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Sign Up Rune Hunters- All at Sea <PG- V,L, Dark Themes>


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For more information on the Island Nations, [URL=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=691950#post691950]Click Here[/URL]
Story- The Runes of Power. Such things are craven by the rich and powerful because of their unseen ability to cause people to flock to their banners like Seagulls. Those that weild such objects of immense power are those that alter history and the course of the world. But Death is what awaits those that weild their awesome power.

There are people that track these Runes known as Rune Hunters; those that track them for moral or immoral reasons. A certain group of them; The Death Stalkers who are obsessed with finding the rune that is colorfully referred to as the Massacre Rune which is said to have destroyed a whole island city. Rune Hunters like the Death Stalkers are hated by the people of the Island States, which is known to the east as the Forgotten Nations, because of their often unorthodox methods of finding what they seek by means of Torture, Blackmail or worse.

Enter the bearers of such powerful magic; Those that are hunted for what they possess and are forced to keep the runes sealed inside of their bodies until it either frees itself or it is used. When the rune is released it will consume everything in its path until it finds a new bearer or it returns to its former bearer.
Take on the role of a group of people that are forced into this underground war; People that are cast out for defending a friend who is found to be a bearer of the Massacre Rune after bearing named the murderer of a prestigous family. They are now constantly hounded by mercenaries and the shadowy Death Stalkers.

Their fate is in your hands; Only you can defend the defenders of the Massacre Rune from those that would exploit it.

Character Generation

Name: (Not restricting your choice)
Age: (I've said it before and I'll say it again; Nothing Extreme)
(Human- Your basic bipedal Humanoid; Their height and features will vary greatly between individuals. They inhabit all of the major islands.

Elf- A slimmer variation of the Human; They have sharp (Almost pointy) features and their hair is commonly blonde or brown. They inhabit a valley deep within the Nation of Belvolic and have strained diplomacies with humans. It is uncommon to see Elves away from the valley but those that have parted with the valley are usually friendlier than normal.

Beastman- A medium-sized humanoid creature; They have features which are very animallike but walk and talk like Humans. Their height will vary but it is common for Beastmen to stand around 5'5 to a whopping 8'0 depending on the type of beast that they are crossed with. They are found on the islands of Southport and Dunai primarily but you will find them anywhere also.

Dwarf-A race of short Humanoids which are proud of their brute strength, Drinking ability and their long beards. They are constantly inventing new materials at their stronghold Thunderhelm but it is not unknown to see them practising their craft in large cities.)

Half Breed- The result of a mixing of blood between people of two different races.

Class: You can use any class that you wish; as long as it is feasable.

Special Skills: (What special skills does your character possess; Are they good Military Thinkers? Do they have access to minor elemental runes? Do they have any Uncanny abilites? etc)

Weapon(s): (Preferred Weapons to use)
Appearence: (Detailed Description or Picture)
Magic: (For magic using characters) (What type of magic is it that they use? Elemental, Necromongary, Divintaion and Illusion are some examples)

Biography: (How your character got envolved in the incident. Past history and what they have done with their life before meeting the main character. It has to be enough to get by and nothing less)
Thats the entire sign up sheet- The story begins on the island of Southport and I will explain more in depth when others join. I will be taking the role of the character that bears the Massacre Rune, if anyone wants to know.
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Name:Xsuyoh (Sew- yo)
Gender: Male
Race: Is a half breed or a female Beastman and male Human.
Class: (I'm not real sure what you mean by class...but here goes)Know it all little runt.
Special skills: Knows almost everything about anything.
Weapons:Carries a wooden sword, and a wrench... which he can't even use correctly...
Appearance:Wears work goggles over his forehead, for crafting. Wears red clothe pants, a yellowish raggy shirt, has big blue eyes, Brown and blonde striped hair. Is only 4'1" (short since he is a half breed and not a full Beastman...)and skinny.

Magic: Lowclass, weak...but can still manipulate metallic materials.

