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Sign Up Bleached....what? [M-LSV]


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........Beep beep.....incoming message...opening now...

...Welcome new member of the Soul Society. Recently you most likly have been experiencing very strange events. We, at the Soul Society shall explain the current events. First, we shall give a small description of what you have been seeing....

Soul Society- this is an orginization that protects mortals, as well as Wholes from Hallows. The Soul society is basically a way station for Wholes, to determine where they go, heaven or hell. Soul reaper is the tittle you have been given. We shall describe what that is, and why we chose you in a few moments.

Whole- A Whole is the good side of the spirit relm. Wholes are the spirits that you have been seeing the most. They are gentle spirits that look almost human, but they have qualities that let you know that they are spirits. For example, look for scars that are still bleeding. A pale complextion, and they never have to eat.

Hallow- the demon seed of the spirit world. Hallows look like monsters, and have a personality that goes with it. Hallows try to capture and comsume wholes, Soul Reapers, and mortals with alot of spirit energy. When captured, Hallows consume their spirits, feeding off their souls.

Soul Reaper- The peace makers. Soul Reapers are sent to the surface world to kill hallows and to bring Wholes back to the Soul Society to either be sent to heaven, or to be sent back to the surface as a new life.

When we receive more info, we shall send it to use a quickly as possible.

We, at the Soul Society, chose you for this job for many reasons. We only sent it to the mortals, and Wholes that show a large amount of spirit energy. Depending on how much you have determins the level of Hallow you are sent up agianst.

Recently, more and more Hallows have been appearing, killing anything they come across. No mortal or Whole is safe with this many Hallows around. Normally mortals can not see a hollow, but that does not stop a Hallow from killing the mortal.

We at the Soul society would like you to know that we have sent this to you, and countless others, in a way to help comtrol the Hallows sudden outburst. We also wish you to find out who is behind this. We know that you would be risking your life for numerous people that you do not know, but we wish that you help us at all costs.

The Soul Society would like to thank you for your time. If you wish to help us in our fight, please fill out the information and send it back, do not worry, we shall get it even if your sending unit says that we have not.


Here is a little back groud for those that wwish to know a little more.

If you do not know, I got the idea from the manga Bleach. No you do not have to read the manga to do this, but it gives a little better description of what everything is.

The story takes place in modern time. If you wish to be something other than a Soul Reaper, please pm me with your profile. I shall then decide weather you can be that or not.

For a soul Reaper, the only sure way to kill a hallow is to either cut its head off, or damage the brain. Its brain is located in the skull, just like a mortals.

Because Soul REapers are both spirits and mortals at the same time(yes a Soul Reaper can be killed by a Hallow), they can make themselves seen by all, or none at any time they choose. They do not have to let the mortals see them if they do not want to.

Ok, now for the profile.

Weapon: max of two(Can be either guns or swords.)
Appearance: pic or paragraph

That is all. Please pm me with any more questions.
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[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]about time[/font]

[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Name: Koske Tehuga[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Age: 19[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Gender: Male[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Personality: Tough and doesn't take crap. He is used to being alone but enjoys compaNY from time to time[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Weapons: Great sword and Dia katana (longer and a little bigger than a regular katana)[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Appearance: Below[/font]
[font=Franklin Gothic Medium]Bio: Abandoned when he was young and grew up on the streets and died by a Hollow when he was 16. He doesn't really remeber his parents or anything. He spent three years training to become a soul reaper even though he could of become one after one year but he wanted to make sure he could defeat them for sure.[/font]
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Name: Casey Novak

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personlity: Serius relationship issues and asshole to most he meets, but for those who stick around long enough they soon learn he's not as tough as he acts. He is't selfcontious, he's barey contious of others, but he tries to do what is right and usually goes with whatever orders he recieves weather he likes it or not.

Weapons: A six foot Wan-Dou ( smooth shaft with single edge blade on one side and a spear head on the other) and a long sword.

Appearance: He stands around 5'10 and is of medium build. He has bleached, shortly cut hair. In mortal form he usually dresses lightly, he dosen't wear pants no matterhow cold it is and only occasionally a sweater. In reaper form he comes clad in the traditional robes of a grim reaper, i.e. long black robe with robe with some minor alterations, a split down the middle and gray leather jump suit with steel bands.

