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RPG Monster Academy [M - LSV]


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[center][color=teal][u][b][i][size=4]Dr. Frankenstein's Academy for the Unusually Gifted[/center][/color][/u][/b][/i][/size]

[color=crimson][i]The school towered over Monolith City, its mountaintop resting place the highest point in the nearby mountains. The citadel's battlements jutted up from the landscape, the unnaturalness of it all lost to the citygoers below. They were too wrapped up in their early-morning lives to pay much attention to the goings-on up at the school. Had even one person, however, had the kindness of spirit, or the generosity of nature, to look up at the towering monolith for which the city was named, they might have seen the lone, shadowy figure slowly ascending the mountain stairway that led to the front doors of Dr. Frankenstein's Academy for the Unusually Gifted....[/i]

Johnathan Dinesti, better known in his clan as Hunter, was in a foul mood. He'd filled out the forms in the huge administrative building down in the city, and found out that the school was up the mountain. He'd believed the administrative building to be the whole school. It was the center of the damned city, for crying out loud. Hunter sighed, climbing the stairway slowly, his mood brightening as he neared the gigantic double-doors that marked the main entrance to the citadel. Within moments, he was under the shadow of the academy. Hunter looked up, the wall of the academy becoming a horizon of sorts to Hunter's field of vision. "Daaaaaaaaaaaaamn, this place is friggin' HUGE. Heh. This is gonna be fun...."

Walking up to the double-doors, he noticed a tall figure standing before him, a long, flowing beard reaching the ground. A gnarled hemlock staff glowed vaguely in his hands.

"Welcome, young man. I assume you would be Hunter? There, there, hush now. There's no need to elaborate. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Merlin, First Mage and the conductor of your first test." As he said this, he swished his robes ina flourishing motion, indicating the front door. "Open this door."

Hunter's eyes widened considerably. Hanging his head, and muttering very many oaths under his breath, he shifted into his larger hybrid form and put his shoulder to the double-doors. Gasping for breath, and hammering his legs into the ground, the doors slowly began to give. Merlin's eyes widened as the doors swung open, the young werecheetah's muscles rippling from the effort, sweat dripping off of his fur.

"Incredible...most people just ask me to shut the hell up with my test and open the door with my magic. Just...incredible..."

Hunter's eye twitched. He cocked his fist back, preparing to send the stunned wizard into an early hibernation, when a speeding object nailed his weakened form in the back. He looked up from the ground, only to see a fluffy fox tail waving and bobbing as the girl it was attached to ran like Hell into the academy.

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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=darkorchid]Wynn floated up the mountain steps. The school was very impressive and it was hard for her to keep her eyes off of it. There was a strange creature...Wynn mentally corrected herself. He was no stranger than she was. There was a were-cheetah outside of the doors to the academy. He seemed to be more than a little upset. Wynn laughed as a fox girl hit him in the back. She seemed to just be playing and there was no harm done to the were-cheetah. Well, besides to his pride that is.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]Wynn continued onwards to the academy. An old man, older than time itself it seemed, that she hadn't noticed before stopped her.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc][b]"Ah, you must be Wynn Valerie Helson."[/b] He spoke, not looking directly at her.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc][b]"H-how can you see me?"[/b] She asked with surprise.[/color][/size][/font]
[b][font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]"I haven't been able to see with my real eyes for a long time. My second sight can see things that most people can't. Like you for instance, Miss. Helson. It's good to see you have arrived on time. Now hurry and go inside the academy."[/color][/size][/font][/b]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]Wynn nodded and did as she was told. The inside of the academy was huge. She stared at the gigantic walls that were before her, not paying much attention to everything else. She decided to make herself half-visible for now. Soon, she would see what the other students were like.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=Navy]Silvio's long, black hair blew wildly in all directions in the wind as he made his way cautiously up the mountain staircase to the gargantuous academy above. It took him nearly an hour to reach the entrance of the school; the first thing he noticed was the monstrous size of the place. He had never seen a place this big in real life before, only in picture books.

As Silvio walked up to the doorway, he saw an ancient man in robes standing like a sentinel before the entry way. He saw that there were already a couple of other attendants here: a monstrous figure of the likes he had never seen before, and the girl with the fox tail already within the building. Silvio was about to introduce himself, but the elderly man spoke first, "Greetings, Silvio Cernuto. Have a nice climb? Judging by the sweat that is running down your back I'd say you did."

Silvio glared at the old man, "How do you know my name?"

The old man grinned and his blue eyes twinkled, "I am Merlin; need I say more?"

Silvio displayed a puzzled look and scratched his head. He had never heard of anyone named Merlin before. Was he some kind of psychic or something? Just when Silvio was about to question the old man's ability further, the large figure by the door spoke up, "Hey, look, while you guys have your conversation, I'm going to go find my room and get acquainted with this place a little bit."

Merlin nodded, "Good, good. Your room number is 665, right beside the 'unused room.' Good luck finding it," he showed off a set of perfectly white, straight teeth as he smiled, and the large figure shrank down to normal size and took off.

Silvio was growing restless, "Where's my room, anyway?"

Merlin turned to him, "Ah yes, you'll be rooming with Hunter, the one who was just standing here, yes. Well, I really must run, I'm very busy." And with that he turned and walked into the giant building that was the academy. Silvio sighed, adjusted his choker around his neck, and made his way inside the vast building, hoping he could find his way around. As he looked around at all of the doorways and staircases only one thought came to mind: "It's going to be a long day..."[/COLOR]
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Chrono was returning from one of his many visits to his home in the south of Asia. It was rare he got to see his family. His parents and siblings had long since passed on, but there children and grand children were alive and he visited as often as he could get away from the school. He had only just finished up re-registering at the administers office ans was now flying to the school. Normally he was suppose to stay on the ground around the city, but in the face of it being so dark, he figured no one would notice. Plus he was in no node to climb all those stairs.

He arrived at the front gate to see merlin in attendance. He landed next to the old man who didn't even bat an eye before speaking "Back again Chrono. How's the family? Well I hope."

Chrono nodded to the old man "Yes there doing quite well. It's a tough life back home, but they get by."

The old man nodded "Yes, yes. We have a few new comers who have just arrived today."

Chrono changed back to his homid form "Really now."

"Oh yes. A phantom, a vampire and another lycanthrope, Were-cheetah I believe, just showed up a few minutes ago."

Chrono nodded "Very good." He moved for the door, but stopped and looked to the old man "Did you give them that first test thing?"

The old man simply smiled in response. That was enough for Chrono to know the answer. He gave a wave to the old man, who then opened the doors for him. Chrono then enterd the halls of the monolithic structure. No matter how long he's been here, he's never gotten use to this huge building. Searching about the halls was a young man who seemed a bit in a foul mood. Chrono couldn't recognize him, even with his poor eye sight. He approached the young man "Excuse me."

