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RPG Zoids: Birth of the Titans [M-LVS]


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Explosions rocked the hillside as Leon had his Liger Gryphon run straight up and into the air. "Damn him. This ifhgt has been going on for hours" He had already exhausted his machione gun ammo and he was sure the other was any better off. His lock on siren went off then disappeared as the missles flew off in wild directions. "Now it is just goping to be an all out energy fight." He flew along the ground. "I can fly, he can cloak." He saw a light off to the side and dove as lasers flew right past him. "His cloak is disruptited when ever he fires" He began firing his emps making the wolf take off running. Leon almost got him when the wolf broke right as the cloak fixed itself. "Damn" Leon dodged more shots then felt himself losing altitude. He landed on all fours and turned to see a hole under the wing. "Looks like he knocked out my antigrav system." He hit a button as the Liger Gryphon's mouth open. The Command wolf was closing in on him when a large patricle beam erupted from the Gryphon's mouth. The wolf jumped away but was thrown to the ground by the sheer force and power of the attack. Leon pushed forward on the controls as he turned on the wing blades but only able to use the left one since the right was disabled with the shot.

"So it looks like it comes down to the this" The other pilot seemed just as tired as he was. The Command Wolf's blades came out as they both closed in on each other.

Leon ducked right as the wolf faked off to the other side. Leon smiled as his working wing blade took of the blade and the photon lasers on the back. The Wolf in turn jumped around taking off the damaged wing. "I got one shot left in my left gattling gun, got to make it count. He jumped away and fired it disabling the Wolf's other blade. "Look like your done for" His lock on warning went off as a rocket blew off half of his other wing. "That's ironic" The Gryphon's claws lit up as did the Command wolf and they rushed each other, ripping off armor, weapons, and anything they can get to. "Time for you to go " Leon brought his Claws into the side of the Command Wolf's head as the Command wolf brought his straight into the Liger Gryphon's throat. Both Zoids crashed in a big heap as Leon opened the cokpoit and climbed out. "Well that didn't go as planned" He saw the Command Wolf's cockpit open and the pilot got out and stood next to him.

"Let's see, we beat the crap out of each other, tore up both zoids, and had an unsactioned battle which will most likely bring the Eighth fation over here and arrest both of us and make us lose our zoids."

"Yeah, At least we knwo that these Titan zoids are extremely good." they both began to laugh as Leon held out his hand. "Name's Leon"

The other pilot shook his hand. "Larz. Your a pretty good pilot"

"You are too" He turned back to the zoids. "You know, we should start our own team, with these two Titan zoids and some others that we can upgrade. The only problem is that no one would join us unless we defeated them in a fight"

"And your worried why?"

"Good point" They both began to laugh as Leon hit a button and a Hover Cagro uncloaked a little ways off and rolled over to them. "Next thing is to get theses fixed" They got the zoids fixed and headed to the rest point. They walked in and surveyed all of the piltos looking to join a team. "This might take a while"

"I say we have a five person team"

"I agree. you pick one and i pick one, then we can find one more. We also need a name as well" He saw a girl sitting off by herself at a window eating lunch. "I think I found one, catch you later" He walked over and got himself so food then sat down. "Howdy...name's Leon"

This is where other people come in. Raze you can chose who you want to talk to fist then the other can wait his turn to introduce himself to us. Have fun
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Lex sat down with her lunch and observed the other pilots looking for teams and the teams that were already established. It was what she always did, by her self, she found out a lot about what was going on in other teams by sitting there all the time. She had sat in the same spot for so long she was sure that everyone considered her furniture. Lex looked over at one of the other teams fighting again about the recent battle they just fought, who was better, the usual. She laughed inwardly to her self. [I]?Idiots?[/I] she thought. She looked out the window at her Zoid and remembered the day it found her when ?

"Howdy...name's Leon"

The girl looked up from her lunch deep in thought.


?The names Leon, Yours?? Leon had a small friendly smile on his face

?Lex... what do you want?? She looked at him with no emotion. It was pretty hard to get emotion out of Lex in the first place.

?We?re, well me and another are starting a team. I?ve seen your stats. Want in, your looking for a team yeah??

