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Poke`mon: Birth of Legends [E - V]


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[i]The Chaos Poke`mon.... My grandfather used to tell me the legend about the Chaos Poke`mon, Kageryn, every night before I slept. About one fateful day, the creature would awaken from its slumber and wreak havoc across Kaijin.

He used to tell me the last time the poke`mon awoke was when he was an adult. And that a party of brave trainers risked their lives to save Kaijin using their legendary poke`mon. He told of how they battled the large skeletal dragon poke`mon on the sea near my hometown, Windsand Village. They became legends in their own way.

My mother and father were two of the poke`mon trainers that gave their lives for the peace of the world, fighting against this terrible evil called Kageryn. I was only small when they left, I don't even remember it. My grandfather said they were so brave, going out to fight a poke`mon that was seemingly indestructable. Their poke`mon, supposably one of them a legendary, fought alongside six other trainers to quell the fear that had sprang up in Kaijin - the fear the Kageryn was going to wipe out all human and poke`mon life on the continent.

But now..... someone has woken Kageryn again. And I never thought that I would be fighting it.[/i]


[b]Day 1[/b]

Finally, this day had come. The sun shone brightly down from the sky, the early morning sunlight warming a girl with short, purplish-dark blue hair and eyes as she sat at the foot of a statue of two people: a woman and a man together holding a Poke`ball. Her transparent, loosely weaved dark blue hooded jacket hung loosely around her arms and body as a cool sea breeze blew across the green fields. Underneath the transparent jacket was a plain white tank top and a short purplish-dark blue skirt. On her hands were fingerless gloves, and, on her legs were long purplish-blue cloth stockings that came up to her thighs. It was today... finally.

A large shadow was suddenly cast over the girl as a large flying poke`mon soared above her. It had a silver-grey body with certain parts a darker silver-grey.

" Storm - get down here. What's the time already?" the girl asked up into the sky. The poke`mon fluttered down and landed in front of her. Its figure towered over her as she sat, but if she stood, he would only be a little taller than her.

"[i] How am I supposed to know Reza? Your grandfather didn't give you a watch for nothing![/i]" Storm, an adolescent Lugia, replied in rather a ruffled fashion.

Reza sighed. It was true. As a parting gift, her grandparents had given her a compass, a map of the Kaijin region, a locket and a letter. They had told her to wait to open the letter until she and her friends were on the boat to Rodscale Village and RazorSurf City.

Looking up at the statue she sat underneath, Reza wondered if her parents were still alive. Her parents had been two of the six people that had defeated Kageryn years ago. At first, Reza was told that they had perished in the battle. But a few years after that, she started receiving letters and gifts for her birthday and Christmas from a Swellow. This even startled her grandparents who believed that her parents had died. This, along with her quest to become an infamous dragon-type trainer and win the Poke`mon Championship in Engel City, was the driving force behind her becoming a dragon-type Master.

Reza looked at her watch and rose to her feet.

" It's nearly time Storm. I wonder how many of the others will be coming today?"
"[i] I wonder too. I hope they all come. I still remember that promise we made when we were all young. To all go on an adventure together.[/i]"
" Yeah.... me too.... Well, we'd better get going to the oak tree before any of the others get there."
"[i] Right.[/i]"

Picking up her backpack, Reza started to walk, with Storm soaring above her, to the old weeping oak tree near the stream they played at as little kids. This was the meeting place, for the start of their adventure.[/color][/size]

OOC: Meet at the old oak tree. Pretty corny huh? Just post about your morning, then we'll go get our Poke`gear.
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[color=green]Deep within the forest near the village a girl sat at the base of an old tree. The tree itself was small and skinny while most of the trees around it were thick and tall. The light filtered down through the treetops. The wind blew calmly causing the branches to move slightly. This movement made the shadows dance across the forest floor. The girl stared up at the sky through a space in treetops. She was trying to ignore the movement she heard behind her.[/color]
[color=green]She glanced across the floor with her bright crystal blue eyes and waited for it. A few seconds later a green creature flew into the clearing. It zoomed around enthusiasticly and cheered loudly which echoed through the trees. It was dark green from its waist down and on the tip of what one might call its hair. The rest was a lighter green. It had thing rings around its clear blue eyes. It smiled happily as it floated in front of her. It's little anntenna things twitched anxiously.[/color]
[color=green]She waited for a moment and when it cheered again she rolled her eyes and stood up. She wore a white tshirt that stopped a ways above her bellybutton. Draped loosly over that was a dark red vest with a black stripe along the bottom. She wore a shirt that matched the vest in color and also had ablack stripe along the bottom.[/color]
[color=green]She quickly put on her sandles. She slipped on her red headband to keep her short hair out of her face. She took an object out of her pocket and glanced at it. It was a bright blue peice of shell that had been made into a necklace. She clutched it tight for a moment and then tied it around her neck. After a few moments of silently staring at the tree she let out a long sigh.[/color]
[color=green][b]"Good Bye Naia."[/b] She said as she turned to the creature waiting for her. This was the last time she could visit this tree for a long while.[/color]
[color=green][b][i]"Can we go now? Huh huh huh?" [/i][/b] It flew in circles and then a couple times upside down.[/color]
[b][color=green]"Yeah Celebi lets go. And before we get there..."[/color][/b]
[color=green][b][i]"Yes Rain?"[/i][/b] It smiled and flew around her head.[/color]
[color=green]To Rain it was more like an annoying stuffed toy and about the size of one. She could easily carry it but she never really held it. She glanced at it with a frown, [b]"Calm down."[/b][/color]
[color=green]It slowed to a stop and seemed to get sad, [b][i]"Aww you take the fun out of everything."[/i][/b][/color]
[b][color=green]"Ok then... Go ahead and act crazy..."[/color][/b]
[color=green][b][i]"Yayayaya!"[/i][/b] It began to spin around again causing Rain to sigh. [i][b]"We better go before we are late."[/b][/i][/color]
[color=green]A bit of walking later they approched the old Oak where she remembered everyone used to play. She sighed knowing she wasnt going to feel all that well. Soon everyone and their pokemon would be there... She didnt like pokemon. She shook her head. Only Celebi did she like or understand. These other kids she didnt hang out with much.[/color]
[color=green][b]"This is going to be one very interesting day..."[/b] She muttered to herself as she leaned against the tree.[/color]
[color=black]OOC: Did i do the "day 1" thing ok? Or should I have put it somewhere else?[/color]
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[color=Navy][u][b]Day 1[/b][/u]

Sakura stood at the end of the pier, her left hand in the top pocket of her navy blue cargos, her right hung at her side. The wind tugged at her hair and white, button-up top. Sakura stared out at the horizon, she was interested in what was beyond it. She pulled out her left hand and took a look at her wrist, it was about time they left for the meeting place.

[b]"Latias!" [/b]she called into the wind.

Something flew past her quickly and banked around, heading back in her direction, stopping before her. Sakura smiled at her pokémon that was practically her sister, her body was red with a blue triangle outline on her chest with a white neck and head with a section of red around her face area.

[b]"C'mon Latias, it's time." [/b]Sakura turned and started walking back along the pier.

[i][b]"Time for the journey? I can't wait." [/b][/i]Latias said.

Latias flew above her and surfing the wind currents that washed over the village. Sakura lifted her head to watch Latias before she abruptly, seemingly disappeared. She smiled and kept aware as she walked.

Sakura shifted her backpack to a better position and made her way to the oak tree where they used to play together.

[b]"Hey Reza. And Rain. Storm, Celebi." [/b]she greeted each.

Suddenly Latias reappeared in front of Reza with a cry, making her jump slightly. Sakura chuckled, Latias was a playful pokémon like herself and refracted light around herself with the use of glass-like down to make her invisible or sometimes to make her look like someone/something else.

[b][color=Black]OOC: [/color][/b][color=Black]Hope that was ok for a first post.[/color]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=System][B][U]Day one[/U][/B]

The screen flickered on. White noise filled the room, then silence.

" Ah- so today you are to commenced the operation"

"Please don't talk to me as if you have superiority over me" Alexander said lazily, digging in his back pack for something.

" I am the leader of the team, you should know better than to back talk" he paused for a moment before continuing "besides if you had killed any one else from the team we would be hunting you down. It just so happens that no one really cared for your dearly departed uncle so we let you slide this time but if you-"

Alexander pushed his glasses up on his face and looked into the computer monetor with a cold stare. Looking back at him was a plain looking man with ghostly white skin and long,stringy black hair. His yellow eyes looked back into Alexander's with a equally cold stare. After the Leader of team magma was set to jail for a life time, this man, who was called the controller, became the leader of the team, and Alexander was his right hand man. Because of this Alexander was not used to being talked down to, seeing as he was second in command, a always reacted this way when it came to the controller giving him his new mission.

" The only reason that I was aloud to move up to my current rank is because to the team, he was worth more dead than he was alive, you now a well as I do that his inheritance is what is funding the teams operations now."