The young man jumped a bit. Chrono was notorious for the silent approach. The new kid looked him over a bit "What is it?"

"I couldn't help but notice you seemed lost. Is there something I could help you with?"

He just looked away "Not unless you know a crazy little fox girl like the one who tackled me."

Chrono stopped for a moment "Fox girl...... You must mean Soir. That's just her way of saying hello."

He looked back to him "You know her."

"Yeah, most of us here have gotten to know her. Don't worry you will to."

Chrono began to walk off when the kid called to him again "Hey, what's your name?"

He looked back to him "Laria Tonken, but just call me Chrono"

He nodded back "I'm Johnathan Dinesti."

Chrono nodded back and went on his way back to his room to prepare for the day ahead.
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Aki Speed through the air, she was at a very high altitude so there was no way she?d get in trouble. Besides she had her permit. It had been a long flight from Russia but that was half the fun, she didn?t do much flapping most of time. The wind currents look care of most of the trip. The wind caught in her feathers and made the ends of her wings stand up. [I]The view from up here is fantastic?[/I] she thought. [I]I?ll never get sick of this. [/I]

The lights of the city at night were just visible, they shone like small stars. Looking down at the city below, lowering her altitude, Aki spotted her land mark.
[COLOR=Teal]?Ahh the church?[/COLOR] it was always the most brightly lit. She wondered if the people ever got any sleep. Turning her wings to make her decent she shot through the air like bullet, this was the most fun part.

Aki kept her nose down, wings straight next to her body and her talons tucked away. Merlin could see her coming but always persisted to open the door just before she reached it. She shot down through the air at a blinding speed. Just before she reached the massive doors of the academy Merlin opened them and she pulled up landing on a dime inside the walls of the school.

Most of the people in the court yard of the school looked up, smiled and shook their heads. She always did that, besides for a school of the unusually gifted there weren?t that many fliers, with actual wings. Aki spotted a new kid immediately. She was staring at her, which was understandable she was a giant black bird. Lifting her wings up to cover her whole body Aki disappeared for a moment behind a wall of black feathers. She re-appeared moments later in her sustained form. She looked like an ordinary human except for the massive black wings that protruded from her back and her unusual blue eyes.

She walked over to the new kid. [COLOR=Teal]?Hi they names Akilina Nadezhda?[/COLOR] she extend her hand as a sign of greeting he shook it.
[COLOR=Teal]?Your names A-Ak... what is it??[/COLOR] Aki giggled at the new guy.
[COLOR=Teal]?Most students have trouble pronouncing it most people just call me Aki or Raven your pick.?[/COLOR] He nodded
[COLOR=Teal]?Have you seen a Fox girl named Soir any where around here??[/COLOR] Aki laughed.
[COLOR=Teal]?Soir get to you?? [/COLOR]he nodded [COLOR=Teal]?she does that to most people, you get used to it, I haven?t seen her?.Have you seen a guy named Chrono around??[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Teal]?Yeah he went up those stairs?[/COLOR] The kid pointed in the direction that Chrono went.
[COLOR=Teal]?Thanks he owes me money? [/COLOR]Aki went to walk off when the new kid stopped her and she turned around.
[COLOR=Teal]?My names Johnathan Dinesti."[/COLOR] Aki bowed towards him
[COLOR=Teal]?Nice to meet you Johnathan Dinesti."[/COLOR] She left without another word to go and find Chrono.
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Talon, if there?s a problem with this post, please notify me by PM. I?m testing out my environment, seeing what I?ve got to work with.

And I promise I won?t talk so much in all of my future posts.


[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Alucard smiled as he slowly drained the packet of medical blood that had been laying on the table in his room when he entered. Off in one corner of the room, a large grandfather clock ticked away the meaningless hours never changing once in its monotonous rhythm. Tick tock, tick tock. The rest of the walls were entirely covered in shelves upon shelves of books. Old, ageless, priceless texts. If one didn't know better, one might think him a librarian.

Ah, what a profoundly magnificent life there was to be had in these school walls! Away from all the troubles of the world, Alucard felt he was entirely too lucky to be here. The headmaster had taken him in so long ago?no less than four-hundred years, now. In the short fifty years that he had attended as a student, he had grown so attached to the building that he would rather die than part with it. That was why he was now sitting in the large, mahogany chair in the center of the room.

That was why he now lived here, enrolled as a teacher of sorts.

He waved his hand as he continued to drink, and the curtains parted, seemingly by magic. The pale, pearly light from the nearly full moon brightly illuminated in the room, reflecting in his eyes. Just then, there was a knock at the door.

[B]?Come in,?[/B] Alucard beckoned, waving his hand. The door opened and swung back on its own, revealing a slight, aged man standing behind the doorway, his eyes glinting behind his crescent-spectacles. Alucard smiled heartily and motioned for the old mage to come inside.

[B]?Merlin! I was wondering whether they would be sending you to fetch me again this year!?[/B] he laughed, revealing his fangs in a wide grin.

[B]?Ah, yes, Alucard,?[/B] Merlin replied back giving a hearty smile of his own behind that bizarrely long beard. [B]?I?ve just come to inform you that the new students are beginning to arrive. It?s almost time to begin the curriculum.?[/B]

[B]?New blood, eh??[/B]

Merlin gave a shrewd smile. [B]?Just don?t go too far this time. The headmaster was slightly troubled last year when-?[/B]

[B]?It won?t be a problem,?[/B] Alucard laughed. He stood up, his head reaching a height that seemed almost impossible for a man of his build, wiry and thin.

The new students were making a great clamor, as usual. Perhaps it was the excitement of finally being in a place where they fit in, away from the human world. Perhaps it was the thrill of being surrounded by other inhumans. Or perhaps it was merely because they were beginning their orientation class at midnight, one could never tell. Suffice it to say that, for one reason or another, they were making a great clamor.

When the door opened, though, the room fell silent. Alucard stepped silently out from behind the doorway, eying this year?s new students. The heavy impact of his boots on the floor echoed throughout the room as he reached the desk facing the students and sat eloquently in the chair.

[B]?Welcome, new students, to Dr. Frankenstein?s Academy for the Unusually Gifted. My name is Alucard, but you may call my [I]Zamiel[/I]. Now, to begin, I?ll be taking atten-?[/B] Alucard stopped mid-sentence as his acutely sharp ear heard a young man whisper in the back of the room.

[B]?[I]This[/I] kid is our teacher?! What?s [I]that[/I] all about?!?[/B]

Alucard sighed, standing up. He pointed towards the back of the room. The chair upon which the man was sitting suddenly slowly lifted off the ground, and raised up about ten feet off the floor. [B]?Hey, what is this?!?[/B] the man shouted. A few other students laughed. The chair promptly up-ended itself, and the man fell with a loud thud to the floor. This met with much laughter as he staggered back up, cursing under his breath. Alucard cleared his throat.

