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RPG Bleached....what? [M-LSV]


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Ayumu walked into the Soul Society's doors and looked around. All of the Wholes that were being judged were in a line that extended almost for a mile.

"This is crazy. Those Hallows are killing left and right. Something realy needs to be done." He walked past ghost after ghost before reaching a small boy. He watched the sarrow in the boys eyes before he kept going to the alter.

"Ayumu. Did you get another Hallow today? Hopw so, we are getting crowded in here." The attendent behind the counter smiled at him.

"No, it got away agian. But, this time I hurt him, pretty bad." Ayumu waved as he passed by. Even if he was a Reaper, only killing about a hallow a week was nothing to be proud of. The Hallows were gaining in mumbers, and the Reapers were shrinking.

"What are you talking about? I know I became a Hallow, but I didnt have any control over what I was doing." Ayumu looked over to the counter and sawe a guy going crazy because they had most likly told him he was going to Hell.

"Of course that is true. But the fact remains, you hurt countles people while you were alive. You killed several, but not by your own two hands. If your life as a mortal would have been better, you would not be going to hell." The attendent was getting angry, Ayumu could tell.

Slowly, a haddow appeared behind the guy and doors began to open. A giant hand came out and grabbed the guy as he screamed for his immortal life. AS quickly as it came, the shaddow was gone.

"Serves him right. Never go agianst her orders, youll regret it." He laughed a little as he went on his way to the councils hall.


ok this is the inro, ifyou did not know. For your first post, everyone is meeting up in the Soul Society council hall to discuss the matters at hand.Do what you will after that.
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Dusk walked through the long halls of the Soul society, dodging in between people and Wholes and ghosts alike. Trails of many different conversations drifted past her ears. This was too much. [I]'A shortage of Reapers at a time like this?' [/I] She mentally sighed and shook her head sadly before the looks around her caught her eye. A small smile tried to form on her lips.

One out of seven this week alone. Seven? Yes, that?s the right number. Not great odds at all. After a while Dusk stopped looking at faces and concentrated on the way straight-ahead. ?Any luck?? She heard as she passed a desk.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Out, out, brief candle! Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more."[/COLOR] she replied gravely, holding up one finger without looking at the attendant. There were two more bodies in the morgue early that morning?poor kids.

?Better then none?? came the voice again. [COLOR=DarkRed]?I suppose,? [/COLOR] Dusk replied as she continued walking. It had cost her too. The Hallow had attacked her out of nowhere towards the end of practice just after she?d just finished a scene as Ross. Unable to move as well in the fake armor, Dusk got a pretty nice tear in it that she?d like to fix in time?alas. It was luck, not that of skill.

Reaching the door to the counsils hall, she paused with a satin-gloved hand hovering about an inch away. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath before heading into the meeting. Dusk didn?t expect this to go well.
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Casey heard the normal hussel and bussel of the soul society. Souls beign judged and of course those souls objecting there sentence to hell. This had not been a good week and he knew he was about to get chewed out for it. He panned the room and sighed to himself [I]'this is insane, they expect the few soul reapers they have to handle all these hallows[/I]' he thought as he saw just how crowded it was and it was geting worse by the minute. [I]'one, I got one all week. sure I injured a second one, but that don't mean a thing to the top brass.'[/I] Casey preped himself for a serious tongue lashing. As he marched down the hall, still holding his head high, he could see the door to the council chamber. As he got closer he more and more concerned he became [I]'What are they going to do about this[/I]?' he thought [I]'They better get some new recruits or were sunk[/I].' he thought as he slowly set his hand on the council room door and pushed it open.
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Koske walked in the main hall and forced his way through the poeple and wholes. Some protested and he paid no attention. He reached the council room and looked around. He spotted Ayumu and walked over. "Hey Ayumu"

Ayumu looked up and brought out a chair next to him with his foot. "Here you go. How many did you kill this time?"

