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Sign Up Sinnerz (Open Ended RPG) <M-L,V,S>


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[INDENT][COLOR=DarkOrange]Whenever there is Light; There is Darkness

Wherever there is Control; There will be Anarchy

Whenever there is Warmth of safety; There is cold biting Danger

Wherever there is the Flame of Life; There is the Water of Death

And whenever there is an Idol; There will always be Sinners[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red]These very words, words of the Balance of Forces; have been passed down for a millenia by the Preachers of the Religous Tome, The Book of Storms. These Preachers have kept the people of the world underheel by using the deep fear of a higher being against the people and by performing 'Miracles' for the people from time to time. Those that do not obey the orders given by the Church backed goverment are considered Anarchists and those that disobey The Book of Storms are Athiests or 'Sinnerz'.
These people are considered Outcasts because of their beliefs and are branded then
expelled to live in the slums with the rest of the Outlaws.

Recently however; Certain research has been found by a Scientist in the Badlands n the middle of Nowhere proving that there is no god up above. Now Sinner and Anarchist are working to get this research before the Church backed bounty hunters are able to; Sinners to bring down the Relgion while Anarchist to cause Chaos. It is a race against time and each other to find the reasearch so that the people can be saved from themselves and each other[/COLOR].[/INDENT]

Rules: Thats the general Jist of the Story but here are some rules.

1) Godmodding is not allowed

2) This is not a Fantasy RPG; This is a Serious Modern RPG so no magic.

3) Sinnerz and Anarchists do not get along so do not try to get them to.

Character Generation

Name: (Go Wild)
Age: (Go Wild)
Class: (Nothing like Mage or Cleric or whatever. Think of it more as Occupation)

Alignment: What your characters role in the story is and who he is aligned with.

Anarchist: Finding the research to prove that the Religion is false and to bring the goverment crashing down around them so that there can be Anarchy.

Sinner: Finding the Research to make things right and stop the Religion having absolute power.

Church Backed- Finding the research to destroy it and stop the atheists from bringing their world down around their ears.

Wanderer: Finding the research to sell for money or on a previous obligation

Private Organisation- Finding the research for own personal reasons.

Weapons: (Nothing Ultra powerful and nothing really too primative. This is a modern day RPG so no laser weapons or Clubs)

Personality: (What your character is like)


Biography: (Your characters life previously and how they got bought into the conflict)

OOC: I am damn aware that at every turn I spelt Sinners, Sinnerz so don't tell me.
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[B]Name:[/B] Mrs. Christina Ann Willmont
[B]Age:[/B] 30
[B]Class:[/B] professional make-up artist
[B]Alignment:[/B] Anarchist. That false government is going down...Even if it's the last thing she sees mortally.
[B]Weapons: [/B] Any type of small blade she can conceal or throw from afar. She doesn't like to be seen too often, especially IDably. Once in a while depending on the objective, she may the one hidden in a tall building with a sniper rifle.
[B]Personality:[/B] She's had to me able to adapt to many situations. If she doesn't hate you, you'll get treated kindly. Warm heart all the way. If not...expect no sympathy, a frosty voice, and chilly manner. Sometimes she's too nice for her own good, but does draw a line that should not be crossed. Ever. Always happy to do a friend a favor, Christina lets many just call her Chrissie, and almost always has a kind smile on her face. Cooking is a favorite pastime, especially desserts.
[B]Appearance: [/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/ratatrae.jpg][COLOR=Purple][U][I]Christina[/I][/U][/COLOR][/URL]
[B]Biography: [/B]
[COLOR=Purple]"Wait, you want me to do what?! That's ridiculous, and thievery!"[/COLOR] The desk chair swiveled around as the professionally dressed woman turned to look at the guest. [COLOR=Purple]"Ma'am, I completely understand, but it IS the law now. According to-"

"Listen to me mister, I lost my husband fighting for you people and what you stand for. As if that wasn't enough, the more time that passes the more restrictions that are placed. A Totalitarian Theocracy!"[/COLOR] She took the sheet of paper and slammed it onto the desk. [COLOR=Purple]"I'll tell you right now. I refuse to pay this, I refuse to 'repent' what did, and I refuse to serve your damn government any longer!"[/COLOR]

Christina glared hard at the young man in his expensive, well-pressed suit. He was just the messenger, and didn't deserve the treatment, but this news was going one step too far. She rarely lost her cool, but when temper was met, it was best to run out of the kitchen and call the fire department. He was looking very nervous, despite the air he was trying to put off of the calm boss. [COLOR=Purple]"Do you know the consequences?"[/COLOR]

The woman sighed audibly and sat defeated in the chair. [COLOR=Purple]"Yes,"[/COLOR] she said fingering the ordinance in her fingers again.[COLOR=Purple] "I apologize for snapping at you, but I've just been under a lot of stress lately." [/COLOR] She pulled a cigarette out of its pack and lit it. [COLOR=Purple]"When your team arrives in the morning to brand and expell me, I will not be here. Feel free to leave a message with the secretary, but I will not receive it."[/COLOR] Christina sat back and turned her back on the visitor once more, proceeding to type furiously with one hand while she smoked. [COLOR=Purple]"It's been a nice chat, but now I must ask you to leave. I am a very busy woman, and your government is due to crash down around you."

