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Sign Up Sakura Full of Charm [M-LV]


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[SIZE=1]Thousands of people die due to foul play. Some of those people are arranged to be eliminated. Who would kill someone they do not even know? Assassins, people hired to kill someone for another individual. Usually for money, or they do it for their boss. A lot of people are falling into this profession, each one of them killing ruthlessly just to survive. But some of them? well they do it for fun?

[SIZE=3][CENTER][B]Sakura Full of [FONT=Palatino Linotype]Charm[/FONT][/B][/CENTER][/SIZE]

?SAKURA!! SAKURA!! GET OVER HERE NOW! I AM TIRED OF WAITING ON YOU!? An elderly lady was yelling across the busy street of Tokyo at a young woman about the age of 18.

?Sorry mother?,? the girl moaned as she hurried across the crosswalk. The elderly woman shook her head in disapproval.

?You know Sakura, you really need to grow up. I can?t take care of you all the time! You?re a grown woman. Go find a job, a nice boyfriend to live with, do something with your life.?

The girl known as Sakura was looking down at the ground. Everything her mother was saying was in fact true. She didn?t want to admit it but she was a bit childish at times.

?Now come on, I need to get to the store. There?s some food I need to pick up for tonight.?

Sakura nodded and followed behind her mother. When they entered the store it was empty.

?Hmm, guess everyone is eating out tonight.?

Sakura walked toward the back where they kept the vegetables to get the things her mother needed. But as she ripped out a plastic bag two shots rang out. Sakura whipped around, eyes wide open.

Slowly she proceeded up toward the front of the store. She peeked from an aisle and saw her mom on the floor. A crimson liquid spewed onto the glossy white floor. A shriek escaped the back of her mouth, she covered her mouth as tears started to flow down her cheeks.

Before Sakura was able to approach her mother, somebody placed a rag over her mouth. She fainted, not knowing that she was going to be a slave for the rest of her life.

About two days later?

Sakura awoke in a small plain room. She quickly jumped out of the bed screaming.

?Where the hell am I?! Someone help me!?

A man around his early 20?s slipped into the room.


The man chuckled.

?You?re my new terminator.?


Hey everyone this is my new RP! Sakura Full of Charm! It?s an adventurous tale of a girl whose mother was killed, and she finds herself forced to become an assassin for a mysterious man. Along the way she befriends other people who have had the same fate as she. That?s where you all come into play.

I tried to keep the intro simple, I didn?t want to go on and on about her being kidnapped. I wanted us to develop the story ourselves. I hope this all goes well. So without further delay here are the sign ups!

[CENTER][B]Sign Ups[/B][/CENTER]

[B]Name[/B]: (Something Japanese preferably)
[B]Age[/B]: 18-29
[B]Gender[/B]: Male of Female
[B]Biography/Character Snippet[/B]: I want this to portray how your character got into this business. Keep in mind that you were kidnapped and are doing this against your will.

I?ll be playing Sakura, but most of the characters will have important roles. So go on and sign up.[/SIZE]
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[B]OOC:[/B] Hmm, I'll take a shot at this.
[B]EDIT:[/B] I hope all of this is in order, let me know if I should change anything.

[COLOR=Navy][B]Name:[/B] Ayame Chiméiteki

[B]Age:[/B] 22

[B]Gender:[/B] Female

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://img91.imageshack.us/my.php?image=ai9yl.jpg]Here[/URL], but she usually wears a black, long sleeve top with the sleeves pushed above her elbows, and long leather pants, with gloves that only reach her wrists. And her goggles are a permanent accessory because they have capabilities of night vision, UV, x-ray, zooming and other such visual enhancers.

[B]Personality:[/B] Ayame isn't one to show emotion openly because of how she was raised, as a cold, heartless assassin, sometimes in weakness she may let things slip, but that is very rare because she doesn't even shed a tear when she's lashed as punishment. She has no friends, and no family, they are all acquaintances people she has to work with. Ayame is the pride and joy of Sir because she works excellently and efficiently, never defying orders. She is gifted with a perfect aim, a good grip on all the martial arts and weapons, a fast learning mind, obedience, flexibility, agility, stealth, sharp hearing, and sharp vision. When she's out on missions she carries a barrage of weapons, none of which slow her down in any way because she's trained with much heavier weights.