"This is exactly why you must catch this Pokemon that I have heard so much about. Its powers could make us millions, the world would be at our feet"

" That's funny, I always though Team Magma was about enhancing the lives of Pokemon by expanding the land mass, not world domination." Alexander had always been wondering this himself, and now seemed like a good opportunity to pop the question.

" Please, spare me this old age garbage, we are here on this hell of a planet to make it follow our will, to be the controllers of the world, then the universe."

"How exciting, just about how much work will that require"

" Your laziness will be the death of you, Alexander"

Alexander placed his collection of 4 poke balls, that he just pulled out of his back pack, and placed them on a machine. Then in a flash of red light they were transported to the controllers compatible machine." Watch over them, it has to appear that i have no Pokemon when I approach the others"

"what will this do, help you disguise?"

Alexander pushed his glasses up on his face and looked into the monitor "Exactly, now please watch over them."

The controller picked up a poke ball and released it, out cam a Skamury twice the size of a regular one, it had a deep shade of purple instead of grey. "Ah, the shinning Skamury I gave to you ,it " he glanced down at the other poke balls " along with your others is very impressive, and powerful no question about it, I shall use them to aid the army of Pokemon I am assembling to att-" more white noise filled the room.

[i] I wonder why he is always wasting his time telling me what his planes are, when really don't care the least about them.[/i]Alexander knew that the controller did not like to be hung up on, but it would have to learn to deal with it, Alexander was going to be late. He picked up the poke balls that he had not sent to the controller. They contained a Pickachu and his very own Groudon a one of a kind legendary Pokemon.

He ran to his room, he had been wearing no shirt while talking to the controller,, why should he the controller,ironical, had no control over him. He reached his room and picked up the white tank top that had recently been dried, along with a white hoody, that he had wore just yesterday on his trip to the store. As he put them on he thought of how he would best hide his true self. He continued to ponder this until he made it down to the town just a few feet shy of a mile from his house.

"Oh Alexander" an elderly women approached him," Thank you for coming over to cut my fire wood today, its horrible not having a air conditioner or a heating unit attached to my house, I think i should get one, what do you think" she dropped the newspaper she was Carrying. Alexander bent down to pick it up for her. the local news papers front page had a picture of a group of trainers and legendary Pokemon. These where his 'team mates', the very people he would have to spend countless hours with until the time was right when he would betray them, the same way he did team Aqua, his uncle, even his Pokemon partners, but more importantly him self. For as long as he could remember he had been leading a duble life. One the infamus 2nd in command of team magma, and the other the kind, lazy boy who help those in need. Which one was he really? He didn't know and now was not the time to dwell on such things.
" Well I think that a good old fashion fire place is more homely, and enjoyable that having an AC unit , but that is just my opinion" Alexander began to work his charm. It was this charm that got the town to love him, and to fell pity for his lose of all his family members. He looked on it that if they were dumb enough to get caught and killed they deserved it. " Oh -well i guess I could come for you to cut some wood every now and then."

" Oh thank you Alexander, I know that you don't like it but, I really do apresheate the act"

" Oh, sure i guess what ever i can do to help you out." Alexander began to walk away slowly.

" Good luck with your mission that starts today" said the lady and began to walk back to her house.

[i] Ha ha ha ha which one you fool?[/i] but his thoughts were different from his words " Thanks I think that we will need all the luck we can get."

"any time dear" said the women over her shoulder. " any time"

Alexander picked up the pace until he saw a girl sitting at the base of the tree, as he approached he said in his usual friendly voice. "Hello, Reza" just then Sakura and Rain cam into view all of their legendary Pokemon were out having a good time. In a flash of white light his Pikachu and Groudon were released and they waled over the the other Pokemon and began talking. " Oh I didn't see you at first hi Sakura, and good day to you Rain"

[i] Hm operation Kageryn begins [/i] he thought as he approached the rest of the team with a fake smile on his face.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=#AFF3822][size=1][u]Day One[/u]

Richard sat under a bright lampshade, thumbing through a book that he had no paticular interest in. He was simply killing time until something better to do came along. Rayquaza had his head in Richard's lap, the rest of his gigantic body curled up on the sand. he was living out on the beach, alone. He had battries in the lampshade, a few books, and a quilt. He ate what he cought from the sea, and recieved drinking water from inside the village. Ever since he had been left alone, Richard had been left outside the village because, simply, no one wanted to take him in.

[b]"Oy vey..."[/b] Richard sighed, as he saw a group of fisherman walk up onto the shore. THey always hazed him for looking so much younger than he was, and made taunts about Rayquaza, and "why he would pick a midget." This time, they had their Poke'Mon out for a battle, so a Battle Raquaza and Richard would give them.

[b]"Oy there, shrimp-man!"[/b] One of them called, and Richard refused to dignify that with a turn. THey jeered at him-mostly because he always had the best catches, he speculated-and then finally, called him by his name. He turned, Rayquaza unfurling it's great body to full length, as it stretched into the skies above. Ichigo, which was what Richard called Rayqauza, seemed quite happy.

[b]"So, small-fry, you wanna battle or just catch fish all day?"[/b]

[b]"I'll battle, thank ya very much."[/b] Richard was smiling slightly, and the three Fishers each stood ready. They all had Gyarados, which were at least, somewhat tamed. No matter, Ichigo could take them all out, and he curled his head to the ground, allowing Richard onto.

[b]"Rules?"[/b] Richard asked incrediously. He doubted that they'd follow any.

[b]"Free for all. No holds barred. GO!"[/b]The first one yelled, as the three Gyarados lept into action. Richard grinned, and spoke to Rayquaza.

[i]Thunder on the count of three....it'll fry these fish dead! I love weakness exploits.[/i]

[i]Of course...I am glad that we can finally teach these people not to judge a book by it's cover.[/i]

[i]Right...One...Two...[/i] As he was going to say "Three", a gigantic thunderbolt slammed from the sky, knocking out all three Gyarados. Richard laughed, and jumped down from Ichigo. The Fishermen were all looking at him dumbfounded. Richard's eyes went wide. He had to get to the Old Oak Tree!

[i]C'mon...we better fly, if you get my drift, Ichii.[/i]

[i]One step ahead of you.[/i] Richard laughed again, and was soon taking his small but enjoyable soar through the air as he was brought down by the old Oak Tree. He saw that Reza and Storm, Celebi and Rain, along with Sakura and Latias, and even Alex and Groundon. Richard waved to them all.

[b]"I'm here! Don't worry."[/b][/color][/size]
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Rorohiko was glad when he stepped onto land. The sea voyage to the region of Kaijin had actually been fairly pleasant, but Rorohiko didn't like traveling via ship. It wasn't because of seasickness, or that he didn't like the ocean, or anything like that. No, his problem was with the crewmen. Oh, sure, many of them were nice people, but sailors tended to be a bit on the superstitious side. That frequently caused problems, because Rorohiko wasn't exactly an unknown person. He'd made quite a name for himself with his discoveries, so a lot of people recognized his name. And sailors tended not to like Absol. The whole disaster thing meant that many, espeially superstitious types, regarded Absol as an ill omen. Rorohiko was usually treated with contempt by sailors, and occasionally open hostility. Once, he'd had to resort to open threats before he was even able to board the ship. No, he preferred to travel by land or air whenever possible, but sometimes the best, or even the only, way to get somewhere was by sea.

Rorohiko left the docks and took a look around. Windsand Village was a pretty small place, though you wouldn't know it from the port. It happened to be in a location passed by many ships bound for other locations. It was amost never the final destination of a ship, but it was a frequent intermediary stop.

Windsand itself was a nice little village. It wasn't the type of place Rorohiko would care to live in, but it was a nice place to visit. Of course, Rorohiko probably wouldn't be there for too long. He normally didn't stay in one place for any length of time. Before, it'd been because he was busy searching for answers, but now...

Rorohiko grabbed one of his two Pokeballs and looked at it. He still hadn't gotten used to having it. He'd had only a single Pokemon, Absol, since he was just 11 years old, and he'd never wanted another Pokemon. That hadn't changed until just a couple months ago, when he'd discovered Ekratrel after a series of events involving Victor Trolmont, the cops, Team Rocket, and a guy with a sword-he still wasn't sure just what had happened there. Eventually, Ekratrel decided to accompany Rorohiko. She was the first Pokemon besides Absol he'd ever had, and he still hadn't gotten used to having her.

Rorohiko returned the Pokeball to his belt and took another look around. He'd never been to Windsand before; in fact, he'd never been to Kaijin at all. He'd gone practically everywhere else durring his search for answers, but the search had never taken him to Kaijin. Not knowing what to do now that he'd found the answers he sought, he'd decided to visit Kaijin, the one region he'd never been to. Perhaps he'd find something there that would interest him.

