personality (Optional): Let's face it, does anyone even use their personalities? Make it up as you go along, and we'll find out!

Hobbies: They're assassins. Don't you think they like to do something interesting besides killing for money? I would(n't).

Bio: Short or long. I'm the only person that has to read this. Tell us how you came to be at the academy, who you want to work for when you graduate, blood type, whatever. Be creative.

Enjoy. Also, the opening story has been completed, just not posted on the boards yet.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Garet Jax

[B]Codename:[/B] Wildebeast

[B]Group:[/B] Grassland Mammal

[B]Age:[/B] 25

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL= http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/27.jpg] Garet[/URL]

[B]Field Gear: [/B][URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/guys200.jpg] Garets Gear[/URL]

[B]Weapons:[/B] Garet carries two .9 millimeter handguns, one on each side. With a P90 slung across his back, ammo clips around his waist and 4 flashbang grenades with two wrist blades. Just incase he runs out of ammo or needs to kill off someone quietly.
Bio:[/B] Garet got into assassin work after his father had introduced him into it. He thought it was a joke at first but after they went into the Temple he saw that his father was serious. So after he was old enough he went into training and learned how to do his new job effectively and efficiently.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Dante Simoro

Codename: Mako (type of shark)

Group: Predator fish

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Appearance: Below add a long red trenchcoat and a pair of black sunglasses.
Take away the sawed off shotgun and the sword
Field Gear: everything is black. He has a long black hooded trechcoat with lots of pockets and holsters on the insides and up the sleeves. He wears bigger black boots and still has black sunglasses.

Weapons: He has shurikens and daggers up and down his sleeves. In his trenchcoat he has two large semiauto pistols like the ones Dante has in the game except silver. Two silver Uzis, two silver sawed off shotguns. He carries silencer attachments for all except the shotguns and the Uzi's. He carries an customized M-16 across his back and a sniper attachment inside his coat. He has pockets customized to hold ammo so he can drop the old clip and snap in another in one easy motion. He also carries a silver short sword for silent deaths.

Personality: Destructive and loves to kill.

Bo: I came to the Academy looking for a job and extra money to pay off my bills. I was in a gang when I was younger and had already killed quite a few poeple in gang fights and shoot outs. So I thought I'll do something I already know how to do. I want to get better at the art of killing. I want to work for the best we I get out and become feared and be a lenged for future assassins to look up to. I am not afraid to die and will do whatever is nesacarry to ffinish the mission and to please my instructors.
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Name: Johnathan Leen
Codename: Black Wolf (Wolf)
Group: Grassland Mammal
Age: 22
Gender: male

Appearance: ankle length black leather trench with pockets everywhere in it, scar across left eye, blue eyes, black hair, 5'9'', black gloves, and black boots
Field Gear: wears nightvision goggles, and wears a light chest cavalar, giving him some protection from bullets while not hindering his movement.

Weapons:Two black six round 45 revolvers, one at each side, fully auto 12 round 12gauge shotgun inside of trench, 3 flash grenades, 1 frag, and a hunting knife in belt waist.
Personality:Cold and collective, generally doesn't care about other ppl, but if you manage to get on his good side he'll be a great asset.

Hobbies:in his free time he gets all of his info on targets by hacking data banks and such.

Bio: When he was about 16 his father was drunk and attacked him, Johnathan, knowing were his father kept his guns, ran, when his father found him, he killed his father. After killing him he went through his room and found a contract paper, and went to the Temple, and there began his training.
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[size=1][u]- Sign-Up Sheet -[/u]

[b]Name:[/b] Teigra Feliz
[b]Codename:[/b] (Black) Panther
[b]Group:[/b] Grassland Mammal
[b]Age:[/b] 22
[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] See attachment for general appearance. Normally Teigra wears just a black holterneck top and black leather pants. And her breasts aren't that large.
[b]Field Gear:[/b] See attachment for field gear.

- Hips: 2 H&K P8s (of you've ever seen Tomb Raider, the guns Lara use)
- Left leg: a set of throwing knives
- Right leg: a set of throwing needles (preferred over the knives, is more accurate with these)
- Back: two small blades used for offense and defense

[b]Personality (Optional):[/b] Cool, calm, collected and calculating. A very adaptable person. Fits right into a crowd. Mostly offensive, is good for undercover jobs.

[b]Hobbies:[/b] Dancing (not ballet, more street or funk), rock climbing (for endurance), yoga (to increase her flexibilty) and gymnastics (for various stunts).