[B]?As Lunarians, as inhumans, we all walk this earth for various amounts of time,?[/B] he said flatly, almost somberly. [B]?Looks can be deceiving. Although I do not appear a day older than twenty, I am willing to bet that not a single one of you in this class is more than half my age.?[/B] This seemed to catch the group?s attention. Good. Alucard would be able to continue on with their undivided attention.

[B]?You are here in this school to learn about yourselves, learn about what you are, or have become,?[/B] Alucard continued, settling back into his chair. [B]?Vampires, Lycanthropes, even Ghosts, Specters, and Ghouls roam these halls, all students here. You will be taught by many instructors on a wide variety of subjects ranging from basic Lunarian anatomy to combat and self-defense, as well as many academic courses that humans would deem ?normal?. There may be times where you may have to fight with another student. Such things are normal here.?[/B] There was a generally uncomfortable stir in some of the audience.

[B]?My job here as a combat instructor, among other things, is to teach you what your bodies are and are not capable of. I do not doubt that you all have your own unique powers. My job here is to show you how to use them. There will be no rule-breaking in this school around me, or I can assure you you?ll not like the consequences. I expect nothing short of perfection in my students, and failure is not tolerated.?[/B] He bent forward, resting his head on his hands, peering out at the class from under his long silver hair. [B]?How you behave within these walls will determine whether you are on my ?good side??or if you will have the misfortune of being on my ?bad side?. The choice is yours.?[/B] Alucard?s mouth parted into a sharp, toothy smile.

[B]?Are there any questions???[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]


So, Alucard?s a total stiff, and he isn?t afraid of busting up your ass if you don?t behave.

It is up to you whether you attended this class tonight, I didn?t explicitly specify anyone.
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain made his way to the school, he had already re-registered himself and was now coming back to what he considered his home. He had a small place in the united states but it brought to many memories back to him of his bastered family. He approched the doors and pushed them open, seeing Merling he smiled and walked to him.
"Good to see you once again Merlin. It's been too long."[/B] Merlin patted him on the shoulder.
"Good to see you again Kain."

"It's Phantom, Merlin."[/B] Merlin nodded his head.
"Of course, gonna cause more trouble this year with your powers?"[/B] Kain smiled and laughed to himself.
"What else do you expect from me Merlin."

"Not much, Phantom, not much."[/B] Kain rolled his eyes. He walked away talking to Merlin as he was passing through the doors.
"See you around Merlin. Hopfully I get one of your classes."[/B] Kain said as he vanished into the door way. Seeing the other students that would be learning here. He noticed Alucard in the middle of the floor and sighed, Alucard spotted him as well.
"Ahh crap."[/B] Kain said silently to himself as he waited for what Alucard was gonna do.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Chrono was ascending the stairs when he heard a voice calling to him "Chrono, get back here!"

A loud comand from such a sweet voice, it was Raven. He already knew what she wanted. She ran up to him and stopped dead in front of him with a hand extended "You promised to repay me when we returned to the academy."

Chrono put his hands up "Come on, you know I'm good for it. Would I ever stiff you?"

"If I gave you the chance."

Chrono slouched a little "Alright here it is."

He reached inside his inner coat pocket and pulled out a small bag, and handed it to her "That should about cover it."

She put it in her pocket "been a pleasure doing business with you. By the way, have you seen Soir, I heard she's already up to trouble."

"You mean aside from the fact that you still haven't gotten her to give back your black dress."

Aki grunted a bit "Yeah, aside from that."

"No, but I know what you mean. She tackled that new kid infront of the academy. She sure doesn't waste time does she."

"It wouldn't be Soir if she didn't. Anyway, I've got to go. I'll see you for lunch."

She ran off down the hall, giving only a backwards wave to Chrono as she went. Chrono sighed and continued to head up the stairs. He had three more floors before he reached his class. Alucard was pretty strict, and he was already late.
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Josh smiled as he came to the end of the long row of stairs. He wasn't tired, he had just gotten bored with the long climb. As he came to the large doors that sat in front of him, he looked to his side as an older looking man appeared out of the shaddows.

"Well, well, if it isn't Josh Ichimaru. I was begining to worry that the next in your family was not going to make it here." The man gave Josh a smile. Josh turned to him and gave a small bow.

"How long has it been since you were last at my house visiting my grandfather? Eight years?" The man nodded and gave Josh a pat on the shoulder.

"That it has. Enough of this chitter chatter. You must go to your room and get ready for tomarrow. You will be paired up with a boy named Chrono. He has been here for a while, so I would listen to him. I shall see you tomarrow in class." Merlin smiled at
Josh then dissappeared in a small cloud of smoke. Josh smiled and walked into the open doors. He looked around at all the people and frowned.

"I wonder. How many more Dragoons are here in this school. In any case, I better make the best of this." He smiled to himself as he went to mingle in the croud.
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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=purple]The words, "Ghosts, Specters and Ghouls" jumped out at Wynn as Alucard spoke. She looked around the room. She seemed to be the only ghost here. She hoped that wasn't the case. However, if it was she would just deal with it quietly. Wynn started to wonder how old Alucard was. He must have been older than two hundred years old, since he said that not a single one of them was more than half his age.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080]Wynn was ready to be dismissed. She of course had some questions about this academy, but she didn't feel like asking them in front of all of her classmates. Thankfully, most of the questions that were on her mind were asked by some of the other students. Alucard answered all of their questions. When no one else had any questions to ask, he dismissed all of them. Wynn decided to go exploring before she introduced herself to some of her classmates.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080]Wynn gave up on exploring this school. It was so...big! There was just too much to explore. Also, there were so many locked doors..[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080]Wynn finally stopped at a large room with a grand piano in the center. The other 'Lunarians' walked back and forth through this room, but she ignored them. Using her magic, she made the piano play a waltz. Wynn made herself completely visible and danced in the air above the piano.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080]Soon she would need to tie her spirit to this academy, or 'haunt it', like the humans said. But for now, she was going to enjoy herself. She finally felt at home.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#800080][/color][/size][/font]
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[color=crimson]Hunter exited the orientation hall, pulling a cigarette out of his pocket and lighting it up with a burst of his bodily energies. As he strode down the corridor, searching once more for the fluffy-tailed girl, he heard the lilting notes of a waltz inside one of the larger rooms. Stopping at the door, he saw a thirteen-year-old girl dancing through the air over a grand piano while other Lunariana just strode past. Deciding that curiosity killed the cat, and that he wasn't a cat, he strode into the room.

So wrapped up in her own music was the girl that she didn't realize her waltz had turned into a slow, haunting melody. Slowly, however, it sank in, and Wynn was looking down at the piano and its new pianist. As Hunter played, she began to pick up the beat, and Hunter watched as she danced on top of the instrument.