Rorohiko wandered through the village. Eventually, he saw a small group gathered by a stream, under an oak tree. There were three of them, and a fourth was approaching. Rorohiko could guess what was happening here. The three under the tree had the unmistakable look of new Trainers about to begin their journey, and the fourth, the one approaching the other hree, looked more experienced. He was probably the one who'd give them their first Pokemon and start them on their way. Rorohiko didn't really pay much attention to him, instead focusing on the three beneath the tree. They were clearly beginning Trainers, yet there was something different about this group that Rorohiko couldn't place.

Rorohiko didn't have to wonder for long. He soon placed the difference. All it took was Latias appearing in front of the group. They were startled by the suden appearance, but didn't seem to be surprised that it was, indeed, a Latias. then Rorohiko saw Celebi, and then he noticed the Lugia flying overhead. [i]I bet their story is an interesting one,[/i] he thought.

Rorohiko's attention returned to the approaching man. Rorohiko decided he'd been wrong about this particular one. He was greeting the others as one of them, a beginning Trainer like themselves. However, he, too, had a legendary Pokemon, a Groudon. Then the fifth person arrived. This one had a Rayquaza.

Rorohiko'd never seen anything like this, and he'd seen quite a lot. [i]So I'm not the only one with a legendary Pokemon. Well, I knew that already. Aunt Hope and Uncle Shinobi[/i] (OOC: That was his name, right, Frankie?) [i]and their kids can't seem to get away from the things. But they're all experienced trainers, whereas these people clearly aren't. I wonder what the[/i] [i]deal is.[/i]

Rorohiko didn't approach the group. Instead, he kept his distance, and simply watched. He wanted to see whoever it was that would send this particular group on their way, maybe talk with the person, but he didn't have any desire to get involved with another group of new Trainers. He'd done that twice in his life already, and he didn't need to do it again, though with this particular group, he might end up changeing his mind.
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ooc: You are correct on his name. Man its been so long since iv used my old character Hope... Sheesh i feel even more old now *sigh* Funny how Hope also had a celebi *thinks*rain now has one... i didnt do that intentionaly. Aurora had moltres... Man back in the day *shakes head* Crazy... anyways


[color=green]Rain noticed more people arrived and so did their pokemon. Rain tried to ignore them as best she could but couldnt help eying each of ther pokemon for a second or two. As she looked around she noticed someone watching them from far off. He was a newcommer and she could tell. The fact he was unfamilliar was what gave it away. She never did see many visitors around. Then again she spent most of her time in the forest so she decided to not do anymore thinking on the subject.[/color]
[color=green]She stood upright from leaning on the tree and let the cool ocean breeze blow over her. It was rather calming and dispite the urge to scream and walk away from all the other pokemon she kept her cool. She was instantly poked by Celebi.[/color]
[color=green][b][i]"Yay friends!"[/i][/b] It said to her only,[b] "Bee biii!"[/b] It cried to the whole group. It was happy and Rain looked at it oddly. That was the only thing about celebi she didnt like. Its neverending energy and happiness. But aside from that everything between them was cool.[/color]
[color=green][b]"Tree..."[/b] Rain said flatly and waited a moment. Celebi touched Rain and she began to glow blue. Celebi flew up into the tree and Rain followed by floating through the air behind it. [b]"Thank you."[/b] Rain said as she situated herself in a comfy brance.[/color]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Day 1[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]Yubi laughed cerimoniously at her Moltres. It had grown larger than it was when she first had it. If it got too big to fit through her door, she'd only be able to habor him in his poke' ball.

"If I didn't know better that's what you'd like. Me holding you, rather than flying high in the sky." Moltres just gave her this look that was just too cute and she gave him a hug. Ever since she had found out that he was a Moltres, she had took to researching what he was about. Though, not that much information was to be known about the Moltres. Just some disturbing facts concerning a breech with Team Magma and Team Rocket, facts the a Moltres had been caught, then released, then almost destroyed the world, and some facts on how to care for fire poke'mon.

"We had better go, Moltres. They'll leave us behind with no hesitation. All so hasty and anxious, but I have to admit that I can't wait!" She hugged her Moltres and ran inside to grab her pack. The 'belt pack' was perfect for her, a bag would be just too much. She came outside, almost in a furry, passing Moltres by. She turned around.

"Are you just going to give up like that?" She asked taunting him, knowing he'd take the bait. She kept running, almost full out sprinting to the Old Oak Tree where they'd all meet. [I]We are so late![/I] She cried in her head. Moltres was flying beside her now. [I]How he had caught up so fast, but hey, he's going to beat me as soon as he's an adult so why am I worrying about it?[/I]

And there they were. Alex, Rain, Reza, and Richard...but a new face was there too. She stopped, and Moltres flew in front of her. It turned back around to her, and Yubi walked faster over to him. He looked at her as if to say 'What's wrong?'

"Nothing, the fifth person took me by surprise that's all." She smiled at Moltres and greeted the group. "Hey! Sorry I'm late. Moltres over here was to busy showing off how tall he is to realize we needed to go." She laughed a little. Moltres though batted her lightly with one of his wings, saying 'Yeah right! It's your fault we were almost late.' She giggled more and fell to the ground, trying to 'protect' herself from Moltres' 'attacks'.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#006aaf][SIZE=1][b]Day 1[/b]

Johinsa lay quietly in bed, her head the only part of her not engulfed by the sheets. The light of mid-morning began to slowly pour through her window and onto her, but she didn't notice. Several bangings and crashes from downstairs didn't wake her up either. Finally, her door pushed open slowly, making little noise, and a small Latios floated towards her.

[i]"Jo,"[/i] he 'said', though Yuusei didn't really say anything. [i]"Wake up. I made a mess trying to make some waffles, and now I'm covered in syrup."[/i] Though most would be very timid in telling someone about making such a mess, he was very calm, saying it in more of a 'matter-of-factly' tone than an apologetic one.

[b]"Then go take a bath. You've been needing one,"[/b] came the sleepy reply, though Jo showed no sign of movement. Yuusei levitated there for a moment before shaking his head and floating back out the door. When he was gone, she let out a sigh. She sat up to glance at her clock, and immediately fell right back into her pillow. [b]"He just [i]had[/i] to wake me up before nine, didn't he?"[/b] she mumbled. However, once she was up, she was up. So, she gave it up and got out of bed and headed first to her closet.

After picking out her clothes, she jumped down the stairs, still dressed in her overly large shirt and boxers, and walked into the kitchen to see the mess Yuusei was talking about.

[b]"Eh.. He'll clean it up when he gets back,"[/b] Jo yawned to herself, stepping over the silverware and broken plates and spilled food that decorated the floor. [b]"If Grandma was still alive, she'd have a fit over this mess.."[/b] she thought aloud absent-mindedly. She reached the cabinet and pulled out a box of snack bars and took three of the few remaining. She was too lazy to cook at the moment, and didn't want even more mess in the kitchen.

Unwrapping one and taking a large bite out of it, Jo headed back towards the stairs. On her way, Yuusei emerged from the top of the steps looking syrup-free. [b]"That was a quick bath,"[/b] Jo grinned, raising an eyebrow. [b]"Didn't even hear the water running."[/b] However, he said nothing and merely floated by her.

[b]"Oh yeah. Clean up the kitchen. For a part-psychic pokemon, you sure are clumsy,"[/b] she laughed. She heard a loud snort as she reached the top of the stairs and giggled softly. She returned downstairs a few minutes later, dressed in her favorite outfit, to see Yuusei finishing up. She walked over and patted him on his head.

[b]"Thank you kindly,"[/b] she grinned. [b]"Now c'mon. We're supposed to meet the others today."[/b] Grabbing her bag that rested on the kitchen counter, she headed towards the front door.

[i]"Thanks to your sleeping hours, we're probably going to be the last ones there,"[/i] he sighed.

[b]"I heard that,"[/b] she shouted from front steps, waiting for him to come out as well. He rolled his eyes before quickly flying after her. She shut the door behind him and stepped down onto the path that led out of her yard. It had been a while since she'd seen the others. In fact, it had been a while since she'd actually been to Windsand since her grandmother died three years ago. That was when she actually caught Yuusei and decided to travel around the Kaijin region.

Lost in thought, it took her a moment to realize that the others were just up ahead. Among them, she saw Latias, and she knew Yuusei did too. He was unusually excited, gliding along faster than he normally did.

[b]"Calm down, Sei,"[/b] Jo laughed, [b]"You're going to make them think you're actually happy to see them."[/b] He gave her a mean look, but did slow his pace casually. She laughed again before hearing her name.

[b]"Jo!"[/b] called a familiar voice. It was Sakura. Before she knew it, she was on the ground. Latias had zoomed past her and, in the process, sent her falling over. Yuusei, for the first time in a long time, became playful and started chasing Latias around in the air. Sakura held out a hand to Jo, pulling her up. Standing up, she dusted herself off and readjusted her hat, then turned to watch the two dragons play together.

