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RPG Otakuboards Apprentice: Plumber Extraordinaire! [PG]


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[FONT=Trebuchet MS][CENTER]Welcome, one and all, to Mushroom Kingdom. A fantastic city filled with busy people. If you were to stay a few days, you would find that this wonderful place is constantly under attack by evil. But no evil is too tough for our heroes, Mario and Luigi. At least, that is how it used to be.

Mario and Luigi are growing old and have decided they need another partner. Someone else to help them vanquish foes, to bring some spirit to the team. Together, they realized the best way of finding someone would be by starting an event. Thus beginning...[/CENTER]

[B][center][size=3]OtakuBoards Apprentice: Plumber Extraordinaire![/size][/center][/B]


[CENTER]Please welcome your plumber hosts, Mario and Luigi![/CENTER]


[font=trebuchet ms][color=#660000]"Mamma mia! Welcome to-a the Apprentice: Video Game edition. In this-a classic television series, a handful of video game characters from all around the Nintendo world will compete in a series of tasks and events in teams and alone to-a claim the title of-a Plumber Extraordinaire! They will also land a very comfortable spot in a seat next to Luigi and I as our new partner."[/COLOR]


[color=#006600]"I'd-a like-a to welcome you to-a Mushroom Kingdom! The place-a where the contestants will be resting, and where all-a challenges will be explained. The board room is also-a located here, where-a the players will-a be fired."[/color]

[color=#660000]"Our-a candidates will-a be arriving shortly. Let's-a take a quick retake of the rules-a."[/color][/font]

[center][b]Terms and Conditions[/b][/center]
[list][*]All competetors must be dedicated to the challenges and competition if they want to win. If you ever feel the need to drop out, please don't hesitate to say so in the Underground.
[*]Challenges will be held normally every Saturday. The losing team(s) will face Mario and Luigi in the boardroom where one or more player will be fired.
[*]There will be many twists and turns in this event, so do not expect to be with the same teammates throughout the whole game.
[*]All OOC chat should be directed to the Underground. Located [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?p=716147#post716147]here[/url].[/list]

[FONT=Trebuchet MS][color=#660000]"So, let's-a get to the-a teams.

For-a Team Alpha, we have... Beatrix, Waluigi, Loto, Kirby, Mallow, and Victor Delacroix. For-a Team Beta we have... Ada Wong, Wario, Marth, James Bond, Conker, and Pikachu! Your first task will be to meet with your teammates and decide a real team name. See-a you soon!"[/color][/FONT]
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[Font=Arial]?Yes! In your face Weskar,? Ada cheered triumphantly as she threw her cards down. ?Royal flush baby!?

?You win, fine; I have to work as your, slave for a week.? Weskar replied, muttering, ?I swear to god, if I have to wear so much as one thong.?

?Now, I?ve got a helicopter to catch to the Mushroom Kingdom, I?ve entered myself in another one of those tournament things. This time, winning?ll put me in a good spot in the Mushroom Kingdom.? Ada explained quickly.

Without listening to whatever Weskar had to say, Ada clipped on her weapons belt and grabbed her bag. She was off again to face new people, hopefully to make new friends and to win this time. That bloody plumber voted her off, so she had to tread carefully if she wanted to keep up in this contest.

She slammed the door behind her without saying anything else to Weskar, who just sat there puzzled. He would never understand women.

[I]Hours later?.[/I]

Ada hopped out of the helicopter and waved to the pilot as she cleared the area. She had finally arrived in the big M.K. and she was ready to do whatever the plumber could throw at her. She smiled and walked over to the castle and opened the door, awaiting something horrendous or something that would say kupo after everything.

Instead, she was greeted with a grinning Mario and Luigi at the top of the stairs.

?Welcome to your-a humble abode-a.? Luigi said, smiling.

?Yes, Ada, we?ve-a been expecting you-a.? Mario said, grinning.

?Well, I missed you too Mario. Funny how you only survived one challenge after me, no?? Ada asked wickedly.

?Yes-a, well, that?s-a the way the cookie-a crumbles.? Mario replied humbly.

?Don?t worry plumber man. No hard feelings from my side of the court. It was probably better anyway. Have you seen the challenge the four are on right now? It?s wow. Just wow.? Ada responded casually.

?And let?s-a end our conversation there-a. We don?t want to frighten anyone else off.? Mario said quickly.

?Right. Seems I found a sore spot.? Ada exclaimed, smiling.

Mario just blushed and didn?t say anything, praying for someone else to walk in.[/font]
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[SIZE=1]As if on cue, the large doors to the mansion swung open with great force, revealing a well dressed, tall man, his face covered by a curtain of silver and black hair. He looked up as he walked through the doors and up steps before smirked, his eyes flashing dangerously as he spotted Mario.

[B]?My name is Victor Delacroix,?[/B] he stated, not even glancing at Ada, [B]?I believe I?m now a part of the wonderful Plumber Bros.?[/B]

Mario raised an eyebrow as Victor swept his cape across his chest as he bowed, before he laughed heartily.

[B]?Mama-Mia, you remind-a me of-a my old-a team mate,?[/B] he smiled and brushed two fingers across his moustache before extending a gloved hand to Victor, who squeezed it confidentially.

[B]?This is my first experience in one of these games, I do hope I fair well, dear Plumber.?[/B] Victor bowed again and gritted his teeth against the urge to leave, being good wasn?t working so well for him.

Mario laughed again and was joined by Luigi, who shared his warm smile,[B] ?There?s no need-a for formalities here-a, Victor, we?re all-a friends.?[/B]

Victor nodded and smiled a, what he hoped to be, friendly smile. He then turned to Ada, who he seemed to have only just noticed, and reached out for her hand, kissing it before she could pull back.

[B]?My dear, I didn?t catch your name.?[/B]

[B]?Ada.?[/B] The Asian woman stated, a little shocked, [B]?The name?s Ada.?[/B]

[B]?How pretty.?[/B] Victor said, without much conviction. He had a feeling he wouldn?t last very long with this.

[B]?Now, when can we eat? I?m starving.? [/B][/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=RoyalBlue]?James! Did you bring me something back from your holiday?? Bond waved Money Penny off as he made for M?s door.

?Not now? He muttered, feeling a little remorse. There needn?t be any cause to be rude to her, but after all he was in a hurry and an awfully bad mood. Money Penny scowled at him behind her computer screen usually he would flirt with her, what?s up his?

Bond flung open the door to M?s office with out an introduction or permission; she stood as he interrupted her phone call.

?President Hu Jintao, I am sorry for the in convenience I will get back to you? M put down the phone and looked up at Bond like an angry mother looks at next door neighbor for breaking a window. ?I was on a very important phone call, this better be good?. M sat at her desk straight backed with arms in front of her on the desk.

?Oh don?t worry M you wont be disappointed? Bond slipped a manila folder out from his suite jacket and smoothly sided it across the desk to M.

?Sit? she ordered like a person commanding their mutt while scanning over the document. ?This is a letter of resignation, is it not Bond??

He nodded yes while tapping the side of his mouth with an expensive pen.
?I would like to think of it more as? an extended holiday, if you will? Bond sat up straight in his chair as he observed the look on M?s face.

She raised her eye brows slightly at his response; he had never acted the same towards her after the incident involving Korea.

?Very well then 007, here is the deal??

= = = = = = = = = = = =

[I]The Next Day
Helicopter Pad MI6[/I]

?Where to Mr. Bond??

?Mushroom Kingdom Charles, I?ve got some business to attend to.? Bond strapped in and adjusted his mic and helmet; it would be a long ride. He had never seen the Mushroom Kingdom but had heard of it none the less, the tournament he has entered himself in would prove interesting if nothing else. Adjusting his gum harness bond looked out over the expanse of Blue Ocean he wasn?t sure if it was necessary to bring firearms but then again he did sleep with a gun under his pillow..

[I]Many Hours later
Mushroom Kingdom[/I]

The M.K handnt quite been what Bond was expecting, he was pleasantly surprised none the less. As the Helicopter landed he made his way hunched out of the rotor wash, straightened his suite and headed for the doors of the castle.

Upon entering one thing caught his eye immediately, the exquisite Asian beauty that stood at the bottom of the stair case she had a gentilemen standing with her. He walked over to her and was about to utter a few words of greeting when one of the two plumbers interrupted him.