[B]Biography:[/b] Ayame's parents were killed when she was only a year old, and she was thrown into an orphanage. She was taken care of a lot since she was a baby, as soon as she reached 5, she was tossed in with the others who were all treated badly. On her sixth birthday she was adopted by a seemingly nice couple, little did she know it was a facade. She was taken to a hideout of some kind and the nice couple became flunkies for the boss man everyone called 'Sir'. Ayame learnt they were assassins and they wanted her to become one too since she was still young and impressionable.

Ayame had no choice, over the years she was formed into a killing machine, a Terminator as Sir always told her. They drilled the different killing methods into her head everyday with lessons, and she learnt how to use almost every weapon imaginable. If she didn't do it right, or made a mistake she would be punished severely which usually resulted in her not being able to lie down from the long stripes down her back.

When she was 12 she was deemed ready as an assassin, Sir approved greatly, saying it was perfect since people wouldn't suspect an innocent little girl to be able to kill them in the blink of an eye. From that age and onward she was constantly sent out on assignments and missions, and if she ever didn't have something to do, she would be forced to train and practise all day. After a year she got used to it and fell into routine, she always reported to Sir to find out what she would be doing for the day, then she would complete whatever it was to his satisfaction or get punished.

One day she heard Sir talking to some of his flunkies about kidnapping some people for new assassins, Ayame didn't say anything but somewhere deep deep inside, she felt sympathy for the people that would become victims to this creation game.

[b]Character Snippet:[/B] A figure clad in dark clothing could barely be seen hopping across the rooftops swiftly and silently against the night. It stopped, a sound had been heard. Ayame crouched down and listened, she had just assassinated an important member of a gang and was on her way back, she couldn't be caught now. The sound stopped and Ayame left even faster than before, she had a feeling someone was following her, which was verified when she heard the clatter of a loose tile and a very quiet curse which she heard easily with her excellent hearing. Ayame smirked under the cover of the night and pretended that she hadn't heard anything. The follower had made two mistakes, not paying attention to anything that would give them away, and speaking or making a sound.

Ayame secretly reached to her pouch and pulled out a bunch of shuriken, hiding them in her hand so the moon's light didn't reflect off the shiny, black metal. She dropped one on purpose, letting it make a sound against the tiled roof she stood on to try to lure the follower toward her. She crouched down and started to feel around, even though she knew exactly where it was. The foolish follower could be heard coming towards her, when he was close enough, Ayame swiped up the shuriken and threw them at his direction. He was shocked and fell back against the tiles, her aim was still perfect and true, hitting him in the chest, with one piercing his heart, two piercing each lung.

Ayame stood and looked over him. [B]"Pathetic."[/B] she spat, staring at the corpse.

She turned away and made the rest of the way back to the hideout to report to Sir.[/COLOR]
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Name: Kazuma Uta

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: He's cold and detatched from most nowadays. He was once kind and social. His life is dark as is his personality. He hates his job and just ignores it for the most part. He is veiwed as vicous, when in reality he is just severd and uncaring. His personality as faded into darkness and sorrow.

Bio: He was born in Kobe near Kyoto. He lived with his grand mother in the traditional inn they ran. He came home from school one morning to find his grandmother missing. He searched the whole inn for her and when he went to the second floor he was ambushed. It all happend so fast, that he didn't even realize what had happend to him.

When he came to, he was locked in this small, 5 by 8 room. He was taken in to this dark world and forced to the life of an assasign for hire. A terminator as it was called. He has been trapped here for two years and his mind has grown dark and bleak. He has lost his hope to leave this life and has given into his life here. He has no hope for a future beyond killing.

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[size=1]Nice looking rpg. I'll join!

Name: Toshi Sekimoto

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearence: [IMG]http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y85/boxhoy/I_Want_To_Be_The_Minority__by_jemma.jpg[/IMG]

Personality: He can easily get obsessed over things. Very outgoing and comical. In stresful situations he's the kind of person who would try to find something to keep cheery but than again if it's too much he'll break down as well.
He can be morbid and space completly as well.

