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Yu Yu Hakusho: The New World [M-VLS]


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Matt waited impatiently near a run-down farm. He glanced at his watch.
"Damn...Late as always." Suddenly, the wind picked as a voice came with it.
"I am not always late... I was just getting information for your mission..." Matt turned his head to see a Ogre wrapped up in cloth. He could tell it was a troll for the horns were sticking out.
"Okuha... So nice of you to show up late and leave me out here in the cold." The ogre grinned as he stepped forward and handed him a file with papers inside of it. Matt grabbed it and took a look inside.
"....A bodyguard? you got to be kidding."
"Matt, This will be a most important job. Recently, there have been disturbing dying cases on earth. One man yesterday came into the spirit world. Died of lost of blood. His arms and legs where damaged completely. Many others are link to the murder as well. We found a source though. The killings formed a circle around a old shrine. This shrine holds only little spirit energy, so if the killers where demons, why do they want it then? We have two spirit Detective, you and Rei. Koenma has a bad feeling about this, so we'll send both of you in. Rei doesn't have the fighting skills yet, so We need you to take out any demons that show up."
Matt stared at Okuha for a long time. He didn't have anything else to do.
"Fine. When do we start?"
"Later tonight, around midnight. Thank you Matt." He nodded and sped off to the forest.

Matt followed Rei to the old shrine. She was taking the 'mission' seriously.
"Be on your toes Matt, no telling when demons might show." Matt yawned as he walked behind her. He was extremely tired from today. They finally showed in front of the shrine. The old shrine was covered in moss.
"I don't see how they want something from this dump." He pronounced putting his hands behind his head. Rei ingored him and slowly walked to the entrance. Inside, there stood a large ball covered in moss.
"See? nothing here to investigate. I'm heading back home to sleep!" He turned around to be blocked by a couple of figures. they where about 5 of them, they where demons alright. The middle one answered.
"Would you look it here. We found the statue and a dinner." He licked his lips with his long tongue. Rei looked at the demons and then turned to the ball.
"They want this? What's so different then some other stone ball?" The pack of demons attacked. Matt rolled his neck and dodged the fist of a large demon. he countered by slamming his own fist into the gut. The beast flow to the giant walls taking a few of his buddies with him. Matt side kicked a demon in the ribs and then landed a punch on the temple of his friend by him. The pack had no chance. He walked over to a nearby demon and stomped his foot on his neck.
"Now tell me why the hell you want with this ball or I?ll end your life in a heartbeat." The demon was about to spill when he yelled in pain and instantly turned into dust.
"What a pitiful demon, don't you think?" a voice said as a man with long silver blue hair stood at the door. Matt turned to the man.
"...Who the hell are you?"
"my name is Kahu, the all mighty." He said raising his hands into the air.
"Sorry, but I don't recall that name." Kahu then turned his smiling face into a wicked smile.
"You will now!" He threw down his hands to send a wave of energy at him. Matt gasped as he took the full impact of the blast. It blew him against the wall, stone falling onto him. Rei stared in shock as Kahu brushed his hair out of his eyes and walked towards her and the rusty stone. he stopped, inches away from her. She stared at him in amazement for his power. She flinched as he touched her cheek.
"Don't worry pretty flower, its not your time to die...yet." She gasped as she fell to her knees as Kahu walked past her and picked up the giant ball.
"Always make the maker do everything." Spiritual energy surrounded him as he teleported away.

Koenma sat listening to the story from Rei as a Orge was patching up Matt.
"So what your saying. A man name Kahu came to the old shrine and took a mossy stone ball and fled off."
"Yeah and caught me off guard with that atack." Matt whinced as the orge touched his shoulder.
"He wasen't demon, that i am sure of." said Rei racing around. Matt got up and stared at Koenma.
"Well, may I be the one to take this case?" Koenma glanced at him.
"Yes well, i bet you want your revenge."
"Hell ya."
"Ok, you have the case. Keep out an eye out for any clues. I still can't figure out why he's so involved with a stone ball..."
"It use to hold spiritual energy. like a storage.."
"He wants to store energy? Does he have too much?" Koenma stared at the papers on his desk.
"I think this is just a very small piece of the whole thing." Matt looked at the doors.
"Well, i'm out. Contact me if you find anything." Before they could call him back, he was gone.

