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[FONT=System][COLOR=DarkGreen]Email Information

To: Clipper

I've searched the remaining areas. Looks like nothing is wrong with The World this time. So, welcome all the newbs, and I'll reopen user's accounts from 2.0. On second thought...You don't much care for newbs do you? I'll take care of them. You reopen instead. Well, busy day, huh? See ya later.[/COLOR][/FONT]
"Hey Nom!" said a voice from down the hall.

Nomura turned around to look down the long junior high hallway. Mohama stopped right in front of him breathing heavily.

"The CCC..." he said panting,"Have started The World back up!"

"What?" Nomura asked, for once actually listening to Mohama.

"It's true!"


[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=1]"Wow, been awhile since I logged in!"

Nomura stood on a clift looking out into the town. Soon, the place would be crawling with newbies and people like himself. People who were fairly used to the world.

It would be fun, once again killing monsters, and celebrating all the festivals. Even getting the extremely hard-to-get rare items was fun, though it took precious time.

"Oh yeah!" he exclaimed.

Speaking of rare items, he was about to upload one.

In five minutes, a black cat was on top of his shoulder.

"Hey Dark!" Nom said to the cute cat.

It was his lookout and bestfriend in the world.

"Miss me?"

The cat meowed. Nomura laughed.

The main gate showed up in the middle of the town and sounds of all kind blistered Nomura's ears.

"Let's go greet the New mods, Dark!" Nom said, unstrapping several metal belts from his jacket.

"I know that at least one of 'em can give a good fight to an old traveler!"

And with that, he was off to the town, Dark closely following and ocassionally purring. Mischeif was sure to follow.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Blue]Welcome back to[/COLOR] [COLOR=Green]THE WORLD[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]Aura of Azure.[/COLOR][/FONT]
A black background appear with white lettering reading/flashing:
Her character's avatar appeared almost instantly. [I]Everything's all in order. Just some modifications.[/I]
[FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Blue]Please enjoy your stay.[/COLOR][/FONT]
[FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=White]Delta: Aqua Capital Mac Anu[/COLOR][/FONT]
Aura waited patiently for the gold rings to disperse from her as Mac Anu appeared in front of her. It had been a good long while since [COLOR=Green]The World[/COLOR] had gotten back Online. She sighed heavily. Her old friends, she shook her head. Too heavily did that weigh on her conscience. They were still alive and out of the coma, but still...
[FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=White]New Flash Mail[/COLOR][/FONT] flashed in her eyes, she paused to read it carefully.
"New mods?" She said out loud, "might as well." And she gated out to where they were being 'held' so to speak.
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[color=RoyalBlue][size=1][b][center][u]Message received[/u][/center]

[i]A girl of about 16 looked up at her computer. Someone had just emailed her. Moving her mouse to the mail icon, she double-clicked it, her long blonde hair falling over her shoulders as her head moved to read the message. A shocked look played across her tanned face.

A man entered the room. He and the girl shared the same eyes. A perfect icy blue colour, darkening as the colour went outwards from their iris. He ruffled the girl's golden blonde hair before looking over her shoulder at the screen. The same stunned look played across his face. She looked up at him, saying something about whether she should say yes or not. The man's face became serious as he stroked his chin. After a while he nodded, saying it would be interesting to see what would happen, and how things have changed. The girl looked a little uncertain but clicked the hyperlink on the message and was transported to a professional looking webpage.

She managed to click the 'Apply for Moderator' button before being transported to a whole different page. There were numerous boxes she had to fill in with the details of her character and the such. When she was finished, she clicked the button at the bottom of the page and put her headset on, a little tentative at how much things might have changed.

In the background, the man told her to tell him everything over dinner that night. He said goodbye and headed off to work, leaving the girl in the house by herself. She called out to him her goodbye before focusing on the screen in front of her.[/i]

[center]//.......Logging in.........//
//.......Username: Kya of the Twilight Sky......//
//.......Class: HeavyBlade.........//
//.......Rank: Pending on approval for moderator....//
//.......[[Application Approved. Now upgrading character rank to Moderator]].....//


+------- Welcome to The World ----------+

[Now logging in as Kya of the Twilight Sky][/center]

[i]A picture came up in the headset. The girl chose the option of going to her mailbox. There was nothing there. She decided to send an email to Clipper, a friend of hers she had before The World had been shut down. Once she had finished that, she looked at the boards. There were a few posts there, mostly for the moderators, telling them about the rules of being a moderator and the such. The girl made sure she read them thoroughly before logging into The World, finally.[/i]

[center][u]Field: Hidden Solitary Cat Market[/u][/center]

Kya appeared in the wood-element field, surrounded by forest. This was a special field that only the 'Solitary' keyword could access. This was also the field the moderators had been told to go to meet the new people accessing The World. No one but moderators were allowed to access the field just yet, but, to Kya's surprise, no other moderators were there yet. Her wings ruffled slightly as she thought about her father leaving for work, and telling her to tell him all about The World over dinner that night. These wings were originally his, after all.

Balmung of the Azure Sky. That's what he was known as, in The World.

Now she, Kya of the Twilight Sky, was his daughter. She inherited the wings off him when he decided to leave The World once and for all.

Looking around at the numerous trees, Kya wondered when other people were going to turn up.[/color][/b][/size]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]Sitting in front of a computer screen sat a girl who busied herself with reading an email from the admistrators of a popular game. She smiled slightly as she repiled by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen entitled, Apply for Moderator.

Being transfored to a new screen she sighed as she looked at the questoinare required for the application. Rolling her hazel eyes as she pulled back her dirty blond hair in a way of concentrationing on the form on the computer.