Biography/Character Snippet: Toshi was a working student, attending a lower class university. He lived close to the campus and worked at a small cafe around three miles from his residence.

Recently Toshi had taken a vacation to the US to meet with friends he'd met online. Upon his return home, he found that everything in his apartment had been thrashed. His bed had been sliced open, mirrors shattered...and there was blood.

The blood led Toshi to a sight of horror. His roomate, murdered, hanging upside down from the ceiling, wrapped in cloth. Blood was everywhere.

Toshi could hardly get to the phone to call the local authorities before he was knocked out cold. He awoke sometime later, his head, no his entire body was aching.

A man entered the chamber where Toshi was being held. "You are mine," he said.

A year or so passed, Toshi had become a true assassin under the guidance from others under the enslavement of this mysterious "boss"

His true skills were shown when he started adding his own personal flavor to his killings. His regrets began to fade as each death was dealt. A sort of...craving set in. To see the blood of his victim fall to the floor excited him.

Hope that was alright?
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/b] Namiuta Umeko

[b]Age:[/b] 24

[b]Gender:[/b] Female

[b]Appearance:[/b] [u][URL=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v352/KIttychanann/banners/pics/1113881568117.jpg]here[/URL][/u] Umeko always dresses in an elegant gothic Lolita fashion, which she has always loved since a child. Umeko always carries with her a concealed dagger, which she keeps on her right upper thigh, and six vials of poison on her left upper thigh. She also carries her brown teddy bear, Harry, with except on missions.

[b]Personality:[/b] Umeko always wears a sad gentle smile on her face. Her face rarely shows emotions, but her eyes tells all what emotion is feeling. Kind and gentle to most animals, but has never once sown any mercy to a human being. She follows ?Sirs? orders, but only because she doesn?t wish to be punished. Umeko harbors deep hatred to the man she is forced to work for and secretly wishes to get revenge on him, but she knows for now that she is not able to do so.

Umeko always keeps a calm, elegant air about her. She is highly graceful in her movement and actions. Umeko is not very strong in the physical aspect of her body, but she has a sharp mind, which always her to act quickly.

[b]Biography/Character Snippet:[/b] The sound of muffled talking awoke her from her sleep. As she curled up tighter into a ball she squeezed her teddy bear, Harry, as she attempted to return to her slumber. Umeko heard the talking get loud and it made her jump up in a start. She silently slipped out of her bed and slipped her feet into her sleepers, that laid by her bed. Dragging Harry behind her she tipped toed to her bedroom door and slowly opened. As the door creaked open she held her breath in anticipation of being scolded at by her Mother for being out of bed this late at night.

Tiptoeing down the hallways she seen the figures in the living room, it was hard to see for the lights where down dimly. Umeko silently called out ?Mama,?. A startled gasp came out from the crowd of shadows, as a figure stood up and came towards her. Umeko felt her chest get tight and she really didn?t understand why. She was freighted and just wanted to crawl back into bed, but her legs had become jelly and though she was trying to will her body to move it wouldn?t.

Two low startled screams let out and Umeko bolted forward, towards them. She didn?t want to go that way she knew she didn?t. Standing in the middle of the room she seen the two figures of her parents stained in blood lying on the floor. From the shock of this Umeko fainted to the floor clutching her teddy bear tightly in her arms.

A slight breeze brushed against her bare legs causing goose bumps to rise on her skin. Her sleepy mind thought, [I]Why did Mama turn on the fan, it was almost winter and Mama always complains about how easily you can catch a cold.[/I] Umeko shivered lightly as her hand search for a blanket, she froze as it began to sink in that this wasn?t her bed. Her eyes bolted open as the memories of the night flooded back in to her mind.

Umeko sat on the bed and whipped her head around the room, it was a plain old bedroom. In one of the corners stood a man surrounded in the darkness she couldn?t make out any details. Fear gripped her once more and she found herself trying to scream, but fear had gripped her vocal cords and her throat was dry and raspy. Umeko scurried to get away from the man as far as she could. Her arms gripped tightly around her teddy bear as she looked to protect from this stranger.