?Mr. Bond-a welcome to your home-a? said Mario smiling in the same manor.

?Glad you-a could make it-a? Luigi chimed in also smiling.

?A pleasure gentlemen, glad to be here? He nodded to wards the both of them standing at the top of the stairs before turning his attention to wards the beautiful woman.

?Bond, James Bond and you are??

?Wong, Ada Wong? She smiled, her tone had a subtle hint of mocking. He turned to greet the gentilemen standing with her when he answered Bonds question without him asking.

?My name is Victor Delacroix Mr.Bond?James nodded towards the man, he foun himself looking about the castle and pondered what exactly did he get him self into...[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=darkorange]Mallow smiled dreamily as he flipped the pages of the photo album he had been looking at for hours. In the next picture stood the "old team" of Mario, Princess Peach, Bowser, Geno, and himself right after they fixed Star Road and defeated Smithy. The cloud man chuckled lightly as he gazed upon Bowser's expression towards Mario.

"Your highness?" One of Mallow's clerks squeaked as he shuffled up to him, "I don't mean to interrupt, but the competition will be starting soon. Shouldn't you be going now?"

Mallow sighed and closed the album, "I suppose you're right," He admitted and stood up from his desk, "I'll go change and then be on my way." The clerk bowed and then walked off to give the King of Nimbus Land some previously.

Mallow went over to a large wardrobe and opened the twin oak doors, revealing a white and blue striped outfit. [i]"I really hope this still fits."[/i] He prayed and but on his old fighting outfit. To his surprise it seemed to fit better than it once did and he raced out of the room in glee. A few clerks escorted him across the palace grounds until they came to a large green pipe that was covered with spider webs.

"I'll return once the competition is over, but until then make sure everyone is safe." He ordered. Nimbus Land hadn't been attacked in 5 years, but it was better to be safe than sorry. With that said and done, Mallow dusted away some of the webs and leapt down into the giant green pipe.

He shielded his eyes from the sunlight as he came out. Mallow grinned as he looked upon the large castle that symbolized Mushroom Kingdom. He jumped from the pipe and scurried across to the large front doors and flew them open.

"I have arrived!" Mallow announced loudly. Three strange people stopped talking and stared awkwardly at the cloud man.

"Mallow!" Mario raced over to his old friend and greeted him with a big plumber hug, "It's-a so good to-a see you!" He exclaimed and led Mallow over to meet the other competitors.[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Kirby's Warp Star set down lightly on the Mushroom Palace's gorgeously manicured lawns. He jumped off and strode quickly to the huge doors. They opened as he approached, and he entered the Palace. Two figures approached him.

"You must-a be-a Kirby!" said the shorter, red-clad, Italian plumber as he shook his hand. "I'm-a Mario. Welcome-a to the Mushroom Kingdom!"

"I'm-a Luigi! We've-a heard a lot about-a you!" said the taller, green-clad one.

"Likewise," said Kirby. Both Mario and Luigi stopped abruptly and stared at him for a few seconds. It was Mario that broke the silence.

"Mama Mia, Kirby, but-a your voice-a is-a suprisingly deep."

Kirby sighed. "It doesn't come up a lot in the games."

Mario smiled. "Well-a, the other-a people are-a over there. You-a should go and-a meet them!"

Kirby strolled over to the group of arrivals. The four characters that had arrived so far seemed to be standing apart from each other in two pairs. The first pair was made up of an attractive Asian woman, cannily resisting the amorous advances of the other, a sharp-dressed man. The other pair consisted of a tall man with silver-and-black hair tapping his foot impatiently and a cartoony character happily taking in the palace's sights. It was this person who ran forward to greet Kirby.

"Hey, you must be Kirby! I've heard a lot about you and let me tell you, it's an honor to be working alongside you. I'm Mallow!"

"Pleased to meet you," said Kirby. "And yes, I know I have a deep voice."

The man with silver-and-black hair strode forward and offered his hand. "Victor Delacroix. It seems we are on the same team, for now."

Kirby shook it. "Kirby. Yes, that's what the letter said."

The well-dressed man broke away from the Asian woman and extended his hand. "Bond. James Bond. I wish you luck," he said, in a British accent.

"I'm Kirby. Good luck to you as well."

The Asian woman walked up and patted him on the head. "Well aren't you just the cutest thing," she said, with a hint of mocking. "I'm Ada Wong."

Kirby rolled his eyes. "I get that a lot. My name's Kirby."

The introductions over, Kirby stood with the other two present members of Team Alpha and waited for more people to show up.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[color=purple]"ow....my head hurts...what did i do last night...? how much did i drink...? more importantly...where am i...?" conker said as he rubbed his.

conker lifted himself up from the cold dirt ground. he looked around and saw that he was in a garden. suddenly his blood-shot eyes landed upon a scarcrow that was swaying back-n-forth with a vodka bottle in his stick hand. conker lifted himself up, then clutched his head in pain.

"ow...hang over...," so he popped open some advil in his mouth and felt all better in a flash,"videogames, aren't they great?"

he walked over to the scarecrow and smacked it with a frying pan. the scarecrow made some weird noise and looked at conker.

"what do you want...squirrel...?" the scarecow slurred at him.

"yeah, whatever. do you know where i am?" conker asked.

"i don't know...or care." scarecrow replied.

conker was about to smack him with the frying pan again when all of a sudden a helicopter landed in front of them. a squirrel in a army uniform hopped out and walked up to conker saluting.

"conker, are you ready to leave, sir?" the squirrel asked him.

"ready to go? oh yeah! i have that tournament to go to! yeah, i'm ready." conker said as he climbed into the helicopter to leave for the Mushroom Kingdom.

[i]few hours later[/i]

"finally! that took forever!"conker complained as he hopped out of the helicopter and onto the coble stone.

conker walked forward to the big doors and looked up. they were really big...he gulped, a little and pushed open the doors. the light inside was rather bright to were he had to sheild his eyes. then he felt his hand being shaken. once his eyes ajusted, he saw that a little plump man in overals was shaking his hand.

"yeah, uh, hi. i'm conker"

"welcome to-a the Mushroom Kingdom! i'm-a mario and this is-a my brother luigi!"

"yeah ok...can i go now and meet my team?"

"yes-a! of course-a you can-a!"

conker slid away from the two italians and walked over to a tall sleek man and an attractive asian woman.

"so, you guys are part of my team?

"yup, i'm ada wong and this is bond, james bond" ada said in that same mocking tone.

"i'm conker."

as he said that, another tall man came over and was about to introduce himself, but conker interrupted him.

"don't care who you are, you aren't on my team."

after that comment, the man just walked away.

"now all i have to do is wait." conker said as he sat on the floor and started playing a videogame.[/color]
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[COLOR=Navy]Beatrix walked up the stairs of the palace and rapped on the large wooden doors, patiently awaiting a response from the other side.

[B]"Come in."[/B] a gentle female voice beckoned.

She heard the sound of heavy clanking and a gruff [B]"I'll get it your Highness."[/B]

Beatrix smirked as the doors opened, showing Captain Adelbert Steiner. She thanked him and walked through standing before Queen Garnet til Alexandros the 17th. She clicked her feet together and rested her right hand in a fist over her chest in salute. Garnet scowled at the General.

[B]"I told you you don't have to be so formal. Both of you!"[/B] she turned to glare at Steiner.

The two of them standing side by side apologised formally, making Garnet scowl even more. She finally gave up, throwing her hands in the air in resignation.

[B]"Highness, I just came to announce that I will be leaving, I have been accepted as a candidate for a position beside the Mario Brothers."[/B] Beatrix told her.

[B]"That's wonderful. I hope you enjoy your time. You may take an airship for your travel. Steiner, please accompany her and bring the ship back safely."[/B] Garnet smiled brightly.

The two soldiers stared at her, why would she send them together? Its not as if Beatrix needed protection, and the airship crew were more than able to bring the ship back.

[B]"But Highness-"[/B] Steiner began to object.

[B]"Do you have a problem with my decision, [I]Captain[/I]?"[/B]

[B]"N-no your Highness. Perfectly fine."[/B] he stammered.