The song ended, and Wynn looked down at Hunter almost regretfully. Hunter looked up at Wynn, smiled, and stood up to bow. Playfully, he whispered, "May I have this dance, milady?" and, as Wynn giggled and nodded, he played a more lively bolero. The dancing duo shared an hour like that before Wynn lowered herself to sitting next to Hunter on the bench, giggling and smiling broadly. Hunter let the final notes of the latest song, a sonata, drift through the air.

"That was fun. Let's do it again sometime, okay?" Wynn's eyes seemed to smile up at Hunter as he nodded. "Yay! My name's Wynn Valerie Helson."

Hunter grinned and put out his cigarette, careful not to singe his fur. He shook his head. "Nah. Think I'll call ya Sonata, eh? Name's Johnathan Dinesti, but my clan an' everyone calls me 'Hunter'. Been that way since I was a cub. Anywho, I gotta little 'debt' ta repay, Sonata. I definitely wanna do this again sometime, tho'. [i]Ja ne[/i]!"

With that, Hunter gracefully stood up and exited the room, keeping his eyes peeled for a fox-like girl...[/color]


[color=crimson]Damien Ahriman was in a very good mood as he strode up the front steps to the citadel. He cast a baleful glare at Merlin as he walked up to the front doors. The old man's reproachful stare left no doubt in Damien's mind that the old coot hated him. "What do YOU want, Merlin?"

Merlin, for himself, wasn't surprised at Damien's haughty mien. The young demon, dressed in a noble's costume that seemed to mix modern times with the best of a French musketeer's equipment, had ascended the throne of power and forcibly cut a swath through school policy. Merlin shook his head, secretly glad that Victor had called Caligula Dinesti. Ahriman needed to be taken down a few notches. "Watch your step this year, 'IronClaw'. The new guy opened these doors with his bare hands, and he's not one to take your...policy...sitting down."

These words sank in, and Damien looked up at the doors. Each weighed, at least, as much as two eighteen-wheelers. He, himself, couldn't open the doors. He scowled. So, there was a stronger player on the field, eh? Well, he'd just have to make sure the little upstart's fangs were pulled before he could bite, now wouldn't he?[/color]
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OOC: forgive me for all the talking! I promise not to talk so much again un less the situation calls for it
Aki ran back the other way she came from talking with Chrono. It felt good to see old friends again. Slowing to a walk she looked into one of the rooms to find the new kid?Hunter playing the piano for a Ghost. She smiled he seamed caring enough; most other students here dismiss the ghosts. She watched them talk for a while and Hunter got up and left, we walked in Aki?s direction. Hunter walked out past Aki into the hall way before turning around.
[COLOR=Teal]?Hey its you?Aki?Raven, right??[/COLOR] She nodded.
[COLOR=Teal]?Where you headed??[/COLOR] He looked up and down the hallways like he was looking for something.
[COLOR=Teal]?I?m pretty eager to meet this Fox girl?Soir?[/COLOR] Aki smiled and motioned for hunter to follow her, she lost her concentration talking to Hunter and bumped into the worst person.
[COLOR=Teal]?Hey watch wer?.?[/COLOR] She looked up to come fact to face with Damien ?Iron Claw? Ahriman.
[COLOR=Teal]?What were you saying Princess??[/COLOR] He bowed but looked down at Aki condescendingly, he was most careful around her, her father was very powerful.
[COLOR=Teal]?I was saying you better watch were your going sir? [/COLOR]Aki grabbed Hunter before iron claw could infuriate her any further. Iron claw glared at Hunter as Aki took him away?.so he was the one who opened the doors.
[COLOR=Teal]?What was that all about?? [/COLOR]Hunter questioned Aki
[COLOR=Teal]?I?ll tell you later? [/COLOR] They continued to walk down the halls when Aki noticed someone who looked a little lost.
[COLOR=Teal]?Hi I?m Aki. Need a little help??[/COLOR] Aki looked the student up and down he had a long black pony tail. He nodded at her looking her up and down as well.
[COLOR=Teal]?I?m Silvio where are the male dorms?? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Teal]?I can help you there no problem, don?t mind if that?s where I drop you off?? [/COLOR] Aki looked at Hunter and he shook his head to signify he didn?t mind
The two new students proceeded to follow Aki to the male dorms. She smiled at them both.
[COLOR=Teal] ?Hey what about the Fox?Soir?? [/COLOR]
[COLOR=Teal] ?Don?t worry she?s always around. Need anything don?t hesitate to call; I?ve got ears like a hawk? [/COLOR]she winked
?How do u know where this place is so easy? Hunter questioned her.
[COLOR=Teal]?oh that?s simple I meet Chrono here all the time before we go to lunch, I have to go I?m late for an Advanced Aerial Combat class as it is, c ya!? [/COLOR]and with out another word Aki ran down the hallway as quick as the wind leaving the two new students to fend for them selves in the male dorms which probably wasn?t that good of an idea?.
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OOC: Apologies for not posting yesterday. Had no time...


It was a mistake, Soir told herself as she bolted through the academy. It was [I]always[/I] a mistake, but this one was worse than usual. Of course, she had seen it over break back in town, as she wandered through a museum that she had managed to sneak into. It was an art museum, and they were having an exhibit on precious gems. Naturally, she had wanted to see it, but one thing led to another...

"Damn," She muttered, "I got myself into a real pickle this time!"

It was a canary diamond, a beautiful specimen that was of such high quality that it must have been worth thousands. She had laid eyes on it as it sat peacably with it's cousins, as it was a part of a larger collection, and felt that she absolutely had to have it.

It was rare. It was in a museum. She could easily have pawned it. It was shiney. That was what initially had started it, but all of that combined to form a kind of lust that was maddening.

As a part of her gig, she had replaced it with a look alike that was so near the original that the untrained eye would never tell the difference. To be sure of her theory, she had gone back to the scene of the crime the next day just to be certain. Everything seemed to have been going well, until she heard the people talking amongst themselves.

[I]"That really is a beautiful jewel. I wonder where Mr. Bannister got it?"

"There is a long story behind that one, a story involving many attempted thefts and the divine retribution met by the would-be theives."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll just say that they all met an untimely end. They say that the St. Sebastian Diamond is cursed because of that..."[/I]

Soir had heard no more because she fled.

There had to be a way to decide if that curse was real. There should have been a way. There must have been a way. Soir decided that the only way she would find out was if she returned to the school. Surely, someone there had to know. The timing was good too, because it was the start of the new semester. Of course, she hadn't known that until she ran over the new kid.

What did she care? He couldn't help her.

Someone had to know. Someone had to know!

She paid no attention to orientation; instead, she was looking for a friendly face. To her luck, she found it.

"Chrono!" She called after orientation, running up to her classmate. "Chrono!"

He turned around, an inscruitable look on his face." Soir!" He called. "It's great to see you again!" Upon looking at her, his experssion turned into a mocking smile. "Of course, I hear people saying that you got yourself into a mess."