[b]Bio:[/b] Teigra's family a part of the infamous Italian Mafia. They are deeply involved is the assassination industry, more than weapons trading. However, her family is being overrun by a more powerful family in the Mafia. They are treated as servants. Her father sent Teigra to the assassin school to gain more skills in the area she was the most talented at so she could help them ascend the power ladder of the Mafia.

After she graduates, Teigra plans to work mostly freelance. However, her alligance still lies with her family and the Mafia.[/size]
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Name: Sean Archane

Codename: Stone Rook

Group: Tropical Bird

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://blizzard-art.com/img/hei/Man.jpg]Casual[/URL]

Field Gear: [URL=http://blizzard-art.com/img/cai/Sharp%20Shooter.jpg]Sean in Field Gear[/URL]

Weapons and Equipment: Dragunov SVDS Sniper Rifle w/ night vision, range measurement, flash suspensor, and silencer attachments, 30 rounds of 7H2M standard, 20 rounds of 7H2M 203 armor-peircing incediaries, and 5 rounds of 7H2M trackers. Dual M1911-TalonII with silencer attachment, ten 8 round clips of standard M1911 ammunition, ten 4'' Colt Ridge Runner flip knives, two 11'' M60-14NKI fixed knives. Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, Night Vision Goggles, SAP gloves, 10'' string of micro fiber wire. Interceptor Kevlar Flak Vest, Knee and Leg Gaurds

Personallity: Cold and Callous. After the murder of his wife he was since strived for the perfection of his art, and that art is death.

Hobbies: Knive throwing, rifle marksmenship and archery are his passion. He also has a deep respect for judo and is currently a 2nd degree black belt.

Bio: The death of Sean's wife of 6 years drove him to insanity. He took up his first mark a month later. After he pulled the trigger, ice coursed throught his veins and thus was born the killer you see before you today. He has successfully finished off his origin 12 marks and is now looking to hone his skills. He now looks at his life and everyone elses to be insignificant and that this is his job and art.
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Yes! One more person and then we can start!

Just so you know, when this starts, all empty spaces on the teams will be autofilled with NPCs. In Shaga Mage's case, he'll have pretty much complete control over his team unless somebody else enters it. That's also the case with Silver Wolf Fang.

At the rate this is going, we should be up on Saturday. Keep posting, but remember, be patient. Your assassins, learn how to wait for the kill.

But seriously, this RP is basically entirely about refining them into cold blooded killers. Who actually know what they're doing and don't just fire at random hoping to hit something. That's the American style of shooting.
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Georgia][B]Real Name:[/B] Hamano Kumiko

[B]Codename:[/B] (White) Tiger

[B]Group:[/B] Grassland Mammal

[B]Age: [/B] 19. She was the top in her junior training class and was bumped up to the Academy level.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] Casual- Usually just a short-sleeved shirt and boxers, when she can get away with it. When she goes out to have fun, it's a short-sleeved shirt and jeans. Unless she's working, she's barefoot, no question.

Field Gear- Hamano ties her long, brown hair in a braid around her head so the enemy can't use it to pull her back. She wears a black, long-sleeved shirt that comes up to the top of her neck. The material is very light, and is used for her ankle-length pants. On her wrists, she has black gauntlets. When she squeezes her fists hard enough, four blades come out of them. She wears black socks and black slippers, made to act as a second skin on her foot.

[B]Weapons and Equipment:[/B] Her gauntlets, also knives hidden in her socks and a longsword on her belt. If the situation calls, she can also use a bow and arrow.

[B]Personality:[/B] She likes being outside and prefers to be alone when she's not working. She's very intelligent and reads alot, mainly fantasy. Once someone gets to know her personally, she's a very kind person. She doesn't trust people right away, but once they gain her trust, they see a new, happier side of her. She loves her friends and (sometimes) partners selflessly. Every once in a while, she feels she has to prove that her age makes no difference as to skill, which sometimes leads her to reckless stunts. She's a practiced liar. She dislikes failure, being told what to do, being condescended to, dresses, and people interrupting her thoughts, reading, or writing.

[B]Hobbies:[/B] Reading, writing, listening to the noises of the outdoors, and archery.