[B]"Good, you're both dismissed."[/B]

They saluted again and left the throne room side by side, walking toward the Airship docks. Queen Garnet had already alerted them and a crew and a ship had been prepared for them, so they could leave immediately.

Beatrix watched from the front of the ship as they left the area of Terra and flew toward the Mushroom Kingdom where the challenges were waiting. Hours later the airship touched down outside the large castle. Beatrix thanked everyone on the airship for getting them there and she disembarked, Steiner followed her onto the ground.

[B]"Good luck, Beatrix, you can beat them. Win for the honour of Queen Garnet!"[/B] he cheered.

Beatrix thumped his shiny armour. [B]"Yeah, yeah. I bet you just want my job."[/B] she said with a smirk.

They shook hands firmly and Beatrix walked through the large doors, her left hand rested on the hilt of her Save the Queen which was strapped to her belt. She raised her left eyebrow as she saw the group of mismatched contestants; there were a few humans like herself, a squirrel, a pink ball, and a cloud with limbs. Her gaze moved to the two people a few metres in front of her.

[B]"Hello-a, welcome to the-a Mushroom Kingdom. I am-a Mario, and this is my-a brother, Luigi."[/B] the red clad plumber declared.

Beatrix drew her sword with her right hand, bringing it out to the side before she flicked the blade up to rest at her brow in a salute.

[B]"Pleasure to meet the both of you."[/B] she said.

The Plumber brothers looked at each other nervously but relaxed as she sheathed the weapon smoothly.

[COLOR=Navy][B]"Welcome to-a your new home. Enjoy-a your stay. You may now-a meet the other contestants."[/B][/COLOR] Luigi said, gesturing with his hand to the group.

Beatrix nodded and walked over, shaking hands with those that cared to, eventually she stood with Kirby, Victor and Mallow, talking with each of them, she guessed she'd be getting to know them quite well over the time that they were in the contest.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]The castle of Altea was busy as it usually was, there were people running about the insides of the castle almost as if they were under attack or something like that, it was nothing of the sort may I mind you though. Just more regular preparation for someone to take place of the palace now that the prince was going to be absent for a couple of days. [B]? And make sure that this place is still in the same shape as I had left it in.? [/B] Marth said with a feeling of authority in him. [B]? I really would hate to come home and see the castle literally burned down to the ground.?[/B]

[B]?Yes I shall make sure of it brother!? [/B] Marth?s younger sister replied in a cheery and looking more spiritual than he has ever seen her in quite a while, she must have been excited since for the moment she would be in control of the castle?yet if any other countries were to know this than this could have turned out a lot worse.

[B]?Well I am off for the time being..? [/B] Marth said in a dull sounding voice, sounding both worried and excited at the same time if that was even possible. ?Till I come back? and with that he stepped out of the castle, Most would think for a moment how in the world was Marth going to get from his castle to the mushroom Kingdom? Well it was actually quite simple, the acts of teleportation, and while the bright strobe like lights surrounded his body only one though passed through his mind.[I] I wonder what kind of an experience I will get out of this? [/I] And with this the lights enveloped his body and he was off to the Mushroom Kingdom.

One sparkly teleportation later

The lights gathered around at the entrance of the mushroom kingdom and once the lights dispersed and faded away just as quickly as they came there was only a sole person, here he was, Marth was at the door step of the mushroom kingdom, before gathering what was left of his moral he finally got enough of an urge to walk to the doors to be welcome by non other than the red plumber himself Mario.

[B]?Mamma-Mia!? [/B] said the red plumber [B]?Welcome-a to the Mushroom Kingdom Marth! I ho-..? [/B] The plumber was cut off when he saw Marth staring at him with a look of confusion, Mario was just trying to understand what he was thinking, while on the other hand Marth was just trying to understand what the Mario was saying. Apparently he wasn?t thinking straight and forgot that he was talking in English, when Marth was just trying to understand everything he was saying in Japanese. It was no wonder there was so much confusion.

[B]?Oh my apologies Mario?[/B] Marth said in a sympathetic voice with a snug smile on his face. [B]? I forgot you talk in English here, My dearest apologies.? [/B]

[B]?Its-a ok?[/B] Mario said in his always rather happy Italian accent and slid into the doors that were held over by Luigi [B]? You?ll-a want to meet up with your-a teammates as soon as possible. ? [/B] the green plumber said and Marth slid his way over to the rest of his teammates. Letting them introduce themselvs first before he did so himself.

[B]?My name is Ada Wong. ?[/B] she said when Marth strolled past her, she seemed completive enough for the time being, things like that would matter when they were in a board meeting about to be fired by one of the plumber bros.

[B]?just call me Bond?James Bond?[/B] He was crafty, Marth liked Crafty, it gave him a sense of mystery, things like that would also be good in a competition such as this one Marth however skipped looking at the thing that was on the floor playing a videogame though. Then Calmly and slowly Marth asked what was to be their first task.

[B]?So now we must think of a team name.? [/B] [/FONT] [/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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[size=1][color=purple]?Bob-Om! Wa-yeah! You lose again, wa-ha-ha!?[/color]

Waluigi and his team of Birdo sidekicks stormed up the pitch in celebration as D.K. and the Hammer Bros. mopped around and glared angrily at their goalie. After the roar of the crowd had settled down the EMTs came hurrying on to the pitch to make sure all those who had been shoved into the perimeter fence, blasted by a Bob-Om or any other injury players could sustain in the Super Smash Football League were going to make it to the changing rooms.

[color=purple]?Hrmm...Waluigi will surely miss this, but it?s worth it to prove I?m number one.?[/color]

Soon he and his team were back in the changing room where to replaced the ever so stylish football kit for his standard overalls. The Birdos didn?t seem to bothered about the teams indefinite hiatus whilst Waluigi was taking part in this apprentice thing the Mario Bros. were doing. Even thinking about the green one made Waluigi?s lip curl but that soon turned into a wicked grin when he thought about humiliating the green one in front of Princess Daisy and claiming her as his own.

Without so much as a good bye Waluigi turned his back on the Birdo team and walked out of the stadium. Given that the match had been played in The Underground Waluigi would have had to get one of the public lifts to return to the surface of the Mushroom Kingdom, well we would if he weren?t a celebrity in his own right, soon he was mobbed by fans dressed in replica purple over-alls.

?Waluigi?s number one!?

?Don?t quit the league!?

?Show that Luigi whose the best!?


All this and more followed Waluigi to his private lift as he made himself comfortable for the ride up to the surface. There were times that he was glad of his little brother Wario, without him the Underground wouldn?t have been possible, but then at other times he just wanted to shove a Bob-Om down his throat.

[color=purple]?Wario always says he?s the best [b]and[/b] he?s the older one. But Waluigi knows the truth.?[/color]

[i][Several Hours Later][/i]

Waluigi turned up at the Plumber Bros. establishment, both of the Mario Bros. were waiting outside to welcome the new apprentices. The green one caught Waluigi?s eyes and a jolt of electricity passed between them and the tension in the air became almost tangible. It seemed that Mario caught on and stepped up to Waluigi.

[color=red]?Ah, yes-a. Waluigi, we are so-a please that you-a have changed-a your ways. Please, follow me.?[/color][/size]
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[SIZE=1]It had already been quite a long day for Pikachu, it was the night before he would enter Mushroom Kingdom in his latest quest and already he had been battling hard and fast for first place against the others in a game of Pokemon Dash. He considered it a warm-up, really, a fun game before he would actually set off. Luckily he could get a rest before he set off, the game had really taken a lot out of him! Instead of being enthusiastic, chirpy, full of energy and determination like normal he was tired and it was showing. He hardly said anything to the other racers before leaving them, tiredly and almost wobbling.

?Hey! Wait up!?

Pikachu knew that voice. It was the voice of a Pokemon, obviously, but Meowth to be more specific. Somehow everyone had gotten the impression that any Meowth was talkative and rude, well? they were right. In this case rumours were right. Pikachu wasn?t really up for a long chat with Meowth? he sighed his name.

?That was a good race there, pal! Are ya ready for that big tournament you entered?? asked the cat Pokemon. Pikachu sighed again and nodded. ?Great! You?ll do good!?

Meowth walked alongside Pikachu with more energy than the yellow mouse had seen in his life. Pikachu didn?t get how he could be so alive and talkative after a race like that! It was rude not to listen, so Pikachu pretended to listen.