[b]"Sorry about that. Latias is always excited when she gets to see Latios,"[/b] Sakura smiled.

[b]"Y'know, watching him now, you'd never know he's really a very stubborn and pessimistic pokemon most of the time,"[/b] Jo replied with a laugh. She headed over towards the others that she recognized and greeted them.

OOC: Hope that's alright with you Sakura.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=System]Alex ( seemed to have earned himself a nick name XD ) looked over in the direction of the port and saw a man standing there. [i] Great, another one....[/i] then Alex was hit with an imaginary fist to the face, how could he have been so dumb [i] I can't think like that any more, not about my real mission, or who I am. My thoughts are not my own any more.[/i] He glanced around at all of the psychic Pokemon that filled the air. Psychic Pokemon who could read thoughts of others in an instant he can't think that way any more. Alexander had to become this person he was pretending to be. He also felt dumb for not knowing the 'man' was his name was Rorohikko. He was in the most part a hero to Alexander. Rorohiko has made many discoveries about the history,evolution,etc. about Pokemon, the main one was Absol. He also knew a little about Rorohiko's personal life. He knew he is one of Professor Oak collegs and helped him with many 'events' that needed to be dealt with, and finally that he has been patterned up with total newbies twice in his life, was he planing on making it three?

[i] Now how do I get a chance to introduce my self that will really catch his attention.[/i] Why this thought entered his mind he had no clue, is it because he wanted to meet him, get to travel with him.. He knew that if Rorohiko followed them, traveled with them it would make things harder on him, but hey he loved challenges.
He stopped talking to the rest of the group and went over to pet his Pikachu, who was still the only non legendary Pokemon released. He went to his Groudon, who was the only legendary Pokemon who could not fly and was talking to him quietly , he then shoot a look at Pikachu out of the corner of his eye. With the speed of the gods Pikachu charged Rorohiko.
"PIKACHU GET BACK HERE NOW" said Alex ad he shoot after his Pokemon. Usually a Pikachu using extreme speed was very hard to out run for a human, but it seemed with ease that Alex passed Pikachu and made a human shield in front of Rorohiko. His Pikachu hit him so hard he flew back into Rorohiko. As Rorohiko helped Alexander up to his feet Alex did something he was very skilled at, playing dumb.
" I'm sorry, my Pikachu has a thing against Absols" Alexander was a very good at telling lies, and this was a lie. A lie that Pikachu enhanced by standing behind Alexander's leg and growling at Rorohiko. Alexander continued " you don't happen to have one do you?"

Rorohiko looked down at Alexander, the person he thought had given the other trainers their Pokemon, now looked much younger up close. When the boy got to his feet he was about the same height as Rorohiko, but this boy was extremely skinny, much unlike Rorohiko. "Yes" Rorohiko said at last " I am carrying an Absol on my person" Rorohiko looked down at the Pikachu growling behind Alex's leg. He then looked up and aced the boy in the face. He smiled " Is this the best way you can come up with getting to meet me?" He asked.

"What I - it was...hmmm so how did you know it was a set up?" Alexander looked into Rorohiko's eyes with a questioning look?\

" You told your Pikachu instructions, but you made it look like you were speaking to your Groudon. Plus, it would be rare that a Pikachu would have a dislike towards a population as rare as an Absol, especially since they live nowhere near each other, and finally how do you know he just doesn't like the colon that i may or may not be wearing? Why did you assume I was caring an Absol." Rorohiko had seen more flaws in this plan, but decided not to point them out, as they had to to with comparisons of speed, and studies that were done long ago that these trainers probable didn't even know were conducted.

"Well then it seems I should have planned this better, right " Alexander took a pause "Rorohiko"

[i] Even people on this little island know about me[/i] thought Rorohiko. HE noticed that the other trainers and their legendary Pokemon were running over to see what happened.

"Whats your name?" asked Rorohiko

"Alexander" he replied in a calm voice " But if that's to long you can call me Alex, it doesn't matter to me." He put on a smile as Pikachu jumped onto his shoulder and smiled at Rorohiko. This was just an act on the inside however on the inside He was panicking [i] I know that that plan was a crappy one, but he saw right throw it. Why didn't I just leave him alone. What if he sees all of the legendary Pokemon and follows us, that won't work, the only Pokemon I have that would be strong enough to defeat his Absol is Umberon, and I sent that to the controller. And I can't back down or I'll never get that stupid dragon, this is such a pain. What should I do, play along I guess[/i]

"Umm-so what brings you to this little village?" asked Alexander trying to keep from showing how nervous he was on the inside and hoping that Rorohiko would not follow them on their journey, or things would get much more difficult for him. [i] Why ,why did I have to make a fancy looking introduction,why[/i] he kept asking him self that question over and over.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Day 1

"Articuno! What are you doing?" Andy wearily said, turning over in her bed. She looked at the clock. It said nine o clock. Andy sat up and thought for a minute. "Where am I supposed to be? I know I'm supposed to be somewhere." After a few minutes of thought it hit her. "The Oak tree!!!" she gasped. She quickly fought with the covers and eventually got untangled and rushed into her closet where she got her normal everyday clothes, tan shorts (knee length), a black shirt, her grey jacket, and her tennis shoes on. She also grabbed her backpack and threw in a couple of blankets and some other necessities. "Hey Articuno. Go down in the kitchen and grab us some food to bring along. Anything we have that's quick to fix." Andy brushed her hair as Articuno rushed downstairs and grabbed the money she had saved up and the Pokeballs she had bought, along with a potion just in case. As she ran downstairs she put the foods Articuno had found in her bag and they both rushed out. Alright Articuno, lets fly since we're late. Andy got on her back and they took off.

They arrived at the tree and noticed 7 of her old friends and a new person. She got off Articuno's back and sat under the tree. It was weird to see everyone again. She was nervous they wouldn't like her. It had been quite a few years. Articuno sat down next to her and Andy began to stroke her. "I'm nervous." she wispered to Articuno. Articuno nodded wisely. That was the best thing about her. She was always so understanding.[/COLOR]
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OOC: Cut down on Alex's knowledge of Rorohiko, please, Brooklyn. It's quite fine if he knows about Rorohiko's discoveries (Rorohiko did anounce his findings, after all), but not the rest. Okay, so it's fine if Alex knows Rorohiko's collaborated with Professor Oak on research before (and he should only know the research collaboration part, not the personal-favors part. Oh, and Rorohiko's relationship with Oak goes no deeper than 'friend and colleauge(sp?)'), but the rest should go. Please make those changes.


"I'm not here for any reason in particular," Rorohiko told Alex. "Just wandering, basically. I've never been to Kaijin before, so I decided to visit the region. Windsand here just happens to be where I got off the ship."

The rest of the unusuall group of new Trainers reached the two of them, except for the one with the Celebi. She was still in the tree. 'What happened?" a girl asked.

"Nothing much," Rorohiko replied. "Alex here didn't want to simply come over here and introduce himself, so he manufactured an incident. Anyways, my name's Rorohiko. What are your names?"

The girl introduced herself as Reza, then introduced the others, including Rain, who was still in the tree. "Nice to meet you," she said. "What brings you to Windsand?"

"Nothing much," Rorohiko said. "Just exploring, seeing the one region I've never been to. Now, if you don't mind, I was lost in thought before Alex had his Pikachu fake-atack me, and I'd like to get back to that. I might talk with you some other time, but not right now." And with that, he turned and walked off. Eventually, he sat down underatree. He was still within sight of the group, who had returned to their tree. He wanted to watch them for a little while, but he didn't want to be with them. Maybe he'd join them eventually, but not yet.
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][U][B]Day 1[/B][/U]

Suicune lifted his head from the floor and let out a huge yawn. He looked over to the clock on TJ's dresser to see they were running late. He looked back and sighed upon seeing TJ, still knocked out on his back. [I]TJ....TJ wake up. We're already late you know...[/I] Suicune tried to wake him through telepathy but shook his head after realizing it wouldn't work. [I]Well, can't say I didn't try....[/I] Suicune stood up on all fours, dropping TJ's head to the floor with a thud. "Ow!" TJ woke up, holding the back of his head. Suicune looked as if he were about to laugh at first, [I]Let's go TJ....We're running late.[/I]

"Oh man you're right!" He looked at the clock and quickly got ready, not taking the time to iron his clothes or eat. He grabbed the back pack he packed the night before and put his cap on. He ran down the steps and Suicune descended in a single leap. Upon reaching the kitchen, TJ was pinned to the floor by his Typhlosion, Inferno. "Ah! Good morning to you, too, Inferno." TJ smiled and petted his Typhlosion on the head and sat up after he got off.

"TJ! Are you up yet?" His mother called as she walked into the kitchen, "Oh, there you are." She walked over and helped TJ up into a hug. "Are you ready to go?"

TJ nodded, "Uh huh. We're ready to leave now...especially since we're late thanks to me...." He let out a sigh. "And don't worry mom, I'll be careful..."