Biography:At the age of five, his parents were killed by Deathstalkers. He was living on the road until the main character found him and made him his side kick. Is called a runt.
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Name: [COLOR=SlateGray]Hallden Schulen[/COLOR]
Age: [COLOR=SlateGray]17[/COLOR]
Gender: [COLOR=SlateGray]Male[/COLOR]
Race: [COLOR=SlateGray]Human[/COLOR]
Class: [COLOR=SlateGray]Military Strategiest/ Trainee Swordsman [/COLOR]

Special skills:[COLOR=SlateGray] He is the wielder of the Massacre Rune but he doesn't use its power because he understands that its usage will result in his death. He is an average fighter but is acknowledged as the next Master Strategiest because of his firm grasp of tactics and being from the Schulen family of Tacticians.
Weapons: [COLOR=SlateGray]Hallden wields a long, thin sword competently although he will rarely fight as he is a thinker rather than a warrior. [/COLOR]

Appearence: [URL=http://www.suikosource.com/images/chars/t/trishtan01.jpg]Hallden[/URL]

Magic: [COLOR=SlateGray]Hallden uses magic deprived from minor elemental runes to heal wounds or injure foes by analysing a foe than using the corresponding elemental magic.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=SlateGray]Coming from a secluded background; Hallden has always lived a sheltered life as the second child of the great strategiest Dailo Schulden and as the only son of her. As a child he was obsessed with reading his mothers old war journals and studying old strategic maps which was why he was named heir to the name of Master Strategiest when he would be able to prove himself. At the age of fourteen; he was sent to the Military Academy in Southport to refine his skills as a strategiest and as a swordsman.

As he grew older and became better known as a strategiest he began to drift away from his intense studies as a warrior and begun to both study and collect runes and runic weapons. As a result; He was named the captian of a small patrol ship which, after a series of unfortunate events, was attacked by a pirate group who were led by the bearer of the Massacre Rune. After the pirates attacked; Hallden put his knowledge of strategies to good use and defeated the pirates by using the smaller ships superiour weapons by causing the ship to catch fire.

However; The Rune bearer and his elite guard boarded Halldens ship and Hallden engaged the Rune Bearer in a duel where clever tactics once again prevailed. The death of the Bearer released the rune and a huge flare of light occured with Hallden being targeted by it; He was the new bearer of the Massacre Rune.
While his crippled ship limped back to Southport, A Dark vessel had arrived at the scene of the battle after observing the light and following the Pirates that had attacked. Although Hallden didn't know it, These were Death Stalkers and now he was their prey.

After arriving back in Southport and being reprimanded for not taking the advice of his second in command to retreat; Hallden was put on patrol duty in the town of Southport until his graduation from the academy in a few weeks. During his final week; Hallden saw a handful of shady looking people entering the home of the town leader. He knew that they couldn't be the people that lived there and investigated the house. In there he found the corpses of the two children of the family while the town lord was held by the throat in the middle of the room; The figure holding him demanding to know where Hallden was. The figure noticed Halldens approach, dropped the leader to the ground and slit his throat in one movemet while turning to face Hallden.

Before the two faced off; a disturbance was occuring downstairs and town guards entered the house forcefully which drew Halldens attention away from the figure one moment then his foe was gone. The guards entered the room to see a bloody dagger lying on the ground at Halldens feet while being surrounded by corpses which were covered with cuts. Hallden was taken into custody and is now awaiting his trial.[/COLOR]

*Sorry this has taken so long; I've been distracted a lot.*
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[B]Name:[/B] Ash Kilnsmoke
[B]Age: [/B] The human equivalent would be around 21-23
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Race:[/B] Dwarf
[B]Class:[/B] Blacksmith
[B]Special Skills: [/B] Self proclaimed best wood carver currently outside of Thunderhelm and knows how to make one nasty spirit, her favorite drink.
[B]Weapon:[/B] her trusty ax, Hanmarhed
[B]Appearance:[/B] Short with all the general traditional traits of her race, Ash has a light auburn hint to her otherwise cranberry hair. She often disguises her voice a bit to fool others into thinking her a male, so that the typical woman stereotype would not play a factor. Standing at a whopping 3'11" and a smidgen on the stocky look, she has the entire prowess of a warrior.
[B]Biography:[/B] The Dwarven female was traveling with a companion of hers and best friend. Both adventurers. Her friend had come into possession a while back of a minor elemental rune with no significant power. The two didn't even know which element it gained its power from.