?You?ve got great stuff, kid,? continued Meowth, ?those other guys don?t know what?s comin? to ?em!? he was rambling, now. Or at least trying to. Pikachu sighed again and hung his head ? the sooner he got to Mushroom Kingdom, the better. Though he needed a rest and Meowth?s constant blabbering wasn?t his ideal nap. He made no attempt at communication.

?Well, this is where we part, buddy.? Meowth chirped. Pikachu gave him what could only be described as a sarcastic look and walked away from the stone race path, not saying a word. ?You go get ?em! Show them some of your stuff! Zap ?em to oblivion! Kboom! Kzaap!?

Pikachu twitched and stopped. Behind him was a Pokemon, probably the saddest he had seen, stood making weird noises of encouragement. Turning around, Pikachu gave Meowth a growly-sort of look (well, that?s the best way to describe it), far from the innocence many had known in him.

?Shurrup?? he grumbled.


You know, it was actually really hard to forget someone like Mario. Pikachu had battled with him once or twice; to be honest it was probably the best times he had. For once there were no silly block puzzles to solve or simple Pokemon to zap back to the Pokeball they came from, it was a actually interesting! Pikachu only hoped he could relive the same thing, he knew that for definite as he gazed up at the entrance before him with sparkling eyes.

?Pikachu!? a voice said. Pikachu?s ears pricked up, and he stood on his toes when he noticed the bright red plumber standing near the entrance. Pikachu raced over on all fours, full of energy this time.

?Mario! Way cool!? he said when in front of the plumber, standing up on his toes to seem taller. ?It?s good to see you again, but I?m a little excited and I really want to meet the rest! Can you??? he trailed off, his voice as high-pitched as it was whenever he said his name.

?I?m-a glad your excited!? Mario exclaimed. He stretched his hand out and indicated towards the inside, in which Pikachu responded with a polite nod. ?Step this way-a!?

Pikachu smiled and nodded. ?Pika!? he said, which he preferred to say instead of a yes. He quickly hopped through to see those who awaited him on his team. He didn?t know about being a hero or seeking adventures, but he definitely knew it was going to be interesting![/SIZE]
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[size=2][left]Loto was thrown brutally into a large boulder, his back cracking against the hard stone. He fell limp to the gravel ground where he barely managed to stand up. He coughed up a bit of blood and looked wearily at his equal foe.

"You're a strong one," he said to his opponent, "but I am the legendary Loto... and that makes me... umm... really good and stuff. Shyah."

It took all his strength, but he managed to lift his massive (which wasn't that big at all, really) sword and began to make his steps towards his enemy. It was only a matter of five minutes when Loto, now crawling across the ground, finally reached his destination. He took the sword and brought it down into the slime's gooey head.

"Yes!" he shouted happily. "I have defeated the world's most powerful foe." He turned to some villagers who watched from afar. "Fear not, poor, defenseless citizens. I have saved you from this vile beast."

"It's a slime," a man said matter-of-factly.

"Yes and what a ferocious slime it was!" Loto agreed. "Good thing I was here to protect you."

"It was a slime, though," the woman repeated her husband.

"Yes, I know you're stunned and in awe by my amazingnessosity... umm... yeah." Loto sheathed his sword and shrugged off the dust. "Now I must make my way to save another place. Shyah! Catch ye later, dudes!" He then took off at a sprint, which would only last about twenty feet before he broke into a simple mopey walk.

The villagers stayed where they were, staring oddly at the dumb hero. "But it was a slime," the man said again to no one in particular as he watched his 3-year-old son slay another slime with his rattle.


Five days later, Loto finds himself on the border of Mushroom Kingdom where he slays a goomba with no ease. Wiping the sweat from his forehead and the blood from his nosehairs, he peers queerly down at his vanquished foe. "Man, there are a lot of evil dark lords around here. This place must be in constant danger." That's when he saw the castle in the distance. He began running towards it, laughing happily to finally be to his destination. Then he tripped, fell, and hit a pipe where a large plant came out and devoured him.

[b]Several Hours Later...[/b]

Loto approached the two Italian Brothers who were greeting contestants as they entered. Mario's nose tingled as did Luigi's shortly after. "Mama mia! What is-a that smell?"

"I don't wanna talk about it, dude," Loto grumbled. He then fixed his stance and struck his heroic pose for the two. "I am the legendary hero Loto. I vanquish evil threats to the world like that brown mushroom of death!"

"That-a was a Goomba," Luigi stated flatly.

"I know. Good thing I came along or this place would be totally ravished, man." Mario and Luigi looked at each other. "I'm jus' gonna go inside and chill. Catch ye on the flipside." With that, Loto walked between the two plumbers and into the castle.

Mario's mustache went crazy when he took another whiff. "Shower's are down-a the hall and to-a the left!" he shouted after Loto.

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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]The castle doors swung open for the twelfth time, and in came Wario, the biggest baddie around. He held a Bob-Omb in his right hand and tossed it up and down playfully. Mario nervously walked towards his rival and stuck out his hand. But Wario rejected.

"Wah! As if I would touch [i]you[/i]" he said with a smug look. Mario jolted back in the apparent rudeness and huffed.

[color=#006600]"I-a knew it was a bad idea to let-a you in. You-a know you're on your third strike, right?"[/COLOR] said Luigi, who had come inbetween the feuding plumbers. [COLOR=DarkGreen]"Wario, why don't you go with your group."[/COLOR]


Luigi lay on the ground with a large red mark covering his face. Wario had really whopped his nose badly. Immediately afterwards, however, Mario took off his hat and clenched his fists around it, to stop himself from doing anything he would regret. He looked up and smiled at Wario.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"That-a is your third and-a final warning, friend. I'm afraid that blowing up the interviewers room during your interview, attempting to steal coins from the building and assaulting a host only gets you one thing. A-fired."[/COLOR]

Without giving him a chance to reply, Wario disappeared in a few sparkles and was replaced by a tall asian girl wearing all green.

"What? Where am I?" said Gum, a Rudie from the Jet Radio games.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Welcome to-a Plumber Extraordinaire!" [/COLOR] yelped Mario, apparently excited that Wario had been replaced. "Please, get in line with Team Beta and we'll-a begin the first task."

Gum quickly frolicked towards Team B and everyone turned their attention to the two plumber brothers who were about to announce the first challenge. Luigi was still rubbing his nose, so Mario decided to do all the talking.

[center][size=3][b]A Mushroom, Sir?[/b][/center][/size]

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Your-a first-a task will-a be very easy. The losing team-a will not-a have to go to the-a boardroom, either. Behind you are large yellow floating blocks with white question marks on them. Everytime you hit one, a coin will pop out. Some of the coins have skull faces on them while the others have mushrooms on them. The ones with mushrooms are worth a lot of money.

"Up those stairs, are five customers per team that would like to buy these coins... As the seller, you'll have to convince the customer that the coin you got is worth a lot of money and sell it to them. You get 1 point for selling a Mushroom Coin and 2 points for selling a Skull Coin.

"Oh-a, and one more thing. The stairs will be filled with obstacles such as Pirahna Plants, Thwomps and Paratroopas to stop slow you down from running from the blocks to the customers!

"Before we begin, I'll tell you-a your reward. The losing team may not be going to the board-aroom, but they won't be getting off easy. The winning team will get to create their own team name, while the losing team will have a random team name generated for them.

[SIZE=3][CENTER]"Now, let the challenge... [b]BEGIN[/b]!"[/FONT][/COLOR][/CENTER][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=Navy]Beatrix stood with her hands on her hips, looking at her full team, they sure were a mismatched group of people, but they'd have to work together all the same. Looking over at the other team she realised they were equally as strange with a couple of animal members.

The challenge was given and Beatrix was first to act, hurrying to the blocks she looked at the curiously, the first obstacle to overcome was how to get the item from the box. She frowned thoughtfully and raised her left hand, palm facing the block.

[B]"Holy."[/B] she said, releasing a blinding white light at the block, which connected and disappeared, not doing anything.

She next tried to attack it physically with her sword from above, but the blade did nothing again, sliding off. How could a simple yellow box be so strong and immune to things. Beatrix stood beneath it and looked up, making 'hm' sounds.