Several minutes later she clicked the Enter button, submiting her application and pulled on her headset. After typing in a few her username and password the headset came alive, progecting a blank screen untill white words flew across the headset. [/I]
[CENTER]//.......Logging in.........//
//.......Username: Clipper Of The Azure Sea......//
//.......Class: Long Arm.........//
//.......Rank: Pending on approval for moderator....//
//.......[[Application Approved. Now upgrading character rank to Moderator]].....//[/CENTER]


+------- Welcome to The World ----------+

[Now logging in as Clippper of The Azure Sea]

[B]Feild: Aqua Capital Mac Anu[/B]

Clipper sighed heavily as she looked around seeing other people entering the world, some of them novices. She hated them the most, they always thought they where better than everyone else and tried consently to break rules or cheat. That was the reason she toke up the offer as a moderator without a second thought.

In the past Clipper couldn't do anything really about the cheaters or hackers ,but now that she has an opprautinity she grabbed it, embraced it, and was about to live it. All that was left to do was to find the meeting place, which was given to her as her mail popped up before her.

Looking at the first letter she saw that she was supposed to go to some place called Hidden Solitary Cat Market.

"Never heard of it." She muttered as she opened the other letter, this one from a close friend of hers before The World was closed. She smiled at the letter and after closing out of the email she reopened the one from the admins and read the rules and whatnot involed in being a Moderator of The World.

Once finshed she closed the message and looked around the busy streets of Aqua Capital Mac Anu. Most people where just talking metting up with old friends already organizing groups together to go out on quests.

With one final look around she transfered herself to the meeting place of the moderators, Hidden Solitary Cat Market. As she golden rings of liht appeared around her avatar she dissappeared, entering the feild.

[B]Feild: Hidden Solitary Cat Market[/B]

Glancing around in the wooded area she appeared in she sighed as she assumed that she was alone, though once turning towards the right she saw Kya of the Twilight Sky. She smiled towards her friend and headed towards her apeaking as she did.

"Hey guess you toke up the offer too, huh. Finally I can attepmt to bring order here, especially among those newbs and hackers, eh?"

OOC: Hope you don't mind that I kinda copied your format Reiku.[/COLOR]
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"Hey, you!" Nomura said to the two girls that had just Gated in. "You seen any mods round here?"

"What business do you have with the moderators of The World?" said the blue-haired one on the right.

"Got something to give to 'em."

"Then give it to us." said Kya, spreading her wings so that Nomura could see them clearly.

Nom let several belts fall down from his wrists, and without hesitaion, he struck Clipper.

Dodging them, Clipper, landed on top of a near-by melon cart.

"What's your name?" Kya exclaimed, holding out her blade.

"Nomura, of the hackers!"

"You're a hacker? No wonder your weapons are belts and you have a foxtail!" Clipper said, jumping off the cart.

[COLOR=White][FONT=System]Email! Email for Nomura! [/FONT] [/COLOR]

"Crap, not now!" he exclaimed, jumping back with golden rings and digits following him.

Nomura looked at the wide computor screen.

"Meet Aura... Cat Market?"

Nomura quietly stepped out of the Chaos gate, trying to sneak by the two mods he had just fought.

"Oh hey, Nomura!" shouted Aura's voice from a giant crowd of newbs and pros alike.

The two mods looked behind them to find Nomura sneaking down an alley.

"Hey you! You! Wait!"

Kya and Clipper were racing down an alley way to get Nomura.
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Aura hopped off the railing she was on and ran to Nomura, grabbing his hand to help him dodge through the many people. [COLOR=White]Member Address Obtained[/COLOR] flashed across her eyes once their hands made contact. Newbies just irked her to no end, thanks to the fact that most don't read the instructions before starting or they don't have anyone to show them the ropes already in the game. Most of the people that they ran over in haste to escape the mass confusion that was newbies and pros flooding the server were newbs. The trick was not to feel sorry for them.

"Nom, already got the mods on your case I see-key to being a hacker: Don't announce it to [COLOR=Green]The World[/COLOR]." They broke through finally and Aura turned to look at the mods chasing them, letting go of Nomura's hand. [I]Those are Balmung's wings...[/I] Aura smiled lightly. [I]So this is who he was talking about, ha![/I]

[B]Behind her gaming visor, a woman laughed out loud.[/B]

"Their caught inside...okay, that's one of your new 'techniques'. Hopefully you won't try to get yourself caught next time and for your sake, hope more come on so this works even better." She nodded, and took hold of his hand once more, leading him back into the throng of people.

"What are you doing?" Nomura shouted, as if frightened for her sanity. "I thought you said that we were trying to [I]not[/I] get caught."

"Technically, they're after you. Kya and Clipper don't remember me...I think, they weren't mods when I was here last. At any rate," she was speaking fast now, hitting anyone who wasn't moving out of their way rather hard. "They can't see us, note the huge crowd they're lost in." She pushed their way through once again, letting go of Nomura's hand immediately after she knew he was out.

"Run now," she said, looking back at him, already at the middle step to the hole in the wall that was the Choas Gate. She decided to take the last few steps. "Hurry it up, boy! The mods will soon find that we're not there and come looking for us." He was climbing the stairs and Aura took the time to add his Member Address to her party.

"Random!" She cried to the Choas Gate and her and Nomura were transported to an area inside [COLOR=Green]The World[/COLOR].

OOC: Hope this was ok
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"Aura! Never hold my hand like that again! Virtual, or reality." Nom said smiling at Aura.

"You're crazy you know that?" Aura said looking back to make sure that the two mods didn't gate jump along with Nom and her.

"Yep. That's what the popular people tell me at junior high."

"Hey Nomura...Where's the cat?" Aura asked.

"Oh...Crap! We forgot Dark!"

"We lost him..." Clipper muttered to Kya.

"Meow?" said a lost little cat.

"It's that cat! The hacker's!" Kya exclaimed pointing a finger at the small critter.The cat looked over his shoulders to see if she was pointing at him(So cute!!!).

"Come here kitty-kitty..." Clipper whispered.
Golden rings came out of nowhere and a small figure appeared from them.

A small frightened cat landed on the redrock ground. It's hair was on-end.