(If you want, you could be Rei. Or we could just leave her as a NPC)
[B] Sign ups[/B][/U]

[I]race[/I]- human,demon, etc.
[I]weapons[/I]- spirit energy? sword? whip? etc. if you do have spirit energy, tell me afew attacks.
[I]appearance[/I]- i like pics, but words are good.
[I]bio[/I]- alittle of the past and what now. are you a starting spirit detective? Some that just gets involved?[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=2][FONT=Arial]OOC- this is cool. i'm a big Yu Yu Hakusho fan.

[I]name[/I]- Alex Bourne
[I]age[/I]- 15
[I]gender[/I]- male
[I]race[/I]- Human
[I]personailty[/I]- He is serious and quiet. He stays focus no matter what the objective is. He knows alot for a 15 year old kid. He doesn't like to rely on other peoples help.
[I]weapons[/I]- uses martial arts, but not as much has he does with his spirit sword.
[I]Spirit Sword Double[/I]-The same technique as the Spirit Sword, but this time Alex summons two equally powerful swords.
[I]Spirit Javelin[/I]- The Spirit Javelin is an extension of Alex?s powerful Spirit Sword
appearance[/I]- [URL=http://www.twilighttwinz.homestead.com/files/nt_oct03_6.jpg]Alex[/URL]
[I]bio[/I]- On the day of his birthday, He left school to find his house in flames. The police found his parent's bodies, before they could take him, he fled. He found himself at the dead of night at the park. He gasped as weird monsters started to form and attack him. He survived through 10, but there was so many that he lost his life. After life, he landed in the spirit world where he met Botan. She saw that he could be a spirit detective for a mission that they desperatly needed help. He agreeded and for that he was broguht back to life. He learned how to use spiritual energy and form it into a sword.[/FONT][/SIZE]
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[B]Name[/B]- Kimi
[B]age-[/B] far older than she looks. (looks about 10)
[B]gender[/B]- female
[B]race[/B]- demon

[B]Personality[/B]- Quiet and calculating with a photographic memory. When speaking, it always sounds a bit patronizing?to many people's annoyance. That can't be helped. She's a bit proud of herself, and won't back down from anything or anyone. Kimi never goes back on her word.

[B]Weapons-[/B]Spirit Energy. Well, demon energy to be precise but that's beside the point. She uses it to manipulate concentrations of shadow around her.
[B]Favorite techniques:[/B]
[U]Binding-[/U] used to stop an opponent from moving by employing their own shadow to hold them.
[U]Shadow Cutter[/U]- She flings a bunch of shadow shuriken toward her opponent. Only one is the real deal though.
[U]Melt- [/U] Kimi uses the shadows to conceal her appearance and alter the position of her spirit energy to confuse opponents. Since her energy is empowering the dark, expect a few lights to snuff out.

[B]Appearance[/B]- [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/kimi.png][COLOR=Sienna]Kimi[/COLOR][/URL], except she wears a grey kimono.

[B]Bio[/B]- Kimi had been stranded in the Human world for a very long time and it ended up getting a bit boring, so she ignored the little voice in her head that told her to 'stay low' and got mixed up behind the scenes of a few minor demon activities. Nothing that really warranted an arrest (Koenma wouldn't be able to prove anything in a millennia), but tell that to the pacifier-sucking baby. In exchange for her 'freedom', he wants her to help out the detectives.
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name- Suma Allumi
age- 15
gender- female
race- Human

personailty- she is a funloving girl with a positive attidude but she is very emotional and can be very determined if she wants to