[I]Do not worry Mrs. Hairston...Inferno and I shall see to his safety...[/I] Suicune reassured her. Inferno nodded in agreement and hugged her before heading outside, followed by Suicune.

TJ hugged his mother and she kissed him on the cheek. "Mama! Not in front of Suicune..." TJ said jokingly and laughed. TJ ran outside, waving behind him. "Take care TJ! Good luck!" His mother waved after him.

TJ had climbed on Inferno's back who was in stride with Suicune as they made their way to the meeting place. Inferno and Suicune slowed down upon seeing the others there. TJ smiled upon seeing Reza there and waved. "Hey everyone!" He shouted to those there, realizing he was last to arrive. "Sorry I'm so late..."
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OOC: Great posts everyone. foxtu78, could you, in the future, make yours a bit longer? Thanks.

[size=1][color=#0066FF][b]Day 1[/b]

Reza smileda t them all. They all came. It was amazing. Even a few of them that had been outcasts came. Storm landed beside her, looking over the group too.

"[i] This should be a fun journey Reza... look at everyone... they all came,[/i]" Storm said to her.
" Yeah I know," Reza replied, smiling. With a group this big, the journey was going to be full of laughter and excitement. Hopefully, nothing was going to get in their way.

" Ok everyone! Lets get going to get our stuff!" Reza said happily. All of the others nodded. Rain and Celebi came down from the branch in the oak tree. Alex and Rorohiko kept talking to each other quietly as they started to walk up the path to Professor Wyatt's mansion/labrotory. Sakura and Jo kept talking while Latios and Latias played in the air above them. TJ, Andy, Yubi and Richard chatted to each other as their legendary poke`mon jibbered away to each other. Reza was the last to leave. She cast a look back at the town before hurrying to catch up with them.

Minutes later, the group arrived at the gigantic wooden doors of Professor Wyatt's mansion. There were loud bangs and crashes just behind the doors. They also heard cursing from three different people inside plus sounds of a poke`mon of sorts. Reza pressed her ear to the door only for it to be opened. She almost fell in only to be caught by TJ and Richard.
" Thanks."

The person who opened the door was a young man in his early twenties. This was Jay Riter, the caretaker of Professor Wyatt's mansion. His face was red, which contrasted greatly with his forest green eyes. He looked down to see all of the group looking up at him with bewildered faces.
" Oh... hey guys... sorry about that Reza... the Professor has gone off his rocker this morning... he's excited about you guys... he's already broken the chandelier in the foyer, not to mention two cabinets. Now I have to find replacements... honestly..."

Reza, Jo, Sakura and Andy sniggered into their hands. Rain looked thoroughly uninterested as with the boys. Jay stalked out of the mansion, leaving the door open for them. They entered tenatively. A shirll voice suddenly pierced the air.


A good-looking twenty-year-old woman sprinted across the top level in a maid's outfit. This was Maria Tyling. She was the maid for the Professor as he often forgot to feed himself or the poke`mon that resided in his mansion, plus all the mess he has when he's doing research.

But before them was a man with a bright orange lab coat with a purple shirt and blue shorts. His mismatched arrangement of clothing was always a source of amusement for Reza and Storm. This was the one and only Professor Wyatt - an overly-enthusiactic professor that loved poke`mon to death. A rather large Kingler sat atop of Professor Wyatt, who was on the floor on his stomach laughing. When the Professor saw the group, he laughed.

" I must look a sight. Kingler, could you kindly get off?!?" Professor Wyatt said. The Kingler scuttled off his back and down a corridor. Professor Wyatt sat up, dusting himself off. " Well, that was an interesting experience."

He stood. Reza tried to restrain herself from laughing out aloud at the Professor's clothing. Storm sensed that she was about to burst any second. Luckily the Professor said something before she could laugh.

" I bet you are all here for your Poke`gear? Rightio! Follow me!" He marched upstairs with the group following. Through two corridors, they finally came to the labrotory. The Professor walked over to a table with numerous sets of Poke`gear on them. He picked on up as the group made a semi-circle around him.

" Now... this is the newest Poke`gear any trainer can get today. This little baby is your Poke`dex; a cellphone; a profiler of trainers that you have talked to, seen or battled; a computer with an inventoy and email capabilities; a map of all regions; and much much more. Let me demonstrate."

He pointed the hand-held computer at Storm. A screen popped up in thin air. It was a holographic screen. Reza swiped her hand through it, amazed that it wasn't solid. A computerised voice rang out with Storm's details.

" Luiga. A psychic-flying type. The guardian of the seas. It is said that this poke`mon has the ability to create or calm violent storms."

" Wow...." TJ gasped. " That's awesome."

" Everyone grab one. They'll be like your best friends on your journey. Now, any questions?"

Now one spoke up. The Professor beamed. " You guys better be going. The boat leaves soon."

" Damn!" Reza said before thanking the Professor and sprinting out the door, the others behind her. They all managed to get on the boat before it set sail. Reza sat at the bow of the boat, letting the air hit her face softly. It was going to take a couple of hours before they reach Rodscale Village. Hopefully... by then, she would catch up with most of the others.[/color][/size]
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[b][color=black]OOC: If the conversation with Reza is not acceptable Tell me. I will edit it.[/color][/b]
[b][size=2][color=green][u]DAY 1[/u][/color][/size][/b]
[color=green]Rain followed everyone else onto the boat. She had stashed her gear in her small napsack which was hanging on her shoulder. She had grabbed it on the way to the boat. She had seen no reason to cart it around so she left it near the docks. She wasnt worried it would be stolen due to the fact that there wasnt really anything in it she cared about.[/color]
[color=green]She found a stop towards the front and sat down. She let her legs hand over the edge as she just watched the waves slosh against the boats sides. She sea breeze brushed over her and she smiled slightly. She always liked the wind.[/color]
[color=green]Celebi hovered over her right shoulder and kept silent. Suddenly though an Idea popped into his head. [/color][color=darkorchid][i][b]"Use your pokedex on me! You could use my entrie! Plus Id love to see what the creaters of the device think of me."[/b][/i][/color]
[color=green]Rain frowned because this ment digging in her bag but she agreed with him. She dug in it and found the dex. She pointed it at Celebi and it worked like the professor had shown them before. A holographic projection of Celebi appeared.[/color]
[color=green][i]-Celebi: The psychic grass pokemon. It has been said that Celebi is the vioice of the forest. A guardian of sorts. Celebi is rumored to have time travel abilities and boundless energy. Said to be quite care free.-[/i] [/color]
[color=green]The pokedex's holographic projection then spun a bit and vanished. Celebi frowned.[/color]
[color=green][i][b][color=darkorchid]"Well that stunk."[/color][/b][/i] It said flatly to rain.[/color]
[color=green][b][i][color=darkorchid]"It's no rumor!"[/color][/i][/b] It seemed rather dissapointed.[/color]
[color=green][b]"Well the people who wrote this stuff most likely have never seen a Celebi or at least experianced its ability to travel through time. You cant blame them for getting some things wrong..."[/b] Rain explained as she put everything back in her bag.[/color]
[color=green][i][b][color=darkorchid]"It made me... look fat!"[/color][/b][/i] Celebi joked.[/color]
[color=green][b]"Har har..."[/b] Rain sat the bag down but as she did a wave hit the boat and shook it a bit. The movement made the back slip over the edge and rain reached for it but it was out of her reach. Luckily it turned blue and hovered a few feet above the water's surface. Rain looked at celebi and smiled, [b]"Thanks..."[/b][/color]
[color=green]A few moments later sheheard someone approching. She looked up to come face to knee with Reza. Reza sat down next to her so they were even.[/color]
[b][color=royalblue]"So... How have you been? I havn't seen you around much for the past several years."[/color][/b]
[color=green][b]"Yeah. I found myself not exactly on the same page as everyone else."[/b] Rain replied.[/color]
[color=green]A second later Storm came over and looked at the three sitting there. With a few moments of silence it asked, [/color][i][b][color=royalblue]"Why exactly? Did somethng happen?"[/color][/b][/i]
[color=green]Rain glared at the lugia and looked away. She stared hard into the waves and frowned, [b]"Rather not talk about it."[/b][/color]
[color=green][color=royalblue][b][i]"I beleive she might not like [/i][/b][b][i]me..."[/i][/b][/color]The lugia spoke quietly to Celebi and Reza.[/color]
[color=green]Celebi patted lugia on the head, [/color][color=darkorchid][b][i]"Oh she surely does not like you. It's not just you... She doesnt like any pokemon."[/i][/b][/color]
[color=green]Rain frowned again, [b]"Celebi..."[/b][/color]
[color=green][b][i][color=darkorchid]"Oh fine."[/color][/i][/b] He sighed.[/color]
[color=green][b][color=royalblue]"Doesn't like pokemon. But then why Celebi..."[/color][/b] Reza asked quietly.[/color]
[color=green]Rain sighed, [b]"Its part of that thing I don't talk about."[/b][/color]
[color=green][b][color=royalblue]"Oh. Alright. So hmm. What have you been up to lately?"[/color][/b] Reza asked tryintg to find something non pokemon related to talk about.[/color]
[color=green]Rain was no longer frowning but was looking a little sad. She smiled obviously a fake one but no one said anything. [b]"Well I have been drawing alot..."[/b][/color]
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[COLOR=DarkRed][U]Day 1[/U]

Andy and Articuno rushed out of Proffesor Wyatt's mansion with the others and took the easy route, got on Articuno's back and flew. It was very leisurely, though. They were watching the boat the whole time, making sure it wouldn't leave without all of them on board. They were lucky. Everyone made it on just in time.