Koske shook his head. "Not as many as I should have. Did you see that Dukes of Hazard jump, Bo kicks ass" He sat down and saw Dusk walking over to them. Koske borught out the last chair on the row. 'You need a seat?"
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[COLOR=DarkRed]"Yea, thanks Koske,"[/COLOR] Dusk replied sitting down. "You're welcome," he said. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Hello Ayumo,"[/COLOR] she said. "Hi," he said back.

Looking around the room, she peered at all of the downcast and worried faces. [COLOR=DarkRed]"So, do you think that they're going to yell at us all at once? I mean, there's only so much we can do on a skeleton crew."[/COLOR]

"Who knows," Koske had said.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"True is it that we have seen better days."[/COLOR] The boys nodded in agreement, knowing her random quoting as a normal thing, or maybe habit of you will prefer to call it. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Anyone know when they are going to let us out of here? I'm due for another shift at the lab later..."[/COLOR]
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Casey walked in to see the others already seated. In his normal fashion he walked in and payed them almost no attention, with exception of a slight nod. While Ayumu didn't mind his attitude it btherd Dusk and Koske. Koske looked over to Casey " So mister high and mighty is here for a lecture to, huh." Casey simply looked up and smirked at him. This only made both Dusk and Koske more upset. Dusk leaned up from her seat a little "Hey, if somethings funny why don't you say it all of us." Casey looked up at her with his smirk still glued to his face "Just thinking how funny it is that a clown like you and Koske here became soul reavers at all. Selection must be running slim if you two are the best they can do." Koske launched up from his seat only to be stopped by Ayumu "relax, he not worth it." Koske reluctantlyy took his seat again. Casey with a smirk like he had won "the other one here with any talent here is Ayumu. The only worth while soule reaver left." Dusk and Koske fummed some more, but remained silent and seated.

Casey sat waiting for the boss to arrive. 'How much more time do I have to spend with these losers' He thought to himself as he shoot them a sideways glance 'Besides, who needs there help anyway?' he continued. Finally breaing the silence was a complaint from Casey "Jezzz, how long to these guys plan to make us wait. I could have had more fun sitting in the alley out back of my apartment." Ayumu snapped at him "we'll stay til they come out and talk with us, and not before." Casey retracting himself "Sooorrrryy. Didn't know you liked waiting so much." they all shoot him another glare and then went back to silence.
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Koske let out a small laugh at the joke. "Hey you got to admit Ayumu he's pretty funny." He leaned back in his chair and looked over at Casey. "Didn't mean to be a bitch or anything, but i had to see if you still had that 'I want to push your buttons attitude"

Casey smiled. "And do I?"

"Don't start with me now, but yeah you passed the test." He saw the lights dim as a man walked out into the middle. "So where did they have you watching over. I got Russia, well half of it. It is too freakin cold there and most of the hallows look like penguins"
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"Koske, shut it will ya?" Shoma will be here soon." As soon as he said that, a tall man dresseds in black walked out of the shaddows and sat in the center chair. There was a grim look on his face as he looked from person to person.

"As you all know, we are in a loosing battle. Soon, the Hallows could over run our forces. If we do not act soon, and if we do not act strongly, our wqorlds may, and most likely fall. I have come up with a plan, but I want your opinions on the matter."

"Well, it can't be that hard can it? I mean, will it make the Hallows easier to kill?" Koske asked.

"Not quite. What I had planed is to send you four into the hallows world. i know what is going through your minds. I don't like it either, but it can give us the leway that we need." He sighed as he crossed his arms over his chest.

Ayumu looked from Koske to Casey, then to Dusk."Let me get this straight, you want to send the best four you have on a suicide mission? That doesnt seem to be very good logic." Ayumu stood up and looked at Shoma.

"i will have to agree with him for once. Sending us to a place that they are strongest in, its like you want us to die." Casey added as he looked up.