"Well, what an adventure. I'm going to sleep now, Nom. See you at school!" Aura said, logging out. Nomura smiled and did the same.
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[color=RoyalBlue][b][size=1][u]Server: Theta - Field: Hidden Solitary Cat Market[/u]

Kya looked around. [i]Damn![/i] She had just let her first hacker get away. The person, whomever it was, had made an almost perfect escape from them, using an untraceable algorithm to gate out of the field. The only mistake they had made was to leave their cat behind. Her wings flared out with her anger.

" Chill Kya..." Clipper said, readjusting her clear blue wrap-around glasses, looking rathe coldly at the place where the hacker had just gated from.
Kya sighed. " Dad is going to laugh at me when I tell him what happened over dinner."

Smiling, Clipper started walking back to the place where they were supposed to be meeting the new characters of The World. Kya sheathed her katana and followed Clipper. It wasn't normal for her to unsheath her weapon like that. She was over-anxious about her moderator duties.

However, the field was now crawling with newbies and pros alike - much to Clipper's dislike. Some characters Kya recognised as old friends, and greeted them as such - some of them surprised with her upgrade to Moderator. Kya just laughed it off, saying it would be a good opportunity to show her father up. But every time the conversation ended, she went back to Clipper's side.

Hours later the field began to empty after the initial influx of players. Kya was looking rather exhausted, her white-blue, Japanese-princess cut hair hiding her face.

" I'd never been asked so many questions in my life before," Kya sighed, even her wings drooped a bit.
Clipper gave a slight snigger. " That's what you get for being so nice to newbies."
" You were once a newbie too," Kya said, nudging Clipper in the ribs.
" Heh."
" You wanna go to Dun Loreiag? I've missed that place."
" Sure."

The two new moderators gated out of the field, which was now empty.

[u]Server: Theta - Highland City Dun Loreiag[/u]

A cold chill wind greeted Kya and Clipper as they gate into their favourite hangout. Kya wasn't sure if it was Clipper's favourite hangout, but it was definitely hers. The high mountains, cold fresh air and towering cliffs with clouds swirling around the mountain peaks - to her, this was paradise. It looked fairly empty still, but soon, it would be as busy as it was in the last version of The World.

The two walked over to a cliff edge and sat down, Kya dangling her feet over the edge and Clipper leaning against a conveniently-placed stone.
" I wonder if they have made a new item list yet...."[/color][/size][/b]

OOC: Sorry, it's late and I felt I had to post something.
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[COLOR=DarkRed]The dirty blonde looked out the classroom window. His eyes were set upon the cherryblossoms outside. The cherryblossom festival would be held soon. That would mean mods. A chance to see those two girls again. He was interested in the one with wings. Kya...

Kya reminded him of someone. He couldn't remember much of who it was. It must've been a player in the game. That's all he could really remember these days, since that's all he pays attention to. The World.

"Kazuwa," said the teacher.

Nom, startled, turned and looked at her. Kazuwa Nomura. The one guy that didn't know what the heck was going on.

"Do you know the answer?"

Nomura didn't in fact. He was going to get in trouble, so why not get in trouble while people are laughing.

The teacher repeted her question. "Do you know the answer?"

"Nope, but I just met the question."

"Hey Nom, wait up!" Aura came running down the sidewalk and slowed down beside Nom.

"You shouldn't smart off like that. Mrs. Korei looked pretty angry,"

"Well, I got that from my bro. Smart alec city." Nomura replied, with a relaxed look on his face.

"Oh, yeah. What happened to your mom again?" Aura asked trotting along side him.

"The doctor said she got cancer.Shame really. She was the best hacker anyone knew," Nom said grinning.",even Balmung couldn't get her in trouble. She was always on top."

Kazuwa's expression changed suddenly. He started running.

"Nom! Nomura! Are you getting on today?" Aura yelled.

"Yep, I'm getting on as soon as I hit monitor!" [/COLOR]

[B][I]So, that's it. Balmung of the Azure sky had a child. Interesting. [/I] [/B]
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"C'mon, c'mon...double-click...yes! Thank you!" She encouraged her computer and immediately put on the VR helmet. Her eyes soon became accustomed to the bright flickering lights and decided to check out the [COLOR=Sienna]Boards[/COLOR] for some places to search.

[B]"Hm, Author: Dorien...Title: Hackers....Criptic warning...blah...blah...ah!"[/B] She clicked on the link suppiled and saw something come up, perfect for her little Ice Palace. [B]"Ten thousand...ah well, I'll get it after I visit a couple of Gott Statues..."[/B] Aura closed the link and re-entered the [COLOR=Sienna]Boards[/COLOR].

[B]"Nothing...nothing...Goblin Tag...nothing...no-whoa, that's new. Ha ha! And they said this newer version didn't have any bugs! Full of it."[/B] Aura exited the [COLOR=Sienna]Boards[/COLOR] and logged in.

[COLOR=Blue]Delta: Aqua Capital Mac Anu[/COLOR]

Aura stood there in the Chaos Gate's portal, awaiting Nomura to show. No mod or admin were after her, as of yet. They haven't learned of the winter wonderland in Lambda's server. When they did, however, she would be all to happy to convert it...right. Nom gated in.

"Finally!" She said, exasperated. "Been waiting for a good while. Listen to this." She went to read him what she had see on the [COLOR=Sienna]Boards[/COLOR], but found it had been erased.

"Funny, hey Nom, you know how this was supposed to be the safest of the other versions. Looks like they [I]still[/I] haven't figured out what the bug is."

"What?" Nomura looked at her like she was crazy.

"There's already been a person comatose because of this thing. The admins have erased the message, but it's still there if you want to see somewhat evidence."
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[color=RoyalBlue][size=1][b][u]Server: Theta - Highland City Dun Loreiag[/u]

Clipper had left for something a rather - she didn't make it specific - but she said she'd be back soon. Kya sighed, her feet still dangling over the edge of the cliff. There wasn't much for the new moderator to do just yet. The World had to fill with players and characters before any major problems would occur. She hadn't heard about the deletion of the suspicious post yet, or about the comatose patient.