She looked the Zoid pilot up and down taking in his features, she had seen many people get done over by shady charcters saying the same thing as this guy was. Only to get beat up and their zoid stolen but something told her to trust him.

?Yeah I?ve been looking for a while?ok I?m in? when and where?...?

OOC: sorry its so short silverwolf, will get longer when story gets going
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Doran was slowly striding in his lightining sykes, moving across this open desert. He had been lost out here for days. His navagational and communication systems had been down for a while so he had no way to know if he was even going in the right direction. Doran spoke up "Well old buddy, what do we do from here?"

The zoid made a light growl and groan, then Doran jumped back in "Come on, you used to live here you dhould have some idea where we are."

This was replied to by another groan. Doran sighed "Man, how did I do this to myself?"

The zoid then roared in response. Doran grunted back "You don't have to remind me. I remeber what happend."

The zoid groaned one more time "Alright, just drop it already!"

Then the rather odd conversation with his zoid ended. It was at this time he noticed something in the distance. It was something coming toward him, another zoid. But who all else was out here in the middle of nowhere?

occ: Sorry it's short, I'm still trying to find my place here.
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"Where did he go? He shouldn't have gone far... !" Lorna said in her Black Gun Sniper "Gotcha!" Kunai said "Where, How?..." Lorna Pondered "Camo, everyone knows Beserk Furys have those!" Kunai replied "I guess not everyone..." Lorna admitted "Take this!" Kunai, blasted the gun sniper off the cliff, which gave it critical damage at the fall... "Lousy, you left your guard down... It shouldn't be so easy to beat a Gun Sniper... After all, My town was obliterated by them..." he was angry, he shot an ion beam at a nearby mountain and blew it to pieces. "I could've caught up with those gun snipers! I could've blown them to pieces... But i was held back! Held back by my own father!" After, Kunai calmed down he left the battlefield, as with the ruins of Lorna's Zoid, blown back into screws and bolts...

He was at the hanger, fixing up his Zoid "Hey!" One of the workers said in astonishment "What?" Kunai growled "There's not a scratch on there!" "So?" Kunai angrily replied... "But didn't you just go into battle?" "yes..." Kunai said "And dominated the competition" The worker shrugged and went back to work. "Today, in local news. A forgotten Gun Sniper was left in a battlefield blown to pieces. The engineers said 'We've never seen damage like this, done to a Zoid before, but we will continue to fix it' Also, a injured pilot was INSIDE the Zoid at the time it was in ruins... This is what she had to say... 'He put up a good fight, I'm not mad at him for not holding back... He has alot of spirit' In other news . . ." Kunai smirked as he drank his coffee... Then spits it out "You call this coffee!?"

Kunai was bored on his way back to the Hanger, He wanted to get into another fight... "up an d ready!" one of the workers said in joy "perfect..." Kunai said as he payed them. "now to take this baby on another 'Test Run' hehehe..." Kunai activated his Zoid... But at that moment Furio gave out a exhausted growl... "What do you mean you're tired!? I thought zoids couldn't get tired!" Furio gave out another grunt in rebuttle "Oh fine, let's just atleast get to my house..." Furio barked in agreement, as they walked home they saw a strange looking military zoid. It was a enormous, black with red outlines, Tyrannosaures zoid that had an exhaust vent as big as Furio "Huh?" Kunai Pondred upon the enormous zoid.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain sat in the Coffee shop, sipping at his cup and reading his daily paper. Checking the ranks for the zoids team and the new models they were coming out. He shook his head at the name of the teams and theirs zoids. He saw that a Gun Sniper was on the numbe one team, he recongnized the piloets name. He fold his paper up and threw it on the table.
"Damn newbie. He disgraces Gun snipers on a world wide scale. If his father hadn't payed off the team leader I would be in that position."[/B] He said to himself as he sipped as his coffee.
"And these new models are riddiculs. They just keep adding crap that shouldn't be there, it ruins the whole point of long range kills when you are shining like a damn christmas tree."[/B] He sipped at his coffee; angry that everything was just not working right now. After a few moments he just went back to thinking about his Gun sniper. And how it made him proud with every shot it fired, this calmmed him down and he sipped slowly now. Relaxing himself.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Larz nodded as Leon ran off. "Well, don't even know you, but ok. Lets find us a team." H looked back at his zoid. It was already fixed since they had gotten there. He laughed and ran up to it.