"I understand your feelings. But unless we do something, we will all die." Shoma added, the frustration getting to him.

"Whatever you have planed, I have no intention of throwing my life away. I may not lead the best life, but I still lead one." Ayumu said as he began to walk out of the room. As he left he heard Shoma's voice begin to yell.

"Shome, realize something, we may not have been doing very well recently, but we have been doing something. If not for us, this place would have so many deaths it would be unbearable." With that Ayumu walked out of the hall and sat down, leaning agianst the wall. He heard footsteps aproach, but didn't feel like moving."

OCC: Anyone that feels the need to tlka to him.
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Dusk acted like she wasn't listening, but most likely everyone knew better seeing as how Shoma didn't say anything on the matter. [I]'suicide mission?the only time people get out of those is in movies?'[/I] [COLOR=DarkRed]"Who chants a doleful hymn to his own death?"[/COLOR] She said. "So you feel that way also," Shoma commented. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Yes, but if we must go, and I mean absolutely NO other possible way that anything possibly can be done, as a VERY last ditch effort or something, I'll go with the others." [/COLOR]

She stood up, slightly nodding to everyone as she excused herself to go outside. She spotted Ayumu just sitting there looking gloomy. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Hey,"[/COLOR] she said quietly. [COLOR=DarkRed]"You alright?"[/COLOR]
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Koske laughed then stopped when Shoma stared at him ."You really mean it don't you?"

Shoma nodded. "Yes"

Koske frowned then smiled. "Alright. Let's go, I've been wanting to kill some more" He stood up and began walking. "You coming Casey, let's see how many of them we can kill before we have to leave there"
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Casey stood up with koske and looked at Shoma "I'm not crazy about this plan of yours, but if that's the way you want it. Oh yeah, If I end up dead I am so going to kick your ass when I get back here." Casey smired and followed Koske out. As they left they noticed Dusk and Ayumu standing there. Koske looked at them "You two okay?" Dusk turned to him "I don't know, he won't answer me." Casey looked at him oddly 'well if he doesn't want to talk what can we do about it? I think we should leave him alone til he fells like bringing it up." Dusk ooked at Casey "What if it's about the mission?" Casey glanced back before leaving " Then he should brign it up with Shoma or the board. We can't do anything about it." Casey turned to look at Koske "Hey man. I'm headed out tonight to drowned my sorrows in a few drinks, you in." Koske looked at him for a second "Sure. Where you gonna be." Casey replied "Ybor city. It's in Tampa Florida. Go there when you get out, see you then." Casey gave a slight wave over his shoulder and walked off.
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Ayumu kept his look as Koske walked away after Casey, leaving Dusk and him alone.

"So, you three went with the plan?" Ayumu said looking up at her.

"Yes, but we all feel that it is not the best. But, if we must go to save people, then all we can do is try." She smiled and sat down next to him.

"I understand that part, its just. I'm not really up to go into a suicide mission after my father died by involving himself in one." Ayumu put his head back on his arms.

"I heard about that a while ago. Ambushed by eight Hallows. He took out three and died soon after. Do realize something, your father died while doing something he loved, no? Not to menchion, he was a single Reaper. Us four, we fight as a tea." She smiled and stood up.

"He did love doing it. He would tell me about it everyday, when he got home. It just made me want to do it more. And my father did not go alone. He had someone he was training with him. I don't know who it was, but they ran as my father was killed. I just don't want that to happen to me." He sighed and stood up next to her.

"Well, maybe it was for the best. As bad as that sounds, it could be that you are supposed to go, to find out everything." She patted him on the cheek and began to leave.