"Yes, of course. Good Evening."[/COLOR] The expensively dressed man left her office, not without hiding his displeasure. She didn't hide her motives or train of thought, being almost obnoxiously open with the fact, almost mockign him. Christina was to become an Anarchist, and mighty good at changing other's appearances so that it was harder for the government and its lackeys to track down known and most wanted offenders.
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Not bad Kuroshin13, You have a fairly detailed character there. I'm going to be away for the next few days camping so I won't be able to check peoples characters for a while.

Name: Jacques Mandour II
Age: 24
Alignment: Sinner- He has found that the Religion has grown corrupt and false so he wishes to do anything to stop it from corrupting anyting else.
Class: Former Arms Salesman; Now Terrorist
Weapon: Jacques uses a pair of Colt Magnums that he carries within his jacket (Not shown in the picture but he does wear it)

Appearence: [URL=http://www.anythingforyou.co.nz/products/photos/Scribe%20the%20crusader.jpg]Jacques Mondour[/URL] (He usually wears a Black Hoodie as well)

Personality: Jacques is and odd fellow to say the least; He was once one of the most devout people you would meet but for some unexplained reason he changed to become Cruel, bitter and cold as ice. he is obsessed over his goals and will do anything to get them which makes him among the most dangerous people living out in the slums.

Growing up from a very Devout family; Jacques had a very Religous upbringing and therefore he didn't have a lot to live with. His family owned an Arms and Mutitions store where he worked as a teenager besides his schooling. When Jacques turned 20, his father died and he was given the family store to run. However one day he mouthed off to a Priest and as an aftereffect when he came home with his friend after a night out they were both jumped and his friend was murdered by some lackeys of the church.

The Church offered to forgive Jacques and forget that he had ever been rude to a Priest for a large fee and that was what sparked his spiral into becoming an atheist.

----What happened there----

"I'm sure you know quite well why you are here Mandour?" The Church official asked inside of the confessional booth that Jacques had come to. Jacques nodded and replied "Forgive me for I have sinned" but before he could state how long it had been since he had confessed the Priest interrerupted by saying " Quiet Boy, It is your time to listen not mine"

"When you were rude to that Priest you deeply upset the church: Stated the Priest then he continued "The Church is prepared to allow you to repent for your sins for a.... Small Donation". jacques began to frown and asked "You expect me to pay money for something that the church caused and think it will be fine? You never really evolved from the dark ages did you?"

The Official gasped and yelled angrily "Is that how you're going to be you Arrogant little Bastard? Guards grab this man!" as the muscled arms of the Church Thugs reached through a false wall and dragged him along a dark corridor into what appeared to be an operating theatre. Oe thug injected him with a liquid and the lights went out for Jacques.
After a few hours Jacques woke up but his face had been marked with the brand of a Sinner and in the outskirts of the city which were only known as the slums. Setting off for his home and his shop after night fall he found that his shop had been razed and his house without any human life within its walls. Searching desperatly Jacques found his personal stash of weapons, tucked them into his jacket and vowed that he would change the seemingly false religion.
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Name: Anthony dorrick Bellam

Age: 27

Alignment: Anarchist- He thinks that the government is too powerful and the people of the city have simply allowed this government to rule supreme with it's iron fist.

Class: Merchant

Weapons: He enjoys and collects guns and other projectile weaponry. However he usually carries a sword with him (Sword seen in pic)


Personality: He is a pleasant, but sometimes absent minded person. Or at leat in outward appearance. Underneath this farce exterior, lies a cool and cunning individual. He is calculating, and every action he takes is never a random one, thought his behavior would have one to think otherwise. He is cool and calm, even in the most desperate situations, and is completely indifferent toward human life and suffering. He places himself first and is often disliked for this, but many still come to him for his help.

Bio: Born in the badlands of the world, his parents were both anarchists and this was the lifestyle he was brought up in. The badlands is a harsh backyard to grow up in, but this is what made him strong. This is where he learned the harshness of the world and witnessed the cruelty of humanity. He used his wits and has sharpend his perception in this dangerous out world of society. It was hard and hateful, but it's the only life he's ever known.

As he grew he became a merchant of sorts. Living in this exile world he has established fine connections in the underworkings of both the city and the badlands. He deals in every thing from simple living wares to human lives. It's said there's nothing he can't get a hold of; given the right price of course. He is hated and admired for this and is well sought by both ends of the spectrum, both anarchists and even occasionally sinners; thought they are the less grateful customers.

He has been recieveing information on this research material that could over throw the religous control in the city. He is driving his resources so he might take it himself. To over throw the church would bring to question the government that had been in complete support of. It has remained elusive and has had many come to him in search of the information so they might take it for themselves. All he wants is to see the city fall to chaos, so they might bring about a new, just society worthy of the beauty the city dwellers hold for themselves.
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