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Gaming What is your favorite and least favorite NES and SNES game?

Violet Link

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NES-A Tie Between Final Fantasy and Super Mario Bros. 3
SNES-Final Fantasy VI

[U]Least Favorite[/U]

NES-Super Mario Bros. 2
SNES-Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island

How many swords could a sword-chuck chuck if a sword-chuck could chuck swords?
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[font=trebuchet ms]Edited for Shinmaru's enjoyment.

NES - Although I'm compelled to say Mario or Final Fantasy, I'll delve a little deeper into games I'm actually playing now. I love Mag Max, Journey to Silius, and The Guardian Legend.

Mag Max is a cute little shooter where you collect parts along the way and build yourself into a robot and slaughter stuff either on land or underground. It gets a little tedious at times, but you usually don't live long enough for it to start getting to you. I like the gameplay itself, as it's different from every other shooter I've played.

Journey to Silius is a shooter/platformer where you're on a missiion across some alien planets to resuce your kidnapped dad, gaining new weapons as you beat bosses... the music's nice. I'm not sure why I like this game so much, a lot of people like this game simply because they do. Coolness just seems to ooze out of it.

The Guardian Legend is a hard game. It mixes a top down shooter with an RPG/Adventure setting similar to Zelda. It feels really open compared to other games of its time... this takes some playing to believe it. This game is incredibly original and I wish they'd make a modern sequel to it, could you imagine?

Least Favorites:

I don't have many games that I don't absolutely love. If I had to pick one, it'd be Yoshi's Cookie, I hate Puzzle games, and it's not Tetris. It was the only game my mom would play with me, and she'd dominate me in it every time, so it was kind of instilled that I must hate it. I guess I should play it again.

SNES - I just found a new SNES at a nice price. I still have some of my favorite games. The other games I don't remember so well.

Favorites: Megaman X, Megaman X3, Super Mario Kart

The Megaman X series is very hard for most people, I can agree with MMX3, but I thought MMX was easy. I missed out on MMX2, I can't find it except for on eBay every once in a while. I'll eventually get it, I suppose. I just love Megaman to begin with, and being able to dash around and climb walls is awesome.

Super Mario Kart is just really fun and easy to play for any length of time. This is one of those games that you just turn on and you're immediately having fun.

Least Favorite: I really don't have any, I have five games and greatly enjoy them all.[/font]
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If everyone just lists games, then this thread will get very boring very quickly. Please supply reasons as to why those games are your favorites and least favorites for both systems. That way the posts in here will be more fun to read. I'd be especially interested to read why Yoshi's Island is your least favorite SNES game, since it is a personal favorite game of mine. :)

EDIT: RiflesAtRecess provided a nice example in his post. A few sentences explaining your reasons for choosing each game will suffice. :)
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Okay, I like SMB 3 because it gives me 6 hours of fun (i hate warping) and final fantasy because it's the only final fantasy game that actually gives me a challenge and it takes forever to level up. I didn't like SMB 2 because it didn't seem like a true mario game. I don't like mario games that don't have real powerups. Final Fantasy VI is cool because you can switch out your characters and don't have to use characters you don't like (most of the time) and the battles where you have your characters switch between groups (like w/ locke and the moogles) because you actuallly have to be smart about where you put your groups. I didn't like SMW 2 because like I stated before i don't like mario games w/o powerups like 'shrooms, fire flowers, etc.
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NES - Teenage mutant ninja turtles
SNES - Final Fantasy 3

[U][B]Least favorite[/B][/U]
NES - Metroid
SNES - Zombies ate my nahbors[/quote]

Please read my earlier post in this thread. If this thread turns into post after post of just lists, then I'll close it. I think that this could be a decent enough topic, so I'd like for it not to go down that road. :)


My favorite NES game would be Super Mario Bros. 3. The game is just fun as hell to play. Anybody can pick up SMB3 and be pretty decent at it, but you've got to be good to finish it (especially the NES version, where you can't save, and the overall game is a bit more difficult). I also love the wide range of power-ups and different locales in SMB3. Deserts, plains, tundras, etc. may be platforming cliches now, but SMB3 used the different areas in ways that were pretty clever for its time and that actually affected gameplay.

I wouldn't know what my least favorite NES game is. I always thought Golf was pretty boring, but I'm sure that I've played worse games lol.