"Right. Hey, Dusk. We leave tomarrow, so you wanna have dinner? Before we leave?" He smiled as she looked back at him.
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Dusk thought for a minute, glancing at a small clock. [COLOR=DarkRed]"I don't know?they have me working another extra shift at the lab?"[/COLOR]

"Again?" Ayumu asked. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Yea,"[/COLOR] she replied. [COLOR=DarkRed]"So many unanswered deaths. How do you tell people that their friend or relative looks to have been mutilated by some tiger that must have snuck out of the zoo and [I]then[/I], BACK into the zoo unnoticed." [/COLOR] She sighed. [COLOR=DarkRed]"False face must hide what the false heart doth know...you know?"[/COLOR]

"You feel bad for all those people. They lost loved ones, and don't even know what happened to them."

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Exactly." [/COLOR] She could see that Ayumu looked a little disappointed, and said as they walked down the hall, [COLOR=DarkRed]"I [I]do[/I] have time for a quick bite though. If you're all right with that?unless you'd rather tail after Koske and Casey to make sure they don't get wasted. That'd be a pain,"[/COLOR] she said trying for at least a small laugh. Upon pondering what she just said though, she felt like she may have made it worse.
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Casey went on down to Ybor, Koske close behind. Casey turned to look at Koske for a minute "You ever been heere before?"Koske looked around to see people hanging from balconies and running rampant through the streets "Nah, I haven't been here before." Casey smiled and turned all the way around "This is Gasperrilla, man. this is Tampas Marti Grati." Casey started walking into the croawed with Koske following with a large grin on his face. The people were drunk, screaming, and out of control, this was Casey's dream party. Casey turned to see Koske enjoying himself. Casey walked up to him "Ifigure if were going to go risk our lives on this suicide mission we might as well get fucked up while he have the chance." Casey let out a hoot and ran into a bar on the side of the street. the party outside ahd found it's way into this and every other bar, all serving one dollar drinks. Casey turned to Koske one last time and glanced over his shoulder and noticed a two girls checking them out "Yo, man. We got to chicks cheking us out man. Time to make a move."
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Koske nodded. "But first..." He grabbed several drinks and handed one to Casey then turned to the girls. "They look like twins" They both walked forward up to the girls. "How are you lovly young ladies doing?"

The girls both smiled as one talked above the crowd. "We are doing fine"

Koske nodded at Casey and wrapped his amr around one. "Mind if we go over there to that table and talk" He smiled at Casey. "Have fun" He then led the chick over to table.
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Casey smiled at Koske 'yeah man, go get yourself some. I'll take care of myself.' he then turned his attention to the fine specimen of woman in front of him. He leaned in on the table toward her "So, been here before baby. cause if not you could use a guide to show you how things roll around here." He said with a girn plasterd on his face. She put her hand forward "Why don't you show me." Casey stood with her "Alright, but uhh... don't blame me if we see more than just the sights." She giggled, obviously drunk out of her mind then again so was he. Twelve beers will do that to you.
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"Wether I go or not, they will get themselves wasted. We both know that they do that before big missions." He watched her give a small nod.

"You have a point. I really am sorry about not being able to have dinner." She sighed as they made thier way to the crowded hallway full of Wholes.

"Listen,when we get back, and I plan that we do, we shall have dinner ok? There are no if ands or buts about it." He watched her give a smile as his phone started to vibrate.

"Deal. is it another Hallow seeing?" She asked as she closed in on his phone.

"Yeah. Its in Ybor. Oh shit. Thats where Koske and Casey went." Sorry to cut this short, Dusk." She let out an embarresed grin.

"Its our job. Guess Shoma knew thay would be in no condition to fight."

"Guess so. He smiled agian as he ran off and went to Ybor.
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Koske walked out of his hotel room a couple hours laterdrunk as anything. The girl had left a couple minutes earlier after they had their fun. He heard a crash behind him and turned around seeing a man sized hallow. He blinked his impaired vision making about six more. "This ain't good" His sword came out as he stumbled forward only to be knocked across the street into another room. He looked up and saw Casey and the other girl. "Owww. We got a problem"

Casey stumbled over and tried to help him up. "What the heck happened?"

