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Art White's Pictura [Image Heavy]


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[color=#333333]Inspired by all these art threads going up, I decided to make one for myself. I give you, White's Pictura (Picture in Latin)! I'll be posting all my artwork here. Most of it will be abstract (at least a little bit) but I will occasionally put up some of my drawings (which is nothing to brag about).

As my second submission (the title graphic, [b]Pictura I[/b], being my first), I give you, [b]stars[/b].


Comments and criticism are more then welcome.

[size=1][b]EDIT:[/b] Replaced my title graphic with a new one (called Pictura II). Pictura I can be found [url=http://img189.imageshack.us/img189/4228/title10qm.jpg][color=#333333]here[/color][/url].[/color][/size]
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[size=1]At first glance, it's bland.

And upon closer observation, they're undynamic -- they lack a focal point, the font is detached. The brush effect is good, but I think you might've overused it on this. The brush effect can enhance art, but I don't think it can carry it completely as you've tried to do here. The colors are nice and calming, but they're no fun to look at. The predictable patterns you've arranged them in don't draw my attention much either.

I really hope I wasn't overly harsh on this ... I don't think I gave a single positive comment, which is strange, even for me. Don't shoot me, Mr. White. ;_;[/size]
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[color=#333333]No worries, Retri. That's what I want (although some positive comments [i]would[/i] be nice), hehe.

Up next is my very first typography piece. Coincidently I made this while on the phone with my girlfriend. This one is called [b][love][/b].


I think there [i]may[/i] be too much going on in the graphic. Ah well, there's room for change. Comments, please. :)[/COLOR]
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[b]Title:[/b] I'd have to disagree with Retribution. I don't think you overdid it on the brush and in fact, the colors you chose really blend well with one another. The font for "White's Pictura" is excellent (I want that font!) and the other font is so-so (rather plain compared to the rest of the artistic stylings). The main thing I dislike is that it cuts off. Like at the bottom, you can see where the image ends. It'd look a lot better (in my opinion) if it didn't end at the edge of the image. You should have made the canvas larger so the "star" of the title could be there fully. If you savvy.

[b]Stars:[/b] Basically what I just said above applies here aside from a few things. I like how three images form one. Very nice. My sister makes posters on her wall by cutting up images in magazines and pasting them the same exact way. Very artistic. The font is your weak point here. Once again, very bland compared to everything, especially the gray text on the far right one. Firstly, I don't think that font really goes with it. But it's also that it's just one solid color sitting there doing nothing, not really going with the rest of the image. If you gave it more depth and character, it could work wonders :)

[b]Irresistably Desired:[/b] I don't think too much is going on through the whole image, but rather in just one spot. Perhaps if [LOVE] wasn't pink and rather white or some other color, it'd stand out more and give the picture more depth. Otherwise, it's just too much pink in one spot that it's hard on the eyes. Having said that, it is interesting and looks like something I see on myspace or other blogs :P
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[SIZE=1]I'm not the best for critiquing, and Retri and DW seem to have said what needs to be said, but I guess there are a couple of things I can point out.

[B]Stars- [/B] While I like the concept and the simplicity of this, I feel that in contrast to the greys you used, the blue you chose should have been brighter which would have spruced up the piece nicely. I'm not too fond of how bold and thick the text is, but that's probably due to the fact I'm a hardcore pixel font lover. The border of the pieces is just right, I feel, and the fading effect is nice. Playing with contrast/brightness on the pieces would have made them just a little bit different, I feel.

[B][Love]-[/B] Sadly, I feel this looks almost identical to Retribution's graphics. I like it, but if you showed me that I would have said immediately that Retri had done it. On the plus side, the pinks you used were nice and the phrase is lovely. I really do think you should mess with different techniques though if you're going to do art using words as the focal point.[/SIZE]
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[color=#333333]Thanks, guys. I agree with you completely about the 'too much pink' in [b][love][/b], DW. I'll remember that for next time (seeing as I accidently saved it inproperly). Next up, I have a banner and matching avatar I made for [i]Random[/i] at his request.[/color]

[SIZE=1][b]Random Banner[/b][/SIZE]

[SIZE=1][b]Random Avatar[/b][/SIZE]
He asked for black, dark purple, and just dark colours in general. Comments?[/COLOR]
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[size=1]Very nice. The light purple was good to put on black. It almost doesn't look purple unless you stare at it. I also like the stars. At first, you only see one, but then after you stare at the banner, you see all the rest. Very good illusion. The font choice was nice, however, I have one nag.

The "A" in the banner. It reminds me of a band that most people try to forget. Hanson.[/size]
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Okay, had to say something...how could I not? First off, WHITE ROCKS MY WORLD!

Okay, go that out of my system...anyways, for those of you who can't see it, the little words in the banner say, "Open your eyez...what do you see?" Just to make that clear. I think it's quite fitting how he did that, considering how the reader literally has to open their eyes to see what it says...pun totally intended. Ya, I just mean that they have to look closely. Also, they have to look deeper into the pic to see all the stars. Very nicely done. Almost [I]EXACTLY[/I] what I asked for. An amazing graphic artist, methinks.