Andy was glad to be on a boat again. She hadn't been on one since she was 8, before her parents were murdered. She could tell Articuno was excited too. "So, are you ready to start our adventure?" Articuno nodded.

"I wonder what the pokedex says about you? Let's find out." Andy dug through her bag, finally finding it at the very bottom of the bag. She opened it and looked over it. It was very impressive. It had everything anyone would ever need. "This will be so useful." She pointed it at Articuno and the holographic image of her appeared. Then suddenly a mechanicel voice began.

[I]-Articuno: An Ice/Flying type Pokemon. One of the legendary bird Pokemon, It's translucent wings are said to be made of ice. As it flys through the sky, it cools the air, causing snow to fall. It is also said to appear to doomed people, lost in icy mountains.[/I]

"Well, that was impressive."Articuno tossed her head in a 'that's so overrated' tone and Andy just smiled. "I think it was quite acurate." Articuno gave Andy a 'yeah right' look. It was a good hologram of you anyway. Articuno tossed her head. "I'm just saying...ok. I'll stop. I think you liked it anyway."

Andy looked around the boat and found Reza talking with Rain, and everyone else sitting alone. She heard alot about Alexander. How nice and caring he was. And about Richard being picked on by the other fishermen, although he takes care of them easily. All the others, Sakura, Jo, TJ, and Yubi, she had known but not spoken to since her parents were killed.

"I guess I might as well make frinds or else this journey is going to be boring. The only question is who to talk to first." She thought. "OK Articuno, you can pick. Who do I talk to first?" she asked.

Articuno looked at all of them very carefully. She was mostly looking at the Pokemon, though. She wanted a friend for this journey, too. Finally she picked out TJ. He had a Suicune, which Articuno knew, since they were both ice types, that they would get along. Andy was nervous and had her second thoughts racing like they always did. She finally got the bad thoughts out of her head and went over. "Hi TJ, its been a long time."[/COLOR]
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Rorohiko had followed the group when they went to get the equipment they'd need for their journey, though they didn't seem to notice him. He waited until they left Professor Wyatt's mansion before entering himself. Standing just inside was a man who was dressed... well, oddly. "Hello," Rorohiko said.

"Why, hello there," the man replied. "I don't believe we've met, though I've got the feling I've seen you before. I'm Professor Wyatt. And you are?"

"Rorohiko Alkarlo."

"Ah, of course! The Absol guy. Pleasure to meet you. What brings you to Windsand?"

"Nothing, really," Rorohiko said. "Just traveling. I've never been to this region before, so I decided to pay it a visit. Anyways, I didn't seek you out just because. I figured you were the one to come to for answers."

"Oh? And what answers would those be?"

"Well, I couldn't help but notice the unusual group of new trainers. You know, the ones that just left here. I ran into them earlier, and as you can probably imagine, I was surprised by the Pokemon they have. I figured that whoever would be starting them on their journey-that's you-would be the person to ask about what's going on, so I followed them here."

"And you want to know why they all have legendary Pokemon?"

"That's correct."

"Well, it's really not anything that special," Wyatt told him. "Each one of them has his or her own story, but they're pretty ordinary despite the pokemon involved. They just found the Pokemon in one way or another. There's no evidence of anything special. It's quite a coincidence that so many from this village now have legendary Pokemon, but it's just a coincedence."

"Strange coincedence," Rorohiko said. "I mean, multiple people discovering legendary Pokemon, well, that's believable. But all of them being from the same village? That's a bit harder to accept. I mean, what were all these legendary Pokemon doing here in the first place? One or two I could see, but that many? And they're diffrent types, too. They've got everything from water/psychic type Lugia to fire-type Moltres to grass/psychic type Celebi. Not types you would expect to find in the same area."

Wyatt nodded. "That's true. there are certainly some unanswered questions, but still, I don't think there's anything that unusual going on here, aside from the specific Pokemon involved. If you want to know more, you might try asking them. Of course, their boat's about to leave, so you've probably missed your chance."

"Perhaps," Rorohiko replied, "but perhaps not. I'll just have to find out."

Rorohiko left Wyatt's place. [i]I guess I'll have to do this the hard way,[/i] he thought. [i]But first, I have to reach that ship.[/i] He grabbed one of his Pokeballs, releasing his own legendary Pokemon, Ekratrel. Ekratrel was faster than Absol, and larger, too. She'd have an easier time handling a rider, and riding her was what Rorohiko planned to do. It was the fastest method of travel he had, though it was hard on the Pokemon. He didn't do it often, but here, he didn't want to risk missing the boat.

Upon reaching the port, Rorohiko returned Ekratrel to her Pokeball. He quickly located the new Trainers, who were boarding a ship that looked ready to depart. He quickly made his way over to the boat and walked up the ramp.

"You made it just in time," the boarding officer said to Rorohiko. "Do you have a ticket?"

Rorohiko shook his head. "No, unfortunatly. Do you have any room for another passenger?"

"Plenty," the man replied. "You have money, I take it?"

"Of course."

"may I have your name, please?" the man asked after Rorohiko had paied. "Strictly for record-keeping purposes, of course."

"Of course. My name is Rorohiko Alkarlo."

Most sailors at least flinched when Rorohiko gave his name, but this one seemed oblivious. He wrote the name down, along with all other information the records needed to have. "Thank you for traveling with us," the man said as Rorohiko stepped on board the vessel.

[i]That man didn't even seem to notice my name,[/i] Rorohiko observed. [i]He seemed a bit worn out, too. I wonder why.[/i]

Rorohiko put his pack down, then set off to explore the ship. It didn't take him long to discover what was going on. None of the new trainers had bothered to return their legendary Pokemon. All the legendaries were still out of their Pokeballs. That would be enough to give any sailor fits. No wonder the man hadn't realized who he was! [i]This is bound to be an interesting journey,[/i] Rorohiko thought.
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TJ hadn't bothered using his Poke`dex on his own Poke`mon, feeling as if he knew enough about his own friends. He smiled as Inferno curled up at his feet and Suicune sat beside TJ. [I]"Why didn't you use that on me, TJ? Don't you want to hear what it has to say about Typhlosion and I?"[/I] Suicune dug the Poke`dex out with his muzzle and dropped it in TJ's lap. [I]"Even if it is something ridiculous..."[/I] Suicune seemed to smile.

TJ shrugged, "Oh alright, alright...." He first pointed it toward Suicune, [I]Suicune, The Water/Ice type Poke`mon. Said to be the reincarnation of north winds, it can instantly purify filthy, murky water. This Poke`mon races across the land. It is said that north winds will somehow blow whenever it appears. This divine Poke`mon blows around the world, always in search of a pure reservoir.[/I] TJ shrugged, "I think it was fairly accurate...."

Suicune scoffed at the information, [I]"Please....they didn't describe me as well as they could have, TJ. It has nothing about me grace and agility..."[/I]

TJ laughed at Suicune's message then pointed the Poke`dex at Inferno. [I]Typhlosion, The Fire type Poke`mon. If its rage peaks, it becomes so hot that anything that touches it will instantly go up in flames. It has a secret, devastating move. It rubs its blazing fur together to cause huge explosions. When heat from its body causes the air around it to shimmer, this is a sign that it is ready to battle.[/I] Inferno lifted his head only to let out a huge yawn before falling back to sleep. TJ smiled again and put the Poke`dex away.

[I]"Quite the invention for a human..."[/I] Suicune looked up and saw Articuno land in front of him. [I]"Oh...Hello old friend."[/I] TJ looked up as well as Andy approached him.

"Hi TJ, its been a long time," Andy said with a nervous smile.

TJ smiled back, "Hey. How've you been these days Andy? It's been a long time since I last saw you." He stood up so as not to be rude, trying not to wake Inferno.
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None of the young trainers seemed to notice Rorohiko, who was wandering about the ship. He was searching for Alex and Reza, who had Groudon and Lugia. Alex he located quickly, but he didn't see Groudon. [i]At least he had the sense to return Groudon,[i/] Rorohiko thought. [i]That thing would really panic the sailors[/i] (OOC: I hope that's all right with you, Brooklyn. If it isn't, please tell me and I'll change it).