Umeko?s small hand came upon one of her pillows she gripped it tightly and flung it at the man. He chuckled at her lightly and looked at her as though she was nothing more than a bug. This made Umeko shrink back even more.

Namiuta Umeko was a normal eight-year-old child, she loved school, frilly pink dresses and her teddy bear, Harry. She lived in an average town in an average neighbor with her average family. On a cold November night her family was killed and Umeko found herself kidnapped by a strange man, who she is now forced to call ?Sir?.

Now the only testament that she really existed in that life before is a small article in the local newspaper that stated, ?Namiuta Hiroki, 42, Namiuta Ai, 36, where found murder in their house early this afternoon. They where presumed to be killed in the early hours in the morning by a failed robbery attempt. The location of their daughter, Namiuta Umeko, 8, is unknown, but she is also presumed to dead.?

Umeko is now forced into the life of an assassin, a life that she hates. A hidden hatred for the man she calls ?Sir? and a silent plan she of revenge she is hatching for him. Umeko always has her bear from childhood with her where ever she may go. [/SIZE]
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Name:Genji Kurisu

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Personality: Genji has a caring personality, but it isussually hidden most times underneath his mask of indifference. Because of this he may seem cold and withdrawn, but deep down he is really a nice guy, he just doesn't show that side too much because it would be taken as a sign of weakness by the boss and other assassins.

Biography/Character Snippet: Genji lived a normal life around in Toyko. He attended school, was smart, was on the soccer team, and took martial arts lessons since he was four.

Then one day, when he was 13, he came home to find his family vicously murdered. A man was sitting in the middle of his house, quietly watching his parents dead corpses.

"What the hell are you doing?" Genji screamed.

"My job, dear boy," the man chuckled in a manic voice. He stood up and looked at Genji. "Now to finish it!" The mand lunged forward at Genji. Genji, after taking martial arts for nine years, atomatically thrust out his foot and kicked the man back.

"Ouch, you'll pay for that!" the man shouted. He ran at Genji again, but Genji dodged under him and ran down the hallway. He ran into his parents room and slammed the door.

"Come out, come out where ever you are," the man mused as he walked down the hall. Genji frantically searched through his parents' nightstand until he found what he was looking for. A key. He took the key and ran to the other side of the room, to his father's desk.

The key went into the top drawer of his father's desk. The drawer slid open, revealing a 9mm pistol. Genji hesitantly took it out and cocked it. He would probably only have one shot, so he better make it count. He crouched behind the desk and waited.

The door crashd down as soon as Genji was in position. Then man looked around the room, then saw at the desk. As soon as he looked, Genji sprung up. He lightly squeezed the trigger and fired.

The man didn't even know what hit him. A hole appeared in his forehead and he fell back, crimson blood pouring down his face. Genji went over to investigate the man's body. As soon as he neared the door, another figure jumped out and grabbed Genji, making him drop the gun. He put a cloth to his mouth and chuckled.

"A little rough around the edges maybe, but I think the boss could use you. Hell, you have the makings of a sniper, I think you'd be good." Genji then blacked out. He awoke several hours later and his life was never the same again.

Appearance:[URL=http://blizzard-art.com/img/cai/Man.jpg]Genji in normal Clothes[/URL], [URL=http://blizzard-art.com/img/cai/Sharp%20Shooter.jpg]Genji in mission gear[/URL] (mission gear includes sniper riffle (as seen on back), 9mm pistol for close-up, extra ammo, gas mask, goggles with infared, UV, Xray, and other settings, and clothes that are enforced with kevlar to withstand bullets)
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This one sounds like fun. Just let me know if you need anything changed.

[b]Name[/b]: Seita Endo

[b]Age[/b]: 21

[b]Gender[/b]: Male

[b]Appearance[/b]: Seita is almost always wearing an outfit comprised of a black shirt, blue jeans, and regular street shoes, when he does not want to stand out. In his leisure time, and at certain times during mission he wears a somewhat ragged black cloak with a hood, and a black widow pin to hold it closed at the neck. His lower left arm is covered with a red tattoo that looks similar to a set of thorn-covered vines wrapped around it. His only other noticeable feature is a scar on his right forehead/cheek. His hair is dark brown, and his eyes are green.