Soir cursed silently. Of course the people here would know!

"Yeah, I managed to get myself into a real mess this time." She said, chagrinned. "And, as much as I hate to say this, I think I need some help this time."
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OH! Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I forgot!

[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]Corrina stared up at the gigantic mountain stairway which led up to the school. "[I]You've got to be kidding me...[/I] " she muttered to herself. She was already very late, and taking the time to walk up this huge mountain would add at least another hour onto her tardiness. She ran up the mountain as fast as she could, stopping every now and then to catch her breath. She was half-human after all, so she had to deal with their weaknesses just like anyone else.

She finally reached the top of the mountain. She wasn't greeted by anyone, it was dusk and everyone was probably enjoying dinner or leisure activity. The two front double doors stood slightly ajar. She stepped inside the entrance hall, there was no one around. Corrina gazed around the hall, for any sign of what she was supposed to do, or where she should go.

She wondered toward the opposite side of the entrance hall where there was a door. She slowly opened the door and peeked in. "[I]where could everyone be?[/I] " She thought to herself. Just then she heard footsteps behind her. Corrina quickly turned to see an old man with long a long beard and a staff.

"[I]Oh, hi, you scared me, my name's Corrina...[/I] " She said quickly

"[I]I know. You're late. My name is Merlin, welcome[/I]." He replied.

"[I]So, where do I sleep? Because i'm kind of tired[/I]." Corrina asked.

Merlin pointed to a staircase opposite them. "[I]Up there[/I]." he said smiling.

"[I]Do I share a room with anyone?[/I]" she questioned.

"[I]Maybe, go up to room 668, your personal possessions are already there[/I]." Merlin said.

"[I]Thanks[/I]!" Corrina said smiling as she made her way towards the steps.

"[I]anytime[/I]." Merlin said as he walked out of the entrance hall.

Corrina climed up stone stairs toward her room. "[I]This must be it...[/I]" She said as she came to room 668. She slowly opened the door and stepped inside. Her things were sitting on a bed across from her. There was another bed, and some things were layed out on it, which ment she was sharing the room with someone. That someone wasn't around right now. Corrina wondered what her roommate would be like, would they get along? Would they be cute? Would they be a boy or a girl?

She'd find out soon. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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Silvio finally found his dorm thanks to the girl called Aki. As he entered his room he noticed that it was lit by two large candelabras, and there was one small window seven feet above the floor. Sivlio laid his bag down upon one of the two beds that occupied this room. Obviously his roommate hadn't been in here yet, for the other bed looked untouched. Silvio untied his hair and let it cascade down around his shoulders. He looked around the large dorm room and saw that it was fancy to the extreme; this wasn't some cheap common-design room. It had a "renaissance feel" to it, and Silvio liked it. A lot.

He knew that everyone else was out in the commons area socializing after the midnight class, but he didn't care to join them. He felt like reading, so he opened up his black messenger bag and extracted a novel: [U]Wicked.[/U] He only had one hundred pages left to finish it, so he propped a pillow up and lay down on the bed to read by the candle light.


An hour passed and Silvio was able to finish the book with no interruptions. He returned the book to the bag and placed it under his bed. Then he lay back down on the bed and closed his eyes; it was already two in the morning. Was his roommate going to come in tonight? Maybe there was a party going on or something. Oh well.

A minute after these thoughts had passed through Silvio's head, he heard the door creak open and his roommate Jonathan appeared with two glasses of wine. "Hey, I brought you a glass of wine since you didn't come downstairs to the -- Oh, are you asleep?" Jonathan set the glasses down on the stand beside his bed.

Silvio rolled over on the bed and brushed the hair out of his eyes to get a good look at his new roommate, "Nah, I'm just resting."
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The manic and frightend Soir became more persistent. Chrono finally begnt o talk her down "Okay, what did you do? What did you steal, and from who?"

She reached into her pocket and pulled out a canary yellow jewel. Chrono looked at it for a moment "That's definitely the kind of thing you'd steal."

She scowled a bit "Shut up. I got it from the museum and I just kind of found out it's suppose to be cursed."

"Sucks for you."

She jumped at him and put both her hands and feet on his chest "You've got to help me. This thing might kill me."

Chrono stared back at the insistent and still manic fox girl "I never would have figured you for the paranoid type."

There was a swift crack as her tail came over the top of his head "Shut up, bat boy and help me!"

Chrono rubbed his forehead "Why do you always have to hit me?"

"Shut up and figure out what to do!"

Chrono thought for a moment "Maybe if you give Raven her dress back she'll help you by dropping it back in the museum from the air."

Soir cringed "I can't."

"Why not?"

She cringed a bit more "I kind of paened her dress off."

Chrono raised an eyebrow, the most facial expression he had shown up to this point "You kind of, or you did?"

There was another quick crack as she hit him again "I did okay, are you happy now? So figure out how to help me."

"You keep hitting me and asking for help." Chrono stopped for a moment and thought. With a sigh "Maybe I could get it back for you. But you better make this up to me."

She jumped up and down again "Thank you so much. I can't believe you'd risk the curse to help me."

Chrono hadn't considerd that when he offerd. She quickly shoved the jem to him and ran off to leave him with the damn thing. He was caught up now, he had to get rid of this thing before he found out first hand how true the curse was. Plus he was late for his arieal combat class. It was the only class he and raven shared, since they were both flyers. This new semester was off to one hell of a bang.
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[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=darkorchid][b]OOC: So the different types of Lunarians have their own classes, right? For example, the lycanthropes probably have different classes than the ghosts. I know that they all have the basic classes too. Do you have a basic schedule set up, Talon?[/b][/color][/size][/font]