Standing up, feeling bored, Kya went over to the Chaos Gate and gated out of the server.

[u]Server: Lambda - Cultural City Carmina Gadelica[/u]

Kya appeared at the Chaos Gate at the city of Carmina Gadelica. This was once the busiest city of The World. Now, it was pretty much dead. Not a lot of players were pros from the early versions of the game, so there were few that had access to this server yet.

Looking at the Chaos Gate, Kya entered in three keywords:

[i]Oblivious Forbidden Fort Walls[/i]

The golden rings appeared around her as she was transported to a field.

[u]Server: Lambda - Field: Oblivious Forbidden Fort Walls[/u]

Kya appeared in the field. This was a Thunder-element field. Thunder clouds rolled overhead, sometimes rumbling sounds echoing through the dark environment around her. She looked in all directions, seeing the spinning gold portals that let out monsters that were just waiting to be slain.

Smiling, Kya walked up to one and was ready to engage in battle.[/b][/color][/size]

OOC: Anyone is welcome to join in. It's a high-level field but (Lv 38).
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][FONT=System]Post number 112 of 3.0, reopened to boards. [/FONT] [/COLOR]

Author: Kelac
My friend, Taisuke, is in the hospital with Comatose! He's barely living off of machinary, and the weird thing is, he logged in just yesterday. Maybe, someone got into his password or something, but I doubt it. Taisuke hacked his way into the system, even before the mods reopened the site. I've heard of many people with Comatose after playing this game. Doctors still think it's impossible, but I believe the theory. One very interesting comatose player was this guy.

[COLOR=Blue][B][U]Tsukasa[/U][/B] [/COLOR]


To: Aura
Aura, I reopened the post (hacker's mischeif), and looked at this dude's profile. He hasn't been on in 10 years though. His profile is still intact though. I'm looking at this Kya girl's profile now, by the way, she's out and about fighting monsters.

;) Maybe we should help her! And maybe she'll put off the wanted adds in the boards! :animesmil [/FONT] [/COLOR]


Nomura logged in, and gated to the small fields where Kya was fighting.

"Need some help?" he asked, startling the winged girl.

"You!" Kya turned around, and started swinging her sword in Nom's direction. Laughing, Nomura swung a belt around the blade, so Kya could barely move it.

"I asked if you needed help."

Kya's expression showed hatred to Nom. But, he still stood there smiling.

"That's a lie. Nomura, what did you really come here for?" she exclaimed.

A long buzzing noise came from her character.

"E-mail, huh?" She looked into the sky, seeing the E-mail through her visor. "Tsukasa...I've heard of 'em."

"So, you gonna listen to me, or you gonna arrest me?" Nom said, walking closely to Kya, holding out his hands, like a prisoner did when being handcuffed.
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]The dirty blonde girl stood at the top of the stairs grinning down at a man who had just gotten home and was taking off his coat. He looked up and smiled.
"Kira did you finsh your homework?" The man asked as put his briefcase down next to the door after locking it.

"Yes, just like every other day."

"Want to go over it? I've noticed that your grades are slipping and if you want to be a doctor then you can't start slaking off now."

"When did I say I wanted to be a doctor?" Anger starting to rise in the girl's voice.

"Why not? Doctors make great money."

"That's not what I want to be though."

"The man looked up, smilng, "Then what is your career goal?"

"To be a journlist or writer."

His smile sank into a frown as he looked up at Kira, "Those aren't very stable jobs," laughing he smiled again. "Lets not joke around, grab your work and come on down stairs I'll go over it with you to make sure you did everything right."

That was the key. "See, just like I told you on the phone today, you never let me do anything on my own! Your always making desicions for me, without asking me if I want to do it or not. I'm sick of it so just leave me alone!"

Storming back towards her room, Kira stood in the doorway turning after hearing her father call to her.

"Kira, stop there! I'm only doing what's best for you."

"Maybe I don't want the best!"

"Kira, what are you saying?"

"I'm saying that I hate you and the worst dad ever! If mom was still around you wouldn't be treating me like this."
With that Kira slammed the door and went back over to her computer, looking at the screen. She sat back down placing her headset back on and entered the world again.[/I]

[B]Server: Theta - Highland City Dun Loreiag[/B]
Appearing in the golden rings Clipper looked around the field as the rings faded and she pushed up her orange wrap around glasses up as she looked around for Kya. Kicking the ground she cursed as her glasses fell back into place.

"She left! I wasn't gone that long, ugh!"

Crossing her arms she walked over towards the Choas Gate that stood in the field and typed in [i]Random Field[/i].

[B]Server: Lambda - Field: Oblivious Forbidden Fort Walls[/B]

Looking around the field Clipper grasped her spear halbred combo tighter, as she saw in the distance balls of light releasing monsters. She'd have to be on her guard after all this was a monster field and a pretty high level one.

Well not that high, she had been in higher and escaped with barely a scrape. Hearing talking Clipper investagated to find Kya alone with the hacker from before. Her anger boiled as she saw him send his belts around Kya's blade.

Clipper was sure Kya could handle herself but as the hacker came closer to her friend she let herself go. Running forward Clipper brought her weapon down infront of the hacker, what was his name, Nom something.

"Back away Hacker, I'm not afraid to become a player killer got it? I'm not a good mood so you better get out of here before I decied to cut you down to size." With that she slide her halbred's tip towards his neck.

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"If you kill me now, I'll come back ten-times more annoying." He said smiling.

Clipper pushed her weapon closer to his neck. Kya pushed it away from his neck. "We were just talking business." she said.

"What ya going to do, huh? Sell me out for a hacker?" Clipper angrilly said.

