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The Mixed Experiment [PG VLS]


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Gale scanned the map carefully.
[B] "Let's see if they attack here, we got them...no there too smart." [/B]
His head was pounding of all the thinking. The inn keeper came towards Gale.
[B] "Um Lord, would you like some tea? water?"
".....No i'm fine, thanks."[/B]
It was a fine night at the 2nd captial, Heria. Gale was looking over the map to see where there new enemy will strike. He had stationed soldiers around the city to keep a sharp eye out. The 1st captial, Gigala was completly destroyed by this enemy. half of Fujin's army was there...only afew survived. The few that made it said they used giant machines to crush men to death. Guns that could pierce even the toughest armor. That had been 2 months ago, since then they have been killing poeple across the land. Every village was burned to dust, they where searching for something..

A soldier rushed into the room.
[B]"Captain Gale, they have arrived."[/B]
Gale instantly stood up and grabbed his father's sword.
"[B]The south gate....Lord there are thousands of them.
[B]"Come take a look captain."[/B]
He followed the soldier out of the inn and towards the south gate. He climbed the stairs of the wall and looked out. Endless and endless of men wearing dark armor we're marching slowly towards the captial. Giant machines followed behind them with huge guns mounted on them.
Then it hit him...This wasn't going to be a fight. this was going to be a elimination.
[B]"How many men do we have?"
"About 200 sir."
"Get half of them to evacuation the citizens and the rest here."[/B]
Just when Gale said that another soldier sprint up the steps.
[B]"Captain!! There at the north gate!!"[/B]
He turned to the soldier. who was tired from the sprint.
[B]"More of...them...north."[/B]
[B]"....There boxing us in!" [/B]
[B]Gale whispered staring at the map.
"Your orders?"[/B]
Gale thought for a minute. They we're smarter then he thought.
[B]"Damn... Get everyone in the captial's libary and put half of the men at north and the rest here."[/B]
They both nodded and ran off into the city. Gale turned around at the archer's.
[B]"load your arrows and ready on my command!"[/B]
They quicky arched there arrows and aimed.
The army was now 60 yards away. Gale pulled out his crimson sword and pointed at the dark army.

OOC: The story will take place here at the 2nd captial, you can start here or somewhere else.
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Sarin watched from a distance as the mecanical army collided with the human one. It was easy to see which side was going to win. "Too bad for them" He turned and began to walk around the outside of the battle waiting for it to be over and to tke whatever loot he could. There was planty to find after these kind of things. It was how he had gotten rich easily, just follow the army, load up the wagon, find another town and sell the stuff. Nice and simple.

OOC: Sorry so short, just trying to get it going
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Emilio was tired and had managed to sneakk into the 2nd capital for the night 'man there weere alot of soliders here' he thought to himself as he laid in the bed at the inn he was at. He was finally getting comfortable when he felt a loud rumble, he looked out his window to see the mechanized army closine in at the north. Normally he wouldn't get involved, but not only would they kill him if he did nothing, they disturbed him from his rest, he couldn't just let that go. He preped himself in the window and jumped down to the ground below and ran from the inn which was suddenly hit by a long range cannon. Now Emilio was really pissed, the rest of his stuff was in there "That's it, there dead!!!" he screamed to himself as he poured his water jug out and formed a large Dia Katana (Two handed Katana) and ran tot he north gate. When he arrived he saw all the soilders fighting "Well I guess that explains the strong force here." He said then took cover moving in stealth. He hopped out over the gate and decided to attack there artillery, after all they were the ones who destroyed his stuff. He ran toward the back of the force and saw a large multi-man armored cannon facing south-east, toward where his inn was "You were the bastard that destroyed my stuff." He said as he jumped down on top of the cannon. He lifted his sword and slammed it into the roof of the cannon and let it revert to water and let it invade the cockpit and shred the pilots to pieces. He pulled it free and let it reform to a sword again "That's what you get when you screw with me asshole." It was at this time he decided tha if they had all just waited another day none of this would have happend to him, so now they were all responsible. He stood tall atop the now butcherd cannon "Now you are all accountable for the damage to my things. Now you answer to Emilio Batou, the tide of death." He returned his sword to water and put it back in th jug at his waist. He jumped off the cannon and dissappeared in to the trees again. As he ran through the trees he came upon yet another artillery cannon, he smirked "May god have mercy on your soul, for I shall not, and I will leave only a tide of blood."
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Cyrsanthema stood atop one of the higher roofs in Heria, keeping her own watch out. If only her people had listened to her, these people might have had a chance. Her anger welled up inside, she used the emotion to amplify her power regardless of the risk it poised afterward. Stretching her feathered wings, the demon flew off to quickly toward the southern gate, eyeing the hordes wearily from above. [I]'Slaughter,'[/I] she thought to herself as she watched for Gale's signal. [I]'Pure slaughter?there.'[/I]