Weapons-Spirit Energy
[B] Fave Techniqes [/B]
Spirit Spirit Slingshot- uses speacil hand sign to form a energy band that she fires at enemies it slices threw almost anything
Juggler's Stirke- uses rubber balls to concentrate her spirit energy can form a sheild a Bow and Arrow and just be thorwn
Jack Mines- throws jacks that are mines and make the oppostiion immobile
Dragon Shot- Uses a yo yo to shoot a tremedous amount of energy at her enemy expldoes on contact her most powerful attack
bio- a street preformer who used her many tiricks to make a bucj because she was poor and alone she had saved up enogh money to by herself some new shoes but saw a little boy who was about to steal a loaf of bread so she gave her money to him the very same night she was murdered for not excepting a postituition job and found herself in the spirit world she rather liked it their because she wasnt alone anymore and now helps out her new best friend Botan as a second rate spirit dectective who doesnt go on missions very often but she is learning

appearance- [URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/Redhead.gif]Suma[/URL]
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[B]Name[/B]: Gavin Calus

[B]Age[/B]:15 by appearance (Really 482)

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Race[/B]: Demon

[B]Personality[/B]: Very humble and simple in his thoughts, he dosen't seem to dig to deep into complex isssues. He pretty much excepts things at face value. He's smart, but prefers to fight rather then talk things out. He's not a very conventional demon in that he seems to be merciful, which is the reason he's usually veiwed as weak.

[B]Weapons[/B]- Demon energy, summons and manipulates shadow fire.

[B]Favorite techniques[/B]

[B]Black burn[/B]: He summons the dark flame and launchs it like a flame thrower

[B]Hades Blade[/B]: Summons a sword of these balck flames that pocesses the ablity to both burn and cut.

[B]Hell coming to the earth[/B]: He sets his hands on the ground and covers a twenty foot area encircling his body with the flames

[B]Megiddo Flame[/B]: Final, last ditch attack. He summons a cyclone of the black flame and draws it to a single point then releases it all at once causing a massive all enclosing explosion. only down side is it requires all his physical strength to summon it and is completely wipped out after words.

[B]Bio[/B]: He was captured many years ago and kept in confinement. In his early days he was ranked among such names as Yoko Kurama, in the fear he could induce with simply mentioning his names. After a show down, which ended in a draw, with the legendary Yoko Kurama, he was captured by the spirit world forces and they had him imprisoned. After 200 years in solitude, they gave him a chance to redeem himself. He was asigned to look after the mortal realm,apparently there had been a rash of strange attacks and they said if he did this mission they wound absolve him of his past sins. The years of confinement had an unexpected effect on his once sinister personality(See above). He now looks over the earth, with the spirit guide Botan acting as his probation officer, making sure he acts right.

OCC: PM me for any changes and if I get accepted
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OOC: I'm liking everyone's posts so for.

[B]name[/B]- Matt Grave
[B]age[/B]- 15
[B]Gender[/B]- male
[B]Race[/B]- Human
[B]Personailty-[/B] Matt goes with the flow guy. He can sometimes be cocky, but not all the time. He doesn't underestimate his enemy. He would always ask for a good mission instead of crappy ones.
[B]weapons[/B]- Spirit energy. He channels the energy into his palm.
[B]Spirit Bomb[/B]- channels a great amout of spirit energy into his palm and smashes his fist to the ground sending a wave of energy around him.
[B]Spirit Shot[/B]- Like the spirit gun, only from his palm.
[B]Spirit Wave[/B]- uses a person?s entire body producing an attack that dwarfs the power released by the Spirit Shot.
[B]apperance[/B]- [URL=http://www.animeshrine.com/gallery.php?series=bakuretsuhunters&image=10]Matt, but without the sword [/URL]
[B]Bio[/B]-Just a normal day, leading his normal life..until that one day. Matt walked towards home with the rain pouring on him. Half way to home he spotted a girl surrounded by a vicous gang. Standing up for the weak, he stopped gang, only to die from a knife wound, though in the process saving the girl. When he died he was sent to the spirit world. Koenma, seeing the lack of spirit detectives gives Matt jobs to get his life back. After Matt completled the jobs, he became a spirit detective and was sent back to earth. Not wanting to get involved with his old life, he gets a job and a place to stay at a shrine at the city. Doing the many jobs for Koenma, Genkai saw potential and took him under her wing to show him his abilities. He trains long and hard with Genkai doing his off days form the shrine. He waits impatiently for a mission but never gets one, until now.
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[B]Name[/B]- Kalli
[B]Age[/B]-Looks 15 (She's really 177)
[B]Gender[/B]- Female
[B]Race[/B]- Fire Demon
[B]Personailty[/B]- Kalli is the a innacent girl next door, who's can be very seductive. But when she's angry, she's a major b*tch who'll slice your head off.

