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RPG The Legend of Zelda: Realm of Darkness


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[I]Drake is walking the streets of the Village of Outcasts, looking for someone to pickpocket.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Hmmm... not many people around...

[I]He looks up and notices the full moon.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Heh, a full moon...

[I]As another monster is walking by, Drake "accidentally" bumps into him.[/I]

Monster: Hey! Watch where you're going!

Drake: Oh, I'm sorry...

Monster: Hmph. Get lost.

[I]The monster walks off, not noticing that his pouch of Rupees is gone.[/I]

Drake: Heheheheh... This one's heavy...

[I]He casually walks back to his hideout, in the basement of an old abandoned house.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) I hope this is enough to get by for a day or two...

[I]He dumps the contents of the pouch out onto an old table. He counts the Rupees...[/I]

Drake: YES! 50 Rupees! That'll last for long enough.

[I]Drake takes out his small map that he's drawn of the Dark World.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Hmmm... lets see..... It's about 15 miles to the entrance to Death Mountain... About the same to the Swamp Ruins...
I've been through Death Mountain lots of times... I'll try the Swamp Ruins this time... There's got to be some treasure in those old ruins...

[I]He putts the map away and blows out the candle.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) I'll get going tomarrow at sunrise, and hopefully I'll get there by evening...

[I]He lays down and goes to sleep, thinking about how he used to explore the Swamp in the Light World so long ago.....[/I]
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[color=crimson][i]On the outskirts of the Village of Outcasts a shadowed figure on all fours ran thru the forest...

Orion looked up at the full moon... he howled... He looked at the village of Outcasts... then continued on into the forest... he ran silently in the underbrush... he looked for food... anything...

His stomach could eat... anything...

He stopped as he saw a slowmoving figure in the darkness... his eyes adjusted more and he could see the big monster hulking thru the woods...

Orion prepared for a attack...

He pounced on the back of the lumbering giant and his sharp, long claws dug into it's flesh... The monster yelled out loudly...

The yell was heard to the village of outcasts...

Orion was thrown off, he backflipped over the monster, dodged a punch, then side flipped upward... his spiked tail slammed into the monster... It yelled louder as Orion's Tail spikes drove into his bleeding face...

Orion then pulled hi tail back and in one finally hit... The monster was down... skull cracked...

Orion ripped the monster open and began to eat...[/i][/color]
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OOC: oooo! Gruesome! lol!

[I]Drake wakes up from the scream, and throws a throwing knife at the door by reflex.[/I]

Drake: Oh... just a monster out in the forest... *sigh*

[I]He lays back down.[/I]

Drake: *sigh* .....

[I]There is another scream and, again, Drake sits bolt upright and throws another throwing knife at the door by reflex.[/I]

Drake: Damn! What the ******* is that!?!

[I]He looks at the door, the two throwing knives sticking in it.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Well, at least anyone trying to get me while I'm sleeping is going to be in for a surprise.

[I]He goes to the door and pulls out the knives, putting them back by the bedside.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Maybe I'll go for a walk around the town...

[I]he puts on his cloak and sword belt, and climbs the stairs to the outside...[/I]
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[color=crimson]OOC: Liked that eh?

[i]Orion finished his meal and washed the blood off his face and teeth in the stream nearby... he ran back to the village of outcasts and ran into a rat who came out of his house...(Drake)....

In his gruff, canine voice Orion spoke[/i]

Orion: Watch it... and watch the tail... I dont need to hurt anyone...[/color]
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OOC: Heheh, it's fitting for an RPG like this. The Dark World isn't a friendly place.

Drake: Yes... you certainly don't need to hurt anyone...

[I]Drake walks off, looking over his shoulder at the Behemoth.[/I]

Drake: [SIZE=1]Dang, those things give me the creeps...[/SIZE]

[I]Drake continues walking until he reaches the statue in the center of town: A giant gargoyle.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) I've always wondered where this thing came from..... And it never seems to get cracks in it... weird...

[I]He wanders off, walking randomly around the town.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Well, I'd better go home and get some sleep...

[I]Suddenly a Poe appears and starts advancing on Drake.[/I]

Drake: Damnit! Not another one of these!

[I]He draws his shortsword and the Poe lunges at him. Jumping to the side, Drake takes a swing at the Poe and catches it in the side. It screams in pain, and as it's floating there, Drake throws a knife at it, penatrating deep into the monster. After a screaming some more and lurching about, it fianlly falls to the ground dead.[/I]

Drake: I hate ghosts.

[I]Drake pulls the knife out of the dead Poe and walks home.[/I]
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[color=crimson][i]Orion looks over his shoulder at the rat[/i]

Orion: [size=1]Pickpocket...[/size]

[i]Orion continues to a house... He opens the special door with his teeth... he walks in his small home...