So, White. I love your work, obviously. I have no beefs about any of them, so keep on fighting the good fight, and make the world better, one pic at a time!

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[color=#333333]Soon to be displayed in my signature and above every one of my posts, are the following graphics I have made. There are three different versions, the font being the main difference.[/COLOR]

[CENTER][b]Base/Billo/Marcel Ban[/b]



[b]Base/Billo/Marcel Avi[/b]



[color=#333333][B]Marcel Ban [/B] and [B]Marcel Avi[/B] are definately my favourites of the three sets. What do you guys think?[/color]
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[SIZE=1]Well, personally, I like the second set, but that's probably because I'm a girl and the text is the most interesting to me. As you pointed out that's the diva set...I am a diva, damnit! Only, like, not...

I do like the last one very much as well, though. It's the text placement that makes the banner look so good. It almost looks like a clothing label, actually.

The top banner doesn't do anything for me...I think it's mainly because of the way the text looks like it's been etched into the background. I've never been a fan of that effect, though I imagine that's more of a personal opinion than anything else.

I look forward to more graphics from you, m'dear, so keep 'em coming.[/SIZE]
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  • 3 weeks later...
[color=#333333]It's been a while since I last updated this thread so I think it's about time I put up some new art.

Inspired by sakurasuka's photography thread, I went out and got my Mom's digital camera and goofed around with it a bit. When I was done I put a bunch of the pictures on my computer and photoshopped the heck out of them. Unfortunately I only have time for one before I go to bed so here it is (although I will edit this tommorow morning with more).

This one is creatively named [b]KittyCat[/b].

Comments, please. :)

[b][size=1]EDIT:[/b] I created a new title picture for those of you who wish to comment on that aswell.[/size][/color]
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[size=1]I already told you what I thought of the title picture on AIM, but KittyCat is superb -- I'll say that.

First of all, the cropping job is great. I feel this would've been a bit better if this were grayscale, but that's pretty minor. Finally, the little slashes going across your eye line are distracting. I mean, I see what you were trying to do with it, but the cat's eyes don't really align with yours, so the effect is sort of lost.

Good stuff for an amateur. Go read up on the [url=http://www.silverlight.co.uk/tutorials/compose_expose/thirds.html][b]Rule of Thirds[/b][/url] -- it'll help you alot as far as making the subject matter look interesting. But it looks like you've already got a natural eye for it, as you cropped this one pretty well (and without the knowledge of the Rule of Thirds, I'm supposing).[/size]
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[color=#333333]Hmm, never heard of the Rule of Thirds. I'll have to look into that a little more than just that website in future photography. Anywho, this is my latest and most favourite piece of mine (as all my new ones are because my skill gets better with each piece) called [b]Leaf or Thief?[/b].


Comments and Criticism, please. :)

[b][size=1]EDIT:[/b] Re-saved it at a higher quality. The old one can be found [url=http://img393.imageshack.us/img393/3855/greencopy7xc.jpg][color=#333333][u]here[/u][/color][/url].[/size][/color]
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[size=1]Well, aside from you mispelling "color," I'd say it's great ([i]please[/i] know I'm kidding).

At first glance, I'll be honest -- It's pretty boring. There's no real element your eyes gravitate towards, so they wander around. However, after a time, my eyes realized the two sides of "green," suppose. One side, being green is the color of greed, but the other is that it's the color of nature, which I thought was a pretty nice and subtle touch. I also liked "green" being cut off -- it's a nice little touch there.

Oh, and your image is pixelated. Crank up the image saving quality, silly rabbit.[/size]
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[color=#333333]Alright, I realize Valentines Day was Tuesday but I was sick all day yesterday so I'm posting my V-Day submission [i]today[/i].


I don't actually dislike Valentines Day, just this particular Feb.14th happened to [i]suck[/i] compared to my other V-Days. Anyways, Happy (late) Valentines Day!

[CENTER]:love2:[/CENTER] [/color]
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[size=1]Yeah, my Valentines Day was a love-hate relationship -- not because of the lonelyness, but because of ... alright, nevermind. :3

Firstly, I dig the angsty vibe I'm getting from this, in all seriousness. The little dude you drew (yourself, obviously) is actually a very well-done chibi. I'd recommend not using what looks to be the airbrush next time, but you pretty much hit it spot-on there.

As for the rest of it, well, there's just too much open space. If you brought down the text, or maybe had a scene involving the chibi guy on the bottom, things might be interesting. It's a good touch the "SUCKS" you added in a semi-graffiti font at a cool angle. Unfortunately, it overlaps some iffy heartyweirdy text. In other words, I don't think the "Valentines Day" doesn't really work, solely because it looks stoic, but it has cute little hearts in it. I'm confused. Next on the list is that bloody pixel font that I told you never to use again, you evil man. It was just downright hard to read this time around, but I could see how it'd be hard to find another font to use in its stead.

