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Sign Up The Voyage {Rated M for LSV, may also include comedy}


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[B][I]The Voyage:[/I][/B]

Ten years have passed since the Great War. The galaxy has been seemingly peaceful, but underneath the star crested curtains of space the fight still roared on.

The victor of the Great War was an allied front known now as the Federation; the hand that holds the scepter. The thwarted were the followers of the Veilenion Empire. After the war the five heads of their clans, which were the only ones to survive, scattered out into the recesses of space.

There was no good and evil in that war, but only the hunger for power, and wealth at the expense of ordinary people. The Empire had lost its majestic army to treason, and the overwhelming power of the Allied front. The blood of many was spilled in vain.

The five chieftains of the lost Empire have been working secretly for the past ten years, weaving their web of darkness to form The Quasar Brotherhood; a secret society planning to resurrect the empire.

At first, news of this society were laughed at, but with time the invisible threat of the society was materializing, as they held the strings of many powerful politicians. The Federation was aware of existence of the brotherhood, but could not find a solid trace to track them down.

One politician is highly suspected to be deeply involved with the Brotherhood, a certain senator Hyo. They've tried to pressure him in every possible way, but nothing worked, and they can't just arrest him, because that would destroy their image, since Hyo is a very well known man of charity, and public service. He has a weakness though; his young daughter.

The federation has been toying with the idea of using the daughter to their advantage for sometime now. Recently they started to consider it seriously, since the threat of the Brotherhood was progressively exceeding the safety line, and it was getting clearer that Hyo was indeed deeply involved with the Brotherhood.

Another problem was rising in the Federation's agenda; the eastern pirates known as the Star Gazers. They've been looting, and destroying every supply and cargo ship passing through the very active Stardust Pass, which inflicted loads of financial losses to the Federations budget. These pirates were known to have once served the Five Clan Chieftains, during the reign, and after the fall of the Veilenion Empire.

The Federation managed to ambush Dragon's Tear; The star gazers' ship. After a gruesome fight the crew members were captured along with their notorious leader Captain Strange. Since these were familiar to the ways of the brotherhood, they were offered a chance for forgiveness; a full pardon from the death sentence in exchange for kidnapping the daughter of Senator Hyo, and bringing her back to the Federation. This way if they were to fail then the federation could slip away unnoticed from direct suspicion.

This would require the pirates to enter the Brotherhood's circle of trust again, how they did that was not of the federations concern. Captain Strange accepted the offer; he knew if he played it wrong or tried to double cross the federation there'd be even a higher price on his head than there is already, and that every bounty hunter in the galaxy would be on his trail. As for the pardon he and his group were offered, he was sure that it would be burnt to ashes once his task was complete, so he needed to buy time for the time being.

The Federation however did not trust Captain Strange well enough, so they secretly sent a search and destroy force after him, lead by a skillful and decorated captain, to clean up after the job is done.

The brotherhood would never stay still should such a disaster happens, and they would surely send Assassins after the pirates if Hyo's daughter is kidnapped.

Turbulent times lie hidden in wait for the storm to break?

[B][I]The General Idea:[/I][/B]
This will be an action adventure/romance/comedy RPG, so keep these elements in mind when you post. There will be a time for seriousness, a time for love, and a time for the good old nose bleed. As for the events to unfold in the RPG be sure that there is more than meets the eye, the people accepted in the RPG will receive PMs from me giving them hints as to what happens next in the RPG, but I won't give away too much to keep things interesting. Also this will not be solely about the kidnap there's a lot more in store, a lot?
Quality is required, so please revise your post before umm well posting it, as will I to keep a certain standard.
This RPG is not politics it's about people, and emotion, keep that in mind.

There will be three sides involved, the federation, the Star gazers, and the Brothrhood.
The Federation will consist of the search and destroy crew (4 or 3 members plus the captain).
The star gazers will consist of Captain Strange's crew (4 or 3 members plus the captain)
Last, but not least the brotherhood will consist of two assassins, and the heroin.

I will leave the number of crew members on side to the result of the sign ups, NPCs may be involved.

Music by the way will be used in this RPG to intensify it's feel, if you want to add music to your post, it will have to be relevant tot the events occurring in the post, and you'll have to run it by me through PMs first, the use of music is not mandatory, I'm just saying that it will be used.

By the way I'll be playing Captain Strange.

Ok here's the sign up sheet:

Nick name:
Personality: Originality will be appreciated.
Appearance:[/I] Picture, or detailed description.
[I]Weapons:[/I] 3 max, and it can be anything you want, even if a bit retro, but no super weapons please.
[I]Ability:[/I] only 1? mildness and variety would be nice.
[I]Flash back:[/I] Your character in action doesn't matter when or where, or what the character is doing.

I edited the sheet, and added side.
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Name: Doesn't remember her real name.

Nick name: Neko

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Personality:She is very quiet and shy. She only speaks up when she feels very strongly about something and/or when she feels it is necessary.

Appearance: She is half-cat, half-human. She has black cat ear along with a black tail and fangs. She also has long black hair that she ties up when in battle. She has bright emerald green eyes that shine like a cat in the dark. (This also causes her to see very well at night) She stands at about 5?4 and is somewhat curvy.

Weapons: Samurai sword

Ability: From being half cat, basic cat things.

Flash back: Neko snuck out her apartment door and to the nearby corner and pressed her body against it. She carefully looked over the edge and there it stood. An evil spirit, a demon, stood right there tormenting a young child. Neko waited until the demon had turned the corner and she jumped. She shoved her sword into its side. The spirit?s screams echoed trough out the hallway and she sliced off its head. Blood hit the floor and the little kid screamed.
?Now, now, it?s alright?? Neko bent down to say but didn?t have a chance to finish before the girl ran away screaming ?Mommy!?
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Century Gothic][B]Name[/B] Hoshi Asato (Hoe-She A-sow-two)

[B]Nick Name[/B] Dyi (pronounced -Die-)

[B]Age[/B] 27

[B]Gender[/B] Female

[B]Side[/B] The Star Gazers

[B]Personality[/B] Dyi has been known to have very violet and unpredictable mood swings. Most of the time she is usually calm and tries to do what's expected of her. She does have times when she just can't seem to get herself upbeat and bouncy, so it seems like she cares about nothing. But those small times are becomeing less frequent now.

