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Sign Up Time Control: The beginning [M-LVS]


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[CENTER] [COLOR=DarkRed] [U] Time Control: The beginning[/U][/COLOR][/CENTER]
[COLOR=Gray] Ryan ran after the two boys on the roof in the middle of the night. This was crazy, why was he had to handle brats? He pulled out his gun from his jacket as they approached the edge.
?Alright, you crazy Demi-devils. Your under arrest by Time Control.? Ryan paused, that didn?t sound right.
?Okay, Okay let me say that again. Your?.? The boys jumped over the edge.
?Son of a *****.? He looked down the edge to see the car crash as the boys ran off to the sidewalk. He underestimated the boys.
?Come back, you!!? He ducked as a line of flames boomed overhead. He totally forgot that they where elementals. He bounced back up and ran to the other side for the fire excape.
?Chief better pay me extra for this!? He jumped down and ran down the ally. The people at the corner where confused about the crash and the boys. He scanned through to see them dash through another alleyway.
?Son of a *****! Give me a break!? He followed them as he smiled. Dead end. He pointed the gun at them as they slowly turned to him.
?We just want to see our mommy.? Said the blonde-hair one.
?Don?t give me that ****. I have been having a bad day. Just get on the ground.? The black-haired one raised his hands as wind in the area picked up. Clouds gathered through the night as lightning appeared. Grunts echoed as Figures appeared behind him. The living dead.
?They said Elementals! Not Deaders!? He pulled away his stare of the boys and fired at the dead, no effect.
?Fine, time to kick some ***!? He reached back and pulled out his katana as he thrust through the first zombie. He sliced and diced the rest easily as they began to sink into the ground. Rain began to pour over him as he slowly put away his sword and turned around. The boys where gone.
?Son of a *****!!!?

[U][I]Next Morning[/I][/U]

?You can?t catch two little boys?!!? The chief pounded his fist on his giant desk. Ryan rolled his eyes as he took a seat.
?You never said one of them was a Deader!?
?It doesn?t matter! There boys!!?
?One almost burned me!?
?There 8 year old boys!? Ryan grinded his teeth as the chief backed off. Silenced filled the room as both of them cooled off.
?Listen, do you want Jin to take this case.?
?Hell no! Not that jackass.?
?Then I suggest you get going. Them boys are heading back in time. Dark ages.?
?Oh boy. My favorite.?
?Don?t give me crap. You have 3 days. Go.? Ryan turned to leave when Chief stopped him.
?If you can?t do this, I?ll get Jin on the case.?
?Don?t worry. There?ll be in your office in a day.? He gave a short salute and left.

Okay, here it is. There are two sides of people. One is the Time Control, sort of police. The other is an Elemental or a Deader (same side). A Doctor named, Mount that wanted to make the perfect Time controller. He grabbed people form other times and fused them with gems that gave them the ability to form water, fire, wind, etc. Dr. Mount then took only a handful of the rest and made them the ability to call up the dead or use the dead?s energy for fighting enhancement. Though when his creations woke, they still had there memories, though very faint memories. They killed Dr. Mount and used Time teleporters to travel back or forward into time to search for what the Dr. Stole from them. Most of them would destroy the cities and kill people to look for their past. Time Control had no idea about the Dr. and thought the attacks where just corrupted people destroying the Time basis. Now today, there are more and more of elementals and Deaders running through the Time streams and it is up to the Time Control to put an end to this. But is their more to the story then this? Of course!
[I]Extra info[/I][/U]

Elementals- controls only one element. Anything, fire, metal, wind, etc.

Deaders- can awake the dead and use them as slaves. They can also gather power from the dead and use their power for fighting on there own.


class: only if you join the elementals/Deaders. You either pick a elemental or Deader.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kain Savage

[B]Age:[/B] 21

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Side:[/B] Elemental/ Deader
Weapons/abilities:[/B] Kraven, a dagger that curves in a wicked form and serrated and has a demon skull made of metal in the handle and another dagger named Crushak. Both are made the same except Crushak has a dragon head in the handle. He can summon the dead to do his bidding or use there dark energy for his physical enhancements. He favors using the dark energy for his physical enhancement then using them as slaves.

[B]Class:[/B] Deader

[B]Appearance:[/B] Kain stands at a height of 6'3" and has a big build in the upper body area; he has long black spiked hair that comes to mid-back with red tips on the end of his hair. He wears a black cloak and he wears black hard toed boots with a small spike stud on each heel; he has black pants with demonic symbols and runes stitched in with red or silver thread and a black shirt with a demon skull. He has dark green eyes with a face that looks ageless, save for a scar on his left cheek and one across his throat.