[B]"Beatrix!"[/B] she heard someone call.

She was snapped out of it suddenly and jumped in shock, bumping her head into it, but strangely enough she felt it bend and flex slightly, and a large gold coin with the image of a skull on it fell into her hands.

Beatrix then turned to her team to ask why they called her. [B]"I was just going to tell you to hit the block from beneath with your head."[/B] Mallow replied.

She nodded and ran for the stairs, tucking the coin under her arm. Her foot landed on the first step and immediately she saw things start to appear, creating obstacles in her path. Beatrix exhaled heavily, looking up the staircase, it now seemed a lot longer than it had been a moment ago.

Beatrix took a better grip on her gold coin and proudly drew her Save the Queen from its sheath, brandishing it as she charged forth. Her first obstacle were strange mushroom-like creatures with little feet and angry faces that were toddling down the stairs toward her. There were columns of them, all travelling simulataeneously that she couldn't go around them. They were rapidly advancing so she had to decide on a course of action and she started to swing her blade horizontally, cutting down the rows as she hopped up the stairs, jumping over the last row as they tumbled down the stairs.

She looked behind her and realised that she had only progressed 3 steps, and there were many more to go. A couple of steps ahead was a line of large blue blocks with spikes around the edges, also bearing angry faces, these enemies were rising up and down in a beat, lifting themselves into the air, only to drop down a few moments later with a force which shook the stairs. Beatrix put away her weapon and got into a running position. When the blocks were high enough, she quickly ran beneath them....only to see several rows more ahead, with only one step between each line. As the row behind her crashed down, the one in front started to rise slowly. Beatrix caught on to the pattern, running through the dangerous obstacles which threatened to break a bone or two.

She could see the top of the stairs just ahead, with only one more line to pass by. She thought it would be a breeze since she'd passed the others easily, but she became over confident, and just as she was running under, her foot caught on the step, splaying her body forward as the Thwomps dropped heavily, crushing into her legs. Beatrix clenched her teeth, her bones creaked but didn't break because of the armour she wore. When the blocks lifted, she used her hands to pull her onto the landing, sitting up. She quickly pulled the armour on her legs off and cast a few Cure spells, pulling them back on and running to wear the customers were waiting.

Beatrix looked at the panel of customers sitting on stools on the other side of a wooden counter. She looked at each of them carefully before deciding to stand in front of a creature that resembled a squid.

[B]"Ahem, Mr....Bloopy," she read from the name card that sat in front of him, "I was wondering if you'd be willing to purchase this here Skull Coin."[/B] she offered.

[B]"What's special about it?"[/B] he asked.

[B]"Well.....it can be used to attack opponents with!"[/B] Beatrix lied, hoping it would pass.

[B]"Oh! I certainly need something like that! I'll buy it from you."[/B]

Beatrix smiled as she put the large coin on the counter, sliding it in front of him.

[B]"Thankyou for shopping with Team Alpha."[/B]

Beatrix turned and ran at the stairs, she stepped onto the top step and was happy to see that the obstacles had disappeared, giving her an easy path back to the bottom where the rest of her team was.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Purple]conker sat up and put his game away. he looked at the blocks with a curious look on his face. he walked around it with his hand on his chin in deep thought.

"now how am i gunna reach it? i'm too short!" he said thowing his arms up to try and reach it.

then all of a sudden, he heard a "ting" sound and he looked up. above his head was a lightbulb. he smiled and looked down to se a circle that had a "B" on it. he lifted his head and turned to the "camera" and said:

"okay kiddies, press the "B" button!"

he looked down at his feet and saw that there were springs on his feet.

"marvolus" he said as he jumped up and hit the block with his fist.

a coin popped out. it was a mushroom coin. conker cought it and the springs disappeared. he set off up the stairs to go sell his coin the customers. when he made he made his way up to the third step, goomba's popped up in front of him. conker clung to his coin to his coin as he prepared to jump over the brown, frowning, little mushroom things. he jumped high up into the air, but started to fall, so he twirled his tail like a helicopter and made it over them all.

he whiped his forehead and walked on. as he cept walking up the stairs, a pair of pirahna plants popped up and started to try and bite him. conker backed up a tad so that he didn't get bit. he took out his frying pan and smaked both of them with it over and over again untill he saw stars circle around their heads.

"heheh...easy" conker said as he hopped over them and continued up the steps.

next, from what he heard up ahead, was ba-bombs. conker gulped and gripped his coin even tighter.

"well, hear i go!" he yelled as he ran forward.

~~lots of bombs blowing up / 2 minutes later~~

conker bustedopen the doors and stumbled in. smoke lifted off of him, black smuges were all over his body, and he smelt of ash. but gripped in his dirty hands was the mushroom coin. he crawled over to the table and pulled himself up to meet the buyers. they looked at him expectingly as he stood there in front of him.

"yeah, i'm gunna sell you this coin here see, and your gunna buy it, for a lot of money." he said to them.

"and why should we?" said one of the buyers that looked like a koopa-troopa.

conker walked up to him and whispered in his ear. the koopa-troopa flush a little crimson and started to sweat.

"s-so-SOLD!" the koopa yelled at him.

conker smiled, he knew with just a little threat, they would agree. all he had to do was say that he knew bowser and that they were rather close friends. conker then handed him the coin and walked out the doors.[/COLOR]
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[FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]Kirby jumped up at the box, breaking it open and revealing a Skull Coin. [i]Excellent,[/i] he thought. Tucking under his arm, he dashed up the stairs.

He didn't get too far up before a Pirahna Plant nearly took off his foot. "Sod you!" he yelled, and sucked up the plant, roots and all. The next plant that took a bite at him got a taste of its own medicine as Kirby bit off its head with his now-massive chompers.

He continued up the stairs at break-neck speed when he saw the shadow below him. He barely managed to throw himself out of the way before a Whomp crashed down behind him with an emphatic "Urggh!" As the one behind him began to rise, another slammed down in front of him. Kirby looked up to where it had come from and noticed a hole in the ceiling. [i]That gives me an idea...[/i] he thought. Inflating himself and flapping his arms, he flew up through the hole.

[i]I was right![/i] There was a space above the stairwell just big enough for him to run through. So he ran. He noticed a vent below him and kicked it out of the way. He emerged into a chamber with five customers waiting behind a wooden counter. He chose the center one, a short creature in a white mask and a cowboy hat.

"Hey, want to buy a Skull Coin?" he said to the red-robed thing.

"Why would I want to do that?" replied the Shyguy.

"Well, because?" started Kirby.

"Look out behind you!" Howdy interrupted.

Kirby whirled around to see a Goomba ready to strike. He dodged to the side and counterattacked by leaping towards it. He grabbed it and lifted it above his head as he jumped, doing a flip in the air to bring it down under him. As he landed on it, he assaulted it with a barrage of kicks. The Goomba popped in a cloud of smoke.

"Hey, that was some nice movin', partner," said the now-clapping Shyguy. "Sure, I'll buy your fancy Skull Coin."

Kirby sighed in relief and rushed back down the stairs for another coin.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=#1e7628][SIZE=1]Gum hummed happily along with the song playing through her headset as she skated beneath her yellow question-marked box. She had paid attention to Mario, but she always liked jumping to a rhythm, and was waiting for the best part of the song to jump to. Finally, the song's key and pace shifted abruptly, and she was in the air. It wasn't a long jump, not leaving her enough room for a flip, so she simply bumped her head on the bottom of the block. Out popped a cute little coin, with a small mushroom carved into it.

[b]"Looks boring,"[/b] she mumbled to herself.

Whipping out a can of spray paint, she took a moment or two to decorate both sides of the strange coinage, before pulling it away from her face to admire. She nodded to herself, satisfied with the result.

[b]"Much better!"[/b]

And with that, Gum was heading up the stairs. She wasn't even half way to the top when a group of mean-looking, walking mushrooms was blocking her path. But without changing her strides, she was knocking them all out of her way with the sides of her skates. The tiny creatures were no match for the technology of a Rudie. A couple flying turtles flew at her as she travelled upstairs, but they were easily dodged as she concentrated on the new song surging through the headphones built into her helmet.

