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Splices [M-LV]


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The year, 2089. A new prison for juvinials was built on the outskirts of Antartica. This prison was built for the youth that had decided to perform any deeds they deemed to be cool, but harmed someone in the process. At the begining, this was a good idea, then it turned south when the government made a bigger step in it.

At this time, gene-splicing was beging to be a medical breakthrough. Doctors could use this process to cure diseases, and the patient would get a benifit of the animal it was spliced with.

When the prison was built, the government made it sound so nice, but they began things behind the curtian that no one knew about. They began to experiment on the youth that had been brought to this prison, but only ones that had nothing to go back to.

They would spice the youth and monitor them, watching their movements to see if the perfect splice was possible. It took almost two years, but the medical staff was finally able to create the perfect creature. The doctors dubbed this person, "Golden."

They began to do more tests, creating even more. It was begining to be the best thing to happen to the government. Until something that was never thought possible happened.

The "Golden" and all of the other perfect youth created an upheaval. They took the entire conpound over in a matter of hours. Nothing was impossible with the new powers these youth had.

Thats when the government stepped in. They brought guns, which only helped the perfects rule over the compound. This was begining to create a major problem, mainly because the perfects were trying to steal the next boat or chopper that came to the prison.

This is when the rejects stepped in. They began to try and stop the perfects from leaving. They would even kill the perfects with their powers, which were not as great, but they could easily take a perfect if it were two or three on one.

Now, the rejects must choose a side, save the world, or destroy it with their powers.


To clear up some things, no one will play the role of the "Golden". This person will remain unknown till the end. Also, you can play as one of the perfects or a reject, but the side you play on is up to you.

Also, a reject is a person that was first experimented on. They are the ones that came before the "Golden."

Perfecrs are ones that came after the "Golden." They are the perfect combination of a human and animal.
Here is the profile.

Age: Nothing under 15 please, and nothing over 21
Appearance: Pic or written, doesn't matter as long as it si possible to tell what you look like.
Personality: A little varied would be nice. I would not like alot of killers, or really bad people.
Side: Rejects or perfects.
Type: Are you a reject or a perfect?
Spliced with: What animal were you spliced with, and no mystic creatures please. I do not want alot of dragons around.
Abilities: what benifits does the splice with the animal give you?
Bio: Why were you put into the prison? What did you do to make it here.

Thats it. PM me with any questions please.

Edit: sorry I forgot to add the ablilites and what a reject and a perfect is. sorry about that.
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[B]Name:[/B] Cooper Autumn
[B]Age:[/B] 17
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/wolfwater.jpg][COLOR=DarkRed][U]Cooper[/U][/COLOR][/URL]
[B]Personality: [/B] Cooper just goes with the flow most of the time. She's very easy to get along with, but can get a bit confrontational sometimes depending on her mood and the situation. Coop (as only close friends are allowed to call her) really won't say much unless she feels like it, preferring to keep quiet and learn first before jumping into something head on. The girl doesn?t seem the type to do something bad. However, she really doesn't have qualms about it either. Some would say Cooper could be quite indifferent to most things in general.
[B]Side:[/B] perfects
[B]Type:[/B] reject
[B]Spliced with: [/B] Wolf
[B]Abilities:[/B] Increased senses (hearing, smell, & sight) and highly pronounced canines.

[B]Bio: [/B]
[COLOR=DarkRed][CENTER][I]Official Confession dated March the 22nd
Overseen by Government Agent Burris and defense attorney Weiss
Recorded in Interrogation room 205[/I][/CENTER]