[B]Personality:[/B] Kain is sadistic and quick thinking, being a deader has made him rather unpleasant to anyone that gets in his way or is in his sight when he is in a bad mood. This is quiet often in his life. He sees other living people as nothing but soon to be slaves to his power, he is very manipulative and ruthless. And even though he always seems to be in terrible mood, he is very patient and has a charismatic look to him. Being a deader has required he be patient due to the lack of ability the undead have.

[B]Bio:[/B] Kain was originally a citizen of the infamous country know as Persia, he was one of the best warriors in the army. Able to kill 10 men with his simple two daggers and he was seen as a God to his enemies before he killed them. The soldiers would cheer when he went into to combat, he was usually the first to go into battle without thinking about numbers or if their hero was any better. He controlled a small group of the best Persian warriors who were skilled in silent killing or intense hand to hand combat.

He took pride in his men and in his ability to kill, the scars he got across his cheek and throat were caused by a very skilled assassin, the assassin attacked him in the night and Kain fought the assassin off. In the end Kain killed the assassin but suffered a wound across his cheek and a cut across his throat that almost took his life. He lived through that struggle with only two scars, this only boosted his ego and his reputation amongst the men.

Kain and his battalion were supposed to go into the battle with Alexander the great, but Kain was taken by the Dr. while Kain slept. When the Dr. probed his mind and saw what he would best be turned into, he found his memories of his abilities to kill men senselessly and became one of the deaders. The memories he lost were of his fighting abilities so he lost most of his fighting skills in his transformation and of where he comes from and who his people were. He now hunts for his memories doing as he wishes with his powers over the dead.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Akira

Age: 15

Gender: male

Side: Elementals

Weapons/abilities: Akira holds two katanas which are strung onto his waist. He controls the element of ice.

class: Elementals


Personality: Akira is very cool.He's calm and very few times has he lost his temper.

Bio: Akira grew up in a tiny village training to become a swordsman. He would train every day and his mom and dad would laugh when the sword was too heavey and he'd fall down. They had a great life.

But one day a terrible fate fate happened. The Deader came burned down his village and every survivor. He was 9 at the time. Akira picked his sword up and slayed some of the Deaders but watched as they burned his house along with his parents. This caused Akira to lose his sight. But since then he's gotten his other senses stronger. Just cause he's blind doesn't mean he cant see.
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Name: Donatello "Don" Charton

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Side: Time Control

Weapons: He carries with him a large sword (as seen in pic) for close quarters, but for the most part he relies on his custom pair of handguns, The wind cutters, designed specifically to deal with these extreme threats.

Class: Human


Personality: Well mannerd and very stern. He has a very cold exterior, but seems to be well meaning and kind heated underneath it all. He's not a very private person it that he'll share information about himself with almost anyone (Enemies excluded), but they must first ask him, he'll never volunteer it. There is only one thing he has never shared with anyone and no one knows why he would choose of all things to keep this to himself. His cold expression often leaves one with the idea he's angry, even if he says otherwise.

Bio: Raised in his simple family, he spent much of his life dreaming of some day being a cop. It wasn't unusual, but for his age he took it very seriously; learning police protocol at the age of 7. He didn't just want to be some hero of the people like most kids his age. He legitimatly wanted to be a cop, take all the good and the bad to it. This both made his parents proud, but also worried them a little taht such a young child was more interested in this then making friends or having fun. He sought out martial arts schools so he might learn close quaters combat. This was pretty typical for a cop to know; Basic takedowns and submissions. He then took up marksmen training so he could shoot and kill a target if necassary.

When he was 13 he left for marksmen training and didn't return. He was gone, like a gust of wind. They searched high and low for him but never found a trace. It had been all of 6 months and they had all but given up hope of ever finding him alive. Then out of the blue he just came home one day, as if nothing had ever happend and he went about his business like usual. Of course this spurred a media frenzy. He returned in the same clothes he had worn the day he disappeared, but they were in tatters. Torn and staind with what appeared to be blood, but the stains were so old there was no way to positivly identify this. He had cuts and bruises over his entire body and his eyes, though seemes fixed on what they were doing, were lightly glazed over. When asked what had happend to him he never said a word. His parents worried for him, had he gone insane? How horrible was it that he saw? No one knew, and he wasn't telling anybody about it either. This media zoo finally died after a year of frenzy, but he still gets the occasional question raised by a tabloid and the nosey busy body who just wants to know. But he generally ignores them and keeps it to himself. Some think it's because he doesn't remember, while others say it's becaue he did something horrible but doesn't want anyone to know, while others still say he was abducted and traumatized to silence. What really happend, no one but him knows and like I said, he isn't talking.