When she reached the top of the stairs, she saw five strange creatures sitting around a table, waiting for her. She reached into her pocket, where she had tucked away the coin, but couldn't find it. Slowly, she backed away from the customer table, and headed back towards the stairs to find her coin. The panic was taking a while to really get a hold of her as her eyes darted around along the long staircase, searching for the blue and yellow (thanks to her artistic talents) coin. Finally, she spotted it in the mouth of a pirahna plant only a few stairs down. She lunged at it, holding out her spray can, as if that would frighten it into dropping coin. Oddly enough, it did, and she ran back towards her potential customers, her coin held securely in her hands.

They were all strange looking, but two of them looked strangely alike, though one was much larger than the other. Deciding on the smaller 'twin', Gum muted her radio, sat on the part of the table in front of him and placed the coin in his hands.

[b]"Wanna buy that?"[/b]



[b]"It doesn't look real. The colors aren't even right, see?"[/b]

[b]"They're better this way,"[/b] Gum insisted.

[b]".. Hmm. I'm not sure..."[/b]

As the small creature thought it over, she noticed how he was mimicking his larger counterpart. Suddenly, an idea popped into her head.

[b]"You know,"[/b] she whispered, making sure the large shelled monster wouldn't hear her, [b]"He's thinking of getting one, too."[/b]

[b]"Then I'll take it!"[/b] he cried eagerly.

She grinned at her successful sale, then jumped off the table and slid down the rail of the stairs, making a few tiny jumps in the air as she went. [b]"One down!"[/b] Gum cheered happily, turning back up the volume of her radio.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=RoyalBlue][SIZE=1]Bond watched as multiple contestants left their positions to approach one of the yellow question marked boxes, gaining the coin seemed easy enough but the part after? well that was something else. None the less the task had to be attempted.

Correcting his tie and suite Bond ran at a near by yellow box; remembering what others before him did, he jumped up and hit the underside of the box with his head. A rather large coin popped out of the box, it was marked with skull. [B][I]?Great" [/I][/B] he thought.

Bond rushed off up the stairs when winged turtles came flying at his face. He ducked just in time as they whizzed past inches from the top of his head. He breathed a sigh of relief, but no sooner as the creatures were gone another wave of the turtles came soaring. The onslaught of winged reptiles was strange as it was annoying. Bond ran at the second wave head on sliding on his back underneath them.

He got to his haunches and ran; things seemed to be going well. That was of course before a massive red plant with white spots and huge teeth slammed its self into the ground a mere few inches behind him. The shock wave of the plant hitting the ground caused bond to loose his footing and fall, not only that but he coin rolled out of his grasp.

He just managed to get to his feet and scramble after the coin when another plant slammed its self down onto the stairs inches away from him.

That was the last straw; bond pulled his pistol from his suit and started firing at the plants, the bullets hit. Some plants fell to the floor of the steps un-moving, some kept up right but became disinterested in him. Bond looked behind him; he was only half way up the stair case. He let out a sigh and kept running; fighting terrorists? plots and assassins was one thing, but giant man eating plants and flying turtles?

Besides the battle of getting to the top of the stair case he had dropped his coin! Bond ran about looking for it, the plants weren?t a threat. Something else had presented its self. Rows of blocks with angry faces and spikes sticking out of them were thumping down the stair case.

He spotted the coin; it was on his step but all the way over the other side of the stair case. In the time it would take him to ruin over there the blocks would be on his step.

[B]?Thank god I checked in with Q before leaving?[/B], raising his arm upwards he placed his hand over his watch and pushed a button. Low and behold a high tech wire shot out of his watch and wrapped itself around one of the exposed supports in the roof of the castle. He attached the wire to his belt and swung from his position to the other side of the stair case, scooping up the coin in the process.

The blocks were 3 steps away and he was almost at the top. Bond withdrew a pen from his breast pocked and clicked it three times?2 steps, he threw the pen into one of the blocks mouths and it swallowed it whole. He ducked and used the large step for cover, pressing right up against the wall of the step?1step away?


The block blew out instantaneously sending a shower of rocky remains down onto Bond and causing the blocks spikes to shoot out and stab into the step, roof and walls. That was the break he needed, a second line of blocks came down the stars but he dodged under them easily and ran the last few steps to the 5 customers.

[B]?The pen is mightier than the sword?[/B] bond said to him self smiling, while he fixed up his tie and suite. His hair needed no attention because it was still perfect.

He observed the possible ?creatures? that he could sell the coin too. None of them looked appealing in any way, he defiantly wasn?t going to try and sell the skull coin to a miniature version of the large man eating plants he faced moments before. Especially since he shot and most likely killed some of them. Not good for negotiations. He decided to approach a very small tortoise like creature with a spiky shell.

[B]?Good evening, would you like to buy this coin, I can grantee its quite fine in construction and quality? [/B] The tortoise gave him a weird look as he stanched the coin away from Bond examining it up close.

[B]?No its not, it?s all dirty and scratched! I?m NOT buying damaged goods!?[/B]

[B]?But I -? [/B]

[B]?No buts!? [/B]

Before bond could even reply with a witty retort the creature pulled down shut the door to his stall. After all that work he had failed to sell the coin, felling a little dejected Bond made his way back down to his team. Usually he would have entered ?aggressive negations? with someone after such an event. But not his time.

He re-joined his team, hands in pockets, as another member raced towards the yellow blocks.

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[size=1][color=purple][b]?Hrmmm, only one coin per customer? Waluigi will see.?[/b][/color]

[color=teal]A wicked smile formed beneath the spiked moustache and huge nose as Waluigi made his way over to the grouping of blocks, shoving Pikachu out the way in the process. Pulling his cap down in a business like fashion Waluigi bent his extremely long legs and released a leap that could well have cracked the block had it not been specially made. To his disgust a normal coin came out.[/color]

[color=purple][b]?What! Damn it, well Waluigi needs to get rid of this coin fast. I know just the customer.?[/b][/color]

[color=teal]Giving a sneer to Team Beta Waluigi strode up the stairs to where Bowser and his kid were waiting to be sold the goods. Unfortunately before Waluigi had got up five steps a pair of Hammer Bros. fell from the ceiling brandishing their name sakes with murderous intent in their eyes. Waluigi rivalled their stare with his own brand of wicked looks. As the Hammer Bros. leapt toward him Waluigi jumped a perfectly timed jump and his feet cracked into the skulls of the two lackeys causing them to fall to the floor.

Waluigi took the opportunity to whip out one of the Bob-ombs he carried with him at all times. Remembering his time in the Mario Baseball League got ready to pitch the Bob-omb right at the hapless Koopas. All Waluigi saw before the explosion was the shocked expression of the lead Hammer Bro as he realised what was heading toward him.[/color]

[color=purple][b]?Wa-yeah! Wa-hahaha!?[/b][/color] [color=teal]Flicking some of the debris off his clothes Waluigi made his way to talk to Bowser, confident the Koopa King would help him out. When he got to the room Waluigi put on his best pose for the King.

?Wargh! What?s a villain like you doing in this contest purple boy!? Bowser snarled.[/color]

[color=purple][b]?Wa! What?s the supposed great Bowers doing helping out the Mario Brothers??[/b][/color] Waluigi retorted

[color=teal]There was a moment of silence before the two of them burst out laughing, within a few minutes there were talking normally and talking happily about their times in the Mushroom Kingdom Sporting Leagues.

?Hahahaha! Remember when you and green were playing for the Star Cup and a scorched half of his team with 10 seconds to go!? Bowers said through the tears.[/color]

[color=purple][b]?Oh yeah, Waluigi pulled off the best Drop Rocket yet seen that day. Wa-hahaha!?[/b][/color]

[color=teal]?Ah, good times...must do it again sometime. So what coin have you got for me Purple ? A mushroom coin? Hard luck, when you get a Skull Coin come back and give it to Junior, he seems to do everything I do.?

Leaving the coin in Bowers possestion Waluigi walked off back down the stairs, stopping only to laugh at the forms of the embedded Hammer Bros. in the wall.[/color][/size]
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[Font=Arial]?The plumber stole the idea from Mog, no question. If I?m going to win..I mean, if the team is going to win, I?m going to have to actually do something.? Ada thought as she watched Bond slink back down the stairs.

?So, I guess I?m up.? Ada said aloud, watching for everyone else?s approval.

