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Writing Stories at Request [PG -- Mild V, L]


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Guest chobitslover90
[quote name='Hug Monster][COLOR=Purple]Okay, I desperately want to write, but i have a hard time writing unless someone wants me to. So, any requests? Maybe theres a show you'd like to read a fanfic from, maybe you'd like... I don't know, [b]MAKE ME WRITE![/b'][/COLOR][/quote]

um wow that kinda sounded sadisticand kinky at the same time sooooooo
there we go bam wait for wait for it there it is poof Ruroni Kenshin
now start writin!
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[font=Arial][size=2]Chobitslover, capital letters and punctuation are friends. ;) Please improve your post quality -- I had to read your post three times to understand what you were saying.

And welcome back, Hug Monster! I'll just draw your attention to the new ratings system we have in place. Every thread in OB Anthology that has creative content must be rated for maturity. You can find out more about that in the [b][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44313"]OB Anthology Basics[/url][/b]. So if you're going to add the story to this thread [which is fine], just PM me with the rating and I'll change the title. ^_^[/size][/font]
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