[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=darkorchid]Wynn walked up the stairs and smiled. 'Hunter' was the first Lunarian that actually gave her a proper greeting, or even acknowledged that she was there. Still, it was partly her fault for not being recognized by the other students. She had to stop dissappearing. Also, she couldn't expect all of them to walk up and talk to her. She had to stop being shy and start a conversation herself.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]As she reached the top of the stairs, she decided that that would be what she would do. After she tied her spirit to the academy, she would talk to the other students. Who knows, she might even be able to make friends with some of them. Wynn opened a door in a long hallway, and found a circular room that was practically covered in green marble. She decided that this looked like a good enough place, so she walked in. The door shut behind her and she stod in the center of the room. Concentrating, she sent pieces of her spirit out to different parts of the academy. Wynn began to fade a little, but she quickly became completely visible. She screamed and dropped to the ground. A piece of her spirit had touched something...dark. She quickly left the room. Maybe that marbled room wasn't the best place to do this.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]Heading back downstairs, Wynn floated on top of the grand piano once again. She turned invisible so no one would ask her what she was doing. Closing her eyes, she tried to tie her spirit to the academy once more. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes. This time, she was successful. She tried to forget about the marble room.[/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc][/color][/size][/font]
[font=Book Antiqua][size=2][color=#9932cc]Now that she had made this place her 'haunting grounds', she decided to go talk to some of the students. The halls were strangely empty. There was barely anyone around at all. Wynn thought she saw Merlin turning a corner but when she looked, he was gone. She floated through one of the walls and quickly returned to the hallway. That was why there was barely anyone around. Most of the students were in their various classes. This wasn't good. She might have had to go to class too . The problem was, she had no clue what class she was late for. Wynn quickly flew down the hallways, looking for someone to ask about her schedule.[/color][/size][/font]
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[COLOR=DarkGreen][SIZE=1]Kain walked down the halls, observing the new creatuers that were now in the school. Seeing the ghost and the lycanthrope dance, he avoided that. A party was going on down stairs for the newly enrolled students, he though it was a good way for them to feel safe in their new envorinment. He cared little for it, but though it would be fun to cause a little bit of trouble.
"Mabye I should show them what vampires can do."[/B] He pondered on this though, but quickly disregarded it.
"Last thing I need is to start trouble on the first day of school. Already got Alucard breathing down my neck for coming in late."[/B] Kain walked into the males dorms, seeing the lycanthrope enter a room with wine in his hand. Kain watched him close the door.
"I should introduce myself. Might be nice to see who that was."[/B] Kain walked towards his door, taking mist form as he neared it. Passing through the cracks and materia[B]lzing on the other side.

"Hello."[/B] The two people in the room jumped and looked at him.
"Who the hell are you?"[/B] Kain smiled.
"Names Kain, but everyone calls me Phantom. Enjoy your stay hear at the Academy, mabye well meet up again."[/B] Kain turned to mist once more and vanished through the door, materalizing once more on the other side. He smiled to himself.
"Hope they sleep well tonight."[/B] Kain said to himself as he pushed off the door and walked down the hall to his room.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OOC: There are no preassigned schedules. You make your own, skip class, or attend whatever the heck you want. The shool gives students a lot of...latitude, so long as they attend the one mandatory class at the end of the week. What that class is....you'll find out.

[color=crimson]Hunter stared at the wall, slugging back his glass of wine, as Kaine exited the room. Shaking his head, he looked out the windows to find night falling quickly. Shaking his head again, this time in disbelief, he opened the door. Silvio perked up. "Where're you going?"

Hunter simply shrugged his shoulders, shifted into a smaller, more human version of his Hybrid form, and walked into the corridor. As he passed the different classes, he stared about in something a little less than wonder. Meeting a few stares directed at himself, he looked down at his body. There was nothing amiss. Certainly, he looked like a Homid with a cheetah tail and ears, but that was about it. He shrugged and continued on, until he heard some excited chatter above him. Running up, he watched the fox girl thrust a gem into Chrono's hands and peel off, leaving Chrono swearing about how he was late for the aerial class.

Piqued, Hunter tapped his speed and dashed after the Lunarian, catching up with him and breathing heavily. "Let....me....see....that gem!"

Chrono swore, holding the stone out. "What the hell's your business with it?"

Hunter merely took the gem and sighed. "What the hell was that fox girl doing with the St. Sebastian? I donated it to the museum for my father a week ago."

Chrono sweatdropped heavily, pointed behind Hunter's head, and turned pale. Hunter, combat instincts charging to the fore, grabbed the diamond and held it aloft as a weapon. While he was looking away, Chrono took the chance and ran. Hunter turned and looked at his retreating back. "....I just got played, didn't I?"

Pocketing the jewel, he proceeded down a corridor, where heavy panting caught his sensitive hearing. Thinking someone was in danger, he padded down the hall on his feline haunches, slowly shifting into a more combat-satisfactory form and raising his right claw. What he saw was not what he expected.

The fox girl had apparently run smack into the tall, demonic young man from earlier. He'd grabbed her by the shoulders and was glaring hatefully at her. His claws were slowly extending, threatening to pierce her skin.

"Now, weregirl, where is that JEWEL?!! I KNOW IT WAS YOU!!"

Hunter's anger at the girl slowly turned into rage at the demon. His body began to shift, and as the demon continued to scare the girl, his fists began to curl. Upon the girl crying out in pain, Hunter decided enough was enough. "YAAAAAAAAAAAARGGH!!!!"

Damien didn't have enough time to react. All he saw was a huge fist slamming into his face. His claws retracted as he regained his equilibrium, his wings stabilizing his expedient forced retreat.

Hunter grimaced, focusing his ki into his fists. He turned and called over his shoulder. "Soir. Room 665, at midnight. We need to have a little chat about a recent acquisition of yours. Now...Blackie, I think we got some business to deal with..."

Hunter rushed the demon, and Damien swept towards Hunter. Their fists cracked against each other's skulls, all formal training in the martial arts forgotten as they bashed each other silly.

A shadowed being standing at the far end of the corridor shook his head and sighed. "This untrained whelp is my new pupil? Merlin...you owe me, big time...."[/color]
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Soir sat on the floor numbly, her breath coming in quick, short bursts as she tried to make sense of what had just happened. She played it through in her mind, the events repeating themselves in slow motion as she hunted for the one fatal mistake that had driven her into Damien's Iron claws.

Already seeing her first mistake--thrusting the gem at Chrono and darting--she dismissed it as merely a consequence of the adrenaline and the paranoia that had plagued her a lot of her life. Slamming into Ironclaw was more than just a coincidence.

Unless...was he around that day? She had always known that the President wasn't keen with having a theif on school grounds. Maybe he was out to get her?

No. That was paranoia talking again.

She shook her head, thrusting the thoughts aside, and watched the battle before her. She had heard the stranger, and what he had said about her 'recent acquisition', and was cursing the tangled web she found herself in. There was a spider somewhere in that web, waiting to eat her, and she wasn't prepared to give it the satisfaction of having her as a meal.

Her legs were numb, but she forced the limbs to move in her desperation. Ironclaw was a demon, a bloody hellion related to the very devil himself, and she didn't want to stick around for long. She took off down the hall, forcing the adrenaline already in her veins to cooperate with her natural agility and her honed skills as a theif, and fled the scene.

The Library was the safest place. It had to be. There was no way she would go to class in the dire straights she was in, and she could use that time doing a lot of necessary research. The history of the St. Sebastian, for example, and how her classmate knew about it, was a topic that she would dive into.

She paid her rescuer one last look over her shoulder, out of both curiosity and gratitude. There was no sensation as her foot caught on a stray object, only the sight of the world suddenly shifting onto it's side and the hard impact with the floor. Soir cursed as she got back onto her feet, deciding that she would accept the midnight invitation.
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Well, that certainly didn't take long...I hope this is to your [I]liking[/I], Talon.