[b]Personality[/b]: Given that Seita looks similar to a street thug, it is no surprise to found out that he can behave like one too. He often takes too much pleasure from inflicting pain, and sometimes refuses to listen to others. When he is not off on a mission he rarely spends time with others, if he has the choice, and can often be found sharpening his knives or practicing his shooting. Getting him to speak more than a sentence is difficult for everyone. His look and behavior conceals a mind that is quite smart, and a deadly master of stealth.

[b]Biography[/b]: Since the age of eight Seita has been living on the streets. He was separated from his family after a car crash hurled him away from the wreck, and robbed him of all his memories of the time before he awoke days later. Seita found himself ?adopted? by a local street gang, intent on using his size to help them get into places without having to break windows and alert the cops. Thanks to this he learned many skills in stealth, breaking and entering, and fighting.

Seeing his talent the gang?s leader took Seita under her wing and taught him more advanced ways to fight, and to kill. In time he became the one called upon to handle situations that required delicacy, usually the task of killing rival gang members in their own beds. This job specialty, combined by the act of working at night, gained him names well known in his hometown?s underworld, such as ?Spectre,? ?Wraith,? and ?Obakemono.? It was this life that also led to his downfall when he was finally caught by the cops. The trial was swift, and before long he was faced with life in jail. He never got to see the inside of a cell, however, as he was quickly recruited for the job of being a fully trained assassin.

[b]Character Snippet[/b]: A slight click was the only announcement of Seita?s arrival in the dark house. It was surprising that the local gangs would still use such cheap locks on their doors after how many of them he had already given to The Reaper. The floor uttered only a tiny squeak with each step he took, barely audible to himself, let alone anyone else. Making his way through the rooms he finally found what he was looking for, the sleeping form of a rival gang member whose name he did not even know.

With the swiftness of a striking cobra he lunged forward, slammed his left hand down on the man?s throat, and drove his knife into the awaiting chest. For several seconds the form jerked violently from the sudden shock of being attacked and stabbed. It would have been faster for Seita if he had cut the aorta instead of striking the heart directly, but he wanted to feel the pleasure of this one?s slow death. In a depressingly short time it was over, and the form lay there, completely still.

As he wiped the blood from his blade, Seita considered going after the rest of the family to get the enjoyment he so wanted. He knew it was pointless. He had completed the task, and no more killing would change that. As he closed the door on the way out he just hoped the next one would be more interesting.
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[SIZE=1]Name: Rukia Kuchiki
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearance: [URL=http://photobucket.com/albums/v111/Dark_Misstress/?action=view¤t=large_p_5698_image.jpg]~Click~[/URL] She wears a kitsune mask that she keeps on only on missions. When not on missions she has it tied around her neck facing back. She keeps the butterfly hair accessory on her hair at all times.
Personality: She has a very addicted personality. She points out peoples flaws quickly and keeps herself at an emotional distance from people. Has a problem of hurting peoples feeling when is not truly intended.

She can device an effective plan to break through fighting styles, destroy opponent on physical and emotional weak points, and go through any type of security. She can do this by looking at the fighting style, movements, daily routine of a person, and security only once. She is incredibly fast and physically strong with only light type weapons. Her accuracy is perfect only in pin needles. Yet her biggest strong point is her eyes and mental strength.

Biography/Character Snippet:
?You?re such a moron?? A girl about 18 spoke to a man about the same age. She stabbed her stake and looked at him. The man chuckled and folded his hands over the table there were sitting at. He looked at her and shook his head as she spook.

?Don?t blame the steak for it. Come on Rukia! Don?t you have any sense of adventure? Come to New York with me it be perfect. We?ll have a perfect opportunity there.? He said with a smile

?You keep talking about ?we? Soji. You such a dreamer sometimes I wish I knew how to dream just like you. Yet isn?t it better to set you foot in reality more? Why do you keep looking at me that way??

