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Beyond Fear and The Unknown


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There are things in the world that live in the light of the sun. We call these things humans, creatures who fear teh dark and what they can't see most of all. There are many different kind of things that live on this side of society, some are more violent then others, these are the ones we are here to talk about. The unknown is more terrifying then any beast man has ever found. In the world that these humans live there are unexplainable things that none can possibly explain. These things live where you fear them, they live in the darkness, the shadows of the other wise comfortable. people live in ignorance of these things, denying there existence and even denouncing those who do. The only thing that these people have protecting them is a single group of young peole, fresh images in the universe, who have an unholy link to the other side of life. This other side is the realm of the dead and those who still hover in the parallel to this world, in eternal limbo, suffer more then those able to move on. This society is lead by a veteran "detective", his name, Chris Kricksmen. He has assembled a team called "The Guilded Guides". THis teams job is to help those lost find there way. They are meant to help the sorrowful and banish the sinister. This world they live in is a dark one, but they are the only ones with the power to do so. With a team with powers beyond any normal human, they help protect our side from the other side.


These are the settings. I only really want to play with six or seven other people. In this group try to keep the powers diverse, don't just everyone pick some kind of super telekenetic power to smash rocks and burn stuff cause that's not what this is about. Pick a power like dousing (the ablitiy to pick up strong thoughts and emotions through contact with a person, spirit, or object that one of the above has come into contact with) or a medium ( ability to contact spirits in the area given) and there only going to be two exorcists, so if anyone wants to be one it's first come first serve. This will run on a chapter system and once we finish one location we will move on to the next one shortly after. Now one final twist, the fact that our group pocess suck great power will make the spirits there more restless and more dangerous in some cases. Be for warned, do not sign up un less you intend to stick with it all the way, if you don't think you can then I'd ratehr no body sign up then have a bunch of people sign up and end up with only two who ever post. If you are excepted I will PM you to let you know.

Sign up:

Name: simple

Gender: Simple

Age: Simple; with the exception of Chris, I'd like the others to be between 15 and 25

Appearance: Either a pic or a vivid description is acceptable

Personality: Try to make it a paragraph long.

Bio: about your life, discovering your powers, and how you came to be a member

Power: Your skill and how you contribute


Name: Chris Kirksmen

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Appearance: Below

Personality: A stern, very experienced individual. He has little tolerance for fooling around on a mission. While on the contrary he seems very loose when he's at home, not doing anything. He loves his work and takes everything about it seriously. He is respectful to his team mates and only asks the same in return. He dosen't like know it alls and dosen't pretend to be one.

Bio: He was born in Chesterton Pennsylvannia. He lived there with his foster parents til he was 16. They weren't a very supportive family and his foster father was known for being abusive. He got clear of that place the second he got the chance and took to the streets. It was the time he spent here that revealed to him his own inner power. He found he had a powerful medium power. He was able to hear and speak to spirits. He found that there are only three kinds of earth bound spirits; The sad, the mad and the unspeakably evil. He soon realized that he had to help these spirits in mourning and destroy the evil ones. Only one problem, he lacked the power to do this. As such he spent years unable to help either people or spirits. Ater a few years he began to notice others with powers like his, he decided that he would gather these people together and that they would help those who were forced to haunt this world and the ones who refused to leave. First he needed some means of doing so. He knew that money made the world go round. So, though he detested the idea, he squanderd his power for the entertainment of others. It was the most degrating moment of his life, but he perseverd, hoping one day he might find someone willing to support his mission, no matter who it was. One day, like a miracle, he met an old man who was willing to just that. He said his time was drawing near and he wanted there to be someone to help the spirits that couldn't leave, so someone might help him should he ever be locked here. Chris accepted and they began to work together, the only mystery was where teh man got his money, but it seemed virtually limitless. Chris used this to gather the most skilled halves (those in tuned to the spiritual world) he could find. And this is where our story begins.

Power: A powerful medium, he can talk to spirits and interpret there true nature.
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Name: Morrtimur Galiven

Gender: Male

Age: 22
Appearance: [url]http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/guys/Dragon_Guy.jpg[/url]

Personality: a caring person but deadly quiet he protects his family ever sinse his parents dies he protects his little sister he never wants to be close to anyone he is very dramatic and has tried to kill himself on several ocasions