Bio: He comes from a broken home. He's lived in lots of foster homes and now usually lives on the streets. He's not bitter about it and claims he has no problem living alone like that. Most of what he owns he had to steal and what he didn't steal he found in a trash can. He still manages to attend public school once in a while. He has recieved lots of sympathy since it seemed like he was alone and crazy cause he always talked to himself. Well guess what, the truth is he doesn't talk to himself but rather ghosts. One day some strange guy in a black robe said he had a job for him. Seeing this as an opportunity to make money, little did he realize this was a very different kind of job. Now he lives as a Soul Reaper and now things are finally getting interesting.
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[B]Name:[/B] Dusk Lancey

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Personality:[/B] Well, it?s kind of hard to tell. Maybe a split personality or something of the like. One minute she?ll be quiet and reserved, the next? Lets not go there. She usually doesn?t take to others very well at first, but stick around long enough and she?s a very loyal friend. Dusk is a bit bookish, loving to delve into other realms and time periods. She has a small fetish (not sexual) for violence, which always produces a fanged-looking grin that?ll give anybody the creeps. Although far from an alcoholic, she loves a good drink, when she can get her hands on one that is. An artist in many ways, Dusk loves to draw, paint, write, and above all, act.

[B]Weapon:[/B] Just a regular katana.
Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/sfdhsdfhds.jpg][COLOR=Blue][U]Dusk Lancey[/U][/COLOR][/URL]

[B]Bio:[/B] Dusk grew up in a normal family, went through public school, and had her share of friends. Yup, just your normal childhood. Except for one thing. Being a child, her young mind allowed her for closer ties to the world of spirits, seeing them around wherever they went. But as grown ups shrugged her findings off as imaginary friends with weirdly specific names; she soon just kept quiet and eventually lost sight of them herself. However, she always got a chill whenever a Whole was near, although never troubled by a Hollow as she was growing up.

After finishing High school, Dusk was ready to move on to college. Moving out of home at the age of 18, she has been living on her own since in an apartment near campus. A very busy young lady, Dusk is always running around between classes, her job at the local Starbucks, and an internship at a Forensics Crime Lab about 5 miles over.

Lately however, strange homicide cases started pouring in, and those that Dusk has been learning from are pretty much stumped. No evidence left behind what so ever, completely unpatterned (as far as they can tell), and no glaring similarities. A very scary mind, the crimes looking to be the biggest serial possibly unsolved murders of the century.

Campus life is proving to be the usual though, tons of work, and late night weekend parties every once in a while. Lately, she?s been working with a group of others on a version of Shakespeare?s Macbeth, showing in about a month. She?s playing Ross, and doubling as the Third witch. Fun times. But still a normal, uneventful life. That is, until she received a mysterious email.
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Name: Rikku Oni

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Personality: Loves to flirt. She is a ditz at times but changes when she fights then becomes a ditz again when it is over.

Weapons: Two semi auto pistols that fire a three round burst with each pull of the trigger.

Appearance: Below

Bio: She grew up talking to ghosts when she was little but didn't realize what they were until she was 15 and after being made fun of constantly. She just shrugged it off and continued helping them until she ran into a near dead soul reaper, who transfered her powers unwillingly.
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good posts everyone. I will try to get this up by sunday. I will keep the sign-ups open for another week or so.

Name: Ayumu (I-u-moo)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Personality: He gets very angered in battle. But outside of that, he is as gentle as a feather. He hates his immage while in a battle, but he found it to be the best way to fight.

Weapon: A pistol that fires sacred rounds, and the sword in the pic

Appearance: below

Bio: He decided a long time ago that he would fallow in his father's footsteps. His father had been a Reaper, and a very skilled one at that. While on a job, his father was ambushed by eight Hallows.

While fighting, he had killed three, but the other five over powered him, killing him in a matter of seconds.

After that, Ayumu trained himself daily until he thaught he was ready to become a Reaper. When he turned 16, he joined the Soul Society. Over the next year, he killed about thirty Hallows. Alot compared to the other new members, but no wehre close to what his father had done in a year, 75. His new vow, to kill as many as his father has, plus some.

thanks agian for sighning up.
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