He smiled as he was staring at her ?Well I can?t help but how beautiful you are. They way you talk. They way you move. They way you smile. They way you say moron to me with such passion.? He grinned and his eyes sparkled as he gazed at her more ?I just can?t help but stare and smile all the time when I near you..?

?Then what are you proposing??

?Exactly that Rukia, marry me and come with me to New York??

?M-a-r-r-y? You are moron. Let?s just give you a prize for moron of the year award right now. You notice we are just 18? Not only that but in university and just starting are lives??

?My life starts when you say yes??

?You give me a headache..?

?Is that a yes??

?I think about?? She said and got up from her seat ?I see you tomorrow okay??

?I?ll be waiting..? He said and looked at her as she walked out the door.

Tomorrow came and Rukia walked to Sojiro?s house. She thought of what he said over dinner. She would have been more then happy to be Misses Sojiro Yakazama. She walked up to his apartment door. She searched her bag for the keys Sojiro gave her. She opened the door and walked over the boxes set on the floor. Sojiro was still in the process of moving in the apartment. He wanted to get away from his parents as soon as he went to college. Rukia couldn?t blame him one bit.

He multiple times he asked she wanted to stay with him in the apartment. All does times she told him no. Yet either way he put her name on the apartment. It was the intention of making her want to live with him since there was always the hassle of picking up the mail there. She saw no point of it.

?Sojiro you should really finish up moving in. This is just disgusting?? She yelled and she jumped over one box. She heard no answer which was strange. He was always here fixing up the place or playing video games.

?Soji? Were you at exactly?? She said and moved toward his bedroom. She opens the door of his bedroom and screamed. There was Sojiro lying on the floor in a pool of blood. His throat was slight open and his eyes were shut closed. He clenched a small close to him. Rukia sat next to his dead body slowly weeping. She took the box out of Sojiro still warm fingers. She opens it and there was a ring. She cried harder knowing it was the engagement ring he meant to give her today. She took the ring from the box and held in her hand. Steaming tears ran down her face splashing on the ring. She gently kissed the ring and put it on her finger. She gently graced her hand over his cheek. His cheek was still warm. She could not think of him cold as a normal cold corpse.

The door behind her closed slowly. Rukia stood still not moving an inch from her place. She could see a guy in the corner of her eye. The bastard that killed Soji was still here. Rukia wiped her tears off her face. She sniffled ready to take the worst.

?Great now you?re here. I have been waiting for a while. I said I was looking for you and this guy decided to play hero. Now please come with me?..? A voice said standing up behind her.

?What if I reject your invitation?? She spoke with her voice raspy from her crying.

?Do you really have a choice??

Rukia looked at Sojiro and thought of her parents ?You killed them too huh?? She can feel the figure behind her shrug. Rukia shuddered and felt tears fall silently down her face.

?I?m not going no matter what you say?.? Rukia said wiping a tear from her face. Rukia got knocked over on the head falling on the floor unconscious. The man through her over his shoulder and carried her away from the apartment.

After that Rukia was made to kill. She never wanted to give people the same fate of her beloved ones. Yet she adjusted to do as she was told without no questions. She learned to have no remorse or regret over her falling victims.[/SIZE]
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Name: Kouji Morinozuka

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Appearance: [URL=http://www.fullmetal-alchemist.com/gallery/details.php?image_id=3607]Mori.[/URL] He normally dresses in whatever he can grab in his leisure time, usually an outfit consisting of a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt that's normally blue or green in color. When working he dons a black turtleneck, a pair of fingerless gloves, and combat boots with his jeans. He always wears a pair of thin, wire framed glasses, as he's farsighted.

The farsightedness is a godsend while on the job, as is his dexterity and speed. He can shoot a target from great distance with pinpoint accuracy, and can deftly immobilize a person without leaving any physical markings upon their body. His acting skills come in handy as well, allowing him to act as a public liaison when and if it is necessary. He also speaks English fluently, a good talent when it comes to dealing with travelers from the west.

