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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kaizu patrolled the downtown sector in his mech, his 'Fang' MkIII Attack mecha of the Knight Class. It wasn't fancy looking with all the urban camo paint but it got the job done with precise handling and quick movements compared to other Knight Class models. Kaizu moved around a skyscraper just as his warning alarms went off and the rockets exploded against the face of the skyscraper as he ducked back for cover.

"What in the hell?!" Kaizu yelled into his comm, "This is Patrol Nabiko Kaizu and we have unidentified mechs in the downtown sector! I didn't even catch them on my radar before they started firing on me!"

Kaizu's comm crackled before a cool, yet calm voice flowed into his ears through the headphones in his helmet, "Roger that, Kaizu. You are free to engage the enemy at will. Careful, they are Tyrant Class."

"Great.." Kaizu said to himself as he forced his mech to pull its energy sword out and engage the beam, "Alright...Lets go!"

Kaizu dipped out from behind the skyscraper and plunged his energy blade into a Tyrant Mech that got too close for its own good and with a crackle and a shower of sparks the mech went down as the others lifted thier arm cannons and started firing high velocity automatic rounds at Kaizu. With timed movements, Kaizu doged the bullets that were fired at him and ducked back behind a building.

"Look, I need some help out here! I've already spotted what looks like 8 other Tyrant Mechs and they're out for blood!" Kaizu frantically weaved around buildings, trying not to be hit by the stray bullets whizzing his way as he retreated deeper into the downtown area with more buildings. Tyrant Mech's weren't the most agile mechs out there and Kaizu would likely have the upperhand amidst the buildings.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]Mech Classes:

[B]Shinobi: [/B] Fast, Agile, and usually used in close quarters this mech isn't quite as robust as most pilots would like but its speed more than makes up for it. Those pilots who do use this class much prefer energy swords or shotguns.

[B]Knight: [/B] The most basic mech class invented. Its not particularly fast, but it isn't slow. It can take a beating before going down and is usually equppied with an assault rifle or a mid-range shotgun type weapon. Although this mech isn't the close quarters mech, it can fare well when employed by a decent pilot.

[B]Bowman: [/B] This is your typical sniper mech. The weakest of all classes but pretty quick. Its most definately always equipped with a sniper rifle and stays well out of range of other fire.

[B]Templar: [/B] Heavier than the Knight Class, but lighter than the Tyrant class this mech is typically used with heavy machine guns or shoot-and-drop bazookas. Most Templar pilots have a back-up sub-machinegun type weapon to use and stories tell about some pilots besting a Shinobi Class mech in close quarters.

[B]Tyrant: [/B] The heaviest class mech around. They are equipped stock with arm cannons and rockets mounted on their shoulders but typically they carry heavy machine guns or shotguns. They seldom run out of ammo in a gun fight but many Shinobi pilots cut these types of mechs down with ease. Supposing they can get close enough.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

Name: {Whatever you wish.}
Age: {Not too high, not too low.}
Gender: {Male or Female}
Mech: {Name the mech. ex: 'Fang', 'Doppelganger', etc. then tell its class. If you want you can put a picture of your mech here. If you choose a picture then you need to keep its build within the limitations of the Classes.}
-----EDIT----Mech Weapon(s): {Maximum of 2 for Shinobi, 3 for Knight, 2 for Bowman, 4 for Templar and a whopping 4 for Tyrant EXCLUDING arm cannon and missle pods.}
Speciality: {Typically you keep your Speciality within your Mech Class, but some exceptions can be made.}
Description: {Picture or Description}
-----EDIT---- Personality: {How your character acts out of battle and in battle.}[/SIZE]

[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=2]My Sign-Up.
[B]Name: [/B] Nabiko Kaizu
[B]Age: [/B] 29
[B]Gender: [/B] Male
[B]Mech: [/B] [COLOR=Blue][URL=http://tatooine.fortunecity.com/eventhorizon/34/Mecha%20Winter%20Landing.jpg]'Fang' MkIII Attack Mecha: Knight Class[/URL][/COLOR]
[B]Mech Weapon(s): [/B] Energy beam located in left forearm that is grabbed with the right hand, 80mm Diffusor Shotgun attached to the back of left shoulder, and a MK-87 Burst Fire Assault Rifle that sports an extended magazine and is attached to the right shoulder.
[B]Speciality: [/B] Mid-Range Attack and Assault
[B]Description:[/B] [COLOR=Blue][URL=http://www.anime.net/macross/images/characters/d/DysonFaceBW.GIF]Kaizu[/URL][/COLOR]. With brown hair and piercing green eyes this pilot usually wears loose fitting camo trousers and black combat boots wherever he goes. Though, he does change his shirt, a t-shirt, through a variety of logos and emblems that depict local Holo-Ball teams (The new age football), and various videogame companies.
[B]Personality:[/B] Kaizu is up-beat and out-going, though if he doesn't like you he will tell you. His cheery demeanor gets to some people because he keeps that personality trait even when taking huge risks. In battle Kaizu likes to flood the air-waves with chatter by asking his teammates how they are and on some occasions he begins to sing or make jokes even while under fire and closing in for a kill.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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name: Jack Rider a.k.a. (Sky)

age: 24

Gendar: male

Mech: Lionheart III: Knight Class

speciality: One on one combat.