[INDENT][B]Agent Burris:[/B] "Alright Miss Autumn. As we are recording this discussion for court purposes, please state your name and that you consent to this record of your words."
[B]Cooper:[/B] "Cooper."
[B]Agent Burris: [/B] "Your full name please."
[B]Cooper:[/B] "Nicknames too?"
[B]Agent Burris:[/B] *sigh* "Yes."
[B]Cooper:[/B] "Cooper Autumn, also known as 'Coop', 'Fatina', and 'Scarlet'."
[B]Attorney Weis:[/B] "Do you consent to the taping of this conversation?"
[B]Cooper:[/B] "Yup. Considering it means my accomplices [I]and[/I] I get lighter sentences."
[I]There is a long pause, in which a quiet irritated drumming on the table can be heard.[/I]
[B]Agent Burris[/B]: "Is it true that on the night of October 31st of last year, you and the others decided to burn down the Oaksville Jr/Sr High School."
[b]Cooper:[/B] "Yea."
[B]Agent Burris: [/B] "Could you tell us in your own words, why?"
[B]Cooper: [/B] "I guess?The faculty were real pains. All tha teachers and junk practically hated us. Just the one in particular really. That night we were hanging and decided to do something about that witch."
[B]Agent Burris:[/B] "You burned down the entire school, for one teacher? Why not talk to the adults?"
[B]Attorney Weis: [/B] "Agent Burris, with all due respect. Your people wanted my clients to talk, please let Miss Autumn finish."
[I]A small, distant cough is heard.[/I]
[B]Cooper:[/B] "No one would listen. Anyway, Mrs. Bernstein was our only target. We knew she would be the only one in the vicinity of the school. I had things set up before the final meet. Judging by how long it took you peoples, we covered our tracks good."
[B]Agent Burris:[/B] "Who else was involved?"
[B]Cooper: [/B] "Me, Anthony, Maddie, and Joe."
[B]Agent Burris:[/B] "Maddie as in Alexia Madison and Joe as in Joseph Gummery?"
[B]Cooper:[/B] "Yea."
[B]Agent Burris:[/B] "Who was the main person behind the planning of this Halloween event?"
[B]Cooper:[/B] "We all did our part."

[CENTER][I]End of Recording[/I][/CENTER][/INDENT][/COLOR]
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Name: Alex Rose

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: below

Personality: Hard struck for luck, he always seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is very stand offish, he likes to be near the action but generally dosen't participate. He is kind of shy and dosen't care for others. He's nice enough to thse who know him, he just dosen't make friends on his own, he usally has to be introduced or trapped in an awkward situation where he feels the need to actually talk to the person in question.

Side: Rejects

Type: Reject

Spliced With: Rhino Beetle

Abilities: He has gained inhuman plating which covers his body. As a result of his fusion he has incredible strenght as well. (For it's size the Rhino beetle is considerd one of the strongest animals on the planet.)

Bio: Alex has never been a lucky one. When he was young his parents died, why he's not sure they just did. he lived in foster care, going from home to home for most of his childhood. He wasn't a bad kid, he just a had a way of finding the wrong place to be. After he happend to show up at the scene of a break in as the police arrived he was taken as one of the suspects. This wasn't the first time this had happend to him. He had no chance in court, noone cared he enough to help defend him. The court looked at him as a delinquent and sent him to this new juvinile detetnion center up north. When he arrived he was almost immediatly seperated from the rest of teh kids there and sent to a restricted sector, where only a "select few trouble makers" were sent. This all struck him as odd since even if he had been in trouble in the past, nothing bad enough to deserve special treatment. He was confined and soon realized that there was something wierd going on at this place. He could hear screams in the night coming from the sealed room at the end of the hall and they had almost no contact with any one after they went in there. One day, they came to his cell and brought him out and drug him into that hellish room. Once inside they there him in this huge vate of red goo, like a giant test tube. They hooked him up to all kinds of equipment and breathing tubes. They zapped, poked, and proded him constantly for three weeks. By the end Alex wished they would just let him die, the pain he was feeling was unimaginable. After three weeks he was finally removed from that tube and sent to yet another room where he was only further subjagated to torturous experiments. It took almost three months before they finished. This ordeal had left him horrbly deformed. His body coverd in hard scales and his muscles felt tight. The scientists prociding felt awfully proud for what they had done to him; they kept saying he was there first success. This lasted til they began there psycological experiments. Whatever they had done to him made him emotionally unstable, he would go in to fits of uncontrolled rage at even the slightlest aggitation. Alex heard one of the doctors mention something about the beast he had been spliced with. Was that waht they did to him? They tried to turn him into a monster. What? What was he joined with? Why did it effect him like this? After listening and ease dropping for almost and hour he heard beetle. That was it, they had joined him with an insect. That's why he had such rage and the claws and scales. they must have done something more to him, but what? Why were they doing this? These questions wrang through his head. All he knew was nothing good could come of this.
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Century Gothic]Name: Jade Havock
Age: 15
Appearance: Jade Wear mostly black and red clothes. Has mostly a angry sad look to her face.
Personality: Jade has a great sense of humor. Yet she is dark and mysteries sense to her. She makes no sense at times , like she speaks in code. She has trouble making friends since she mostly a mysterie. Doesn't like people getting too close to her.
Side: Rejects
Type: Reject
Spliced with: Vampire bat.
Abilities: Great since of hearing, great agility, and a very strong jump (can't sprout wings so..). Also can repeat peoples voice frequency.
Bio: Jade got into the police office handcuffed. They sat her down on a chair a front of the desk of the officer that caught her.
" Okay Miss....wow your so young. Yet you throwed your life away huh? Youth is wasted on the young.."
" Well space is wasted on you fatty" Jade remarked
" Okay bad temper..please tell old officer why you did it?"
" Ohh easy! I'm a perfessional thief! Anything priceless is just to good to pass up.."
" Hmm yet it didn't go so well on this night right?"
" Ugh it wasn't my fault he was in the way. I had to kill the officer. It was way to easy you know. You officers are sooo stupid..."
" Okay miss. Maybe we can give your some counciling. Give you in the right track.You clearly a bit physco"
" Dude I am in the rigth track.." Jade said swinging the handcuff around " You see just a wrong crowd a was when i was ten. Ohh so wrong crowd officer! You see when i was 10 bad people made me do the five finger discount. OHH WORRIES ME OHH WORRIES ME! Just trying to make friends. Yet i got to good and the ditched me because of it." Jade sighed and then started laughing
"Durh..dude didn't i tell you i'm a thief. I can get out and in of everything." Jade said swining the handcuffs aroundher finger[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][LEFT][B]OOC:[/B]This seems interesting. I'll give it a shot.