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"I'm going in!"[/COLOR] she yelled swooping down on the army a few yards out of range of the Archers along the walls. A few of the men raised their weapons ready, but she was the one that attacked first. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Fire Scourge!" [/COLOR] She made one move with her wings, sending crescent blades of energy flying at them. A couple of rows of the men about a few yards long immediately caught on fire and panicked, sometimes bumping into others and spreading the flames. But few others caught on as well as they burned to a crisp. The few who managed to put the flames out were severely ingured.

With a simple swing of her weapon, she had taken one by surprise before taking to the skies again before she could be trapped on the ground. Chys had to watch and pace her energy before she got exhausted. That would be bad. Things looked pretty grim, right from the beginning. Some sort of long-range machine shot just barely missed her, and she lost her balance for a minute before steadying herself again. She looked around, trying to spot the culprit of almost taking her head off. There were a lot of suspects to choose from. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Great. Just great," [/COLOR] she mutted under her breath.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles stood on the wall of the north gate, looking out on to the thousands of men gathering about them, all of them carring weapons that were unknown to Achilles. He just sighed and placed his helmet on his head, he put his shield on his arm and drew his sword.

He turned back to the skant amount of men looking up at him, he looked over each man. Each of them not knowing of the impossible numbers they were to face, so unaware of the threat that faced them. Achilles relaxed a little and spoke to the men.
"We are about to face an enemy unheard of. We are some of the strongest fighter of the Fujin army, we are the greatest our enemy will ever know!"[/B] The men cheered, Achilles sighed speaking again.

[B]"But, I must tell you all. We are greatly out numbered, we will most likely die from fighting. So I am giving all of you soldiers permission to leave and stay with your familys."[/B] The men looked at eachother, looking around. None of them move from their spot, Achille smiled lightly. He turned back to the many thousands and pointed his sword out towards them, he looked back towards his men and spoke once more.

[B]"My fellow warriors, it is my honor to fight in combat with you. If we are to die to today, then I say we make the devil wait a little bit longer."[/B] The men cheered and Achilles made his way down to the men, he made his way and stood in front. His shield held up in front of him and his sword ready for use, he signaled for the man to open the gate. They turned the wheel slowly, opening the gate that seperated the Fujin army from their enemy.

As soon as the gate was opened wide enough Achilles sprinted out the gate with the few hundred men he had and charged head long into battle. Cutting and gashing his way through the black army, his men folowing behind catching other men of guard, all of them fought valiantly. Most of them were killed instantly by the odd weapons that the dark army carried, Achilles still fought with the little men he had.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Gale watched as a machine fired and barely missed Chys. He gave the archers the sign to reload when a messager came by.
"Captain Gale! Trouble at the north side!"
He turned to the messager.
"What is it?"
"Achilles and his men can't hold them off much longer!"
He stared at the man and looked back at Chys. she was having a tough time dodging the shots firing at her."
the messager looked confused.
"Where? there is nowhere."
"Pull back to the library...everyone."
"Yes sir."
he signaled the archers to retreat. Just then, the south gate exploded sending the archers to the ground. The army had broken through. Gale grind his teeth together in anger. He looked up into the sky.
"Chys! Get to the library!" She looked at him and did a short nod. He went down the steps, but was stopped as the unknown army ran into the city. The suddendly spotted him and pointed there weapons at him.
"dammit.." Gale whispered as he turned and ran down the main street.
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Emilio flew out of the tree and butcherd the two soilders walking along side the large tank. He turned to see a head pop out the top to look for the other two soilders. Taken by surprise, Emilio instinctually jumped and decapitated the man. He heard the piolot start screaming. He then enterd the tank as the man frantically called over the radio for help and shakily tried to load his pistol. Emilio smashed the radio, then snached the gun from his hand and threw it to the back of the tank and grabbed the mans throat and crushed it with his bare hands. He stood there as the blood ran from the mans mouth, down his throat and onto Emilios hand. He dropped him and stepped out knowing soon others would come after that pilots frantic call. He got out the top and ran back to the trees and watched the tank he had just brought down, he knew soon others would come, then he could kill them from there. Sure enough, others began to arrive to investigate. One of them peaked inside then hopped back out and drew his gun and waved it around screaming to the others. It was at this point that Emilio decided to strike, he poped the cork on is water jug and pulled outthin strips of water and hardend them. They were about an inch in diameter and four inches long. He brought out six and one at a time he launched them toward the gatherd soilders, starting with the one still standing on the top of the tank. he aimed for eyes, ears, and hearts. Five fell within the first strike, one however survived the first strike. Seeing this Emilio jumped downa and drew a Wan-dou from his jug and lunged one quick time to decapitate the man. It was at the time he had just finished he heard another blast and saw that one of the gates had fallen "Well this place is a dead fish." he said to himself. he then look ahead again and saw something in the air trying to hold off the invading forces. He stood for a moment and watched "Now isn't that interesting." He looked at it a second longer then continued on his way "Now I'll deal with the stragelers in back." He mutterd to himself again. He looked out ahead and saw a few sparce groups standing some distance behind the main force. He grinned quiet frighteningly "This'll be fun." he said as he jumped a head and went after the poor souls who had fallen behind.
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Cyrsanthema promptly backed off, knowing better than to argue with Gale at this point. It wasn't the time. She took out a few more enemy men as she went though, trying to help out some of the others. Hey, might as well fight the whole way. She spotted Gale running down the main street, and those chasing him about a yard behind.