[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Alucard shook his head slowly, watching the two young troublemakers fight it out. He knew it was his duty as an instructor to stop them, but it had been a full three years since anyone had picked a fight with the ?Ironclaw? and held their own for more than ten seconds. This new stranger was an intriguing boy, if admittedly a warmonger. However?

?There was no place for warmongers in this school.

Alucard stepped slowly from the shadows, quietly clearing his throat. Even this simple gesture caused the fighting to cease immediately. [B]?Well, [I]well[/I],?[/B] he growled, stopping right next to the new lycan student. [B]?This school encourages a good fight every once in a while, but the rules state clearly that it is forbidden in the first week of term. [I]You[/I], of all people, should know that, Damien. What have I told you about harassing new students??[/B]

[B]?Piss off, Alucard,?[/B] Damien spat. Alucard waved his hand nonchalantly, and Damien flew down the hallway, crashing into the wall.

[B]?It?s Zamiel, for the likes of you,?[/B] he muttered in contempt. [B] ?And you??[/B] he turned to the new student. [B]?You need to learn when to pick a fight, and with whom to do battle with. In your present condition you are no match for [I]him[/I].?[/B] Alucard made a gesture toward where Damien had crashed, though Damien had now begrudgingly stormed off. [B]?He is the single most powerful student here. Compared to him you are but an untrained [I]pup[/I]. You?re lucky to be in one piece still.?[/B]

[B]?Shut up, man, I can take him,?[/B] the student retorted. Alucard?s eye sparked for a moment. This one was sure of himself, that much was certain. And, if what Merlin had told him about the opening of the door, this egotistical little menace could be surprisingly strong. A [I]test[/I], perhaps, was in order.

[B]?Could you, now? Well, then??[/B] Alucard stepped away from the boy slowly, arms spread wide open, almost as if inviting him. [B]?Show me, insolent little [I]whelp[/I].?[/B] The boy shouted down this insult, and ran with unnatural speed at Alucard. At the last possible second, as the boy?s fist shot forward with force that could have probably shattered every bone in Alucard?s face, the tall vampire disappeared, reappearing behind the boy.

[B]?You think you can [I]beat[/I] me, fighting like that?!?[/B] Alucard growled, teleporting again as the boy took another futile swipe. [B]?You fight like a wild dog,?[/B] he continued. The boy began wildly thrashing at him, and each time, his fists fell on empty air. Alucard spoke between blows.

[B]?No plan?no coordination?no variation?no strategy?no intelligence??[/B] finally, Alucard simply grabbed the boy?s hand as he swung, and thus the battle was ended. [B]?In short, a [I]poor[/I] excuse for a lycan. Even at [I]your[/I] age.?[/B]

[B]?[I]Shut the fuck up[/I]!?[/B] the boy shouted, using his surprising strength to tear his fist out of Alucard?s grasp. Caught off guard, Alucard didn?t quite have enough time to think before the boy?s fist struck across his head, sending him flying backward. [I]Persistent little punk[/I], he thought as he got up, wiping the blood from his lip. The boy ran at him again. In that moment, Alucard made his decision. There was no point in continuing the battle now. He raised his arm, and the boy found himself suspended ten feet in the air.

[B]?What the [I]Hell[/I]?!?[/B] he shouted, thrashing about. [B]?You cheated, you [I]bastard[/I]!?[/B]

Alucard shook his head bitterly as he got to his feet. [B]?I used what skills I had, boy. You used what skills you had. I am simply stronger, more experienced. That is how this game works. Tell, me, what is your name, boy??[/B]

[B]?Whadda [I]you[/I] care?!?[/B] the boy retorted with a sneer, arrogant even now in his helpless position.

[B]?As an [I]instructor[/I] in this academy, I expect to be answered wholly and truthfully when I ask a question.?[/B] The mention of the word [I]instructor[/I] seemed to shut the brat?s mouth for a moment. Finally, he calmed down.

[B]?My name?s?[I]Hunter[/I],?[/B] the boy growled begrudgingly. Alucard smirked, able to recognize a self-styled battletag when he heard one.

[B]?well, then, Mr. ?Hunter?. [I]Detention[/I]. To be served on Friday, in my room. Last door on the right, in the teacher's wing. Until then, I bid you good [I]night[/I].?[/B] At the word ?night, Alucard flicked a finger, and ?Hunter? was thrown against the wall head-first, hard. That would keep him down for a little while.

Back up in his room, Alucard smiled to himself as he read from an old text titled ?[U]of Lycans, an Encyclopedia of the Lycan Races[/U]'.

[B]??Hunter?, eh? [I]Interesting[/I]??[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]


Detention, on the first night? Yes, naturally. I already told you, children, I have [I]no[/I] tolerance for misbehavior! :flaming:
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Silvio heard what sounded like fighting in the commons area. He couldn't believe he'd only been here a few hours and already there was a wild brawl going on. If this was how it was all the time, he'd have to keep his guard up. He didn't want to have to use his demonic powers more than he had to though, because he had to pay a price after each time he used his demon ability. It was a condition the Lunarians call exuromine: a condition in which Silvio's veins burn madly for long periods of time after flame energy is used. This wouldn't affect a full flame demon, but because Silvio was half-human, his human portion felt the effects. That was the reason that Silvio rarely used his powerful "gift." However, Silvio thought that maybe Merlin or someone else at this grand academy might be able to aid him in his pain. Maybe they could concoct some type of elixer to halt the exuromine.

Silvio decided that he would go get something to eat before his first class: Lunarian anatomy. As he made his way down the candle-lit corridor that was beautifully adorned with oil paintings, his stomach growled loudly, clearly indicating that he was in need of something to feast upon. Silvio wasn't sure where he should go; it was very easy to get lost in this place. He went down the stairs and turned a corner only to smack into a girl he had not yet seen. "Oh, sorry, didn't see you," he said, rubbing his forehead where he had hit her.

The girl smiled, which surprised Silvio; shouldn't she be upset? She then held out her hand and said, "Don't worry about it. I'm Corrina, nice to meet you!"

Silvio took her extended hand and shook it, "Ah, my name's Silvio, glad to meet you." He couldn't help but grin. "So, are you new here as well?" Corrina nodded, still smiling. "Oh, then you probably don't know where the dining area is do you?"

Corrina was quick to reply, "Actually, I do! It's right down this hallway I just came from. Just keep going all the way down the hall until you reach it; don't make any turns or anything. You'll love it. They have all kinds of good food like waffles, biscuits, eggs, bacon, pancackes, muffins, and even some weird blood stuff, but I didn't touch that, haha!"

Silvio put his hands in his pockets and started off down the hallway, "Thanks a lot. I'll see you around then."

Corrina turned to watch him go, "See ya!" [/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=1]Corrina strolled towards her first class of the day. The long corridors seemed to stretch forever and she begining to think she was lost. She finally came upon the room and entered quietly. There were only a few students that had arrived earlier than she had. Corrina took a seat at a long table in the back.