[B]Weapons[/B]- Hell Fire and a sword
[I]Flaming sword- Her sword is engolped by flames from hell.
Shinigami- She summons her hell fire out of the ground, burning her opponent to death very slowly.[/I]
[B]Bio[/B]- Kalli was seven when her parents were killed, and her twin brother was kidnapped by a band of theives. She was taken in by an old ninjistsu grand master where she learned everything about ninjtsu, and sword fighting.

After her sensei died, Kalli joined a band of theives to try and find her lost brother. Now she is one of the most famouse theives in demon world, other than Hiei. She never did find her brother, (at least not yet) and koenma has sent the decetive to capture her.
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Name: Shia Hirosuki

Age: looks 12 (but is 113)

Gender: female


Personality: usually quiet and shy but when around someone she considers a "friend" she's friendly

Weapons:Katana, A little Alchemy(not that skilled at it), Dark Spirit energy:
Spirit Falme: flames surrounds her fists and when she punches they catch on fire.

Dark Zanbato: summons a Zanbato made of Dark spirit energy.

Apperance: below she stands at 4'10. Her katana is under her coat hidden.

bio: When she was little some bandits broke into her parents house and killed them but since she was so small she could hide and not be found. After they left she found a katana on the ground. She drew it. The blade glistened in the moonlight. She got up ran towards the man standing in the back of the group and slashed at him cutting him in two.

After she had killed them she sets out to find someone who will adventure with her. She really hopes she's not wanted.Know ing she wouldn't be returning she burned the house down. Now since being in the human world she tries to fit in but can't. One day she heard of Kahu and remembered the day her parents were slaughtered he was the one who did it he was the one who escaped. She's looking for him every where she might find him.
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Name: Aleixia Utaro (Ali)
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Personality: Outgoing and fun loving she seems immature and alittle childish, she is honest and playful. Dependable and hardworking, misunderstood for her behavior she is really quite the fighter.
Weapons: spirit Energy(uses a filter that is a long thin sword)
Quick Slash-a swift move that leaves the enemy usually cut in half.
Transfution-using spirit energy she transforms her sword into a thin whip that is deadly.
Shahada-a series of moves that has the apperance of dancing, very fast and difficult to follow her enemies are dead before they see her move.
Bio: Aleixia was born in New York and abandoned as a baby, she was found and rasised by a couple who shortly moved. They had bought a small bakery and were getting good money. Asking to go a school party Aleixia was pleased when her foster parents allowed her to go, upon her return home she found the bakery in flames and her foster parents dead. On her own Aleixia had to get a job and find a place of her own, after buying an apartment and a thin sword she began to train till rumors of the bakery arose again and she learned it was done as no accident. Searching and finding the culprits she was beaten to an inch of her life. The anger and hurt welling up in her heart released her sprirt energy and with out knowing how she killed them to find out that they had been demons of hell. After killing them she was confronted by Koenma and made a spirit detective, her job was to find and destroy the minor demons coming through the portals, but it seems that recently stronger demons have been entering through. She waits paitently for Koenma's commands on what she should do now.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Navy]Well .. since no one is joining my rpg this sounds like a great way to kill some time, and I also am a big fan of Yu Yu Hakusho.