She circled around behind the small group, pelting a few of the enemy from behind with little fireballs. Others she took by surprise with her weapon, small flames licking the blade.

Chys caught up to Gale, running next to him instead of flying. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"How are we going to get everyone out of the city?"

"We aren't. They boxed us." [/COLOR] Chrys couldn't find the words to describe what she was thinking in her head. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"What? Then-"

"I know," [/COLOR] he said. As they went to turn one corner, the demon spotted some of the strange army and pulled Gale back onto the other street to take a different direction. The enemy didn't seem to notice. [I]'What are we going to do, what are we going to do?'[/I] The girl's thoughts were ready to put her into a small panic.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles was breathing hard, still gashing and slashing at the dark army. He looked around quickly, checking for how many men he had left.

[B]"26..."[/B] He said to himself, he turned back blocking with his shield and cutting down more. He turned once more and a gun was right in front of him, he brought up his shield just in time. The gun fired and knocked him off his feet, he looked at his shield and found a huge dent in the middle.

The person that shot at him stood over him now, holding the gun out towards him again. Achilles moved faster this time, cutting at the mans leg. The man toppled and Achilles stabbed him through the chest, he then heard a yell from the gate.
"Retreat, Retreat!"[/B] Achilles turned and started back for the gate, yelling to the remaining men.
"Retreat, everyone retreat now!"[/B] Achilles and his men made their way back, avoiding the bullets and attacks from the dark army. They made it back to te gate, ten of his men died on the way back, he was now down to 16. He shook his head and bolted off into the city, he saw Gale and Cyrsanthema, he ran to them and ran next to them.

[B]"Achilles, You made it back."

"I did, my men are almost gone. I have 16 left out of the two hundred you sent. We're in trouble."

"You don't even know."[/B] Chys said quickly.

[B]"So how are we going to escape this one Gale?"[/B] Gale shook his head.

[B]"I don't know, all we can do is run. We are boxed in."[/B] Achilles eyes opened wide.

[B]"How are we going to survive this one?"