[B]Bio: [/B] Her mother left after Hamano was born, leaving her with her drunk of a father. She avoided him as much as she could, but sometimes, when he got really drunk (most often on weekends or holidays), he'd corner her and beat her.
One Christmas, at the age of ten, he tried to beat her, but she had gotten around him and run away. She didn't have any friends, so she ended up wandering the streets of the city until she was thirteen. Her father found her and forced her home, where he began to beat her for leaving. Using the skills that she had aquired from three years of living on the street, she managed to get him down to the floor and she proceeded to sever his spine at the neck. She almost got away again, but the police came. She accidentally killed one of them and ran. When she stopped to rest in an alley, she found her training contract and immediately set off to the Temple.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[U]Name[/U]: Bobby Dracen

[U]Codename[/U]: Macaw

[U]Group[/U]: Tropical Birds

[U]Age[/U]: 24

[U]Gender[/U]: Male

[U]Appearance[/U]: Dark black hair that is cut short, blues eyes, strong jaw with small scar on left side, a built body, stands about 5' 11". Usually wairs jeans with black boots, a red shirt with a black leather coat.

[U]Field Gear[/U]: Wairs black pants, boots, a black long-sleeve shirt, with a kevlar-enforced jacket, black gloves, and knees pads/guards. Special harness worn inside coat on top of shirt that holds his ammo and other weapons. Has night-vision goggles that also have heat vision. Small wire with camera hook-up to goggles, 50 feet small wire with compact grapling hook.

[U]Weapons[/U]: pistol with silencer - 3 magazines, on loaded two on harness, worn on belt, fully-auto MP5 machine gun - 5 magazines, one loaded four on harness, worn on back, two hunting knives on belt, one on each side, a small bracelet on wrist that holds throwing needles injected with poison, two gernades on harness, two flashbangs on harness.

[U]Personality[/U]: Bobby just thinks of assaination as his "job". He is cold and calculating when doing his job, but is actaully a bit friendly when not on a mission.

[U]Hobbies[/U]: Bobby enjoys biking, martial arts, basketball, and weight lifting. He also enjoys just talking and "hanging out" when not on a mission.

[U]Bio[/U]: As an child, Bobby was an orphan growing up in an orphanage. On his sixteenth birthday he ran away, and started trying to make some money. He got involved with multiple gangs, making money then dissappearing, until he heard whispers about the the assasin temple and decided to go there. After two years or so of traveling, now making him 22, he came to the temple and started his training. He advanced quickly and became the rank he is now.
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Seven! There are seven people signed up! That's more than enough! This RP starts when I get back from school this afternoon. And sign ups will remain open until that time. That's why I have to hold off on announcing the missing members of the teams.

I didn't expect more than enough people to sign up. You all are really into killing for money, aren't you?
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  • 2 weeks later...
nothing's perfect.......i wish to join fun times are here.

Name: Yumuura Vahn

Codename: Love Bird

Group: Tropical Birds

Age: 19

Gender: male

Appearence: Milky white and red eyed, his almost frail looking figure and dark shades bely his ferocious appetite. His looks are very feminine, and he always wears his japanese attire, making him look ancient, yet ageless. If he's not wearing that, he looks like a bondage *****, with leather, spikes, and straps. and yet he wears leather coat to go with this. he wears make-up to go along with this, but only black lipstick and eyeshadow. His only accessory in a blood red stone on an earring.

Feild Gear: A heavy black cloak, which makes him look alot like death itself. It's ragged and frayed, and that makes him all that much more frightening. he wears a lot of weapon holsters underneath this. He has a grappling hook on a pouch strapped to his thigh, and several combat knives on his other though, used for 'technicalities'. He usually carries a violin case, which holds weapons and other tools, like night vision goggles, an electrical scrambler, a carton of ciggarettes,and a change of clothes, usually a school uniform.

Weapons: Very limited in his arsenal, he usually carries three guns, a desert eagle, a barretta, and a smith and wesson, with two extra clips of ammo each. in a pouch on his left calf, he has a pouch filled with shuriken and throwing knives. In his violin case he has a kusari-gama, a sickle attached to a chain, a shotgun, and a custom gun made for explosive rounds, which detonate when a button is pressed on the gun. He rarely carries this case however.

Personality: Very gentle, very sweet, and anybody's best freind, untill he is assigned to a task. He becomes very calm, quiet, and cold. Yet, even this belies his cut-throat fighting technique.

Hobbies: He likes to train to better himself, and likes hanging out with freinds. He enjoys video games as well.

Bio: As a child, Vahn's parents were brutally slaughtered, right in front of him, and Vahn was left all alone, with some serious mental issues. He was taken in by a crime syndicate family, and two years later he killed his step father, for molesting him. His family did not take lightly to this, but they did pay for him to be trained to ber their top notch assassin. with in a span of five years, Vahn was the best in the buisnesss. But Vahn did not want to be under the thumb of his family forever, so he ran away, not wanting to kill them. Time after time, the Family sent people after him, but all were returned to the family.... in coffins.

Being the best in the buisness, he's not well known, the mark of a professional.
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