[B]Appearnace[/B] See Below

[B]Weapons[/B] Feet, throwing stars, one moon-crest knife

[I]Throwing Stars[/I] You can see them in detail below. There are 6 styles that are in sets of 3 or 4 depending on what style.

[I]Moon-Crest Knife[/I] In detail below.

[B]Ability[/B] Can use any item as a weapon if it's stable.

[B]Flash Back[/B] Dyi picked up her bloddied moon crest knife and stared at the wonderful blade that was now tainted with the blood of her lover. He had betrayed her, sold her out, crossed the line one to many times. It was a miracle that she had allowed him to live after the first time he crossed the safty of her limits. Dyi drew the weapon across his neck one last time to make sure he was dead. To her horror yet her delight, she felt no sorrow for having killed the one who loved her. She whiped the blood off the blade and attatched it back on her belt.

"Maybe, I never loved you at all. Good riddence you worthless dog."[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[B]Name:[/B] Unknown.

[B]Nickname:[/B] Captain Strange.

[B]Age:[/B] Unknown (Looks like late 20s)

[B]Side:[/B] The Star Gazers.

Strange in every sense of the word. Eccentric, a bit shy at times, and has a strong sense of righteousness, though he tries to ignore it at times. Sensitive, and a hopeless romantic, he likes to admire beauty in every form, from a sunrise, to a rose. Brave, and headstrong, but can get caught up in his obsessions. He strongly believes in giving his all to a just cause. He likes to help poor people, and may cry at the sight of a weeping child, but never shows his emotions. He can turn his heart to stone when needed, though he knows it will certainly eat at him from the inside later. He bottles everything up most of the time, and then just bursts at any moment. Even though he tries to be stable, he can sometimes be very moody; Proud, but humble, confident, and very difficult to scare. He is well read, and sophisticated. He has a taste for poetry in any language he understands, quite a daydreamer.

He is tall; about 6ft5 in height. His body is muscular, athletic, and very well toned. His eyes are dark; at times they appear black, but at others they appear dark red. He has a sharp nose, slightly slit eyes, and long graceful eyebrows. His hair is of medium length, brownish, glistens goldenly when struck by sunlight, and is parted from the side in a messy sort of way. His features may appear sharp, yet gentle at the same time. He wears a black tank vest, and with an open, short sleeved red tunic over it. Around his waist is a brown leather silver buckled belt. He also wears a pair of light beige baggy cargo trousers, with a pair of brown leather knee high buckled boots. His fists are always covered with a pair of brown leather gloves, which have glyphs emblazoned all over them with threads of silver, when he's not wearing them you can see them sticking out of his back pocket. He has a pair of mirror lens goggles, which wears sometimes, and also a worn out leather jerkin, which he sometime wears instead of the tunic. He also wears shoulder holster, and has another holster on the side of his belt.


[I][B]Phoenix pinion:[/B][/I] It is a retractable beam sword with a curved white blade of pure energy; it is of extreme intensity and radiating heat. It has a long silver hilt, and it also has an extension hilt, which one attached elongates the blade, and charges it with more energy. The letter X is etched on the second hilt in black. The extension hilt is kept on the left side of the shoulder holster, and the original one is in his belt holster. He is an established swordsman, and quite a formidable opponent when wielding this weapon.

[B][I]Dragon's breath:[/I][/B] A pistol sized blaster that fires fiery red pulses of energy. It has quite a powerful impact, and penetrating force. Captain strange is somewhat of a trick shot with it, and is a moderately good quick draw. The muzzle has the shape of a dragon's jaws. It is placed in the holster on the left side of his belt.

[B][I]Secret arts:[/I][/B] A lost form of hand to hand to hand combat involving rapid, but powerful, and direct attacks. It also involves some acrobatic maneuvering, and techniques. Captain strange is a master of these arts, and perhaps the only person alive that knows them. (Think Shotokan Karate/Ninjutsu).

[B]Ability:[/B] Is slightly telepathic, and has a keen sense of danger.

The moon stared wistfully upon the marvelous rose gardens; amidst the crimson beauties sauntered a tall young man. He paused for a moment or two, and inhaled the sweet aroma the mingled with the fresh evening winds. He loved it there, it reminded him of things that were, and were no longer. Nostalgia was his sweet torment, in which he happily inflicted upon himself every chance he got.

"Roses?"He smiled, as he did back then when life was simpler.

The word rippled in his sea of memories; sketching a face that has always lingered in the back of his mind. He smiled again.

He continued in his slow paced steps as he gazed at the stars; the flickering gems that blissfully lit the night skies with their precious glamour. They were his only true companions through out his life. He never got bored of watching them. He never wanted them to change.

Just beyond the hill he faced, a faint rumble resonated. The Dragon's Tear was ready once again to venture into the darkness of space, but then the sound just faded away.

[I]Still not ready?[/I]

He headed toward the top of the hill where a large and lone cherry tree stood. He sat on the grass under it, put his back against the trunk, and started to fall into dreamy slumber. His ship down at the foot of the hill, two of the crew members were silently working on her from the outside, and the others were inside.