"Hey, lets go find somone out in the dessert. The titan zoid let out a giant roar that scared the mechanics around it. One of them walked up to him a and looked at the zoid.

"Where did you find it? I have never seen a zoid like that one, or your buddy's." Larz nodded and smiled.

"I found him." He began to laugh as he ran up and got into the cockpit. The mechanic was left there to ponder on that. Soon after getting in, he ran off into the dessert.

After about thirty minutes of running, Larz saw somethingin the distance. "Hey, lets go talk to that guy." The zoid roared in agreement. Soon after, they were right next to the unknown zoid and polot. "Hey, are you willing to join a team that I am putting together?" The pilot looked at him with a confused look.

"Where did you come from? I am a little lost, in any case, your starting a team? Anyone else on it?"

"Well, as far as I know, one other person. He is good to, same as me. Even without anyone else, it would be hard for anyone to beat us." Larz began to laugh. "Oh, right, my name is Larz. And you are?" After about a second, the pilot answered.

"My name is Doran Stelling. And this here is Red flare, my Lightning Sykes. Nice to meet you. What kind of Zoid is that?"

"Oh this, his name is Schnee Wolf. A Command Wolf, but, he is not your normal Command Wolf." Larz smiled as the zoid let out a litle growl.

"Right, well, thats what all pilots are going to say. In any case, you think you can take me to the nearest city?" Doran sighed as Larz nodded yes. "Good. How far is it from here?"

"About a thirty minute run without boosters. But first, we have to get rid of them" Larz gripped the joysticks a little harder as four wild Blade Ligers roared behind them.

"You in?" He watched Doran nod. "Good, I got them three." And with that, he took off, activating his camo.
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Leon took Lex back to the Hover Cargo.
"So where?s your zoid?" Leon looked around.

Lex gave a sharp whistle and the ground shook as a Black Blade liger came bounding over to her from the parking area and stopped behind her casting a long shadow over the two pilots.

"Right here, this is Obscura my zoid" She lent against the zoids left claw, massive as it was. Obscura lent down and shoved it's massive face in Leon?s. He jumped back but then touched the zoid and it stood up right looking proud.

"That?s a rare thing, he likes you." Lex looked up at Obscura. Leon looked at her.

"He likes me ?" Leon found that rather puzzling. Lex looked around and up at the hover cargo.

"So where?s this team you where talking about?" Leon smiled at her

"Don't worry they?ll be here" Leon looked out to the desert with an anxious smile on his face
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"I'm still wondering about that big zoid we saw, how bout you Furio?" Furio gave out a rather loud growl "I remember it from somewhere, I just can't put my finger on it..." Kunai thought a moment "Hmm... I can't seem to remember, but something's telling me to go to the desert ruins..." Furio gave a panicing snarl "what is it?" Furio seemed alarmed of something "The ruins? dangerous? Nothing's to dangerous for me!" Furio sighed in a angry way "Stop being so paranoid... To the ruins!" He got in the cockpit and rode of into the desert, towards the ruins.

ooc: I can't remember really, it was in one of the Zoid shows, w/ a teen boy and a teen girl linked to a past and tht has a shield liger, im referring to the big T-Rex at the end of the season.

As they arrived at the ruins, Kunai spotted something... a Figure, with a rope and a straw hat. [I]Bandits.[/I] Thought Kunai. "Furio, keep your eyes peeled for bandits" Furio furiously waved his head to see any bandits, he let out a bark that probobly meant 'Clear'. "Furio, watch my back, im going to check it out" He jumped out of the cockpit, walked over to the ruins writing... [I]Key Mano Sorano Kanr Sho'nay[/I]. Kunai read these words but stumbled, as he realized he could read them! "Hmm? Thee who used Death, shall be death..." He repeated those words for a while, Death... Death... !!!!! It occured to him! DEATH SAURER, the demonic zoid that almost destroyed everything! Shall BE death!? that could be worse, the guy who piloted it! DIDN'T DIE!!! "Oh My God!" Furio paniced as he said that. "The-The Death Saurer is coming back pal... hes coming back...

To Be Continued... And More!

ooc: and if possible, may I be the enemy? and my guy?
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