"We're going to hold in the library, from that point, it's not looking good."[/B] Achilles looked away and ran with them, thinking of a way for them to get out of this now sieged city.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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The company made it to the Library. Achillies ordered his last men to defend the door. As Gale entered the room, The towns people became completly quiet.
"Listen everyone, Everything is all right..." a large boom came from far away. Then, the people start to panic. The mayor of the city came over to Gale.
"Are we close to victory my lad?"
"...To tell the truth, far from it."
He hesistated and whispered in his ear.
"Under this Library is an old passage way that leads to the dark forest near the mountains. Gale couldn't help, but smile.
"Are you serious?" Shots came form outisde of the Library.
"There here!" Yelled Achilles pulling out his sword.
"Get everyone down to the passage way, we'll follow once everyone has made it!" The mayor nodded slowly. Gale also pulled out his sword and looked at Chys and Achilles.
"Don't worry...We'll survive."
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Sarin made his way through the empty city streets. "Easy picking" He began lifting boards when he saw a group of dead kids, theri bodies riddled with bullets. He turned away and began walking down the road horrified at what he saw. "Your not supposed to shoot kids, everyone knows that" He rounded the corner to see a group of poeple left behind standing in a group surrounded by dark troopers. He watched as they mercilessly slaughtered them. "You bastards" The shadows around the soldiers came up and then wrapped themselves around the five soldiers then squeezed until they were in half. Sarin walked through the streets. "Killing kids is not right, they must pay" He saw a large building and the dark army trying to break in. They were succeeding but slowly. Sarin let out a dark laugh catchin their attention. "So you like to slaughter poeple huh" A wave of bullets came at him only to be stopped by a wall of darkness. "Let's see how you like to be slaughtered" The bullets suddenly reversed direction tearing the soldiers to shreds, only to replaced by more. The doors to the library flew open as three poeple came running out killing them easily. Sarin walked over into teh middle of the dead bodies into the light.
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Emilio ran through what was left of the scouts, sniping them with water arrows and he was now running low on water reserves. Emilio looked off into the distance to the city and saw that the advance forces had already enterd the city. He looked on and smirked "So they try to hide in the city." He knew it was conceited to insinuate that they were hiding from him, but he did it anyway. He needed to get tot he city, he wasn't done with his revenge yet. He had to make it there without being detected, he layed low to the ground and stayed toward the higher grass and crawled on his elbows. As he drew closer he could smell the fresh blood of humans, and not all were warriors, he could smell childrens blood coming from inside the city "Now that's not right. You don't kill children." He said in a placid tone, after all he didn't really care about humans, he just thought it was wrong to kill someone that was in capable of defending themselves. He slid across the grass to the north gate, trying to stay out of the tracks of the troops who had come marching through, flatening th grass. He came within the thrity foot mark and stopped, he saw two guards at the door. He popped his jug open "Just enough for a kordachis." Emilio pulled free the small blade and jumped with lightning speed. He drew a swift cut across the first guards throat, as the second guard drew his pistol Emilio severd his hand and buried his kordachis in his head. Both guards feel to the ground quick and hard. He ran through the gates to the city and saw the slaughter left in the wake of the armies rampant destruction. He walked throught he devastation and just shook his head "They never had a shot. Looks like they were using older weapons, just can't compare to a gun, except of course demon powers." He smirking. He heard a loud bursting coming from the central region of the city. He looked around and took to the alleys to hide and scaled the walls to the roof tops. He hopped hopped from roof top to roof top, heading toward the source so he might finish his work. He reached the end of the chain of houses and looked down on the street below. He saw three more soilders standing in the street, he jumped down and slaughterd the three of them with quick and percise slices, splitting throats and severing limbs. With only five swings the three men fell to the ground. Emilio was now standing in the middle of the street, he began to realize how open he was. He took refuge in an alley, as he ran in he felt a large thump and a dark shadow. There was another demonic presense and it was very powerful, this place just got more interesting. He ran throught he alley heading for the source coming from the same area as the forces and the smell of blood. He took watch from the darkness as a shadow reached up and crushed the men standing in front of a large building, it appeared to be the library. He saw three people come running out of the library and he saw another step out into the middle of the sea of bodies, it was the demon he had sensed earlier. He drew his blade from his jug and waited to see if they were friend or foe, or possibly even future clientel.
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As the three of them exited the library, Chrysanthema graciously took the opertunity to take out some frustration on a straggling enemy soldier, neatly beheading him from behind. She kept her scythe blade at the ready while they started in momentary surprise at the figure who seemed to have taking down the soldiers single handedly. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Who are you two?"[/COLOR] She asked daringly.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Two?" [/COLOR] Gale and Achilles questioned at the same time. Chrys pointed the end of her weapon at the alley where Emillio was hiding. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"There. Another?demon, I think." [/COLOR] There was no point in staying in the shadows anymore.

She wasn't the only one to snap to further attention hearing a few shouts and the sound of more pounding feet heading their way. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Better yet, friend or foe?" [/COLOR] Chrys couldn't speak for the others. But in the situation as it was; the girl didn't trust them too much at the moment.
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"Well, guess you can't count little demon." Amer said as he landed on the ground behind the three that came out of the library.

"Brother, it is good to see you. i was begining to worry if you could make it or not." Sarin said as he smiled a little bit.