"No! We were discussing comatose victims!" Kya exclaimed.

"And I bet this hacker was the cause of the comas!" Clipper said, once again holding her halbred's tip up to Nomura's neck.

In the background, a voice was heard. The mouth piece must've been picking it up.

"Kira! Kira! Open the door! Open it now!"


In all this uproar, Nom had managed to slip away from Clipper's range.

"Y' know, you should think a little. I don't have a dad or a mom. You're just a little bit lucky." Nom said, gating out.

"He's right , you know..." Kya muttered.

"How would you know? You've got a perfect dad!Balmung of the Azure sky!"

Clipper gated out, leaving Kya to herself.
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[color=RoyalBlue][size=1][b][u]Server: Lambda - Field: Oblivious Forbidden Fort Walls[/u]

" Clipper wait!" Kya shouted but it was too late, Clipper had already gated out of the field. She sighed heavily, looking over at the spinning golden portal.

Walking over to it, Kya activated it to see an Orochi (giant cobra snake). She felt anger boil in her veins. Clipper knew better to say that. She knew what happened to her mom.

[i]The perfect Dad huh? Sure, he's a great dad... but I can't get away from being known as his daughter! Do you know how frustrating that is? Always walking in someone else's shadow, not being able to be yourself.... That's why I took this moderator job - to start my own legend in here.

And having a father that blames himself everyday for the death of his wife is not the best thing to grow up with!![/i]

" TENSHI NO TSUBASA!" Kya screamed as she withdrew her long, white katana and performed a dazzling flip, using her wings to glide down and skewer the giant snake as it opened it mouth to swallow the HeavyBlader.

The Orochi vanished only to give a blue treasure box. Kya sheathed her katana before using a Fortune Wire on the box, making it turn yellow, disabling the trap. She then opened it to find a Crystal Stone.

" Huh? A Crystal Stone? In a level 38 field?" Kya looked at the glistening sky blue stone in her hand. Something was definitely wrong. Unless the developers of the new version had changed the item lists in each level, there was no way a Crystal Stone could have appeared in a lv 38 field unless it was for some special event.

And that hacker, Nomura, poking around. Talking about comatose patients... something was definitely up. She'd have to discuss this with her father.

After a while, Kya managed to complete the field, opening all field and dungeon portals and receiving the treasure from the Gott Statue. She gated from the field and logged out.

[i]The girl with long blonde hair took her visor off to read her email and the Boards. She decided to send an email to Nomura, telling him to meet her in the Theta server, field: Rejecting Troublesome Fiery Sands. It was a protected area, but if he wanted to meet her, he would have to hack his way through the protection. No admin would bother them there.

She also sent an email to Clipper, apologising. Kya didn't want to make Clipper feel that way. It was just.... a lot of things had happened since The World was down... and things were going to get way more stressful.[/color][/size][/b][/i]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][I]Hearing her father's voice she stood and toke off her headset and opened the door to stare at her father.
"Kira something else is bothering you, now tell what it is. I want to understand you."

"I don't want you to understand me, we are to different."

"Can I come in."
Kira stepped to the side letting her father enter. She watched as he walked towards her computer and laughed as he picked up the headset.

"So this is what you've been doing..."


"So, we are not that different. Oh, I see your a moderator. Congrats."

"Whatever, oh and are you ever going to delete your character."

Her father sat and clicked a few things, smiling.
"Brings back memories, hey we should play together. You know like go to a dungeon and clear it out. Sound fun?"

Crossing her arms Kira turned away from her father, "No why would I want to go to a dungeon with my dad?"

"Aw, come on Kira, or should I saw Clipper? It wouldn't be embarrissing I mean I'm pretty famous you know? It could improve your status."

"Don't call me Clipper."

Her father stood, wrapping his big arms around her.
"Fine but, don't you think it would fun and people don't have to know we're related."

"It would be embarassing to my self esteem."
With that Kira struggled free from her father's hug. He let her go and watched as she sat infront of the computer, staring hard at the screen.

"I don't understand why you fight me so hard. I just want to help you improve, get better at what you struggle with."

Grasping her headset she paused before putting it on and then breathing deeply she put it back down and turned to face her father by spinning the chair.
"You helped me enough when I was a nebie. You showed me how the World worked and I'm grateful but, I want to do things on m y own now. When I'm with you, with Orka of The Azure Sea, I feel like I'm not being me. I feel like I'm cheating and I don't want to lower myself to that level."
Kira suddenly turned in a fluid motion putting her headset back on and entered the World again.
Her father had a shocked look on his face and stood leaving her room quietly. When Kira heard the door click shut she typed in three keywords, Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground.[/I]

[B]Server: Theta- Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground[/B]

The golden rings disappeared around her as Clipper appeared on the craggly stone bridge that lead to an errie cathedral. She walked forwards entering the dark building leaving the dark ocean below the bridge behind her as the doors shut, sending a chilling echo around the cathedral. As she walked deeper into the dark palace she looked at the alter where a statue should have been.

She sat in one of the pews that was masked by the shadows and cluched her legs towrds her. She sighed as an E-Mail flashed before her. grabbing it she read it and frowned. She had been a complte and utter jerk to Kya, not minding her friend's own feelings. She repiled back apoligizing for her own actions and telling Kya that if she wanted to find her and tell her about the Hacker's info then to go to the Hidden Forbidden Holy Grounds.

Clipper sent the E-Mail and streched her legs out onto the pew infront of her. This was her favorite server and though she liked the Highland City Dun Loreiag, she perfered the darkness and loniless that this server provided. For some reason it comferted her and that was what she needed right now. Peace and quiet and a little comfert from solitude.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]Sitting on a couch in the living room with her laptop in her lap, a long, brown-haired girl of age 16 waited for the software to load onto her computer. She had finally been able to buy the new software that everyone in her school had been talking about... and she was finally able to get her character and her adventure started...