He took one final look at them, and then surrendered to the quiet symphony that bid him to rest.
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Hmmm... sounds interesting! Now, I must take 15 minutes deciding which character to use... Ah well, since there's already a cat-person...
[color=royalblue][u]Name:[/u] Chibutakamo
[u]Nickname:[/u] Chibu
[u]Age:[/u] 12
[u]Side:[/u] She'd fit best in the Star Gazers, but for extra fun I'll put her in the Federation instead...
[u]Personality:[/u] Chibu is quite playful and energetic. She likes to have fun and such, but she also likes to help others out. She can also be described as obedient, and she trusts others easily as well. This can make her pretty much gullible though... But the good thing is, she doesn't fret over her mistakes too badly--she even tends to either forget or completely ignore them. Leading to this, she is quite curious but also pretty naive. Often times she does things without really knowing the purpose behind them. After all, she is pretty young to start figuring all that out... Speaking of which, her judgment is fairly poor--she especially has a hard time distinguishing between a friend and a foe and often has to be told which is which. Also, she won't dare to hurt people she knows and/or trusts, but enemies and strangers are a different story, especially if they're smaller than she is--they're hard to distinguish from prey. Yet aside from the many weaknesses explained, she does rely on fate to carry her along, and partially as a result of that, she is quite intuitive as well as lucky. She also hardly ever talks--which is good because she can't talk all that well given she's used to a different language.
[u]Appearance:[/u] Chibu may look pretty much human on land, but she's actually a fylin--basically half human half fish, but very different from a mermaid. Fylin have thin arms and legs with fins extending out from them. In Chibu's case, she has fairly long aquamarine hair and bright lavender eyes, and finlike ears that make her look elf-like. Her body is covered with near-invisible white scales, plus silky aqua fins that look like clothing. The same billowing aqua fins extend from her arms and legs, making her look like an elegant humanoid fish. Finishing that is a deep cerulean fan-like tail. Oh and did I not mention, she's only four-and-a-half feet tall. (yes, tall--she can still walk on land)
[u]Weapons:[/u] Her short fangs (which are only starting to become poisonous given her age) sort of count, but other thn that the only "real" weapon she has is a long strand of tough seaweed that can be used as a rope, whip, or a shield against electricity provided it isn't wet.
[u]Ability:[/u] Other than the above and a few fish characteristics (esp. the ability to breathe underwater as well as out), a sort of heightened hearing given the shape of her ears, and with that good navigation skills. She also has a psychic ability that could be telekinesis except it looks more like a wave or show of lights and thus can wave into hypnotism.
[u]Flash back:[/u] There sat a middle-aged woman on a wooden bench. Her backyard faced the chilly northern ocean, and the cool breeze kept her amused as she waited patiently for a disturbance in the gentle waves.
Finally it came--a small splash, and a cute little head emerged from the water's surface. This was the fylin that this woman kept as a sort of pet, but she actually came to her out of curiosity--she was more of a friend. She had a pleasant expression on her face and a fish in her mouth.
"Oh... Chibu!" The woman greeted, getting up and walking over to the edge of the water, kneeling down to pat Chibu on the head. After she did this, Chibu lowered her head to a large rock, carefully releasing her fish from her fangs' grip onto it. Then the expression on her face turned slightly puzzled as the woman picked up the fish, examining it.
"Oh, just checking..." the woman explained, "...for poison."
"Bo...?" Chibu asked her, not bothering to say "why" instead though she knew the word.
"Well, you're... almost at the stage where... where you might become venomous, like a snake of sorts."
"Or maybe a vampire?" Chibu said carefully and almost fearfully.
"No, silly," the woman laughed, "vampires'll bite you and drink your blood, but they're not venomous... or at least I don't believe so."
"I met one that was," Chibu mentioned as she started to drift away from the rock, back to the open sea.
"Anyways..." the woman digressed. "Farewell for now--enjoy your seabound friends, and stay away from your sister for me! And thanks for the fish--I wish I could repay you in some way, but you never accept money, do you...?"
"No need to," Chibu answered as she nodded, then dove back underwater.[/color]
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Red]occ:Sounds totally awesome Asim. Sorry my sign up is so long, I got carried away. Exams are [U]almost over [/U] thank god! I Haven?t forgotten about that banner of yours either. I had to take time out to sign up for this ^_^[/COLOR]
[B]Name:[/B] She keeps her first name private, Last name: O?Neill
[B]Nick name:[/B] Viper
[B]Age: [/B] 28
[B]Gender: [/B] Female
[B]Side: [/B] Brotherhood: Assassin

[B]Personality:[/B] O'Neill is very sarcastic to put it lightly, and never runs out of witting things to say in light of situation however serious or not. She is very intolerant of people who need things explaining to them; watch out if you ask her something twice, people have lost fingers in doing so. She tries to avoid showing any weaknesses to anyone. If a situation or problem arises she will seek a resolve to that situation or problem even if it drives her to madness.

Shel has a very strong sense of honor and friendship; if you betray her she will hunt you down and make sure you pay. She has a strong will that is not easily broken. Oddly enough she is very passionate about music among other things. Most people perceive her as cold and heartless, well there dead right, although there is a different side to her that people rarely ever get to see?

[B]Appearance: [/B] O'Neill has short Straight shoulder length black hair; in the sun light it appears as if it shines blue. It is usually tied up using a small strand of brown leather, sometimes it?s tied up with a decorative spike and some kind of strange metallic looking string or wire. Her eyes are deep orange in colour. Her face is soft yet mature; her eyes tend to easily intimidate people. Her nose is small; her features look quite young for her age although there is a certian menacing look about her. When she stares it sends shivers down peoples spines. No one yet has seen her smile genuinely, she always has a serious look on her face.

She usually wears a tight fitting white tee shirt that has small silver dome like buttons. Her shirt sits just on the top of her low slung long brown pants. Her pants are made of a slightly tight fitting almost stretchy material, they are held up by a black belt with a silver buckle, her belt also doubles as a pistol holder on her left side. She wears black steel capped boots; the steel is on the out side held to the shoe by small rivets. The boots go to just below her knees, they are done up with large buckles all the way up from the ankle. Over her Top she wears a dark Brown leather coat, the coat reaches all the way to the floor, it too can be done up with large buckles but she usually only has it done up to half way down her chest. The coat features a hood and long sleeves that are flipped back at the cuffs. She wears a chain around her neck with three charms on it, one of the moon, a cross and a dagger. On her left hand she has two silver rings and her right one ring that is made up of three joined together. Her ears are pierced with small silver studs.

[B]Weapons: [/B]

[I][B]Tetsugen: [/B][/I] She uses A Long strand of sharp wire with a blade/ small sword attached to the end, attachments can vary depending on the situation (anything from an axe to a grappling hook). The wire can easily cut though flesh with the right amount of applied pressure. On the other hand it can be used to reel things in, such as victims or be swung from. The length of the wire can vary. She considers the weapon somewhat crude but effective, it?s useful for taking out enemies quietly.