Amer smiled and held a thumb up as four soldiers came around the corner,"No worries. I was perfectly fine, just taking in the sights."

"You six, stay where you are. If you move, then you shall die." One of the soldiers said holding up a pistol.

"Shall I? I could really enjoy killing him." Sairin said with an evil grin.

"No, let me wont you." Amer said as he turned around. "TEll me soldiers, what element do you feel is the strongest?"

"What are you talking about? Shut up or I will shoot." The soldier said, anger rising in his voice.

"Wrong answer. I will have to take wind if that is what you have to say." Amer said as a rainbow of color circled him, then fadded leaving a human like demon that wore a mask with only eye holes, and weird desigins on it. There were also blades comming out of his elbows, the top of his wrist, his shoulders, and his knees.

"Well, it has been a long time since I last saw thast one Amer." Sarin said, just smiling as Amer slowly stepped side to side.

"What is he doing? I have never seen anything like that. What is he?" The knight holding a red sword said.

"Justwatch." Amer said as he completely dissapeared, then reappeared behind the soldiers. A second later they fell to the ground in peices, blood pouring from their cuts.

"He is a harmonizer. A very powerful mage, and shapeshifter." Sarin saids walking next to his brother.
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Emilio stepped forward from the alley "I've never seena harmonizer before. I'd like to get to know youa little better, but perhaps another time." Emilio said as he malked closer and closer to the group at the door. He brushed his hair back and walked to them "Hey, Emilio Batou is the name and Mercnary is the game. I'm here because I noticed that you have had some trouble that I could help you deal with. So what do you say?" Emilio said with his hand out. The chick with the wings was the first to step forward "How can we trust you?" Emilio looked her dead in the eye "I like you. Your not too trusting and know to dout what you hear. I can see you living quiet a long life for it, but given the situtation, you have to either trust me or get along with out me. Again, what's it gonna to be?" Emilio said sounding much firmer this time in his tone of voice. The girl looked him over with un trusting and judgemental eyes, she reached forward and slapped his hand "Okay. I trust you for now, but I'll be watching you, all of you." She said as she walked back to her buddies still standing by the door talking amonst themselves. Finally one of the men stepped forward "So we'll let you stay for now and discuss your fee later. My name is Gale, I am the commander here. The woman you just met, we just call her Chrys and the man next to her is Achilles. We are the last line of defence for this city." emilio looked around "Yeah and you look like your having a hell of a time." Chrys jumped forward again "You trying to say something?" She said sounding irratated. Emilio smiled "Just that you fight too fair, if you want to live you have to get dirty."
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Chrys was having enough trouble keeping her anger in check because of the damn Harmonizer. Little, why she outta?She mentally smacked herself, getting back to the task at hand. With one last narrowed look at Emilio and the other two, she completely turned her back from the entire group, turning sharply on the heel of her shoe. She walked a few feet to peer around the other corner. They needed to stall so the people could hopefully sneak through the passage in the library to safety, and Chrysanthema needed to vent some anger before she lost control.

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]"Alright. So now we have four, possibly six people?against an entire horde of invaders with strange weapons. That is, unless somebody would like to correct my counting," [/COLOR] she said with a clear general distaste. It was hard to tell what exactly her foul mood was from. [COLOR=DarkOrchid]"If you all would excuse me for a moment, I have something I must take care of?I'll be around the corner."[/COLOR] She motioned, pointing over her shoulder down the side street.