"Wow..." she quietly exclaimed to herself, "...I can actually play in "The World" now... I'm so happy." She was so excited that she almost dropped her laptop out of it's position. After fixing herself and her computer, a flashing box came up on the screen...

Welcome to THE WORLD. Please type in your Username.

"Hmm.... what should I call myself?" She thought hard for awhile. After all, this was a name that she would go by and it was a name that everyone was going to remember. It took her some minutes before she finally found the perfect name. "This is great... a name that I've always wanted..." She then placed her fingers on the keyboard and gently typed in the letters. After typing, she finally clicked ENTER and waited until another screen popped up.

Loading.... Please W... Welcome to THE WORLD, Sakura of the Shining Abyss. Please put on the Headset and THE WORLD shall acquire your other stats and weapon.

She then picked up the set, plugged it into her computer and placed it on her forehead and over her eyes. She pushed the ON button that was located on the side and the headset made some buzzes and clicks. She had freaked out for a little, but suddenly got used to it. After a couple of minutes, the machine was done scanning her mind and her stats came up on the computer:

Logging In...
Username: Sakura of the Shining Abyss
Class: ....Heavy Blade Warrior...//
Rank: Being Approved As A Moderator.....
//.... Application Approved for Rank of a Moderator....//

..../// Now loading///....

.....*~Welcome to THE WORLD~*.....

[Now Logging in as the Moderator, Sakura of the Shining Abyss....]

Finally, a picture came up on the headset, showing what her character would look like. She smirked a little when the headset was launching her being into the world that she would soon be joining. "How long has it been since I've been here?" she thought to herself. After all... it had been at least a few years since she last played as a moderator... "I wonder if I'll be able to see Kya and Nomura again..." She then quietly laughed to herself, finally connecting to the virtual reality that was like an actual planet....


Field: Hidden Secret Emerald Medow

Sakura was finally in The World again... and in the exact place where she had started everything years ago... this same grassy and fully flourished meadow. The cool breeze slightly swayed her long, straight dark blue hair in front of her face... she was already enjoying the nice and new things that were added since last time she had logged on. "Very refreshing..." she quietly spoke to herself, "I wonder if Nomura added this new feature..."

She was already excited about seeing her old friends again, but also to see what new foes and heros would come out of this... she shivered with anticipation. "This is great! It's nice to be in an adventure again..."

Suddenly, she heard a beep coming from her Inbox. She opened the new E-mail and read it a little bit. "Oh great..." she sighed to herself... she had just entered the new world and already was she tasked with the job of programming the Winter Wonderland Hot Springs. Oh well.... that wasn't up until another couple of months... and the Cherry Blossom Festival was starting soon...

She chuckled and went off to explore the new programmings and codes of The World.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Kazuwa looked at the computor across the room. He hadn't gotten on in four days. He wondered if he should go back. Back, to the World. Couldn't hurt if he just read his mail.[/COLOR]

[FONT=System][COLOR=DarkGreen][B]Logging in...Nomura...//[/B][/COLOR][/FONT]

[COLOR=DarkRed]He glanced at the blue words in Kya's e-mail. She wanted him to go to a small server that he'd never heard of. Be alone? Alone from what?

Nom replied. It said:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]Sure, I got the message. I'll be over in a couple of seconds...[/COLOR]


[COLOR=DarkOrange]Nomura gated in the fields where Kya was sitting on the ground, waiting.

"Two days! It took you four days to get my E-mail!" she exclaimed.

"Heh...Yep." Nom remarked. ?Now...What exactly are we here for??

Kya looked up at the smiling face of Nomura. ?Why do you always smile like that??

?We came here to talk about my smile?? Nom asked, confused.

?No...I was just wondering why your so happy all the time...?

?Because the real world?s a sad place.? Nom replied, turning away from Kya.

?If this is what we?ve come here for, then I?m out.?

Kya frowned and grabbed Nom?s arm. ?No. We need to talk about the comatose patients. You were talking about Tsukasa? And a boy named Taisuke??

?Tai is in Ozukawa Hospital. You ever been there??

?Yes, I live near it. Why does that matter??

?Tomorrow night...I?m sneaking in when almost everyone is gone except a few nurses. I?m gonna check the Hospital Records, to see what they think might?ve happened.?

?Nomura? How will you sneak by security??

?I?ll think of something.?

Kya frowned, looking at her shoes, and then she looked back up at Nom. ?Then I?m coming with you.?

A voice came out of nowhere.

"Interesting." It said.

A girl appeared from behind a bush. "I'll come too then. This might be fun!"

"Who...Who are you?" Nom exclaimed.

"Oh Nomura! You don't remember? You neither, Kya? Oh yeah...My Avi looks a little different. Oh well. It's me."

"That voice... What's your username?" Nom said, looking the girl straight in the eye.

"Sakura... A name I've always wanted." she said smiling.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]"I heard everything you said, Nomura.... I still can't believe you haven't send me an E-Mail yet!" she turned her back towards them, "It's Rikku Amano... remember?" She pouted a little, playing around with her old friends. Truth is, though... inside, she just wanted to tackle them both and give them huge hugs. But, she wanted to seem like 'A Mature 16 Year Old," so she just walked over to them both and hugged them tightly. " I really missed you guys a lot..." She was so happy to see them again.

Nomura hugged her back, also happy to see her. "Rikku... I haven't seen you in forever? Since when did you log back in as a moderator?!"

She backed away a little and smirked, "Just today! I saw that you guys were on, so I decided to log back in again!! It's been ages since I came back to The World!" She looked around at the huge scenery. It was so bug and beautiful, it almost helped her forget about all her problems....

"So... Rikku!" Kya tried to get into the conversation too, "Where'd you get the cool looking avatar?"

She smiled a little and spinned around, "I won it in a contest in the Marketplace... wish I could have won the other one though... it looked so cool."

Nomura smiled, but his thoughts were on something else.