She looked down at her watch, she was 10 minutes early. She took out a few blank peices of paper from her bag and a pencil. She began to draw and doodle, just to pass the time. A few students had entered and sat down, none she recognized. She looked down at her watch again, only 2 minutes until class started. She put away her paper and pencil and stared blankly at the door.

The boy she had met in the hallway walked through the entrance, smiling, he had a little bit of pancake syrup on his chin, she laughed to herself. He walked towards the back of the room and placed his things beside Corrina and sat down. "[I]lucky seeing you here[/I]," he said. Corrina just laughed, he still hadn't noticed the pancake syrup. "[I]You've got something...just there[/I].." she said as she pointed to his chin.
"[I]oh[/I].." Silvio said as he tried to wipe it off, looking embarassed.
"[I]you missed it[/I]." Corrina said as she reached out and wiped it off his chin. Silvio smiled and focused his attention to the front of the class, the instructor had just shown up.

Halfway through there lesson, Corrina slid Silvio a note saying "[I]what are you doing after this[/I]?" He just kind of smiled at her and kept taking notes on what the teacher was saying. [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[color=crimson]Hunter growled to himself as he slinked along the hallway on all fours, his body in such pain that walking on his two hindlegs was impossible. That vampire's attacks had HURT. He

For a descendent of Dracula's retainers, Hunter had certainly embarassed himself. He sighed, lighting up a cigarette at one of his frequent pauses. As he progressed through the halls, he found himself face-to-crotch with a rather tall vampire. He looked up, sat back on his haunches, and puffed his cigarette. Tha vampire looked down at him. "Excuse me."

Hunter jerked his head to the side, speaking through his cigarette. "Go 'head. I ain't in no rush. Just headin' for m' dorm."

The vampire seemed to think Hunter's behavior peculiar, and shrugged, before he bent over and plucked the cigarette from Hunter's mouth. Crushing it in his hand, he walked on. "My name's Crucifix. Don't smoke."

Hunter snorted, lit up another one, and kept going, only pausing to rest as he crawled into his bed. He looked at the clock. "11:15...damn. What kinda school's classes take place at night, anyhow?"

Shruggng and focusing on healing, his mind drifted to memories gone by...

Romania, Four Years Past

It was Hell. Hunter ducked and weaved, slashing his claws at the vampire's throat. The damn thing just wouldn't DIE! His strength waning with the moon, Hunter fell to one knee, his lifeblood flowing from within his body. His fur began to pale, his skin becoming waxen, and he slumped lower in his exhaustion.

"Noble son of Caligula Dinesti, have you no thought in that empty skull of yours? Skilled and strong you are, yes. Stronger still because of your mother's blood. But when will you LEARN?! Strength and skill are NEVER the only answers! Even together, they are no match for intellect! The negating of magic within you is both a blessing and a curse, as no elemental magic may touch you, but it is also true that no magic may be channeled THROUGH you, leaving you empty when it comes to fighting creatures you can detect only through your senses and MAGIC, such as vampires!" The vampire stood over his body, glaring at him, before bending over and helping him up. Hunter coughed weakly.

"Once again, we must rely on the St. Sebastian gem to heal you. I swear, young master, one of these days I'll forbid you the use of your mother's heirlooms, and then we'll see where you end up." Son saying, he thrust a canary yellow gem into Hunter's hand, and the wounds all over his body began to close at an accelerated rate. Even Hunter's eyes seemed to take on a brighter hue.

Hunter, once able to stand on his own, took up his vest and began to cloth himself once more. He fingered the gem before tucking it into his jacket pocket. "Master Kerrigan, why did my father mate with my mother? He was Lycan, and she a Hunter. This gem is the proof of it."

Kerrigan smiled at his apprentice in combat. "Your father, Caligula, and your mother, Sonata St. Sebastian, loved each other. That is all. The St. Sebastian diamond is her heirloom, and it holds all of her power in it, as well as all of the power of her bloodline, of healing, of light, and of pure strength, all granted to you whenever you hold it. However, while it holds their power, it holds not their prejudices. Remember that, pupil, and this: a sword may be used to kill, but does that make it evil? No, for the sword may also be used to protect. It is in the wielder's hands that the intent lies. Your mother left you the gem, and her blood left you your cross-mark. That does not mean your are good, or that you are evil. Your clan has accepted her blood in you, and they have honored you with a name that does her history honor."

Hunter hung his head. Why, though? Why was he such a bridge? Why could he not just be half-human? Why did he have to be half-Hunter?!


Hunter opened his eyes upon the end of the recollection. He pulled out the gem from earlier. There was no doubt about it: it was his mother's gem, the St. Sebastian diamond. It was handed down amongst his mother's people, and thus, to him. The curse was nothing but crap. The gemstone's power merely radiated painfully against those whose bodies could not handle it. Therefore, it only really hurt humans.

Hunter bolted upright in bed. "Why the Hell was that demon after my mother's gem?!"[/color]
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Chrono like so many others at this point had stumbled in on what was left of the fight between the ever infamous damien Iron Claw and the new kid, Hunter. Chronos first thought was weather or not he had a death wish, a newb could never stand up to Damien. But he couldn't know that, thus the curse of being new here.

In combat Chrono was ranked at 9, but that didn't mean even he was in Damiens class. This kid was a monster, but it wasn't that in which had captured his attention. It was the ever present scent of fox hair on his hands, he had done something to Soir. Chrono hiked his hands to his ears and tried to listen for her heartbeat, to see if she was still okay. He heard the ring of her breath and the beat of her heart. It didn't take a second to know where she was.

Chrono quickly ran to the library, she always took sanctuary in it's cozy halls and walls. He could still hear panting, she was still rattled, but then who wouldn't be. He made his way to the furthest back corner, where she loved to hide, huddled amongst her favorite authors. She was sitting quietly, not reading, simply sitting and whimpering still, trying to regain her composure. Chrono made his presence felt with a light cough "You keep finding more and more trouble, girl."

She smiled a bit and gave a light laugh "I can't help it sometimes."

"of all people, Damien Iron Claw. What the hell did you do?"

She motioned her hand "The jewel I gave you."

Chrono nodded "Maybe it really was cursed and you got rid of it just in time. Glad I dumped the thing too."

She looked to him "What?"

"I dumped it on that new kid. Turns out his family donated the thing so I suppose it's best he return it. That and I don't want to end up in as much trouble as you."

She smiled and whipped her face "I guess I'm finally starting to rub off on you."

"Yeah, like the stench of old meat."

A swift crack could be heard throughout the the quiet library halls, as her tail came over his head again. Chrono rubbed his head "Why do you always have to hit me!?"

She scuffed "Just shut up!"

She turned away from him, but he sat down on the cold cobble stones with her anyway. She was a theif, a trouble maker, and she abused him to no end, but she was still his friend.
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