[I][B]Taipan:[/B] [/I] (PPLS [Projectile Plasma Long Shot]): It?s basically a sniper rifle that shoots pulses of energy at high velocity. It has a scope attached for taking out targets at long distance. The blasts of energy appear light blue because of their speed. The rifle has an engraved snake bearing its fangs on the weapons right side. The rifle isn?t easily concealed because of its long length.

[I][B]Lance: [/B][/I] A large pistol that doesn?t fire bullets, it fires darts instead. The contents of the darts can vary depending on the situation, they usually contain sleeping agent for the times when killing isn?t necessary, sometimes the sleeping agent is replaced with poison or venom. Unfortunately the weapon is very, very unreliable at long range.

[B]Ability:[/B] She has a strange ability to disappear at times; almost ...meld into shadow, it?s useful in her profession.

[B]Flash back: [/B]

[B]?Don?t you dare move, put it down. Now!? [/B]

The fat pompous diplomatic official placed his relic revolver on the ground near his feet. He was decidedly over dressed for the occasion. His body heaved with the effort of standing up straight; he had eaten one to many sugar filled treats in his life time. She laughed inwardly as her gun barrel pressed up against his skull. If she did not kill him as instructed then a heart attack or some other related illness would, pulling the trigger almost wasn?t necessary. He whimpered as she pressed it harder against his skull.

[B]?Kneel? [/B]

Defiantly he straightened his back and stuck his grotesque gut out, she was sure that the seams and buttons holding his clothes together would pop at any minute. She did not keep a dart round chambered all the time for this very reason. Slowly using her other hand she pulled back on the top of the gun and a soft ?click, click? resonated throughout the room. With that sound he decided he would kneel, She laughed to her self again as he struggled to get down on one knee then the other.

O?Neill had not hesitated to take this job, the man she would be killing was not human in her eyes, he was a monster. A monster that needed putting down, he had committed crimes to numerous to mention and killed many an innocent person.

[B]?It?s truly amazing how child like adults become before death?[/B]

It was at that point he began blabbering about how she should not kill him, he had connections and she would live the rest of her life happy. When he realized she could not be bought the threats started. All she did in response was laugh mockingly at him, she didn?t even break a smile. Enough was enough. The trigger was pulled; the dart was ejected from its barrel and entered his neck. Dead before he hit the ground.

[B]?Survival of the fittest?[/B] she whispered and left, the pick up would arrive any minute.

The wind rustled her hair on her shoulders, the stars were out tonight and everything seemed peaceful. The scout ship quickly took her aboard; she looked to the stars before getting on and sighed.

[B]?Is it done??[/B] the piolt didnt even look back as he questioned.


The door closed behind her as she sat; the ships boosters fired and within moments they broke the upper atmosphere, a blanket of stars greeted them.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1][B]Name:[/B] Kain Savage
Nick name:[/B] Night Walker
Age:[/B] Keeps his age to himself
Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Side:[/B] Brotherhood: Assassin

[B]Personality:[/B] Kain is uncharacteristically fun for an assassin. He plays practical jokes where he can use his skills to sneak up on people and scare the daylights out of them. And he laughs quiet often and enjoys life to the extreme doing everything to make his life that much more fun. He talks freely and says anything that comes to mind, very rarely refraining from saying the wrong thing.

But he always makes sure he keeps from saying anything hurtful to people he knows. Otherwise he his cold-hearted killer and doesn?t care at all about whose throat he cuts. But he can be very protective about his fellow assassin O?Niell, even though she can handle herself.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Kain stands at a height of 6?0" and has a lean build with his muscles evenly sized all across his body; he has long black spiked hair that comes to mid-back with red tips on the end of his hair with a little bit of gray in it. He usually ties it back when he?s killing. He wears a black, long sleeve shirt with the design of a triangle with three arrows pointing down from the bottom of the triangle with a circle around it.

He also wears slightly baggy, black pants that have two Japanese symbols threaded into the material. The first symbol is threaded in silver and stands for strength. The second is blood-red in color and stands for the Sword. He likes these symbols because they are two things he prides in his life.

Weapons:[/B] He has two swords that he has strapped to his back. First sword has a black and red grip and he calls ?Rage.? The second one has a pure white grip and it is called, ?Tranquility.? Each is a samurai sword that was created by the same blacksmith. These two swords, in Japanese sense, are brother swords, designed the exact same way and both have a slight alteration to the blade.

The blades have miniature edges that give it a saw like quality so that if it causes friction it can start a fire on the blade and sear the flesh of his target. And his final weapon is a simple double-edged knife that is about 8 inches long.
Ability:[/B] Abnormally sharp senses, taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smell and quicker reflexes then normal.

[B]Flash back:[/B]

Kain moved silently in the rafters of the large warehouse he was hunting in. Jumping ever so quietly to make sure he didn?t alarm any of the gun carrying mercenaries. Because he really didn?t feel like getting shot today and falling about 30 feet, he breathed slowly and deeply, regulating his heart rate and adrenaline level.

Both were low and constant, this was good for him. He soon came to a spot where he could climb down. He made his way down from the rafters, to floor and crouched to conceal himself. He looked at his wrist watch. Then back into the area he was in.
?Got about 30 minutes to finish these guards and eliminate my main target. Easy enough.? [/B]He drew Rage slowly so that there was no ring from the sheathe. He creped up behind one of the merc?s and snatched him and held the blade to his throat. He then backed up into the shadows.
?You got thirty seconds to tell me where you boss is before I cut your throat and leave you here to bleed out.? [/B]Kain could hear the mans heart elevate in speed and his breathing becoming erratic.
?Please don?t kill me. I have a wife and two children.?[/B] Kain pushed the bladed closer against his throat.
?Then start talking. You have twenty-five seconds now.?

?Ok, the boss is in the office down the hall over there.? [/B]Kain glanced over at a far wall and saw a pair of doors leading to somewhere unknown to him. He turned his gaze back to the soldier.
?Thanks for your time. Now, got to sleep.? [/B]He struck the man hard in the head and he fell limp and dropped to the floor. Kain crouched once more and creped along the ground, picking off each guard one at a time. Staining his blade with their blood, there was only about 4 guards in total and Kain had made it to the hall way without being seen.