My favorite SNES game (and favorite overall game) is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I personally think that the game is a prime example of what makes the Zelda series so great. The puzzles are tough, but not impossible, the bosses are big, bad and fun to fight, there's a huge range of items to use, and the game used a dual-worlds concept that would still be impressive if it were used in a game today. The only complaint I have with the game is that I wish I could fight the bosses whenever I felt like it. Oh well, it's not like playing through the entire game to get to them is such a bad thing. :)

My least favorite SNES game... ugh, take your pick with either one of the Home Alone games lol. I have no idea what the hell I was thinking when I played those awful games. I would probably say that the first Home Alone game was worse, because you were "treated" to a horrid soundbite of McCaulay Culkin screaming. Lord, I can hear it in my head right now lol. The requisite "gameplay blew, controls sucked, ugly graphics, etc." comments fight in nicely here, as well.
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[color=darkred]Yeah, I'd agree with the typical Mario and Zelda, so I'll just mention one of my other favourite NES games which kept me busy for some time, which is Battletoads. I enjoyed a bunch of other games, all of which have been mentioned here already, but as a beat 'em up, Battletoads was gold. The funky animations when your character kicked and punched away at enemies was hilarious, even if it wasn't intentional. What draws me towards it, though, is the sheer simplicity it holds as a beat 'em up, because there were only so many things you could do with a NES pad, and the developers over-saw that fact.

As for the worst NES game, I'd have to say Metal Gear. I enjoyed playing parts of it, but the game got so annoyingly boring with the repeated backgrounds, and entering the Radio was a bother, too, because of the fact that you'd have to enter the start menu each time you wanted to use it. Also, I couldn't stand the horrible English translations, even though this is sometimes thought to be funny by some people. If any game should be for the NES, it should be a simple one, and not one which possesses a storyline to complicate things and aims to wow you with it.

My favourite SNES game is Super Metroid for two reasons. One, I love the exploration aspects involved within the game. Backtracking can be a bother in some games, but I never got that negative vibe with Super Metroid. The second reason is how I love the way you grow stronger as the game progresses, which is one of the results of the excessive amounts of exploring. You start weak, and then you power-up by getting the ability to run very fast, or jump really high. It's a game I enjoy even today, and it's one of the first games that I'm going to download when the Revolution swings by.

Least favourite SNES game would be Super Wrestlemania, for obvious reasons. It's possibly the only crappy game I remember playing, because I owned it, but there's not much you can do with a 2D wrestling game, so in result it was lacking a lot of things. Even still, it was way better than the crummy Mega Drive Wrestlemania game, even though that version had the Ultimate Warrior in it.[/color]
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[quote name='Violet Link']I didn't like SMB 2 because it didn't seem like a true mario game.[/quote]
It's not a real Mario game. The Japanese version had nothing to do with Mario. They added the Mario liscense durring the translation process.

[quote name='Violet Link']I didn't like SMW 2 because like I stated before i don't like mario games w/o powerups like 'shrooms, fire flowers, etc.[/quote]
Does that seem dumb to anyone else? Seriously, did you really mean that the only reason you don't like Yoshi's Island is because it doesn't have powerups like mushrooms and fire flowers? Did you even think about, oh, THE ACTUAL GAMEPLAY? I mean, yes, it''s fine if you dislike a game, but disliking it because it doesn't have a couple items found in another game? That's just stupid.

Anyways, I don't have an NES, so I'll just talk about the SNES. I don't really have a least favorite game, as I tend to buy only the games that really intrest me. My favorites are:

Super Mario World: An all-around excellent game. Good levels, a lot of hidden levels (some of which take some work to unlock), I like how the power-ups are used, and it introduced the world to Yoshi. It's only real flaw, in my opinion, is that most of the bosses are too easy.

Super Mario RPG: though the paper Mario games are better in my opinion, this is still a very good game. In fact, it's the first RPG I played. The story is, um, lacking, but then again, story wasn't as big a deal when this game was made, and I don't really care about story too much, anyays. I care about the gameplay, and this game is fun to play. The characters are different enough that you'll actually want to change your party for different areas, but you don't have to worry about switching them all the time, as every character gains the full experience from a defeated enemy, even the characters who didn't participate in the battle. And battles are fun. The only real problem? Too easy.
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NES: [B]Bubble Bobble[/B]
Not much to say here. It's got action, love, heroism, and all the evil villains - in bubbles.

SNES: [B]LoZ: A Link to the Past/ Final Fantasy VI[/B]
Tie. LoZ is awesome on its own and well, FF is the same way. I played both to death despite never actually owning LoZ and buying FF from a friend.

Least Fav:

NES: [B]Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[/B]
It was just too hard, but the graphics were kind of cool. It was fun up to certain parts, like the water level where you have to disarm the bombs that are in a maze of electrical seaweed, or when you finally get into the Turtle Van but run out of missiles and can't go any further.

SNES: [B]Wolverine: Adamantium Rage[/B]
I think it was called this, but yeah, again it was too difficult. It was fun, just like TMNT, until you reach hard bosses like that Crystal Dragon or something.
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My favorite NES game was the Super Mario Bros.

My favorite SNES game was Donkey Kong Country 2

Now a days I seem to like the Zelda Series more and I have tried remakes of older Zelda games made on the gba like Link to the Past and Zelda and Zelda II they were great games as well.
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My favorite NES game is Duck Hunt. you know with the ducks fly'in on the screen. but if you miss that stupid dog starts laugh'in' at you? :animeangr

My favorite SNES game is Donkey Kong 1&2. To this day I stay up for ours playing I can't get enough of it.
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[SIZE=1]Interesting, most interesting.

