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Gods Among Men [M-VL]


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[SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][CENTER]Gabriel and Belial walked down a dimly lit street, neither of the breaking the cold silent that had settled half an hour ago. They had decided to meet to discuss the current situation, but so far neither of them had actually started serious conversation.

[B]?I?ll never understand why you chose such an old body?? [/B] Belial started, smirking a little while he still looked ahead, his half-smoked cigarette drooping a little from his bottom lip.

Gabriel shrugged and looked to the inky sky, his golden locks ruffled a little, ?[B]This body has served me well. I don?t see anything wrong with it.?[/B]

Belial closed his eyes, letting out a long puff of smoke, ?[B]It?s just that?you?ll never get laid, looking like that.?[/B]

Gabriel stopped dead and glared at Belial?s back, clenching his teeth slightly, ?[B]That doesn?t concern me in the slightest.?[/B]

Belial shrugged this time and turned around. [B]?Anyway, Gabe, enough of this bullshit small talk. You wanted to talk about this game, yeah? So let?s start talking.?[/B]

[B]?I?m glad you?ve finally seen some sense, Belial.?[/B]

Esther paced her room quickly, looking from her door, to her phone, to her palms. She hadn?t done anything yet?well, not really. A little bit of help with her homework, perhaps, but?damn, this really worked. She swallowed hard and stood still finally, reaching to her desk to pick up her phone, quickly dialling a number. It rang a couple of times before someone spoke up, there voice happy as always.


?Neill! It?s Esther?I really need to talk to you.?[/B]

Okay! Basically I just want everyone to get in an introduction post, something about experimenting with their power. Trevor, Phil, I can trust you two to have a little conversation going on about plans for something, can?t I? Rev and White, you guys don?t have to post yet, but if you just want to expand on your feelings about the whole thing, then feel free.

Gavin, I hope it?s okay with you that our characters know each other; I thought it would be interesting. Of course, if anyone else wants to have friendships with other chosen, that?s fine. It makes my life easier.[/SIZE]
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[font=times][COLOR=DarkOrchid][i]Lace Geneffe, Femme Fatale smiled to herself, still smelling that scent of sulfer and brimstone that accompanied the comings and goings of various demons. She narrowed her eyes slightly and noticed several of the men in the club watching her. Her eyes flickered ever so slightly, and like a fisherman pulling in the big one, a well dressed businessman made his way towards her.

She flicked deep amber eyes up into his rather nondescript pale blue ones and he opened his mouth to speak. Before he did though, he failed to notice the feeling of lust circling his head like a noose and pulling him into her personal aura. Her eyes smiled at him as did her perfectly shaped lips, and she drew a well manicured hand across her face, holding her drink in the other. Besides the fact that she was exceedingly well dressed in a rather slinky red gown, she was also wearing an armband of silver shaped into a snake. The man noticed, and mentally called her Eve.[/i]

"May I join you?"

[i]She looked up at him, giving him a good view of her long eyelashes, and smiled once more, showing perfectly shaped teeth.[/i]

"Why not?"

[i]Nobody carded her, and nobody minded the fact that she was 18 and in a high end bar in a very nice part of town. For all intents and purposes, to everyone around her, Miss Geneffe was a 26 year old business woman herself, merely out to enjoy herself. Which she was of course. But had any man or woman present had the sixth sense, or the second sight, they would've noticed darkness seeping off her as palpable as the scent of roses in her perfume.[/i][/COLOR][/font]
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[SIZE=1]I've no problems with our characters being acquaintances Jamie, in fact for the purposes of the story it does make sense.


"[B]Neill! It?s Esther?I really need to talk to you.[/B]" Neill nearly dropped the phone when he'd heard the voice on the other side, "[B]Not now, not now[/B]" he whispered silently to himself, everything was too weird at the moment. He'd been sitting on his bed in complete silence simply watching the stars twirl around his ceiling, in normal circumstances they'd have been little luminescent patches stuck against the plaster, but the stars he'd been staring at in his darkened bedroom were actual stars [I]he'd[/I] created and left simply hanging in the air. He'd watched them twinkle for the better part of an hour, there was no heat off them, only light, which he knew was another aspect of his powers he'd unintentionally put to use.

"[B]I'll meet you outside the library in ten minutes...[/B]" His room seemed so different now, maybe in other subconscious ways he'd been altering his surroundings, or maybe it was just his perceptions were now somehow expanded since he'd been given these new power. Good little Catholic boy Neill Gratzner was now in possession of the Almighty's powers, he could bend reality as it suited him, he could cure poverty and famine in a thought, but right now he had to think of the consequences. With a wave of his hands, the stars he'd created winked out of existence, he wondered silently to himself if this is how God had created the Universe, and if in a similar manner he'd end it. Still Esther had called him, she sounded so worried, what could be wrong ? He grabbed his jacket and roughly threw it over his shoulders, he barely knew Esther outside of school, but she seemed nice enough at times.