personality: Friendly type guy. Rarely is at his house for he ventures the city. If someone has a tough problem they mostly ask him for help. When in his mech, he is a genious out there. Though if things go pretty rough or a comrade goes down, he goes beserk and destroys everything around him...everything.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][B]Name:[/B] Tobias Gryn

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Age:[/B] 35

[B]Mech: [/B] Venom Falcon: Bowman Class

[B]Speciality:[/B] EMP Shot (Special shot that disables a mech)

[B]Mech Weapons:[/B]
-RT-72: High powered sniper rifle carried in hands while in battle or across Falcon's back if traveling long distances.
-Disruption Cannon: Briefly disrupts enemy visual tracking, giving Tobias the time to gain distance from an enemy. Carried over left shoulder.

[B]Mech Description:[/B] It is, unorthodoxly, a quadruped, to help with stability when aiming. The little armor it has is covered in layers of special paint which allows it camouflage in almost any environment, especially urban ones. It carries more ammo than normal because of the four legs, but cannot move quite as fast. It usually caries 2-3 EMP shots.

[B]Description:[/B] Tobias is tall and incredibly thin. He always dresses in loose,
comfortable clothing and rarely will dress "nicely". His hair is raven black and falls to
his shoulders in a dark cascade.

[B]Personality:[/B] Tobias is very reserved, and rarely talks to people. Even on his nicest days, he will rarely start a conversation. He is rarely trustful of those he doesn't know, but will treat his friends very kindly. The only thing he can't stand in people is incompetence. Anyone he sees as being incompetent he treats disdainfully.

In battle, he is cold and calculating. He always tries to accomplish whatever he's fighting for, but will stop to help a teammate who's in trouble. However, he rarely shows mercy towards his enemies.[/COLOR]

Heh heh...Caboose....
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[size=1][b]Name[/b]- Jullian ?Jules? Ray
[b]Age[/b]- 26
[b]Gender[/b]- Female
[b]Mech[/b]- [url=http://www.catsuka.com/interf/bdfr/buchet/tech/mecha.jpg][b]?Caboose?[/b][/url] MT-H091*: Templar Class
[b]Speciality[/b]- Heavy Artillery

[b]Mech Weapon[s][/b]- 120mm Heavy Machinegun [1, located on left shoulder], Fire-and-Forget 10 ton Bazooka [1, located on right shoulder], A-Class Plasma Rifle [1, location slung around the back until in use], and Megaton Impact Grenades [several dozen, location on a belt around the mid-torso of the mech].

[b]Description[/b]- [url=http://www.psycko-manga.com/gallery/babe/15-7.htm][b]Jules[/b][/url] is normally seen wearing a camo uniform. But when she?s in civilians, Jules likes to lounge around in a good pair of worn, faded, torn, blue jeans and a short, white T-shirt (which usually has some sort of rip or a series of holes). Her light, orange-red hair hangs to her mid-back, but is braided tightly when in her mech suit.

[b]Personality[/b]- Jules?s personality is just as kind and gentle as her looks. She is friendly and considerate, understanding and merciful. Well, that is, when she?s not piloting Caboose of course. But once she?s in that pilot seat, Jules becomes a completely different person. Her emotions cut off and her mind focuses on the mission and keeping her team alive, or in the best possible condition. Jules can be hearty and happy in the most dire of situations, but it isn?t suggested you take her lightly; for, as simple as she may seem, Jules is quick to shove a grenade up your bazooka if you cross her. Mess with her friends and country, you?ll be meeting the barrel of her rifle.

[i]*Mech serial number. "M" Mobile, "T" Tank, "H" Heavy, 091= number in production line[/i][/size]
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[color=darkred][size=1][font=Garamond][b]Name:[/b] Vincent "Vince" Noctis[/font][/size][/color]
[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred][b]Age:[/b] 24[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred][b]Gender:[/b] Male[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred][b]Mech:[/b] Shadow - KingXIII EMM (Elite Melee Mecha) - Shinobi Class[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred]Mech Weapon(s): Plasma Sword (located on the lower back of the robot grabbed with right arm), Beam Daggers (located on the left forearm of them mech in a line of 5 across the arm. They can be shot as a projoctile or extended from the forearm for melee purposes)[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred][b]Speciality:[/b] Melee Combat[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred][b]Description:[/b] [/color][/size][/font][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19379"][font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred]Here[/color][/size][/font][/url][size=1][color=darkred], with a black shirt under the jacket and dark denim jeans. When ready for combat he puts on a pure black jump suit.[/color][/size]