No one said anything against it, so Ada ran up to the box and took a flying leap, flying passed the box. With a thud, she fell into the wall, sliding slowly down. Her face was redder than a tomato as she jumped up, grabbed the coin and scurried up the stairs.

She looked at the coin and smiled evilly at the skull that was implanted into it. So caught up in her thoughts, she didn?t see the Boo that popped out in front of her. She also never saw it?s ?hand? as it reached out and slapped her.

Surprised by the entire thing, Ada stumbled and fell down the staircase, adding to her embarrassment. She stood up, brushed off her dress and stormed up the stairs. She glared at the Boo, who was so surprised at her look of death, that he vanished with a poof, taking his three friends littered on the steps with him.

Ada couldn?t figure out what she had done and rushed up the stairs. That, was when the Koopas dive bombed. Ada threw herself to the ground and whipped out her machine gun, all the while, sending a spray of bullets into the air.

The Koopas looked at Ada as they ?plopped? out of existence. She noticed a look of puzzlement had crossed their faces at the last second and Ada almost stopped for a second to think about it. Then she thought on the competition and the though of ?Team Full Bladder? crossed her mind instead.

Ada really gave it gas and practically sprang into the room where the customers sat. Out of breath, she walked over to the giant plant looking thing on the far right.

?You, buy this coin.? She commanded.

?Biyotch, don?t even go there.? It replied.

?Wait, let me try that again. Buy this coin or I?ll let loose one of these here grenades. Trust me, I can even make it only explode within that pile of gloop sitting there. It?ll make your life very, very, very difficult. Especially if it catches fire afterwards.? Ada said, picking a grenade up.

?You think violence is actually going to get you anything in this room? I think you need to rethink your strategy sweetie.? Petey replied, poking her with it?s leaf.

Ada could have ripped that leaf off the plant?s body, but instead she grabbed for her grenade and slipped her finger into the pin. ?Wanna try that again??

Petey?s eyes expanded like balloons as Ada set the coin on the table. ?Th?th?thanks?.?

Ada just grinned and set the grenade back in her belt. Some people were just too easy to read. She chuckled and headed back down the stairs, grinning like a coyote.[/font]
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[size=1]Mallow grumbled a few unpleasant words as he glared up at the yellow block that stood at least 3 feet above his head; he had never been a good jumper. Waluigi came waltzing down the steps, cackling after his triumphant sell. The cloud man sighed and aimed his fist upwards towards the butt of the block. His arm suddenly stretched upward and made a loud [i]pring[/i] sound as it hit. A golden coin popped out and Mallow quickly caught it before it clanged to the ground. He smiled as he looked over the large mushroom that was printed on the front.

"Well, here I go!" Mallow announced to no one unparticular.

He scurried over to the stairs and started towards the top as fast as his small legs would carry him. To his surprise, no enemies were attacking him. They seemed all too busy attacking the other competitors and paid no attention to the small marshmallow man.

"Oh, yeah! I'm awesome!" He cheered himself on as he reaches the last step. Mallow howled in agony as intense pain suddenly erupted in his leg. He looked back to see a small black chain chomp biting into his leg.

?Get off!? Mallow screamed as he started punching the little metal ball, but he was determined and no matter what he did, the chain chomp would just not let go. Mallow cursed under his breath and started beating the thing with his shiny mushroom coin. Its grip on his leg loosened and Mallow gave him one last powerful blow on the head, sending him down the stairs.

?Hah!? Mallow laughed and stuck out his tongue, ?That?s what you get for mes-.? The king was cut off as the coin he was waving around was suddenly pulled from his grasp. Over on his right a sneaky piranha plant was trying to devour the golden coin.

Mallow lunged for the coin and grabbed the end that wasn?t already in the hungry plant?s mouth. The plant started to shake its head trying to throw Mallow off, it even pounded him against the floor and the stair rail. Then, the piranha plant realized that it could eat Mallow along with the coin. Oh boy.

?Shocker!? Mallow screamed in fear as the plant started to real him in. A lightning bolt zoomed out of the ceiling and struck the oblivious plant, turning him into a fried vegetable. Mallow picked himself up and dusted off. The timer for the competition was about to go off! He scrambled up the last step and stopped in front of a squid-ish looking fellow whose name tag read ?Bloopy?.

?Ah, Mr. [size=1]Mallow grumbled a few unpleasant words as he glared up at the yellow block that stood at least 3 feet above his head; he had never been a good jumper. Waluigi came waltzing down the steps, cackling after his triumphant sell. The cloud man sighed and aimed his fist upwards towards the butt of the block. His arm suddenly stretched upward and made a loud [i]pring[/i] sound as it hit. A golden coin popped out and Mallow quickly caught it before it clanged to the ground. He smiled as he looked over the large mushroom that was printed on the front.

"Well, here I go!" Mallow announced to no one unparticular.

He scurried over to the stairs and started towards the top as fast as his small legs would carry him. To his surprise, no enemies were attacking him. They seemed all too busy attacking the other competitors and paid no attention to the small marshmallow man.

"Oh, yeah! I'm awesome!" He cheered himself on as he reaches the last step. Mallow howled in agony as intense pain suddenly erupted in his leg. He looked back to see a small black chain chomp biting into his leg.

?Get off!? Mallow screamed as he started punching the little metal ball, but he was determined and no matter what he did, the chain chomp would just not let go. Mallow cursed under his breath and started beating the thing with his shiny mushroom coin. Its grip on his leg loosened and Mallow gave him one last powerful blow on the head, sending him down the stairs.

?Hah!? Mallow laughed and stuck out his tongue, ?That?s what you get for mes-.? The king was cut off as the coin he was waving around was suddenly pulled from his grasp. Over on his right a sneaky piranha plant was trying to devour the golden coin.

Mallow lunged for the coin and grabbed the end that wasn?t already in the hungry plant?s mouth. The plant started to shake its head trying to throw Mallow off, it even pounded him against the floor and the stair rail. Then, the piranha plant realized that it could eat Mallow along with the coin. Oh boy.

?Shocker!? Mallow screamed in fear as the plant started to real him in. A lightning bolt zoomed out of the ceiling and struck the oblivious plant, turning him into a fried vegetable. Mallow picked himself up and dusted off. The timer for the competition was about to go off! He scrambled up the last step and stopped in front of a Baby Bowser, who was tapping his foot mipatiantly.

?Ah, Mr. Bowser! Now, you look like a smart customer!? Mallow went on sucking up to him, making sure that the coin was always in sight, ?This coin I have here is very magical and could give you anything your heart desires!? But the kid just wasn't buying it.

"Whatever..." He grumbled and instead started watching his dad, which was what he always did in his spare time.

"Hey! Your pa only got a plain normal coin!" Mallow said catching Baby Bowser's attention. He grinned and showed the kid the mushroom symbol, "This is worth a whole lot more. Think how proud he'll be when you show him this." Baby Bowser looked up at the ceiling in thought and then took the coin from Mallow.

The cloud man waltzed back down the steps with an ear to ear grin on his face.

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[size=2][left]"Look out, look out!" Loto pushed through the crowd. "I'm carrying something you've never seen before. It's called [i]talent![/i]" He was suddenly pummeled with various Mushroom Kingdom veggies.

Not too long after everyone left the area and Loto regained consciousness, he spotted a floating block in the air. "That must be it," he muttered to himself. "Radical." He unsheathed his sword, which glittered miraculously in the Super Mario Sunshine. Holding the hilt in both hands rather heroicly, he charged the block and leapt into the air only to trip on his shoelaces and come tumbling into a stack of other blocks that were piled near a dumpster. Suddenly, the blocks began sputtering out several unusual items like undergarments, cat litter, and the occassional sardine.

"Those are defective blocks," a passing toadstool said. "They don't have a coin."

Loto grumbled and stood up. "I knew that."

"Looks like you took quite a spill, friend."

"No. I did that on purpose." The toadstool eyed Loto, who stood nervously in the gaze of the short vegetable. "You know, to hit two birds with one stone. I hit all blocks at once. Heh." He turned his back on the toad and charged the floating block again, this time successfully hitting it with his... umm... well... somehow he managed to hit it with his underthigh.