"So... when are we going to sneak into the hospital??"[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Three people made there way quietly down the long parking lot. A few cars there, but only a few.

The nurse at the main desk sat quietly, and she looked up when the three enetered the room.

"We're here to see Taisuke Karomo." said Nom.

"You cannot see Taisuke if you aren't family." she said.

"Oh, well we'll leave."

The three left the hospital, and stood in the parking lot. Rikku made sure noone was listening in, while Nom called the hospital.
Inside the hospital, a nurse's phone began to ring. She picked up the phone.

"Hello! Mrs. Doukeshi! Your house! It's on fire!" said Nomura in a bad woman's voice.

The nurse, hurried and left the hospital without a second thought.

Rikku smiled at Nomura. It was pretty funny, since Nom couldn't talk like a woman worth crap.

"It'll take a good five minutes before another nurse gets to the main desk from the offices." Nom said. "That nurse that just left lives forty-five minutes away I think."

"That's enough time."

"How do you know that?" Rikku exclaimed looking angrilly at Nom.

"Tapped phones! Heh, don't worry I havn't been to any chick's houses in a while." He said smiling.

"I bet! You're such a dork!"

The three were behind the main desk. They were hacking their way into the records from the nurse's computor.

"Kazuwa! Someone's coming!" whispered "Kya".

"Do something!" Nom muttered.

The nurse got a little closer, when Kya and Rikku suddenly got in her way.

"Hi! We were looking for Mr. Tokugawa!"

The nurse turned around and walked back into another room, motioning the two young teenagers to follow her.


Kazuwa was finally done. He could hear Rikku's voice from down the hall.

"Are you sure Mr. Tokugawa isn't here? Oh well...Hey, now I gotta go to the bathroom. I'm sorry. I don't have my glasses, so it's hard for me to read the signs. Can you show me were it is? Thanks."

A silver-colered disk came out of the diskdrive of the computor. The comatose victim's records were his now.

Nom called Rikku and Kya, and told them to hurry up.

They were done, and ready to go see the records.
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[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2][FONT=Tahoma]As Rikku, Nomura and Kya were trying to run away from the hospital, Rikku was a little irritated at Nomura for being so slow at hacking the computer. "What the crap is wrong with you, Nomura?!" Rikku whispered as they were jumping over fences to get to Kya's house, "Did your computer hacking skills get lamer or something?!"

Nomura chuckled nervously as they ran on into the night. "I'll admit," he said under his breath, "I haven't hacked into many computers since the last time we met."

"Hmph... that's for sure..." Rikku mumbled to herself. Her long brown hair flying as they were running from yard to yard. She then gasped for some air and said, "Dangit, Kya.. are we almost to your house yet?" She gasped for more air, hoping that Kya would say yes.

"Almost...," Kya was also a little bit tired. She lifted her right index finger and pointed to a huge house that was a little bit further, "Just a couple more sprints and we'll be there."

"Whew!" Rikku sighed heavily. She was already gasping for air... and this wasn't doing anything good for her lungs. If they didn't hurry up and get somewhere that she could rest herself, then something bad might actually happen... really bad...

Nomura noticed that Rikku was breathing a little harder than she was earlier. "Are you okay, Rikku?" he asked, a little worried.

"Oh great..." she thought to herself, "if we don't hurry and get to Kya's house, then I'm really done for..." She looked up at Nomura and tried to smile, "Of course I'm fine!! Now let's hurry before someone catches us in their backyard!"

She started to sprint a little before everyone else. She didn't want to pass out in front of everyone, but she didn't have much time left....

OCC: Muahaha... a little bit of drama. I hope this is okay, Nomura. I'm a dramatic junkie. XP[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[B][COLOR=Blue]Back at Kya's house, Nom, and Kyu are sitting around a computer, while Rikku is resting on Kya's bed.

"Tai suddenly fell out in his room, with his VR shades on..." Nom says, looking back at Rikku.

Her face is now pale, and she's breathing extra hard.

"Oh...My..." Nom says, getting up from his chair. He walks over to the bed, and examines Rikku.

"She must have Athsma or something!" Kya exclaims. Nom looks down at Rikku. Her leather vest is tightly around her waist. "Maybe she got too hot, and couldn't breathe 'cause of that vest"

"Then...I'll have to..."

Nomura nods, and leaves the room. He waits for a few minutes, and then he notices a staircase across from Kya's room. Maybe her father's room was up there. Nom walked a little towards the staircase, but stops when he hears a car pull up.

"Kya, I'm home," says the man.

Nomura curses under his breath, and runs back into Kya's room.

"Your dad's home!" He whispers to Kya. There was noway he wouldn't see them running out of the house. The window was locked tightly, and they didn't have enough time for that.

Rikku clumsily walked over to Nomura, and pushed him into the closet.

Together they waited.

"Kya?" Says "Balmung", or whatever his real name was.

"What?" Kya says, acting like she was just woken up by her dad's entrance.

"Just making sure you were okay." Then, her dad sees the muddy foot step going into the closet.

He opens the door. He looks in the closet, and finds nobody. But in fact, two teenagers are as close as possible, underneath some clothes in the corner of the closet. Rikku is in Nom's lap, and Nom is watching with one eye, through a sleeve in a jacket.

"Balmung" shuts the door, and says "Good night" to Kya.

The two hear the door shut, and they wait for a few minutes before getting out of the closet.

Nomura takes a few final looks at the comatose victims' records, and then he and Rikku quietly make there way for the door.

Out side of Kya's place, Nom says "See ya" To Rikku, and heads down the street. She smiles and heads the opposite way.[/COLOR][/B]
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OOC: Kya is her real life name too.

[color=RoyalBlue][size=1][b][i]Kya sighed with relief. That was way too close. She knew she and the others would be cutting it close with her dad coming home from work so early that dad. Then him almost finding Nomura and Sakura, it was like having a mild heart-attack.