Personality: He's a smart, playful young man who, in spite of being on the quiet side, is easy to smile and laugh. While he seems open at first, he really lets no one onto what he's thinking or feeling. However, he doesn't do well under stress, and has a tendency to snap in tight situations. Funny, considering how well he does on stage in front of a few thousand people.

He responds to his name, Kouji, but also to the nicknames of Kou and Mori.

Bio: There's not much to say about Mori, save that he's a studious person who, in spite of his potential as a teacher, decided to take up acting. At the age of seventeen his parents transferred him to a creative arts school where he could continue developing his talent. It was at that school that he met the love of his life, an up and coming poet by the name of Chidori Fujioka.

Upon graduation Mori proposed to Chidori, and the two had made plans to go to New York. There Mori knew he had the possibility of getting a job on Broadway, and Chidori could publish her poetry.

Before they even had a chance to get married, disaster struck...


Mori tucked his hands in his pockets as he leaned against the wall of their designated meeting spot, letting on the air of calm when inside he was seething. It was cold, and he saw his breath come out in clouds as he waited in the darkness for the envoy to come.

They had taken Chidori and demanded a ransom. He was there to deliver, and to get his fiancee back into his arms. What their names were, he didn't know, but if they had so much as laid a hand on Chi...

There was no time to finish the thought. Mori took up the sack that held the designated amount of money--over half of his savings-- and straightened up as a black clad figure stepped out of the car.

"Do you have it?" He asked of Mori, who raised an eyebrow in responce.

"Do you?" Replied Mori, keeping his voice soft and his best polker face on.

The stranger opened the car door, revealing another man with a bound and gagged Chidori in the back seat.

"Well?" The stranger pressed, reaching into his trench coat for what Mori thought suspiciously was a gun.

Mori kicked the sack toward the man, never taking his eyes away. He took a deep breath, and silently asked his pounding heart to still itself. He wasn't certain how long he could maintain his calm facade with his nerves as jumpy as they were. "Let. Her. Go." Mori said, inserting a note of harshness as he bit the words out.

He heard Chidori thrash about in the car, her voice muffled behind the duct tape. Mori ignored her for the moment, fighting the urge to run over, unbind her, and then embrace her as the guise broke and the floodgates opened.

"Gladly," The man before him gestured to the man in the car, who proceeded to cut Chidori's bonds. Mori turned his eyes to his girl, but those eyes widened as Chidori wrenched herself free of her captor and ripped the tape from her mouth.

"Get out of here!" She called to him, "It's a trap!"

"What-?" Before Mori could finish the sentence the man in the car had shot her through the chest.

"Too bad," The man from the car said as he stepped out, a note of regret in his voice. "She really was a pretty little thing."

The facade crashed down, and Mori felt his heart pound in rage. Before he knew it he had taken down the man before him, borrowing from the various fights he had taken part in from his youth, and had the fallen man's gun in hand. He searched left. Right. He planned on killing the man who had slain Chidori, but he was nowhere in sight.

A moment of silence passed, broken only by Mori's ragged breathing. Suddenly there was a hand clamped on his mouth, and he futilely fought for freedom from the stronger man's grasp.

There was a chuckle in his ear. "Sir will like you, Kouji Morinzuka."
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Sakura Wakaba

[B]Age[/B]: 18

[B]Gender[/B]: Female

[B]Personality[/B]: Sakura is quite childish. She was never really known to take things seriously, her mother used to discipline her for this. But ever since she was kidnapped she has been very quiet and to herself. Constantly thinking if she is going to live or not.

Not much is known about Sakura, she is one of the "newbies", or one of the freshly kidnapped slaves. She hasn't talked much to the other slaves, she likes to keep to herself. She thinks giving people to much information can lead her to death.

[B]Biography/Character Snippet[/B]: Will be revealed in the RP.[/SIZE]
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Name: Heimdall

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Personality: Rather Cold at times, Distant, Vengeful, Smart, and Calculating, and sometimes Violent.


Biography: Once a powerful Norse God of light who had the ability to control birds and humans minds. But was cast down by God and was forced to live on Earth in the form of a child! However even in this form, he is limited with his magic...

I look forward to this roleplay i know we are gonna have fun!
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