He moved into the hall way and made his way to the office straight ahead of him. He leaned against the wall and peaked into the window to see his target. It was a large man, fat more then muscle, pacing in the middle of the room with a guard standing at the door. Kain sighed silently to himself as he started to move to the door.

He leaned against the door and twisted the knob gently, and then mentally counted down in his head. [I]Three, two, one.[/I] He then smashed the door open, bashing the guard on the other side and freighting the fat man severally. Kain held Rage straight out, pointing the tip at the fat man.
?James Ruthen. I have come here to kill you today, anything you would like to say before the reaper comes for you?? [/B]The man looked around with his eyes frantically, he slowly moved to the side of the room.
?Yes, just one thing. Die!?[/B] He yanked a shotgun from a hidden spot and cocked it; Kain jumped to the side as the shotgun went off and blew apart the wooden desk behind him.
?Oh great, fat mans got a shotgun.? [/B]He sheathed Rage and drew his knife reading himself to take the man down quickly, he dived to his left and launched his knife at the man, cleaning placing itself in the mans throat. The man smiled for a second then realized what was in his body, it send the man into shock with the shotgun still held tightly in his hands. He fell backwards; Kain shrugged his shoulders and let out a heavy sigh.
?Fat basterd was harder then he looked. Oh well, he?s down now. Time to call them to pick me up.? [/B]He walked over to the corpse and cleanly pulled the knife free, he cleaned it off on the mans coat and then reached into his pocket and used his communicator to contact the ship. They came a few minutes later and Kain slumped down in his seat, buckling up. O?Neill was looking at him when he looked back up from his buckle. She smiled at him in a joking matter.[B]

?You look tired there Kain, getting a little old for this aren?t ya??[/B] Kain gave her a mocking laugh.
?No, he had a shotgun and that required me to do a little more work.?

?Sure he did. Old man.?[/B] Kain shook his head and leaned into his chair and relaxed as the ship took off into from the planet and into the darkness of space.[/SIZE]

[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]OOC: Hope the knife works better.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Ok, cool?it's good to see that people signed up for this :animesmil

However I do have something to say about the sign ups:

[B]Neko Sama:[/B] Your sign up needs more attention to detail, and you haven't said which side you're on. :animeknow

[B]Sky Moonflow:[/B] nice sign up, but it could use more attention to detail in general, or in terms of weapons. Try to work on it, and give it some good old tweaking. :animeswea

[B]Nefertimon:[/B] Cool sign up, I like it, but I must say that I'm also interested in seeing plans B, C, and D that you mentioned :animeswea ?however it's up to you, if you think that your other ideas would work better then feel free to post them. :animeswea

[B]Illusion:[/B] Well done?good sign up. :animesmil

[B]Sin:[/B] cool?good sign up. :animesmil

As for the remaining sign ups, I need the captain of the S&D ship, and the heroin; these are very important :animestun . Other crew members would be nice, but if there are spaces left at the end I can make them NPCs. :animeswea

Also about the music, it turns out that I can't do it by myself, because I would need web hosting, so if anyone could help me out with that it would be most appreciated. :animeswea
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Come to think of it, I could be the heroin instead--she's one of my other plans. But my other plans for a character to use here are:

Mereduin--A little girl with fire powers that has a sister in the Brotherhood. She herself would most likely be in the Star Gazers. (To make it more interesting, either she or her sister could be Hyo's daughter--well that would make them cousins or something instead. Who the daughter is depends on whether psychic powers are OK abilities to have in this RPG.)

Turue--A "rabbit man" who is kind of naive but is a high-ranking Federation member. He has a pretty strong goal to infiltrate the Brotherhood.

Nettle--The heroin. She's not too aggressive--at home she's a peaceful elf that looks after a forest--but she does have a main goal to stop the Federation. (Maybe she can Turue could be in the RPG together...)

Yes, those are my plans B, C, and D... though they seem more like Plan A's the more I think of them...
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I'm not going to describe everything she took with her till i have to write it in the scene, I don't feel like writing it out twice... Is this ok? I like Hala too. It's fitting for a scifi.

[B]Name:[/B] Hala Hyo
[B]Nickname:[/B] The servants have many names for her, none of which are very polite...
[B]Gender:[/B] Female
[B]Side:[/B] Initially, she is fiercely loyal to her father, but as she begins to understand the extent of his involvements in the political sphere (as well as the nature of politics in general), and as her relationship with Strange grows, she finds herself ready to give up everything, and anything, to keep by his side?

[B]Weapons:[/B]To start with; only a short cerimonial blade she pulled off a decorative armor in the hall when she found herself being kidnapped...

[B]Ability:[/B] Hala discovered at a very young age that if she screamed loud enough she could actually shatter her milk glass? Which came in quite handy as she didn?t like milk. As she grew older, she found that with some practice, she could imitate other people?s voices almost perfectly, though she kept this to herself and only mocked them to her mirror. She can mimic practically any sound she hears, and can raise and lower the pitch of her voice so as to make it seem to come from different directions.

[B]Personality:[/B] Closed, quiet, reserved. Considered by most to be something of a cold shrew, and spoiled to all rot. But while it is true her father has done nothing but shower her with presents; her father has done [I]nothing[/I] but shower her with presents. She loves her father, but hasn?t seen him in almost twelve years, and doesn?t even bother to read the sporadic letters she receives from him anymore. His promises to return home are endless and empty, and she is tired and bitter with disappointment. Her mother is far too busy being a socialite to may her ?only pretty? daughter any mind, the pettiness and flattery of her would be suitors annoys her, and the servants obey her without question but are otherwise to terrified of her temper to speak to her. She is lonely and bored, and the knowledge that her existence is essentially useless to the grand scheme of life eats at her. Useless, unwanted, and ignored, she has detached herself from the world around her; preferring to sit in her rooms with her books and dream out her window of a love she wouldn?t know what do with if she had.

