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The Punishment [M-LVS]


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Frank Castle stared out the window of his three-story mansion. He was now almost 60 and was getting too old to keep up his job as The Punisher. He sat down as he thought to himself, I need someone to follow in my footsteps. But how and where will I get someone to do that? He bent his head down as the TV came on and showed three families that were massacred just like his, only that it was only the family and not the relatives and grandparents as well. The only survivors were a 16 year old, a 17 year old, and an 18 year old. Frank smiled when he heard whom the press blamed for the killings. George Saint, one of Howard Saint?s brothers, the leader of the organized crime ring in that area. He stood up and got ready to leave when he found out where the boys were at.

Later that night Frank pulled up to the hotel then walked inside. He went up the stairs and slowly slipped into the boy?s room. They were sitting there watching TV that showed pictures of their slain family members. ?That look in your face shows you want them to pay for what they did? He stepped into the light as the boys jumped the one of them spoke. ?You?re the Punisher? Frank nodded. ?Yes I am, but I have gotten too old to continue what I started. It is quite a shame actually but that is why I came to you three. You want them to feel your pain and more? He watched as the boys nodded in unison. I can help you achieve that. But you must trust me.? Frank held out his hand and the 18-year shook it after a couple minutes of silence, and then was followed by the other two.

They reached Frank?s house and began five years of intense training that hardened the boys and shaped them to continue the Punisher?s legacy. Several more joined their ranks in the following years

Here is everything else you need to know. There are only a certain number of spots available and spots can be taken away by a person with a better post. I will give a list of the main characters below, their gender, age, and weapon preference. You do not have to make all of your weapons your person?s preference but must have some weapons that pertain to it. Try to keep it to modern weapons no blades mounted on the elbows or swords like that. The Punisher uses guns and knives. Each follower has a different codename as well that were taken from the seven sins and other things.


Machine Guns
claimed by Blacktigergirl

claimed by Starwind




claimed by Myself

claimed by Outlaw

Machine guns

claimed by Achilles


Real Name:
Code Name: The one above
Age: above
Weapons: max of four
Gender: above
Reason for participating: What the thugs of Mr. Saint did that made you want to punish him for it[/CENTER]
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[B]Real Name:[/B] Kyle Troden

[B]Code Name: [/B] Wrath

[B]Age:[/B] 23

[B]Weapons:[/B] a pair of six inch combat knives, one 9mm beretta, and an M-16 A-2 rifle (for long range combat).

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Reason for participating:[/B] When he was 18 he was living in a small neighborhood. He had just moved out of his parents house, he was still living a few blocks from his parents though. His dad owned his own business and his mother and his two kid brothers helped him keep the store together. He lived a fairly simple life. He had a facination with the martial arts and was particularlly interested in daggers and blades, but this was little more then a hobby for him. One day he discoverd teh horror, he tried to get a hold of someone at the store, but noone answerd. He thought it was strange since it wasn't time for the store to close yet. He decided to head over, thinking maybe the power was out. He drove over to find that teh police were outside, this immediatly sent red flags up. He ran tot eh front of the store where he saw his mothers body as they wheeled it into the back of an ambulance. This sent him tot he floor, he landed on his butt and looked in the door to see the bodies of his two brothers. A cop began to walk over toward him, he reached up and grabbed his arm and with a trembling voice "What happend in there?" The cop looked at him "Mob. the owner took out money from a loan shark and was behind on his payments." He was filled with a terrible depression. The next two weeks leading up to the funeral were like an instant. He was locked in an abysmal plain of existence, where he could only see shadows. At the day of the funeral he saw an old man he didn't recognize. He approacked the old man after the funeral and found that the man was the infamous Frank Castle, the Punisher. The old man looked to him "I heard about what happend, I'm very sorry." Kyle bowwed his head "Thanks." That didn't do him any good, those people, they did this to him, to them. He needed to see them punished, this was the moment the old man spoke again "What if I told you I knew who did this to your family?" Kyles eyes shot up and looked at the man with shock "See I have your interest, come with me and I'll help you make right the wrong they have done to you. The police will never catch them, I fyou want this you have to make this happen yourself." The old man put out his hand "Is this what you want?" Kyle took the mans hand with no hesitation "This is exactly what I hoped your response would be. Now remember, this will be hard, maybe harder then you know." Kyle shook his head "I don't care, I just want them to be punished for what they did." The old man smiled again "Very well, let us go. The others are waiting." And so began his 5 year ordeal to prepare for his chance to see the evil punished.