Bio: Born in Duluth Minnesota with his parents and little sister he could not entice his power untill he was thirteen when he summoned his 1st snake ever sisne he praticed and can summon a variety of diffenrt creatures 4 in all his parents were killed in an arsen fire he was able to get him and his sister free his sister is a avian who can summon wings for anyone but she was kidnapped by the other side he joined the group to find his sister
Power: A summoner who summons differnt mythical beast
a Kimara (two headed lion creature)
a Griffin
a Unicorn
a Hydra
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[B]Name: [/B] Jeane T. McAnull
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Age:[/B] 21
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/windowshopping.png][COLOR=Navy]Jeane[/COLOR][/URL]
[B]Personality: [/B] Sad, but very strong willed. She has a deep regret for something that happened in her past. Kind-Hearted Jeane looks for that little light in everyone that screams compassion no matter what the case, and is the first to offer a shoulder to cry on or quiet words of support. On a normal basis she prefers to lead a mainly solitary lifestyle, and even during work concentrates on business and tries to stay focused. Jeane never wants to be a burden but always feels like she is, and that if something goes wrong it's her fault.
[B]Power:[/B] A kind of recognition of sorts. There's always at least one prominent memory of life that takes a formidable hold on a person's soul be it a horrible death, deep betrayal, a loved one, anything. If strong enough, Jeane can 'see' that memory. It usually is helpful in knowing how they got to be the way they are, or a reason for doing whatever it is.
[B]Bio:[/B] Jeane grew up in a very stressful household near New York City. Her parents didn't quite get along extremely well with each other, but neither believed in divorce. The old crow of a grandmother claimed everything was fine until her stepdaughter gave birth. Everybody else in the family said otherwise. Her parents fought a lot, and Jeane would always walk out of the house and down three blocks to the park no matter the weather or how ill dressed.

School was no better. For one reason or another, the rest of the students preferred to pick on her. It was a very small district with kids whose great grandparents had many of the same teachers. Most families dated generations back. Snot-nosed brats the lot of them. There was way too much drama for a healthy learning atmosphere. The random conversations did prove a bit entertaining though, and she did have her few friends to talk to.

At age 18 she skipped out without notice to anyone after a night on the town with her best friend. It all had happened so quickly, but who knew that the little 'game' as it was referred to would indeed touch contact with the other side. It wasn't no Bloody Mary or Candyman, but scary nonetheless. While doors slammed, and books moved, the friends had trouble with the poltergeist they had come in contact with in that condemned apartment building.

That was when Jeane discovered her ability, completely on accident of something that apparently was in her blood. She didn't mean to, but as she moved to open a door the rest of the way to leave the room, the invisible presence must have moved to close it at the same time or something. A 'vision' flashed through her head of a small child being picked on excessively by a bunch of older bullies. Cathy was worried seeing her friend's reaction, but Jeane just reassured her it was just the fright of the moment that night.

She parted from Cathy leaving a cell number, then traveled around where she could work on miscellaneous jobs at various stores and companies as the opportunities arouse. They never spoke again, and Jeane feels somehow responsible for her best friends later death (in some weird, cosmic way). One day she ended up going to her Great Aunt Rachael's home and visited for a while. There, she learned that Aunt Rachael has a secret of her own, able to sense the presence of somebody on the other side, but nothing else. After about a month of staying at her Great Aunt's house and helping around the house and such (of course not without the family bonding), her Aunt introduced her to a group of people she had become acquainted to.
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Name: Thomas Irucard

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearance: Thomas stands around 6'5", and weighs 238 lbs. He's not fat, but he is solid. He has short brown hair that stands up in random places. His piercing green eyes are shielded behind rimless glasses. He has a mild tan, and is always grinning. His canine teeth are exceptionally defined, giving the appearance of fangs. He usually wears a dark red leather jacket over a black t-shirt, alongside loose leather pants. He also has two belts strapped around his waist, one for holding his pants up, the other because he likes the look.

Personality: Tom is always happy. He sees the glass not as half full, but as completely full to the middle, as he puts it. His cheery nature, however, dissapears when his past is questioned, and he becomes withdrawn and irritable. A true enigma.

Bio: Tom lead a fairly decent life, but he hated his entire family with a violent passion. To him, they ruined his life. Eventually, he attempted suicide by slitting his throat. The paramedics saved him, however, but he remembers what he saw when he nearly died. Spirits. All the spirits that wander the earth. Afterwards, he found that he could sense them, and could even browse through their thoughts if he concentrated. Eventually, he grew bold enough to make contact with one spirit. He dived into its mind, and was horrified when he found hate and loathing for the living. He quickly retreated from the minds of spirits, but only till he met Chris.

Power: Tom can browse surface thoughts of people and spirits, but if he wants to actually read their mind, he has to come into direct contact with the target. If he concentrates hard enough, however, he can cripple the target's mind, effectively killing them.
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