Small home indeed...

There was only a bedroom, storeroom, and living area...

Still... it was his home... and he liked it...

Orion went into his bed and layed down... after a long day hunting monsters, for the rupees they hold, he was completely pooped.... he fell asleep... and dreamt of dark dreams... the kind you always have in the Dark World...[/color][/i]
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In the depths of the swamp ruins, a boy lives in his house, way up in the tree tops. He moves silenty through the swamp......... hunting.

Craig: Man, I gotta find something good today...... I've had to live off toads for a week.

Suddenly, a bore runs past. Craig draws an arrow from his quiver, and draws his longbow. He shoots an arrow, and it penetrates the bore's neck.

Craig: Sweet.

Craigmorphs into his animal stage (a sabre tooth tiger), and drags the bore up into his house.
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[color=royalblue]Akira scrambles over the rocks on Death Mountain, running to avoid what is behind him. Mutated Gorons, hundreds of them, are rolling down hill at massive speed. Akira flings himslef over a cliff, drawing his sword incase anything is down there. He lands with a thud and rolls to prevent injury. He watches as the Gorons roll over-head. A few more seconds, he would have been a flat as a pancake. Akira climbs down the hill, and transforms into his monster stage(A very big lizard)And scampers down a hill side, into a tunnel, out of it, and into his small home. Holding a bag of Rupees he had 'found' earlier toady.[/color]
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There is a deafening roar that echoes thoughout the swamp. Matt is hunting again, and he devours his prey with a few crunches. He lifts his head, aware that there is something else in the forest. He heads back to his cave to guard his stash. Being careful to notice everything, Matt guards his mound of supplies. He watches the entrance and snarls, waiting.
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umm i look like a reg girl but with dragon feet, claws and wings


siren: runrunrun!!! hahahaha! if you catch me i'll diserve it...

siren and the golem crash into the fprest and siren runs smack into matt

siren: oops!
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[color=crimson][i]Orion slept thru the night... He woke up and yawned.... he stretched out and walked over to his storeroom to see how many rupees he had[/i]

Orion: Hmph... 450... More huntin for rupees today...

[i]Orion opened the door and walked out... most of the people stared at the one of a kind behemoth... only 2 other behemoths were known in the dark world...

Behemoths are very special creatures... they look like a large Dog... with horns and a spiked tail...

They're sense of smell is highly acute... along with hearing and sight... They have a very special talent for fighting... and can see in the dark pretty well...

As Orion the Behemoth continued down the street, he looked up to see the Rat he saw last night[/i]

Orion: Heh... How goes the pickpocketing?

Drake: Erm... Shh!

Orion: Heh...

[i]Orion grinned as the rat ran off to do his pickpocketing... He walked into Skull Woods and carefully crept in the underbrush... he looked around for a monster to devour...

He eventually saw a small monster... about the size of a 7 year old human... it trotted along with it's hand on it's sword.... ready for anything...

Except for Orion...

Orion lept out and in a swift movement tore the smalle monster's arm off... it Screamed loudly... Orion tossed the arm aside and swung his tail around and impaled the creature... it's head went limp and it's eyes rolled back in it's head... With blood all over him, Orion looked at the sack the monster had... It contained a nice lil pick up of 82 rupees... Orion went on, washed his tail off and continued on his hunt...[/i][/color]
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[color=crimson]Ah.... this is gruesome! the others were child's play! I'm putting my heart into this discription!

[i]Orion crept in the underbrush continueing into the heart of the forest.... He saw a giant with a sword sitting by a large stream.... the Giant sighed and took another bite out of a small creature which Orion couldnt make out what it was...

Orion crept around the giant to his backside...

He lept and dugs his claws into the flesh, blood splattering onto him... the Giant lept up and screamed... Orion backflipped over and howled a Ancient battlecry... The giant swung down with his sword, Orion rolled to the Left as the sword hit the ground with a loud [b]Thud[/b]... Orion lept and, with his sharp teeth, bit into the giants stomach... he could taste the blood... it drove him into a berserk mode... he growled and ripped a large chunk of flesh out and tossed it to the side, he took his tail and, via the spike on the tail, dug them over and over into the arm with the sword... Blood began to pour on the forest flow below... Orion eventually took his mouth and ripped the large arm off, and threw it down... Orion took his tail and drove it over and over into the giant's head... Orion heard his skull crack...

with blood trickling out of it's mouth... the giant's eye rolled back and he fell over...[/i][/color]
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cowering!! me?!? i take that personally... oh and death knight? you haven't seen anything yet...:devil:


siren: umm... running... bye!

she takes off into the woods and sees a staglike creature grazing

siren: [I] dinner.... yum[/I]

siren scaled the trees and leaped off glideing silently to it... she hit the ground and launched herself at the stag... in a spray of warm moist blood she tore out it's wind pipe...extending a claw she ripped open it's chest and ate it's still beating heart... (what?!? i love doing this!) the organ stained her face with blood trying vainly to pump life back into the body... finshing off the rest rather slowly, enjoying her kill, siren ate the flesh before it got cold...(imagine that... a 15yr old girl with wings covered in blood and gorgeing herself on a stag :shudder: i'm too good at this)
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THUD! Matt lands on the ground just behind Siren. She slowly looks back at Matt with a mouthful of meat. Matt lowers his head in a threatening pose and utters a low growl.