Appearance: Below
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[FONT=TimesNewRoman][COLOR=Silver][LEFT][B]Real Name:[/B] Tasha Jones

[B]Code Name:[/B] Lust

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Weapons:[/B] Machine guns: BackYard Artillary with 12 rotating barrels, Gatling guns with 10 Barrels, firing about 700-1000 rounds per minute, heavy duty, M16. Super9.AK-47, this gun is extremely heavy for even a male to handle. How Lust manages it is complicated. Another weapon is just a regular hand held pistol gun. This gun she only uses as back up.

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Reason for participating:[/B] Tasha, 16 at the time, walked down the dark lonely alley way with a hand full of bags. She had just finished her shopping at a very richy store but all this wasn't for her or anyone in her family. Matter of fact, she didn't have a family. She lived on her own for as long as she can remember. These clothes were for the ones who couldn't afford them. That was the kind of person she was, just really caring for others and wanting them to have a life she never had. As she dropped off her things at the locial foster home, she was suddenly being followed. She could hear the clattering of chains and the loud steps of the person as they followed at a distance.
"What the hell is going on here,"she thought to herself as she picked up her steps. But the person kept following her. She started to break into a run and she could hear the splashing of their boots in water. Her heart was about to cave in from all the running she was doing but she didn't stop. She had heard stories about people, especially girls like her, getting raped in alleyways alone.
Tasha kept running until she finally came to her own half wore down shack. She was breathless betime she ran inside and shut the door behind her, loudly. She leaned against the door waiting for the person to try to bust in but heard nothing. Relieved, she walked over to a worn out couch and sat. She took a book off a table that was supported by a book for it was missing a piece of its' leg.
As she was getting lost within her book, she heard the shattering of broken glass. She placed the book on the table and walked to the source of the noise which came from the kitchen. The tiles in the kitchen were tainted a bright ugly yellow and the walls were so old they were also turning yellow. The sinks were just barely silver anymore. Truly this house was worn out. When Tasha walked into the kitchen she saw glass in front of the sink were the window was. She started to freak out.
She looked around when suddenly the kitchen door slammed shut. She turned to face a stranger in black hidding his appearance.
"W-w-who are y-y-you,"she studdered backing up a bit.
"My name is none of your bussiness but I work for Mr.Saint and he asked me to destory you like he did to your family,"the stranger said with a stiffle laughed. Tasha starred shocked at him, then he lunged at her with get force that she fell backwards with him on top of her, a knife in his hand, she let out a loud peircing scream. She held the his hand pushing it away from her, then she bit him hard making blood ooze out. He let out a scream and dropped the knife to stop the pain in his hand. Tasha made her move and lunged at the knife like a tiger pouncing on it's prey. She turned to her attacker and threw the knife right at his head hitting him directly in the head. He fell onto his back blood gushing from his forehead.
Tasha panted deeply until she heard the door open with a loud creak. She turned to see an old man that reminded her of the Punisher.
"I heard a scream and came to investigate but it seems you have everthing under control," he said slightly smiling.
"Who are you,"Tasha said in between pants.
"I'm here to help you."
And Tasha didn't care. She went with him because he told her that he could train her to get revenge for her family. Not knowing how they die and now finally knowing that it was the only thing her mind for 6 years of training...