"[B]What made her call me ?[/B]" Again the little voice in his head caused him to nearly stop in his tracks, it was a valid question, he'd only ever seen her at school and she'd always seemed to have a group of friends around her so it didn't make sense that she'd call him. "[B]Maybe she knows ?[/B]" It was more like a hoarse whisper this time, but it was enough to leave Neill frozen at the bottom of the staircase with his hand only millimeters away from the front door. "[B]She couldn't...[/B]" He tried to reassure himself but for all his efforts they seemed futile, as he opened the door he last thought was he'd find out everything when he arrived at the library...[/SIZE]
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[b][size=1]"To be honest, Belial, I don't even know what He's thinking any more," [/size][/b][size=1]said Gabriel, looking up at the sky, [b]"He's been making more and more reckless decisions, and now this. Giving his own powers to humans? It's absurd, it's just plain reckless."

"You're just trippin' out 'coz He didn't want you to get involved. You can't stand not being the centre of attention, Gabe. You gotta chill out, relax. Just sit back and watch things unfold," [/b]said the demon, stretching his arms above his head.

[b]"Of course I'm not going to sit back. I'm a high-ranking angel, which means I am contractually obliged to protect the welfare of humans. There's no loophole that says I can't do my job just because Him upstairs has turned into a complete fruit-loop. Basically, there's nothing he can do to stop me getting involved without getting involved himself, and we all know that's not going to happen. But, just to be safe, you know, spiritually, I'm probably going to have to stay out of this directly. I can't show myself to be getting involved."

"I thought He saw everything."

"Well, people get old, right? And when they get old it's harder for them to notice everything that's going on around them. Same for deities, even the Almighty. It would be very difficult for him to see everything."

[/b]The two figures leant against the wall of the nearest building, vapour billowing from both of their mouths. However, Gabriel's was merely water vapour, the steam that rises from hot breath as it touches cool air. Belial's was a mixture of water vapour and thick, tar-filled smoke that issued from the end of the tattered cigarette that seemed to constantly hang from his mouth.

[b]"I need a drink," [/b]growled Belial, scratching his head, [b]"You know any good bars around here? Oh, wait, I forgot. Anges aren't supposed to drink."

"You'd be surprised, my friend. God can't see [i]everything [/i]at once now, can he?" [/b]replied the Messenger of God, leading the way to a small tequila bar just close by, where the two figures entered and took a seat each at the bar. Belial ordered two tequilas, and handed one to Gabriel.

[b]"Bottoms up, Gabe," [/b]said Belial, throwing back the liquor. Gabriel followed suit, but immediately spat the liquid out into a second tequila glass.

[b]"We're not allowed to imbibe alcohol," [/b]said Gabriel, seeing the puzzled look on Belial's face, [b]"But it doesn't mean we can't enjoy the taste."

"What taste?"

"Well, of course you don't taste anything, you're a demon. And one who's burnt every single one of his tastebuds off with centuries of tobacco. Angels can appreciate the finer things on Earth, and one of them is the taste of a really good tequila."

"So, Gabe," [/b]said Belial, changing the subject as he downed yet another glass of tequila, [b]"Cards on the table. No lies, no fooling, just the truth. What do you think of this new idea? You think Him and Lucifer have gone down the shute? Or do you think it's gonna teach the humans a valuable lesson?"

"To tell you the truth," [/b]said Gabriel, spitting out another mouthful of tequila, [b]"Right at this moment, I couldn't care less. I can only really make myself an opinion once the game has started, because there's clearly no way I can stop it now, is there?"

[/b]The angel turned to look out of the smoky window.

[b]"I just hope He knows what He's doing..."[/b]
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[SIZE=1]Blake sat in his room, panting heavily. After miraculously stoping that car, he fled back home as swiflty as possible. He ignored his parents completely and raced up to his room, locking the door behind him. [I]How could this be possible? Was he dreaming?[/I] He looked at his hands in shock still. The silence engulfed his room as he tried to divulge an answer. Nothing came to him. He grew increasingly fustrated, until finally he roared with anger. Simaltaneously, a whirlwind appeared around him, cutting into the walls of his room and obliterating his stuff.

"Stop!" The fierce winds froze, but not in the manner he had hoped. He had stopped time again. He looked at his clock. Dead still. His mind started racing frantcially. [I]What am I going to do? How do I control these powers? What happen's the next time I get annoyed? How do I keep from ripping another man to shred with the winds of the lord?[/I] He sank down in his bed and held his head.

[B]"Why me? Am I really such a good person...Someone worthy of this? There wasn't anyone better suited?"[/B] He just shook his head and sighed. Time retuned back to normal, and the whirlwind ceased. Blake smiled.