Matt: First you trespass in my hunting territory, then you steal my food? Have you any idea how scarce food is in this swamp?!

Siren swallows the meat in her mouth. She picks up a hunk and offers Matt some of it. He reluctantly walks over and eats part of the carcass.

Siren: I don't believe you would have killed me.

Matt: I only kill for food, I just act threatening to ward off intruders. You have courage for a young girl, and I repect that. Unlike most of the creatures in this dark world, I only kill for food, and not for sport. That is because I a not of this world. What is your story?
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siren: oh well i was kidnapped from elsewhere... i dunno where.. brought here, brought back expirmented on then thrown back in here when it diden't work... i don't like the killing either but if you don't you die... i take what i can get.. and only what i need... nothing more... what i diden't eat i'd throw in town it woulden't go to waste
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[color=royalblue]Akira feels warm, as he holds the Triforce Piece. He rises into the air, and is transformed back into a human. The Triforce must reverse the Dark Realm's Curse. He lands again, and tucks the piece into his jacket. He feels the fimilair weight of his Sword on his back. He sets off twords the Village of Outcasts, the only place back to the Light Realm.[/color]
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OOC: Two quick things:

1. You cannot switch between monster and human forms. When you entered the Dark World, you transformed into the monster because of your evil emotions. The only way to be a human in the Dark Word is to find something that prevents you from transforming. (Like the Moon Pearl, which is in the Light World though.)

2. YOU CANNOT GET A PIECE OF THE TRIFORCE!!!!! The Triforce is deep in the Pyramid of Power which has no entrances and cannot be broken into. On top of that, Ganon is in there guarding it.

[I]Drake hurries past the Behemoth.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) How did he know!?! Anyway, I've got to get going soon if I want to make it to the Swamp Ruins today.

[I]He wanders into a shop.[/I]

Shopkeeper: Hi! What can I get for you?

Drake: Hi, I'm looking for some Red Potion.

Shopkeeper: Sure, we've got lots of that. I'll go get you a bottle.

[I]The shopkeeper walks into the back of the store.[/I]

Drake: Heheheh...

[I]Drake grabs a couple knives and hides them in his cloak.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) These'll work nicely...

[I]The shopkeeper walks back in, holding a bottle of Red Potion.[/I]

Shopkeeper: That'll be 50 Rupees.

Drake: 50! Geez, that's expensive!

Shopkeeper: Yeah, well, I'm the only one in town that has some. You want it or not?

Drake: Yeah, I'll take it.

[I]Drake pays the shopkeeer and walks outside with his bottle of Red Potion.[/I]

Drake: (thinking) Dangit! That took everything I got last night! Now I've only got 100 left!

[I]He heads for the towns southern exit...[/I]
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[I]Drake is walking on the road to the swamp when he hears something behind him. He turns around to see what it is.[/I]

Drake: What the ****?!?!

[I]Orion is running at him as fast as he can.[/I]

Drake: Oh ****!!!!!

[I]He dives out of the way, and Orion skidds to a halt where Drake was.[/I]

Orion: Hey, you're that pickpocket I saw in town.

Drake: Umm... You must be thinking of someone else...

Orion: Give it up. I can tell you're lying.

Drake: Damn! How could you tell that I'm a thief?

Orion: Just the way that you act...

Drake: What do you mean?

Orion: The way that you're always glancing back and forth, looking over your shoulder. Stuff like that.

Drake: .....You're not going to eat me, are you?

Orion: Naw... Rats taste bad.

Drake: :therock:

Orion: Heheheheh...
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Matt: Experimented on.....how horrible. It has been many years since I've had a conversation with another, you are welcome in my territory whenever you like. Wait-

Matt sniffs the air and looks around.

Siren: What is it?

Matt: There is something else in my territory. *sniff sniff* Two things. *sniff* That way!

As he points he takes off in flight to the direction of Akira and Orion with Siren following behind.

Siren: Hey you're not going without me!

Matt: Very well.

They reach the two monsters and land on either side, surrounding them.

Akira: What the--!

Matt: Who are you to tresspass on my hunting ground?!
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