"Him" The hallow flew in and sent them both into the wall. Each of them unable to fight due to too much drinks.
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Casey looked to Koske "I never let a couple beers stop me from having a good time." He said as he drew his Wan-dou, barely able to stand. Casey charged as the girl ran screaming from the room. Casey made bold strike for the beasts head, but was quickly overwhealmed since he couldn't stay balanced. He looked over to Koske "This looks real bad." Koske stared the hallow down "Well, I guess we wait for someone to show." Casey sounding pecimistic "You mean if they show." Neither said a word. The creature continued to size them up, looking thouroughly for the weakest. After about 20 seconds Casey had enough waiting and made another strike, this one to failed as miserably as the last. But this time Koske followed up quickly and managed to injure the beast. The hallow roared and slammed koske across the hall into the next room. Casey looked out to see people running around and screaming at the site of the destruction and the conflict ensuing. Casey looked at the hallow "we are in serious shit right now."
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Ayumu walked through the doors of a hotel as people began to scream and run past him. Surley, a couple people wondered why he carried a sword that was about as big as he was, he thaught, but they probably didn't care at the moment.

"Now, where the hell did they go?" He began to walk up the stairs when he heard a scream, then a loud crash.

He went up another set of stairs and saw koske sitting in the middle of the hallway.

"Sup? Told you that you should watch what you drink." He laughed as Koske turned to him.

"Dude, that is- that is not even funny. Casey is here-" He was cut off when Casey was thrown into the hallway next to him. "Oh, there he is. Hey, Casey, tell Ayumu to take care of all six of them."

"Six? I thaught there was seven." Casey said as he looked up at Ayumu.

"Why don't you two just sit there and let me take care of this." ayumu smirked as the Hallow walked out of the hole in the wall and turned to Ayumu.

"So, your the asshole thats causing all of the rucus?" Ayumu pulled his sword in front of him and charges the hallow.

He blocked a couple swings, then braught his sword up, cutting it in the arm. The hallow reared back in pain then braught his arm down and hit Ayumu in the sword knocking him back.

"So, you can put up a fight." Ayumu smiled then vannished. He reappeared behind the hallow and stabbed it in the back, killing it.

"Casey, Koske, I siggest that you go home and get some sleep.
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Dusk sighed. She knew that Ayumu was more than capable of takeing care of it. If they need her, there'd be a call. She sighed, stopping at 'home' to drop off her stuff before going to the lab. It?s not like she really had much of a job to do. Grabbing a few things from the fridge, Dusk put together a small amount of food that she could eat at break later.

Walking through the glass doors at the lab, Dusk was immediately given a task to do, running files from one area to another, a runner for the time being. She looked at the brown file in her hand as she walked across to where Dr. Mushnemn sat in his office, readjusting his large glasses as the old man flipped through different reports. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Becca sent me to give this to you."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Ah...thank you,"[/COLOR] he said in that creaky voice of his. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Please tell Josh I need to see him." "No problem."[/COLOR] Dusk sighed, poking her head in to another of the rooms to call Josh over to Dr. Mushnemn?s office. Apparently he already knew. With a Yea I'm going, he left, having her finish the tests on the latest victim's blood.

That was about her evening for the first half of the shift. And who knows what the second half would be like. During break, she sat outside in the cool air while munching on the snack, staring aimlessly at the sky.
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"How did you do that?" Koske sctratched his head.

Ayumu laughed. "Do what?"

Koske frowned. "Kill all six in one swing, that's got to be a record"

Ayumu smiled and shook his head. "Let's get you back" He helped them out the door.