A small band of Rune Hunters approached them in a tavern and made clear what they were after. Ash had challenged the men to a drinking contest of the strongest class. Of course, the dwarf easily drank them under the table. What they didn't plan for was another group waiting outside in ambush a bit away. Attacked separately, the hunters killed Ash's friend and took the rune. The Dwarf traveled alone for a while, ending up in Southport where she 'settled down' for a while.
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[FONT=Arial]Name: Balian Godfre (God-Free)
age: 20
gender: male
race: Human
class: Crusader
Special Skills: Is a very skilled swordsman for studing under the greatest teachers on the main lands. He'd would never back down from a fight, so you can always count on him to have your back.

weapons: holds a long iron sword with divine describitons on the blade. Many foes of fell to the mighty blade of Divines.

bio/appearance: Balian stands around 6'4 with short fizzy blonde hair. He wears very thick armor the color of light blood. He always puts his crimson helmet on before a fight. On the main lands, he fights for a small kingdom name, memoria. His king rarely sends his soldiers to kill for he has a legendary knight by his side. Rumors go around that his red armor is the blood of those he killed. After slaining bandits near the kingdom, Balian gets a meesage that his good friend, george was murdered along with his family. Balian makes haste to his friends home, to find them buried. The town nearby said it was The Death stalkers and they were searching for runes. Balian sents forth for the stlakers and ends up in southport where he meets Hallden.[/FONT]
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Name: Subeta Seijin (The Sword Saint)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Class: Rogue/Swordsman

Special Skills: Unbelievable speed and stealth with power under his blade.

Weapon(s): His Legendary Dragona Blade, and his throwing knives.

Appearence: Subeta stands at about 6'2" with a light weight of 175 lbs. He has dark black hair and black eyes with a little red in it. He wears a black armor that is noiseless when he moves. He has a black cloak with him when he is scouting or trying to get soemwhere he isn't supposed to be in. He has a long blade at his side and about 20 knives attacheted to his armor.

Magic: Subeta can manipulate fire but isn't the strongest in it.

Biography: He was born in a city near Southport. His family was killed by a clan of the evilest men he had ever seen. Him and his brother only survived. His brother helped him learn the arts of stealing young and lived on the streets and took refuge where they could.

Subeta was about 13 when his brother didn'r come home one night from the local bar. Subeta was pickpocketing one day and pickpocketed the wrong man one day and the man caught him. The man pitied the boy and let him stay with him. The man soon became his father figure and taught him the ways of the sword. Subeta still kept his old ways of stealing but was now even better and could do more than just pickpocket and pocket things from the local store.

Soon Subeta dropped his real name after he entered the arena battles at the towns arena. He soon became known as Subeta Seijin (The Sword Saint). He was undefeated and was the fastest and was said to be the fastest man ever to live. He soon departed from this big city to Southport to avenge his family's death.

He stayed in Southport protecting the streets at night and joining nightly patrols. This also helped him track down his family's killers. He soon found out about his family's killers. He found out that he possesed a rune inside of him and those men that killed his family were Death Hunters.

He investigated brutal random deaths around Southport and studied about these runes. He read about the Massacre rune and the man who weilded it. He knew these "Death Hunters must be after the weilder of this Massacre rune and he began to track the weilder down.

Subeta soon found a trace on the weilder of the Massacre rune and continued to follow the weilder wanting to learn more about him and the people that killed his family...
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