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New OtakuBoards Survivor?


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Here's the deal: I've been thinking about making another of my famed OB Survivors, but I need a public opinion before I do anything.

In case you are unaware what exactly is this OB Survivor, I'll provide links to the previous two I've created (there was a third, but it wasn't my creation, and it unfortunately died away pretty quickly):

[INDENT][URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=16797]Unofficial OtakuBoards Survivor: the Freakshow[/URL]

[URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=23032]Final Fantastic Survivor[/URL][/INDENT]

As you can see, the first one was a completely original RPG based on the reality-show [I]Survivor[/I], with more than a few added twists. The second one was actually a combination of [I]Survivor[/I] and the videogame-series [I]Final Fantasy[/I].

So, I'm here to ask you [B]would you like to see another OB Survivor[/B], and [B]what kind of theme would you like it to have?[/B] I'll give you a few options in the form of a poll, but if you have other suggestions, just use this thread.

[B]About the schedual: [/B] creating such a game as this takes time, and once it starts, it will most likely last several months, so don't expect this to be up tomorrow and be done with next week.

If this thread gains popularity, I'll probably be able to get this up and running by December, maybe even next month.

I'm really ready to take another shot at a Survivor-RPG, because the previous ones have been so memorable and fun to make. So voice out your opinions, and let's get this thing rolling!
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[font=franklin gothic medium]I never participated in the earlier threads, so maybe I'm not very qualified to comment but...what about a theme that involves video game characters in general? You might remember an RPG by Charles called Project Gamer...it was very light-hearted and included video game characters from many types of games. The results of throwing those characters together was pretty funny. Although unfortunately the RPG never really finished.

Still, that might be one possible idea. I'd consider it, anyway. ^_^[/font]
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[color=Navy]Oooh! Another Survivor!!!

I don't mind what theme it takes on but I will most likely end up joining whatever is chosen.

However, I would like another [b]Final Fantasy[/b] Survivor so I could get a chance to do a better job than I did last time, and hopefully go further than last time.

But yeah, bring back Survivor!!!

The main reason I haven't made one is because I want to participate instead of run ^__^
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What a great idea! Ever since Sakura told about the FFSurvivor I've wanted to participate in one. I love the show anyways so I think it would be fun.

To add onto James' idea.. I think it'd be neat to have an 8-Bit (or 16-Bit) Video Game Survivor. I got the idea thinking back to Plumbers Inc. by Zidargh.

Or even a Super Mario Survivor. Now [i]that[/i] would be fun. The diversity of characters would be amazing (with all the enemies and whatnot).

I deffinately say a Mario Survivor. Oooo, I can't wait.[/color]
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This is going to get tricky... Although the most combining thing in this boards is anime, I personally am more of a gamer than an otaku.

So now that I think of it, I guess it would be much easier for me to organize settings and contests in the videogame theme than in anime theme.

Really, I've watched like five anime movies and seen like three series! X/

Well, let's just see where this thread will lead...
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[color=#4B0082]Another survivor-style RPG would be great. FF Survivor was some of the most role playing fun I've had on OB, and it both lasted a long time [i]and[/i] actually finished. Both plusses in my book. And, of course, playing Cecil was just fun in and of itself. ^_^

I have to agree with James about a general video game theme sounding the best to me. Project Gamer was a lot of fun, and I too am more a gamer than an anime fan even if I have seen a number of series. You could most likely count on me signing up (probably as Link, heh) if you styled it that way. Then again, I'd probably also sign up for an anime-styled one. (Lina Inverse [i]would[/i] be a lot of fun to play. Hmm...) Whatever it ends up as, though, I'm sure another survivor RPG from you will be popular.

I say go for it![/color]
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[SIZE=1]Why not just combine the two of them?

I'm an anime fan and a gamer, so it wouldn't bother whichever way you went, but it could be interesting to see the more extreme characters from anime interract with more down to earth game characters. (Maybe it's only me, but that's the way I've always seen it.)

Of course, it could get too complicated if you done it that way, so I'm not sure.

If I had to go for one or the other, I'd say gaming.[/SIZE]
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[size=1]I'd have to agree with Imi, and say that I'll most likely participate whatever the genre, but I would prefer a gaming one. I haven't ever participated in an OB Survivor before, but I have read through the older ones and I think it would be great fun to do.

That's just my personal opinion.
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[QUOTE=Imi][SIZE=1]Why not just combine the two of them?

I thought about that option too, but I really think it would hurt the consistency of the game... :/

I am really starting to lean on the videogame theme, even if it would alienate some members (sorry Circéus... :/ ).

Actually... I bet every member in this board has played at least [I]some[/I] game, wether it be Pacman or Super Mario Bros. I think every person could think of a character for themselves, despite not being a "real" gamer.

So yeah, I'll start working on this idea some more...

Have to set the core rules first, then the amount of players and teams, and then the challenges... Well, been there done that, I know how it all works, so I'll probably have no trouble with the planning. ;D

[B]Everybody who is interested, keep an eye on my signature[/B], cause I'll put a notice there as soon as I post the recruitment thread. ;)

Oh, and if you have anything at all you'd like to contribute for the game, feel free to PM me. ;)

Hey, thanks for everybody who joined this brainstorming session, it really helped!

Now, I have to make up a nifty title for this game, cause "Videogame Survivor" just won't do... *walks off to the horizon pondering*
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[font=franklin gothic medium]I'm just wondering, what kind of tone would this RPG have? Would it be more light-hearted, or serious? Humorous, etc? I only ask because I personally really like the tone of threads like Project Gamer and Enter the Net. Obviously those threads had serious elements, but the general theme was fairly light-hearted. So I am curious as to what kind of tone you are wanting to strike here.[/font]
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Oh, OB Survivors have always been light-hearted and quite humorous (the first one was pure parody, though), and I do not intend to change it for this game either. ;D

Of course the evictions might be difficult for some people, but I try to stress out the facts that nobody's dying here and it's just a game.

Currently I'm struggling with coming up with a perfect host for the game. There's a few good choices, but I just need to make up mind. You all will see the result in the recruitment thread.

Speaking of which, I intend to get the recruitments running this weekend, so the actual game could start somewhere around late November or early December. Stay tuned... ;)
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  • 2 weeks later...
Yeah, sorry... But I got like thirty sign-ups in such short time, it was hard enough for me to pick the players from those, let alone if there were like [I]fifty[/I] of them... X/

I know some great players were left outside, but I really sought individual, versatile and interesting characters played by dedicated and skilled players.

I'll try to get this thing running tonight (in my time), so be sure to check back on the Arena, everybody. ;D
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