[B]Appearance:[/B]Lust has long jet black hair that are in pig tails that fall lovely down to the middle of her back. Her skin complextion is a creamy chocolate that shimmers in a perfect lighting. Her eyes are a crystal black that appear to be a crystal painted black but still has its beautiful. She is a well shaped female with slender curves and a grace to match. Her outfit is a black tank that shows off part of her six pack. Some black baggy pants for moving easily in. Along with her outfit she has a long black trench coat to hide her weapons. To complete her look she has on well polished black boots. The only reason for this dark look is to be hidden in the night. On regular bases, she wears a long T-shirt with some faded jeans. Nothing really fancy like.

[B]OOC:[/B]Alrighty, I'm finally done and I hope it is toward you liking. If not PM me and I'll make any changes, again :animedepr .
Thank you,
-BlackTigerGurl :catgirl: [/FONT][/LEFT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Plum][FONT=Century Gothic]Real Name: Fay Strife
Code Name: Envy
Age: 22
Weapons: Shotgun, magnum, and a rocket luncher
Gender: Female
Reason for participating:
Fay looks outside the window as the train moves. It was pouring outside and the humidity made the window foggy.
"Fay your knew foster parents are nice. I meet them you be fine..." I social worker lady told her
" The just want me for the stupid money.Does selfish bastards....they don't want me...." Fay said still looking outside
" Fay..." The socail worker said reaching to touch Fay's hair
"Get your filthy hands away from me" Fay said and frowned
"Oh...yes..." Social lady stoped and walked away from her seat. Fay hated going from foster family to the next. Ever since her family got killed. She hated all does people with mom's and dads ,all happy and smiling. SHe will give everything she had to be one of does people. To have her mother and a father. SHe didn't had much really. Just that stupid rabbit her mother gave her even though she was too old for it. Also some info on the people that killed her family. Some freaking mob boss or something called "Mr.Faith". She wish she died along with them. The only reason she surivive is because of the bullet shoot not hitting any major organs. Yet she can still taste the pool of blood her parents where laying on dead. She can hear the gun shoots fired. It happen so quick it was all a blur. It was too hard to remember like she wanted to remember. Fay squeeze her stuffed rabbit tight and ripped off one of its ear. She hated Mr.Faith for doing this to her. She was jelouse of the people who had parents. Never knowing what they got until is taking away from them.
"Fay...get up sweety is time to leave the train..." A social worker said
Fay looked at her in disgust " Leave me along why don't you?" Fay said walking out the train as the social worker follow. She stepped at the platform and whispered " I get this Mr.Faith..." Fay took the ripped out rabbit ear and throwed it at the ground.
"I can always help..." somone said
Fay glared " Hey Mister shut up don't you? Don't you think you should leave a girl to ripp her rabbit to shreds....How are you anyways?!? Who said you can earsdrop like that!? And how can you help?!?" Fay yelled
" In more ways then one...."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Real Name:[/B] Samantha Wade
Code Name:[/B] Funeral
[B]Appearance:[/B] [Will Edit]

Age:[/B] 23
Weapons:[/B] [URL=http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/Sagethefiend/wa2000-ira3.jpg] Walther WA2000[/URL], .9 milimeter hand gun and a combat knife
Gender:[/B] Female
Reason for participating:[/B] [Will Edit][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Real Name: James Wallace

Code Name: Trial

Age: 21

Appearance: [URL=http://www.filmkultura.iif.hu:8080/1999/articles/films/images/ravasz/rav4.jpg] Like this.[/URL]

Weapons: Pistols - Two [I][URL=http://photos1.blogger.com/blogger/2928/1114/400/silencer.jpg]Silenced 9mm Pistols[/URL] [/I]
One Ankle [I][URL=http://www.thearmedcitizen.com/gunpages/351pd_l.gif]Revolver[/URL] [/I]
One [I][URL=http://shop.military-club.cz/images/airsoft/maruzen/maruzen_ca870.jpg]Sawed Off Shotgun[/URL] [/I] for emergancy purposes.

Gender: Male

Reason for participating: *Will add maniana*
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