Finally is the background, which actually took me several seconds to realize. Very nice touch, and I think it'd be complimented by the addition of more elements, whatever you want those to be.[/size]
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  • 4 weeks later...
[FONT=Tahoma][color=#555555]Wow, haven't updated here for a long time. Thought since it was March Break, it would be a good time to create some artwork! So, I created my very own myOtaku deoderant bodyspray. XD

It started as my very own bodyspray, but when I got lazy about coming up with a name, I went with mO. That's why the first one's colour scheme isn't very OB-ish.



I think they both turned out quite nicely. Next up: Billboard advertisements! Comments and Criticism please. :3[/COLOR][/FONT]
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[size=1]March Break? You slacker.

Anyway, I like these in general, especially the blue-white version. The only real problems I see are clearly uneven spacing of the brush strokes and the ... [i]defective[/i] warning label/triangle thing. I'd clean those two things up, as it takes away from what would be a completely polished piece. I also think that you should stick with lighter colors when you're trying to make a deodorant-themed picture.

I personally think this is one of your better.[/size]
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  • 2 weeks later...
[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]What originally started as messing around with slogans for myself, and than changing into a banner and avatar set, and later a conversation with Retribution, has now evolved into something much bigger. A product!


Enjoy. Comments and Criticism please. :3[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#ff4403][SIZE=1]Oh, man, that's so cheesy I just can't NOT comment. Seriously, I love this. XD

I can't actually think of what to say about it...except for: I love it. The text is great and very fitting with the quote, the picture fits great and the colours are lovely.

I'd so buy...whatever it is your advertising. Is it bleach? That would be appropriate. =P[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Ezekiel][COLOR=#ff4403][SIZE=1]I'd so buy...whatever it is your advertising. Is it bleach? That would be appropriate. =P[/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]
[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]You know, I'm not really sure yet. Retri and I are still deciding.

Give me some time to think about it. [SIZE=1](omg lyk muh n3w shrt?!?!)[/SIZE][/FONT][/COLOR]
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I like it. Especially 'cause it makes me think of some kind of product like detergent and detergent is so random :^D

Graphically it's pretty good. I'm gonna be picky and say that there seems to be too much space in it. I mean, you have the nice leaf background, but still, it seems like there's just too much openness (is that a word?) around the words and you. Otherwise I say it's pretty nift.

Umm... I would've made he slogan "Do It Right, Do It [b]White[/b]." But that's just me.
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[quote name='Dragon Warrior]Umm... I would've made he slogan "Do It Right, Do It [b]White[/b']." But that's just me.[/quote]
[FONT=Tahoma][color=#555555]Yeah, Retri thought of that but... well let me just reply with a conversation between Alex and I.[/COLOR][/FONT]

[quote][B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B][/COLOR] Anywho, do you think your saying should be "Do it right, do it White"
[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B] [/COLOR] or just "Do it right, do White"
[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B][/COLOR] Since you're missing a syllable.
[B][COLOR=Red]SupaLrb:[/B][/COLOR] hmm..
[B][COLOR=Red]SupaLrb:[/B][/COLOR] A valid point.
[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B][/COLOR] rofflecopter.
[B][COLOR=Red]SupaLrb: [/B][/COLOR] But there is just something funny about "do White"
[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B][/COLOR] lmao
[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B] [/COLOR] True.
[B][COLOR=RoyalBlue]Retribution:[/B][/COLOR] You mean the sexual innuendo?
[B][COLOR=Red]SupaLrb:[/B][/COLOR] Der.[/quote]

[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]And there you have it.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]I'm just a newfound fan of yours, White, but I really like the art that you've created. I'm not as good as everyone, but I must admit... these are some very good pieces.

I like the fact that the color of the brown goes really well with the leaves... it makes it all nature... y. o.o; And another point I must add is that the colors of the leaves always compliment each other, making it have a nice blend and adding some feeling to it. And also, I love the picture of you in the middle... it's like... OMG, White. XD

Siding with Ezekiel (not cool enough to call her Zeke yet. XD), sign me up with whatever you're selling because I'm willing to buy. n.n

Oh yes... and would you mind me being a regular in posting pros about your art in this thread? I'm always looking at it and thinking, "Wow.. I wish I was an awesome artist so I can post stuff about White's cool art... I'm so lame..." XP[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Keyblade Wielder][COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Oh yes... and would you mind me being a regular in posting pros about your art in this thread? I'm always looking at it and thinking, "Wow.. I wish I was an awesome artist so I can post stuff about White's cool art... I'm so lame..." XP[/FONT][/SIZE'][/COLOR][/quote]
[color=#555555][FONT=Tahoma]You certainly do not have to be a great artist to critique my artwork. I encourage anyone who likes or dislikes my art to post their comments. Besides, your artwork is good, Key. ;D

Anyways, I made a new advertisement (fear not, there will be more White ads!). It's basically making fun of cheesey ads (hence the product). Probably not one of my better pieces but I played around with it for an hour once it was done and this is what I got.


Enjoy! :3[/FONT][/COLOR]
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