After Nomura and Sakura had left, Kya was called to dinner by her dad. He had made her favourite meal - Chashu Ramen. Her mouth watered at the smell of it as she walked to the kitchen. He was dishing the meal out when she came in.

" So... Kya..." he started, putting the bowls and chopsticks on the table. " You looked flustered.... anything happen I should know about?"

Kya half-choked on the noodles that had just entered her mouth. He knew something was up, just not what. She hated his ability to know when something was wrong - whether it was in the real world or 'The World' itself.
" Nothing Dad...."

His dark blonde eyebrow arched.
" Kya..."
" What Dad? It's nothing... really."
" I don't believe you."
" You never do."
" That's because I know differently."

The blonde-haired girl sighed.
" Dad... you're not a moderator anymore. Let me create my own legend instead of walking in your shadow."
Her father looked quite shocked as she left the table, taking her dinner with her.

Kya sat down in her comfy computer chair and turned to the screen. It was time to log in again and meet up with Clipper. She was sure that her friend was getting impatient with her.[/i]

[center]-------------The World--------------[/center]

[u]Server: Theta - Highland City Dun Loreiag[/u]

Kya appeared next to the Chaos Gate, logging in for a while. She had already read her mail from both Clipper and Nomura. She turned to the Gate and entered the three keywords that were needed to go to the field Clipper had said to go to.

[u]Server: Theta - Field: Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground[/u]

Appearing in front of the entrance of the dungeon, Kya looked around at the strange looking field. It was always like this. They mustn't have fixed the glitch in this field. That, or they couldn't. Anyhow, Kya approached the cathedral looking dungeon and entered through the giant wooden doors. She saw Clipper as soon as she entered. Smiling, Kya approached the Long Arm.

" Hey Clipper...."[/color][/size][/b]
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[COLOR=Black][SIZE=1][FONT=Tahoma]Rikku sighed a little bit as she walked home, still stressing over what had happened a little while ago. "That was.. embarassing..." she whispered under her breath, scratching the back of her head. She didn't want anyone to see her like that.. much less Nomura and Kya. "Well, that's the last time I ever wear this stupid thing," she said, unzipping the leather vest and letting it fly freely in the brisk breeze.

She finally got to where her house was, walking up the short steps and unlocking the door with her house key. "I'm home," she loudly said as she walked in and locked the door. She took off her sneakers and quietly tiptoed towards the living room, wondering if her dad was home. Nope... he was still gone and it was only 8:30 at night anyways... still out with his girlfriend at the bar. She sighed a little, wondering if he would ever care if she went out this late... She turned from the living room and walked up the stairs towards her room.

She fell downwards on her bed and stretched her arms from side to side, thinking about the comotose victims. She sat up a little bit, looking at her laptop and her headset. "How could something like this happen?" she thought, figuring out the problems in her head, "I mean... isn't it only a online game where people can have fun and forget their lives for a little while?"

She thought for a little while until she got off of her bed and walked over to her phone. She dialed some numbers and placed the dark blue phone over her ear, listening to the phone on the recieving end ringing...

The other phone clicked. "Hello?"

"Hey, Nomura."

"Rikku, hey! Are you okay after all that happened today?"

She sighed, "Yeah, I'm fine... anyways, have you figured out any possible reasons why these people went into coma?

"Well, no..." Nomura said softly, "... but I was thinking... maybe we could talk to some people in The World and figure out there."

"Good idea..." Rikku said, "I'll see you there in a moment. Bye."

"Okay.. bye." The other end clicked.

She then put the phone down and sat on her bed, her laptop in her lap. She then plugged in the headset and turned it on along with the computer and program. The computer came on with a flash and another screen came up.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=2]...//Welcome to THE WORLD. Please Type In Your Username.//...

Rikku quickly typed it in and clicked ENTER.

....//Logging in as Sakura//.....

[U]Server: Marketplace[/U] Sakura walked into the marketplace, looking around for any sign of Nomura. Her long blue hair and her Yuna Pop Singer outfit should give her away quickly. Suddenly, she saw a glimpse of his clothes and ran over to him.

"Nomura!" she called out, hoping to get his attention.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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OC: Sorry, life has interferred once again-curses, lol

Aura looked 'round the house, Mother was gone for two days, Dad was gone for the rest of the week...grounded never looked so good. Sure she had been kept off [FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Green]The World[/COLOR][/FONT] for a nice good while, but hey, at least NOW she could get on. She slipped the VR helmet over her eyes and logged in automatically.

She checked her mail first. Sixteen new messages.

[B]"Damn, oh well..."[/B] she went through each respectively either saying 'no' or 'yeah sure' or any other answer she had failed to come up with. Nomura had sent her a message, but she decide that she would compose a new one.

[B]"I got grounded...shouldn't even be on...Mom'd coming home in two days...will be on the whole time, unless she decides to come home early or the phone rings, someone's at the door, or anything life altering happens.[/B] Clicking 'Send', she gated into [FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Green]The World[/COLOR][/FONT].
[COLOR=DarkRed]Server: Marketplace[/COLOR]
Aura smiled and walked up to a couple of the people running the shops. She was glad she didn't have to whip out her whip, you know-crowd control. The hustle and bustle of [FONT=Fixedsys][COLOR=Green]The World[/COLOR][/FONT] was running down, much to her pleasure. She spotted Nomura and this other girl talking. She ran a quick Profile Check and saw that the person was Sakura of the Shining Abyss.

"Hey, Nomura!" She greeted cheerfully. "Got grounded, as you've probably found out seeing that I sent you a message." She turned to Sakura and extended her hand.

"And we've never met, Aura of Azure, Aura for short," she smiled when Sakura shook it.

"Sakura of the Shining Abyss, nice to meet you Aura...why are you being so formal?" Aura laughed and Nom just looked at her expectantly, she never being formal with him.

"Oh, well," she smiled offhandedly, "you never know when the person you're talking to is a kid, so," she grinned again.
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