[U]Name-[/U] Royce Athlazar

[U]Age-[/U] 32

[U]Gender-[/U] Male

[U]Race-[/U] Human

[U]Personailty-[/U] One bad muthah truckah, but is always glad to help out his companions

[U]Weapons-[/U] Spirit Sword and Spirit Shotgun

[I]Spirit Sword[/I]- a somewhat weaker version of Kuwabara's Spirit Sword technique, Royce only uses it as a last necessity. He uses an actual physical sword for this, and just wraps his spirit energy around the sword like a barrier of sorts; much like Kuwabara did before he could make the sword from nothing. He is still honing this melee technique, and will eventually get better at it with time.

[I]Spirit Shotgun-[/I] This technique is absolutlely nothing like Yusuke's spirit shotgun. Royce carries around a double barrel 12-gauge shotgun, ala the boomstick from the Evil Dead movies. Royce does not shoot out bullets however, but instead shoots out balls of spirit energy; much like bullets. The spirit energy is much more effective than actual lead bullets, and has earned Royce quite a reputation among the other marksmen of the Spirit Detectives.

[U]Appearance-[/U] Royce is very tall, about 6 feet 8 inches and is about average build. He is very intimidating to be around unless you know him, and that is very rarely the case. He has short, silver hair and wears a pair of sunglasses all the time. everytime. He wears a dark blue trenchcoat over a tight black muscle shirt and baggy black pants, and wears a size 15 pair of brown cammando boots. He has his sword strapped to his back and his shotgun in a holster that is attached to his hip, for easy access to both. He wears black cut-off biker gloves, and has a bad habit to smoke to much.

[U]Bio-[/U] Royce has never told anyone about his past, nor has he ever told anyone that he is actually only a human; except for Koenma of course. He was brought into the ranks of the Spirit Detectives in his early 20's due to his acute knowledge of spirit energy, and he was then taught how to properly harness his energy. He never liked using his spirit energy without the use of weapons, so he trained to harness his energy into his actual guns. He became a skilled marksmen, and over time was moved up the ranks until he was teaching the rookies the ropes. He had heard about a new mission that Koenma needed some help with, so he decided to drop by to see what is up.[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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name-Kael The Demon Sage



race- demon

personailty- Kael is a a demon with his mind in the gutter. He is extremely perverted in nature, how ever when the times comes for battle he is serious. All though he is a powerful demon, he wastes his talents doing deeds for the spirit world and collecting outrages fees for them.Although he is suppose to be watching the barrier between the different dimensions ( spirit world, human world, demon world) he would rather journey around and have fun with the rest of him very very long life, much to his masters disapproval. Although he hardly trains his is very fast and strong but not very sneaky.

weapons- As in the picture,
-His staff of ban boo is as strong as steel and been enchanted by his masters energies, it can create small barriers of demonic energies that he can us to protect himself and his friends.
-Jugs/ vials- they are full of potions and inchanted vapors that he can use in battle or to heal people or himself.
-Claws- Because of his great physical strength and his sharp claws he can slice through anything short of solid stone and steel.
- Natures element- uses plants to attack and ensnare his opponents

appearance-Image hosted by Photobucket.com

bio- Since he was young he has been raised by a sage who was enlisted by the spirit world to defend the barrier between the different worlds.Because of the recent developments in the spirit world Kael's master sage was out of the temple much of the time, for long periods of time. On one of his trips to the Human world he was injured by a demon and helping the spirit world with its problems physically became a problem for him. He then volunteered Kael to help with the increasing rate of demonic troubles. How ever in an argument with his master Kael left his post as one of the defenders of the Spirit World and lived his life in a care free style. Sense then he has be going back and forth from the human world and the demon world collecting on bounties of many demons and humans alike. Until one day he was given a large amount of money for the extermination of a Spirit Detective, Matt.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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