[B]Appearance:[/B] Quite pretty, but not quite beautiful? The portrait of some kind of Neo-Victorian doll; Hala stands just over five feet tall, with long coal colored ringlets that spill over her shoulders to fall down her back, delicate features, and pale, almost translucent cream colored skin. The only thing distracting her from being beautiful is her eyes; they are neither blue nor brown nor green, but a muddy soup of all three colors; betrayed and downcast.
She has never before worn the same thing twice in her life, her tastes ranging from the outlandish to the mournfully fantastic; she prefers high necked ensembles that button up the back and full skirts that cover the toes of her lace up combat style boots. Origionally, they had been her fathers when he was very young, and they are still a little too large for her. They aren?t fashionable, but she never learned to walk in the high heeled slippers of the other noble born girls. The day she was kidnapped she was wearing a heavy long sleeved charcoal bodice trimmed in white lace at the throat and sleeves that buttoned up pearl in the back over a layered silk petticoat that didn?t quite cover the toes of her favorite black boots. Her hair was drawn half way back, clipped loosely by an ivory barrette- the first gift she can remember her father giving her and the only one he ever gave her in person.
Her prudish streak relaxes (a bit) as she travels with Strange and his crew, as she finds a new confidence in her self and begins to feel less of an ugly duckling she did under her mother?s shadow. She ends up cutting off most of her skirts at the knee, eventually trading them away altogether for a loose pair of Strange?s handed down trousers that tuck into the knees of her boots. She keeps to the bodice, but cutting away the lace and sleeves in favor of long black gloves. The barrette remains the only piece of jewelry she wears. Caught in the middle of packing, she took with her several more sets of clothing, which, though quite plain by high society standards, turn out to be not quite as sensible as Hala thought they would be... And so suffer similar alterations as the above mentioned outfit.

The young Miss Hala had retired to her private rooms complaining of a headache (the only mentionable ailment a proper young lady could complain of) early on during dinner, leaving her mother to flirt away with Hala?s suitor herself and the servants to relax for the evening. She knew from long practice how many paces took you out of earshot of the dining hall, when she gathered up her skirts in a dead run.
If she was crying as she bolted past her nurse?s room the older woman pretended not to notice. She didn?t even bother to look up from her mush novel. Asma' back-pedaled and burst the door open to storm at the woman.

?Go on! It?s not like you do anything but sit on your fat duff and wait to get paid anyway!? She shouted. ?I know you don?t care you don?t have to pretend you don?t know!? And was gone before her nurse could bluster up a protest. She went after the brat, but Hala' slammed her bedroom door in the woman?s face, turning a chair under the handle to jam it in place. She didn?t bolt it, she knew no one would try that hard to get in, no matter how she secretly hoped they would.

?What are you looking at?? She glared at her reflection and spun on her heel, sulking over to the window seat and her favorite pillow. She pulled her father?s last letter out of the dust cover and unfolded it reverently, wiping the tears off her cheeks with the back of her hand. ?Dearest Hala',? She whispered, hiccupping in her attempt to lower her voice to her father?s slightly gravelly pitch. ?I have wonderful news for your mother, and a gift for you. I?m not going to tell you what it is though; I will be home the eighteenth of the month to give it to you in person! Do tell your mother I love her, and I will see you in just a few days!...? She giggled. It was the longest letter she?d gotten from him in two years. She would have dance, but instead she felt her laughter breaking into a fresh round of sobs.

Today was the twenty seventh? [/SIZE]
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Guest Jaybc
Name: Jade Hawkins

Nick Name: Gray Hawk (because of the grey Cape)

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Side: Federation: captain

Personality: Hawk is a natural leader, he has a strong sense of awareness, and he's loved by all of his crew members because of his dedication and loyalty for the federation. But he has a mysterious side of his that confused every human being who knew him and left that side unrevealed. By the way he was a former Priest!

Appearance: No comment

Weapons: Two sharp blades (one in each hand) and a pair of golden pistols that has a silver cross on them .it was a gift from an old friend who was a designer of special kinds of weapons and killed during the war so his loss was devastating on Hawk

Ability: He has the ability to predict the future events within a year and uses his former priest gifts and skills to heal his wounds and other people's.

Many years ago he was a priest, but when he saw the dramatic slaughter of his wife and only son by an assassin that was sent by a mysterious group who is their identity is still unknown. Because of this accident he swore to find the killers of his family even if it takes his whole life to do so. So he joined the federation army and made his way up to the different ranks of the army until he became a captain in the federation army.
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[color=crimson][b]Name[/b]: Murat Reis.

[b]Nick name[/b]: Amir.

[b]Age[/b]: 50[?].

[b]Gender[/b]: Male.

[b]Side[/b]: Star Gazers.

[b]Personality[/b]: Bored and burdened with the wisdom that comes with age, Murat looks disinterested the majority of the time. He lacks energy in conversations, devoting his all to his work and the orders he is given. Pragmatic rather than idealistic, he holds very little interest in idealistic dreams that other's have. He avoids boasting about any of his actions and is a difficult person to engage in a meaningful debate with- he simply isn't interested. His loyalty is very solid and does care for his friends though it can be hard to tell sometimes. He has a sharp mind and can be, after some persuading, convinced into giving advice to those who want it. He is an ex-marine- the Helljumpers, the ones who stormed planets and ships with reckless abandon for the Empire's cause. His tactical mind is geared towards land based and ship interiors more than ship to ship battles because of this.

He has a soft spot for kids and is presumed to have grown up children of his own somewhere.

[b]Appearance[/b]: Statuesque and tall, his height stops short of surpassing Captain Strange's- he is 6'3" at the most. His skin is dark and marred with a smattering of scars from various wartime wounds. His left arm was lost some time ago and was replaced by a cybernetic prosthetic. A healthy head of black hair and his long beard are left mostly unkempt. From birth he has had heterochromia- his left eye is dark green while his right eye is blue.

There isn't much to say about his outfit as he just wears whatever casual clothing is available.

[b]Weapons[/b]: Cybernetic arm- The material used to craft it is unnervingly durable. It can stop blades and projectiles rather easily. Aside from this, it has augmented his strength to the point that his arm alone can deal significant damage to most anything in his path. Unfortunately, as it is as mechanical device, it has a very minute chance of breaking down internally or being disabled from various energy or EMP devices.

Helljumper Training- Helljumpers received special training that focused on a small list of tasks usually relegated to special operations units. Explosives, electronics, computers and unarmed combat were the highlights of this training. His unarmed combat is nothing on par with the secret arts of the Captain but it is superior to most other military grade and special operations training that is given.

