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Art Arjal's Island [A Childrens' Book]

Dragon Warrior

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Yeah, for Creative Writing class I had to make a kids' book (two actually... one for young kids and the other for toddlers). This book I'm about to present is the toddler one since I did it all on computer. It's a picture book about an alligator or crocodile (whichever you want him to be) named Arjal. He wishes to sail on his boat, so he does so, but winds up at an unknown island.



Comments :^D

[b]EDIT:[/b] Pictures are fixed, obviously.
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Well, the future professional upbringer in me says that the book hasn't got much pedagogic meaning in it (besides the obvious "friend in need is a friend indeed").

However, I understand that this isn't meant for the real thing (in the hands of small children), so I have to only raise my inexistant hat for your imaginative and vivid graphics. ;D

With a good writer to work with, I believe you could actually illustrate real children's books! Take it from the soon-to-be-pro. ;D
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Oh yeah, that too... Didn't get it from the first glance. ;P

I still stand by my words, though. Great cuddly graphics, but the story needs some development.

Some texts couldn't hurt, either, although I'm not sure to what age-group your aiming that book to. It's a bit too complex for toddlers, and a bit too simple for preschoolers. Definately could use some texts... ;D
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Not bad...
You did a fine job of telling the story through just pictures, and without the use of words. Which is a skill that every good illustrator must learn.

I might have added a little more detail....but being that its a children's book, the simplistic art style works well.

Good job.
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Haha, very imaginative. XP I liked how you handled the artwork, especially. I always liked the books without words the best when I was little. Frankly, I think they're more conducive to learning than books where the child is told precisely what's happening.

What's that font you used called? I like it a lot.
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