Magically a Skull Coin appeared in Loto's possession. A sly smirk painted across his face as if Shadow Mario painted it himself (teehee). "Yeah, basically I got a Skull Coin 'cause I [i]rock[/i]!" The toadstool shook his head and walked off. Loto decided it was time to traverse the steps. He took to the stairs and was making good time when suddenly a Chain Chomp came out of nowhere and bit him in the tail-end. Loto screeched and looked at his behind. His heart-pattern boxers shown clearly. "Dude..."

The Chain Chomp barked loudly causing Loto to scream and run up the stairs at lightning speed as if he were equiped with a Star. "Mommy!" he screamed when suddenly, out of nowhere came Goombas. They wriggled around his ankles and he squealed and stomped on their heads, which he soon found out was their weakness. Relieved, he stomped every one of their heads until he made it to the top of the steps. Only there did he find Koopa Troopers blocking the exit. He began to shake from fright until the shaking became so serious that his hand let go of the sword and it fell clattering down the steps.

He gulped. "Hi." The Koopa Troopers charged at Loto, but luckily for our not-so-brave hero, they collided into each other, retreated into their shells in fright, and slid down the steps past Loto. Loto peered down and smiled. "I'm so sweet."

After the incident, he finally found the area with the customers. There he saw a little baby dinosaur-like critter, who could be none other than Baby Bowser. Struck with cuteness, he bent down and spoke in baby talk. "Awww... where's your mommy, wittle guy?"

Loto eventually awoke hanging upside down, charred black, and without a Skull Coin. He could not move and there didn't seem to be anyone around. It was very quiet.

"I have to use the potty..." he whimpered.

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[COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Well now at least it was time for their first task, it was going to be rather simple right? All he had to really do was get a coin from some kind of a floating?cube like form. Then sell it to some customers whom he had known that some of his teammates had already tried to sell the coins to.. Now at least was Marth?s chance to get one another coin sold.

So promptly he went down towards where the blocks were. It wasn?t to far away till he came across a rather slow moving?well it looked like a moving lump if anything.? [B]What?s this?...If it?s an enemy than it?s a rather slow moving enemy. And if anything at that I doesn?t really seem like a threat.? [/B] Still Marth couldn?t figure out that the creature was really a goomba. [B]??So it really is an Enemy. Then that means it has to be eliminated.?[/B] And Marth sliced it in half with his sword, and only began to head down to the rest of the blocks.

Once he arrived he was yet again puzzled on how exactly the coin was to come out of it. Or even more was it even physically possible for one to come out? Had to be though, because everyone else had gotten on from this place. First he tried to do some kind of upwards kick?which only ended up in failure. Next up he tried punching it with his fist with worked?but only got half of the coin out. It apparently got stuck half way out. [B]?Oh for the love of ************? [/B] He just let out a small curse in his native tongue, nothing to bad, or so he hoped and eventually got enough since to knock the coin the rest of the way out with his sword yet again. It was a mushroom coin, of course it was more common kind of a coin but at least it was a coin and that was the end of it.

He continued his way going back up the stairs when something caught his eye[B]..?Oh..I wonder if that is another coin that was left?? [/B] and he made a 90 degree turn off of his course to go and investigate. It was no sooner than when he left the path that an oddly large thwomp came down and cracked a large part of the ground.[B] ? Didn?t see that coming for a while. Good thing I though I saw some kind of a left over coin?which turned out to be a piece of tin foil?great.? [/B] With a depressing sigh he threw away the tinfoil which happened to land in the mouth of a paratrooper, and in the paratroopers confusion and panic, Marth easily clipped its wings and sent it spiraling down the stairs. If only life was that easy.

Now that he was at the top of the stairs there was only one thing to concentrate on. Which customer to sell this highly valuable Mushroom coin to? There were so many fine choices but in the end he had finally decided to sell it to. I'm the end he decided to go with Howdy the ShyGuy, I mean if it was a person who has the name Shy in it he can?t be to hard to sell a coin to. [B]?Hello Sir..Surley you would want to buy such a lovely?bright, and colorful Mushroom coin such as..?[/B] he pulled out the Mushroom coin [B]? this one??[/B]

[B]?What makes it so much different from the ones that I have seen before??[/B]

[B]?Why there are many things. I mean this certain coin actually can hold many secrets within? [/B] Marth gave a slight snicker at this.

[B]?Secrets you say?? [/B] the Shy guy seemed to perk up just a bit [B]?What kinds of Secrets??[/B]

[B]?Surly you must wonder exactly how such a marking must have gotten on this in the first place right??[/B] Marth said edging the coin a little bit closer towards him.

[B]?There is always that..?[/B] Howdy seemed a little bit wondering when he said that. yet took the coin for himself so he could inspect it more . [B]?oh yes, and the quality of color on it as well, you must wonder why exactly it got like that right? How different it is from the others??[/B] of course Marth was just simply. adding on some extra details on the coin but it if it was going to get it sold then why not??

[B]?I think I will take it. It seems rather interesting now that I think of it? [/B]

[B]?excellent? [/B] Marth muttered and bowed after Howdy said he wanted the coin and dashed off to get another.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Trebuchet MS]The two plumber brothers viewed excitedly as the two teams raced up and down the stairs, selling (and not selling) various coins to customers. Watching the clock, Mario anxiously glanced at Victor and Pikachu who seemed to be taking their sweet time selling some coins. Pikachu was having difficulty communicating with the large dinosaur, and Victor was fighting with another for not wanting to buy his coin.

Finally, a whistle blew and all the competetors jumped. They stared at where Mario and Luigi stood.

[COLOR=DarkRed]"Time's up!" [/COLOR] yelped Mario. [COLOR=DarkRed]"Come back to-a us, will you?"[/COLOR]

The teams obeyed and were soon lined up in front of the Mario brothers. Luigi slinked off and recieved a letter from a short, red speckled toad. He walked up to the front of riser and cleared his throat.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]"In this-a envelope, are the statistics of-a all the points-a gathered. I will read it now."[/COLOR] Luigi ripped open the top of the letter and pulled out a piece of white paper. He gasped and stared at the expecting contestants.

[COLOR=DarkGreen]"With-a [i]six[/i] more-a points-a then the losers, Team [b]Alpha[/b] are the-a victors!"[/COLOR] he announced, satisfied with the outcome of the first challenge.

After all the cheering and high-fiving, the brothers continued to explain what would happen. Team Alpha would go to the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52553&page=1&pp=15][color=#555555]Pipe Plaza[/COLOR][/url] and decide on a team name, while Team Beta would wait in the [url=http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=52554][color=#555555]Lobby[/COLOR][/url]. Beta's team name would be decided by [i]Bowser[/i] and he would say it after Alpha had chosen their's.[/FONT]
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[Color=DarkBlue]Ada just hung her head low. They had lost!? It was like Survivor all over again. The twang of Survivor brought back thoughts of Pretty who had gone back to her world after the competition. She grinned half heartedly as she looked at the other team, which seemed deep in discussion about a team name.

IT was then that the voice from Ada?s nightmares popped again. Not of zombie moans, no, this voice was mechanical?..

?So, you?re in another one of these things, ?eh?? It called out, mockingly.

Ada almost fell over, causing the rest of the team to look at her funny. She had really hoped the rest of her team had heard that. She looked around but most of them just seemed not to want to talk after suffering their first defeat.

?Oh come on ladies and gents, it?s all good! We?ll only have a crappy team name for a couple of challenges and then we?ll have a new name before you know it.? Ada said, smiling.

?Trying to take Ling?s place as the optimist?? The Pokedex mocked.

?WHERE IS IT?? Ada yelled out, causing all the teams and the hosts to look at her.

Ada blushed and waved them away; balling her fists as the Pokedex mechanically chuckled.

?You?d be surprised what a smart Pokedex like me could get itself into.? It replied.

?I?m so going to find you and totally rain destruction upon you.? Ada muttered.

?Goodbye Ada?? It said, trailing off.

?It?s so going to die. It?s so going to die. It?s so going to die.? Ada muttered over and over, earning her a weird glance from Gum.

?You OK?? Pikachu asked.

?Yeah, I?m fine. Just a bad expierence, that?s all.? Ada responded with a smile.

[I]?After this, I?m going to find that Pokedex and destroy it painfully.? Ada thought smirking.[/I]

?I heard that!? It called out.

Ada just sighed and threw up her hands.[/color]
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