Reza took a bit longer to find. She was talking to Rain, the girl who'd been in the tree. He approached the two of them.

"What have you been up to lately?" Reza was asking Rain.

"Well, I have been drawing a lot," Rain replied.

"Sorry to interrupt," Rorohiko said, "but I just thought you should know that you're driving the sailors crazy."

Both of them looked up. "Rorohiko!" Reza exclaimed. "What are you doing here?"

"What do you think? I'm a passenger on this ship. Now, back to the sailors."

"Yes, the sailors. How am I driving them crazy?"

"You've left your Lugia outside of its Pokeball," Rorohiko explained. "I'm sure you know the legends about Lugia. Well, it just so happens that sailors are generally a superstitious bunch, and in the legends, Lugia's been associated with, um, unfortunate events. Even just catching a glimpse of one would make most sailors nervous. Yours is actualy on the boat. Those sailors may wet themselves if you don't return Lugia to its Pokeball."

"I think Lugia'd prefer to stay out," Reza replied.

"Well, I have no problem with that," Rorohiko said. "Hell, it's nice to see them occupied with someone other than myself for a change. They're normally hostile towards be because of Absol, but nobody on this ship's even realized who I am."

"And just who are you?" Rain asked.

"That's right, you never met me. My name's Rorohiko Alkarlo. You might have heard of me. I recently made some discoveries about Absol. And I mean very recent. Recent enough that almost nobody's Pokedex has the new data."

"Ours might," Reza told him. "We have the latest model Pokegear."

"Let's find out," Rorohiko said. "Here, hand me your Pokegear."

Reza handed it to Rorohiko. "Pretty nice," Rorohiko remarked after inspecting it. He handed it back to Reza, saying "Now, let's see just how up to date its files are."

After checking to make sure no sailors were in sight, Rorohiko released Ekratrel. "What's that?" Reza asked.

"Check your Pokegear," Rorohiko replied.

Reza pointed the Pokegear at Ekratrel. "[i]Ekratrel[/i]," it said. "[i]A newly discovered Dark/Psychic Pokemon. Ekratrel has demonstrated considerable power, though the true extent of its abilities remains unknown. Absol are decended from Ekratrel[/i]."

"Pretty good," Rorohiko remarked as he returned Ekratrel to her Pokeball. "That's a nice summary of what's known. Not even I know any more, and I'm the one who discovered Ekratrel. The only thing it didn't mention was Ekratrel's mate, but that's understandable. It was asked for information on Ekratrel only."

Rorohiko stood up. "And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to use the bathroom." He walked off.


OOC: Hope that was all right, Frankie and Reiku.
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[size=2][color=green][b][u]DAY 1[/u][/b][/color][/size]

[color=green]Rain frowned, [b]"I dont like him much..."[/b][/color]

[b][color=royalblue]"Why not?"[/color][/b] [color=green]Reza asked.[/color]

[color=green][b]"Well for one he was kind of negative about Lugia and what it is known for. I might have a great dislike for pokemon but I do know some about pokemon. Lugia is known as the Guardian of the Sea... That should be a positive note but mister big, famous, and cocky thinks that its some disaster pokemon like his."[/b] Rain griped.[/color]

[color=green]Celebi made a few circles around both Reza and Rain's heads. It cried quietly and floated about with energy.[/color]

[color=green]Rain shook her head, [b]"Lugia can calm storms as well as start them but alot of pokemon can alter the wather. Castform, Dragonair, and any pokemon able to use rain dance, hail, and sunny day. Not only that but Lugia spends most of its time below the surface of the ocean because its powers are too great... or at least thats what they say. I think disaster boy has had to much disaster on his mind or in his life to see that pokemon can..."[/b][/color]

[color=green]She realized what she was about to say went against even what she thought about pokemon. [i][b]I cant beleive I almost said that pokemon can be very kind dispite what others think... what on earth is wrong with me.[/b][/i] She thought to herself.[/color]

[color=#008000][i][b][color=darkorchid]Perhaps its because you believe that we are good...[/color][/b][/i] Celebi interupted her thoughts with one of his own that only she could hear.[/color]

[color=#008000][i][b]No afraid not... Remember... Naia[/b][/i] Rain answered silently.[/color]

[color=#008000]Rain nodded silently and then went on with her thoughts, [b]"Anyways I just dont quite like this ro ro...row your boat guy. Thankfully I am not required to like him."[/b][/color]
[center][b][color=#008000][/color][/b] [/center]
[center] [/center]
[left][b]OOC: Remember Takuya... This isnt towards you lol... I have just decided there are a few people rain will not like. Like she said... its not a requirement lol. Anyways hope this is all ok... night all.[/b][/left]
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[color=Navy]Sakura talked with Jo, about their pokémon. She looked up and saw Yuusei and Latias still playing together. They would disappear, then reappear in a game of chasey. They all boarded the ship, Sakura stood with Jo at the front, Sakura was leaning against the rails, watching the pokémon continue to play.

[b]"Do you know how Latias and Yuusei were seperated in the first place?" [/b]Sakura asked.

They had been friends for years and had never really thought about it. Yuusei had been injured when Jo found him, and Latias was crying and hiding.

[b]"I don't know, I asked Yuusei but he doesn't remember, I think it was too traumatising." [/b]Jo replied.

[b]"Latias told me that she went to sleep with Latios at night, then when she woke up, he was gone. She tried to find him but ended up being lost since they went out of their area." [/b]

Sakura looked at the newly acquired pokégear and called out to Latias. She appeared and flew down until she was hovering in front of Sakura.

[i][b]"You called?" [/b][/i]Latias asked, cocking her head.

Sakura pointed the item at her and watched as the hologram appeared.

[i]-Latias, the Psychic/Dragon pokémon. Latias is highly sensitive to the emotions of people. If it senses any hostility, this pokémon ruffles the feathers all over its body and cries shrilly to intimidate the foe.[/i][/color][i][color=Navy] Latias is highly intelligent and capable of understanding human speech. It is covered with a glass-like down. The pokémon enfolds its body with its down and refracts light to alter its appearance.-

[b]"It's a good entry, quite accurate. Is that all?" [/b][/color][/i][color=Navy]Latias asked.

[b]"Yeah, sure, go back to playing, if I need you I'll call." [/b]Sakura nodded, tucking the device back into her pocket.

Latias smiled and sailed back into the sky where her blue counterpart was waiting. They raced across the sky happily, Sakura was glad for them. When Sakura and Jo had become friends, their pokémon met, and they two were re-connected.

[b]"Free Spirits, aren't they?" [/b]Jo said quietly, watching them as well.

[b]"Yeah, too bad we can't be like them." [/b]Sakura smiled.

Sakura pulled out a pokéball and opened it in her hand, aiming at the sky. There was a screech and Skarmory appeared, his steel wings shining in the sun. Sakura pointed the pokégear at Skarmory to see what his said.

[i]-Skarmory, the Steel/Flying type. Skarmory is entirely encased in hard, protective armor. This pokémon flies at close to 190 mph. It slashes foes with its wings that possess swordlike cutting edges.[/i][/color][i][color=Navy] Skarmory's steel wings become tattered and bashed in from repeated battles. Once a year, the battered wings grow back completely, restoring the cutting edges to their pristine state.- [/color][/i][color=Navy]

Skarmory flapped around in the sky. All of her pokémon didn't really like pokéballs, but her two flying pokémon disliked them the most since they were used to being free. She watched as Latias greeted Skarmory happily in the sky, she smiled peacefully and looked down into the water, seeing several water pokémon move beneath them.
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[COLOR=DarkRed] I've been ok. You can sit back down. I don't want you to wake up your Typhlosion. Your Pokemon look really healthy." "Thanks." They both sat down and Articuno and Suicune walked off. "So how have you been?" "I can't complain. Life has been pretty good, especially since I met Suicune."

"I heard about what happened to your parents. I'm really sorry." TJ said. "It's not to bad. Atleast I have Articuno." "Sorry to have brought it up if it's a sensative topic." "It's not that bad. I'm angry but I've decided I'm going to devote my life to finding who killed them." "That' positive...I guess. What do you plan to do when you find them?" "I haven't gotten that far yet."