Well as I never owned a SNES it's going to be a little hard for me to a pick a favourite out of say the four or five games my cousin had. The NES however was the first proper system I ever owned and as such it's going to take a bit of thinking and probably some reminiscing in order to dredge the least favourite games from my mind.


[b]NES:[/b] For my favourite NES game, it has to be a tie between Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros. 3. Duck Hunt was the quintessential pick-up and play game, you just started it, shot the ducks and laughed your backside off in a kind of silly glee. Mario however required serious skill but was still great fun to play, though I can?t honestly remember much about the game, aside from the fact that it was fun to play. The Racoon power-up was probably my favourite, it was fun being able to glide for periods at a time and then descent down upon foolish Koopas. Many ?Death from Above? shouts are coming to mind.

[b]SNES:[/B] This is kind of a cop-out because I never actually played it on the SNES, but Final Fantasy VI, or III to give it it?s SNES title would probably take the title of favourite. Absolutely scouring my mind for memories, I recall a Mario game in which you could play as either Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach or Toad, I can?t remember the title, but it like SMB III was enjoyable to play and gave me the opportunity to play as my favourite Mario Brother, Luigi.

[CENTER][b]Least Favourites[/b][/CENTER]

[b]NES:[/b] My least favourite NES game falls to either the horrific Captain Planet or the deplorable Batman: Return of the Joker, I was young when I played them and not nearly as talented at videogames as I am now, but I can really remember just sulking in frustration after a bout of playing either of those two games. Again it was a long time ago so my memory of playing these isn?t great, but I get a deep feeling of anger and frustration just thinking of them, so really they must have done something to deserve that kind of emotional response.

[b]SNES:[/b] Given the few games I ever played on the SNES, it?s understandable that some people may disagree with this, but I absolutely hated the original F-Zero game. I just hated it because I couldn?t get the hang of the controls, the whole layout of the game was confusing and my cousin would always want to play it because he knew I could never win. I grew to loath the game and all driving games in general because of it. [/SIZE]
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Duck Hunt! I remember that! It was so long ago... T_T

I had an NES for a while but my grandmother took it away and gave it to my cousins in the Philippines. Since I was upset she gave me a Sega Genesis. ^^


One of the games I missed the most when I lost my NES was a fighter jet one. I don't remember which one it was, but I'll have to assume it was [b]Top Gun[/b].

A game that I didn't like so much, though, was [B]Double Dragon[/B]. I found it restricting and annoying.


I remember for SNES lots of games. The game I would still want to play today would be [b]Gundam Wing Endless Duel[/b]. That was fun.

A game that scared me so much was that Shaq game. [b]Shaq Fu[/b].
Are you telling me this isn't scary? lol.


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[B]SNES: [/B] Uhh..Dude. Contra III: Alien Wars. Easily. It was hard, it looked damn good back in the day, had huge bosses and a crazy amount of enemies on screen at once, lots of gun powerups and above all it was addictive and fun. Running and gunning, jumping and ducking. It was insane. Loved it.

[B]NES: [/B] I'm torn between Double Dragon & Battletoads and Excitebike. However, I'm going to have to go with DD & BT because of its co-op beat 'em up action and for the fact you can grab chicks by the hair and beat 'em in the stomach. Why? Because you're big buff white men and ugly green toads, thats why!

[B]Least Favorites:[/B]

[B]SNES: [/B] Flashback: Quest For Identity. It was insanely hard, almost too hard. Its control scheme was absolutely horrendous and the story was really lame. Plus it didn't help matters when your main character is a big wussy with a lame pistol.

[B]NES: [/B] I'm going to get flamed so bad for this one...Balloon Fight. I just never found it very fun at all...You tap your flight button to make your little dude flap his arms and you try and land on other dudes balloons and knock 'em down. It was stupid and un-fun.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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wow there where alot of good ones and bad ones

good ones
NES The Legend of Zelda
SNES The Legend of Zelda: A link to the Past
SNES Chrono Trigger (like FF3 only a lot better)

bad ones
NES & SNES Metroid games (too much back tracking)

also if your just into old school games or side scrollers look for an old series called Valis. They where old side scrolling anime type games and I liked em but you might not. and they might be alittle hard to find too I don't think many of them made it to America, but I know for sure that Super Valis IV did it's for the SNES if you havn't figured that one out lol.
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I like:
SNES - Chrono Trigger: still one of my top 3 games of all time ^^ I just love the Toriyama art, the Final Fantasy gameplay, and the awesome story.
NES - The Legend of Zelda: The game that started it all is still fun to play! n_n

I don't like:
Shaq Fu: this ties with superman 64 for being the worst..
I also don't like a lot of NES games... i know this system pretty much started gaming as we know it, but so many of the titles are so boring...
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