[B]"At least that's over...I wonder...everytime God get's frustrated, does his Angel's have to duck for cover?"[/B] He laughed meakly at his horrid joke, attempting to put himself in a better attitude. Whatever the reason he had these powers, he had these powers, and there was nothing he could do about it. Probably just best to make the most out of it. He heard footsteps at his door, and then his mother's worried voice.

[B]"Blake! Blake! WHat was that noise? Is everything alright?"[/B] Blake looked at his room, concentrated, and opened his eyes. A grin spread across his face. He walked over to the door, grabbed his beanie and his jacket, pushed his glasses up and opened the door for his mom. She flew in, only to find his room in perfect order, better than it had been... ever. Blake threw on his jacket and laughed.

[B]"I'll be seeing you, mum. Gonna go out for a while. Probably gonna stop by Becca's real quick..."[/B] Blake ran down the stairs and out into the cool night air. He breathed it in deeply. [I]So...this is my playground now. Let's fix it up a little.[/I] Blake walked towards Becca's house, and every light he wealked underneath birghtened till it could no longer, the exploded. He laughed happily.

[B]"What a boss power!"[/B] He burst out into a dash, and found that his speed had increased tenfold. He took a detour, runnning through the park by Becca's house. He stopped at a bench and looked for another way to test his powers. He noticed a trashcan on the other side of the park and smiled. He quickly looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and went to work.

He raised his hands toward it and concentrated, like earlier. He raised his hand, and the trashcan lifted off the ground. He moved his hand palm up, and the trascan flipped upside down, and all the trash fell out. Blake grimaced and used his other hand to levitate the trash back into the trashcan. He then put it back down, and reared his right hand back.

[B]"Go time!"[/B] He thrusted his arm forward and launched an orb of wind straight at the trashcan, annihalating it. He walked over to where it had been. Not a trace, Blake look on, amazed, and then spun on his heel for Becca's house.[/SIZE]
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[SIZE=1][I]OOC: Apologises for the lack of posting? I got grounded XD, apologies for the short length as well for I have not much time to write it[/I]


As soon as Mark got home the first thing he did was sleep. He wasn?t even going to attempt to get his head around everything until he had rested. He hoped that maybe when he woke up it would have all been a dream, or at least he would have forgotten. Mark didn?t believe for one moment that he had the power of God.

He slept peacefully for along time in his dark apartment, it must have been at least an hour. When Mark finally did wake up he did so slowly, rubbing his eyes and staring up at the ceiling. The first thing that came to his mind was that it was all a dream, then he found himself grinning broadly in the belief that it was, and he didn?t met Gabriel. Slowly he got up, swinging his legs off the bed and stretching his arms. He looked at his shoes and noticed the mud on them, which was quite strange. If it was all a dream, he shouldn?t have mud on his shoes.

[B]?I like these shoes, as well, now I have to clean them again. I hate cleaning.?[/B] He said, pulling his foot up on his knee and flicking a leaf off his shoe. He really didn?t like cleaning. [B]?Maybe having His power would be pretty useful now,?[/B] he mumbled. As a joke he started running his hand across his boot, smiling to himself, pretending he was cleaning it when he knew he wasn?t. He realised his feet were cold, as well, and what was stranger was that as soon as he did a small spark ignited out of nowhere and caught on the bottom on his trousers, bursting the bottom of them into flames for a moment.

Mark found himself back on his bed and not knowing what to stare at; his hands or his feet. Not once had he ever been able to warm anything up with a thought, let alone set [I]fire[/I] to it.

[B]?Oh Lord? this really isn?t a dream, is it??[/B] he whimpered, looking up and expecting an answer. [B]?Well, there?s only one way to find out.?[/B]

He walked into the bathroom and leaned over to the mirror across the sink. He studied his face for a moment, feeling a little stupid for doing it. Then he noticed a small spot near his nose, he didn?t like spots at all, people would make fun of him for it. Although it was tiny, he figured it would be a good test.

[B]?The all-powerful Lord doesn?t get spots,?[/B] he told himself. He touched his spot and wiped his hand across his face, closing his eyes for a moment. He opened them and saw in the mirror that his face was actually a lot cleaner than it ever was, or his skin looked nicer. For a moment Mark didn?t realise what he had done, when he did he leapt back and stood still against the wall. He really didn?t expect anything to happen!

[B]?One more test I suppose,?[/B] he said. He needed solid proof, and having read the bible he was aware of Jesus turning water into wine. That should?ve been no problem for him. Timidly, he turned the tap on. Clear water rushed out of it, Mark gulped.

He did an expression that seemed like concentration and placed his hand near the water. Something inside hoped that nothing would happen, so he wouldn?t have any special powers, so he wouldn?t have a responsibility to use them. He opened one eye, gulped, and opened the other. The water rushed out in a blood-red colour, wine.

[B]?Lucky I?m not an alcoholic??[/B][/SIZE]
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