[font=Garamond][size=1][color=darkred][b]Personality:[/b] Vince is a fun loving, social guy guy outside a mech. He is constanly laughing and a flirt, though he is still very respectful in doing so. He regards respect highly and is quick to cause a scene if he has been disrespected. Vince is a risk taker, and it shows in battle, though his personality when fighting is very serious. He does whatever needs to be done without hesitation. He doesn't talk that much over his comm, and has been know to occasionally turn it off. Vince prefers fighting alone or in small numbers but he will take help if needed. To his enemies Vince is cold, calculating and ruthless.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=#858468][SIZE=1][b]PILOT:[CENTER][URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v487/meoi/melissa.jpg][COLOR=#656448]Melissa Mao[/color][/URL][/CENTER]
[INDENT]Age:[/b] 23
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Bloodtype:[/b] O
[b]DOB:[/b] September 24
[b]Hair:[/b] Black, Short
[b]Eyes:[/b] Dark Plum
[b]Height:[/b] 5' 7"
[b]Special Markings:[/b] -none-

[b]Psychological Profile:[/b]
Best described as a foolhardy gambler, Melissa loves to tempt Fate and is apparently hell-bent on self-destruction. Her love for the unconventional has often landed her in trouble, although nothing too major that she couldn?t get out of.

Melissa takes on her missions with an air of casualness. By detaching herself from the battle, she becomes a highly adaptable pilot and is able to compensate for her mech?s limited maneuverability.[/INDENT]

[CENTER][b]Heavy Metal Queen[/b]
Tyrant Class, Model T32-CX[/CENTER]

[INDENT]It seems that HMQ?s designer had too much time on her hands. The Tyrant 32-Customized/Experimental is a hybrid of both second- and third-generation Tyrant-class models and is considered a motorized miracle by many mechanics.

Thanks to a brilliant remapping of its internals, its parts now fit into the sleek and compact frame of a relatively dimunitive, 20-meter T31. True to its moniker, HMQ?s gross weight is over 10 metric tons and is one of the densest Tyrants around. An upper bodysuit serves as primary control to the mecha, supplemented by peripheral cockpit panel for the cooling system and lower limb handling.

HMQ is readily identifiable by its rather ostentatious gold frame and red graffiti along its extenal thigh pistons.

? [1] Second Generation Gatling Gun
? [1] Mecha-grade Grenade Gun
? [1] Burst-fire Rocket Launcher
? [1] pair of built-in Spark Gloves

? 12-ton combined grip in both hands
? Multiple barrels and quick reload cycle makes it a excellent choice for fireworks displays[/INDENT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[size=2][color=Navy][b]OOC: [/b]Let me know for changes.
Name:[/b] Sakura Valentine

[b] Age:[/b] 23

[b] Gender:[/b] Female

[b] Mech:[/b] [url="http://img352.imageshack.us/img352/7323/arbalest010sm.jpg"]'Chiméiteki'/"Chi" - Arbalest Model: Shinobi Class[/url]

[b]Mech Weapon(s):[/b] A shotgun situated at the lower back like in [url="http://img369.imageshack.us/img369/5008/arbalest034bv.jpg"]This[/url] picture (looks the same etc.). A plasma beam dagger in a hilt on the lower back of the mech (the part below where the gun is situated, through the white squarish things) that can extend to become a sword if needed, used with right arm.

[b] Speciality:[/b] Rounded, good at close combat and distance.

[b] Description:[/b] [url="http://img301.echo.cx/img301/5099/girls836vv.jpg"]Here[/url], she has a rounded figure, evenly proportioned to her body. When piloting she wears an entirely navy blue plugsuit. When she's just hanging around, she usually wears a white button up shirt and navy blue cargos.

[b]Personality:[/b] Sakura is extremely extroverted, she's a fun girl that likes to hang out with friends, joke around, and party. She's a tomboy and has a lot of male friends along with female friends. She mucks around a lot with friends but knows when to be serious. She's an understanding friend and can provide comfort and closure to those who need it.

Her favourite hobbies are piloting Chi, singing, drawing/painting, gymnastics, playing the flute, and practising martial arts.

When she pilots the mech, she's still quite playful but in a way, she's pretty serious too. Shewill do everything she can to complete the mission or obey orders, but she's still still likes to joke around a bit and muck around. She thinks everything through before she does it, keeping in mind the consequences of any action made. She loves her friends and will do anything for them, if she has an enemy, she is cold and ruthless toward them.
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Name: Mary Fallen

age: 19

Gender: female

Mech: Freedom-: Tyrant class

Mechs weapons: Twin-beam rifle, proton Galting gun. Heat-seeking missles.