[b]Ability[/b]: An Apple a Day- He seems to have an abnormally strong immune system and heals a little [i]too[/i] well. Technically speaking, he should have died on several occasions in the past but has overcome his wounds anomalously. Even his age is unknowable as records about him seem to be nonexistent beyond what the Imperial Military had on him.

[b]Flash back[/b]: -?? Years Ago-

"We're getting slaughtered out there."

I glanced towards the cockpit of the shuttle towards the too-young-to-be-there aide. Messy looking kid- probably having a bad day. I'd bet as much the entire Empire was pretty disgruntled at the moment. He transferred to my squad recently as some sort of assistant.. prolly some sick joke the Admiral found amusing.

"Yeah." I replied half heartedly. "You know what that means."

"Hmm?" He seemed ignorant of the tactics of the Admiral in charge of the operation. Ignorant and curious. He didn't really want to know about it but.. well, I'd be lying if I said I really cared at this point.

"Our next orders will be something stupid and suicidal." I stated and gestured to the holographic battlefield map before me. "They'll shove the Marines down the throat of their flagship I'd guess. What is it, a carrier?" I squinted at the map and confirmed the icon that represented the enemy flagship. "Yeah, it's a carrier. Haha, that's a fun ride right there. All those anti-ship weapons going off, rocking the shuttle like a damn tempest. The fighters desperately trying to shoot you down before you inject the carrier with your load of Marines. Crawling into the ship with your weapon of choice out.. a knife, your fists, some type of energy weapon maybe. Hell, I knew a kid who always took a gun that fired bullets of all things. Always said he daydreamed of that one time when he might blow out something important and go one on one with the vacuum of space."

The aide seemed unnerved at this point. I looked to him and smiled, "Welcome to the Helljumpers, son."

"A.. pleasure, Mr. Reis." The aide was hesitant- yeah, he has no idea what he's been shoved into.

"Please, just call me Amir. Everyone else does." I said as the computer in front of me began to beep. I typed in a few commands to bring up the written transmission. It took a few seconds to decrypt and I began to read it slowly. A smile crept over my face. "Alright." I spoke into my headset, "You get those orders, pilot?"

"Yeah, Amir. I got them. This is going to be a fun ride." A voice replied.

"What were our orders?" Again, the aide really didn't want to know.. but he seemed to realize as much this time.

The shuttle rocked violently sending the aide tumbling to the floor. I smiled at him as he stood and pointed to the carrier's icon on the map.

"There's our prize."[/color]
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Guest The_First
Name: Bob Stewart
Nick Name: Fatso
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Side: Federation
Personality: Bob is a very hungry man and asks questions all the time. He makes silly jokes and nobody laughs on them except himself. He says that he I the best in chess and he always challenges everybody to have a match with him but nobody has the time in the war. He has three dreams (1) Discover the galaxy(2)take a picture with Captain Strange(3) and to go out with a fashion model. He calls his mother on the phone whenever he's free. And he likes to cook and everybody loves his cooking.
Appearance: Bob is a fat man wearing a hat most of the time, he wears shoes of different colors with white shirt written in the middle of it (I love my Mommy) and black pants.
Weapons: Only a shock gun because he is an information officer.
Ability: He has a great memory.
Flash Back: In one day of that horrible war, in the ship of the Federation that is called (KT 200).You can hear the screams of courage of the crew of that ship saying to that man to continue and never give up because they have their hopes on him, that man was continuing in his battle with no will to lose. Bob never lost any competition that includes eating. He ate as much as he can, trying to win in that contest. Bob wouldn't give up and neither his best friend who was his challenger in that battle for the life of an innocent creature. Bob wanted to eat that fish while Michel wanted to release it. And then there was a surprise, Bob and Michel faded out at the same time, and they decided to keep the fish in a tank in the Ship.
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[SIZE=1][B]Name[/B]: Teryk Abendroth

[B]Nick name[/B]: Tricky Rykki

[B]Age[/B]: 21

[B]Gender[/B]: Male

[B]Side[/B]: Federation

[B]Personality[/B]: Spunky and outgoing, with a penchant for prattle. He's actually quite intelligent, but he rarely lets that much on. As a member of the S&D Technical staff, he has a keen knowledge of high tech machinery and has a photographic memory when it comes to schematics and blueprints. His knowledge is often very useful, but he has too much fun playing the idiot that he couldn't care less about that. As a child he often spent more time tinkering with various electronics and building strange gadgets than socializing with his peers. He feels a little on edge around them, and he acts like an idiot because that's all he really knows to do. After people get to know him, he starts to show his talents. However, his actions are so off kilter and he is not very good with people, so he doesn?t have that many friends.

To cope with this, he?s developed a reputation as a prankster, earning the nick name ?Tricky Rykki?.

[B]Appearance[/B]: [URL=http://i34.photobucket.com/albums/d101/Stark-San/RP%20Characters/Rykki.jpg]Teryk.[/URL] Stands at around 5'11", has long limbs that remain gangly from his teenaged years, overgrown strawberry blond hair, and clear green eyes. Oftentimes he is wearing his Federation uniform, but when off duty he prefers to wear jeans, boots, and a hoodie sweater.


Phase Whip-- A weapon he designed himself as a project when he was younger. On first glance it seems like a standard whip, unable to do much more than rend the flesh and cause immense pain. However, the whip itself is made of a very fine strand of electrically conductive metal, and Teryk merely has to press a button to send a continuous electric current through it. Dangerous, yes, but certainly effective against various enemies.

While the Phase Whip acts as his weapon of choice, he still keeps an antique pistol on hand for emergencies. Ammunition for it is hard to come by any longer, so Teryk would rather not have to resort to it.

[B]Ability[/B]: Human Lie Detector-he can always tell when someone isn?t being entirely truthful, whether he wants to or not. In a world where everyone is lying in some way, it?s hard for a person who is bad with people to cope. Besides that, he?s also very good at disguising himself, as he had a job at a restaurant that catered to the folks with questionable tastes.

[B]Flash back[/B]: It was raining. Again. Teryk left his workplace, The Refuge, and scurried through the rain toward his bike. The cold droplets soaked through his strawberry locks and through his work uniform of a simple black skirt and a classy white top. Even as the rain chilled him, he felt someone?s eyes boring into the back of his neck and a familiar heat reach his face.