[B]Name:[/B]Talim Mojo


[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B][URL=http://www.animevisions.net/Pictures/girls/tifa.jpg ]Talim[/URL] Add some white tiger ears, a tail, some claws, and red peircing eyes and you have Talim.

[B]Personality:[/B]She comes as she goes. Does what she please. She doesn't listen to anybody because she thinks she is better than the rest. She is mostly blunt and will sock a person out just for pointless causes. Most stay away because of her mean streak.



[B]Spliced with:[/B] White Tiger

[B]Abilites:[/B] Enhanced senses {Hearing, sight, movement.}She is very sly and can move gracefully without a sound. Her strength is at a high level like her movement. She has very sharp canines that can peirce into almost anything.

[B]Bio:[/B]Walking the deserted streets of New York, Talim had her hands shoved into her shorts with her eyes closed in deep thought. She carried a dark black bookbag on her back which made some sort of jingling noise as she walked. A bright substance was poking out from one of the side pockets of the bag. It appeared to be a bright silver merchandise from a very expensive jewlery store.
Talim sneered to herself as she kept walking down the empty streets with broken lights that barely even flickered. She pulled her hands from her out of her pockets and flinged her back onto the ground removing some of the goods she had stolen.

"Great. Everything is still here and they still have no clue who stole them. Heh. Idiots of the century,"Talim said putting the jewel that was sticking out of the bag back in correctly. Then she suddenly she heard sirens nearby.

"Crap! The the po-pos,"she said under her breath slinging the bag back onto her back and dashing away into the darker parts of the alleyways. Her boots hit water from time to time running across the streets trying to escape to her hideout. Her breath came in small pants since she was used to all the running from the cops all the time. Passing the dead part of the city, Talim came to an old worn out department store at the end of the road of Elm Street.

She panted a few times before walking up to the store with its broken windows, doors that were off the hinges slightly, and the wood appears to be made from the year of 100b.c. or something. But it didn't matter to Talim. It was the only place the cops didn't check. They never check down town New York. She walked over to the door open it which made an eerie screeching sound as it was open and closed. She dropped her goods onto a nearby table and walked over to what appeared to be an uncomforable sofa that was placed in there by her. She threw her legs up on the sofa and layed her head back letting the awful memories flood into her head.
[CENTER][B][I]Starting of Memory-Talim telling the Story[/B]

'Mother, look at me. I'm doing it,'I remember saying when I was about 5 years old. I was attempting to do a back stroke in my l tiny pool with my mother watching from the side line.

'Yes you are, Talim. Yes you are,'said my mother. My mother had a gentle face with beautiful brown eyes that shine in the moon light. Her teeth were pearly white which brought a shimmer glow to her appearance. I loved her dearly. My father wasn't in our life then. He had packed up and lefted when he realized that my mother was pregnant. He thought it the most terrible thing in his life time. After that it was just my mother and I.

I remember everything as if it was yesterday. There we were goofing around like always. Then she left to get the door and I heard the gun shots. I ran in the living scared out of my mind for my mother. She was the only one that loved me.

"Mother! Mother,"I remember screaming. To my horror I found her body on the sofa blood falling from her chest. The person who had killed her had ran up and left. I still have no clue who it was. I cried on her shoulder until the neighbors came wondering what had happen. From there on I was taken to my Aunt who rejected me. She didn't want me because I was nothing but trouble. The foster care people said that they even contacted my father but he refused to claim me as his daughter.