Gale and Achilles knew what she meant, if Chrys lost control everyone would just be in more danger. She only got a half nod from Gale and one of those looks from Achilles that was hard to read depending on how you interpret the situation. Chrysanthema disappeared around the corner, ready to take down a few new targets.
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As Emilio watched the woman leave, still seeming pretty pissed, he leaned to Gale "Hey, whats her problem." He leaned back to Emilio "You and those two are." Emilio shrugged his shoulders "Ehh, whatever. So let me guess, you want me to cover the other street in order to avoid the angry chick." Gale kinda frowned "Yeah. and don't call her chick, she hates you enough as it is." Emilio nodded and took his place hidden in the shadows of the north bound street waiting for more victims. He turned and saw the other two demons approach the two humans still at the door. He quickly put his attention back on the road. He decided to move forward, those soilders had guns and his new employers didn't, he needed to keep the enemy out of range. As he moved forward he realized again he was low on water, now he was really strapped for ideas. It wasn't that he couldn't handle the soilders with what he had left, it's just that the little he had left little room for creativity. He moaned a little at this thought then noticed the primitive gully in the middle of the street. Peole in thsi region used it like a sewer and it had lots of water flowing through it, none of it very clean but still. This was enough to fuel Emilios imagination. As new and unique ideas ran through his head, he began to hear foot steps approaching.
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Gale looked at the sky. Something was wrong. The dark army had stopped... He looked at Achillies who was talking to the demons.
"Haven't you notice its quiet?"
He looked around the area.
"I totally forgot..Have they retreated?"
He would have told Chrys to check around them, but he didn't want to disturb her. Then a chain of Expolsions came from the street. A blast of smoke as Emilio began running towards them.
"RUN!! Don't just stayed there!!!"
Out behind him a giant mechine that was bigger then any building in Heria marched slowly behind him.
"holy mother of Fujin.. Chrys!!!!!!! Time to move! Everyone get into the library, Achillies take everyone into the passage way!"
The mechine blow steam out of the top as Gale plung his sword into the ground.
[B]"Thunder barrier of Thorn!!" [/B] Lightning surrounded the mechine gripping the beast tightly.
The attack would only hold him for afew minutes, just enough for them to excape.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Achilles rushed back into the library and looked around, trying to remember where the passage was. He found it within a few seconds, he rushed over to it and tore the door to the passage way open. Achilles pushed Chrys through the door way and looked at the demons
"Get in. Now!"[/B] Emilio looked at him then ran through the doorway, the other two followed without looking at him, Achilles sighed and looked at what Gale was doing. He screamed at him.

[B]"Gale! Get in here now!"[/B] Gale looked back to Achilles and ran at him, he jumped through the door and Achilles followed behind. Slamming the door behind him and all of them ran down the dark depths of the passage way, a crash came from behind them and the doorway collapsed with rock and debrie blocking the path behind them.

Achilles looked at the damage quickly then caught up with the rest of them, he jogged next to the group, his sword drawn and his shield held to his side. The group slowed down to a walking pace, they walked quietly through the underground tunnel. Achilles made his way to Gale and spoke with him quietly.
"What should we do now?"[/B] Gale shook his head.
"I'm not sure. We'll just have to keep walking until we reach the end."[/B] Achilles looked forward into the darkness of the tunnel.

[B]"I'll scout ahead to see if everything is good for us to keep going."[/B] Gale nodded and Achilles bolted off into the darkness, sword still drawn as if he was running into a battle that they could not see.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Sarin looked the winged demon up and down. "I'm sorry for making you mad, I really had no intention of doing that. Name's Sarin. This here is my brother Amer. We both are Harmonizers, but I am the more calmer of the two and don't like to make pretty ladies mad. Everyone knows that the cute ones are more deadly then the strongest of fighters." He held out his hand as they walked.

OOC: Got to introduce myself to everyone
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Chys was abnout to shake it when Gale cut in and took the hand shake.

"yeah well....i'm not a lady." Sarin made a grin and nodded.
"Were does this tunnel lead us to?"
"To the snowly mountain, then we can make are way to Fujin Castle."
He hoped that the towns people got out safe.
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OOC: yes, Gale deserved that lol

"Look, don't get pushy with me. I'm Captain Gale of Fujin and that was Captain Achillies. He went down the tunnel to scout." He knew he was going to have a problem with this guy. I'm the calmer one....hate to see his brother.
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Emilio was kind of just following these people, he hated to idea of leaving a fight, even if he had almost no chance of winning it still seemed like a waste to him. He watched the leader, his name was bale or tale or something like that, whoever he was as long as he paid him up it didn't really matter. Emilio watched as he and that other demon started going at it when he finally decided to step up again "Hey, where are we going? And why didn't we at least try to fight those guys, it could have been fun for a change."
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he looked back at Emilio.
"I told you we're going thorugh the mountain rnage to get to the castle. And we got 3 reasons too. number 1, that was a big machine there.... number 2, it was our job to protect the city....you can say it's no more. and last, we get to the castle, we have 2 more captials before they take are land.'
"So what your saying, we're being cowards and running?" said Sarin as the company walked on what seemed hours on end. Befor Gale could answer a ring of Achillies voice came thorugh the tunnel.
"It's the enemy! There here!"
"What the hell?! How did they know this place?" Gale yelled as he pulled out his crimson sword. Crap, they where trapped. They had to fight this time.
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