He was glad it was dark out, or else he?d be cursing his fair complexion.

Teryk angled his head and gazed at the stranger through his wet bangs. ?I?d stop that if I were you; you?re not my type.? He smiled and, not waiting for the stranger to say more, climbed onto his bike and rode off.

The rain fell harder as he rode through the streets, and lightning flashed over head. Well, he thought, this sucks. Hope the fish are all right in this. Those fish were the only living things he had contact with on a regular basis, besides the people at The Refuge. Those fish were family.

He neared his apartment, and slowed as he saw a strange car parked in the lot. There were always people coming and going, but there was always a rhyme and reason to it. Raising the rent at other complexes, employees being transferred, coupled getting divorced?usually the cars looked decent. This car was so trashed it couldn?t have been considered a car.

He didn?t like it.

Picking up the speed, he raced toward his building. None of the people had anything worth stealing in this complex, except him. There were people out there who were after his skills, and who loved his innovations on various hi-tech toys. By no means did he want anyone to get their hand on his hi-tech toys.

Leaving the bike in the grass, he took the stairs by twos and raced toward his number. When he got there, he knew he had nailed it again; whom ever it was, they not creative in the least. He sighed at the sight of the lock, smashed, and kicked the door open.

?Hey, I know you?re in here Brady.? He called, remembering the desperate geek who wanted his skills. Rembering him saying that he?d do anything to get them. ?The answer is still the same.?

?How?d you know it was me?? Brady asked, a petulant note in his voice.

Teryk entered, taking a sharp left at the hallway and smirking at the sight of Brady in a ski mask and tangled up in a mess of spare parts, books, and his own greed. The smirk turned into a mirthless grin as he shook his head, taking out his cell phone to call the cops and request that they clean up the mess.[/SIZE]
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Ok, cool more sign ups :animesmil :

[B][I]DeathKnight:[/I][/B] Cool sign up...good job :animesmil .

[B][I]Stark:[/I][/B] Cool sign up...Nice work :animesmil .

[I][B]TheZeroSystem:[/B][/I] Still in progress...I think it'll be very cool :animesmil .

[I][B]The_first:[/B][/I] Funny stuff, I like it :animeswea , but it would work better with some more detail, and try to space out the paragraphs, it'll look better :animeswea .

[I][B]Jaybc:[/B][/I] Your sign up needs a lot of work, in terms of detail, and overall quality :animedepr, please try to improve it. :animestun

The role of the S&D Captain will remain open, until Jaybc edits, and improves his sign up. :animeknow

This RPG will start soon :animeswea .
Sign ups are still open. :animesmil
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[B]Name:[/B] Darren Elsman

[B]Nickname:[/B] Link

[B]Age:[/B] 28

[B]Gender:[/B] Male

[B]Side:[/B] Federation-Capatin

[B]Personality:[/B] A calm demeanor, with a mild mannerd tone about him. He has high leadership skills and is very social. He is very accomidating to his crew and his highly respected. He is light hearted and is able to laugh at himself as well as others. He holds a high stance of morals and expects his crew to abide by them. However, he has little tolerance for pirates and other social lowlifes and is quick to the sword in times of combat. He is a man of action when action is called for.

[B]Appearance:[/B] [URL=http://i31.photobucket.com/albums/c384/GeneOutlaw/Ran.jpg]Darren.[/URL] He is about 6 foot and weights in at 175 lbs. He prefers not to dress in the traditional garbs of a captain, he prefers to be an individual and little bit of a rebel. At least by military standards anyway.

[B]Weapons:[/B] The sword seen in pic and the single eyes gauntlet also seen in the pic. The sword is charged with high frequency ions, making capible of slicing through most material, called the 'Resinator'.

The gauntlet is an A.I. system that helps compensate for him in combat by using it's mono eye to note slight variations in his opponents, called the 'Scope'.

[B]Flash Back:[/B] It was so many years ago now, back in Darrens early days. Back when he was still an up and coming ensign.

It was the day for him to meet his first captain. He was only 16 at the time and fresh out of officers training. He was eager and willing, but at the same time a little nervous. The only ships he had been on up to this point were simulation and small scale ships, but this was a full fledged battle cruiser on patrol. He knew this was his chance to make a name for himself and start his climb to the top. He was standing in the at ease position, awaiting the captains arrival on deck. He and his fellow crewmen shared a few words, just to get familiar.

When the captain had arrived it was not at all what he had been expecting. He had imagined this grand man, as tall as the ceiling with a proud, chizeld form. Instead a man slightly shorter then himself with a puggy belly and beady little eyes walked in. At first he was in doubt, but soon took note of the insignia on his uniform, confirming that this disappointing man was his captain. Not wanting to fall out of line, as the only other officer, Darren made the call to attention. The capatain walked along the line of NCO's and then gave the junior officers a look over.

Without even sharing a word he left and headed straight for the bridge. darren unsure of what to do simply dissmissed all the other crewmen to there posts and had them prepare for launch. This was a terrible disappointment, and showed Darren just how far the Federation really had fallen.

This may not have been a very exciting or daring memory, but this was the first experience he ever had in the military. This man was barely fit to be a petty officer, let alone a captain. But this let Darren know what he had to do. Someday he would become a captain and lead in a proud and dignified manner. Someday men and women would jockey for position just to assigned to his crew. Someday, Someday.
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Ok here's the final cut:

[B]Sky moonflow:[/B] Dyi.

[B]Nefertimon:[/B] Chibu.

[B]Illusion:[/B] Viper.

[B]Sin:[/B] Night walker.

[B]TheZeroSystem:[/B] Asma'.

[B]DeathKnight:[/B] Amir.

[B]The_first:[/B] Fatso.

[B]Stark:[/B] Tricky Rykki.

[B]Starwind[/B]: Link.

and of course me :animesmil as Captain Strange.

I'll be starting this very soon (a day or two), so keep a look out for it at the square.

Sign ups are still open for anyone willing to participate. :animeswea


The RPG is up on the Adventure Square Check it out. :animesmil
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