So then I was placed in a foster home but even there the people didn't want me. So I left at the age of 10. Been on my on ever since.

[B]End of memory[/B][/I][/CENTER]

Talim turned in the sofa when suddenly someone burst through the door tearing it down.

"Talim Mojo, you are under arrest for murder and bank robbing,'said an officer with a gun pointed right at her. Unprepare for this, she sat up on the sofa with her hands out ready for the cuffs. They cuffed her and took her off. But not to jail but to Antarctica.

"Why am I here,"she asked when they released her cuffs and sent her with someone else.

"You're being used as an experiment for your punishment,"replied the officer as he got back into his jet and took off leaving her there with this strange man who took her into a room for studing and preparing her for the experiment.

[B]OOC:[/B]I'm finally done and boy is it long. Sorry about that, I was just really bored and had nothing better to do. If there is anything wrong iwth the Bio,Pm me and I'll made any of the necessary changes. Oh and Sliver, how's this? :catgirl: [/LEFT][/COLOR][/FONT]
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It is hard for me to read some of these since the colors are way to light, no offense or anything

Name: Dyru
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Two retractable foot long fangs come out of his wrists with one on each side, forked tongue and all of his teeth are sharp with the two signiture fangs of course. His skin is black scales and the yellow on the outfit is blue instead.
Personality: Always in the background where he is never noticed until he speaks. Is very good at decieving others.
Side: Perfects
Type: Perfects
Spliced with: Snake
Abilities: Heat sensing vision, very strong scent glands, able to feel the smallest vibrations through the ground. Hearing is increased as well and reflexs are beyond description. The only thing wrong with him is that he is completely blind of normal sight therefore his other sense are higher then normal. Also has a hard time speaking due to his forked tongue.
Bio: Dyru stole his entire life. It was something he was good at, besides beating random people up ont he street with the martail arts skills that he knew. One night he was robbing a house when the owners came home. The man saw him and shot Dyru in the leg and the police were able to quickly subdue him. They transported him off to some new facility that they kept talking about that was stationed in Anartica. when he got there Dyru was quickly screened and had a background check. They asked him if he had any family or had started a family of his own. Dyru shook his head no, they all were dead from a gang shooting, so Dyru had to learn to live by himself. They took him back to a strange room and put him on a table. He found himself bound as surgeons and other doctors surrounded him and began injecting him with sorts of liquids and doing other random tests on him. He blacked out from the pain and woke up in a cell hours later, unable to see anything but could hear better and smell new things. It took him several months to be able to function normaly again.
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Name: Aron Mitchel

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Pic below

Personality: He is very stern. He doesn't like to show and kind of weakness, and thinks that if he does, then it could lead to his death. He will help people somethimes, only if they have helped him in the past, otherwise, he would not even give it a second thought.

Side: Perfects

Type: Perfect

Spliced with: Gray Fox

Abilities: Very fast, and has excellent reflexes. He has very good hearing, likea dog and sight.


"Forgive me father, for I have sined." Aron leaned his head agianst the wall of the small chamber.

"Aron, what have you gotten yourself into this time? I know it has been hard after you mother died, but you must stop what you are doing and try to live a normal life." The father showing concern in his voice.

"I am sorry father. I do not wish to make you worry about me, only watch over my little sister." Aron sighed as a siren is heard in the distance.

"I understans, Aron. Now, tell me what you have done." The fahter's voice going back to normal.

"I have killed a man. He tried to stop me from stealing some money, and he was stabbed in the process. I mourn what I have done. I did not want to kill anyone, I swear." Tears begin to form in his eyes as the siren cut off.

"Oh, my, my son. For you have done a bad crime. I do not wish you to do any more harm to you or your sister. There is a new facility on the tip of Antartica. I think it would be a good idea for you to go and just see what they have to offer." A hint of concern comming back into the father's voice.

"What? You want to send me away? Father I though you understood me. I have no intention of leaving my sister in this hell hole." Aron stood up, anger burning in his eyes.

"She shall not be alone. She will be in the care of the sisters and of me. We shall see that no harm come to her." The father opened the door and stepped out.

"Fine, father. I guess I could go, but how would I get back after I decide if I like it or not?" He stepped out after the father, a concerned look on his face. Suddenly, two large men in black jumped on his back and pinned him to the ground.

"Father, why you." Aron managed to yell as one of the men hit him in the back of the head, knocking him out.

He awoke several weeks later, staring up at a solid gray wall, and feeling a peice of fur under his legs. When he sat up, he began to scream as he saw his new tail.
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