Koske grabbed two beers on the way out. "Okay now I am ready"
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Casey looked at the two of them "Well thanks for the help Ayumu, but i think I need to get a hotel. I'm starting to come down and I can feel the throbing in my head." Casey shuffled out of the room. Koske looked down the hall "Where you headed?" casey turned his head "I'm thinking Cocoa beach. See you tomorrow for our suicide mission." Casey was feeling like crap. All that jumping around must of helped his system process the alcohol quicker and now he had gone from margaritaville to Hangover town. "Man, god damn thing messed up a good party." Casey took that note and left for Cocoa beach hoping for a peaceful night before he went out on the mission he might not return from.
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Ayumu dropped Koske off at his house, then headded twards his. Halfway there, he reached a levvy that seemed to have a view of the whole town.

"Its still not that late." He walked over to the nearest bech and saw a young couple run off as he walked up. He figgured that this spot was a good make-out spot, and those kids were doing something they didn't want anyone else to see.

"Man, its crazy that only four of us are protecting a place like this. I don't even think any of these people know what is going on bahind the seems." He smiled to himself as his phone went off.

He pulled it out of his pocket and answered it,"Hello? This is Ayumu."

"Hey, Ayumu. This is Shoma. We have a problem. We need your team to leave tonight, well as soon as possible really. Somehow, we got word that the Hallows are planning a big raid, and we need you four to meet them before they can leave." The urgency in his voice told Ayumu that he was telling the truth.

"You serious? There is no way. Both Koske, and Casey are in no condition to fight a fly, let alone a hallow. They would get killed in no time at all. And Dusk is working. I still think we should wait till morning." His tone got a little more serious as he went on.

"I understand all that but unless we send you, there could be even bigger problems. You know that I would not ask you to do this if I did not think you could handle it." He said, trying to pry into Ayumu's mind.

"Fine, I'll go. I'll find a spot to hide, and wait for the others until they arrive." He sighed as he realized what he had said.

"You sure? That would be great. We could always get Dusk to go with you, and then you two can wait on the drunks." He tried to get a little laugh out of Ayumu.

"No. If you want someone to go, them I will go alone. Just give me an hour. I'll be ready."

"CAn do. See you then." Shoma hung up, not caring if he goodbye or not.

"This is cerat. Suicide mission number two is about to start." He said ashe began walking back to his house.
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Dusk reluctantly walking back inside after a final sigh. All she had to do was sit in the back room sorting through a bunch of papers. IF she finished, there might be a way to get off early?but the vibration of her cell was getting more annoying by the second. Peeking around the corner, the coast was clear. She answered, but whispered.[COLOR=DarkRed] "Dusk speaking."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed]"It's Shoma." [/COLOR] That went without saying. Dusk could tell this wasn't going to be pleasant for the ear. Good thing she could multitask.[COLOR=DarkRed] "I already talked with Ayumu. He said he could handle it, but I'd rather he'd have some back up,"[/COLOR] he said.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Then you know all about Koske and Casey," [/COLOR] she said, the mess upon the desk became more organized by the second. [COLOR=DarkRed]"What is so troublesome?"

"There's going to be a Hollow raid, and it cannot wait until morning to be stopped," [/COLOR] he said.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"How much time?" [/COLOR] Dusk asked somberly quiet.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"You would have to meet Ayumu in a little less then an hour." [/COLOR] Shoma knew that Dusk wouldn't be able to let it sit on her conscious, no matter what was said.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"I'll need a reason to get out of here," [/COLOR] she whispered as another finished folder found it's way to an alphabetical pile. She hung up with Shoma just before Josh walked into the mess of a room.

[COLOR=DarkRed]?Yo Lancey, we just got the call in. I'm really sorry. Your ma's in critical. They said it was a heart attack,?[/COLOR] he said with sympathy.

Dusk looked up with wide eyes, going so far as to imitate a small welling of tears. [COLOR=DarkRed]"My?mother?" [/COLOR] she squeaked.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Yea. Go on up to the hospital, we've got you covered," [/COLOR] Becca could be seen standing behind Josh, peeking over his shoulder.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Thanks guys?" [/COLOR] Dusk muttered as she stood up ready to leave. Of all the things? Once out the door, she headed off to get ready and meet Ayumu.
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