Speciality: able to substain large amout of damage.

Description: [URL]http://www.animedream.com/news/pictures/1101altair.jpg[/URL]

Personality: (edit later)
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Name: Takayanagi Shoma


Gender: Male

Description: Pic below

Personality: Takayanagi, or Taka as he likes to be called is very hard to get angry. He has a belief that if he has a short temper, it will make him loose concentration in a fight. He likes to outwhit people before having to hurt them.

But in a battle, he doesnt hessitate. If you are in his crosshares, your pretty much concudered dead. He rarly misses, but come the second timearound, he doesnt. Normally, him and his brother like to see who can get the most while in a battle. Although him and his brother have diffrent last names, they are very close. Which, in turn, is why they are always sent out as ateam, and never alone.

Mech: XXX-0012A Glacier Bowman class. It is a very special suit. It is olny three fourths the size of a normal bowman, and is a little stouter than they normally come.

Mech Weapon(s): 1 XMP Sniper Rifle Mod. It has a modded clip that holds twelve rounds instead of normal four. And a Scyth that is strapped to its back for close range if need be.

Speciality: A very dead aim. The sight is nearly perfect, only about a hundreth of a milimeter.
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[B]Name:[/B] Isaac Devereux

[B]Age:[/B] 27

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Mech:[/B] "Sekhmet" CF-K018U - Knight Class

[B]Mech Weapon(s):[/B]
[SIZE=2]- [I]MR-III Assault Rifle[/I], loaded with AP rounds as standard.
- [I]High Velocity Pistol[/I], most effective at close range.
- [I]Capsule Grenades (2)[/I], low-yield explosives which release a small cloud of corrosive gas. Have little to no effect on armour, but can reek havoc on exposed systems and components.[/SIZE]

[B]Speciality:[/B] Support/suppression fire, medium range.

[B]Description:[/B] As shown [URL=http://perso.wanadoo.fr/tom.series.evangelion/images_nge/kaji3.htm]here[/URL]. In casual situations, he usually wears a relatively firm-fitting but comfortable light grey T-shirt (or tanktop), with loose-fitting olive pants and boots. Though he has a dark green jumpsuit available for use in combat, he rarely takes the time to change into it.

[B]Personality:[/B] Isaac is hardly the most sociable person in the world, by any stretch of the imagination. He'll answer a question or give his opinion if it's asked of him, but on the most part he prefers to leave people to their own devices. On the rare occassion that he'll actually start up a conversation with someone, it's more than obvious that he has almost no idea what to say or how to say it.

In battle it's pretty much the same situation. His only real goal is to complete the mission given to him, and to offer help when asked. When fighting another mech, he'll only see it as another obstacle in the way of his goal and that of his team-mates, and will do anything to remove it - whether its pilot lives or dies isn't as important.
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Name: Jager Sin

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Appearance: Below

Personality: Like his brother is extremely hard for him to lose his temper, but he loves to make others grow frustrated. He likes to mess around when he fights and toys with the others making them lose control making it easier form him to kill them.

He has a different last name from his brother but they still fight as a team. When ever one is seen the other is not far and is usually alrerady got them in their sights. He also has a girlfriend named Miya that is very demanding.

Mech: ZX-006 Epyon, Templar Class.

Right arm: Double barreled mounted energy railgun that can held and split.
Left arm: Defense Shield with alternate energy setting with built in static emp disabler for missles and energy whip
Right shoulder: 10 barreled energy gattling gun that folds up when not in use
Left shoulder: 20 tube missle pod with sigtrac missles that lock onto the mechs computer sinagture not heat ensureing a hit all the time.

Mech Appearance: Below
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[COLOR=Blue][SIZE=1]Since I didn't plan for such a turn-out, though I am grateful, I am going to have to do an old fashioned Accepted/Rejected. I've got one of each class with the exception of the Tyrant Class and Templar Class. We have one of each. I'll have the RPG up by Monday night or Tuesday morning because I'm leaving enough time for everyone to check out the Accepted/Rejected list.

[B]Parabola[/B] - "Fang" MkIII Attack mecha - Knight Class
[B]Loco[/B] - "Sekhmet" CF-K018U - Knight Class
[B]Raze_3103 [/B] - XXX-0012A "Glacier" - Bowman Class
[B]Lord Rannos [/B] - "Venom Falcon" - Bowman Class
[B]Goddess[/B] - ”Caboose” MT-H091 - Templar Class
[B]Sakura[/B] - 'Chiméiteki'/"Chi" Arbalest Model - Shinobi Class
[B]shadowodeath13 [/B] - "Shadow KingXIII" EMM (Elite Melee Mecha) - Shinobi Class
[B]Delta [/B] - "Heavy Metal Queen" Model T32-CX - Tyrant Class

Rejected :(

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