After this he showed and unusual interest in technology. He spoke to his marksmen trainer about where he might find someone who made guns and how he could meet them. His trainer advised him to visit a woman living just north of town. It was a hell of a walk, but he went all the way there. Once he arrived he wanted to know about smithing guns. After pleading with her for hours, she consceded with him and agreed to teach him how to make guns. He spent five years learning the trade, how to make guns and bullets, even learning how to make new kinds of guns.

Once he was 20 he took this and went to the most elite police force there was, Time Control. He was accepted into there precinct and serves as one of there top agents. Dedicated, not to the force, but to his own will.
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Name: Gin Ichimaru

age: 19

gender: Male

Side: Elementals

weapons/abilities: The five foot katana on his hip, and the power over wind, which does hive him a speed boost.

class: Elemental

Appearance: Below

personality: Very cheery. He likes to act like an idiot, which he seems very good at. He does this, not for attention, but rather because this is how he lives his life. He likes the idiotic type of lifestyle.

But, when something gets serous, he is right there with it. His face shows no emotion, and he begins to act like a serial killer. He plots his attacks, calculating everything he does.


In the begining, he was stranded. He did not know where his life would lead. He just went wit hthe flow. He would normally, well always go outside his little house and close his eyes to the sould of the wind. The calming effect it had on him was outstanding.

Then, something strange happened. He was given something that he did not understand. He was told that the stone shall give him incredable powers, but to use them, you must first harness the power inside the stone.

From that day forht, he knew what he had to do, but he could not remember how he got to where he was. He was moved into a new world, a new lilfe. He could not even rememeber his real name. He saw the name Gin on a bottle of some sort of liquid, so he used it. He is still unsure of how he is to go about his life, but now, he goes with the flow, after he gives it a little direction.

sorry I could not finish, I do not have enough time right now, will do it either tomarrow or the next day.

EDIT: Ok I think I am done. Thanks for waiting.
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[B]Name: [/B] Alma (last name unknown)

[B]Age:[/B] 20

[B]Gender:[/B] female

[B]Side:[/B] elementals/Deaders

[B]Weapons/abilities:[/B] She carries no weapons herself, relying on agility to run or escape unless trapped in a corner. Something in her bewildering mind tells her she isn?t a violent person, and as such doesn?t like fights if they can be avoided. If not, she clumsily gets by improvising until finding a way out of her predicament.

[B]Class: [/B] Akasha, or spirit, depending on the times and beliefs. She has no purely offensive abilities, not being able to wield fire or bend earth, or summon dead legions, etc like many of her fellow former lab rats. When looking a person straight in the eyes, they can see their soul reflected in her mirror-like eyes. Fears, desires, all those that leave their imprint on a person?s heart for them alone to face. At present time, that is her only ?power? from the element, and not even used on purpose.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i18.photobucket.com/albums/b137/ShadowessTheNight/bookmark3.jpg][I][U][COLOR=Teal]Alma[/COLOR][/U][/I][/URL]
Personality:[/B] He manner is more of an empty shell, hard to tell if she?s rowing the boat or asleep at the oar in most cases. Very impressionable, she will believe almost anything if the person telling her puts on a tone of voice or manner that screams trust, even if falsely.

[B]Bio:[/B] Before Dr. Mount, she isn't sure of her former life, nor what time she was originally from. Just fleeting photos or sounds, usually much less than many of the others. The good doctor tried a different experiment with her, branching off to the element of Spirit as a trial to see if it would be similar to the other elements. As far as practical use was concerned, it was a failure. As a result of the fusion, she lost almost everything mentally. She had no real choice as to what side she was on, it was what she 'knew' in a way. Alma?s one goal now that she's out there is to find herself. Hide from the law, and do whatever it takes to regain what the Dr stole from her.
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[COLOR=Gray][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif]Name: Ryan Clark
age: 21
gender: Male
Side: Time Control
weapons/abilities: Nothing very special. Always carries his katana behind his back. One handgun in his jacket for long range. He's though not harmless without weapons. He can fight hand-to-hand.
class: Human
personality: If you haven't hadn't guessed yet. He is very short-tempered and can get cocky at some times. He has sort of 'bad luck' during a case. He has never caught a elemental or deader before. The chief gets pretty pissed, but always seems to give him another chance. He hates to see his hated rival, Jin get the congrats all the time. He tries to beat him by trying to capture a elemental/deader, but never suceeds.
bio: [edit]

[alright this is everyone that has made it]

1.Breathe (Ryan Clark)
2.Achillies (Kain Savage)
3.Starwind (Donatello Charton)
4.Raze_3103 (Gin Ichimaru) only if you finish your sign-up
5.Kuroshin13 (Alma)

(note: this does not mean sign-ups are closed. Sign-ups will still be up. I will though start the RP tonight.)
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