[U]Suicune and Articuno[/U][/COLOR]

They walked to the other side of the boat and stared into the ocean for a few minutes. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]"So, do you like your new owner?"[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]"Yeah. I didn't know her father very well, though. He only got me a few months before he was murdered."[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]"Are you attached to this girl."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]"Yes. I almost feel responsible. If I had been there I might have been able to save them."[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]"You know there's nothing you could have done. It may not seem like it now but it will turn out for the better I'm sure."[/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]"I guess your right. If I had been there I might have been stolen, too."[/COLOR]

[COLOR=DarkRed][U]TJ and Andy[/U]

"So you have no plan when you find whoever did this?" "I'll think of one before I find them." "I hope you think of one before you meet up with them." Andy looked out into the water and sighed. "I'm sorry if I seemed a little harsh. I just don't want you to be the next murder victim." "I know. It is a little reckless." "A little reckless? It's risking your life." "Yeah. I know. I just want my revenge." "I know. It must suck to have lost your parents." "Yeah. I still have Articuno, though. She helps alot. I don't feel alone anymore." Andy looked around the boat and saw Articuno and Suicune on the other side. "They look like their getting along pretty well." TJ commented. "I hope so. Articuno's never had anyone but me. A friend that's more like her must be nice."[/COLOR]

[U][COLOR=DarkRed]Suicune and Articuno[/COLOR][/U]

[COLOR=Navy]"I guess we should head back soon."[/COLOR] Articuno looked back to Andy. [COLOR=RoyalBlue]"If you want. We won't hit land for a while, though." [/COLOR] [COLOR=Navy]"It's good to talk to another Pokemon. This is the first time I've talked to another Pokemon. I can't talk to Andy. We can't communicate telepathically but we seem to understand each other anyway."[/COLOR] [COLOR=RoyalBlue]"I guess I'm lucky. TJ and I communicate telepathically."[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=SlateGray][FONT=System]OOC: Nope that's fine with me Takuya, sorry for not posting in a while I had things to do, or I would have failed English, and Biology, this term and that would not have been good. I'm sorry again

Alexander was waking around the boat, looking fora machine that could be used to contact the Controller, and tell him that they were underway. However the only he managed to find was a bunch of red eyed,crazy looking sailors. All the while he had been thinking about his incident with Rorohiko. Unlike the other trainers who released their legendary Pokemon, he kept his in it's ball and instead had Pikachu out and walking beside him. Pikachu jumped up onto Alex's shoulder just as he came to an answer as to why he did that, making himself look like a fool.
This had not been the first time he had experienced moments in life were he wanted to do something childish, and each time it got more serious.
[i] it's because I haven't been able to act like a child for so long, IT was when I was six years old when I was forced to grow up, and since then I have been expected to do the adult thing in every day life, instead of acting my age. So it would seem that this urge to do stupid things is caused by my inner child, tying to make up for lost time.[/i]

In the case of how seriousthe things were that he did, this was by far the worst. He had only done mediocre things that were not really important. At first, he wanted an extra cookie so he went to the kitchen in Team Magma's lair and he stole one. He being seventeen, should have just said no, I can live with out one, but he couldn't talk him self out of stealing that cookie. The second time, he was board so he grafted the inter con troll room of the lair, and now he almost jeopardized his mission, just so he could say hi to some famous guy. He was relived that the mass of legendary Pokemon did not attract his attention, or so he thought. Pikachu then jumped off of his shoulder and ran to an automatic door that slide open as Pikachu dashed towards it and our came, Rorohiko. Alexander almost drooped dead.Pikachu dashed past Rorohiko and left the two standing there, staring at each other.

" You don't have your Groudon out wandering about do you" Rorohiko said

"No, why would you ask that" Alex began to work his fact friendly charm.

"because, Groudon is a Pokemon that battles with =" but Rorohiko was cut short.

" The sailors don't like Groudon, because he battles to make more land by destroying the sea, kinda like team Magma" Alex was not going to be mad a fool of again.
" did you see which way Pikachu went?"

" Yeah this way" Alexander walked past Rorohiko, Rorohiko turned to follow him.

As the two walked down the hall in silence, searching for Pikachu Rorohiko asked a desestating question that made Alexander do a double take.

" How did you meet and capture your Groudon"


" Whats the matter do you not like talking about it?" he asked noticing Alex's sudden look like he was panicking

"NO, see I meet him..." as Alex began to tell the story his nervous expression turned back to his lazy one.

[i] Please let something happen, anything!![/i] He thought as be began to tell a part true, mostly untrue version, on how he caught his Groudon
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[COLOR=Red]Yubi sat back on the ship watching her beautiful Moltres. Fire was one thing she had grown accustomed to. Not that she didn't already like fire to begin with. Moltres crowed, tossing his head in the direction of several of the passengers.

"Yeah, I know. Lots and lots of people here." Yubi sighed, it was getting quite boring, [I]I am in desperate need of someone to talk to.[/I] "Oh, hold on a second, Moltres." She took off her poke`gear that was around her neck and pointed it at Moltres.

[B]Poke`mon Computer Analysis: Moltres, a fire bird poke`mon. Moltres is the legendary bird of fire. With a flap of its wings a stunning array of fire and light is produced. It flees in a blaze of fire and flames from its foe. Moltres' fire power extends to that of the Sun. When angered, Moltres will attack with it's storgest technique: Fire Blast.[/B]

Moltres crowed happily and took to the skies yet again. She looked around, duly glancing at Moltres to keep an eye on him every now and again, putting on her poke`gear so she wouldn't have to hold it consistantly. Sometimes she figured she was just a little too perceptive for her own good. She watched as Alex and the guy, Rorohiko she heard him say, talked, Alex growing more uncomfortable by the minute.

She shook her head and looked at Rain and Reza talking seriously to each other, both intent and listening to what the other had to say. Both having trouble believing what the other was saying, then both began to laugh happily.

Abruptly she was brought back to reality when she smelled something burning. She lept to her feet like someone had just stabbed her. Looking wildly around, she located a blazing poke`mon.

"I can't take my eyes off you for a minute can I?" She scolded Moltres quietly. He looked up at her and grinned, crowing.

"What do you mean you hit you're target?" He nodded and crowed again. Blinking twice, closing her eyes, then opening them wide, Yubi stared at her Moltres.

"You what!" She asked astonished. "You do not do that unless I direct you to, and unless you want to go back into your poke`ball, I'd behave." Moltres nodded, still proud of himself. She and Moltres had these disagreements at the very least twice a week. He was still learning, so she had to teach him what he was and was not supposed to do. Even if it's fun. Standing up, she walked over to Rorohiko, who's hair had become an ashy mess, to apologize.

"I'm sorry he did that. He just can't control himself sometimes. I just came to apologize for it, seeing as I am resposible for him." She grinned.

"He should be a little more trained." Was the reply for her apology.

"Have you had to raise a baby poke`mon?" She asked a bit surprised that she didn't say 'He should be a little more [I]careful[/I] next time' not 'He should be a little more trained'. "You know, like an actual baby, you have to teach it right from wrong. So, at the moment, he's just a child. He will be a poke`mon when I am able to battle with him. I'll talk to ya'll later." She turned around and waved back at them as she walked away.

She decided that she'd take some pictures with her digital, [I]maybe I'll get some good shots of some of the poke`mon and people here.[/I] And with that thought, she took off her camera and began taking almost photographer quality photos.[/COLOR]

OOC: I hope the singed hair thing is ok with Takuya...
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OOC: If Rorohiko got hit by a fire attack, there'd be more than just singed hair, even if the attack just grazed him. How aboutu we say it hit next to him instead.


"That was random," Rorohiko remarked as Yubi walked away. He turned back to Alex. "Anyways, you were saying?"

Alex was clearly uncomfortable"Um, yeah, so where was I?"

"You were feeding me bull$hit," Rorohiko said.


Rorohiko laughed. "You didn't actually think you were fooling me, did you? It's obvious that you're not being entirly truthful."

"Um, well..."

Rorohiko cut him off. "You don't have to explain yourself. If you don't want to tell me how you got Groudon, I have no problem with that. People always have things they don't want to talk about. Just don't assume I'm a moron, okay?"

"Okay," Alex said, relieved.

Rorohiko noticed a couple sailors staring at him and Alex. "What's your problem?" he asked.

"N-nothing," one of them said.

"Don't give me that," Rorohiko replied. "Let me guess. You heard me say that Alex here has a Groudon. Either that, or you recognise me. maybe both. Oh, and there's the fact that one of the other passengers has a Lugia. That about sum it up?"

"Um, yes."

"Well, calm down, will you? Alex isn't going to let his Groudon out of its Pokeball, and I'm going to keep Absol in its Pokeball. Oh, and Lugia is actually the'Guardian of the Sea', so stop worrying and do your jobs."

Alex looked at Rorohiko as the two sailors walked away. Rorohiko shrugged. "Well, it's true. They're worrying about nothing. Our Pokemon will remain in their Pokeballs. And Lugia is the Guardian of the Sea. Trust me on this one, okay? I know a lot about legendary Pokemon. That's how I knew you were full of it with your Groudon story. What you said didn't fit the facts."

"And here I thought you were only interested in Absol."

"You were correct," Rorohiko replied. "The only reason I know so much about legendary Pokemon is because of my aunt and uncle. They, as well as their son and daughter, probably know more about legendary Pokemon than anyone else in the world. It's virtually impossible to be around them for any length of time without learning something."

"Well, then. You're certainly not what I expected."

Rorohiko chuckled. "Who is?"
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